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RBO Written Update 9th May 2011: Zapping Shanak!

tofeeees IF-Rockerz

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Part 1

The episode starts with Shaan and Khanak coming down the stairs talking (and why do I feel this scene rings  a bell?! Ahhh is it the scene the shooting of which our three lucky girls saw?! Yes it is!!! Big smile) Anyway Shaan tells Khanak that no one can stop Sasha and PSP from meeting! (Hain? I thought they already reunited! *scratches head* Ahh I was really ill on Friday pata nahi what I updated lol) Khanak tells Shaan that his thoughts are devislish and Shaan tells her that you need to be devilish in some plans. It is always for the good! Khanak says that "Saasa" and PSP are made for each other and they had to unite. Shaan recites a "shair" (verse) on the words out of Khanak's mouth and they leave laughing.

Scene change

Sasha and PSP are in a separate romantic room holding hands and flirting with each other. Sasha removes PSPs shades (Thank God). Both ask each other to be the first to say something. PSP kisses Sasha's paranda? (OMG how tacky!lol) and tells her that this is what he likes about her. PSP tells her that it is always Ladies First and hence she should go ahead and talk. He does the "Yo" hand gesture. Sasha goes like "Killl meee" and says to him that he is so gentlemanly and a makeover overnight she has never seen! (LMAO what makeover yaar! I can still see PSP being all tacky! Try doing this in front of madhvi PSP no just tryyy LOL) PSP blushes. Sasha tells him that she cannot believe that he is still the tacky and downmarket PSP. PSP gives it back to Sasha and calls her a "Patakha" and tells her that she looks like the Punjab kee "Cow"  (LMAO good one PSP Tit for Tat) PSP tells her that he cannot believe that she fought with him 20 years ago on such a small thing. Ie: bargaining. Sasha tells him that it was no simple grocery store?! PSP says Yes it was a clothes store! Sasha says it was the Varmani Store!! (Dude PSP! I don't blame Sasha for fighting with you on that! Do you even know what brand that is?!Shocked Veena? You agree with me here right? LOL) They start arguing on how PSP was bargaining for 2 dollars which was unacceptable there(Ditto Sasha I am with you!) PSP says that the value of 2 dollars in India is a lot and a person can do SO much in 100 rupees (equal to 2 dollars) and have so much fun!PSP calls Sasha "saraswati" but Sasha stops him and gives him a lecture on how LS, Downmarket and Desi he will remain no matter how many clothes, shades and slippers he changes. She leaves calling him Mad. PSP says to himself that their thoughts match in the way that want to change each other. (Chalo Shaank ka plan fail What was that?!!)ConfusedLOL

Part 2

A dramatic "Kya!!" from Shaan greets Sasha. It appears that she told Shaan about the fiasco the previous night! Shaan says that does this mean that the whole night they did not ………… He stops abruptly at that and says "Talkk" (LMAO that is so not what you meant Shaan! And why so you care anyway! I bet you "talked" the whole night!Toh khush hojao na! lol)LOL

*Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene* PSP tells Khanak No! (Okay I think there will be a lot of zapping from one scene to another so please bear with me here) He tells her that Sahsha as not interested and she only wanted to fight. K tells him that he should have talked with love and stopped her.

*Zapped back to Shaan Sasha* Sasha tells Shaan that even if he had stopped her she would not have stopped. Shaan tries to explain that PSP is not like that. Sasha says that "Really? Really? (Dude I love her acting! Must watch scene!) and says that she has married PSP and knows him inside out. Shaan tells her that she is doing this for him and begs her to go ahead with it to save his wedding (Hain? Am I missing something here? Shanak wedding is in trouble? :O) . He makes such a cute face while Sasha keeps saying No.Sasha breathes heavily and cries while Shaan looks amused. She says that she cares for Shanak marriage. (I am SO confused! What happened to Shanak marriage!? Ahh I missed an epi beech main :s)

 *Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene* PSP tells Khanak to care about her own wedding. Khanak tells PSP to employ the advice himself that he has given Khanak. He leaves.

*Zapped back to Shaan Sasha* Sasha says that she doesn't want to listen to anything and leaves and Shaan says he will not give up. He runs after her

*Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene in the kitchen* Khanak runs after PSP and says that he should dtop and talk to her otherwise her relationship with him is over!

*Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene in the kitchen* PSP tells Khanak that it is a long story. He says he used to be useless and reached America but wanted to go home to Punjab. Then he thought he should earn "just a little" more but that little was never enough. Finally time passed and all relationships got lost.

*Zapped back to Shaan Sasha* Sasha says that her life was in misery in India. Shaan makes a face of understanding and apology. Her thoughts never matched her family's and there were always fights and arguments and stress and then……….

*Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene in the kitchen* PSP says that in the fear of not completing losing out on Indian culture he kept going into it even in America and thennn (Khanak asks)

*Zapped back to Shaan Sasha* Sasha answers that she fell in love with an Amreecan!! (Gora) (What the hell!!?!! :O) Shaan is shocked! She tells Shaan that he was handsome, educated, yummy and Shaan smiles but her parents did not agree. So she went to America and met PSP and became happy meeting the perfect man and get married. Shaan asks then what happened?

*Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene in the kitchen * PSP says then Sasha entered her life. She was a typical Indian and simple and decided that he would live happily.

*Zapped back to Shaan Sasha*  (Okay what the hell I am tired now zapping this convo!!) Sashs tells Shaan that PSP was so Desi that it was embarrassing and she stopped caring living in the same house. Shaan is making an understanding face and asks Sasha that if she did not care for PSP then why didn't she leave him. Sasha's eyes fill with tears and she says because he reminded her of the family that she had left behind. (Awww )  Shaan gets sad and Sasha wonders if she should leave PSP too? (Aww she is crying she needs a hug! ) she says "It kills meee" and criesss and  laughs together.

*Zapped to Khanak PSP Scene in the kitchen* PSP tells Khanak that If Sasha lives in the house then atleast the house will remain a house right? (Okay I am assuming here that Khanak asked the same question. Why didn't you leave Sasha?) Khanak is teary eyed too and looks on cutely ( she needs a hug too!)

Part 3

Akshay and Khushboo walk into office. Khusboo is wearing pink clothes (coat and pants) carrying a pink file and a pink pouch (LMAO seriously?Even I'm not that obsessed with pink!) Akshay sits down without saying a word. Khushboo realizes something is wrong and says "Out with it" Akshay says "Out with what?" Khushboo tells him that usually he is worried when she comes to office but today he is not. Akshay tries to think of a story for cover up ( I seriously don't know what is bother ing him here) and tells Khusboo that he thinks her Fashion Magazine idea is great. Khushboo gets excited at getting 300 crore rupees. Aksahy tells her that she will have to earn them! (Dafa ho Akki! She is your wife! Just give them to her reyyy)

Scene Change

Shaan is standing by the window in deep thought (It doesn't hurt that he looks hot too) and Khanak comes to him with a Mug of Tea.  Shaan tells Khanak that people get so lost in their egos sometimes that they don't accept what is staring at them in the face. Khanak infers that he is talking about PriSash (PSP and Sasha) He says that PriSash love each other so much but are not ready to accept it and does nto understand why even though they are a support system of each other.

Scene Change

Khushboo is hugging Aksahy when Rhul walks in on them (LMAO the hug looks like a Boss Secretary hug not a huband wifey hug I don't blame Rahul for getting all jittery) Rahul says he'll come later. Akshay stops him and introduces both to each other. Akshay tells Rahul to give a tour of the office. Rahul talks about some file but Akshay tells him to show her the office. Rahul secretly tells him to take away Khushboo and torture her so that she leaves the office forever. Rahul says no but then Akshay blackmails him and he agrees to torture Khushboo. (LMAO lets see who gets tortured shall we?) Akshay gets majorly excited

Part 4

Jenny comes down the stairs calling the watch man. He comes and jenny asks him about Rahul leaving at night. Jenny offers him money and the gueard tells her that Rahul goes out since 2 months at night (And you didn't KNOW Jenny all this while?! What sort of a live in is this?!LMAO)LOL

Scene Change

Khanak tells Shaan that maybe PriSash sont realize their love for each other. Shaan says they do realize bbut don't want to accept it. They both say their plan failed and both witll go back. PSP will go back and Sasha will stay here and they will never reunite?  Shanak get sad (Aww poor babies)


Shaan tells Khanak (in their room) that she works so much. He takes the pile of clothes from her arms. She should give him a chance to pamper her, press her hands, her head etc. Khanak says nevermind and he should start now. Shaan says Ofcourse (The joroo ka ghulaam that he is) and goes on his knees and says her genie is ready to take her orders. Khanak comes close to Shaan and bends down and (OMG what is this I see?!! *rubs eyes* Khanak is staring at Shaan's lips for a change!! Woahhh *rubs eyes again*) ShockedShaan smiles and Khanak says "Sachi?" and Shaan says "Sachii". Their lips are an inch close to each others! *deaddd*Embarrassed

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cuttiee IF-Sizzlerz

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thanxx 4 the update...

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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beenzzz missed u lots to tell...hahahahaahah jealous of me aint u...hahahahahahahahahah

lovely epi n shanak were simply cuteee

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kubare IF-Sizzlerz

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Beeennniii *muwah* Your update is as cute as you...lol..Loved it ..A good epi...loved loved loved Shan in shirts...had too much of him in T-shorts for my liking...hehehheh..Loved him in blue ...loved him in black and loved him serious in thoughts...sigh...
Loved Sasha...Manin is fantastic really love watching her..
Again Khanak aka Yashus body double was used this time in her and PSP's scenes...hehehhe
She looked adorable as always...
Precape coming up...to die for my Shanak at their cute best...sigh...
P.S...Did you notice the precape scene and the begining scene of the epi were in the same clothes but the scenes in the middle with Sasha and PSP repectively Shan and Khanak were in different clothes...heheheheheheh

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Tora Goldie

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Beenz lovely update thankyou
hey karishma where were you can you let us know your experience sweety

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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beeni...kill me now only...lmao

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-Veena- IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for the update love!!

It is amazing.. I love the heading .. Zapped Shanak.. LMAOOO..we are zapped with them!


@Boo in pink at work.. sounds like Legal Blonde in making! LOL!


Tomorrow is maha dhamaka.. looking forward to it and wondering what the next track is going to be! J

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks Beeni for the update!

I loved your take...especially the Zap in between!!!

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