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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 April 2010
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Very nice attempts Preeti

I really like the first one...those caps you chose were really nice.

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-Abigail- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 February 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Great avi's preeti for your first tryClap

the first one is really good, with the dupatta scene, shiv mandir sceneEmbarrassed

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:06am | IP Logged
I am sure most of you must have saw this on FB...but here it is Harshiti mix on SRK' dialogues from Kuch kuch hota hai

Direct link


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Sweet_Kandy IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 September 2007
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:16am | IP Logged
AHhh..Pari your VM is just to adorable and awesome

the way you have coordinated scenes with dialogues. and Harshiti...hayye mein marjwaan..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

and awesome creations every1Clap

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Lady_Impala IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 April 2008
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:32am | IP Logged
@preeti great job on your first attempt. i really like the caps you used. brings back alot of memorie.
@fatima: awesome creations as well. especially the one where they won the yogya jodi. simply wonderful..
@parisa.. awww loved the vm. great combination. SRK's dialogues with harshit scenes... simply awesome guys.
god bless harshiti...PiA...premeer

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AASUS IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 October 2009
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:38am | IP Logged
Preeti I love the first av Big smile 

Thank you  everyone for sharing your creations. Loved seeing them all.

***Some of you may have seen this before. Sharing estee's post on PH as chess players. I'm E's fan so love all of her posts.Smile Hope you'll find it interesting. Her posts are usually very long, so give you warning in advance.  
Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1238615
Posted: 24 August 2009 at 9:09am | IP Logged
------------- ph ------------- ph ------------- ph ------------- 

imagine an island, in the middle of nowhere. above the sub-tropics. where the waters are shallow and blue-green for kms from the shore. 

imagine a well-stocked bungalow, high-above the shore-line. nestled among palms on one edge and naturally wild foliage behind.  

imagine prem and heer on the beach in the shade, with the winds in their hair. 

imagine there is no one else.  not even us... 

imagine they are playing chess, sitting cross-legged on a blanket on the sand.

imagine that every move scores big time. until ... a counter move scores even more.

and lastly.  but not leastly... LOL

imagine that the winner has to be kiphphed.  ya. the stakes is a kiphph. no limit on how long.  no limit on how it is to start, how it is to end. 

now ... 

imagine -- what would the score card of this chess game look like?

and now ask yourself:

what would you feel even if one of them did eventually win the game?  

would there really be victory and defeat? or ... 

would there just be .. victory?


------------- ph ------------- ph ------------- ph ------------- 

my view of prem and heer and how they dealt with each other was in my mind one long, lovely chess game between grand masters. prem and heer, grandmasters in love. 

and this is not really my fault!  i came to this view of these two while reading, pondering, phrooling, phreaming over a post that payal (earlier known as indian_pari a truly fitting name... Day Dreaming) had written to try to pay accolades to their love story.

see it here:  (totally unbelieveably well-worth a read. it will make your heart sing!)


and in one of my responses to her write up, i came up with this analogy of a chess-game to understand what had been bugging me about their story till then. about when it all went high-octane, blow-me-out-of-the-water believable.  and in doing so, i lay it all out as a chess game, where our two love-birds looked each other in the eyes and played out move after move after move. 

why chess? well... there are several reasons. 

imho, chess is a very personal game -- the real battle is actually just between the players. it may be done on a very public forum with the world watching, or just the two of you. but if the game is worth it, the outcome marks every move you make thereafter. there is a glow about both pairs of eyes -- a marked acknowledgement, a new awareness that only you and your partner can read. and read it perfectly! 

the game of chess is much more than just the final outcome - always. in most other games, we are used to thinking of the outcome of victory and defeat being the only thing that matters.  you could think the same for chess, 'except that you'd be missing the essence of the game, imho. 

'cause to me, the outcome of the victory/defeat comes from the entire game. ever move, ever counter-move. where you started from, what you did in between -- all this matters. no move can be forgotten. no move can be erased. so what is most beautiful about chess is that the game every point in time is a sum of everything that you have done before. any move that you change in the past must lead you to a different point in time. the chess game never quite lets you forget who you started as, what you did, who you are today. 

games can start with a standard opening like the ruey lopez, but within four moves, the game has changed 'cause of the fifth move.  in a chess game -- maybe like life? -- the game is in every single thing that has happened so far. the outcome is mere coincidence

so for me? prem and heer are like a pair of unparalleled chess grand-masters in the game of love. for them, it's the love that is of importance. life is mere coincidence. they were created in the stars. and have this aura of having played the chess game of love many times over. 

and like grandmasters, they always surprised me with what they do. 

they started as so many love stories (chess games LOL) do: boy and girl promised to each other by parents. separated by oceans and continents. meeting up again and instantly feeling for each other. evil step mother, step daughters -- oops, aunt and cousins. and you think: 'kay, oh, ya.  the giaco piano opening... Sleepy

big mistake.  but then again -- how was i to know they were grandmasters playing a game?

'cause  with grandmasters, the next move from this predictable start is never sure, never known. and so it has been with prem-heer. they've had this tendency to spin us into a world that we have seen before, but never quite like their version of it. 'cause what they do makes it so ... interesting!LOL  

and as in every chess game, when you add up all those prem-heer moves that make them different, the game suddenly and intangibly becomes something else all together. 

if you focus on what is happening just at the moment, then it looks like a point in a game that has been played many times before.  but remember how they got there, and ''the game'' becomes something else altogehter. 

for me, that is absolutely, compellingly true about prem and heer. everything that i think about prem and heer today is -- necessarily -- an aggregation of everthing that they have done, by themselves, together. 

even today, i cannot forget when prem had broken his lute to show that he is throwing away his love and sticking to his father's desires. 

'cause that is what made his grabbing heer to his side, and blazing fire and love-for-her at the world -- that much more special.  

even today, i cannot forget when heer gave prem a dressing down on what love really is -- fighting and fighting to stick by the side of your chosen one, through thick and thin, through sorrow and happiness, through pain and pleasure. 

'cause that is what makes perfect sense of everything that she did for prem, forgave prem for in the past.  

and that is what makes me think that she cannot be that unforgiving of prem now -- just like that! (ie, on the basis of onenightwithashlesha) this stubborness becomes inexplicable when put alongside with that principle she had laid out about love then.  and so it cannot be true. it needs more to explain her actions, her words, her behaviour to prem.

of course, chess allows surprises and changes-- that is precisely what the grandmasters love to do. sometimes going against what appears to be their original strategies itself, when that is what takes to get around what their opponents are trying.  but that would be a bit of a cheat in chess, i think.  and it's difficult to think of how it can be done.  how you can become a rouge from a gentleman.  or a glob from a gayatri-mom. Ouch

so while it is possible that heer has changed the rules of the game in between.  but that would be... unfair to the rules of the game. either of chess.. or of life. and heer is just not like that. http://l.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/33.gif

the last reason i'm so complacent with prem-heer's story being a chess game is this: chess only becomes truly interesting when the players are matched in skill. 

there are few things as sad as watching a master play a game against a ... dud. LOL  'cause when there is a dud on one side, the master doesn't really need to think or innovate on moves -- 'cause the dud is panicking and playing wildly anyway. *sounds sad, no? you really never should watch me play... LOL* the game becomes.. standard, typical, boring. 

but when the game is played by grand-masters -- man!! e

very move becomes something to take your heartbeat away... only to give it back at a more rapid pace to see what -- oh what! -- the opponent is gonna do next!

and the best part is? you really never really ever know what is gonna happen next -- as the next move; or who will make the final move... and ''win''.

what i know by now, having watched this prem-heer love story is that prem and heer are both grand-masters in this game. 

but what is best is that in their game, the winner gets a kiphph. 

which means... the loser gives it. *shocked muh... not! ROFL


that is some victory.  some defeat. 

sure. why don't i feel sorry for anyone here?  LOL

so. this long estee-post was just my way of explaining to rakp... er... a certain someone that in a while -- a very rare, long while, it is true! but still... -- it maybe an interesting perspective to think about watching a love story like watching a game.

i'd never have done this for (say)
  • angad and kripa: who looked like they were involved in a wrestling match, most of the time, in any case... Blushing ROFL
  • kavya (dud-oh, dud!!) and anjali (grand-master)
  • lakshya (grand-master) and kt (sigh, competition level)
  • raj (smart novice) and sudha (grand-master)
'cause these games had players, all unbalanced in their skills in playing the game.

but prem and heer?  they with that sense of having been lovers for ever?? 

oh, i have been having such phun watching! i have! 

please, certain someone whose name is in the title of this post, please can i continue to watch them as love masters playing a chess game of love, please?? 

*hoping that the cheesy smile doesn't actually end up making her so mad that she will want to wipe my lovestory-chess-analogy out with my face. *

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Edited by athisdagrh - 19 May 2011 at 12:39am

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Tasneem-17 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 January 2010
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged
@Fatima: loved ur creations Heart
@Preeti: awesome avis yaarDay Dreaming
@Pari: what a vm...loved it thoroughlyThumbs UpEmbarrassed

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AASUS IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 October 2009
Posts: 26442

Posted: 19 May 2011 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Pari cute vm. My favourite was the basket ball part LOL @0:20. Thanks for making us all smile. Very creative!

Edited by athisdagrh - 19 May 2011 at 3:17am

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