Thendral Monday 9th of May 2011 (Page 2)

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Thanks Theiva for the nice update. Big smile saaad that Lavanya and Nit did not get caught by would have been a super scene if she had seen them Disapprove.

Awww the second part was nice and cute with T&T Embarrassed. One day separation ke ipdi naa...psycho and GW should have heard these dialogues...sigh. They only get to see their fight and that is why they keep planning to separate them Confused. Thulasi's slap was nice LOL. Hubby and wife maari maari slapping APD's hubby Big smile. It was funny how Thulasi took the broom stick to help her hubby Embarrassed. But this time she forgot about Kuthuvilaku, but she should chase out psycho and her Sothai using it Evil Smile.

Awww part three was nice too, TA did not care about being beaten, but wanted to save his Thulasi Embarrassed. And Joseph and Kanagu were cute and nice too. Thulasi did call them Anna...awww...Big smile. Again me T&T fan did not like TA wiping off the tears of APD even if he did not touch her like Ranu and Sandu told...sighh Disapprove LOL LOL, but psycho ku pannatha varaikkum sandhosham! Tongue

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the Update Theiva akka!!!
Ippo dance romba mukiyam!!! Cha  Nit mom her son and DIL dance-a paarthu irrukonum!!!
Awww so sweet scene!!! So cute!!! But you have to find a job!!!
So sweet, cute and lovely dialoge!!!
WOW Thuasi!!! Romba periya muneertham!!! Kollakaranneya thorathi pudichavaa nee!!! Really super scene! Okay fight scene illai but TA Thuls-aha fight panninathu and thudichathu!!!
Kanagu and Joseph are really great friends!!!
WOW Kavalkarangal!!! Love Kanagu's funny dialoges!!!
OMG stupid girl!!! TT house vanthu suicide panni irrukura unn appa summa irrupana??!!!! Poor TT!!!

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the nice update and side comments.
Overall, an episode setting the events for Tulasi's sufferings for the rest of this week! 
Nit-Lav dance/jumping was a kodumai for the entire first part and I was thoroughly disappointed about them going unnoticed by periamma!! Unhappy I don't understand why the dir has to show all the mamiyar kodumais and sufferings to our Tulasi while this Lav who neither doesn't deserve this life nor is to be treated well is escaping all the Nyayamaana punishments/aapus! Well, Periappa is a gentleman in handling all complicated things and I trust he will definitely bring it up at the right moment. He might even talk to Nit about this, but Lav may ignore him or even change Nit against his dad!! This girl is so full of ego inspite of the fact that her husband is a good-for-nothing and they both are totally dependent on their parents even for their day-to-day living!! She is talking to her mom that she will also show her MIL what rights she has in their house. Has she ever wondered what will happen if both are thrown out or Periappa says that all his wealth are his earnings and Nit has to earn on his own?? I wonder how she might behave if Nit starts earning! As said aptly by Jan50 "Alpatthukku Pavishu vandal artha rathrila Kudai pidikkum"..just fits this selfish lav.
T/TA vetrilai pakku thattile vaithu problems invite pannikkaraanga! Patti need not have said about APD to T while APD was there, but whatever she said is justified from her POV  and is gonna come true! (She did warn abt Charu too!) It is ok to help someone in distress, but this couple is already in innumerable problems! Also, I hope this stupid girl doesn't commit suicide in T's home! Atleast she should have the loyaltyand brain  to think about the consequences of her action to the helping couple! If at all she wanted to commit suicide, she shud have gone back to her hubby. J and K have proved they are good friends by staying back to care for the girls. It is comical and contrary to the popular movie scenes that hero's friends jumped out of nowhere to save the beaten heroClap 
I did notice the contrasting  advices given by Patti/MM to T and GW to Lav last week. Although whatever T blurted out before GW 
was true, MM did not support T entirely and advises her to be patient and act with discretion. This inspite of the fact that MM knows very well about T's good nature and that she will not lie about such serious things. Patti too advises T in a nice way about how to behave with her hubby and asks her to be patient when he is angry.   This is not just good for T, but for all the mothers and daughters out there and will go a long way in solving problems arising out of minor issues.  For a kind and nice girl like Tulasi, this advise may not be required as much as by a selfish girl like Lav. Ego-filled Lav may not behave well even if she were given good advise. With the kind of advice GW is giving Lav, she is just catalyzing ruining her daughter's married life. 
I wonder why the dir is depriving the viewers of even the small happiness they may get when Lav shud have rightfully got her aapus!!

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Thanks Theiva for the update.

Today is good start for this week and hope that this week is going to rock.

Today there is no negative things happen for Lavanya but the positive is Periyappa has saw Nitesh and Lavanya and their behaviour in the party. He is a true gentleman because when he saw his son and Lavanya on the only he could have shout on them. He didn't do anything and hide Periyamma about this matter because if she know there will a big misunderstanding between Periyamma and Lavanya. In future Periyappa is going to hate Lavanya and the sample for that is when he saw Nitesh and Lavanya in the party and the way he look at them. Soon Periya is going to hate Lavanya.

Best part of today episode is when Tamil said  to Thulasi that Chennai la vellai irrukkuruthu than naan poran illana reserve bankla governor vellaiya irunthalaum unna vittu pomattan. Thulasi has become more brave and hereafter she won't scared if such things happen. It is very clear on today episode that Thulasi and Tamil relationship is getting stronger day by day and nobody could break their relationship. If the girl is a spy why she want to drink a poison so it is very clear that the girl is not the spy. One more thing how come Kanagu or Joseph could come on correct time and save Thulasi so there is a chances of Kanagu or Joseph could be the spy.


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Thanks Theiva for the updates!!
Nitish and Lavanya got lucky today that only Periappa saw their party and not their mom. If Periamma saw Nitish and Lavanya dancing around and Lav's outfit she would have been shocked. Disappointment for us since no appu for Lav today.
Tamil's dialogues when he was leaving was nice. He's not going to leave his wife but he needs to care more about getting a job right now.
I consider it TT's fate that Tamil left his wallet at home. If Tamil never back home, those guys would have taken Tulasi. APD just runs inside and does not have the courage to face them like Tulasi. Tulasi stole the show today!!! She is stronger now and not scared of anyone. I loved the slap she gave to the guy and when she took a stick and started beating them up. Tamil's friends have helped him out in many situations and like before their help was appreciated. I actually enjoyed their entire fight scene in front of the house since I have not seen too much of this in Thendral. Hope at least now Tamil and Tulasi are more careful with who they allow in their house. GW and Charu should have seen the scene..they would have been scared of Tulasi.
It was nice of Joseph and Kanagu to sleep outside of TT house to make sure no trouble comes again. I really don't think they are the stalkers by Charu.
Ugghh..after all that advise Tulasi gave to APD, she just had to take poison (wonder where she got that from?). Poor Tulasi thinks that she is sleeping and is going to be real worried tomorrow.
Overall, I liked today's episode.

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Thanks for the superb update Theiva.

I wanted Nithish's mother to see these two losers dancing but as usual this team didn't show something which we all expected.

I don't think this girl will die. She will live to prove that T&T helped her and AP will realize this. If she is a spy, she will change seeing the affection that T&T shown towards her. I still guess this girl and her hubby are the stalkers. It might be like this, Charu might trapped APD's hubby showing money and he is making APD to act according to what Charu said. APD's hubby is a drunkard so he might agreed to do this for the sake of money. GW is going to be surprised when she hears what happened but that loser will blame Thulasi's dhosham for all this.

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Thank you Theiva for the nice update and comments.. Tongue

I think this APD itself is the stalkerAngry, Cos Charu won't be late in doing her work in her absence.. So as soon as she left APD has entered TT houseOuch..!! And of course in her absence they are into problems from this APD so I think  APD and her family is of Charu's planConfused..!! I doubt about that bank Colleague alsoShocked.. But don't knowConfused..!!

Lav's scene I think N&L matter will come out in the right time as some of saidSmile, Cos Periayappa has seen the scene and also there will be some reason behind them showing the same hotel venue for both the functions..!! LOL

T&T scene were so cuteEmbarrassed..!! Their dialogs about a day separation were niceBig smile. Thulasi slapping and both TT fighting with the rowdies were superbClap..!! TA gets more angry when somebody hurts or says anything bad about ThulasiEmbarrassedStar..!! And Thulasi 2nd time taking the broom stick to beat the rowdies.LOLClap.!! First it was Vishwa's adiaalu(when they tried to behave badly with Pavi..), now it is APD's husband..LOLStar !!
J&K were nice too.. and Thulasi calling them anna was sweet..!! EmbarrassedTongue

Hmm Story - moving interesting, Lets see what happens..!! Confused

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Thanks Theiva for the update. All of you have given good comments.

Nit's dad is shown as a mature gentleman. He knows telling what he saw to his wife is only going to complicate the matter. Probably he will call both of them sometimes and explain why they are going in the wrong path in a loving way. It would be good if he could assign some business work to both of them. But Laav is going to think only perversely and take whatever he says as wrong. Hope Nitish is not going to take wrong path by his wife's influence.

Smiles, Dettol will be there in every home. APD could have taken a dettol bottle.

Did they show APD taken to the hospital in the promo? If not another twist is possible. APD would have just kept the dettol bottle below the bed but she would have gone to sleep without consuming the poison. Thulasi could catch the bottle before she consumes the bottle content. Or even as APD starts drinking the poison, Thulasi could catch her. Or they can show that Thulasi has removed the actual bottle content and replaced it with Limca.

Still the spy question remains as each day goes. Almost in every episode we see Joseph visiting TA. What does that mean?

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