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AVITA FF : ETERNALLY BOUND Uptd Chptr22 Pg39 (Page 20)

jasveensokhi Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
I unresed mah post on pg 20Smile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jasveensokhi

Heya Nidha di wow vry nic update 

par yeh kya ab aap bhi itna bada bada 

jhatka dene lageLOL well koi nhi i knew it

ki aap bhi ek nhi kafi sare jhatke dogeLOL

carry on di but i think d girl wich Rohan

hugged from behind is not Arpi so have 2 w8

n watch update soon diSmile

luv yaaa n a big hugggHug

Thank you Jaz dear...jhatkas tho story ka part will get your answer as to the girl in the upcoming update.SmileHug

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Hye nidha,
i liked the story of drama short and sweet.
But in last kya jhatka diya tumne i was waiting for the confession of love but but
"ye kya hua,ye kyun hua".
Want to kill rohan
pls do clear the misunderstanding soon dear b'coz i know it was not arpi in the gree room.
Thank you Cuty...for more info wait for the next updateSmile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by joliefille

Nidha dear really beautiful part,love the drame section 

huun nice story haan ;-)

n now who is this Rohan i mean what the hell he is doing in Arpi's green room 

i can smell high voltage drama in coming UD plzz update soon okiieess

n ya i want to ask u yaar where do u find the word "Chutka" its really valid in UP r u connected from here somewhere?

n i love ya for such sweet sibbling relations 

Update soon dear m waiting eagerly Day Dreaming

Thank you very much Jo...Rohan ko milega us ka dose...the high voltage update is coming upSmile
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Chapter 12
"How can you say that Anu'.I mean you know Arpita very well na" RV argued with Anu.
"I thought I knew her RV I thought so'.but maybe I am wrong this time too" Anu replied with a far away look in her eyes. RV saw the pained expression on her face once again.
"Listen Anu when I took Arpi home that night she was unconscious'.maybe that's why" RV tried to explain.
"That's why she was giggling and enjoying herself is it'..RV I have told you a thousand times by now that both me and bhaiyya saw it'..its okay if you don't believe me'but Avi bhaiyya you do believe him right" Anu asked looking into his eyes.
"But still" RV said.
"RV I am so damn sure about this because I have already met someone like this before'..she destroyed my brothers life and I lost him forever RV'.Anand bhaiyya was my everything'..he loved a girl so much that he practically worshipped the earth she walked on'..and do you know what she did'..she was cheating my brother'..he was so heartbroken when he found it'..but still he didn't blame her'..he acted in front of me as if he is dumbing her'..I didn't speak to him for days'..finally he died in a car accident'.drunk driving'.. its from his diary that I found out the truth" Anu gave vent to the anger and hurt she was feeling. Her eyes were glistening with tears.
RV was dumbstruck. No wonder this girl ran away as fast as possible from love.
"She was exactly like Arpita in some ways RV'..acting innocent and all'..only in Arpita I thought it was genuine'..I knew her through internet before I came here'.from our talks on IF I always felt an attachment towards her'..and the bond grew stronger when we came here'.but now" Anu hung her head as tears overwhelmed her.
"RV I have already lost one brother to hurt and love''I am not about to loose another'..Avdesh bhaiyya loved Arpita very much'.which is why he is so hurt now'.I won't have leave my brother to the mercy of someone who feigns innocence" Anu said determinedly.
Anu turned to walk away and so Arpita who was standing behind them listening to their talk. Anu's word had sliced through Arpi's heart. Avi's behaviour for the past few days had been hurting her badly. Her only hope was Anu who hadn't shown up till today. 
Now that hope was also shattered. Anu didn't believe her. Worse yet she was comparing her to a girl who was responsible for her past hurt. Arpita wished the floor would open up and swallow her. 
Anu looked at her and walked forward. When she reached near Arpita,Arpi caught her hand.
"Anu please'..I really don't know what happened'.I only remember waking up at home unconscious'..I really don't know what happened in between" Arpita said between tears.
"Arpita its quiet hard to believe because we saw you enjoying yourself'..but we have been bestfriends for these six months'.if you are proved innocent I will beg forgiveness for mistrusting you by falling on your feet'.I promise you" Anu looking at Arpi with tear filled eyes. She walked away.
Arpita turned her gaze to RV who stared back helplessly at her.
Avdesh was sitting in the canteen when Anu reached him. He was looking lost and hurt was evident in his eyes.
"Bhaiyya are you all right?" Anu asked knowing full well the question was pointless.
Avdesh gazed at her once seeing his feeling of hurt mirrored in hers. He gave a small smile.
Just then Nikki walked towards them.
"Hello Ananya'.heard that you broke up with that behenji'.good for you'.now you an hang out with some real classy people." Nikki ranted on.
Anu gritted her teeth. It still hurt her when someone spoke ill of Arpita.
"Avdesh darling" Nikki drawled sitting on the chair next to him and placing her hand on his thigh.
"There is a party at my place this weekend'.I was thinking to make you the date of the evening" Nikki batted her lashes.
Avdesh was about to deny when he saw Arpi gazing at him from the corridor.
He pulled Nikki onto his lap suddenly and caressed her cheeks. Nikki looked pleased as punch while Anu looked dumbstruck. Arpita on the other hand was completely broken by now. 
"Offcourse jaan'.anything for you" Avdesh said. 
Anu left them disgusted by this act of Avi. She understood that he was hurt but this was no way to vent it out. Giving more fuel to that shallow b****** ego. Great.
RV felt he was standing between devil and deep blue sea. On one hand was Arpita his friend whom he liked very much and wanted badly to believe in the story that her eyes were telling. On the other end stood Avi and Anu who had seen her with Rohan.
"And where the hell is that jack a**" RV wondered.
Friday night'.
Avdesh angrily switched off his mobile. Nikki had miscalled almost thirty times now.
He wanted to kill himself for promising her to come. He felt disgusted for the stunt he had pulled in front of Arpita. That was totally unlike him. But he was hurt beyond measure on the drama night. He couldn't imagine how he reached home safely. He had gotten himself extremely drunk. It had one good effect atleast. He promised never to drink again. Arpita was the only girl so far who had managed touch his heart and she had caused maximum hurt to it too.
He dialled Anu ready to listen to her music but determined to convince her to join him at the party. He so didn't want to be left alone with Nikki. RV had downright disagreed to come to the party and Avi didn't force him knowing it was his own fault that he was in this mess. Plus RV had an important job to tend too.
Anu picked up finally
"What" she asked without pleasentries.
"Chutka scold me to your hearts content but please please come with me to the party'.I can't go alone" Avdesh said fastly before she started her tirade.
Anu smiled slightly. Her brother really did regret his foolishness.
"Yeah I will come'.pick me up in half an hour" Anu said.
""Thank you Anu'.I will always be grateful to you" Avi said a small tear falling down his right eye.
"Aap mere bhai hon'..I will be there for you always" Anu reassured him. RV had told him all about Anand.
Anu and Avi entered Nikki's party. Nikki saw them and scrunched her nose on seeing Anu but she couldn't protest as she was with Avi.
"Hello darling" Nikki came towards Avdesh. She gave fake smile to Anu which was returned back.
"Darling shall we dance" Nikki asked dragging Avi away.
After a half an hour Avi managed to prise himself away from Nikki. He came towards Anu sitting at the bar.
"Half an hour more and we are outta here" Anu almost threatened Avi.
"Sure dear'.I can't andle it any more either" Avi said truthfully.
"Bhaiyya I will be back" Anu said heading towards the ladies room.
Near the ladies room'
Anu came out and was heading towards the bar when'
"So it worked huh?" a sweet voice she very well recognized said.
Anu stopped dead in her tracks.
"Yeah it did Di'..that girl is finally off his neck. Now Avdesh is all mine" Nikki ranted unaware of Anu listening.
"Told you types like Avdesh of yours are easily offended" sweet voice said.
"Thanx Di catch you later" Nikki said and moved away. Anu hid behind a pillar.
Nikki picked up her phone and dialled someone.
"Hey Rohan '.thank you for pulling Arpita off Avdesh''you will receive your payment" Nikki said in glee.
"Where are you now you aren't in the party' have to convince Avdesh right" Nikki asked.
"What no Rohan'.that's not fair'.you can't do that to Arpita'..Rohan,Rohan'.oh damn" Nikki cursed. Her expression had changed from glee to desperation. Obviously something was wrong at the other end of the call 
And it involves Arpita Anu thought with a pang.
Ananya came out from behind the pillar and faced Nikki,her eyes ablaze with fury.
"Ananya I can explain'please" Nikki started but befor she could continue a tight slap fell on her face.
"You b****'.what have you done with Arpita" Anu shouted. The whole room had fell silent with the slap. Avdesh came rushing towards them.
Nikki was shocked and in tears. But she managed to explain that Arpita was with Rohan and he was taking her to his home. His intentions were not good. She had made the whole scene near the green room to break them up. Arpita was unconscious because someone had spiked the water she drank. The giggling and laughing they heard was made by Nikki who was hiding in the green room.
"Nikki I will be back after getting Arpita'..believe me when I say I won't spare you" Avdesh thundered before storming out. Anu gave Nikki one last disgusted look before following her brother. 
"Bhaiyya do you know Rohan's house" Anu asked as she came towards Avi.
Avi was in a thunderous mood. He was like a raging hurricane ready to destroy everything in its path. He just nodded in denial. Then he saw one of Rohan's friends standing there.
"Hey you'.do you know Rohan' house" Avi asked.
The guy was completely frightened by the rage he saw in Avi. He  just nodded. Avi dragged him by his hand and threw him into the cars back seat. Anu sat in the front.
Whole through the drive to Rohans house Avdesh was silent. Only Anu sensed the storm in him. She had dialled RV asking him to come. She was afraid that Avi would kill Rohan in his anger.
They reached Rohan's house in the nick of time. Rohan was dragging a protesting Arpi to a room.
"Rohan" Avdesh roared. He gave Rohan a hard blow right in his gut. Arpita was thrown towards a side. Anu caught her before she fell.
Arpita and Anu were horrified by the Avdesh they saw in front of them. They couldn't stop him in anyway. He seemed like a raging beast hitting and punching Rohan.
RV came in right on time when Avdesh was about to hit Rohan with a chair.
"Avdesh no leave him'he is already almost dead" RV shouted as he pulled Avi away.
"So what'.he deserves to die for what he was going to do to Arpita'.he should be dead" Avdesh shouted giving a completely unconscious and bleeding heavily.
"Avdesh that's enough''go with the girls and go to my home" RV ordered dragging him out of the house. The girls left with Avi while RV arranged for Rohan to be taken to hospital.
Anu drove the car  back to Nikki's place on Avi's order. Arpita was seated at the back with Avi beside her,all three of them silent.
At Nikki's'..
Avdesh,Arpita and Ananya walked in. Nikki 
Rushed towards them. People stared at Avi's blood caked hands.
"Thank god you are alright Arpita'.I am really sorry for all this'.I should never have tried to separate you and Avdesh'..I was just mad or something" Nikki rattled away.
"Nikki could you just call the lady you were talking to earlier" Anu asked in a serious tone.
"Sara di'why?" Nikki asked frightened.
"Just call that b****" Anu ordered.
"Hey Nikki whats up?" Sara came in at the moment from somewhere in the party.
"Hello Sara'.nice to meet you after a long time" Anu said sarcastically.
"Ananya'.how'how nice to see you" Sara stuttered.
"I am not so pleased b****'.Arpita this is the girl who gave the fantastic idea to Nikki to dope you and let Rohan hug you and we to see you and all the crap that happened in last few days' know Sara I should have given you this long ago" Anu slapped her hard.
"Nikki just for your info'.this sister of yours was responsible for my brothers heartbreak'..she broke him so much that he killed himself drinking and driving'.he went mad in love'..even I misunderstood my brother' top it off she took a hell lot of money from my brother before escaping' father too mistrusted him'.and now she is teaching you tricks'..stay clear of her Nikki'..or she will cheat you too" Ananya warned.
"Arpita I promised you I will beg your forgiveness on my knees'and I will do it" Anu said going to bent down.
"Don't you dare" Arpita said furiously.
"Arpu scream at me shout at me kill me but please forgive me'.I am so sorry for not trusting you" Anu begged almost.
"What do you think I am huh" Arpita said slamming Anu's shoulder making her move back.
"You mistrusted me in a second and you expect me to forgive'.you didn't speak to me or even see eye to eye'and you want me to forgive" Arpita asked.
"Arpi I am sorry" Anu hung her head in shame.
"You idiot" Arpi smiled through tears and hugged her.
Avi and RV who had reached there by now smiled at the girls.
"Chalo enough drama for a night girls'..lets drop you home" RV said.
They walked out.
Anu caught RV's eye and walked away from Arpita leaving her and Avi alone.
"Arpita'.I have to be punished more than Anu'.I am sorry for all that I did to hurt you'.give me any punishment you see fit" Avdesh said in one go.
"I will punish you Mr. Thakur'.your punishment is tell me whats in your heart" Arpita asked.
Avdesh looked at her confused.
"Avdesh we are not kids'.you wouldn't have reacted so violently today if you didn't feel anything for me'.your eyes today showed the concern you felt for me'but is it just concern or is it more" Arpita asked frankly.
"Yeah Arpita it was just concern for my best friend'.nothing else" Avdesh answered suppressing a smile.
"Oh is that it Mr. Thakur'then lets go home" Arpita said with sarcasm and walked away.
"Arpita Rai" Avdesh called her.
Arpi stopped and looked back.
"Samchdar ke liya ishara kafi hota hain'..lekin tumhare liye kuch bhi manzoor hain" Avdesh bent down on his kness.
"I love you Arpita with all my heart and life'.I can't promise to keep you happy always because sadness is a part of life'.I can't promise you all the richness in the world because God only knows when we are going to be rich or poor'.but I promise you this much if what I have left to give you is my life I will happily lay it down for you" Avdesh said spreading his hands.
Arpita had tears in her eyes as she walked towards Avdesh.
She bent down in front of him.
"I love you too Avdesh'..and give you the same promise'.my life and heart is yours  forever"
Avdesh raised Arpita by the arm lost in her eyes.
"So Mr.Thakur I am not intelligent huh" Arpita asked.
"Yeah you are a little dumb" Avdesh said smiling.
"I won't talk to you then" Arpita said pushing him. He held her closer by the waist.
"Who said anything about talking Miss.Rai" Avdesh whispered seductively in her ears.
Arpita's heart raced and a strange sensation ran down her spine.
Avdesh kissed her cheeks,eyelids and forehead slowly. He then looked at her briefly before claiming her luscious rose bed lips in a passionate kiss.
On the other hand.
RV and Anu had drived home in RV's car after leaving a message on Avi's phone.
RV watched Anu's face. She seemed relieved.
"Anu you were brave today asking forgiveness in front of everyone." RV said.
"Thanx RV'.that was my promise to Arpi and I had to keep it' the way thank you for coming on time'..or else bhaiyya would have killed Rohan'.he deserves it though'.jerk" Anu continued cursing Rohan angrily.
"Whoa Anu'.these curses doesn't suit a lady" RV chuckled "And your bhaiyya has a police case to face'..don't worry we will deal with it'.Rohan won't file a case most probably'..he will not want the other issue to come out" RV soothed Anu,who sighed in relief.
"By the way don't tell that dialogue of curses not being good coming from a lady'.I hate it when people say that'..girls can't do this girls can't do that" Anu complained.
"I will do what I feel like" she stated matter-of-factly.
"That's exactly why I love you " RV said.
"What?" Anu asked surprised.
"I said I love you' are a little dangerous and cranky for my taste'.but odd as it sounds'I love you" RV said stopping the car.
"RV I '..I really don't know if I am ready for love or not'.I mean its hard for me to trust people after Anand bhaiyya has gone'.I don't know if I will be able to love you"Anu said frankly.
"Its okay Anu'I understand'.I won't force you" RV said with a sad smile.
Anu looked at him and felt a pang.
This is dedicated to ALL you allHug
Its the longest part I have written till date.
Please forgive my mistake.Smile

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Hye nidha,

thanks dear for updating it soon
and also for clearing the misunderstandings.
Loved the waited
confession scene of avita.
but want more scenes of them pls pls make it.
Rv will have to do alot to make anu his.
Rohan deserves that all & nikki also.
Loved to see avi doing dhagardham .

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Heyyy Nidha sweetheartHugHug

This was the bestest partClap

Jaan..I simply loved itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The way you unfolded the mystery...wooowww... It was awesome

Anand BhaiyyaCryCryCry Good..rohan shld b treatd tht way...and tht SaraAngryAngry

As Rups said,..Avi's dhagaddhamDancing  Im so happy...!!!

Their confession..Day Dreaming  Those lines said by Avi when he proposed her...Heart They were beautifulHeart

RV-Anu's confessionDay Dreaming Wooww!!

Bt Awww ..RVCry 

Thnks fr dedicating it darlingEmbarrassed

Looking frward to more romanceEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love ya hon...

Update soon...

PS:Updated my post on page 20Big smile

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2011 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
wow wat a update Nidha dear,
Just loved it,
Wwwooo Thakur's ke gusse se to bhagvaan hi bachaye,both bro n sis r rocking yaar,
Wow two lov confessions lov it
Sply avi's style haiii so romantic.
Its sad to know bout A bhaya poor guy,
Lov yaa for such nice update u rock dear.

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