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AVITA FF : ETERNALLY BOUND Uptd Chptr22 Pg39 (Page 19)

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Chapter 11
It was time for the drama to be staged. Anu was pacing back and forth in the backstage tensed. Arpi was watching her move equally tensed out.
"Anu chakkar katna bandh karo humein chakkar aa rahi hain" Arpi complained.
"Sorry yaar'.I am just royally tensed'.upar se yeh dress'patha nahin log saree mein kaise chalthe hain" Anu pouted. Anu was dressed in green saree with light golden work her hair curled and light makeup on. Arpi was dressed in a pink casual salwaar suit.
"Anu meri jaan chillax'..we are going to rock" RV said coming back stage along with Avi. Avi was dressed in a jeans and shirt while RV was dressed in beige jacket, black shirt and blue denims. 
" RV  you are going to rock'..I am sure to mess up the whole thing." Anu said sitting beside Arpi her head in her hands.
Avi came towards her and kept his arm on her shoulders.
"Look here chutka''just forget that you are facing a hall full of people'..just think that they are all tomatoes or cabbages'..only you know your dialogues''.which means you can always improvise" Avi reassured her. Anu smiled at him.
"Guys its time to start" a girl came towards them.
Anu got up nervously as the opening scene was hers . RV held out his hand and she took it smiling at him. 
They went on stage and Anu sat down on a bench as the drama was starting with a married couple( RV & Anu) where the wife was waiting for her husband ina park.
"Listen Anu'..don't panic'.I am always here to help you out" RV assured her holding her. Anu looked up into his eyes and found them calming her down. She gave a confident smile.
RV went to the back stage.
Avdesh and Arpita walked towards him. Arpita was twisting the end of her dupatta in nervousness.
Avdesh took hold of her hand surprising her. He pressed it lightly and blinked his eyes once to assure her that he was there with her. She gave a grateful smile. From morning she was feeling like something wrong was going to happen.
The curtain was raised.
Nitika( Anu) was sitting on a park bench impatiently crossing and uncrossing her legs looking towards other end of the park. A couple were sitting on the grass behind her.
Nitika : Yeah Arjun bhi na'..time naam ke koi cheez inke dictionary mein hain hi nahi'.aane dho unhe achi khabar loongi aaj.
Arjun(RV) entered from the other end searching for his wife. He saw her and gave a dazzling smile that made many of the girls sitting in the audience sigh. But his wife turned away in a huff, angry at him for being late.
Arjun ( sitting beside her and putting an arm on her shoulder) : Jaan here I am'..sorry thoda late ho gaya
RV's touch on the bare skin of her shoulder sent tingles down Anu's spine. But she maintained her act.
She turned to him in full anger and throwing away his hand
Nitika: "Mr.Arjun Tiwari'..what is the time now?"
Arjun( looking at his watch) : 8:30.'.jaan mein'.
Nitika: "Ab bahane math banao'..shaadi ke baath pehle baar date par aaye hain'..lekin as usual'.you are late"
Arjun( sitting back) : "Ab jab office mein bhi itni khoobsurat ladki hain tho mein busy hi rahunga na"
He looked at his wife from the corner of her eyes.
Nitika was staring at him open mouthed
Arjun (dreamily): "A stunning beautiful angel in whose eyes I get drowned" 
Anu didn't understand why but she herself felt a pang when RV said that he liked some other girl even though it was just drama.
Nitika's eyes stinged as tears sprang up into her eyes( Anu was actually in tears)
She stood up and faced the audience.
Nitika(her voice strained due to tears) : "Oh tho yeh baat hain'..kaun hain who ladki"
Arjun(RV) was tring hard to control his laughter. He got up and hugged her from behind in the process touching the bare skin of her midriff. Anu shut her eyes as she felt a strange sensation run through her body
Arjun: "Tum' what is my fault if  my beautiful wife stays in my thoughts 24/7."
Nitika ( Anu) smiled but quickly settled her face.
"I am still not on speaking terms with you" she said stubbornly.
Arjun (RV) turned her towards him : You don't have to' just have to listen to the story that I am about to tell you'..a beautiful love story" 
RV twirled Anu once as the music started playing.
"This story is of how love is the ultimate important thing." Arjun (RV) said as he twirled around with his wife Nitika ( Anu).
The curtains closed down.
"Fantastic job Anu" RV complimented still holding onto Anu.
"Thank you'.you made it easier for me" Anu said frankly.
"Guys that was fantastic''Anu you were marvellous" Arpi came running towards her friends.
Anu and RV broke apart and Anu smiled as Arpi hugged her.
"Great job chutka''RV yaar tune tho ladkiyon ko maar hi dala" Avi winked at his buddy.
"Now enough of celebrations'..we will do that later'.guys go get on stage" RV hurried Arpi and Avi.
The curtains opened again to show a street scene. A group of girls Arpi among them was chatting and walking. Avdesh was standing and watching them from a shop. 
"Hayye Raju bhaiyya'.aap hamesha uss ladki ko dekhthe hi rehthe hon uske bauji se jaakar haath kyun nahin maang lethe." his shop assistant asked.
Raju( Avi): "I will ask one day chote"
"This was Raju a small grocery shop owner whose dream girl was one among the girls who passed by. He wanted to ask for her hand. But didn't have the courage to do so. What if she scorned him. That would break his heart for sure" RV's voice said.
"But jaan who among them was his dream girl" Anu's voice.
"His dream girl was none other than'" RV's voice lingered and the curtain closed on one side of the stage and opened on the other to show a night scene where Arpita was lying on her bed with a girl beside her.
"Meenu tum kiske sapno mein koyi hon" the girl asked.
Meenu( Arpita) : "Mere rajkumar ke' mujhe bahut pyaar karega" 
Girl: "Oh so that's why your bauji is searching a boy for you."
Meenu smiles sadly  at her friend.
Meenu(sadly) : "I have to be happy right that he is looking for a boy for me but I am not"
Girl: "Why"
Meenu: "Bauji is searching for someone rich person who owns acres of lands and crores of money'.But what is the guarantee that he will love me forever'..finally that is the important thing right"
Girl: "Arey pagli don't worry' will get your perfect Prince charming"
Meenu( Arpita) hugs her friend and the scene closes.
"Meenu ke dosth ne yeh nahi jaana ki uske dil mein Raju ne pehle hi jagah bana liya tha. Jis tarah Raju usse Dakota tha Meenu bhi chori chupi usse dekhthi thi aur pyaar bhi karthi thi" RV's voice.
A short song showing Raju in Meenu's dream.

Next scene opens in a house. Arpita as Meenu dressed in white salwar kameez is standing in a balcony setting.
Raju( Avdesh) enters the house and Arpita's eyes fall on him.As if alerted by her gaze Avdesh looks up to her and their gazes meet. Arpi gives a brilliant smile which makes Avi's breath stop for a moment.
Two elderly men and a young rough looking guy are shown sitting in a verandah.
Raju( Avdesh): Shakar ji'..mein aapse aapki beti ka haath maangne aaya hun
Shankar( Meenu's Bauji): "You a mere shop owner' dare you ask for my daughters hand"
Raju( confidently) : "Sir you too are not much richer than me'..and I am asking only for your daughter,I want no dowry because I love her and want her only'..afterall that is the most important thing right."
Shankar( laughing loudly) : "You will keep my daughter happy just by love is it? Do you see this man here he is the richest man in the town and he has asked my Meenu's hand for his son"
Raju(sarcastically): "And how much has he asked for taking your daughter?"
Shankar: "That does not matter every father has to give his daughter an amount' Meenu will live like a queen" (proud voice)
Meenu( Arpita) is now comes and stands beside her father 
Shankar : Meenu is also here'..kindly please tell her how you are going to keep her happy. This young man here (pointing to the other guy) can give my daughter all the happiness in the world
This was followed by a   song sequence of   Arpi and Avi wherein Raju tells Meenu how much he loves her and what all he will do to keep her happy. The song was sung by Avi himself.
Next scene
Shankar( scoffing): "This is how you are going to keep my daughter happy"
Meenu(timidly): Bauji I like him.
Raju beams at this words from her mouth. His dream girl likes him too.
Shankar(sternly): "Go inside Meenu'.I will decide whom you marry."
Meenu: "But Bauji" she had tears in her eyes
Raju : "Shankarji do not be too hard on your beloved daughter'..give me a years time'..I will bring the wealth you asked for"
Shankar: "I do not wish to hurt my daughter' I am giving you one years time'..if you do not prove your words'then my daughter will be his" pointing towards the other guy."
Raju: "Meenu my love'..I will come for you"
"One year passes by and Meenu waits for her Raju to return" Arpi is shown standing besides a window.
Next scene opens in a big hall.
Shankar and Meenu enters it
Shankar: "I wonder who leaves in such a big place"
Raju ( Avi) enters dressed in rich clothes.
Raju: "Shankarji I have fulfilled your one year condition'..this house and wealth you see are mine' will you give me your daughter"
Meenu is happy to hear his words but Raju doesn't look at her.
Shankar: "Offcourse'.now my daughter is yours"
"Thus Meenu and Shankar gets married and Shankar is invited to stay in the haveli for a month. Raju seems to have lost his old love for Meenu because he behaves roughly with her"
Dining hall scene'.
Meenu is lovingly gazing at Raju while serving him food ( Arpita was actually dreaming of doing this in reality while Avdesh wished this could be real)
Meenu accidentally drops food on Raju
Raju(getting up in anger): "You fool where are your eyes?"
Meenu: "I am sorry Raju"
Raju: "Don't you dare call my name you fool"
He slaps her.
Shankar who was also sitting at the table was bewildered.
Meenu is shown running away crying (Arpita had really felt a pang when Avi screamed at her)
Next Scene'.
Shankar is shown pacing around a room deep in thought. 
Shankar: "That boy said he loved my daughter very much then why is he behaving like this'..I will talk to him"
Shankar and Raju
Shankar: "Why are you behaving so hard with my daughter'.you told you love her'.your behaviour is hurting her."
Raju: "That is right I loved your daughter'..but you told me love is not enough' I went to make money and in that process I lost all the emotions I had now I am a hard man who doesn't love anymore''but your daughter must be happy right she lives here like queen"
Meenu is shown listening to this and crying.
Shankar looks dumfounded. He walks away hanging his head. He goes to Meenu who is crying.
Shankar: "Meenu I am sorry my child'..because of me you have lost all the happiness in life'..I only considered money and wealth as important' I understand that more than anything love is needed"
Meenu: "It was my mistake Bauji''I should have told you then that all I wish for is love' I have lost the most precious thing"
Raju enters
" No you haven't my love" he is smiling that heart stopping smile.
Meenu looks at him surprised tears still falling.
Raju: "I did all this to make your father understand the important thing is love not money or wealth'..I am sorry for hurting your daughter sir'.but you have other daughters also and so does many fathers in this town''always remember"
Raju moves towards Meenu and draws her closer holding by her waist( Arpita was wearing a saree so Avi's hand was touching her bare waist.Arpi felt a strange sensation while Avi felt his fingers were burning)
A song sequence sung by both Avi and Arpi and performed by all four of them wherein they sing of the importance of love.
The drama ended with a huge applause.The gang went towards the backstage.
"Guys you were awesome" Anu complimented both Arpi and Avi.
"Arpita nearly all the girls in the audience will be jealous of you'..tum Avdesh the hottie ke bahon mein jo the" RV teased them.
Avdesh smacked him and they proceeded towards the  green rooms.
Anu finished dressing first and went out to call her dad. Arpita was thirsty so she drank a glass of water on the table.
Anu finished and came in. She so Avi heading in the direction of their green rooms.
"Ahem bhaiyya'..can't you stay five minutes away from her" Anu teased.
Avdesh blushed lightly and smiled.
"Well mein bhi ussi taraf jaa rahi hun'.where is RV?''
"He went to bring out the car'.we are going to his home' are you girls going" Avi asked as they walked towards the green room.
"Dad is coming'..I'll drop Arpi" Anu answered.
They reached the green room. What they saw there stunned both Avi and Anu.
Rohan was hugging Arpi from back in a intimate and Arpi wasn't protesting. They were standing just near the door to the green room. Avi and Anu couldn't see Arpi's face but was sure that it was her because all others were near the props room and the girl in Rohan's arm was wearing Arpi's dress in which she had come to college earlier that day.
They heard a giggle from that direction and thought it was Arpi.
Avdesh couldn't take it any more and stormed out tears springing up in his eyes. Anu followed him.

Hey guys I have tried my level best on the drama...
Sidda had asked to write a rom-com...but I am a total looser in the department of humourOuch
So I have tried to make it romantic...Smile
Kindly please forgive me if it bores you...Ouch

This part is dedicated to Danno...thank you and love you.

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Nidha DarlingHug

Your update was fantastic dearClapClapClap

Who said drama wasnt goodConfused  They way you wrote it..and the story...juz fabulous...

In tht story too...RV-Anu and Avi-Arpi's love storyClapClapClap Bravo dearClapClapClap

As alwayz I loved this one tooClapClap kya hogaya end meinOuchOuchOuch I hope tht is nt ArpiOuch But still..Oh My Poor AviCryCryCry

I hope it clears out soonSmile

Love yaEmbarrassed


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Heya Nidha di wow vry nic update 

par yeh kya ab aap bhi itna bada bada 

jhatka dene lageLOL well koi nhi i knew it

ki aap bhi ek nhi kafi sare jhatke dogeLOL

carry on di but i think d girl wich Rohan

hugged from behind is not Arpi so have 2 w8

n watch update soon diSmile

luv yaaa n a big hugggHug

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oops wrong post Smile

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hey nidha
what an update??Thumbs Up
tum soch rahi hogi ki kaine res kyu nahi kiya kyuki mere ko yaad hi nahi maine kitne piost res kiye hai yaha pe
so thought ki thode ka m karo

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hey nidha
u dedicte this part to me
just love u dear

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Hye nidha,
i liked the story of drama short and sweet.
But in last kya jhatka diya tumne i was waiting for the confession of love but but
"ye kya hua,ye kyun hua".
Want to kill rohan
pls do clear the misunderstanding soon dear b'coz i know it was not arpi in the gree room.

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Nidha dear really beautiful part,love the drame section 

huun nice story haan ;-)

n now who is this Rohan i mean what the hell he is doing in Arpi's green room 

i can smell high voltage drama in coming UD plzz update soon okiieess

n ya i want to ask u yaar where do u find the word "Chutka" its really valid in UP r u connected from here somewhere?

n i love ya for such sweet sibbling relations 

Update soon dear m waiting eagerly Day Dreaming

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