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AVITA FF : ETERNALLY BOUND Uptd Chptr22 Pg39 (Page 10)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by danno

hiii nidha
i m  first too comment wowwLOLLOL
well done nidhaClap
this part is more intresting than previous one
and i m sure that upcoming parts r even more interesting than this.
i just love avita's conversation
and i love to see RV-ANU conversation...
update soon dearEmbarrassed
Thankyou sooo much Danno dear...I am hoping very much that I won't disappoint you...Avita are always awsome...RV- Anu convos will be there in future...Smile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:05am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=joliefille]Ok i already have few posts to unres so this time no sulking at all,

first of all the part was wooow ,Clap

there was everything, romance , action, concern , friend ship, n Avita moment  Day Dreaming

wow Nidha dear what a part just full on entertainment Wink
will wait for the Party hope party me baat kuch aur aage badhegi Blushing

update soon dear
Thanx from the bottom of my heart yourself are a wonderful writer dear...update yours soon...Party mein ka hoga ee hum party mein dekh lenge...Wink

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sidda8

Nidha, I loved this update. Avita noticing each other and Anu teasing them. The fight was tough and violent. Poor Anu and Arpi got hurt but now our dear guys have opened their hearts out to these girls. I can see RV and Anu getting along fine.  Where was Nikki in this update, did the fight scare her away? I'm excited for the party and great it's a Wedding Party that means there is no booze. I don't really like the parties that ppl have when their parents aren't home, loud music, getting drunk and hooking up, it grosses me out. This is how parties are done in Canada and the States. Anyways, I hope RV and Avi have a double date with our sweet ladies.
Thanx very much Sidda...Avita are attracted to each other...RV - Anu would fall eventually...but won't be as easy as Avita...Nikki was there but she is too vain to help out Avi...well I am also not a party person at all as I belong to a conservative is not on the cards right now...but maybe in futureSmile

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by newfoundlove

hey nidha!
I fell upon this forum and happened to notice your fanfic. Decided to take a look.
It's amazing, although i admit i've never seen the show.
Waiting for an uodate, for both your ff's.
Hiyya there Radha...happy to have ya here...hope you enjoy the ff...the show is a gud one...Smile...look it up if you feel like

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Updated my posts on page 8 and 10 Smile

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jasveensokhi Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Hey Nidha di where r u ??????

so many dayz abhi tak no update Confused

well no worries bt plz do it soonHug

n i unresed ol mah postsSmile

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged

Nidha see my excitement n your delay both have reached limits now,

i saw FF on main pg n without thinking i thought u updated n i m late to readOuch 

but when i saw the last chapter then i realize that its just bz u were replying posts LOL

comeon yaar update now , i thought u forget to update i was about to pm u tonightEmbarrassed

Edited by joliefille - 30 May 2011 at 11:29am

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
"Arpita Rai'I'll get back to you for this one day" Ananya was threatening Arpita all through the drive to RV's home for the party.
They parked near to Avi's Volkswaggen and got down.
"Hey bhagwaan'iss ladki ne mera kya haalat banayi hain" Anu lamented looking down at herself.
"Tumhari haalat mein kya burayi hain Miss . Takur'..zaraa hamein samjhaiye" Arpita asked while checking herself in the cars shaded window.
RV's parents were quiet modern in their outlook and didn't mind youngsters dressing in modern way as long as it was decent.Hence the partys dress code was western.
Arpita was dressed in a light green colored sleeveless dress which fell upto her knees revealing her slender legs and was caught on her waist with a silver band.She wore strappy silver heels.Her hair was left open
Ananya was wearing a white one shoulder knee length dress and matching sandals.The dress complimented her curvaceous body very nicely.Her hair was tied to one side with a silver band.
Arpi was wearing a silver necklace and small studs and Anu was wearing long earings studded with white stones.
"Kya burayi hain'I told you a thousand times I do't want to wear this skimpy outfit..its for the likes of you with perfect hourglass figure'I certainly look like an overstuffed teddy bear" Anu pouted
Arpi laughed throwing back her head
"Hassi thoda bacha ke rak lo andhar jaake haste hain baaki logo ke saath" Ananya said walking towards the house.
In the house'.
Guys and girls were milling around the house.
Girls were mainly busy oggling at two studs wo were standing near the drinks area.
"Quit staring at a place and straining your eyes lover boy'she'll come" RV teased Avi handing him a glass of chilled coke.
"You never miss a thing do you" Avi smiled at his friend.
"Itne saalo se tumhara yaar hun'.I knw you like an open book" RV said with a smile
I so wish that was true Avi thought.
He always felt a pang when he thought about the big secret he was hiding from his best friend.To Avi RV was one in a million,the kind of friend with no complaints and demands and ever ready to help you out.RV had been Avi's sole support when he started undergraduate student.From there to their present college they have been together and their bond had grown stronger.RV kept no secrets from Avi which made Avi feel guilty at times.
Don't know if he would ever trust me if he comes to know who I am truly Avi thought while looking at his friend.
"Avi darling you look smashing" Nikki's screeching voice came towards them before its owner.
Nikki came towards the guys dressed in a skimpy skirt and shoulder less top her message obvious.She batted herv lashes at Avdesh giving him a flirtatious smile.
"You are our usual self Nikki"RV commented.
The guys avoided ever openly praising her beauty as they knew that no one wanted to be subjected to her self-praising session.
"Offcourse RV dear'after all who can match Nikki in terms of looks" she said throwing back her hair.
Avi and Rv looked at each other and rolled their eyes.They agreed to the fact that Nikki was beautiful.But the girl did not know how to keep it simple.Her dressing was always in a flirty seductive manner which they didn't appreciate at all.
At the moment the girls entred the party hall.
Arpita's eyes went towards Avdesh and her heart rate increased.
Avdesh was looking dashing dressed in a black shirt with black waist coat and black pants.He was standing with one arm resting on the table behind him.Even his posture seemed to give a message of immense strength.She noticed RV indicating to Avi about their arrival.He too was looking handsome.Dressed in blue denims with light white shirt and a black coat.But her eyes lingered back to Avi.
Avi was also mesmerized by Arpi.She looked stunning in the western outfit.Her loose hair was teasing her cheeks and he wanted to move that away.
Anu noticed the guys and smiled at them before moving to the other end of the hall were a group of their friends were standing.
Nikki gave them a disdainful look.She noticed the appraising looks that Avi was giving the girl Arpita.
The lights dimmed and RV and Avi moved to the center of the hall light focusing on him.
"Ladies and gentlemen,guys and girls'.today we are gathered here to celebrate 30th wedding anniversary of the most dashing couple one earth,my dearest Mama and Papa'..lets congratulate them on bearing each other for these many years" RV said waving his hands towards the staircase from where the focusing light showed a graceful couple descending smiling down at the gathering
They moved towards the boys.
"Hamesha humare taang keech lena huh" Mrs.Singh said pinching her sons ears lightly
"Ouch Mama'.mein nahi tho kya padosi ka beta keechega" Rv said
"Bus kar RV'..congrats Mama and Dad" Avi said giving Mrs.Singh a hug.Avi was equal to RV in Mr & Mrs.Singhs eyes so they insisted on being called as Mom and Dad.
"Dekha kaise mere bete ne mujhe wish kiya teek se" Mrs.Singh said to her son.
"Maan liya meri Maa ki yeh aapka acha beta hain aur mein nautanki'Par mein tho Dad ki favourite hun'kyun Dad" RV asked Mr.Singh while palcing a hand on his shoulder
"Favourite tho hon lekin issi tarah agar tum suspension laate gaye na to mein tum ko gar se bahar nikaal dunga" Mr.Singh mock threatened his son.
"Avi bhaiyya iss baar kya gift laye hon Mama aur Papa ke liye"RV's younger brother Tanmay asked.He was just eighteen and had just started college.He adored his bro and Avi very much.
"That's a surprise just wait and watch."Avi winked at him
"Shall we cut the cake my dearest parents"RV asked taking his mothers hands and leading her towards the central table where a huge cake had arrived.
"Wow you guys orderd a cake containing both our favourite flavours"Mrs.Singh exclaimed
"Tanmays idea Mama"Avi said
Tanmay smiled at his parents.
The couple cut their cake together and fed each other and then each of the boys.
The guests clapped their hands.Each of them went forward and congratulated them.
When Arpita came forward Avdesh's face split into a dazzling smile.
"Mama and Papa..this is the new addition to our college'.Arpita Rai and Ananya Takur" RV introduced the girls to his parents.
"Congrats Aunty and Uncle'.you look great together" Arpita said while Anu smiled at them and handed them the gift they had brought along
"Thanx beta'you ladies also look beautiful"Mr.Singh appreciated the girls.
"Thanx Uncle" Anu said smiling.
"Okay now enough of gup shup'.to the dance floor everyone"RV shouted out causing Mrs. Singh to close her ears.
"The first song is for our couple..Mama and Papa enjoy" Tanmay announced and went to find himself a partner.
"Avi darling lets dance"Nikki drawled dragging Avi along to the dance floor.
Avi went along reluctantly looking longingly at Arpi who was being asked by some random guy from college.
RV was already on the floor dancing to the slow tune with a girl who had a hard time taking her eyes off him.
After about two songs Avi prised himself off from Nikki and went to get a drink.He noticed Arpi doing the same.
She went towards the ladies room and came out after a few minutes and headed towards the drinks area.
Avdesh went towards her.
"Hey'why are you alone? Wheres your bodyguard Miss.Takur"Avi asked
"Don't you dare tease my friend Avdesh'she's the best anyone can wish for'speaking of best your bestie seems to have forgotten you in the process of fliting with random girls" Arpita shot back.
"Just like your bestie has forgotten you"Avi said casually leaning on the table.
"She just went out to take call"Arpita said.
She could smell Avdesh's enticing cologne and feel her pulse raising.
Avdesh's seneses were also alerted by her floral scent.
"Can I have this dance?" Avi asked extending his arms to her.He wanted to inhale her scent more closely .
"Sure" Arpi said sliding in her soft hand on his storng arms.
Luckily for them their favourite song Soniyo was playing at the time.
Avdesh kept his one arm on her waist and the other one held her hand.Arpi had her one hand on his shoulder.They twirled along the song.
Avdesh was very much enjoying the feel of her in his arms.She was feminine in every sense.Slender and graceful.Her rosy lips were utterly inviting.Her baby brown eyes made you drown in their depths.She was beautiful in the true sense of the word.
Arpita was pulled into Avi's coal black eyes.She enjoyed being held close to his strong masculine frame.She wanted badly to ruffle his balck mane.
They danced along without noticing the world around them and few pairs of eyes staring at them.
 This part is dedicated to our sweet Priya youHug

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