Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge #120 [9/5 - Epi. 140]

shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
we are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai

Before we move on, warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo
much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph which btw is with youEvil Smile

hume dekh kar hi khush hona haiDay Dreaming saved the soft copy so that i can have a look at it everyday. Karan's handwriting looks soo good to my eyes nowDay Dreaming LOL muahh to karan & kritz, & angels for dedicating a status for usHug all of you are sweethearts. we love you...


alright moving to our kaam dhanda in the the episode..
start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;
however, not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.

5. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

Mohabbat lounge now has a FB page, so join in & spread the word
Give your feedback & make your requests at
Kitani Mohabbat Hai official Page

For the hard work the actors do to entertain us, watching whom on TV is a pleasure to us, Lets bring them to the top in IF rankings by joining & getting more ppl to join their fan clubs & writing in their fan clubs twice(max allowed) every day.. links below..and also please comment on the KMH2 articles which have KK and KK2 can comment 4 times a day...every 30mins.
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And contribute a little time to this forum & help make it active; Comment on the articles, Photos & Videos(in the main gallery) as many times as possible. Also rate the same. Lets show hume kitani mohabbat hai se kitani mohabbat hai.

People who live in India please try to watch Kitni Mohabbat hai on 8pm Slot if it is easy for you rather than watching it later on internet or on repeat telecast as watching it on 8pm adds in the weekly TVR. We don't want Kitani to end sooner just because of this reasonEmbarrassed
***** IMPORTANT *****
As we all know that the TB article states Imagine Channel is considering to axe the most popular show on their channel just to make way for swayamwar, It is time to show our protest.
Sign the petition more the better
Join this group on FB.  Lets Save  KMH
Mail / Spam kmh2 and imgine tv fb pages
guys send your views & take out your frustration here at the address below which ever way you want.
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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

just the male linesEmbarrassed

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged

Truly  Sanju ,  you got us a treasure to keep  Hug.      Here is what  Akshaya urf @Aksh4IF  wrote on behalf of all the ML members  which  sanju conveyed to Karan and Kritika.   Thank you Aksh Hug  very beautiful words and reflects  everyone's sentiments,  It is really sweet of you to put this as on behalf ot ML.

Mohabbatians hai hum, mohabbat karte hai aapse
season 1 se lekar 2 tak, saath nibhaya hai aapse
PFaujis hai hum, badmaashi seekhi Karan aapse
ab toh IF pe, FB pe, log darte hain humse
'bachna ae hasino, lo Karan aa gaya'
woofer se amplifier usne gaana gaaya
Kritika aap pe toh fida hai hum,
aapki muskaan se bhool jaye har gham
hai 'prateeksha' hume aapse naye naye trends ki
iphones, noserings aur aap jaise friends ki
Aapko dekhe bina, din nahi guzarta
wkends fast forward karne ko dil hai karta
nahi hume tension school ke exams ki
pray kare hum bhagwan se, Arjuhi ke pyar ki jeet ki
Dekhe hum Punji aur Arohi, Monster aur satki hui ladki
kabhi band karne ka mann nahi, ye laptop ki khidki (chrome wala)
bohot kuch kehne ke liye hum sab hai 'betaab'
dekho likhte likhte ban gaya inna vadda kitaab
ye kitaab hai aap ke fans ka paighaam
padhte padhte na ho jaye subah se shaam
Yaadon ka guldasta humne hai bhara
isme bhara hai humara pyaar, dher saara
kabhi aap bhi aayiyega humare ghar,
Mohabbat Lounge @IF hai pata hamara
aur bhool se bhi na bhool payenge,
woh farishte hai jo aapke,
pareshan karte hum unhe bohot,
phir bhi woh masti sehte sabke,
unke statuses jaaye hamare dil ke aar paar,
unhe bhi hamara dher saara pyar,
unse hai inspiration hume,
unko hamara thank u baar baar!!
link to pics and the story about the scrapbook  directly from Sanju :

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Thanks Sanju and Hetal for taking our msgs. Thanks Kavya for posting it. Hug

Loved Kritz and Lovedeep today. Special sympathies to their glycerin filled shoots.LOL
Continuity - check
Saxena's twisted prosecution - check
Ullu's disgusting shameless glee at winning the case - check
Arjun's muted efforts - check
Arohi's over-whelmed desparation n despair - check
Long due support from Bua with superb daring - check
Sanchit, Simi, Romit finally evolving courage - check

CV's speeding the story so much, Raj is probably now in high school.. ROFL
Arohi finally runs in and points out that bevda lawyer was dead and hence defense didn't show up. I agree with all of her rxns and dialogues but my indignance at the judge's handling is sky-high. I am surprised that other than Arjun, no one else showed the kind of reaction that they r supposed to express knowing that an actual human being was dead.Ouch I suppose the court room is used to hearing such things. The judge seemed more interested in what Saxena had to say.. why? coz he had some evidence? He harped on that Arohi had no proof, and that the decision had been made. It's written in ink, not carved in stone.Angry Arohi I hope finds the evidence and goes on to reopen the case. I don't want to see the Ullus realize before Arohi proves Arjun innocent. I want each one of them to repent and verbally, and clearly apologize to Arjun and Arohi for what they have done. Evil Smile CVs plzz note, last time when Ullus realized their folly we didn't get a proper apology. Whatever it was, it was not satisfactoryEvil Smile This time make it count.

Arjun couldn't hide his disappointment and shock at the background of the lawyer and how or why Arohi found him. Maybe that stopped him from saying anything at all. But I still wish he had said something atleast on the way out. I didn't expect any words in the courtroom. Questioning Arohi's judgement in public would give an opening to the enemy to say that their faith factor was crumbling. So I completely agree with silent support full on. Star

Saxena kept to his character and argued the case as a twisted public prosecutor should. Whether he knows who is right, is irrelevant to him. All he wants is to win the case and that is fine by me (having prosecuted in our fake-case has made me less judgemental n biased abt this whole thing LOL)

I am majorly disappointed with the way the Girgitwalias have been handled and hence the name. They were initially shown as an over-protective family who stuck to a rigid-honest-police-family image. Now it seems like, KSA was the glue holding that image together. KSA went into coma and the morals of the Girgitwalias went with him. Now they are just shown as a MCP bunch who are arrogant and presumptious. They have no respect for their women and they are very loose-mouthed about their real intentions. Amrit is slowly evolving into a mother which I have been waiting for since god knows when. Bua finally realized she doesn't want to be treated like the door-mat of the house and bucks up the courage to walk out on the most undeserving family I have laid eyes on. DJ is forgotten uncermoniously and KSA is blissfully in the hospital and as usual no one bothers to check on the poor guy. I would have loved to have seen Amrit waiting at the hospital rather than at home, and the brothers coming to the hospital. THat would have convinced me more that they are doing all this in the after-math of what happened to KSA. Angry

Sanchith, Romit and Simi - loved what they said today.Clap If they are right, they don't need to hide it. And they have finally come out and showed their support openly. *claps*. Sanchith ne toh apni behen ke liye thappad bhi kha liya. His dad n uncles should learn from that.. grr!! I wonder if Sanchith will leave with bua tomorrow? he has already established his stance. he might as well go stay with arohi and help her in anyway he can. 

Singhania's seem to have never existed. Why aren't we shown what Rudr is doing? I miss them so much, I would do anything to see Micky n Kumud giggling in glee at Arjun's life sentence. I want to see Daddi giving some moral suport to Arohi. We need to see what Arjun is thinking.. is his faith in Arohi still intact or is he wondering what she is upto? whether in support of Arjun or against does he expect Rudr to act at all? Now that he knows, lawyer got murdered, does he even think about who could have been behind all this?

Finally, today's show was all for Arohi n Lovedeep. One falls in despair and shock, the other rises in character. It was a very sad episode but I loved the trak for Arohi and Love. They don't deserve to be in that family at all. They never got to be themselves and when they took their stand, they are despised, taunted and hated. Good going there CVs. Waiting to see how Arohi handles what comes next. Arjun has been sentenced. Naturally, she has to find the real culprit and get the case re-opened and get him acquitted.

CVs: Please if it is still possible, move the show to a diff channel and give it a proper detailed reasoned logically sound ending. Else, atleast do that in the next two weeks. Cut down on the unwanted Ullus and show the necessary elements. Don't drag the court case to the last epi. Finish it up and show us Arjun's past, what really happened with the raaz and a happy ending for Arjuhi. We want to see them have that blissful marriage that was supposed to happen oh some 30 episodes ago. Use the title track where applicable. Really want to see the lyrics being shown in the essence of the story.

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
teri saason se hi meri saansein chale tu hi dikhe jab bhi aankhein khule dekha falak dekhi zameen koi nahi tumsa kahi aa tujhe khud me main is tarah lu chupa ki khuda bhi hamein kar na paaye juda kaise kahein hume kitani mohabbat hai
so these words are going to get meaning in the upcoming episodes that's sure from NITIN's status today
n one more thing
The creative team of KMH-2 is not ready to reveal how things would proceed from here. Even Balaji Telefilms have refused to comment if this would be end of this season or they'll be replacing the show on some other channel.

Well, let's see how Arjun and Arohi will face this shattering situation!
wish this happens if kitani comes back it shudn't be on stupid imagine
today's episode was nice it Arohi saying to everyone that Arjun didn't ever get any happiness in his life n now ... loved it Arohi's love for Arjun
SANJU sweety loved ur new topic about ur meeting with karan kritz loved it n specially Karan's dialogue
"besharmon!!nalaayakon!! voh mera secret personal account hai","tha!"
Karan's sense of humour n instinct are very nice lol

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
super luved today epi. luved the intensity. i literally cried after seeing ist part. arjuhi relationship is one of its kind. arohi is giving a new depth to luv story. hats off to mrs. arohi singhania. she is proving the line "ek dil ke liye duniya dedi"in bestest way. she has left everything her family n all. her main priority is arjun n only arjun.she showed guts to speak everything. arjun who luv her more than everything has become her everything. her pain is undescribable n of arjun too. arjun wan to liv only for arohi. arjun luv his life bcoz arohi cannot liv without him. arohi pain is making him lyk dead but sumwhere he knows arohi will protect him. he knows arohi cannot see injustice with him n he also has trust in his luv. he know luv always wins so he is calm but arohi pain is breaking his heart in countless pieces. i m really proud of being ajuhi fan who is iving a new height to luv. their memories will b always with me. 
       family drama was okk n i hated ullus more today. they r smiling lyk crazy. how can anyone b so heartless for their own daughter. parents ry frm heart after seeing a single in their children eyes even after they knows the mistake is of their own child. i really feel bad for arohi for having a family lyk uulus. luved bua protest against ullus. now finally she showed strength n going near arohi.
     romit sanchit n all played their role well. billu was doubtful today too. lets see what is in future for us ?

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channi_star Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Hug  sanju! for the autograph!!!    Smile
CryCryEmbarrassedConfusedAngryOuchDeadShocked    UnhappyDisapprove   my condition at the momnt!!  gt nufin 2 write on 2dez epi  but alot to write for the dv's  Angry
ClapClap kritz!! kritz stole the shw!!!! she was just too gud!!   Star
arohi tryin 2 convine the andha kanoon!!   CryCryEmbarrassed 
arohi no use of beggin the beggar (whu dnt hv brains Angry)   for arjun's happiness n freedom...
OuchOuchOuch that bloody prosecutor..i think hez the one behind ram's murder..darpok sala!! huh!
bloody heartless n brainless ullus !!   Angry   felt like brekin their teeth wen they were laughing... Ouch 
imagine them teethless!  LOLLOLLOL
the police beatin arjuhi  CryCryCryEmbarrassed
perfect sng for the situation!  CryCryCry
romit, shefu, billu, sanchit, simi, love     Hug   Star
gud slap on the ullu brothers face by love!!! thankz for this love!!    Hug
wen she said mei lovedeep ahluwalia... i thought she wud say i wil fight arjuns case n prove him innocent n u all guilty...Embarrassed
i hv a strong feeling that it is sum ullu who is responsible for ksa attempt to murder...if it was sum1 frm singhania den they wudnt b invisible all these days...they wud b shwn plannin sumthing or evn attendin the case...
i feel itz either sudhir or the clown...bahut khush horahe woh log... AngryAngryAngry
n arvind ki over acting!!    D'oh
for the dv's !    Evil Smile
wat the bloody hell r the dv's up 2?
y draggin the case soo much evn after knwin there less time!! arohi cud hv brought the evidence 2de (asumin ram saved it)  n proved arjun innocent so easily...
ek attempt to murder case solve hua nahi n ek aur murder case beech mei agaya...
so now the case wil hv 2 b strtd frm scratch...phir se hunt for a plzzz either arohi yah toh bua ko lawyer banado n free arjun frm that mess!!
raaz is yet to b unfolded..wen wil this happen?? in the last week of kmh??
ohh plzz v want the last week of kmh wid happy moments btwn arjuhi!! itz a request to u dv's...
n after bozo clown's spoiler... arohi is gonna be shot  Shocked  wat the hell...yeh kya zarrori hai?
pehle se ksa hosp mei hai n none of the ullus r goin 2 visit him n nt evn worried abt him...ab arohi ko hosp bhejna zaroori hai???
we fans r already cryin n upset wid kmh endin den y the hell do dv's want us 2 cry more by hurtin arohi???
only 14 episodes left...we dnt want 2 c this silly dramatic episodes wre derz nufin aprat frm rona dhona!!!
we just want arjuhi's happy wedded life!
we are ready to accept kmh endin on a thought that karan n kritz will not hv 2 bear the crap crapgin frm nw!!
u guyz dint do anything to save kmh but atleast give it a happy ending n make the last few episodes memorable...
memories v kmhians/mohabbatians can cherish through out our lives!
for imagine! oppps crapgin!
no words for u guyz..just  OuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuch...
u guyz will b over witohut kmh!!  DeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDead
for my lovely MLSA       Hug    we will alwayz b togeather evn aftr kmh ends!!!! love yah all!!!

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged

well said shibz!..since last week!..we had been going through turmoil!..and tensions!..and in this sanju's visit to kmh sets and kk2!..was like a breath of fresh air!..and gave us a reason to smile!..Embarrassed..ya shibz i have got a printout of karan's autograph too and i see it everyday!..LOL..really its so unique!..but u only once said its toota foota!..but its our karan na! unique!..
sanju's post at the forum about her expreince sent me to dreamland1..and i am still reading it again and again!..

ok coming to the episode honestly i din like it much!.it was good but why so sad episodes!.just 14 episodes to go!..and i dunno why the court thing is being dragged and why so much focus on the side characters1.i want to see arjuhi more!..and happy wala!..

todays first part and bua's bagawat was the good thing happened!..
kritz was brilliant and the actor playing the role of saxena was also good!..but i hated him and also all the ullus who were grining out of no reason!..Evil Smile..i dunno why arjun hasnt been given any lines?Angry..anyways the parting was too sad!..arjun hlding arohi and the police beating his hand!..was too much to bear!..he was being rushed to the van wihtout being given any moment to talk or stand1..arohi and arjun both were shattered!..
somethings cracked me up!..first of all arvind taya jee's ''shut up''ROFL..and the thing irritaed me was sfehali's dubbed voice!..Angry...

anyways just read the article that kmh is going off air on 28th may so hoping for a maha episode!..*fingers crossed*

i want to see a good ending not necessarliy a happy one but such an ending that we  wud remember forever!.
missed arjun!..Unhappy

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