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The Touch Of Fear - Sajan SS...prt6 updtd (Page 25)

ekts_dmgmjht Senior Member

Joined: 16 October 2009
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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 3:06am | IP Logged
wow radhika grt update
loaved the majan confession
n wat a meet yaar
continue soon
n thx 4 d pm

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princess009 Groupbie

Joined: 29 July 2011
Posts: 168

Posted: 29 July 2011 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Hi m twinkleSmile
m new 2 this forum
wow!!! fabulous update
first meeting was very romanticWinkEmbarrassed
loved the update
do continue soon
plz add me in ur pm list

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MoNaYaRoX Senior Member

Joined: 24 May 2009
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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Yaar You Should Continue This SS ! 
I Can't Believe They Kissed So Fast! Embarrassed
Please Update Soon!!(: 
Lovely SS 

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 October 2009
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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
hey, radhi...plz update this ff soon...waiting eagerly for their next meeting

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BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

Joined: 26 February 2010
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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
will try to pdt asap
bt firt i want  to updt black n white n then the touch of fear...

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BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

Joined: 26 February 2010
Posts: 54270

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 3:16am | IP Logged
hey frnds Radhi here.. here with the new part of
The touch of fear...u all nw m damn busy so nt able
to updt... bt i will try to updt asap all my
stories ohk... here is the nxt part njoy it.. hope u like it...


Samrat came home totally drenched... he came frm
back door n secretly went to his room n quickly
changed his clothes n dry his hair with hair
drier.. so dat Armaan bhai cant doubt on him...
then silently went to Armaan's room.. n slowly
opened the door... bt took a deep breath seeing him
sleeping with his file on his hand... Samrat smiled
to himself n went to his room... n layed on his
bed... n again recall the moment with the girl...
"Chashmish" he mummered... n unknown smile came to
his face... he took out his mobile n saw pics..
he was kissing her on her cheek.. he smiled seeing
this... "my first kiss...naahh our first kiss " mummered n smiled
shyly...still he was feeling her lips on his...
her fregrence ...

"this girl  is my mine... Samrat Shergill's
Girl...only... yesss i like her... nahhh
actually i really like her...naahhh nt only like i
actually love her...i will find u soon sweet
heart...u knw wt aaj tak meine aisi ladki nahi
dekhi jo itni beautiful ho ... i just love u ..."
kissed his mobile screen n smiled to himself shyly...

"bas ek baar tum mil jaao...khud se dur nahi jaane
dunga..." Samrat said while talking with the picture...

on the other side...
Gunjan ran n ran as fast as she could... n it was
heavy rain... n also tears were streaming frm her no1 can show coz of rain...she reached
near the gate of her home... n stopped...n
catched the breath... she was breathing heavily...
she slowly opened the door of her home.. n went
in... n went her room straight... n went to
washroom as she was totally drenched... she opened
the shower n stood under it...she was still
crying... again recall the memory... the memory
when she was kissing a stranger... when she was
feeling the love...when she was feeling the home in
stranger's arm..felt protected in his arms... n his
love made her lost in him...she turned off the
shower n changed her clothes... n sat infront of
dressing table... n lost in her world of thoughts...

"how could i??? hw could i kiss him...hw could i??????? she saw her image in mirror...tears were still streaming...par usne muje kiss kiya tha... par ... par meine use roka kyu nahi??? or fir jab usne muje lips pe kiss kiya to meine kyu use nahi roka... me kyu usme kho gayi??? kyu??????? kyu jab usne chuaa to laga ki muje mere pyaar ne chhuaa haiii...mera pyaar to Mayank haii fir meine kyu aisa feel kiya...kyu mein samaj nahi paayi ki wo Mayank nahi haii... par usne muje bija jaane pehchane kiss kyu kiya??kyu uske ek touch se mein sab kuch bhul gayi puri duniya hi bhul gayi... i was totally lost in him...y i lost my self y???? kyu mein nahi samaj paayi kyu??? ek aise insaan ke sath jise mein janti tak nahi... jise me kabhi mili bhi nahi.. kyu aisa maan liya ki wo mera pyaar mayank haii..aankh bandh karke uske pyaar uske touch par kyu wishwas kar liyaaa kyu kiya meine aisa??? mein to mayank se pyaar karti hu sirf mayank se.. mein kissi or ko kaise?????? par sach ye haiii ki humne kiss kiya... jo pal mein mayank
ke sath share karna chahti thi wo meine kisi or ke sath... meine socha tha ki mein apna harr pyaar mayank ko dungii... har ek chiz ko apne dil me sambhal ke rakhti,... par meri pehli kiss meine kisi or ke sath... ye khoobsurat ehsaas wo pal kisi or ke sath share kiya...mein kabhi chah karr bhi bhul nahi paungi ye... or Mayank..??? use kya kahungii kahi ye jane ke baad usne muje chhod diya to???? nahi nahi mein aisa nahi kar sakti?? muje ye chupa na hoga mein apna pyar nahi kho sakti..."

she slowly stood up n went her bed... n layed down... n lost in the memory which she spent with stranger... she still could feel his lips on her lips.. still could feel her touch.. her hands around her waist...his kisses on her face.. her eyes.. her chin.. her neck.. her shoulder... n tears started to run frm her eyes... he was the first one who touched her like this...n slowly
her eyes were heavy n slept...


Samrat was laying on bed.. coz he knew Armaan has
already wake up...n also came to check him...
n just then his cell rang...

"Hey Riddhima .. tum yaha ..pahoch gayi??? oh great
tum wahi ruko mein bhai ko bhejta hu tume pick up
karne ya yahh nahi nahi m fine ohkk.. tum bas aa
jaao..." Samrat talked to Riddhima n cut the call n
looked at Armaan...

"bhai wo Riddhima aa gayi haiii aap jaa kar le aao
na jaldi se sach me mujse nahi sahaa jaa raha
haiii...plzzz" Samrat said while holding his
stomuch... Armaan was worried so he qucikly stood up...

"Sam tu fikar matt kar mein abhi Riddhima ko le kar
aata hu... "Armaan said while worried for him..
n rushed to pick Riddhima up...

after he went Samrat took deep breath...

"bas ab Ridhima aa gayi... so aapki n unki love
story aage badhegi... aur meri... meri love story
me meri wali ka kuch pata hi nahi haii...hey
bhagwan meri wali ko bhi dhundh ne me meri madad
karo yaar..."Samrat made face...

after 30 minutes...Armaan came with Ridhima...
n went to Samrat's room...n saw him laying on bed . closing his eyes... he heard the door open n saw Armaan n Riddhima was there coming towards him having worried face...Riddhima rushed to him...

"Samrat tumhe kya hua haii ha??? Armaan itna tumhe
le kar pareshan tha... yaha india me ek doctor ko
nahi dikha sakte the kya?? kuch jyada hi tabiyat
bigad jaati to... or to aur zidd le kar beith gaye
ki muje london se hi tume check karne aana
padega... ye kya haii Samrat...??agar tumhe jyada
kuch ho jaata to???"
Riddhima came n started to scold Samrat n Armaan

just staring at Riddhima

"Riddhima Samrat ko kyu daant rahi ho ?? tum use
pehle check karo..."armaan said in serious tone..

"tumhe kaha dard ho raha tha??/"
Riddhima asked without any argument...

"wo stomuch me.."

"kya khaya tha...??"

"wo bas indian food...meine pehle hi kaha tha ki
I Hate ind..."bt stoped as soon as he remembered

the girl who met him in garden n they shared a kiss
n he fell in love wid her at first sight...

"yah yahh i knw u hate india food .. u hate
india... n also hate indian...ryt??"
Riddhima asked...

"naii ...aisa,,to nahi haii... i mean i hate india
food.. i hate india ... par meine sayad... kabhi

aisa nahi kaha ki i .. i mean .. i hate india..
i love india... i mean aisa nahi haii ki i dont

like them.. bt..." Samrat tried to explain...
n Armaan n Riddhima were surprise seeing him like
this n also socked he likes india??? frm which
moment??? are they dreaming??? may be he was in sock...

"Riddhima ise fir se check karo.. iski sach me
tabiyat kharab ho gayi haii... he likes india dat
means sach me kuch gadbad haii..."
Armaan said in sertious tone n Samrat n Riddhima

was just staring at him...

Samrat screamed...

"oh relax bro...u r nt well..riddhima iski

"wo mein servent se kehkar mangva lungii... par
ise kuch ulta sidha nahi khaana haii...n medicine
time par leni haii..."

Riddhima instructed...n Armaan nodded...

"bhai aapne Riddhima ko humara ye wala ghar
dikhaya...???"Samrat asked naughtily...
bt Armaan glared.. so he acted like his stomuch was

aching...Armaan rushed to him...

"Sam tu thik haii na???? " Armaan held his hand n made him layed on his bed... Samrat was loooking at his brother...n felt guilty for wat he was doing coz he knw his Armaan bhai colud do anything for him...he knew he was hurting his bhai knowingly bt he wanted to give him his love thats y he had to
act like this...Samrat held Armaan's hand n said..

"bhai mein thik hu muje jyada dard nahi ho raha haiii..."

"Sam tu rest kar bass..."n Armaan started to
carress his hair...

"Sry bhai... mein aapko hurt kar raha hu aap se
juth bol kar.. par bhai ye sab me aap ke liye hi
kar raha hu...Riddhima ko bulane ke liye muje ye
karna pada... ab koi fikar nahi haii ek baar jo
yaha aa gayi haii..."Samrat thought while closing
his eyes... n felt too good as Armaan was carresing his hair like his mother...

at dinner time... light food was made by Riddhima
for Samrat coz Armaan  strictly instructed...
then Samrat had to eat this food.. n then slept
thinking abt his love his dream girl... n
cherishing the memory which he spent with the
strange girl... n was also think when will he find her...
n on other side Gunjan made dinner silently...n at the time of dinner she excused dat she was nt hungry n again n again remember that stranger in whome she has spent time...n spelt thinking abt him..



Armaan came frm jogging...n direct went to Samrat's
room...n saw Samrat was nt on bed... he looked
here n there... n then saw he came out of washroom
wearing his casual jeans n blue T shirt n with a
killer smile... n stood in front of mirror...
n coming his hair... Armaan came behind him...
Samrat noticed him...

"hey bhai good morning.." Samrat turned n hugged
him n wished him...

"goog morning Sam... ab tu kaisa haii??? tune kal
raat medicine li thi na??? ab tu pain nahi ho raha
haii na???"Armaan said while hugging his posisivly...

"Bhai relax ab me thik hu... haa meine kal medicine
le li thi...or ab pain nahi ho raha haii thnks to
Riddhima ... is liye to use yaha bulaya haiii..."
Samrat said while broking the hug...

"hmm great par tu itni subah ready kyu hua haii???"
Armaan asked in perplexed tone...

"wo bhai socha ki india aa gaya hu to meri studies
ka kya???? to socha ki kyu na yaha college join
karlu.. maana ki US jaisa college or hot chick yaha
nahi hogi bt u knw na padhaai..."
Said in Samrat's style...

"muje acche se pata haii.. kaisi padhai n kyu
padhai... or ye bata tuje kon se college me
addmision chahiye...?????"

"goog morning guysss" Riddhima came n wished them...

"Good morning.."both wished her..

"so kya planning chal rahi haii?? college jaane
ki???" Riddhima asked with a cute smile...

"haa Riddhima wo Samrat ab India me haii to uski
studies ke baareme bhi sochna padega na..."
armaan said with concern..

"wo to haiii Armaan Sam ko apni padhai puri to
karni hi padegi... warna apni biwi ko kamaa kar
kya khilayega kyu Sam???"Riddhima said teasingly...

"wo to haiii bha--bhi... agar padhai nahi puri nahi
karunga to naukri kaise milegi n no naukri to no
chhokri..." Samrat said cutely...n got smack frm Riddhima...

"ohkkk guys ye bandh karo or Sam tu ye bata ki tuje
kon se college me addmision chahiye...???"

"well maine suna haii ki Mumbai ki best college
Excel College haii... bt i dont think Sam ko waha
addmision milega..."Riddhima informed them...

"kyu muje waha addmision kyu nahi mil sakta...
handsome hu cool hu... rich hu... intelligent hu
smart hu... itna pyaara hu,, sab ka dulaara hu..."
Samrat said with a style...

"Shut up Sam.. Riddhima Sam jis college me chahega
us College me Sam ko addmision milega..."
Armaan declared...

"bt Armaan its impossible... mine suna haii wo log
merit par students ko lete haaii n college bhi
start ho chuke haii n full bhi ho chuka hoga.. coz
its the best..." Riddhima argued...

"jo bhi ho muje ussi College me addmision
chahiye... bhai aap..."Samrat said cutely n
looked at Samrat with puppy eyes...

"ohkkk tu usi college me padhega.. i promise...
mein ready ho kar aata hu... fir chalte haiii...
Riddhima ye college kahaii..."Armaan said n then

they discused a lot... then Armaan went to get
ready as they would go to College for addmision...
on other hand... Gunjan wake up early in the
morningg... n took a deep breath... n then get
ready foe college.. she was gettig\ng ready in
front of mirron n again saw she was kissing by
Samrat in Garden in mirror... she turned.. n tears
droped frm her eyes...n wished her parents morning
n silently made breakfast for her parents... n made
tiffin for her bauji... n made her mom eat
medicine... n gave her break fast.. n then gave her
bauji break fast n tiffin.. n she herself left for
college without having her breakfast...
She reached to colege... n walking in corridor.
while lost in her own world...n she came out of her
thoughts while she heard 'sry'.. n felt sum1
walking beside her.. she turned her head n saw
Mayank was walking beside her...

"m really very Sry Gunjan .. wo mein kal bas mein
padh raha tha to time ka pata hi nahi chala .. or
jab pata chala or ready ho kar bahar nikal ne hi
wala tha to baaris shuru ho fir me aa
nahi paaya or mein tumhaare ghar par phoe bhi to
nahi kar sakta tha ... tumhaare bauji hote haii
to..." Mayank tried to explain his situation..n
gave his reason for nt coming...

"its ok Mayank.."Gunjan said only few words n  left

"lagta haii naraz ho gayi... ab manana padega..."
Mayank said to himself n he went to library behind

Gunjan...n saw Gunjan was sitting with a book...
he thought she was reading bt actually she was only
looking at her book.. actually she was thinking...

"kaash ki Mayank tum waha par aa jate to wo nahi
hota je kal hua haii... wo haseen pall mein
tumhaare sath beetana chahti thi par tum nahi aaye
Mayank..." n felt Mayank presence beside her chair...
then both got busy in reading... after sumtimes
both heard bell rang... every 1 left for their
classes... n gunjan was abt to go... Mayank held
her hand...n slitly kissed her cheek...

"sry.. ab to maaf kardo.. nxt time pakka promise
time par tum jaha bologi wahi aa jaunga... or ab
to meine tume ek sweet sa kiss bhi diya... ab to
maan jaao.. "Mayank asked his forgivenes..
n GUnjan just smiled n nodded...

"ye huyi na baat... well congrats me..."
Mayank said ..

"kyu??"Gunjan asked with confused tone...

"kyunki m the first one who kissed u.. warna tum
kabhi kisi ladke ke aas paas bhi nahi jaati..."
Mayank laughed bt Gunjan's smiled vanished hearing
he was the first to kiss her...

"u r nt the one Mayank..."Gunjan thought n closed
her eyes n opened n again smiled...

Mayank n Gunjan left the library...

After 2 hours...
Armaan n Samrat entered the college...
n Armaan went in principle's Office.. while Samrat
said he didnt want to meet principle.. he wanted to
see the he was roaming here n
there...n saw the girl wearing salwar suit coming
out of loo... n walking in corridor... Samrat
recognised her... its the same girl whom he kissed
last day...his happiness knew no bounds... he was
feeling out of the world seeing the girl...
"Chashmish"he mummered...n saw her walking..she was
going far away frm her... he ran behind her...
held hand... n pulled her in a class... luckily
class was empty...Gunjan was scared.. as she felt
she was pulling by sum1... Samrat pulled her..
n saw class was empty so he closed the door...
Gunjan turned n saw he was the same person with
whom she shared the kiss last day in garden...
she was hell socked... her eyes were widen
in sock... n saw him smiling...n coming towardsw
her.. she was froze at her place... he was here???

"Chashmish tum yaha??? you knw kal ke baad muje
tumse jald se jald milna tha... m damn happy seeing
u here...btw tumhaara name kya haii Chashmish???"
Samrat said in one breath.. as he couldnt belive
his eyes dat he was actually with that girl...

"opss sry tumse milke itni khushi huyi ki sab bhul
gaya.. hii.. m Samrat.. Samrat Shergill..."
Samrat forwarded his hand happily...n saw her
statue... n tears started to fell frm her eyes...
Samrat was hell socked why she was crying...
last day he hadnt saw her tears coz of heavy rain..

"hey sweet heart y r u crying girl Samrat ko dekh
kar hasti haii tum ro kyu rahi ho????"
Samrat said n took her in his Gunjan
kept crying...n then she came to the world n FEAR
was visible in her eyes...she slidly pushed him
to broke frm him...n ran frm there...



shilpa's Entry...

Hope you like the part.. if you like it dont res do comment..
n silent readers hit the like button... m waiting 4 ur comments..
ur comments are precious for me.. so plzzz do comment...


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..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:09am | IP Logged
RES !!
*Edited *
Amazing Update Radhi Di !! Hug
Wow Sammy is in love Embarrassed love at first sight !!
Poor Gunjan she was crying whole day !! Felt bad for her !! Ouch
wow Sam is in excel college now , lets see what happens next !!
Continue Soon Heart
love <33

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CrazyMS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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