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monaHug...awesome update...i love a jealous and possesive maan...i want him to try and cover her up..and get frustrated that she won't let him without causing a scene...LOL

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Previous reply to everyone's comments on page 3.
Note: A kind reminder. If you want a pm please press the like button on the 1st page where I have reserved a post only for pm's. Thanks!
@shaz. Am I killing you softly? Aww poor you...not! Evil Smile Well I had to stop just when it's about to get interesting. How else am I going to create the suspense? I want everyone to back and continue to read my OS. LOL 
@anky_1205. Hopefully I can keep your interest with the coming updates.
@jas. O meri sherni! Geet is definitely getting successful in her mission. LOL But what will be Maan's reaction? Hm...keep reading darling.
@mehr. Yes I had to stop right there. It's a tactic to do so.Evil Smile What's the point in giving it all out at once? Big smile
@tanya94. If it's getting interesting then I have done my job right.
@hopehot. I'm really happy that you find it awsome.
@macho_muffin.  Who doesn't love a jealous Maan? We all want to see him like that. Makes our blood pump. Blushing
Yes it really is my second OS but it seems like I've been writing all my life which to be honest I haven't. I just find out a couple of months ago that I can write.
@maaneetfanatic. I'm happy that you loved my OS.
@am_sweet_pari. Aww...a purple flower. Do you know how much I love colour purple? That's why I put it in my OS.
@rosh. Darling, I can not believe I didn't send you a pm. I's so sorry!!!!!!
*goes and stands in the corner in utter shame* But I promise I won't forget it next time or you will come back and hunt me with a big danda.
@sonali_N. Your welcome! Hopefully I keep your interest.
@khwaishfan. Your welcome! I'm glad you found it awsome.
@aditiwalia56. Yup, poor Maan! LOL But it's fun to see him like this, na?
@maansee. I'm happy that you found the update wonderful.
@t_areeb. Just hope her plan will be successful. Actually I know if it will be or not but I'n not telling anyone.Evil Smile
@fourleafclover. You used the word 'fantastic' for my OS and by that you made me feel fantastic.
You are right Maan to phas gaya. Ab woh kia kare ga?
@sweet scorpio. I'm happy you loved it.
@hindu4lyf. You have no idea how fun it is. The possibilities are immense but couldn't put down everything in my OS. And yes, she did look gorgeous in the outfit.
@mansi. You like my writing skills? Now I'm blushing. Embarrassed
For Maan's reaction you have to wait and see.
@shalini. I had to stop there because I'm evil. Evil SmileLOL No it's called suspense darling suspense.
@change12. If you have pressed the like button on first page then you are added.
@mirnalini. Love your enthusiastic comment! It put a big smile on my face. Big smile
Maan will have a reaction but it may not be as you wanted.
For pm read the first page.
@amreenshameem. Glad you found it awsome.
@sargeant. Shocked Can you read my mind?! How did you...? Ooops, I should stop there or I will give away the entire story line.
@Everyone. Thank you so so so much for the lovely and awsome comments.Heart I've been grinning like an idiot since reading them all. Hug

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@shah10. Thanks!
@zaara. Wow what a long comment on page 1! And so many compliments which are now making me blush furiously. Embarrassed But thank you so much for saying all that. It gives my almost nonexisting confidence a big boost. 
The translation was to make most people enjoy an OS. It was a bit difficult to write dialouges in two different languages but I don't like when some people feel left out and that's why I did it. Thanks for appreciating my efforts! Hug

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Maan didn't know what to do. Impulsively he wanted to cover up Geet with something...his jacket, table cloth or anything he could get his hands on. Then he wanted to knock down every man who even dared to lay an eye on his wife...but with so many important people and clients around him he couldn't do much. All he could do was to stand there and give the famous Maan Singh Khurana glare to anyone who passed them. Geet on the other hand was having a gala time talking and socializing. She kept an eye on Maan between the conversations...and having fun watching him fighting with his emotions. She almost felt sorry for him. 'Poor Maan, will you be able to survive tonight? Well...suit yourself. After all it was you who called me a kid. I'll show you how much of a kid I am' she thought. Gracefully and with a carefree attitude she continued to enjoy the party until it was time for food. The buffet had everything and more both Indian and continental to satisfy all the taste buds. Geet nearly dragged a very grumpy and angry Maan to the tables where all the lovely food was laid out. The delicious smell was teasing Geet's senses. She grabbed a plate and started to fill it in a hurry forgetting everything around her...including Maan. Geet was about to eat when she saw Maan standing empty handed.


G: 'Maan, aap ko bhook nahi lagi? Kya main aap ke lie kuch laon? (Maan, aren't you hungry? Should I bring something for you?) she asked him.

M: ... (glaring at her and not answering)

G: 'Acha theek na khayen lekin mujhe to bahut bhook lagi hain.'(Ok, you don't need to eat but I will because I'm really hungry) she said eyeing the food hungrily.


She picked up her spoon and began to eat...and Maan couldn't take his eyes off her. They way she was putting the food in her mouth and the way her tongue was swirling around the spoon were really beginning to cause him problems...mostly in the southern regions. Thanking God for the loose trousers he pulled his jacket closer to him trying to hide himself if a certain problem would arise too much. Geet noticed Maan's behaviour and got an idea. She had earlier spotted some very delicious looking chocolate cake which she was dying to more than ever. With a devilish smile she brought the cake and began to eat it making small noises only loud enough for Maan to hear. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the cake to the fullest...making sure that she was licking the spoon extra carefully with her pink tongue after every mouthful. Maan's eyes were glued to her mouth. They way she was eating made him think off...he stopped his thoughts from going any further or else he would end up being in a BIG trouble. After finishing the cake Geet sensually licked her lips causing Maan to almost cross his legs.


G: 'Maan aap theek to hain na?' (Maan are you alright?) she asked barely being able to stifle her laughter.

M: (hoarsely) 'Hanh!' (Yes!) he said. Clearing his throat he continued. 'Main bilkul theek hon' (I'm absolutely fine).

G: 'Kya aap ko sach mein bilkul bhook nahi?' (Are you sure you are not hungry?) she asked trying to sound very concerned.

M: 'Geeet, maine kaha hai na ke mujhe bhook nahi!' (Geeet, didn't I tell you that I'm not hungry!) he said a bit angrily. 

G: 'Theek hai Maan, lekin aap itna ghussa kyon kar rahein hai? (Ok, but why are you getting so angry for?) she said while trying to keep a straight face.

M: (mumbling) 'Kyonke mujhe tumhari bhook lagne lag gayi hain' (Because I'm starting to get hungry for you Geet).

G: 'Aap ne kuch kaha?' (Did you say something?) she said trying to understand what Maan was mumbling about.

M: 'Nahi, maine kuch nahi kaha' (No, I didn't say anything) he said fumbling with the words a little.

G: 'Chall chaddo, mujhe toh ab bahut pyaas lag rahi hai. Mein kuch peene ke lie laati hon.' (Ok leave it; anyway I'm really getting thirsty now. I'm just going to get something to drink) she said and walked away.

M: (thinking yearningly) 'And I'm thirsty for you Geet'.


Geet went to get something to drink and as she turned around a man bumped into her spilling water all over her bare back. Geet let out a small gasp. Quickly the man grabbed some napkins to wipe off the water. He was apologising profoundly but Geet reassured him kindly. The man offered his help and Geet was about to decline his offer when she saw an opportunity to make Maan really jealous. So she accepted his offer. When Maan saw what was about to happen he almost ran to Geet, took the napkins from the unfortunate man and shushed off him with his laser eyes. He then turned his attention to Geet and went in trance. The tiny little water droplets shone like diamonds on her bare back. One drop was slowly gliding from her neck and down. Another one from the middle of her back down too...he groaned thinking were the water was heading.


Taking the napkins in his hands he slowly wiped away every drop of the water. Maan badly wished that they were alone in a room where he could have the freedom to do whatever he wanted with his wife. Instead of napkins he would use his mouth to wipe off all the water from Geet. He would run his mouth around her neck...down her back...down to the luscious little bottom of hers and then up again. He shifted uncomfortably on his feet. Geet could feel Maan's touch on her bare skin. It always amazed her how a strong man like him could be so gentle. His touch was always magical and for a moment she forgot all about her mission and got lost in the sensation...when Maan suddenly stopped. Her head snapped back and she turned around to face Maan.


G: 'Kya hua Maan?' (What happened Maan?) she asked him still a bit dazed.

M: 'Woh...err...saaf kar diya maine' (Well...err...I have wiped it all off) he said also a bit dazed.

G: 'Oh' she said disappointingly. Then she remembered what her mission was.  She needed to get hold of herself so she said: 'Mujhe na baki ki saree washroom jaa kar khushk karleni chahye' (I should go and dry rest of the saree in the washroom) and then she walked away.


Maan stared at her from behind...on that back of hers...on the way her hips were swaying...and it was beginning to create havoc inside of him. He gripped the napkins tighter and took a deeper breath. 'Geet you will be the death of me tonight' he thought.


Geet couldn't believe her luck. That man spilling water on her was the best thing that could have happened. Knowing Maan's possessive nature she knew he would never have let another man touch her and that's why she had allowed the poor man to help her. She smiled all the way to the washroom where she broke out into a 'balle balle' dance. She quickly composed herself before anyone could see her unusual behaviour. She finished her task of drying her saree with the hand dryers and opened the door. She carefully peeked out of washroom thinking maybe Maan was lurking around...but no one seemed to be there. She took a step outside...when someone grabbed her arm, dragged her to a secluded place and yanked her against the wall. One hand was securely holding both of Geet's arms behind her back and the other hand was covering her mouth.


Maan bore his eyes intensely into Geet's...and pressed himself firmly against her soft body. Geet could feel the cold wall on one side and a hot boiling Maan on the other. 'If I don't do something soon I might lose control' she thought. Being sandwiched between hot and cold was doing some lovely things inside of her. She tried to wriggle out of his grip but the more she did the tighter his hold on her got. 'Babaji, help me please!' she thought. Only moments later she heard some voices coming their way. Maan still didn't let go of her hoping that whoever those people were would go away...but apparently no such luck for him. The voices were fast approaching them and he didn't have any choice other than to let go of her. Geet, giggling and thanking Babaji, almost ran from there leaving Maan alone with his frustration.


M: (looking down on himself) 'Bachu, abhi thoda aur intezaar karna padega' (You just have to wait a little longer little man) he said with a heavy sigh.


He went to look for his wife who now had joined Adi, Pinky, Romeo and Maneesha. They were happily chatting away. Some soft music was playing in the background and a few couples were dancing slowly slowly. Geet looked at the couples and got an idea.


G: 'Adi, kya aap mere saath dance karenge?' (Adi will you dance with me) she asked with her softest voice.

Adi: (laughing nervously) 'Hanh, lekin Maan sir?' (Yes, but Maan sir?) he said in a worried tone.

G: 'Maan ko chodiye. Unko mein sambhaal lon gi' (Don't worry about Maan. I will take care of him) she said trying to get Adi to dance with her.

Pinky: 'Adiii...Geet ke saath dance karle please' (Adiii...please dance with Geet) she said in her sweetest voice while batting with her eyelashes.

Adi: (taken by Pinky's appearances) 'OK' he said staring dreamingly at Pinky.


Maan saw Adi and Geet leave for the dance floor and he was really REALLY unhappy about it. The thought of someone else holding his Geet, being close to her, touching her was unbearable...even if it was Adi. He saw them take the position and how Adi was about to put his hand on Geet's back. 'That's it!!! No one touches Geet's sexy back unless it's Maan Singh Khurana' he thought. He almost jumped on Adi, gave him a dangerous look and brought Geet close to himself with a hard yank putting his hands possessively on Geet's back. Adi with terror in his eyes backed down to run and hide behind Pinky.


G: 'Maan, yeh aap kya kar rahein hain?' (Maan, what are you doing?) she said pretending to be cross with Maan.

M: 'Mein kya kar raha hon?! TUM kya kar rahi ho?!' (What am I doing?! What are YOU doing?!) he said furiously.

G: 'Mein to sirf dance karne lage thi...aur woh bhi Adi ke saath. Aap ko isse koi problem hain?' (I was about to dance...and that to with Adi. Do you have any problem with it?) she said trying not to laugh out loud.

M: 'Hanh, aaj mujhe problem hain' (Yes today I have a problem with it) he said through gritted teeth.

G: 'Lekin mujhe nahi. Main uske saath dance karna chahti hon' (Well I don't have any. So I want to dance with him) she said trying to sound unhappy.

M: 'Bilkul nahi!' (Absolutely not!) he said with a force.

G: 'Magar kyoun nahi?' (But why not?) she said pretending to pout...but on the inside she was laughing.

M: 'Bas meri marzi!' (Because I say so!) he said firmly.

G: 'Aap ki marzi?! (Because YOU say so?!) she said trying to sound like she was offended.

M: 'Hanh!'(Yes!) he said standing straighter.

G: 'Lekin yahan aap ki marzi nahi chalne wali...' (Well, I'm not letting you do as you please...) She had barely finished her sentence when Maan forcefully picked her up in his arms. 'Maan yeh aap kya kar rahein?!' (Maan, what are you doing?!) she said with her eyes wide open.

M: 'Mein apni marzi kar raha hon' (I'm doing as I please) he said looking intensely at Geet.

G: 'Lekin sub humein dekh rahein hai' (But everyone is looking at us) she said slightly worried and a bit embarrassed. She hadn't expected Maan to pick her up in his arms in front of everyone. This was not what she wanted to happen.

M: 'Unko dekh ne do. Mujhe koi parva nahi. Waise woh meri majboori nahi jaante' (Let them look. I don't care. Beside they don't understand my helplessness) he said holding Geet tighter.


'Helplessness?!' Geet thought confusingly and then it hit her.  'Oh...' she finally understood what his "helplessness" was about. 'So he has become that desperate? Great going Geet' she thought smugly. Now THAT was exactly what she wanted to happen.


Maneesha and Romeo were looking at Maan and Geet from the other side of the room.

Maneesha: 'Kitne hot lag rahein hain na' (They are looking so hot) he said staring dreamingly at Maan.

Romeo: 'Hanh...bahut ziaeda' (Yes...very) he said staring dreamingly at Geet.

Maneesha: 'Mere Maan hamesha hot lagte hain. Mere hot hot boss! (My Maan always looks hot. My hot hot boss!) he said possessively.

Romeo: 'Meri Gee...' (My Gee...) He stopped in the middle of the sentece. 'Tumhare Maan?! Woh tumhari nahi hai...woh sirf Geet ke hain' (Your Maan?! He isn't yours...he's only Geet's) he said slightly annoyed.

Maneesha: 'Woh sirf mere hain. Mere hot hot boss' (He is only mine. My hot hot boss) he said and then stuck out his tongue.

Romeo: 'Lekin unki kabhki shaadi ho chuki hai. Ab toh...' (But he is married since long time ago. Please let...) he didn't finish as his eyes suddenly fell on a gorgeous looking girl standing only a feet away. He smiled and went over to her leaving Maneesha all alone...who wasn't happy about it. Feeling lonely Maneesha went to find the next victim to drool over.


Adi and Pinky were standing a bit further in the hall. Adi is still hiding behind Pinky.

Pinky: 'Adi ab aap samne aa jayein. Maan chale gayein hain aur woh bhi Geet ko apni bahon me le kar. Haye kitna romantic!' (Adi you can come out now. Maan has left and that too with carrying Geet in his arms. How romantic!) she sighed dreamingly.

Adi: (coming forward while fixing his glasses with his index finger) 'Shukar hai keh khatra tall gaya' (Thank God the danger has passed) he sighed with relief.

Pinky: 'Adiii...'

Adi: 'Jee...?' (Yes...?)

Pinky: 'Kya aap mere saath dance karein ge?' (Would you like to dance with me?) she asked him sweetly.

Adi: '' ( he stammered and laughed nervously.

Pinky nodded and hooked her arm around his and led him to the dance floor. Adi was grinning from ear to ear. They took their position holding each other closely and started to dance. They continued until long after midnight.


Maan still carrying Geet in his arms reached the limo. He put her down, opened the door and then shoved her in the car with a little push on her tush. In the limo Maan eyed her hungrily. He made a movement to get close to her...but Geet wouldn't hear of such thing. She crossed her arms and looked the other way around. 'I'm not letting you do anything with me Maan. I'm not done with you yet. I need to get your condition a bit more critical than this' she thought smugly. Maan was really getting desperate now. 'Geet, don't do this to me. I'm about to burst here' he thought. All he wanted to do was to grab Geet, pin her down in the car seat and ravish her. But there's no fun when it's one sided and Geet didn't seem to be in the mood. So he sat back with a heavy sigh and started to drum with his fingers. Geet carefully looked at Maan through her eyelashes... and did a happy dance in her head seeing Maan's condition. Usually Maan could see right through her acting but he was after all in a very difficult state of mind and in a very "uncomfortable" situation...maybe that kept him from thinking straight. Or maybe she really had become good in fooling Maan. Whatever it was she was happy how things were shaping up. Today nothing should come between her and her mission to drive Maan insane.


Both of them sat at each end of the limo seat...Maan highly frustrated and Geet extremely happy. The ride seems to take ages for both of them...but for complete different reasons. He couldn't wait to get home and she couldn't wait for the next step on her plan. Finally they arrived and both went out of the limo, Maan with heavy steps and Geet almost bouncing. They stepped into the jet, sat comfortably down, put their seatbelts on and within minutes the jet was flying high in the sky. This time Geet didn't let Maan hold her hand even if she was nervous. She still needed to pretend that she was very cross with him. Maan thought of ways to pacify Geet. Finally he uttered:


M: 'Geet, ab ghussa chodh do' (Geet, please let go of your anger) he said almost begging her.

G: 'Kyon mein apna ghussa chodhon? Pehle aap mujhe party mein rehne nahi dena chah rahe the, phir aap khana nahi khana chah rahe the, phir aap woh us bechare admi se maddat nahi karvana chah rahe the, phir Adi ke saath mujhe dance nahi karne diya, phir aap mujhe party mein se utha kar le gaye aur mein kisi ko sahi tareekhe se bye bhi nahi bool saki. (Why should I let go of my anger? First you didn't want me to stay at the party, then you didn't want to eat any food, then you didn't let the poor man help me, then you didn't let me dance with Adi, then you pulled me out of the party without letting me say proper bye to anyone) she said pretending to be really mad.

M: 'Lekin...' (But...) he said while trying to think of a way to tell her the reason for his desperate  behaviour.

G: 'Lekin wekin koi nahi maine sunn na...' (No buts, I won't listen to it...) she said turning  a deaf ear to him.


After a few moments of silence Geet uttered:

G: 'Waise eek tareekha hai mere ghussa kum karne ka' (On the other hand there is a way to make me less angry) she said a bit nonchalant.

M: 'Kaunsa?'' (Which way?) he asked hopefully.

G: Uss ke lie aapko jo kaha jayega aapko woh karna padhe ga...warna mein naraz rahon gi aur aapko eek hafte takk guestroom mein sona padega' (For that you have to do exactly as you are being told...or else I'm not letting go of my anger and you have to sleep in the guestroom for one whole week) she said cunningly.

M: Yeh bhi koi baat hoti hai? Yah toh mein voh kaaro jo mujhe kaha jaeyga yah mein eek hafta tak guestroom mein saon?' (What's that about? Either I have to do as I'm being told or I have to sleep in the guestroom for a whole week?) he said thinking how both options were sounding horrible.

G: Hanh, bilkul. Ab faisla aap ke haathon mein hain' (Yes, you got that right. The decision is in your hands now) she said shrugging her shoulders.
To be continued...

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Yipppiiieee! I'm first!Dancing
Mona...that was awesome! Had lots of sizzling romantic suspenseDay DreamingBlushing
I liked the 'certain problem arising' part!LOL
Geet enticing him was sooo...Day DreamingDay Dreaming 
I like her to be dominating for onceClap
This is getting hotter and hotter as it goes!Embarrassed
And Mona...I have to have a way with words, and you have improved so very much from your first OSHug...Keep on writing and you'll give all the great writers a run for their money!Clap

Now I'm waiting with bated breath for the next partDay Dreaming...u better update soonConfused

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That was fantabulous n superb. Poor Maan..cannot control lol. Geet making him more restless. Thanks 4 da pm n lovely comments. U r a wonderful writer! Do update soon. Smile

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simly waaaooo...i just love a jealous maanWink...i could imagine maan and geet in every bit of it .please  update soon.thanxs for pm.

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