Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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They approached the jet together and of course as the gentleman he was he let Geet step in first and then stepped in himself. Inside on the right side there was a sofa with a couple of cushions and a blanket. On the left there were two seats facing each other with a small table between them. The entire interior was mostly in white with splashes of black and brown. They went to sit on the seats and made themselves comfortable. After a few minutes the pilot announced their departure and both of them fastened their seatbelts. The engine started to hum and soon the jet was on the move. This was the part that still made Geet a bit nervous...the take off. She closed her eyes and said a silent prayer to Babaji. Opening her eyes she saw Maan looking at her worriedly.


G: 'Maan main theek hon. Bas mera haath pakedle phir mujhe kuch nahi hoga.' (Maan I'm ok. Please just hold my hands and I'll be alright)


Maan held both of her hands until they were high up in the air and could unfasten their seatbelts. Geet relaxed and got up from the seats to move around in the jet. Once the scary part was over she easily got restless and needed to keep herself busy. Usually Maan would try to keep her entertained, doing small talks, watch a DVD with her and hold her. But this time nothing of that was working.


M: 'Geet aaj tumhe ho kya raha hain???!' (Geet what's going on with you today???!) he asked with a frown on his face.

G: 'Kuch nahi to...' (Umm nothing...) she stammered.


Geet realised if she didn't start behaving normally Maan would start suspecting even more that something is up and she couldn't afford that as so much was on stake. Geet knew Maan could read her like an open book but she still tried to divert his attention by sitting next to him on the sofa, talk to him about this and that and try to be her normal self. Geet only hoped her efforts were good enough...though Maan wasn't easily fooled by her sudden change in behaviour...however he let it go. He was enjoying her closeness and her non-stop chatting. Geet breathed a sigh of relief thanking Babaji for making Maan not to question her any further. Now she could move forward with her plans...and just thinking about it made her jump of joy on the inside.


The time flew by and it was time for landing. They went back to their seats and waited. Smoothly the jet touched the ground, moved a few metres and then stopped completely. Both Maan and Geet stood up to leave the jet. Outside a limousine was waiting for them to take them to the party. It had got both chillier and darker than before so when they settled down in the limousine Geet huddled close to Maan. Maan put his arms around her, gave her a smile and with a glint in his eyes he brought them closer. He was about to kiss her when:


G: 'Nahi Maan! Mera sari lipstick kharaab ho jaigi' (Don't Maan! My lipstick will get all messed up) she said in a worried tone.

M: 'Toh phir se laga lena' (But you can re-apply it can't you?) he said moving even closer to her.

G: (putting a hand on his mouth) 'Maine apni lipstick saath nahi rakkhi' (I didn't bring my lipstick with me) she lied.

M: 'Acha?!' (Really?!) he said with a smirk on his lips and raised eyebrows.

G: 'Hanh!' (Yes!) she said trying to sound convincing.

M: 'Phir mujhe apna purse dekahao' (Then show me your purse) he said in a teasing tone.


He tried to take the purse away from her...Geet just took a harder grip and moved away from him. He followed her...and soon they were in a pulling contest over the purse. While both were trying to get hold of the purse it suddenly slipped from their hands and fell did all the contents of it. Geet let out a gasp and tried quickly to hide all the items that fell out but Maan was quicker. He bent down and picked up the one thing that interested him...the lipstick. Grinning he waved it in front of her. Geet angrily snatched the lipstick from Maan. Then she picked up all the items from the floor and very slowly she put them back in her purse again while thinking very hard how to get out of this sticky situation. She knew as soon as she was done Maan wouldn't spare her. All of a sudden the limo stopped making them both look at each other puzzlingly. A moment later the door opened. Geet couldn't believe her luck. She thanked Babaji and prepared to get out when Maan pulled her back in.


M: 'Itni jaldi mein tumhe nahi chodne wala' (I'm not letting you off the hook that easily) he said and moved forward, gave Geet a quick kiss on the lips and almost jumped out of the limo gleefully.


Geet fumed. 'Ok, you win this time...but Maan just wait and see what I have in store for you' Geet thought with revenge on her mind. She stepped out of the limo where Maan was standing; offering his hand...but she ignored it with a humph and went past by him. Geet quickly moved, almost ran, to the man with the guest list. Maan wasn't far behind so she waited for him with her arms crossed. He came; she said their names and left again with Maan running after her. He caught up with her at the coat-check in. Pulling her gently close to him:


M: 'Geet...ab toh narazgi chod do' (Please let go of your anger now Geet) he said with a calm voice.

G:...(still refusing to listen to Maan)

M: 'Geet ab mein...' (Geet now I...) but he couldn't finish the line as the man who attended the coats came back.

The man: 'Sir-Madam aap ke paas koi coat hain jo aap check in karvana chahte hain?' (Do you have any coats to check in sir-madam?) He asked politely and nodded at both of them respectfully.


When the man asked that question Geet's face suddenly lit up. She had momentarily forgotten about the mission...and now she remembered it again. 'It's showtime!' she thought.

G: 'Jee, mere paas eek shawl hain. Kya mein voh yahan rakhva sakti hon?' (Yes, I have a shawl. Is it possible for me to leave it here?) she asked happily.


Maan was confused about Geet's sudden change in mood. 'Something is up' he thought. Geet took off her shawl revealing a beautiful white saree with purple border. 'I have seen this saree before. But where?' Maan thought annoyingly. Geet was careful not to turn her back to Maan...yet. Or else her entire plan would be ruined. She couldn't let Maan recognise the outfit or else he wouldn't let her in the party. She gave the man her shawl and hooked one of her arm around Maan's. Both moved forward when they heard a loud noise from behind. Maan turned around quickly and Geet more carefully. The man who had taken care of Geet's shawl was staring at them or more precisely at Geet's back with his eyes almost popping out. Maan looked at him angrily and the man nervously looked away and began to pick up something from the floor...the same thing that had fallen earlier. 'That's strange...' Maan thought confusingly. Geet smiled at the coat attendant's reaction and was thoroughly enjoying her dear husband's confusion. 'This is only the beginning Maan' she thought and smiled mischievously.  


Maan and Geet entered the huge hall that was exquisitely decorated with hints of purple. There had been a huge hype around this hotel for some time and that too for all the right reasons. Seeing the result Geet felt proud that the Khurana Constructions had been a part of creating something so beautiful.


Pinky, Adi, Maneesha and Romeo approached them. They also had been invited and the men were all dressed up nicely in a tux...even Maneesha. But not without holding a purple flower in his hands which he kept smelling every now and then with a huge grin on his face. Both Adi and Romeo had a purple bow tie and Pinky was in a lilac Anarkali looking very sweet.


G: 'Pinky!' Tum kitni achi lag rahi ho. (Pinky! You are looking so pretty) she said and hugged her.

P: 'Geet tum bhi bohut achi lag rahi ho. Please mujhe twirl kar ke dekhao ke tumhari saree kaisi lag rahi hain'. (Geet you are looking pretty too. Please do a twirl so I can take a look at your saree) she said very enthusiastically.


'This is it' Geet thought. She did a little twirl and revealed her outfit to full extend. It was then Maan saw Geet's saree properly. His mouth gaped, his eyes widened and the bells in his head went 'ding, ding, ding!' when the penny dropped. He finally understood which saree she was wearing. It was the same one she wore for the dance rehearsal before their wedding. She hadn't worn it since or he would have remembered it...clearly!!! Apart from a small strap her entire back was visible for everyone to see. He gulped...HARD! It took a moment for him to gather his thoughts and then the pieces started to fall in place. Geet's moods swings, her nervous behaviour, her wearing a huge shawl, the coat attendant's reaction and let's not forget her hairstyle. She usually let her hair down on occasions like these but today she had it in a bun. 'So that's what she has been up to. I knew there was something but couldn't put my finger on it' he thought. It didn't take him long to become angry and to start shooting daggers at Geet.


Geet could feel Maan's stare burning her back. The sensation was absolutely wonderful...and it made her shiver deliciously. 'Let's see what Maan will do now' she thought gleefully. She turned around to face Maan while making the cutest puppy eyes and the most innocent looking facial expression she could ever think of.  When their eyes met it was like two clouds, one negatively charged and one positive, rubbing together creating lightning. Adi, Maneesha, Romeo and Pinky could feel the tension between Maan and Geet. Automatically they backed down nervously and silently walked away almost tiptoeing to the other side of the hall.


Maan was about to grab Geet and haul her out of the party when the hotel manager and his wife, Mr and Mrs Khanna, approached them. That stopped Maan from doing anything further and making Geet think that maybe Babaji was on her side after all today. They introduced each other and both couples, mostly the wifes, exchanged few pleasantries. Maan and Geet got heavy compliments from Mrs Khanna for being such a gorgeous looking couple. With a blush Geet accepted the kind words however Maan was gritting through his teeth trying hard to control his anger.  The Khannas left and another couple arrived to talk to them and this went on for some time. All Maan could think was of Geet's bare back being visible to everyone...which he didn't like at all. His gorgeous wife was for his eyes only. He suddenly didn't know what to do...
To be continued...

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Mona..u are killing me slowly...i need to read the rest of it..NOW!!...just when it get's interesting u stopOuch.

Loved maan's reaction...and hopefully next we will see a jealous have done a wonderful job so farWinkClap

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Awesome...Do update soon. Its interesting

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hi mona nice update. it seems like that geet is getting successfull in her missionLOL and maan is burning with the back expouserWink. sooo let's see what maan wil do now to make him comfyWink

good going monaClap please continue soon and thanks for pmLOL

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mona darlin ..y u had 2 stop???? it was goin gud  n i desperately want 2 kno wat will MAAN do n how will geet mke it up!!!! btw i thoroughly enjoyed reading ur  OS after a long time...

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fab job...its getting very interesting...pls update soon.

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plz pm me

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OMGGG this is such a freaking amazing mission!
did i tell you i love love love a jealous maan?Day Dreaming
and wow you write soo wonderfully, i don't know what ur talking about this being ur second or so attempt at an OS!
omggg geet is my girl!LOL...ahh i love her missions such as these...but yeh kya, u stopped it here? nahiii *pouts*
pweez continue soon cuz idk how much longer i can wait to see what maan doesBlushing
pweez add me to your pm list!

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