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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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My next update will be up today or tomorrow. Haven't decided yet. Beside I'm a bit scared for the last part not being up to the marks. I think I have written and re-written the end million times over. I'm still not 100% happy with the outcome but I do hope that I won't disappoint you too much. Thanks!

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hey sweetie wtng,post soon n dnt worry u hav excelnt writng skill which leave readers wantng 4 more,like me.

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Please post it soon...I am waiting for the next part

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nice update dear... waiting 4 next part n dont forget to pm me...

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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This is how I imagined their private jet. Maybe a bit too luxurious though. LOL

Warning! Will contain some adult material.

M: (thinking) 'Geet, kahan phasa diya hai tumne?' (Geet, how did you get me into a sticky situation like this?). After giving it some thoughts he finally made his choice and sleeping in the guestroom was completely out of the question. He reluctantly said: 'Theek hain mujhe kiya karna padhe ga?' (Ok, what do I have to do?) he said with defeat in his voice.  

G: 'Aap ko udhar soffe par jaa kar bhaitna padhe ga' (You just need to go and sit on the sofa) she said with a big smile.

M: ...??? (looks confused)

G: 'Aap ne bilkul sahi sunha. Jayein, jayein, jaldi se jaa kar baithein' (Yes, you heard it right. Now go there. Off you go) she said almost shooing Maan towards the sofa.


Maan went to sit on the sofa but he couldn't for the world figure out what Geet was up to. He didn't know what to expect or what to think and he was getting more nervous by the minute. 'Ab dekhna Maan keh main kya karti hon' (Maan, just wait and see what I have in store for you) she thought gleefully. She went to stand in front of Maan. Her eyes gleamed and she had a devilish smile on her face. Maan gulped.


M: Geet???!

G: Chup bilkul chup! (Quite, be absolutely quite!) she said in her husband's style. 'Ab aapko wohi karna hoga jo mein kahongi' (Now you have to do exactly as I say) she said while pointing an index finger at him.

M:...(Maan silently nods)

G: 'Good boy! Pehle apne jute utaarein' (First take off your shoes) she ordered him.

M:...(he looks at her questioningly)

G: 'Aap meri baat sun rahe hai ke nahi, varna...?' (Are you listening to me or not, or...?) she said sternly.

M:...(he quickly takes off his shoes)

G: 'Phir aap apni jacket utaarein' (Now take off your jacket) she said in a very bossy way.

M:...(takes off his jacket and puts it away)

G: 'Ab aap ne apne dono bazoo soffe ke headrest pein rakhe...aur jo marzi ho jaey lekin waha se hilane ke bare mein sochna bhi mat. Varna yaad rakhein aap ko eek hafte tak guestroom mein sona padhe ga. (Now put both of your arms on the headrest of the sofa...and no matter what happens don't even think about moving them from there or remember that you will be sleeping in the guestroom for a whole week) she said determinedly. 


Maan had no other choice then to do as Geet had ordered him. He spread his arms on the headrest and sat completely still with his legs slightly apart.  Geet was enjoying seeing Maan like this...utterly helpless and at her total mercy. She took off her shoes, took hold of her saree by the knees and pulled it upwards to partially reveal her gorgeous legs. She moved forward and sat comfortably down(facing him) in Maan's lap with one leg on each side. She deliberately pressed her body firmly against his...making Maan swallow really hard.


G: 'Eek aur baat...agar aap ne mujhe choo ne ki koshish bhi ki na toh dooh baatein yaad rakhna...GUESTROOM aur EEK HAFTA' (One more thing...if you even think about touching me remember two things...GUESTROOM and ONE WEEK) she threatened.

M:...(barely nodding with eyes wide open)

G: 'Shahbaash! Aap kitne ache tarrike se baat maante hain' (Well done! You obey so well) she said as she patted him on his head.


But she didn't move away her hand from there. Instead she let it slide down slowly to the back of his head where she lazily played with his hair at the nape of his neck...making Maan close his eyes and enjoy her gentle touch. She then moved her hand down to his tie. She got hold of it and pulled him towards her with a jerk making him open his eyes. Their lips were only mere inches apart and they could feel each other's warm breath. Geet alternately stared in to Maan's eyes and on his lips. The tension was building...and Maan was dying to kiss her senseless. However Geet had other things on her mind. She kept the space between them and then with both of her hands she started to untie his tie, let it slip from his neck and threw it away somewhere. She pushed him back in the sofa and moved her hands to the buttons...and slowly she unbuttoned his shirt from top to bottom taking great care of letting her fingers slightly touch his skin. Maan's adam's apple bobbed furiously up and down. She pulled out his shirt from his trousers and exposed his muscular chest. Geet eyed her husband's beautiful body like a hungry lioness but when she roamed all over his chest with her hands she let her touch be light as a feather...and every now and then she let her fingers brush against his nipples making Maan quiver at the sweet insult.


Geet suddenly moved away from Maan's lap to stand up. Maan didn't like the sudden lost of not having Geet so close to him anymore. She backed down a few steps...and with her eyes fixed to him she slowly unwrapped her saree. She let the beautiful cloth carefully fall down at her side showing off her curvaceous body. After that she unpinned her hair taking deliberately a very long time. Maan followed her every move like he was hypnotized. Clad only in petticoat, blouse and with her hair falling down in soft tendrils she looked no less than a goddess. 'She could make even Aphrodite jealous of her beauty' Maan thought amazed.


Geet felt powerful having the situation completely under her control. 'I should most definitely do this more often' she thought. Smoothly she moved forward and reaching Maan she bent down a little to put both of her hands high up on Maan's thighs...causing him to take a sharp intake of breath. Standing (bent) in front of him she gave him a good view of her cleavage before leaning into his lips. Once again she refused to let their lips meet instead she kissed his nose, his chin, his neck and to access his chest she moved down to the floor to sit in a kneeling position between his legs. She began to kiss his bare skin and moved slowly down over his chest. Her mouth reached just above of where his trousers began and she let her lips tickle and tease his bare stomach along it. Maan almost buckled at her touch. The only thing that went through his mind at that point was how her hands were kneading his thighs and how close Geet's mouth was to the most sensitive part of his body...and with those thoughts on his mind he almost lost it. Geet, fully aware of Maan's reaction, moved slowly back up again on his bare chest...kissing and lightly licking. She stopped when she was about to reach his chin. She rose from the kneeling position to sit comfortably down in his lap again and then she put her arms around his neck.


G: (staring into Maan's eyes) 'Maan, kya main aapko eek baat bataon? Kya aap eek raaz jaan na chahte hain?' (Maan, should I tell you something? Do you want to know a secret?) she said in a very low voice.

M: 'Kya?' (What?) he said hoarsely.

G: (leaning into Maan's ear) 'Baat yeh hai keh jab main aaj ghar se nikali thi toh maine jaan booch kar eek kaam nahi kya...maine jaan booch kar neechein koi underwear nahi pehna tha' (The thing is when I left the house today I deliberately forgot to do something...I deliberately forgot to wear any underwear) she whispered to him.


Geet quickly moved back to look at Maan...and seeing his shocked face, her head fell back and she let out a deep throaty laugh. If Maan had any coherent thoughts left they pretty much flew out of the window by this minute. He couldn't believe what Geet had done! She had literally walked around all evening in front of front of him...wearing no underwear! Ok so she was covered by a saree but beneath she was still naked! Maan groaned deeply.


At last Geet decided to take some mercy on Maan so she leaned in to kiss him lightly...first on his upper lip then on his lower lip. But quickly she moved away from his mouth to kiss him along his jaw line, his stubble tickling her, up to his ear where she lightly bit him...making him moan. Geet went back from his ear to his mouth and then paused for a moment before touching his lips again. When their lips met it was like a small firework going off. The entire day had gone by and they hadn't embraced in a kiss, except for a small peck earlier on, and now both were trying to quench their thirst for each other. Maan who had been like a parched man in the desert had finally found his oasis. When Geet brushed her tongue along his lips he wasn't late to respond. Maan opened his mouth wider to let Geet deepen their kiss. What started as a slow and steady kiss turned soon into a fierce one. Geet pushed herself harder against Maan at the same time as she was running her fingers through his hair...while Maan took a firmer grip on the sofa. He took the courage to break off the kiss to run his hot mouth along her jaw line, to her ear where he nibbled it, down to her swanlike neck, down to her seductive cleavage kissing and licking it lightly and up again to her lips. Geet enjoyed every touch from his wondrous mouth.


They were still kissing when Geet moved a bit to slip her hands behind her back. She unclasped her blouse to remove it carefully. Maan, who was so engrossed in the kissing, didn't notice her naked form until she hugged him tightly again touching his strong and solid chest with her soft and perky breasts. The feeling of being skin to skin made them both tingle from head to toe. Maan didn't know how much longer he could hold it as he was getting more and more desperate to touch Geet. She on the other hand took full advantage of Maan's helplessness. She let her hands wander everywhere on him...his hair, his face, his chest increasing his desperation. Breaking off the kiss she moved her hands to unbutton his trousers...and with a yank she pulled down his zippers making Maan yelp. Still in his lap Geet lifted herself up a bit and while staring into Maan's eyes she nudged him with her hands to lift his behind. She pulled down his trousers and boxers to his knees setting him free. Maan sat there with his body proudly showing Geet how much it desired her. The pure sight of his enthusiasm gave Geet butterflies in her stomach. She positioned herself in front of him, put both of her hands on his shoulders...and with one swift movement he was inside of her.  Geet's head fell back followed by a gasp...and Maan's eyes almost rolled back in his head.


With her eyes closed Geet began to move in a rocking motion increasing the fire that was already there. Suddenly the jet went through some turbulence causing it to dip a little which made the blood rush to their heads and heighten the sensation of their lovemaking even the point of making them almost too dizzy.


Geet couldn't take it anymore...she was yearning for her husband's touch so badly that she grabbed both of his hands and placed them on her back. Maan couldn't believe it...he was allowed to touch his wife again and for a second or two he was completely disoriented. But soon his instincts kicked in...and like a wild animal that finally is let out of his cage he roared and pulled Geet harder against himself, crashed his lips on hers and kissed her furiously. The dam had been broken and there was no stopping him now.  With his gorgeous hands he touched Geet everywhere, her hair, her face, her breasts, her slim waist, her legs, sending tiny little electric shocks all over her body.


But it wasn't satisfying enough...he wanted more...he craved more. Maan broke off the kiss to quickly remove his shirt. Somehow in the middle he frantically kicked off his trousers and pulled off Geet's petticoat almost ripping it. Still joined Maan moved one hand behind her neck and one around her waist. He flipped them over so she was lying under him and he was on top of her. Geet automatically put her arms around Maan's neck and her legs around his waist. Without wasting any time he began to move...mercilessly claiming her over and over again with deep long strokes...and Geet surrendering to his attack over and over again with full acceptance. 


The pent up frustration, that had been building up all day long, was now giving way for the need of that final bliss. Maan increased his pace but made sure Geet was with him all the way. Geet kept up with him and not long after a tingling feeling started to appear in her lower belly. It grew bigger and bigger until she finally exploded.  The sheer expression of ecstasy on her face became Maan's undoing and he followed her soon after.


Exhausted and glistening with sweat both tried to catch their ragged breaths. Geet moved so she was partially lying on top of Maan with her head resting on his chest where she could hear his erratic heartbeat.


M: 'Geet, aaj toh sach mein tumne mujhe paghal kar diya'. (Geet, you completely drove me crazy today) he said still trying to catch his breath.

G: 'Mission accomplished!' she blurted out a bit breathless.

M: 'Kya kaha?' (What did you say?) he said with furrowed eyebrows.

G: 'Kuch nahi!!!' (Nothing!!!) she said trying to cover up her faux pas.

M: 'Nahi tum ne kuch kaha tha...kya tha? Mission accomplished?' (No you said something...what was it? Mission accomplished?) he said trying to make Geet speak up.

G: 'Nahi...woh...' (No...that...) she stammered.

M: ' tumhara koi mission tha. Kya tha woh? Mujhe paghal karne ka? Mujhe torture karne ka?' ( you were on a mission. What was your mission? To make me go crazy? To torture me?) he said half teasingly. 

G: (moved her head to look at Maan) 'Toh aur mein kya karti. Aap hi ne mujhe bacha bola tha aur woh mere se bardaasht nahi hua' (What else could I have done. You called me a kid and I simply couldn't take it) she said and pouted.

M: (laughing out loud) 'Tum har baat ko itna serious kyoun le lati ho? Mein to sirf mazaak kar raha tha!' (Why do you take everything so seriously? I was only joking!)

G: ...(continues to pout)

M: 'Eek baat kahon? Agli baar phir se tum aisa mazaak seriously le sakti ho' (Can I tell you something? You can take this kind of joke seriously the next time too you know) he said naughtily.

G: 'Maan' she said slightly annoyed and then hit him lightly on his chest. But she couldn't help smiling.

M: 'Waise tum toh badhi chalaak ho gayi ho' (Well let me tell you have become very cunning) he said teasingly.

G: 'Toh aap ke saath shaadi kar ke yahi hona tha' (Well marrying you will do that to you) she retorted back.


Feeling the energy coming back Maan flipped them over once again pulling Geet under him. He grabbed both of her hands, pinned them above her head, pressed his body firmly against hers and stared into her eyes:

M: 'Tumhe pata mere saath shaadi kar ke aur kuch kya hota hai? (Do you know what else happens after marrying me?) he said with twinkling eyes.

G: 'Hanh, mujhe sara pata chal gaya hai Mr Maan Singh Khurana. Aap koh patane ki koi zuroorat nahi...lekin aap dekhaa zuroor sakte hai mujhe' (Yes, Mr Maan Singh Khurana I know everything. You don't need to tell me anything...but you can always show me) she said wiggling her eyebrows.

M: 'Minx!!!!' he said as he dived in for another kiss.


As the jet flew into the dark sky both continued with their passion filled lovemaking. Geet's mission had been successful and for her accomplishment Maan had rewarded her not once but many times more...


The End



I would like to thank all of you for reading my OS despite me being a novice writer and also big thanks for taking the time to write comments. You have no idea how much your kind words have meant and what positive effect they have had on me. You all made me believe more in writing. I could only wish for one more thing and that is criticism. There hasn't been any. Should I be happy because it's a good sign? Or should I be unhappy because my OS is that bad and no one has dared to say anything about it? The only reason for wanting to know the negative aspects is to improve my writing skills. If anyone could say anything about it I promise you I won't chop your head off rather appreciate your honesty.

The idea for this OS came when my friends and I (as usual) were having a discussion here on IF. We were discussing where we wanted Maaneet to do the 'deed'. We all said it should be somewhere different and unusual and just not the bed. Everyone came up with their ideas and so did I. My suggestion was an aeroplane or something similar but no one responded to it! And I was like isn't that a very different and unusual place? Feeling a liiittle hurt, not much, I became adamant to make people like my idea. Hopefully I succeeded.Big smile


To all of you once again thanks for everything and a special thanks to my friends from The Wine Club and Bumper2Bumper. Your support has meant the world to me. Hug

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Dead...I'm breathless , almost dead after that explosive session!
I love Sherni Geet and Helpless Maan!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
That was soooBlushing...Day DreamingDeadDead

You want negative points?? I cant find any!Confused
I always told you that you'll turn out to be an awesome writerClap...and you are..much more than we expected! Muuuaaah!!
Write more!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Awww...we love you loads and loads MonaHug
I'm gonna come back and drool over this!Day Dreaming

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awesome and great.. now i have to read the previous one and edit my comment..sorry mona di...
well im back from my cousin's engagement... edit this soon...

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