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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 87)

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Posted: 24 May 2011 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
just read all the updates today...
loved it...
thanks for the pms...:)

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tonyahk Goldie

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Hi buddies,

sorry for not updating before.Embarrassed
Thank you so much for your hilarious comments and the wonderful predictions. Now i am getting worried of how to maintain the mystery intact. Your predictions are so challenging to me and they encourage me to find out new ways to keep the suspense. Guys! Please keep posting your predictions and i will be more than happy to take this challenging task... it is really such a nice experience with you all...  143 sweethearts...TonyaBig smile


Part 19

Maaneet are still lost in the hug. After few minutes maan comes out of the trance, he realises that geet is hugging him. He opens his eyes immediately. And he pulls himself away from geet.  This brings geet back to this world. She is embarrassed by her own action.

M: (st) maan! What happened to you? How can you lose yourself in her hug? she is a stranger to you maan! Don't forget it.

G: (st) geet! Have you gone mad? Why did you hug him now?... but why he didn't protest?  Has he started to feel something for me?

Maan becomes angry and shouts

M: what are you thinking of yourself?  You are hugging me as if i am your husband

G: maan! Wo hi tho sach hena?

M: kya sach?

G: you are my husband

M: geet!!!  I am warning you for the last time. Muj se dur raho. wo hi tumari liye acha hoga. Samji tum?

Geet leans towards him and asks

G: what if i don't maintain the distance?

Maan is annoyed by her action

M: aren't you ashamed of yourself for behaving like this with a man?

G: Maan! You are my husband. Then what is there to be ashamed of.

Maan closes his eyes in frustration

M: geet! Ab chali jao yahan se

G:(says casually)  teek hai

Maan is surprised by her reply

M: (st) She has agreed to leave the mansion so easily? am i dreaming or what?

Geet again takes all the bags and walks towards the mansion

Maan is confused

M: (st) where is she going?

G: (st) dust danav. Why can't he help me with these bags? Here my hands are aching like hell

M: geet! rukh jao

G: (st) i think he is going to carry these bags for me. Maan is so sweet. hena babaji?

Geet stops and turns to him

M: tum kahan ja rahi ho?

Geet is confused by his question

G: aap ko amnesia hai kya?

M: geeettt!!

G: aapne kaha thana ki gee ab chali jao yahan se. That is why i am going to the mansion

M: ab ye bak bak ban karo


M: now get out of the mansion

Geet is shocked

G: kyaaa?

(no AK...what is the use of 'Kya'?UnhappyUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy...please geet, don't say 'kya'. It reminds us of PKL's AK we all feel like cryingCryCryCryCry)

M: geet! tum ne suna nai maine kya kaha? Ab bahar niklo

G: nai...maine suna nai

Geet ignores him and again starts to walk towards the mansion

M: rukh jao geet

G: no

M:geet! Don't try my patience

G: i have no time for that maan

Geet walks fast. Maan runs and stands in front of her blocking her way to the mansion

G: maan ye aap kya kar rahe? Now move away

M: no geet! You can't go inside

G: kyun? Darwaza band hai kya? Koi bath nai maan. If i press the calling bell chandu bhaiya will open the door

M: wo nahi hai geet

G: wo nai hai matlab? Chandu bhaiya ghar me nai hai kya?  Koi bath nai maan. jugnu mamaji will open the door. Ab mujhe jane deejiye

Maan is super duper annoyed by her ulti seede baath

M: bas! This is the limit


M: ye mera ghar hai...

(geet cuts him short)

G: kya farak padtha hai maan? aap bhi mera hai

Maan is speechless by her reply. He looks into her eyes. Something strange is happening to him

M: (st) ye mujhe kya ho raha hai? ye ladki...mujhe...pagal...kar degi

After few seconds maan comes back to his senses and goes into MSK mode

M: now stop your stupid talks. Ye mere ghar hai. I don't want any stranger to trespass into my house. Now get out

G: stranger? Kahan?

Geet looks around and pretends to be searching for someone. Maan is confused

M: tum yesa kya doond rahi ho?

G: wo stranger ko

M: geeettt!!!!

Geet smirks

M: geet! Bahar niklo...abhi

G: please maan! Now move out of my way. my hands are aching. i can't stand here for the whole night carrying these bags.

Maan is still adamantly blocking her way

M: there is no place for you in this mansion. Ab jao yahan se

G: kya? Itna bada Khurana mansion me jaga nai hai? I can't believe this

M: geet! Have you forgotten what i said to dadima in the morning?

G: you said it to dadima logically you have to ask this question to dadima

M: (sternly) geet! Are you playing with me?

Geet laughs sarcastically

G: hahahaha...i am playing with you?. iska matlab aap MSK nai...MSD hai. Hena?

M: (confused) Kya?

(Maan! You too...OMG!!!! no more 'kya' pleaseCryCryCry)

G: haan MSD

M: matlab

G: MSD ka matlab M.S. Dhoni hai. our Indian cricket team ka captain

M: M.S. Dhoni?

G: haan Maan Singh Dhoni

Maan didn't understand that geet is kidding him. He thinks that geet really didn't know M.S. Dhoni's full name. So maan explains to her innocently

M: geet! Wo Maan Singh Dhoni nai...Mahendra Singh Dhoni hai.

G: (shows fake shock) kya?  Sach me wo Mahendra Singh Dhoni hai?

Maan smirks and asks her sarcastically

M: tume itni choti baath bhi nai jaanthi ho kya?

That is it Geet has been provoked by his sarcasm. now she starts to tell maan, the entire Wikipedia information about M.S. Dhoni

G: kya kaha aap ne? Mein MS Dhoni ke barre me kuch nai jaanthi. Ab sun lejiye... Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981 in Ranchi. He is the current captain of the Indian national cricket team.

maan is confused

M: geet! now why are you telling this to me?

Geet ignore s him and continues

G: In the final of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, he hit 91 not out of just 79 balls to lead India to victory. For his outstanding batting in the final, he was awarded as the man of the match. The TIME magazine added him in its "Time 100" list of 100 most influential people of 2011. According to the SportsPro magazine Dhoni is 10th most valuable brand in field of sports worldwide and number 1 among all Asian superstars


Maan is super duper annoyed by geet's non-stop biography of MSD

M: geet stop it

But she didn't feel like stopping. She goes on telling maan about Dhoni

G: (continues)  Dhoni has also been the recipient of many awards including the ICC ODI Player of the year award in 2008 and 2009. He is the first Indian player to achieve this feat. He has also received  the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award and the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour in 2009.

Maan curses himself

M: (st) maan! Tum bhi na? Ye sab tumari vaja se hua? At 11 O'clock in the night, what was the need to talk about MSD?... Par... meine kya kiya? She only started about MSD. Haan...she knows how to start only but She doesn't care about ending her dictionary there is no such thing called 'The End'. Bilkul pagal ladki hai ye

G: (still talking about MSD) Dhoni was named as captain of Wisden's first-ever Dream Test XI Team in 2009 and has topped the list of world's top 10 earning cricketers compiled by Forbes.

Maan rolls his eyes

M: (st) ye meine kahan phas gaya? I think she is not going stop any time soon.pata nahi... how to silence her?????

(Maan beta!  Jyada math sochiye...aap ke pas tho AK hena, Geet ko chup karne ke. Please use kejiyeWinkWinkWink)

G: (keeps on talking) Dhoni is...

Maan has lost his patience and shouts

M: stop it geet

Geet smirks at him and continues her talk

G: Dhoni is...

Maan couldn't stand it anymore. He grasps her wrist and pulls her towards him and says in a warning tone

M: geet! Ab chup ho jao. Varna...

(varna KYA maan?...AK?...yipeeDancing)

Because of his sudden pull, Geet loses her grips on the bags and the bags again fall on maan's left foot this time. Maan releases geet from his hold and he jumps out of pain

M: ouch...geet! my foot is badly hurt. tum bar bar yesa kyun kar rahi ho?

This time his foot is really hurt badly. He couldn't bear the pain and he is standing on his one leg. Geet feels bad for him

G: i am sorry maan! Bohat dard ho raha hai kya?

M: haan

G: let me see it

Geet kneels down and starts to massage his foot.  Maan is touched by geet's concern and he is looking at her with a smile on his face. but Geet didn't notice his smile. She is worried about his foot and she keeps on massaging it.

G: (st) geet! Ye tumne kya kiya? Can't you even take care of those stupid bags? see, now maan is hurt.

A tear drop escapes from her eyes and falls on maan's foot. Maan feels the tear drop and he is shocked. His smile disappears

M: (st) is she crying?

He tries to see her eyes. But as geet is looking down at his foot, he couldn't see her eyes

He calls her softly

M: geeth

No response from her

M: geetthh


M: (st) why she is not responding?

Another tear drop falls on maan's foot. He couldn't stand it anymore. He too kneels down in front of her and tries to look into her eyes. Geet is still looking at his foot and massaging it.

M: geet


Maan lifts her chin and he sees the tears rolling down her cheeks. Geet is deliberately avoiding his gaze. Maan senses that her tears are doing something to him

M: (st) yes!  she is crying for me. What her tears are doing to me?  Please geet...don't make me feel weak

Geet is still massaging his foot

(Geet beta! Are you taking training for starting a Spa or what? Now leave his poor foot before it wears outROFLROFL)

M:geeeth...mein teek hu

G: i am sorry maan

M: don't cry geet. Mein teek hu

Hearing his words, Geet looks into his eyes and notices the concern in his eyes.

G: (st) what happened to him? Why is looking hurt? Why i am feeling that he is hurt by my tears?  no... i won't allow anything to make him feel weak...not even my tears

She wipes her tears immediately. Maan notices that and he feels that some calmness is spreading through him

M: (st) what is she doing to me? Am i getting affected by her?

Maan couldn't understand anything.

Maaneet both are silent for some time.

After sometime, geet tries to lighten the moment. She gets up, takes the bags again and walks towards the mansion

Maan is still lost in his own thoughts

M: (st) nahi maan! Ye galat hai. You can't be like this. don't let geet to infringe into your world. Stay way from her

Geet is walking slowly towards the mansion

G: (st) Why is he not stopping me now? Has he forgotten or what?

Maan comes out of this self thoughts and notices that geet is going towards the mansion

M: (st) maan! This is the limit. now send her out of the mansion.

Geet is still walking towards the mansion

M: (shouts) geet! Rukh jao


That's it it's open to your comments, criticisms and predictions...143...Tonya
p.s.:  buddies...inspite of my repeated attempts, AK didn't happen in this part. i am sadCryCry

Edited by tonyahk - 25 May 2011 at 4:15am

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hey pls give us the clue yaar
who is she?
whom dadimaa misunderstood
pls juat reveal little plsss
wht happen mann
why he cant rmember at all?????//
he knws she  works in NGO
he pls yaaar plss ay na

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tooo funny...n wht yaar u fillled half the part with MSD life history...

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Nice one TonyaClap

This is how I imagined GeetLOL

This is how Maan went (minus the bowling ball)LOL

And this how close we came to seeing the AKROFL

The magic word should be "jao" ...everytime Maan says "jao" Geet should do the AKROFL
Tonya's Maan seems to use a whole bunch of "jao" or "rukh jao" latelyEmbarrassed uff this way we will get countless AKsROFL

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Awesome n thnks 4 PM

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too good yaar ... his left foot is also hurt .. poor soul
do give us some glimpse of their past,

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luv_DD IF-Rockerz

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awesum tonya
lovely update dear
Geet z Msd ki deewani i think
Msk nt jealous of Msd strange !!
Do continue soon
Thanx 4 d pm
143 tonya

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