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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 82)

SakshiGarg Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by niddzz


as you are such a great astrologer, let me ask you... when we will get to see an AK in MMM. can you please give your prediction for this? Wink i'll be anxiously waiting for your reply.


hmm...grahon ke hisab se toh lag raha hai ki AK hame bohut hi nazdik ke bhavishya mein milne wali hai...jab kisi ne socha bhi nahi hoga tab aavashya mil jayegi...!!! hamare naseeb main AK ke liye intezar likha hai par agar tonya ki meharbani hum par bani rahe aur use hum chote chote baachon ke prati daya ki bhavna jagrut ho jaye to next update mein hi AK sambhav hai...kuy ki geet aur BS kuch jyada hi bol rahe hai aur MR.MSK ko bar bar yaad kar rahe hai jiske karan MR MSK waha se ja nahi pa rahe hai to woh frustrate hokar un dono ko chup bilkul chup karvane ki koshish kar sakte hai aur jab geet aur BS mein se koi bhi unki baat na mane to woh geet ko AK de kar chup kara sakte hai...!!!ShockedWinkTongue

note: 4 mah exclusive astrology...CONDITIONS APPLY...i m not responsible 4 non happening of the event..!! lol ( i have completely lost it...!!! proof provided in the paragraph

tonya i want ur vishesh tippani on mah not so stupid( ahem..ahem)

wat a prediction nidzz...ROFL...i hope grahon ki chal bilkulaapki bhavishyavani k hisaab se hi chale aur jaldii hi humein AK ki varsha mileWink

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SakshiGarg Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged

M: (st) now what this stupid taxi driver is trying to say...any woman who is able to pay him (driver) Rs.200/-can marry Maan Singh Khurana? Is he fixing price for me. Now i am going to kill him for this. 

(girls!!!! Do you have Rs.200/-. If yes... now please contact Balwant Singh, the Taxi Driver. He will definitely marry you off to Maan Singh Khurana...uff...Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Now marrying MSK costs just Rs.200/-. Come on girls!!! marrying MSK is not as difficult as we thought. Buddies, now let us say thanks to Balwant Singh, the taxi driver)ROFLROFLROFL

tonya... u r too much dear...MSK ki boli lag rhi hai 200 rs. meinROFL... mujhe bhi BS ka contact no. dedo na plzzzEmbarrassed

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tonyahk Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged

Hi buddies,

I am really sorry for not updating part 18 last night itself. I was having some important work. Please bear with me friends.

Thank you very much for the super duper hilarious comments. If possible please read the comments of other readers also. They are really too funny and adding humour to MMM. Please don't miss that fun sweethearts... 143...Tonya


Part 18

Geet is tired of arguing with the taxi driver. She takes Rs. 200/- from her bag and gives it to the taxi driver (chalo...geet is also not exempted from paying MSK Marriage Fee)

G: bhaiya ye leejiye

Taxi driver Balwant Singh is surprised that geet is giving him Rs.200/-

Taxi driver: par madam, is me 200 rupees hai.

G: koi baath nai bhaiya. Rehene dejiye

Driver: nai madam! Mujhe sirf 150 rupees kaafi hai

Geet is surprised by the driver's gesture

G: nai bhaiya. Keep it with you.

Maan is silently watching them

Driver: nai madam...

G: chup bilkul chup


G: are you married bhaiya?

Driver: ji (OMG!!! Nidhi dear, what will you do now? Balwant Singh is already married yaar)

G: do you have kids?

Driver: ji (see dear, he is having kids too)

G: how many?

Driver: two

G: with this 50 rupees buy some useful thing for your kids. Take this as a small gift from me to those lovely kids

The driver is touched by geet's concern. Maan is starring at her lovingly. But he didn't realise what is he doing

Driver: behen!  Babaji will bless you with all the happiness of the world

Hearing what the taxi driver said, Maan smiles to himself. This time he didn't even feel like regretting for having smiled.

G: shukriya bhaiya

Driver: behen! I guess you love kids very much. Hena?

G: haan bhaiya. i'm working for an NGO which takes care of street children in slums.  They are very loving and sweet children

Hearing geet's reply, some past memories flashes in maan's mind.

M: (st) is geet still going there?

The taxi driver smiles and asks her

Driver: behen! Can i ask you something?

G: ji bhaiya

Driver:  when did you get married to Mr. Maan Singh Khurana?

Maan is eagerly waiting for geet's reply

G: a year ago

Maan is disappointed

M: (st) oh man!! this geet is being so firm in her lies

Driver: bohat acha baath hai behen. Soon, babaji will bless you both with a loving baby

Geet didn't expect such words. She didn't know how to react. She goes mute.

M: (st) whom does he refer to 'both'? is he talking about geet and me? iska matlab... me and geet are going to have a baby soon. Hena? (ufff...MSK and his super fast brain. Thank god!! Finally MSK has understood what the taxi driver said)

Maan is terrified at his own thought

M: (st) maan! Ye tum kya soch raha ho?  Is Geet your wife?... no.     are you geet's husband?     are you and geet husband and wife? Nai...nai na? Phir bacha kaise ho saktha? (OMG!!!! Please don't tell me, he is really Maan Singh Khurana.)

Maan realises that he is talking non-sense and he scolds himself

M: maan! Ab apna ye stupid baathen ban karo... But why geet is not saying anything? Has she run out of her lies or what?


The driver notices geet's silence and asks her

Driver: behen! Have i said anything wrong?

G: (stumbles) wo...wo bhaiya... bohat raat ho chuki hai. Ab Aap jayiye

The taxi driver understands that geet is not willing to talk further on that particular matter. So he takes leave from her

Taxi driver: jeete raho behen

G: ji

Taxi driver leaves the place immediately

After the driver went, Geet lifts many bags from the ground and she couldn't carry all of them because of overweight. She finds it difficult to walk. Now only maan notices the bags in her hands

M: (st) ye kya hai? Is she going to settle in the mansion forever?

Geet's both hands are full of bags. She walks towards the drawing room with so much of difficulty.  She is almost tottering. Seeing this, Maan walks towards her. Because of the overweight of the bags, geet couldn't balance herself and she topples .when she is about to fall on the ground maan holds her by her waist. Geet closes her eyes in fear. maan is starring at her closed eyes and he is lost in her. the bags are still in geet's hands. After few seconds geet realises that someone is holding her by her waist. She opens her eyes and she is surprised to see maan who is still lost in her. she couldn't believe it. out of shock geet drops the bags from her hands. the bags ultimately land on maan's  right foot. Out of reflex he takes his arms off geet's waist. So now geet ultimately lands on the bags which are already pressing maan's foot against the ground.  Geet's back is hurt. She screams out of pain.

G: oh!!! My back

Geet's weight adds to the pressure on maan's foot. It hurts him more. He too screams out of pain

M: oh!!! my foot

Hearing maaneet's scream, Dadima who is walking in the terrace looks down and notices the happenings

Dadi: (st) ye kya hua? Why maan and geet are screaming? Why geet is on the ground?

G: maan! my back is hurt. ye aapne kya kiya?

M: geet! Now get off from my foot. It hurts. Why did you fell on my foot?

G: why did you let me fall down?

M: why did you drop your bags on my foot?

G: why did you held me by my waist?

M: why were you trying to fall down on the ground?

G: acha! You were watching me carrying all these heavy bags.  why didn't you help me with these bags?

Dadi is shocked and surprised by maaneet's hubby- wify like fight. Now she becomes more suspicious on maan

Dadi: (st) something is there between maan and geet. Is geet really his wife?

M: why should i help you?

G: you are my husband na?

Maan is irritated by geet's words and he goes to MSK mode

M: stop it geet. Now get off from my foot

G: maan! My back is badly hurt. I can't get up

M:geet! My foot is aching. jaldi uto...abhi

G: maan! At least use your brain for once

M: geeettt!!!

G: don't shout. Now help me to get up

M: chup

G: kya chup? Give me a hand

maan giver her a stern look

G: don't give me that stern look. Instead of it now give me your hands

Geet stretches her hands to him. But maan is reluctant to give his hand

G: maan! Aap ne suna nai maine kya kaha? Now give me your hand

M: kitna himmat?

G: please maan! have some mercy on your poor wife

Maan is annoyed by her words. He grasps her wrist and pulls her from the ground swiftly. Geet was not prepared for his sudden action. Automatically her head rests on maan's shoulder and she hugs him tightly in fear. So here starts the electricity generation...ufff mera matlab hai... a current passes through maaneet's bodies. Geet closes her eyes. Maan didn't know what is happening to him. He too closes his eyes and enjoys the moment. But he didn't hug her back. Both are lost in the hug.

Dadima sees this scene from the terrace. She is shocked to death

D: (st) ye mere aankhein kya dekh rahe hai? Maan Singh Khurana is hugging a girl? Iska matlab geet is really his wife. Hena? Hey bagvan! I can't believe this. Just half an hour ago he was talking as if he has never seen geet. But now he is hugging her in front of my own eyes. I think maan is cheating on me? Mujhe kuch samaj nai aaraha hai.

Dadima couldn't bear that maan is cheating on her. She couldn't stand there in the terrace any more. She leaves for her room.

Maaneet are still lost in the hug.

Chandu comes there by chance and he sees maaneet.

Chandu: (st) acha... now maan sir has started his romance so publicly. I think he has accepted geet madam as his wife.

Chandu thinks for few seconds...

Chandu:(st) nai nai chandu! Don't trust maan sir. now he is hugging his wife. But tomorrow morning he will tell everyone that she is not his wife and he will ask her to leave the mansion. I have never seen such a strange person. But everyone is thinking that Maan Singh Khurana hates women. Now, I want to declare to the entire world that Maan Singh Khurana hates women...but only at the day time. During night he never hates women. But what can i do? If i say this to any one, they are not going to trust my words. Instead they will think that i have gone mad. Maan sir is such a good actor. Hey bhagavan! When the real face of maan sir will be known to this world?

Chandu curses his fate and leaves the place.

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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OGM tonaya loved it thoroughly...

Maan is totally lost...

M: (st) maan! Ye tum kya soch raha ho?  Is Geet your wife?... no.     are you geet's husband?     are you and geet husband and wife? Nai...nai na? Phir bacha kaise ho saktha? (OMG!!!! Please don't tell me, he is really Maan Singh Khurana.)

i still can't get over these lines...

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chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved itTongue

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Dadima couldn't bear that maan is cheating on her.

is dadima serious whn telling these lines
it luks like a luver is cheating her

 Maan Singh Khurana hates women...but only at the day time. During night he never hates women.

just luved d line 
its awesomeee
luved ittt
im spechlesss

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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another set of amazing dialogues...

now when is chandu going to tell MSK's day and night mystery to every1?

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