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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 68)

cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged

this is real mysterious ff i have ever read on maaneet so far... Great job!!!

but now i wanna know the real truth about the storyWink

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teju2292 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by teju2292

Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by teju2292

omg dia dear
u r back
first of all tell me how is ur mood dear
and now comming to that updat
wat r u doing dear...
started with maaneet marraige and manhu honeymoon...Shocked
that really dear an awsome one...
i m dieing laughing that dadi asked about their honeymoon and omg...i m embarssed dear...Embarrassed
ohhh...after all its dostana story na...

I'm good now dear ...Thank u,
But i'm really caught up with my project.
Actually sday that dracula simply shouted at me,isliye thoda mood off hogaya.

As for the part,i know its dry and little boring but don't its just a starter,so please bear with me.

Thanks for the support.

143 Buddy

hi dia dear
hmm...dracula...who is it dia???...ur lecturer???

about update
dear y do u think its boring???
its sooo funny...our manhu made it realy funny dear...LOL

My professor  ...Angry 

He comes to uni for eating my headAngryAngry

sometimes I feel like twisting his neckAngryDead ...uff...

Thanks dear for liking Hug

omg dia dear
u know wat...u r also like meWink
even i do hate my professors...hmmm not all but someWink
who really bother me a lot with their stupid assaignments...projects...mostly records all the time...Angry
ufff...u must change this...u must add this...delete this ...and all...Angry
Angrymeri bas chali to...i want to make each of them in to innumerable pices and stick their skin to my record...AngryAngryLOL
ohhh...but sadly that never happen...LOLWink

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tonyahk Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -dia-





Maan Singh Khurana ...I think name alone enough,our own MSK with breath-stopping personality  &  attitude.


Geet Handa ...Obviously our own Geet


and some characters from the soap namely...,Savitri Devi,Adi,Pinky,Romeo,Manisha,Pandiji,The Chronic Bachelor Jagnu mama LOL,and master of Dostana-chandu LOL



Khurana Manison


     Khurana Manison is decorated with flowers,curtains, and golden lights which made it took look like a Palace. Friends and relatives were present in the Party hall, where at the center of the hall the Mandap which was decorated with white & red satin curtains and red roses & white Orchids, where the Bride & the Bridegroom was taking their Pheras promising themselves that they will be always there for each other in all the phase of Life.


  To the right side of the mandap Savitri Devi is standing with tear eyes seeing her favourite grand son getting married, and at the Main hall Press and News reporters are covering the news and giving live telecast of the most Eligible Bachelor & the Business Tycoon Maan Singh Khurana with his LadyLove, Geet Handa.


  Adi,Romeo and Pandiji were attending the guest and the reporters, while Chandu and Manisha were standing on the left side of the Mandap and smiling at each other and sending prayers to the Almighty to bless the newly wedded couples with love and happiness.Chandu was happy coz his brother is getting married & Manisha is happy coz his Best Friend is getting Married.


 When they saw Daadi with teary eyes they made their way towards her.On seeing them approaching Daadi gave her sweet smile and taking their hands and enfolding with her's,she thanked them whole-heartedly for their support for making Maaneet confessing their feelings.


 The Marriage cermenoies were over,all blessed the newly wedded couple & party was going on full speed, Thanks to Marriage planners and employees of KC.The Guest left one by one, now all the newly wedded couples, Daadi, Adi, Pinky, Pandeyji, Romeo, Manisha, Chandu, and Nakul were there in the main hall.


 All were relaxing after a hectic day and Daadi was taking to Manisha and Chandu were sitting to her left side who was holding hands secretlyLOL


Daadi: Manisha & chandu bete, I'm so happy that U guys made it to attended the Marriage in short notice.Humein maaf kardijiye coz of me U guys were got able to enjoy urself.


Manisha & Chandu: Daadi yesa koi bath nahi hai,bulki hum bohoth kuch hai.Embarrassed


Daadi: God Bless U beta'.,Btw apne bathaya nahi ap dono ka Honeymoon kaise thi???Shocked


By hearing Honeymoon Manish & Chandhu Blushed and went in their lala land thinking abt their Honeymoon and the time they spent togetherShockedLOL

So guys R u ready for the Journey of Manhu Love Oops ...D'ohDostana storyWink

Hope U all liked it ...pls bear with me U may find it boring,but I request u to have patience,but I promise I would make up in next parts which would be sometimes later this Weekend.

Love u all



hi dia,
sorry for this delayed comments dear...was lil bit busy
Journey of Manhu Love Oops ...Dostana story. is this the title of the story dear?.Wink hehehe it sounds great
loved this manhu dostana story
dadi enquiring about their honeymoon...hey babaji! is duniya mein kya kya horaha hai?CryCryCryCry
thanks for this laughter bit.
it is not boring dear. it is really nice.please update soon...
will be waiting...
143 sweety

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tonyahk Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:01pm | IP Logged

Hi buddies,

Thank you very much for your lovely and hilarious comments. Loved them. I have replied to some of the comments. Sorry for not replying to each of you individually. Buddies, if you want a PM please either add me as your buddy or send me a pm request...143 sweethearts...Tonya


Part 15

Maan was busy at work for the whole day.  Work gave him the much needed distraction from geet's thought. After a long day at work, maan returns to the mansion.

 Maan is driving to the khurana mansion...

M: (st) what would have dadima done? She would have sent geet out of the mansion. Hena? Yes! Definitely she would have. I know dadima very well. She will never take risk in my case.  But will geet leave the mansion that easily?. She is being so adamant and keeps on repeating her lies. She has definitely come with some intentions.. But what is that? ...chodo maan! Whatever may be the intentions, it doesn't matter to you. What i want ultimately is that geet should leave the mansion. I hate woman and there is no place for a woman in my life.

At Khurana Mansion @ 9.30pm

Maan enters inside and no one was there in the drawing room. So he leaves for his room.

@maan's bed room

Maan walks into his bed room and his eyes automatically start to search for geet. but she was not there.

M: where is she? She was not there in the drawing room also. Has she left the mansion? Acha hua. Hereafter i can be at peace

He leaves for washroom to get changed. After few minutes he comes back and looks around the room again

M: has she really left?

Maan realises that he keeps on thinking about geet. He lays flat on the bed and closes his eyes.

M: maan! Jyada math socho. This is for your own good

Maan opens his eyes

M: I hate women. I don't want any woman in my life. I don't want to know where did she come from and for what? i don't want to see her again

Maan again closes his eyes

M: yes! I don't want to see her again...forever

Immediately geet's face pops into his mind. Maan opens his eyes. He yells at himself

M: what the hell is happening to me? Maan! Now stop this nonsense

After a few seconds, he calms down and dosses off on the bed.

After some time, chandu knocks at maan's room door. Maan is still in semi- sleep. He couldn't open his eyes. Chandu keeps on knocking at the door. Maan's eyes are still closed

M: (says loudly) come in Geet. The door is open

Maan realises what he just said and he opens his eyes immediately and gets up from the bed with a jerk

M:(st) ye maine keh diya? Lekhin kyun?

Chandu hears what maan said and he is shocked

Chandu: (st) ye mera kan kya sun rahe hai? what did maan sir said just now? "come in Geet. The door is open"...that he expecting geet madam to come to his room at this time? Ye kaise aadmi hai?. In the morning he asks her to leave the mansion. in the night he calls her to his bed room. Why is he behaving so cheaply? Chi chi... if the elder son of  khurana khandan behaves like this, then what will happen to its reputation. Hey bhagvan khurana khandan ka ka izzat ko bacha lena.

M: (st) who is there at the door? Is it geet? Didn't she leave the mansion? Haan... It must be geet only

Maan gets down from the bed and walks to the door. His heart beat quickens in his each and every step towards to the door. Chandu is still knocking at the door

M: (shouts) geet! Why are you still knocking at the door.  Meine kaha than a ki the door is open. Now stop it

Chandu:(st) hey bhagvan! Ye dadima ne mujhe kaha phas gaye? Ab maan sir is expecting for his wife. If he sees me at the door, he is going to kill me.  Ab mein kya karu?

Maan opens the door suddenly and he didn't see that it is chandu who is standing at the door. Maan misunderstands that geet only is standing there so he grasps chandu's arm and pulls him inside the room. Chandu is shocked to death.

at the very right moment Jugnu mama comes there and notices that maan is pulling chandu inside his room

jugnu: (st) why maan is pulling chandu into his room at this time?

Jugnu mama remembers the Pee Loon moment  at the breakfast table

Jugnu: (st) is maan and chandu are really like that? Hey bhagavan!

Jugnu mama almost faints at his thoughts


Inside maan's room...

Chandu: sir! Mein geet madam nai chandu hu

Maan realises what a blunder he just did and he is started at his action. Maan immediately releases chandu's hand with a jerk

M: (st) maan! Sach mein tum pagal hogaya kya? Ab chandu ka haath pakkad ne keliye kya zarurat tha?  But... i thought i was geet. Waise bhi...ab geet ki haat pakkad ne ke liye kya zarurat tha?bolo maan! Kuch nai...hmmm... Kuch nai na? Phir tum yesa kyun kiya? Par...ab geet hain  kahan?

Maan is lost in his thoughts and starring at chandu without blinking his eyes. Chandu is thinking that maan is going to punish him for his Pee loon song at the break fast

Chandu: (st) chandu beta! Aaj tho tum gaya? Ye maan sir ne aaj tume nai chodenge. Why on the earth you should sing pee loon song in front of him? But why maan sir is looking at me without blinking his eyes. Chandu gathers courage and speaks

Chandu: sirrr...mein geet madam nai hu.

Maan comes out of his thoughts

M: haan mujhe patha tha ki um geet nai ho

Chandu: then why did you pull me inside?

Maan is irritated by chandu's question and gives him a murderous look

M: chandu! Ye tum mera kamare me kya kar raha hu? (OMG!!!!  Ye MSK bhi na? Ab bhi attitude)

Chandu: sir... aap ne mujhe...

M: chup bilkul chup


M: ab jao yahan se

Jugnu mama overhears the conversation between maan and chandu and he is relieved.

Jug: (St) ye maan ke baare me mein ne kya kya soch liya? Jugnu tum bhina? Always jumping into conclusions.  Maan bohat acha ladka hai. But why did he pull chandu into his room? Was maan expecting someone else at the door?  But whom? geet?

Jugnu mama smiles at his thought

Jug :(st) i think, mere bacha maan is falling in love. Par itna jaldi? Sirf ek hi din me? Chalo jugnu... Who can refuse a pyari girl like geet? Yes! Geet is the one who can bring all the happiness in maan's life. Hey bhagavan! Let maan fall in love with geet

Jugnu smiles and leaves for drawing room


Inside maan's room

M: chandu! Get out

Chandu: sir dadima ne aapko bulaye

M: chandu! Tum ne suna nai maine kya kaha? Ab jao yahan se

Chandu: sir , par dadima...

M: get lost

Chandu turns to leave the room. When maan is about to shut the door chandu turns to maan

Chandu: sir! Dadima is calling you

Immediately after saying this chandu starts to run. Maan couldn't take chandu's torture anymore. So he closes his eyes in frustration and shouts

M: stop it

Chandu stops from running and turns to maan and notices that the latter's eyes are closed.

Chandu: (st)maan sir only told me get lost? Now why is he stopping me? what is he going to do now?

Maan opens his eyes and he is annoyed to see that chandu is still standing in front of him

M: i told you na ...get lost. Then why are you still here?

Chandu: par sir...aap ne kaha than a ki "Stop it"

Maan rolls his eyes

M: (st) ye stupid mera 'stop it ' ko yesa samaj gaya. He is being impossible

Chandu: boliyena sir, why did you say "stop it"? that is why i stopped

Maan gives chandu a stern look and he himself leaves for drawing room leaving chandu confused.

Chandu: (st) pata nai ye maan sir ko kya hogaya?

M: (st)patha nai ki ye geet kahan chali gayi!

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muskaan... Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:15pm | IP Logged

Maan sach me pagal ho gaya hai...
poor chandu...what he has to go through Geet & maan's lover story

Edited by muskaan... - 20 May 2011 at 8:16pm

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Maan is defo gone mad ... LOL

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hopehot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Loved the update
instead of maaneet  i m loving maandu LOL 
keep it up i love this ff

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CrazzyBusy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
awesoem udpate dear
loved it...uff lagta hai maan sach much main pagal ho gaya hai
lakh kosish karne ke baad bhi uski gadi Geet pe hi ake rukti hai
love MaanDu scene
update soon

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