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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 130)

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Originally posted by teju2292

Originally posted by naamteeg

That was a very interesting update Tonya with lots of past info.. let me work on it and see if I can put the pieces together...

Scenario 1
An incident happened.. Geet and Karan lying on the floor, Maan comes to the place sees Geet and Karan unconscious and injured. Geet has injury to her arm. But Maan takes only Karan to the hospital. 

Scenario 2
An incident happened.. Maan,Geet, Karan, and a mystery women(who might have been someone special to Maan)  at the place.. Maan did something and the incident happened ..Maan not injured.. Geet injured in arm and unconscious,..Karan badly injured and mystery women dead. Maan takes Karan to the hospital and leaves Geet behind

Uff my head is spinning with so many scenario's like these.. Wacko

Wow Tonya what an intricate web you have weaved with this mystery you are keeping my brain cells at their highest activity...ROFL

KUDOS to youClap

wow dear
ur brain is really awesome
what a scenarios u have written...
ab tonya ki baari hain...
come on tonya which one is right...
btw dear naamteeg i think 2nd one is...
coz geet spoke about some women before na while she came close to maan...
so y not 2nd one...lets think like this
now its tonya's turn to reviel mystery...Wink
luv u
Ah shucks TejuEmbarrassed you are sooo sweet!! Thanks for complimenting my brain.. 
Maan Maan Maan mantra is what makes my brain sooo awesomeROFLROFLROFL
luv u 2...Smile

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Originally posted by Saams

wah Tonya,now you have put some light on the past..But what had happened there is still a mystery..

@ naamteeg:wah yaar .!!you have given 2 options ..I think 2nd scenario would be best and the mystery woman ??that should be answered by Tonya..

Thanks yaarEmbarrassed

Now I am getting a little clear picture of my Maan must have refused to knowing Geet... Maybe the first and last time he saw her was at that one incident... and did not know anything about her and did not come across her again... but Dev did mention that Geet was at Karan's funeral.. did Maan see her there as well and was that the last time he saw her since then?? I am confused again..ROFL 
Oh the mystery of TonyaClap

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Hi buddies,

thank you so much for your comments and predictions. sorry for not replying to all of you individually.


To throw some more light on the mystery, here i am giving you the age of some of the characters

Maan's family

Maan - 28 years old (OMG!! MSK is not old...he is a young angryman)

Dev -  23 years

Karan - 21 years

Annie - 19 years


Geet's family

Ajay - 27 years

Geet - 24 years

Vicky - 19 years


now...Welcome to the Maga update of MMM.


Part 27

Maan decides to leave for office and gets up from the bed and opens the cup board to take out his dress. He couldn't believe what he just saw there. In the cupboard, Geet's salwars are hanging along with maan's dresses.

M: (st) ye kiske kapda hai?

He remembers about geet's bags which went missing last night

M: (st) sab geet ki kapda hai! Is she all set to stay in the mansion for ever? I know...i know...she will not leave me that easily. But where is she now? I should talk to Dadima

Maan comes to dadi's room

Dadi is sitting on her bed and lost in some thoughts

M: dadima


M: dadima!

Dadi: haan...

M: aap kya soch rahe hai dadima?

Dadi: kuch nahi beta

M: dadima! Geet kahan hai?

Dadi is confused by maan's question. She remembers maaneet's hug last night

Dadi: (st) geet was with maan na? Then why is he asking me?

M: dadima! Mein aap se kuch puch raha hu

Dadi: maan! why are you asking me? She was with you na?

M; she was with me. But not now. That is why i am asking you. Ab jawab deejiye

Dadi: i don't know maan

M: ye kaise jawab hai dadima? You are the one who allowed her to stay in the mansion. then how come you don't know where is she?

Dadi has lost her patience and shouts at maan

Dadi: geet aap ke biwi hai.  if you yourself don't know, then how on earth i am supposed to know about her whereabouts maan?

Maan is shocked to the core

M: kya?

Dadi goes mute

M: dadima! Kya kaha aap ne?

Dadi: (st) ye meine maan ko kya bol diya? How can i say like that without any confirmation?

M: is geet my wife? Boliyena dadima


M: dadima! Still you don't trust me. hena?

Dadi: yesa nahi hai maan

M: thanks dadima

Saying this maan leaves the place

Dadi: maan! rukhiye

Maan has left the place.

Dadi: (st) why maan is behaving like this? last night he was hugging geet. but now he is behaving as if he doesn't know her at all. Whom should i trust?

Maan comes to his room...

M:(st) maan! Because of this geet, even dadima does not trust you. now stop searching for geet.

Maan composes himself and gets ready for office. Maan comes to his car.

Chandu is watering the plants in the garden singing a song...

Chandu: pee lo...pee pipe se thanda thanda paani...pee lo...

Chandu notices maan and he immediately stops singing

Chandu: (st) if maan sir hears this song, then he will remember what i did yesterday in the breakfast. Better i water the plants without singing any stupid songs

Maan is about to open the car door...

From the balcony dadima notices that maan is leaving and she calls him

Dadi: maan rukhiye! Don't go with empty stomach. Now come and have breakfast

Maan hears dadima's words, but he didn't feel like stopping. So he opens his car door

Chandu hears what dadima just said and he runs to maan

Chandu: sir rukhiye

Maan stops and turns to chandu. Dadi notices this and she walks towards the car from the balcony

Chandu: sir Jayiye math, dadima is calling you

Maan is annoyed and says with attitude

M: haan mein jaantha hu ki dadima is calling me

Chandu: then why are you going as if you didn't hear her at all?

M: shut up

Chandu: teek hai sir

Immediately, Chandu shuts the car door. Maan is confused by chandu's act

M: chandu! Ye ab tum ne kya kiya?

Chandu: (laughs) sir aap ne kaha thana shut up karne ke. Isiliye meine car door ko shut up kar diya

Maan is too irritated by chandu's stupidity and again shouts at high pitch

M: shut up

Chandu: (says calmly) sir, already i have shut up the car door. Phir se kaise shut up karu? Ab mein ek kam karu sir. First i will open the door. Then i will shut up it again.

Chandu literally opens the car door and shuts it again. Maan is super duper irritated and shouts

M: stop it

Chandu: sir, the car is not yet started. Then how can i stop it? Ab aap ek kam kejiye sir. You first start the car and then i will try to stop it

Maan scratches his forehead and murmers under his breath

M: donno...why dadima did not fire him yet? He is such a stupid

Chandu: sir! Aap ne kuch kaha?

M: kuch nahi. Now go and water the plants

Chandu: sir! Aap jaakar breakfast khayiyena

M: chandu! You need not worry about my breakfast. This is none of your business.

Chandu: haan sir! I know that this is your wife's business.

M; kya?

Chandu: but unlike that of yesterday, today she has left the mansion even before you ask her to. Hena sir?

M: chandu! How dare you to talk to me like this?

Chandu: (st) ye meine kya kiya? I have crossed my limit. Now maan sir is going to kill me. Ab mein kya karu?

Maan is looking at chandu as if he is going to kill him at any time

Chandu: (st) haan idea! If i tell him where geet madam has gone, he will forget and forgive me.

M: chandu! What did you say?

Chandu: sir! I know where geet madam is

Maan's heart skips a beat

M: do you know? Where is she now?

Chandu: she has gone to office sir

M: office?

Chandu: ji sir

M: par mein tho yahan hun. Mere bina ye geet office me kya kar rahi hai?

Chandu: that is what i am too wondering sir? What geet madam is doing in the office with out you?

M; chup bilkul chup

Maan boards his car and leaves the place

By that time,dadima comes there and sees that maan's car is going out

Dadi: chandu! Why didn't you stop maan?

Chandu: i tried to stop him dadima. But as soon as i told him that geet madam is in office, he has gone.

Dadi: kya? has geet gone to office?

Chandu: ji

Dadiu: why is maan searching for her so desparately? Is he missing her?

Chandu: dadima! He will miss her in the night only

Dadi: kya?

Chandu:(stumbles) the night it will be dark maan sir will miss geet madam in the night only

Dadi is more confused

Dadi: chandu! Aap kya keh rahe hain?

Chandu: dadima! in the darkness it is easy to go missing na? So geet madam will go missing in the night. And maan sir will miss her in the night. That is what i am saying

Dadi shakes her head and leaves the place

Chadnu: maan sir aur geet madam ke chakkar me, mein zarur pagal hojayaga


Maan walks into Khurana Constructions...

M: (st) why did geet come to office? What is she doing here?

all staff are working silently. Maan starts to look around the office and searches for geet. maan didn't notice adi who is standing in the alley and the former bumps into the latter

adi: sir aap?

M: (st) ye maine kya kiya? Ye geet ki chakkar me, i have bumped into adi.  Maan! before adi asks you anything embarrassingly , you do something and save your dignity

Adi: sir...aap teek tho hena?

M: adi! Tumara dhyan kahan hai?

Adi is speechless

M: raaste me dekkar chalo

adi: but are the one who bumped into me?

Maan is irritated by adi's retaliation

M; haan mein jaantha hu. But had you seen that i am going to bump into you, you could have moved away na. That is why i warning you to be careful . samja hai tum?

adi: ji...ji sir

maan leaves for his cabin

adi: (confused) bagavan!!! Maan sir is day dreaming about his secret wife. He bumps into me. he advices me to be careful. this is not fair.


Maan is sitting on his seat...

M: (st) ye geet kahan hai? chandu said that geet came to office. But she is not here

Maan decides to ask adi about geet. so he calls adi over intercom

M: adi!

Adi: ji sir

M: mere kamare mein aao

Adi: ji sir

Adi: (st) now why is he calling me into his cabin? Is he going to take any lecture on how to walk in the office? Adi! Jyada math socho. Ab jao

After few seconds...adi walks into maan's cabin...

M: (st) now how will i ask him about geet?

Adi: sirrr...

M: (st) no maan! don't ask him about geet

Maan tries to change the topic

Adi : sir

M: hmmm

Adi: aap ne mujhe bulaye the

M: when?

Adi: (confused) now

M; i didn't call you

Adi:(shocked) sir! Aap teek tho hena?

M; aadhiii!!

Adi: sorry sir

Maan closes his eyes in frustration

M: (st) maan! ye tum kya kar raha ho? Now ask him about geet directly

Adi:(st) what is he doing with his eyes closed? Is he sleepy? Has he slept? What was he doing last night?

Adi: sir! Didn't you sleep last night?

maan remembers the last night events.

adi: sir! have you really slept?
Maan opens his eys and gives adi a stern look
Adi: sorry sir

Maan asks adi about geet

M: woh kahan hai?

Adi is misunderstands that since maan is sleepy, he didn't know what he is doing.

Adi: now why is he asking me about 'O'? didn't any one teach him in the school or what?

M: adi! Jawab do

Adi: between N and P sir

M: (confused) kya?

Adi: sir! you asked about 'O'? right?

M: haan..woh..

Adi: then i am right sir. Still it is between N and P only

Maan misunderstands that adi is referring to geet as 'it'. And he becomes angry

M: kya kaha tumne?

Adi: it is between N and P

M: adi! how dare you to refer to my geet as 'it'?

Adi's mouth is wide opened

Adi: kyaaa?

Maan realises that he just said 'my geet'

M: (st) ye maine kya keh diya?

Maan tries to send adi out of his cabin to avoid any further questions

M: adi! Tum muv kolkar yesa kya dekh raha ho? Ab jakar apna kam karo

Adi's mouth is still wide opened

M: adi! Tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha?

Adi: ji sir...maine sun liya. You said "my geet"

M: get lost

Adi turns to leave

M; rukho!

Adi stops and looks at maan

M: what about my new secretary?

Adi: woh sir...

M; now stop talking about 'O'. you can't do anywork properly except interfering in my personal matters. Hena?

Adi: ji sir...mera matlab hai... no sir

M; now give an advertisement for a new secretary

Adi: ji sir

M; ab jao yahan se

Adi: ji sir

Maan takes the water from the table and empties it one gulp

M: ab ye geet kahan hai? aaj mein zarur pagal hojayga

maann  thinks for sometime and decides to talk to Chandu over phone..



@the mansion

From outside Geet walks into the mansion. chandu notices that

Chandu: madam! Aap wapas kyun aaye?

Geet is confused

G: kya?

Chandu: you normally come back at the night na?

Geet smiles and sits on the couch

G: bhaiya! I saw maan's car leaving the mansion. that is why i came back

Chandu couldn't iunderstand what geet is saying. When he is about to ask geet something, the landline phone rings and chandu attends the call.

here is chandu's one sided conversation

Chandu: hello...

Chandu: boliye

Chandu: malum nahi

Geet is keenly observing chandu's telephonic conversation...

Chandu: haan...

Chandu: nahi

Chandu; haan haan

Chandu: nahi nahi

Chandu: haan haan haan

Chandu: nahi nahi nahi

The person at the other end is irritated by chandu's replies and he cuts the call

Chandu: hello...hello...are you on the line? Hello...hello...

Geet bursts out into a lughter by chandu's replies.

Chandu: lagata hai call cut hogaya

Geet stops laughing and says

G: kyun nahi?

Chandu: matlab...

G: chandu bhaiya! If you talk like this then who will not cut the call?

Chandu: but for the past 20 years, i am talking like this only. Today is the first time my call was cut by someone

G: really?

Chandu: hmm

G: i can't believe this

Chandu laughs weirdly

G: bhaiya! Aap yesa kyun hass rahe hain?

Chandu: aap bohat smart ho

G: kaise?

Chandu: you have find out that i am lying

G: kya?

Chandu: haan i was lying to you that no one has cut my phone call till date. To tell the truth everyone will cut the call with in a minute

G: (st) this khurana mansion is sounding very dull and dry. If this house remains like this then how my maan can be happy here? Kuch tho kuch karna hi padega. chandu bhaiya is the right person to start with.

Chandu: maan sir always scolds me for not doing any work properly. When i came to this house, i was 20 years old.maan sir was only 13. At that age itself he had found out that i am not smart and efficient. From the day one, i am trying to become his favourite employee, but nothing has happened.

Geet controls her laughter

G: aap chinta math kejiyena bhaiya. Mein hu na aap ke madad karne ke

Chandu: kya?

G; haan! I will teach you how to impress maan

Chandu: will you teach me?

G: haan! If you do as i say, then maan will get impressed by your work and he will praise you like anything

Chandu: really?

G: haan bhaiya

Chandu: madam please start your lessons right now

G: teek hai. ab lessaon no.1...How to attend a phone call from maan?. are you ready for that?

Chandu: ji

G: you have to stick to the following protocol while talking to maan over phone

Chandu: ji

G: when you receive a phone call from maan, you have to say as follows as soon as you pick the receiver

Chandu: kya madam?

G: now listen to me carefully

Chandu: ji

G: " hello...very warm good morning sir...welcome to Khurana Mansion...and this is Chandu on the line...may i know whom i am talking to?

Chandu: par tho bohat lamba hai

G: chandu bhaiya do you want to impress maan or not?

Chandu: haan

G: then you have to memorise these lengthy lines. Waise bhi it is not that long as much as you wonder

Chandu: teek hai. but madam! When i know that it is maan sir's call, why should i ask him who is he?

G: if you ask him who is he...maan will think that you are alert. And he will be impressed

Chandu: teek hai

G; very good. now comes the next step

Chandu: ji

G; after you said the above lines, he will say his name.

Chandu: ji

G: once he says his name, you have to ask him " how can i help you sir?"

Chandu: ji

G: then listen carefully to what he is saying and answer him accordingly

Chandu: ji

G; at the end of the conversation, say like this, '' thank you so much for calling sir. Do you need any other help?

Chandu: ji

G: in most of the cases he will say no. But sometimes he may ask you for more help

Chandu: ji

G: finally you have to say, ' have a nice day sir'

Chandu: ji

G: that is it. Lesson 1 is over now. You just stick to the protocol which i taught you just now. Then everything will be fine

Chandu: thank you so much madam

G: koi bath nahi bhaiya. I like helping people

Chandu: aap bohat achi ho

G: thanks bhaiya

Chandu smiles

G: ek aur bath hai bhaiya

Chandu: kya hai madam?

G: don't tell maan that i taught all these things to you

Chandu: kyun madam?

G: if he comes to know that i am the one who taught you this, then how will he get impressed by you?. Rather he will get impressed by me.

Chandu: aap teek keh rahe hai madam

Geet smiles


At the same time, mansion's landline phone rings. Chandu attends the call. it is maan on the line

Chandu: hello

M: haan Chandu mein maan bol raha hu

Chandu whispers to geet: maan sir is on the line

Geet signals chandu to talk as she taught him.

Chandu: hello...very warm good morning sir...welcome to Khurana Mansion...and this is Chandu on the line...may i know whom am i talking to?

Maan moves the receiver away from his ear and gives it weird look

M: (st) whom did i call?

Maan wants to confirm to himself that if he called Khurana Mansion or not. so he asks

M: hello this Khurana Mansion?

(OMG!!! MSK what a brain you have!!)

Chandu: sir! As per the protocol you should not ask any questions at this moment. Now you are supposed to tell your name

Hearing what chandu said geet bursts out into laughter

By chandu's non sense talks, maan confirms to himself that he has called the correct number

M: (st) koi doubt nahi hai. ye bilkul Khurana Mansion hi hai. and now i am talking to the one and only chandu

Chandu: maan sir! Ab aap ke naam boliyena

Maan rolls his eyes and says sarcastically

M: Maan Singh Khurana

Chandu: how can i help you sir?

M:(st) ab ye chandu ko kya hogaya? Donno...who is teaching him these weird things?

Seeing, what chandu is doing to maan, Geet is laughing silently

Chandu: sir, are you one the line?

M; (st) maan! it is not the time to think about this chandu. Now just ask him about geet and cut the call

Chandu: sir...

M: haan...geet is not in the office...

Chandu cuts off maan and says

Chandu: sir! Geet madam won't be there in the Khurana Construtions

G: (st) hey babaji! Maan is enquiring about me

M: (confused) kyun?

Chandu: kyunki...she went to her office and not to yours

M: (shocked) kya?

Geet gestures chandu not to tell maan anything about her. but in order to impress maan, chandu ignores geet and tells everything to maan

Chandu: haan sir...moreover now she will not be in her office too

M: kyun?

Chandu: kyunki...she is in the mansion now

M: kya?

G: (whispers) chandu bhaiya! Ye aap kya kar rahe hain?

Chandu again ignores geet and replies to maan sincerely

Chandu: haan soon as you left for office, geet madam has come back

M:(confused) kyun?

G: (st) geet! Now run for your life. if maan comes here now, he will kill you

Geet runs from there

M:(st) oho... geet is playing hide and seek with me?

Chandu: sir, ye kya aur kyun ke alawa bhi kuch boliyena

M: (angry) kya?

Chandu rolls his eyes

Chandu: kuch nahi hai sir

Maan decides to go to the mansion to talk with geet

M; teek hai. now don't tell geet that you have informed me about her

Chandu: teek hai sir

M: hmmm

Chandu: thank you so much for calling sir. Do you need any other help?

M: (st) lagtha hai ki ye chandu bilkul pagal hogaya.

M: (annoyed) kuch nahi...kuch bhi nahi

Chandu: have a nice day sir

M: (sarcastically) thanks

Maan is about to put the receiver down...

Chandu: sir...ek minute

M: ab kya?

Chandu: are you impressed?

M;(confused) kya?

Chandu: mera matlab hai...are you impressed with my work?

M: (sarcastically) haan bohat. Keep it up chandu

Chandu is super duper happy

Chandu: thank you so much sir

Chandu:(st) shukriya bhagavan! Maan sir is impressed with my work. I must thank geet madam. But where did she run?

Maan rolls his eyes and cuts the call immediately

M: (st) no matter, i send geet out of the mansion or not. But i must kick this chandu out of the mansion immediately. he always tortures me to hell

Maan thinks for sometime and something strikes his mind

M: (st) what if chandu tells geet about my call? she will again go and hide somewhere. I must go to the mansion before she runs

Maan gets up from his seat and walks towards the parking area


@the mansion

Geet is sitting on the bed

G: (st) geet! think something before maan comes back. Haan idea...dadima would have woke up by now. Now lets go and talk to her. I need the support of dadima who knows maan very well. With out her help i can't do anything. So i must tell the truth atleast to her.  Hope dadima would understand me

Geet decides to tell the truth to dadima

G: (st) but...which is dadima's room? Should i ask chandu bhaiya? will tell this also to maan. so i myself have to find out dadima's room

Finally, geet finds out dadi's room and walks inside

G: dadima! Kya mein andar aa sakthi hu?

Dadi: (surprised) geet! aao beta. Aap kahan gaye? Maan was searching for you

G: (st) i know he will search for me. That is why i ran away

Dadi: geet!

G: wo dadima tho bas lawn me thi

Dadi: lawn?

G: dadima! Ye sab chodiyena. Now i have to talk to you about an important matter

Dadi : (st) is geet going to talk about her so called marriage with maan?

G: dadima!

D: haan boliye beta

When geet is about to say something, Jugnu mama comes to dadi's room and notices geet there

G: (st) hey babaji! Ab mein kya karu?

Jugnu: geet! tum kaise ho beta?

G: mein teek hu mamaji

Dadi: jugnu beta baitiye

Jugnu mama sits on the couch

Dadi: geet! you were talking about some important thing

Geet hesitates and looks towards jugnu mama. Dadi notices that and says assuringly...

Dadi: geet beta! Jugnu is like a father to maan. you need not worry about him

G; (stumbles) yesa nahi hai dadima

Jugnu: maaji! I think you two are discussing something important. I'll come later

Dadi: no jugnu...yesa kuch nahi hai. aap baitiye

Jugnu: no maaji! I think Geet is not feeling comfortable...

Geet interferes...

G: yesa kuch nahi hai mamaji. Aap please baitiye

Jugnu mama smiles at geet and sits

G: i am a stranger to you people. I don't know whether you will believe what i am going to say

Dadi and jugnu mama are silent for few seconds. Geet is disappointed by their silence

Dadi: geet! i trust maan more than anyone in this world. but it doesn't mean that i don't trust anyone else

Geet smiles

Jugnu: beta! Please trust us and tell whatever happened between you and maan

Geet tells everything about the past...

Dadi and jugnu mama are shocked hearing what geet was saying. Tears roll down dadi's cheek. Jugnu mama is sad. Geet keeps on telling them about some more past incidents with tears in her eyes

G: this is what happened. I trust you both. I know that you both will do anything for maan's happiness. That is why i told everything to you. I need your help in this

Dadi and jugnu mama couldn't react

G: dadima! Now it is upto you. You decide for yourself...whether to trust me or not

Dadi is mute

G; kuch boliyena dadima!

Dadi hugs geet and cries uncontrollably. Geet is shocked by dadi's reaction. Geet hugs dadima back and comforts her

G; dadima! Ye aap kya kar rahe hain? Yesa math kejiyena dadima

Jugnu feels bad for dadi.

G: mamaji! Why are you silent? Kuch boliyena

Jugnu: geet beta! Maaji is trying to come out of her guilty consciousness. Let her cry as much as she wants

Geet pats dadima's back and says soothingly

G; dadima! Aap gabrayi math. Sab kuch teek hojayge

Dadi comes out of geet's embrace. Geet wipes dadi's tears.

G: please dadima! Don't hurt yourself by thinking too much on this. at that time anyone would have done the same thing as you did. The situation was like that. is me aap ke galti koi nai the.

Dadi: no geet! i have spoiled an innocent woman's life

G: dadima! Please

Dadi again hugs geet. after sometime dadi comes out of geet's embrace

Dadi: geet beta! I trust you

Geet smiles and says

G: thanks dadima

Geet turns towards jugnu mama

Jugnu: beta! I too trust you. From the day one itself my heart is saying that you have come here with some good intentions. That why i supported you the first day itself

G: thanks mamaji

Jugnu: teek hai beta. Ab ye should we help you in this?

G: mamaji! Just help me to stay here in the mansion. i'll take care of the rest

 Dadi: don't worry geet! with out my person no one can send you out of the mansion. even maan can not do anything on this.

G: thanks dadima

Dadi: don't worry about maan. he looks rough from outside. But his heart is very soft

G: haan dadima

Dadi starts to say something about maan's childhood...

Dadi: geet! when that incident happened, maan was seven. And karan was just 8 months old baby. I myself was too shattered. I couldn't concentrate on karan. But at that small age itself, maan took the entire responsibility of bringing up karan. Though maan himself was too young, he was taking good care of karan.  Maan won't allow anyone to hurt karan. Karan too loved maan very much. Maan was everything to him. Maan compensated for karan's all the relationships...father, mother, friend, teacher, role model everything.

The mention of karan's name brings tears in geet's eyes

G: (st) i am sorry karan. Ye sab kuch mere vaja se hua

Dadi notices geet's sad face and asks her

D: geet! kya hua?

G: kuch nahi dadima

Dadi continues...

Dadi: everything was fine until a year ago,. but when karan committed suicide, Maan's life was devastated for the second time. Now he is living his life aimlessly. Since karan's death, maan had stoped smiling. But yesterday, i saw him smiling at the breakfast table. I was so happy geet. i donno why maan smiled...but my heart was saying that you are the reason for his smile.

Jugnu: haan geet beta! Though he keeps on insisting that you should go out of the mansion, his heart is longing for your company. I could see that in his eyes

Geet is silently listening to dadima and jugnu mama

D: geet! just now you said about your promise. I am happy. But for my satisfaction, Now please promise me that you will never leave maan at any situation

Geet smiles and says

G: don't worry dadima! I'll never leave my maan. i will always be with him. It is my promise

Dadi and jugnu mama are happy and they both are smiling

Dadi: thanks beta


Maan walks into the mansion shouting geet's name

M: geet!...geeettt!!!

G: dadima! Maan has come. Now he is going to send me out. Ab mein kya karu?

Dadi: don't worry beta. Mein hu na. Now come with me

Dadi, geet and jugnu mama are coming to the drawing room where maan is standing

Maan is confused to see geet alongwith dadima and jugnu mama

M: geet! idhar aao

Geet is scared. She hides behind dadi

Maan is super duper annoyed

M: geet! now enough of your hide and seek game. Idhar aao... abhi

G: nahi

M: geeettt!!!

Jugnu: maan!

M: mamaji! Aap chup hojaye


M: geet! now come in front of me

Geet comes there silently

M: ab mansion se bahar niklo

Geet turns towards dadi. But dadi is standing silently

G: dadima! Aap chup kyun rahe hain? Ab maan ko kuch boliyena

Dadi says in a stern voice

Dadi: geet! now get out of the mansion

Hearing what dadi said, Maan's heart almost stops.

Geet couldn't believe what dadi just said

Jugnu mama is confused by dadi's words



that is it it is open to your comments.

i am too sleepy. so sorry for spelling and typing errors if any. me now going to bed. so i'll send the PMs tomorrow..


dear, loved your interesting predictions very much. thank you so much for that
143 sweeties


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cue1 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged

I know what Dadi is gonna do...well i think i know...although i wont be sure until your next update lol.

I absolutely love your FF's. Their so hilarious i cant stop laughing...especially with this update and the whole Chandu drama...Chandu thinks Geet and Maan will drive him mad...whereas Maan is 100% sure he is already mad lol.

I cant wait for more!!

And i like how you kept the past in suspense!! 

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
oh wow tonyaaa
gud nite
n wttt dadi told geet to get out of d mansion 
wowww i think sm reverse pschology
n awesomeee
maan missing geet so badly
n wowww chandu is a unique model seriouslyyy
n i think geet n maan marriage is smwhere related to karans death or something
n wow dadi n mamajii trusts geet 
thts guddd
n wowww
luved ittt

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smallville IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Amazing update!!
Omg I think Dadi has a plan up her sleeve :)
Maybe maan will stop her this time   
Update soon

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Nazmaa Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
daadi best have a good plan up  her sleeves
she sent geet out of the mansion x

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 June 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
loved the update...
ab past ko mute kar diya...
and now dadi who said she will support geet is asking her to leave lets c wats gonna happen probably its some trick of dadi...
pl cont soon

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