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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 13)

kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 December 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:29am | IP Logged

lovely part
loved it

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t_areeb IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged

O O, he started to act like hubby, must be really embarassed later..lets see what he replies to him...

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
i loved it sure maan wont do anything ..

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charlie1950 Goldie

Joined: 27 August 2009
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
i read ur ff as soon as i got it in my mail
but i was on the ipad so couldnt comment
then but now im workin a night shift and on
break im readin ur update and postin this
very different approach in this ff as compare
to ur other will take time for me develop
a taste for this one as im used to ur flavor of
ff very picky when it comes to wht i like
its different but interstin.
in this update this was a tinge of old flavor
in maaneet conversation which was funny
but sadness followed.
will read more to knw wht new ur dishin out.
ur immensely talented theres no doubt abt it
keep it up girl.i will b waitin for ur updates

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-memorable- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 September 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 3:06am | IP Logged
what an excillent part 7 Clap Clap

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teju2292 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged
M:geet! tumne suna nai maine kya kaha? now wake up ( can one hear while in deep sleep? ufff...MSK and his unlimited

geet bites his finger. maan screams in painROFL


G:(says loudly) hey babaji! ye maine kya kardiya? i have bitten the great Maan Singh Khurana's index fingerROFL

G:(st)geet! what are you saying? it doesn't make any sense. koi bath nai. now maintain this track and save yourself

G: maan! trust me. really i didn't know that it was your finger. had i known that, at least i would have asked for your permission before biting itROFL

M:(sarcastically) permission?ROFL


M:to bite my finger?ROFLROFL

G: ji

G: she closes her eyes and opens her mouth widely and shows to him all her 36 teeth, as if Maan Singh Khurana is a dentist. ROFL

he pulls her towards him and covers her mouth with his palm. (hey buddies! at this point of story MSK can't use AKs to shut geet's mouth. so be patient n wait for!!! i'm not sure, in this FF when we will get to see an AK. oh this ff also going to starve off AKs just like our GHSP. don't worry buddies...let's tr y few alternatives like some dream sequences...sounds great...haha...enough of my bak bak... lol)

M: geet! who are you? (OMG!!...what a brilliant

G: geet

M:geet! who are you? (oye MSK...phir se...koi hearing problem hai kya?

omg tonya who told u its not funny??????ROFLROFLROFLROFL

i m laughing like hell dear...ROFLROFLROFL

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bobbydoll Goldie

Joined: 28 March 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
i really love all ur ff

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tonyahk Goldie

Joined: 07 June 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged

Part 8

G: maan! I love you

Maan is shocked. her words echoes in his ears " maan! I love you. he loosens his grip on her.

G:(continues) maan! i want to see you always happy. So i'm ready for everything

maan is startled at her reaction. her words brings him back to his senses. he immediately releases her from his grip and moves away from her. geet is relieved that her reverse psychology treatment to maan has worked. she opens her eyes and gets up from the bed.

guilty feeling is killing him. he didn't have the guts to meet her eyes

M:(st) how can i behave with geet like this? what happened to  me? why i couldn't control my anger?

he couldn't find answer for his any of his questions.

geet also had enough. she too couldn't control her anger and she shouts at him...

G: (sarcastically) wow...Mr. Maan Singh Khurana...great. how can Maan Singh Khurana stoop this low? i can't believe this

Maan is too shocked to react

G:maan! this was the last thing i expected from you. in front of every one you are not even ready to accept me as your wife. but privately you are doing such cheap things...

she couldn't talk beyond that. she breaks in to tears. maan is so much hurt by his own action and geet's words. still he is looking @ somewhere else.

M:(st) i never cared other people's words. but why geet's words hurt me so much

Geet realises what she is talking and she stops and looks at maan. she reads his face and understands how much he is hurt by her words.

G:(st) ye mein gussa mein  maan ko kya boldiya?

M:(st) whatever may be her fault. but what i did is very wrong

G:(st)i want to see him happy. but i am myself s hurting him to the core. i am the one who provoked him to this level. hena?

M:(st) geet would have hurt by act. ye achanak mujhe kya hogaya? mein yesa kyun kiya?

maan didn't even realise that he has started to worry about geet

G:(st) no maan! i'll never let you down.

M:(st) i must apologize to her

G: maan!

still he couldn't meet her eyes. he is looking at somewhere else

G:sorry maan!

maan is surprised

G:maan! i didn't intend to hurt you by my words. gussa mein me kuch jyada bol chuki hu. i'm sorry maan

maan dumbstruck by her apology

M:(st) why is she apologising to me without doing any wrong? i am the one who has to apologise to her

G:maan! will you please forgive me?


geet leans on his chest and rests her head on his shoulder and places her palm on his heart. maan's heart beat quickens. geet feels them with her palm

G: maan! i know you very well. you will never do such things. i trust you

maan doesn't know what her words are doing to him. he lifts his arm to hug her back and caress her head. he realises what he is just doing and he becomes angry on himself.

M:(st) why i am behaving like a stupid? how can i allow geet to come so close to me? i hate women. i never trust them. geet has definitely come with a motive. is she after my money? i have to get rid of her. yes maan! you have to get rid of geet

geet is still leaning on his chest. maan determines to send geet out of Khurana Mansion and he asks the very wrong question at a very wrong time

M:geet! you are doing this drama for money. hena?

geet is shocked and she immediately pulls herself away from him

M: bolo geet! how much money you want to end this drama?

Geet is dumbstruck. she didn't utter even a single word. she immediately walks out of maan's room. he is still angry and he doesn't feel like stopping her.

geet comes to the lawn and sits there. she is lost in her own thoughts

G:(st) how can he ask me like that? am i after his money? i did expect this from him. hena? but why it hurts me so much? better, i should walk out of his life

she is shocked at her own thought

G:(st) ye mein kya soch rahi hu? how can i even thinking of leaving him? how can i be so selfish? how can i forget about my promise? compared to maan's pains, mine is nothing. i owe my life to him. whatever happens i won't go away from him. maan needs some time to understand everything.

she wipes her tears.


@maan is room

maan is laying on the bed with his eyes closed. he remembers whatever happened a few minutes ago...Geet's tears for him when he was hurt by dadi's distrust, he manhandling her, her submission, her hug and her talks to soothe him, his harsh words, her silent walkout. he couldn't understand what is happening to him.he couldn't believe the fact that, with in one day so many dramatic things are happening in his life.

geet's tearful eyes keeps on popping into his mind

M:(st) did geet really cry for me? why i am having a feeling that she cried for me

maan shook his head

M:(st) ye mujhe kya hogaya? why i'm thinking about her tears. stop it maan! Maan Singh Khurana hates emotions. her fake tears can't do anything to you.

he tries to sleep but couldn't. he opens his eyes

M:(st) par, ab geet hain kahan? where did she go @ this time?

maan realises what he is thinking and he curses himself

M:(st) maan! tum pagal hogaya kya? now stop thinking about her

finally he somehow manages to come out of geet's thoughts and he dosses off.


after few minutes geet comes back to maan's room and notices that he is sleeping. she smiles.

G:(st) Maan Singh Khurana is looking very cute while sleeping

geet lays next to him and stares at his closed eyes

G:(says gently) good night maan!

she smiles and closes her eyes and falls asleep


next morning...

maan wakes up first. he opens his eyes and sees that geet is sleeping next to him. he is amused. a smile born on his lip. he didn't know why he smiled. but he didn't want to know the reason either. he just enjoys that feeling. he is still staring at her with a smile on his lip. he has almost forgotten whatever happened last night and  his resolutions. geet opens her eyes and shocked to see maan staring at her that to with a smile. she couldn't believe her eyes. she rubs them. maan's staring session has been disturbed by geet rubbing her eyes. maan is embarrassed at his own behaviour.

G:maan! am i dreaming?

M:(st) ye mein kya kar rah hu?

G: maan! are you really here?

M:(st)ye mein kahan phas gaya?

G:maan! are you really smiling?

M:(st) lagta hai ki ek hi din me ye geet ne sach me mujhe pagal kardiya

since there was no reply from maan, geet pinches his hand. maan comes out of thoughts and screams

M: ouch..

G:hey babaji! ye tho sach hai. ye maine kya kardiya? phir se galti. i've pinched Maan Singh Khurana's hand

maan's hand has become red because of geet's pinch. he is staring at his hand

G: i am sorry maan

Maan gives her a stern look

G: mujhe nai patata ki ye aapka haath hai

M: bas geet! i know what will you say next

G:what maan?

M:you thought it was your arm. And  had you known that it was my hand you would have asked for my permission before pinching it. this what you want to say hena?

G: exactly maan

M: chup


M:geet! now let me explain to you one thing

geet thinks that maan is going to talk something seriously about her stay in his room

G:(st) hey babaji! madad karna

M: geet! now listen to me carefully


maan grasps geet's both wrists by his two hands.

G:(st)hey babaji! is he going to drag me out of his room?

Maan bends geets arm in front of her eyes

G:(st) what is he trying to do?

Maan points to her arms and says calmly

M:geet! now have a look at these arms

Geet is confused

M: kaise hai?

G: ji?

M: i'm asking you, how your arms are looking?

G:(st)is he going to break my arms?

M:teek hai. lemme explain to you


M:your arms are slim with small fingers. am i right?

G: ji

Maan releases her arms from his grip. geet is confused. he shows his arms to her

M:geet! now have a look on my arms

geet looks at them

M: how are they looking?

G: thoda lamba aur thoda bada

M: very good.


M: now are you able to distinguish between the arms of yours and mine?

G: ji

M: good. now tell me which is your right hand?

Geet shows her right hand to him

M: are you sure?

G: ji

M: ab ek kam karo geet

G: kya maan?

M: now put your right hand in your mouth and bite it

G:teek hai maan

geet didn't realise what he just said. she blindly follows his instructions. she puts her hand in her mouth and she is about to bite it.

M:(st) ye ladki sach me pagal hai

geet stops in the middle

M:kya hua geet? why did you stop? go ahead


she is about to bite her finger. maan didn't want to see her hurting herself. so he closes his eyes tightly. geet notices maan's closed eyes and smiles

G:(st) hey babaji! my maan is more childish than i thought

M: geet!  have you done?

geet smiles, bends down and very gently bites his index finger which she bit last night. a current passes through his body. he opens his eyes and looks into her eyes. geet extends a fake apology to him

G:hey babaji! i have again bitten Maan Singh Khurana's same index finger

maan is still lost in her.

G: i am sorry maan! mujhe nai patata ki ye aapka haath hai


G:aap ek kam kijiyena maan


G: write your name on your arms so that you can save it from my further bites. par aap ka naam tho china wall ki tarah bohat lamba hai. Maan Singh Khurana. how will you write?

he comes out of d trance and grinds his teeth

M: geeettt!!!

G: geet nai hai.  maan

M: kya?

G: haan maan! don't write 'geet' on your arm. then i'll again mistake it for my hand and bite it.


G: don't worry maan. mera pas ek idea hai


G: you write on your arm as follows, "this is my arm. please don't bite it"


G: teek hai lets add ' geeettt!!!' also. "this is my arm. please don't bite it geeettt!!!". is it ok now?


our MSK has lost it. he grasps geet's index finger and bites it hard. (OMG!!!! maaneet are the most dangerous creatures in this world. they are biting like anything. Buddies...Beware of


geet's finger is still in maan's mouth. now it is her turn to feel the current passing through her body (chalo...electricity production by biting fingers.  no need for nuclear power

maan realises that he has bitten geet's finger very hard. he immediately releases her finger. he feels bad for her. geet comes out of d trance and notices maan's worried face. she tries to cheer up him

G: maan! ye aap ne kay kardiya?

M:(stumbles) wo geet... bohat dard horah kya?

she understands the concern in his voice but she didn't want him to feel guilty

G: you have drenched my entire finger with your saliva

M: kya?

G: that too you didn't even brush your teeth. My  finger has been polluted by your saliva. now i feel like throwing up

M: geeettt!!

Geet runs to washroom

M: geet ruko

G: no. i can't stop. i have to clean my finger before it gets infected by your saliva

she leaves

M:(st) ye ladki sach me pagal hai aur ye zarur mujhe pagal kardegi

maan looks at his index finger which geet bit a few minutes ago. he shakes his head and leaves for his workout


Maan is practicing taichi...

the images of him trying to kiss geet comes into his mind. he stops his exercise with a jerk

M:(st) how could i? could i behave with a woman like that? but after all these things, how she is able to be so normal?

guilty consciousness is killing him

M:(st) i've to send geet out of the mansion. it will be good for both

maan takes a deep breath and continues his taichi


@maan's room

Geet comes out of the washroom and notices that maan is not there

G:ye maan kahan chal gaye?

she sits on the bed. maan walks into the room

G: acha hua. aap aagaye

M:geet! tumari ghar kahan hai?

G: phir se shru?

M:jawab do

G: ye hi hai mera ghar

M: geet! you know what i'm asking. ab jawab do

G:maan! this is my home



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