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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 125)

naamteeg Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tonyahk

Originally posted by naamteeg

Loved it!! at last some nice moments btw them bothEmbarrassed
Big smile I am happy to see Maan is getting some hints of the past...

BUT I was bummed that the update stopped right at his past thoughts.. I was like.."come on you slow poke Maan think quickly before Tonya stops typing"" LOL

On another note
I read your update last night(mine)... and was about to post a comment and wanted some feature for the text.. I went looking in the forum code and did not find it.. I sent a pm to the admin last night and she replied just now saying sorry we don't have that feature
..dang I was so wired up to post my comment but that little feature is holding me backLOL 

.. now I will keep you in the mystery .."hmm what feature is she talking about?.. did she use it before?.. did she love using it before?.. will she ever post again without it? " ROFL haha I will reveal my mystery along with yours...LOL 

143 Tonya
hi dear,
thank you so much for the lovely comments yaar.
yes Maan is too slow dear. actually, i was typing slowly giving maan some time to ponder over some more past events. but this MSK was even slower than my typing. What can i do? tired of waiting for him, finally i stopped typing.ROFL
ye kya hai yaar? you have started a mini FF Mystery of Missing Comments. OMG!!! this mystery is going to kill me. to make my job yourself have written the questions i may ask after reading your mysterious lines. you are so sweeettt dear.
OK buddy,  i'll wait for the MMC (Mystery of Missing Comments) to unfold. please update it regularly.WinkWinkWink
143 dear

ROFL MMC - Mystery of Missing Comments... you are amazing at coming up with titles. ClapNow there are so many acronyms floating around here that we need to publish a Tonya's acronyms dictionary to keep them straight.LOL

An update about the missing feature thats holding me from posting that missing comment...
I reached out to a higher authority for help since the gf authorities could not do it... waiting for the reply..Big smile haha the suspense thickens...

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raj_202 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 4:32am | IP Logged
geet's childhood habbit is too good
excellent misunderstanding

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
poor maan!LOL...geet will truly make him mad!LOL
is geet really karan's gf???
continue soon!

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ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
some day i am going 2 really die laughing reading ur updates. geets biting habit is superb. u r simply great only u can think of such ideas

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Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Wooow dear, great updates!!!

Maan starts to remember something!!

I hope you will reveal more about their past and the marriage soon.

Continue sooon dear!!

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Saams IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
Tonya...where are you dear...missing you badly and this ff too..
@naamteeg : me also waiting to know the MMC...haha

Edited by Saams - 02 June 2011 at 8:53pm

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tonyahk Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged

Hi buddies,

Sorry for not updating earlier. some important work...

Thank you very much for the hilarious comments as well as interesting predictions. Your comments help me to fine tune this FF. keep posting your lovely comments and predictions.



me too was missing you all dear. but was lil bit busy, so couldn't come to IF. i am sorry for that.

dear, loved the last update of MMC. thank you so much for taking so much of effort buddy.
@new readers

For buddies who haven't read any of my previous FF, please let me clarify the meaning of the following

ACTION ' ' X' rated things

AK ' Action Kiss (LTL kiss)

143 ' I Love You

Enjoy the update buddies...143...Tonya



Part 26

Maan comes out of the flash back with a jerk and stares at geet

M: (st) does geet still remember that incident? Did she see me at that time? Wo kaise ho saktha maan? she was unconscious at that time. Then how does she know me? Did karan say anything to her about me? had karan and geet known to each other previously?Has geet come here to do anything related to that incident?

Maan couldn't find answers for any of his questions

M: (st) enough...i can't go through this any more. I should i talk to her about it?

Maan makes his mind to talk to geet about some past events. So he calls her

M: geet!

Geet is in deep sleep. So there is no reply from her


M: geet! wake up. I need to talk to you


M: has she slept again?

Maan removes the blanket from geet's face and notices that she is in deep sleep. she is sleeping like a cute kid.

Maan rolls his eyes

M: ye geet bina? She is the female version of kumbhakarna. She sleeps like anything.

Maan smiles at his own thought

M: mein kya karu is pagal ladki ki sath?

He didn't want to disturb her sleep. so he decides to talk to her next morning

M: (st) morning, i should talk to her about that incident

Maan checks the clock...time is almost 5am. It is his workout time. But he didn't feel like going for workout. So he again closes eyes and tries to sleep.


Time is almost 6.30am

Geet wakes up from her sleep and notices that maan is still sleeping.

G; (st) good morning maan

She smiles and keeps on looking at him for sometime

Suddenly, maan's words pops into her mind, " I want you to leave from my life forever. Tomorrow you are leaving the mansion as well as my life,"

Geet gets up from the bed with a jerk

G; (st) hey babaji! As soon as he wakes up he will ask me to leave the mansion. ab mein kya karu? Haan...idea! mein ab jakar dadima se baath karu

Geet runs out of the room and comes to the drawing room in search of dadima and sees chandu there

G: chandu bhaiya

Chadnu is shocked to see geet running

Chandu; (st) why geet madam is running like this. i think maan sir is chasing her. But with what mood he is chasing her? Angrily or romantically? Now he is in day mode or night mode? Geet madam is being chased by Maan Singh Khurana or Romantic Singh Khurana? (courtery; Teja, Naamteeg,Dia)

As there is no response from chandu, geet again calls him loudly

G: chandu bhaiya

Chandu: ji madam

G; dadima kahan hai?

Chandu: dadima didn't wake up yet.

G: kya? is dadima still sleeping? Ab mein kya karu?

Chandu: madam! Koi problem hai kya?

G:woh...woh...kuch nahi bhaiya

Geet again runs back to maan's room

Chandu is hell confused by geet's behaviour

Chandu: bhagvan! Please save this poor girl from maan sir

Geet walks into maan's room and notices that he is still sleeping. She sits next to him and starts her self bak bak

G: (st) ye khurana khandan ke log bhi na? They are sleeping like anything. Donno...what were they doing last night? Time is 6.45am. but still no one is up. It is such a lazy family.

(oye geet! you are the one who has stolen all their sleep. don't you know that or waht?ROFL)

Something strikes in her mind

G: (st) last night i have twisted maan's ear. Hena?

( geet beta! you not only twisted his ear, but you kissed his forehead also. Don't you remember that? EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

She looks at his ear. She feels bad for him

G: (st) i am sorry maan. jaan puchkar meine yesa nahi kiya

Geet stretches her arm to caress his ear and stops in the middle

G: (st) geet! ye tum kya kar rahi ho? tume ye nahi malum hai ki kya karni hai aur kab karni hai. Is it the time for caressing his ear? If he wakes up by your touch he will definitely kick you out of the mansion. ab ye sab chodkar tumari problem ke baare me socho.

Maan turns to other side in his sleep. geet gets up from the bed and goes to the balcony and thinks for some time

G: (st) ab mein kya karu? haan...idea. When maan wakes up, if i am not here, then how will he kick me out of the mansion. he can't send me out of the mansion in my absence. Hena babaji!

Geet is excited by her own idea and she starts to praise her brain

G: wow...geet! your brain works like anything. Keep going baby. If your brain keeps on working like this, not only maan but even his grandfather, great grand father, great great grand father etc., too can not send you out of the mansion.

She smirks at her own thought

G: geet! now enough of your self appreciation. Before he wakes up now leave the mansion



It is almost 9am

Maan wakes up from his sleep and his eyes are still closed. He remembers the scene of geet kissing his forehead. A smile plays on his lips. He opens his eyes and looks towards geet's side of the bed. His smile disappears immediately. He is shocked to see that geet is missing. He gets up from the bed with a jerk

M: (st) ab ye geet kahan chali gayi?

Maan sees the sunlight that is coming through the window

M:(st) ab time kya hai?

He checks his clock

M: (st) 9'O clock. How much have i slept? Ab ye geet kahan hai?

Something strikes his mind and he goes and opens the washroom door to check if geet is there. He is disappointed

M: (st) last night, when she was taking shower in the washroom, i was searching for her in the entire mansion. today she is not in the washroom also. Ye geet ko doond doond kar mein ek din kho jaunga

He comes out of his thoughts and goes to the drawing room in search of geet. maan bumps into dev

Dev: sorry bro

Maan ignores dev's sorry and keeps on looking for geet.

Dev is lost in selfthoughts

D: (st) i must talk to bro about karan's matter. But how to start?

dev looks at maan and notices that maan's eyes are searching for someone

Dev: bro! Aap kisiko doond rahe hain kya?

Maan realises what he is doing and he stumbles

M:woh...woh...nahi tho

D; nahi?

M: haan dev...i am not searching for anyone

Maan turns to leave for his room. But dev stops him

Dev: bro...i need to talk to you about an important matter

Maan keeps on thinking about geet. he couldn't concentrate on anything what dev is talking.

Dev is confused by maan's silence

Dev: bro...aap sun rahe hain na?

But maan is completely lost in geet's thought.

M: (st) she is not in the drawing room. She was not in the wash room also. Where is she?

Suddenly, his words to geet pops into maan's mind, " I want you to leave from my life forever. Tomorrow you are leaving the mansion as well as my life,"

Maan is shocked to hell and his heart almost stops beating

M: (st) has geet left me?

Geet's words pops into his mind," maan! trust me. I will never go away from you. It is my promise"

He realises that he is calming down

M: (st) why my heart is saying that geet wouldn't have left me?

Dev is more confused by maan's behaviour. So he shakes maan

Dev: bro...are you alright?

Maan comes out of geet's thought

M: kya hua dev?

Dev: kya hua? Bro...wo hi tho mein bhi aap se pooch raha hu ki aap ko hua kya?

Without answering to dev, maan turns to leave. But dev becomes suspecious and stops maan

Dev: ek minute bro

Maan stops

Dev: are you thinking about that geet?

Maan is angry that he got caught by dev. He shouts at dev.

M: dev...bol ne se pehle soch karo. Why should i think about her?

Dev: sorry bro

Dev is confused by maan's question

Dev: (st) He is getting angry at the mention of her name itsef. Does he hate her that much?

Maan gives dev a stern look and starts to walk. but dev again stops him

Dev: bro...i need to talk to you about that geet

M: (st) does dev know where geet is? What is he going to talk about her?

Maan comes out of the thoughts and asks dev...

M: about geet?

Dev notices the sudden change in maan's face and the concern in his voice

Dev: haan bro

With out maan's knowledge a question excapes his mouth...

M: do you know where geet is now?

Dev is shocked by maan's question. Maan is also shocked by his own question

Dev; bro...are you searching for geet?

Maan closes his eyes in frustration

M: (st) ye mein kya kar raha hu? Why I am behaving like a stupid?

Dev: bro...

Maan goes back to MSK mode and shouts

M: stop it dev. I don't want to talk anything about geet. samja tum?

Dev: woh bro...ek bohat important...

M: bas. Ek aur shabd nahi

Saying this Maan immediately leaves for his room

Dev:(st) why bro is searching for that geet? did he really marry her? mujhe kuch samaj nahi aaraha hai


Maan walks into his room and sits on the bed...

M: has geet really left the mansion? what dev was trying to say about geet? why i am becoming so restless in geet's absence? Do i expect her to be with me forever?

He is shocked by his thought

M: No maan! you can't do this. stay away from her. that will be good for both

He thinks for sometime

M: will i ask her about that incident?

he goes to Flashback...

Maan rushing karan to the hospital...karan at the the Intensive Care Unit...maan sitting next to karan holding his hand tightly with tears in his eyes...maan's pleadings to the unconscious karan, "please karan! you too don't leave me like her. karan mujhe chod kar math jao...why did you do this to me? "... karan's funeral...maan's resolution..."i never want to see her again in my life time."


Tears gather in maan's eyes but he controls himself. He comes out of the flashback

M: (st) Maan! it is good that geet has left you. That is it. her chapter is closed. Now concentrate in your work.

He decides to leave for the office and gets up from the bed and opens the cup board to take out his dress. He couldn't believe what he just saw there. In the cupboard, Geet's salwars and other dresses are hanging along with maan's dresses.

that's it buddies...please post your comments and criticisms.
now...i got to catch up with some i'll send the PM later. sorry for that sweethearts.

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LLoved the pparoved loved the part

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