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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 114)

preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
loved the update...
i dont think so wat dev thinks is true...

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 6:44pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved maan
where has geet gone
is dev close 2 da truth
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Saams IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Ab yeh Geet kahan chali gayi???
Kya yaar tum yeh Geet ko kahan chupa rakha hai Tonya..Bechara Maan vuse toh neendh bhi nahi aa raha hai Geet ke bageir..
Chalo jo bhi ho jald hi jald Geet ko wapas picture mein laao yaar..:)

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Oh God! Now I'm more confused than ever!
What is the mystery behind Geet?
Great update Tonya!

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charlie1950 Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 3:09am | IP Logged
Hi tonya
hw ru sweety
i have been reading ur ff regularly
and thnxs for the pm
writin tis comment on my break time
as i m workin again.
this ff is diff.but with ur touch of hilarity,
a mystery involved anddd
ak and pk lol
lov ya

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Shimmerr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged
Great update dear!!

Plzzz continue soon and big updates dear!!!

And plzz bring geet in the nxt update back honey!!

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tonyahk Goldie

Joined: 07 June 2010
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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
hi Buddies,
thank you so much for your wonderful predictions and lovely comments. loved them very much. please keep posting your predictions. 143 sweethearts...Tonya
Part 24
Maan turns to go to the mansion and something strikes his mind and he stops and turns towards the security.
The security looks at maan with confusion
M: where did you go from 10.30 to 11.45 pm?
Security: (stumbles) wo sir...wo...

M: (shouts) bolo

Security: ...

M: i am waiting

Security: sir! You were searching for some geet?

The mention of geet's name diverts maan's attention from the security guard

M: (st) ye mein kya kar raha hu? Instead of searching for geet, i am wasting my time on a silly matter

(OMG!!! The absence of security guard for almost 2 hours has become a silly matter for MSKWink)

Maan immediately runs into the mansion

Security: (st) shukriya bhagavan. Whoever that geet may be, God please give her all the happiness. Today she has saved me from Maan sir

Maan comes close to his room. He hears some song is playing from his room. He is surprised

M:(st) song? from my room?

He enters inside his room and notices that geet is sitting on the couch and listening to music with her eyes closed. Maan is relieved to see her and he is lost in her. after few seconds he comes out of the trance and gets angry.

M: (st) here i am worried about her. but she is enjoying music as if nothing happened

He turns off the music player and pulls geet towards him. Geet is shocked and she opens her eyes and looks at maan with confusion

M: geet! what do you think of yourself?

G: (st) ye achanak inko kya hogaya

M:i told you to sleep...

Geet thinks that maan is angry with her for not sleeping. So she cuts his words short and asks him

G: maan! i am not sleepy. That is why i am listening to music. Do you have any problem with that also?

Maan is annoyed by her reply

M: geet! don't try to change the topic. Now tell me where the hell did you go?

Geet misunderstands that maan is asking about the morning...

G: (st) what happened to him? He only told dadima to send me out of the mansion before he returns from office. Now why is he asking me where did i go in the morning?

M: geet! bolo

G: maan! i had been to my maika

M: (confused) kya?

G: haan maan! i wanted to move my things from my maika to the mansion. that is why in the morning  i went to my maika along with with Ajay bhaiya and others

Maan understands what she is talking about morning

M: geet! i am not asking about that

G: phir?

M: where did you go half an hour before?

G: maan! i didn't go anywhere. I was in the room only

M: jhoot math bolo geet

G: maan! me sach me sach bol rahi hu

Maan pulls her more close to him. Geet is shocked and looks into his eyes. Maan looks into her eyes and says

M: geet! when i came back from my work out, you were not in the room. Do you know how much i was worried about you? Pagal ke tarah...meine tume doond raha tha

Hearing what maan just said, Geet's heart beat quickens.

G: (st) is he really worried about me? Ye mujhe kya ho rahi hai?

Maan couldn't belive that he said those words to her. he releases geet from his hold

M: (st) maan! ye tum kya kar raha hu? Control your emotions now

Geet understands his restlessness and she tries to calm him down

G: maan! ab aap shanth hojayiye. I didn't go anywhere.  Half an hour before, I was taking shower in the washroom. You may not have noticed that.

Maan recalls that he heard the feeble sound of shower when he came back to his room

M: (st) why it didn't strike my mind? How come i ignored the shower sound? as soon as i found out that she was not in the room, why i became so restless. Why i couldn't think properly?

Geet tries to comfort maan. she takes maan's hands into hers and says assuringly

G: maan! trust me. I will never go away from you. It is my promise

Maan's heart skips a beat. He looks into her eyes and tries to read her mind

M: (st) why i am thinking that she is saying these words deep from her heart?

geet looks into his eyes. So now it is time for Mahiii Mahiii eyelock. After some time maan comes out of the trance

M: (st) please maan! now stop all these non-sense

Maan goes to MSK mode and he pulls back his hands from her hold. Geet is lil bit hurt.

M: (shouts) ab ban karo tumari ye emotional bathein. Mujhe nafrat hai emotions se. Samji tum? (courtesy: GHSP)

G: if you hate emotions, then why were you worried about me maan? why do you care for me?

Maan is dumbstruck by her question and he couldn't react

M: (st) what is she asking? do i care for her?

G: ab aap chup kyun rahe hai? Boliyena maan

M: ...

M: (st) maan! you are such an idiot. How can you let her know your feelings so easily? Ye mujhe kya ho gaya? What feelings am i talking about? Is there any such feelings? Who is she to me? Why should i care for her? No maan! you can't have any feelings for any woman. Samji tum?

G: ab boliye maan

Maan has lost his patience and shouts

M: chup bilkul chup


M: neither i am worried about you nor I care for you. Tum mere liye kuch bhi nahi hai. Samji tum?

Geet is hurt by his words. but she says softly

G: but maan! you mean everything to me

M: bas. Now enough of your lies


M: now listen to me carefully! I want you to leave from my life forever. Tomorrow you are leaving the mansion as well as my life. that is it. Samji tum?

G: maan! meri bath suniye...

M: stop it. i don't want to waste my time in useless arguments.

Saying this maan goes to the bed. He lays on it, closes his eyes and tries to sleep.

G: (st) hey babaji! maan himself brought me to his room a few hours ago. Now he wants me to leave the mansion. Why his mood is swinging so swiftly? Ab mein kya karu?

Geet also goes to the bed and she lays next to maan. she closes her eyes and tries to sleep.

Maan feels her presence next to him. But he didn't want to turn towards her. he starts to think something about geet. but he stops himself...

M: (st) maan! i know what are you going to do now? You are going to feel bad for geet. hena? now enough of your concerns for her. ab chup chap sojao. Wo hi tumari liye acha hoga. Samji tum?

G: (st) hey babaji! Kal subha tak maan ke mood ko teek kar deejiye taaki wo mujhe is ghar se bahar nahi nikelege

After some time, maaneet both fell asleep

Time is almost 4am. Maaneet both are still in deep sleep.

Maan turns towards geet in his sleep.

After some time...maan feels that someone is caressing his head. He opens his eyes with a jerk. He is shocked to see that geet is almost cuddling into his chest and her left hand is caressing his head gently. Maan couldn't believe his own eyes. He rubs his eyes and again sees her in the dim light. Geet's eyes are still closed.

Maan is confused

M: (st) what is she doing?

Maan calls her name

M: geet!!

But geet is in semi sleep. So there is no response from her

M: geet! ye tum kya kar rahi ho? Muje se dhur raho

G: (she murmers in sleep) hmm

She didn't even move a bit away from him

M: geet! tum ne suna nahi maine kya kaha? Now move away from me

G: hmmm

She moves still closer to him

M: geet! i told you to move away not closer. Can't you understand anything properly? Now move away from me

G: hmmm

Geet moves still closer to him and he is terrified.  Maan moves back and geet follows him. Now maan is almost on the edge of the bed. he turns on the lights and looks at geet who is still sleeping

M: geet! are you really sleeping or pretending to be sleeping?

G: hmmm

Maan rolls his eyes

M: ye tho sach me so rahi hai

G: hmmm

Geet moves still closer to maan

M: (shouts) geet! aage math aao. Varna hum dono bed se gir jayenge

G: hmmm

Geet tries to move still closer to him. Maan stops her and manages to push her lil bit. Geet is still caressing maan's head gently

M: geet! meri bath suno. Now stop this non sense

geet stops caressing his head and pulls her hand away from his head. Maan is relieved and he takes a deep breath

M: (st) pagal ladki...patha nahi what she was upto? In her sleep also she remembers that she is a pagal and she acts accordingly

now geet puts her arm around maan's waist

Maan is more shocked

M: (st) geet! ye tum kya kar rahi ho?

Geet is still in semi sleep

G: hmmm

M: geet! tum bhul gayi kya ki ab tum ek parayee mard ke sath ho. Now behave yourself

G: hmmm

M: geet! ye sab ban karo. Now Wake up geet

G: hmmm

Her eyes are still closed

Maan rolls his eyes

M: geet! now open your eyes and see for yourself what you are doing

Geet moves her face close to maan's face. Maan is more shocked

M: geet! now what are you going to do?

G: hmmm

Maan tries to push geet away from him. But before he could do anything, geet kisses his forehead gently. Maan's heart almost stops. he is no longer trying to push her away from him. He closes his eyes and enjoys her kiss. Geet is still in semi sleep. She is not even aware of what she is doing right now. Maan is lost in her kiss. Now geet's hand slips to maan's ears. But maan is too lost in her kiss to realise what she is doing. Geet grabs maan's right ear and twists it hard. This brings our MSK back to this world. out of reflex, maan pushes her hand away from his ear and he screams in pain

M: ouch...oh my ear

Geet's sleep is disturbed by maan's scream. at last She opens her eyes, pulls her face lil bit away from maan's and stares at maan with confusion. Still she didn't realise that she is so close to maan

Maan realises what just happened and he is fuming with anger

M: (st) what is she thinking of herself? She is kissing my forehead as if it is a public property. Maan! forehead kiss ko bhi chod didn't hurt that much na?. But she pinched my ear like anything. It hurts like hell. Patha nahi...what does she eat?

Maan is shocked at his own thought

M: (st) ye mein kya soch raha hu? Am i enjoying her closeness?

Maan becomes angry on himself and he closes his eyes in frustration. Geet asks him innocently

G: kya hua maan?

Maan realises that geet is still close to him. He opens his eyes and pushes her away from him forcibly and gets up from the bed and sits. Now only geet realises how close she was with him. She is shocked to death. She too gets up from the bed and sits.

G: (st) hey babaji! What happened? How come i was so close with him? Did he pull me to him?

Geet turns towards maan and gives him an angry look. Maan is looking at her as if he is going to kill her right now.
that's it buddies...i have written parts 24 and 25 in the morning itself. but i was not satisfied. so i rewrote part 24. that is why this delay. sorry for that. please let me know your views about this part.
now i am rewriting Part 25. once it is completed i will update it...143 buddies...Tonya

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