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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 108)

felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 November 2007
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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naamteeg Senior Member

Joined: 12 November 2010
Posts: 825

Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Hi Tonya... I have caught up!!Smile

Maan and Geet have not moved far from the gate, where I left them 3 updates ago.LOLI guess they were killing time till I got back...ROFL

But the clues about the mystery have picked up speed..Clap awesome it is getting really interesting..

And I knew my MundaEmbarrassed is a gentleman and will always remain a gentleman... awe he really did this for Geet!!...

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 January 2009
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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
so karan heard girlfriend
but nobody knows interesting
she real karan so called girlfriend
atleast  dev got the hunch
real make all khurana sleepless
another mystery to be solved
MB mean maan bhai a they siblings
vicky & the rest khurana or related
NT did something that why dadi & jugnu
mama cant sleep at all
i hope dev doesnt tell maan anything
or else his anger i'll ouburst without
cant wait to know more
the story turning interesting now
keep up the good work yaar

thanks 4 pm
waiting next part

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 October 2010
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tonyahk

Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by teju2292

Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by teju2292

Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by tonyahk

Originally posted by -dia-

If Maan's mood swing like this from normal mode to MSK mode day he ll ask himself for sure ...

"Sach mae mei Maan Singh Khurana hai kya???"ShockedLOL

hi dia,
thank god! finally you are back. hope your mood is fine now.
i was missing your comments.
"Sach mae mei Maan Singh Khurana hai kya???"
don't worry yaar. he is constrcting the Mental Mall he will be staying there permenantly as the chief patient.
btw...what is the latest development in Jugnu mama's bhangra? please update kar do yaar
wait...what aboutJourney of Manhu Love Oops ...Dostana story. wo bhi update kar do yaar
143 buddy,

Hi Tonya

I'm absolutely fine ...missed u too & funny posts ...

Mental Mall is fully reserved as the chief Senior Doctor is most hot & happening ... aur Jugnu mama had fully reserved for himself along with the duo couple Manisha-Chandu LOL 

as for Jugnu mama's lateset bangra u go ...hope u ll enjoy itLOL

as for Journey of Manhu's Love oops ...Dostana story ...U have wait as I have examsWink

143 Buddy

hey dia...
ufff...finally u r back...
tum to tum hi yaar...
wah wah...jugnu mama...improved well...he heLOL
mental mall should be filled MSK to hai waha...Wink

Hey Teja ...

he he ...ya finally I'm back ...& its really good to be back too ...missed u Gurls

woh tho haiWink

MSK tho Mental Mall mein nahi hoo ...kyu ki Geet ne mana kiya ...due to the Hot & happening Chief Senior Doc in chargeLOL

nd do u want to knw who is the H&H Doc??? ...well here U go Dr.BeejiLOL

143 Buddy

omg dia...
tum bhi na
beeji and hot...wowwwLOL
and geet ne MSK ko mana kiya jaanese...
she is sooo possesive...LOL

possessive nahi yaar save him from any storkeLOL kyu ki ...Jugnu Mama is taking lesson from Manhu's to woo Dr.BeejiLOL
@ dia and Teja
Oh girls!!! you both are aagin back on the fun track? thank god!! i was busy yesterday and couldn't come to IF at that time. otherwise my stomach would have been damaged again.  bechara insurance many times will they pay for my stomach.ROFLROFLROFL
just kidding buddies... actually i have missed the funny chat. CryCry
jugnu mama bhangra improvement yaar
Dr. Beeji...Hot & happening Chief Senior Doc in charge in Mental Mall
dia kya hai yaar?...pagal hone ke bath bhi hum log chain se ji nahi sakthe hai kya? poor us.
who is the head of HR department? please remove her/him immediatelyROFLROFLROFL
Jugnu Mama is taking lesson from Manhu's to woo Dr.Beeji
thud i fainted. girls!!! what are you both upto?Wink
thank you so much for all fun you create in MMM thread buddies.
all the best for your exams dia.
143 girls

HR dept ko kuch nahi hoga as the head is Tej Veerji ...who is now busy in taking class from Manish

Btw I still didn't get time to read the part ...but ll read it soonTongue

143 Buddy

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tonyahk Goldie

Joined: 07 June 2010
Posts: 1671

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged

Hi buddies,

Thank you so much for your wonderful predictions and comments. please, keep posting your predictions sweethearts...143...Tonya


Part 23

From the gym, Maan is walking towards his room and he is lost in some thoughts

M: (st) now i must ask geet's full name. I don't even know her full name. But she is claiming me as her husband. What if geet has slept by now? It is already 12.45am. how can i wake up her now? i should not disturb her at this time. I can ask her tomorrow morning.

Something strikes his mind and he continues his self thought

M: (st) But tomorrow i am going to send her out of the mansion. Then how can i ask her?...chodo maan! if you are going to send her out then what is the need to enquire about her identity at all. Just leave this matter maan. Tomorrow geet will be gone from your life forever.

His last sentence echoes in his ears "Tomorrow geet will be gone from your life forever"

Maan is hurt by his own words.

M:(st) will geet ever leave me?

Maan realises that he went too far

M: (st) maan! Ye tum kya soch raha ho? woh geet ke bare me jyada math socho,varna tum zaroor pagal hojayga

Maan composes himself and goes to MSK mode

M: (st) Maan Singh Khurana wo hi kartha hai jo unka dimag kehtha hai. it doesn't matter whatever happens tomorrow, i will send her out of the mansion.

He walks into his room and looks at the bed. But geet was not there. He is shocked

M: (st) ab ye geet kahan chali gayi?

He looks at the couch to check geet's bags. but her bags were not there. Now maan is more agitated

M: (st) where are geet's bags? iska matlab...has she left the mansion?

Maan couldn't imagine beyond that and he starts to search for her.

M: (st) geet! tum kahan ho?


@dev's room

Dev is lying on his bed and he is still thinking about the connection between Karan and geet.

Dev: (st) socho dev! There must be some clue to confirm your doubt. Why i feel that geet is karan's girlfriend.

Dev rewinds the happenings since the time geet came to the mandap and stopped maan's marriage. He tries to recollect whatever geet said in the mandap and something strikes his mind. He gets up from the bed with a jerk

He recalls geet's word

"i and maan have been in love with each other for the past 2 years. About a year ago, due to some unavoidable circumstances, maan married me secretely in a mandir. He promised me that he will take me home once karan's problems are solved. But unfortunately karan commited suicide immediately after our shaadi. maan was so devastated by karan's loss."

Dev again recalls her words

"He promised me that he will take me home once karan's problems are solved. But unfortunately karan commited suicide immediately after our shaadi. maan was so devastated by karan's loss."

Dev: (st) what did she mean by karan's problems? Until karan committed suicide, any one in our house didn't know anything about his love problem. Karan had sounded so normal. Then what did she mean by karan's problem that was alleged cited as a reason by maan bro for not taking her to home?

Dev tries to connect the dots...

Dev: (st) In the mandap, geet talked about karan's suicide. What did she say?... karan commited suicide immediately after her so called  shaadi with maan bro. Iska matlab...

Dev is too shocked at his findings

Dev: (st) yes! i am damn sure. Geet is karan's girlfriend. She might have betrayed karan and married maan bro, by hiding from him the truth about her relationship with karan. Later Karan would have come to know about the secret marriage between maan bro and geet. so he would have heart-broken by her betrayal. This is what geet would have referred to as karan's problems. Hena?

Dev is more shocked at the things unfolding in his mind

Dev: (st) because of geet's betrayal, karan would have committed suicide. Later, Maan bro would have come to know about the relationship between geet and karan. Maan bro must be angry with geet for cheating him. Also bro must be feeling guilty for karan's death and that is why he is refusing to accept geet as his wife. Hena?

Dev couldn't believe what he is thinking

Dev: iska matlab...maan bro and geet are the reason for karan's suicide. Hena?

Dev couldn't digest that maan could be the reason for karan's suicide

Dev: (st) But why did maan bro marry geet? how come karan came to know about their so called secret marriage? How come maan bro came to know about geet's previous relationship with karan?

Dev is hell confused

Dev: (st) how will i ask maan bro about this? how would he react if i ask him? Should i talk with dadima about this? Muje kuch samaj nahi aarahi hai.

Dev didn't know what to do and lays back on his bed and tries to sleep

Maan have searched almost the entire mansion. but he couldn't find geet anywhere. He is so restless. He didn't know what is happening to him? His heart beats quickens.

M: (st) geet! kahan ho tum? Have you left me?

He runs to the drawing room and bumps into chandu who is walking in the drawing room.

(ye kya hai yaar? Pura Khurana family ko koi bimar hai kya? all are walking in the drawing room at midnight. I think they all are nocturnals. No one is sleeping and their brains are very active during nightROFL)

Maan is irritated and shouts

M: Chandu! Tum isi waqt yahan kya kar raha hu?

Bus chandu is lost in some thoughts and didn't reply to maan.

Chandu: (st) what maan sir is doing here? Geet madam inka kamare mein nahi hai kya?

M: chandu! Mein tum se kuch puch raha hu

Chandu is too scared to say anything. So he keeps quiet

M: (st) patha chandu ko kya hogaya? Since the time geet came here, he behaves so strangely

Maan shakes his head and turns around to leave. Chandu gathers courage and asks

Chandu: sir! Aap kisi ko doond rahe hai kya?

Maan is excited at chandu's question and he asks hurriedly

M: tum geet ko kahi dekha?

Chandu: malab...Aap ki biwi ko?

M: (shouts) chup


M: ab jao yahan se

Chandu: (st) few hours back he was hugging his wife. But he gets angry when i say his wife as his wife. Patha nahi inke problem kya hai?

Chandu is still standing in front of maan.the latter is more irritated

M: chandu! Tum ne suna nahi maine kya kaha? Ab jao yahan se

Saying this maan runs towards the gate

Chandu: (st) why is he running towards the gate? is he going to hug his wife again at the gate? chodo...chandu. if you keep on thinking about maan sir, then you can't sleep at all.

(chalo...MSK has stolen the sleep of bechara Chandu also. How dreamy..ROFL)

M: (st) geet! who are you? Where did you come from? What are you doing to me? Where have you gone? Now where would i search for you?

He couldn't find answer for any of his questions

Maan comes to the gate and notices the security gurad there

M: security! Did you see geet?

The security didn't know who geet is and he is confused

Security: geet? wo kaun hai sir?

M: (st) what to do now? the security doesn't even know who is geet. leave alone him maan! you yourself don't know who is geet

Security: sir, as far as i know there is no one in the mansion with the name geet. phir aap kis geet ke bare me puch rahe hai sir?

M: (st) ab mein kya kahu?

Security: sir...

M: (st) geet! tum kahan ho?

Security: geet kaun hai?

M: (st) maan! some how you have to find out geet. donno, where did she go at this time? If something happens to her...

Maan couldn't think beyond that. he closes his eyes in anxiety

Security: sir, koi problem hai kya?

Maan opens his eyes and he comforts himself

M: (st) no maan! Definitely geet wouldn't have left you. She must be somewhere inside the mansion only

The security is hell confused at maan's strange behaviour.

Maan turns to go to the mansion and something strikes his mind and he stops and turns towards the security.

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:05am | IP Logged
i knw man ahd feeling towards her
then marriage before 2yrs
wht happened to him
is geet really gf for karan
or naything...omg
say sm more hints

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monika1992 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Awesome n thanks 4 PM

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mayurmaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged
lmao.. wow.. maan and dev.. zyada mat socho.. pagal ho jao ge.. hehehe.. well hamari geet ka asar hi kuch aisa hai.. lol.. nice part yaar.. continue soon.. 

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