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FF - Mystery of Mrs.MSK Thread#1 | Part 1 to 27 (Page 103)

tonyahk Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

Hi buddies,

Thank you so much for your awesome comments. Loved them all. And i got some wonderful predictions too. Thanks for that buddies. 143 ...Tonya


Part 22

Maan walks into his room followed by geet. he settles geet's bags on the couch.

Geet is silently watching him

M: geet! tum so jao

Saying this maan turns around to walk out of his room. Geet stops him

G: rukhiyena maan!

Maan stops

G: where are you going at this time?

He is irritated by her question

M: (shouts) don't ask me questions as if you are my wife. Samji tum?

As both are tired, Geet didn't want to argue with him anymore. So she keeps quiet. Maan feels bad and he talks in a soft tone

M: geet! mere liye kuch kam hai. I'll be back soon.

Geet didn't feel like leaving him. So she keeps quiet to express her unhappiness about his leaving


Maan didn't know why he wants to confort her. but he tries

M: Ab tum sojao geet


M: geet! i am not going anywhere. i am just going for my workout, i'll be back in half an hour

G: kya mein bhi aap ke sath aa sakthi hu?

M: kahan? To gym?

G: ji

Maan rolls his eyes

M: (st) patha nahi...what does she want from me?

Without replying to her, maan silently walks towards the washroom

G: maan! Mein bhi aap ke sath aarahi hu

Maan understand that geet is talking about gym. But he asks her sarcastically

M: kahan? To washroom?

Geet didn't realise what he asked just now. So she answers blindly

G: ji

Maan is terrified

M: kyaaa?

Geet is confused by his Kyaaa? And she looks at his terrified face.

M: (st) she wants to come with me to washroom also? what she is upto?

she realises what she just said and she is shocked.

G: (says loudly) chi chi babaji!

Maan is silently watching her. geet comes out of the shock and asks him so innocently

G: maan! Are you going to do the taichi practice in washroom?

M: kya?

Geet realises what she just asked and she stumbles

G: wo mera matlab hai...what are you going to do in the washroom?

Maan is super duper embarrassed by her question. Geet closes her mouth with her hand

G: (st) geet! tum bhi na? Don't you know what will people do in wash room?  what is the need to ask him?

Maan is giving her murderous look. Geet gives him an uncomfortable smile. Maan is amused by her gesture.

M: (st) mein kya karu is pagal ladki ke sath?

He shakes his head and leaves for the gym

(bechara, because of geet's embarrassing question he has even dropped the idea of going to washroom.ROFL)

Geet is too embarrassed to stop him. So she lets him to go


@12.15 am

Dev is walking in the drawing room. Anne who comes to take water notices him and walks to him

Annie: dev bhai

Dev: haan anne

Anne: aap isi waqt yahan kya kar rahe hai?

Dev: wo anne...

Anne: aren't you sleepy?

Dev: no anne

Anne: kya hua bhai? Aap ab bhi wo geet ke bare me soch rahe hai kya?

Dev: geet ke bare me nahi...

Anne: iska matlab...are you thinking about that Vicky?

Dev: no anne. I am thinking about that ajay

Anne: ajay?

Dev: haan anne...ajay, wo geet ka bada bhai

Anne: what are you thinking about him bhai?

Dev: i have seen him somewhere

Anne: where?

Dev: i couldn't recollect it. But i am sure i have seen him before

Anne: please try to recollect it bhai. If we get some information about him, we can get to know about this geet also

Dev: haan anne. That is what i am trying

Dev is thinking very hard to recollect where he met ajay


@dadima's room

Dadi is laying on her bed. She too couldn't sleep. She is lost in some thoughts

D: (st) wo Vicky kaun hai? What jugnu is hiding from me about that Vicky and geet? has maan really married geet? why he was hugging her? if geet is not maan's wife, then who is she?

Something strikes dadi's mind

D: (st) by any chance, is geet related to that Nayantara?

Dadi couldn't understand anything and she closes her eyes and tries to sleep.


Jugnu mama @ his room

Jugnu mama is remembering whatever happened at the breakfast table in the morning

Jug: (st) is Vicky really that boy? If he is that boy, then why he didn't even talk a word with maaji? But why he got so emotional when he saw maan. Why he is calling maan as MB? When he feels somthing for maan, why he is not feeling the same for maaji? Is he really geet's brother? Am i imagining too much about him. I think geet would have come back. Tomorrow i must talk to her about this vicky's matter

Jugnu mama closes his eyes and tries to get some sleep


@ the gym

Maan is practicing taichi. He couldn't concentrate in it. He keeps on remembering about what happened at the gate some time back.

Geet's words, "you may not need me in your life. But I need you maan. You are my life. I can't live with out you" keeps on echoing in his ears

He remembers geet's tears when his foot was hurt, their hug, his words 'I love you" to her

He is so disturbed by geet's thoughts. He couldn't practice his taichi anymore. He sits on the floor

M: (st) what is happening to me? Why i couldn't stop thinking about geet? i am getting affected by her?


Maan's mobile rings. Maan notices the caller's name and he is excited. He attends the call immediately. Here is his one sided conversation with the person on the other side

M: hello

M: hmmm

M: did you get any information about her?

M: nahi? kyun?

M: wo ladki ka naam?

M: meine kaha thana ki...Geet

M: full name?

M: i don't know

M: teek hai... i'll try to find out her full name and inform you tomorrow

M: hospital ka naam?

M: wo...

M: didn't admit her in the hospital. I gave that job to karan.

M: haan...but i didn't ask him the hospital's name

M: 15 days before karan's death.

(karan is maan's younger brother who killed himself by committing suicide due to love failure a year ago)

M: exact date?

M: hmmm...22nd Febraury of last year

M: see, i don't want any excuse. I want full information about her within two days. Got it?

M: hmm...i'll call you tomorrow


Maan cuts the call.

The thought of karan brings tears in maan's eyes.

M: (st) tum yesa kyun kiya karan?

maan is too upset. maan closes his eyes and geet's face pops into his mind. he realises that some calmness is spreading through him. he keeps his closed for sometime and enjoys that feeling.
M: (st) what are you doing to me geet?

after few minutes he opens his eyes and he leaves for his room.


@drawing room
it is almost 12.45am. Dev and anne are still sitting on the couch. Dev is thinking deeply. Suddenly something flashes in dev's mind. Dev exclaims

Dev: yes! I got it

Anne is happy

Anne: bhai! Do you remember where you saw that ajay?

Dev: haan anne

Anne: kahan bhai?

Dev: at karan's funeral

Anne: kya? at karan's funeral?

Dev: haan anne. He was present at karan's funeral

Anne: iska matlab? Wo Ajay might have been a friend of karan. Hena bhai?

Dev: i don't think so anne

Anne: kyun bhai?

Dev: i think karan had known ajay through this geet only

Anne: what are you saying bhai? Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aarahi hai

Dev: anne! If my guess is correct, geet must be the so called girl friend of Karan

Anne is shocked

Anne: kya?

Dev: haan anne. Anyone from our family had not even seen the so called girl friend of karan. He had never talked about his love and that girl. After reading his suicide note only, we all came to know that he was in love with a girl. But till date no one knows who that girl is. So geet may be that girl

Anne: bhai ...iska matlab...geet is the reason for karan suicide. Hena?

Dev: patha nahi annie. I am not sure if she was the girlfriend of karan or not.

Anne: ab hum kya karenge bhai?

Dev: i must talk to maan bro about this

Anne is worried

Anne: bhai! Mujhe bohat dar lag rahi hai. What this geet is going to do to maan bhai?

Dev: don't worry anne. No one can mess with maan bhai.  Ab tum jakar sojao

Anne agrees and leaves the place

Dev: i must talk to bro about the link between karan's death and this geet.

Dev too leaves for his room

that is it buddies...please do let me know what you feel about this part...143...Tonya
sweethearts, i know that this part is very serious and mysterious. so please read the hilarious post by 'niddz' which is right below this one. she is too funny. her post will compensate for the lack of funny scenes in this part 22. please don't miss that post dears
buddies, i am yet to reply to your hilarious posts. was lil bit busy. so i didn't reply. please bear with me. i'll post my reply tomorrow. 143 girls.

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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oh god tonya r u serious
dev found out abt d reason
he must b under so much stress
wowww he finally used his small idiotic brain for sm gud use
n anne n dev worried abt maan
thts surprising 
i thought thy just wanted 2 b in his gud books
bt thy sound serious
n dev knowing ajay
n jugnu mama n dadi thinking thy know vicky
so much mystery tonya
we should make u d mystery queen
n d washroom part wowww
bechara washroom bcoz of geet he was deprived of his owner MSK
awesomeee update luved ittt

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update
Loved it
Loved maaneet
Story is getting interesting
Can't wait 4 of da mystery 2 b revealed
Con soon

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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loved the update buddy 

Dev and his over working brain ... now he's gonna confuse Maan all the more and Maan being the khadoos dusht danav will vent out all his frustration on our poor Geet ...  is Dev ki to Angry

no need to worry about the funny parts ... given the seriousness of the story line ... serious updates are very much needed ...infact if u try to merge it with funny ones .. then i guess it will ruin the whole mystery ... just my POV

just like the funny updates ..ur serious updates are as good. 

continue soon 

143 buddy


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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome ... superb ...

continue soon ...

nidz was real funny ... liked it ..

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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome...loved it...

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update
loved it 
jennifer1993 Goldie

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really mysterious

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