Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

A scene written for "Maaneet Karvachaut".

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This is the entire "karvachaut suggestion scene" written in parts as episodes as they come daily..

Scene 1:Maan and Geet in amritsar thinking about their first karva chaut..

Maan on call:

Maan: dadimaa jaisa aapne kaha hai mein waisa hi karunga..

Scene 2:

Its late night and everyone is sleeping:

Maan sneaks in the kitchen and secrretly prepares food for Geet which she can have as sargi before sunrise...while he is preparing..lacchi comes in between for water...and finds lights on..she goes away and Maan closes the door of kitchen...

Maan prepares food for Geet and then calls Adi who is there as guest...Adi takes the food to Geet's room and Maan secretly passes Jugnu mama,lucky and teji's room and finally enters Geet's room...

Scene 3:

( Maahi in the backdrop as Maan sees Geet sleeping calmly he takes the bag from adi in which he has gifts for Geet and closes the door from inside..)

He comes close to Geet..( Geet's close up) waves her hand..and kisses her on forehead...

Geet wakes up and finds Maan in there and she feels worried as pammi bhabhi wud come early in her room before sunrise..

Geet: Maan aap yahan kyu aaye,aur aaj toh pammi bhabhi jaldi aajayengi..aap jaiyiye yahan se

Maan keeps hand on Geet's shut her up

Maan:Geet tumhara pehla karva chaut hai aur mein chahta tha ki hum saath rahein poora din,lekin iss baar shayad yeh mumkin nahi,isiliye sabke jaagne se pehle aagaya..aaj mein sajayunga apni Geet ko uske pehle karva chaut ke liye..dulhan ki tarah sajegi Geet aur Maan sajayega apni Geet ko.

Geet;accha,aap toh mera dress laaye hi nahi,aur bina naap ke kaun silvakar dega aapko..

Maan shows Geet her red dress...

Geet smiles and Maan asks her to wear it and come...

Scene 4:

: ( Musical maahi moment as Geet takes bath..comes out with the red dress and hair still wet...

sensous Maahi Maan walks towards Geet and first arranges her hair..holds her and brings her infront of the mirror...

Maan helping Geet get ready...imagine all that you can..right from jewellery to touches and expressions of drashti and Gurmeet in detail. ( which the present team just lacks to show and rushes or hurries up to go back to dev and nandini's disgusting love story and maamji's irritating over stretched comedy)..

Maan first arranges Geet's hair..makes her wear jewellery...then duppatta on her head...finally it is time for sindoor and bindi...

Scene 5:

Geet is all ready and Maan looks at Geet and feels good to see his wife dressed perfectly for her karvachaut...he kisses Geet's forehead and then..

Maan:yeh woh kangan hai Geet jo mein tumhein suhaagraat waale din gift karna chahta tha..dadi ke diye kangan ...

Maahi in the high pitch and tone as Maan gifts those kangans and helps Geet wear them...

Geet hugs Maan and both in each other's arms...

Scene 6:

Maan takes Geet towards the table and show her what he had prepared for her...Geet smiles and thanks Maan and aks him when did he do all this..

Maan:chalo aao Geet kuch khalo
Geet;aap kuch laaye ho
Maan:haan aur yeh meine apne haathon se banaya hai tumharein liye..woh bhi chupke chupke
Geet smiles and so does Maan and both sit down...

Geet follows the traditional pattern,has 5 fruits,5 dry fruits and everything as sadi by dadi and then finally after offering prayer...she has food...

Maan serves Geet with food with his won hand and so does Geet as both enjoy having food together...

cene 1: Maan and Geet:

Geet: Bahut accha bana hai,lekin Maan aapne yeh banaye kaise aur lacchi
Maan:usse Dev aur Adi ke saath bitha diya baatein karne..jugnu mamaji ko bottle thama di aur lucky ki luv story dev se kehkar set karvadi..aur mein free hogaya tumharein liye yeh sab tayaar karne..

Geet smiles and hugs Maan and thanks him..

Geet:aap itna kuch kar rahein hai,woh bhi mere liye..mere pehle karvachaut ke liye

Maan:Geet meine wada kiya tha tumhein har ek khushi dene ki aur phir hum saath hai woh hi kaafi hai,aur agar tumhein yeh lagta hai ki agar hum delhi mein hote toh yu chori chori mujhe nahi aana padta aur iss baat ka mujhe afsos hai toh tum galat ho..chaahein kuch bhi hojaye tumhara Maan tumharein paas tumhein har woh khushi dene jarur aayega..aur phir chori chori karne mein mujhe accha lag raha hai..

Geet:lekin mujhe accha nahi lag raha..aap din bhar teji veer ke saath unka kaam karte ho aur phir raat ko yeh sab

Maan:mein kaunsa roz roz karne waala hu aur haan ab tum yeh sab sochna chodo..aur khushi khushi apna karva chaut manao..mein apni mishty ko khush dekhna chahtu aur koi aansu nahi,,itni mehnat se itna sab kiya aur tum ho ki..

Geet smiles and kisses Maan on his cheeks to thank him...

Maan:Accha mein chalta hu..

Maan gets up and Geet holds Maan back...

Maan:Geet mujhe bahar jaana hai aur abhi niklunga toh sham tak laut payunga aur phir tumne challenge jo kiya ha,usse jeetna bhi toh hai..

Geet gets up and hugs Maan and feels for him..

Geet: kitna kaam karenge..nahi chahiye yeh sab..kya fayda dil jeetne ka agar hum hamari khushiya saaath nahi mana sakte..
Maan:Geet tum woh saari khushiya jeeyogi,mein tumharein paas rahunga aur shaam ko dekhna sabke saamne mein tumhara vrat todunga..
Maan:yakin hai mujh par
Geet nods her head and says yes..
Maan:chalo ab mood theek karo aur mein tumhein jald se jald milunga..

Maan goes and Geet smiles and hears pammi bhabhi knocking the door..


Pammi bhabhi is surprised to see Geet all set..done with sargi and everything and asks her if she was going to be like that the whole day as ideally they were supposed to get ready in the evening...Geet informs she was ready and wud stay like that till the evening.

episode ends.

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Karvachaut next episode:

Scene 1: Geet upset as everyone is around..teji is roaming around, is there...lucky mama but Maan is out working for her family

Disgusted with her family she moves up and goes to her room and feels bad for Maan and despite Maan asking her not to feel bad she feels extremely guilty and bad becoz only becoz of her, Maan was in that situation and like all her functions and moments even this was getting ruined.

( Musical maahi in the background as Maann comes in)

Maan walks towards Geet and Geet who is facing her back towards Maan..feels extreemly good to see Maan as Maan hugs her from behind and comes close to Geet's ears and says quietly:

Maan:yeh toh cheating hai Geet,tumne wada kiya tha

Geet turns and hugs Maan ( Mahi pitch rises as Geet hugs Maan with tears of guilt and as well as the fact that she missed him alot inthose few hours after early morning when Maan met her)

Geet:nahi nibhana aisa koi bhi wada jo aapko itni takleef de..
Geet:Maan aaj sabke saamne bata dijiye..ab aur nahi...mann par ek bojh hai Maan ki yeh sab meri wajah se ho raha hai aur Maan aap abhi isi waqt se meri nazron ke saamne se nahi jaayenge..phir koi aaye ya humein dekh le..sabko mein sambhal lungi..nahi karni kisiki bhi parwaah

Maan understands Geet's frustation as she loved him alot and also missed him alot

Maan:Geet nahi jaunga kaha na aur haa humne jo socha hai hum woh karke lautenge aur mein tumhein poori izzat ke saath yahan se le jaunga..ab tum shant hojao aur haa tumhari thaali kahan hai

Geet with upset face points towards the table:
Maan smiles and picks Geet in his arms..

Maan:chalo tumhari thali sajate hai...

Scene 2; Musical Maahi moment

Maan and Geet decorate the plate and Maan feels good to see Geet smiling and enjoying herself in his arms..and celebrating her first karvachaut.

Scene 3: Lacchi knocks the door and Geet feels irritated..she asks Maan to be there

Lacchi: Geet didi aapko neeche bulaya hai

Geet: Mein thodi der baad aayungi keh do beeji se aur haa mein aaram kar rahi hu toh sabse keh dena koi mujhe tang na karein..

Lacchi feels Geet was upset and very angry

scene 4:

Maan:bechari laccchi uss par apna gussa kyu utar rahi ho

Geet:toh aap par utaru,subah se bhuki hu aur aap bhi nahi the aur phir yeh sab mujhe pasand nahi,nahi pasand mujhe aapse dur rehna aur sabki nazron se darr kar aapse milna..

Maan pulls Geet closer

Maan:yeh kyu nahi kehti ki tum chahti ho ki mein tumhein pyaar karu,tumharein paas rahu tumhein samjhau..thoda tang karu aur phir manau..

( Maan holds Geet's face...enacts it as Geet feels good Maan was pampering her)

Maan:Geet khaya toh meine bhi nahi hai subah se

Geet:kya?lekin kyu?

Scene 5:

Maan:ab jab meri mishty ne kuch khaya nahi toh mera bhi dil nahi hai aur phir...geet tum jaanti ho mein waise bhi nahi khata kyuki tum bhooki ho...

( Maahi in the background as Geet hugs Maan tighter and so does Maan)

Geet: Maan aap bhi bahut jyada pyaar karte hai aur phir itni mithi mithi harkatein karte ho ki jab aap paas nahi hote toh aapko chahne waale ki aapki yaad mein jaan nikal jaaye..

Maan keeps his finger on Geet's lips

Maan: Yeh vrat pati ke salamati ke liye hota hai aur meine agar yeh vrat rakha hai toh tumhari salamati ke liye...Geet

Geet hugs Maan again and episode ends:

One screen and one picture Maaneet in each other's arms.


Scene 1: Geet asks Maan to be there and not to go back...and she moves down...with her plate...

Scene 2; Geet alongwith other ladies guests and invitees celebrates the plate exchange ceremony when all ladies sit down and sing songs and celebrate in the evening late afternoon...


: ( Maahi musical as Maan stares Geet from far and Geet looks at him and smiles as she feels good Maan was there infront of her)

Maan asks Geet to pay attention in the ceremony while Geet is exchanging plates Maan continues to stare at Geet and Geet in between confirms if Maan was still there...

Episode ends

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Earlier scenes of other family members:

Scene 4: Everyone get ready as it was going to be evening...and moon wud come out..all leave to get ready and pammi and beeji confirm with Geet if she wud not get ready...Geet informs then she was already and did not want to change..

( Geet thinks in her mind..that she wud not change as Maan had dressed her and she feels good about it and smiles)

Scene 5: Pammi feels good to see Geet smiling and confirms with her if her Maan had dressed her that is why she wasnt keen to change...Geet stunned as she was right and fumbles...pammi smiles and asks geet to go back in her room..

Scene 6: Geet looks for Maan and Maan comes in and he hints Geet to come in her room...

Scene 7: Geet comes back and comes in Maan and Geet finds wound on Maan's hand...Maan informs it wasnt a bigger wound and not so serious and his hand got cut while working in the field...Geet feeling bad about it brings the first aid box as she dresses Maan's hand..and then kisses it..

Maan:Geet mein theek hu..mein tumhein yeh batane aaya tha ki tumharein liye ek surprise hai...
Geet:woh kya hai..

Maan:Ab bata diya toh surprise kaisa...

Maan:Accha suno...tum yahan se bahar niklo aur mujhe peechein milna kothi ke peeche waale hisse mein jahan hum pehle mile the...
Geet: Agrees and Maan moves out as Geet feels worried if Maan's wound was ok and he shud not hurt himself more..

Scene 8: Maan asks Dev and Adi to be ready and confirms if things were done as per plan..Dev assures Maan he will handle mama and lucky and Adi informs Maan he will keep informing him about the movements inside and make sure Maan gets free time with geet to celebrate karva chaut..

Scene 9: Beeji with others as she asks everyone to come in the central hall after getting ready and goes in kitchen to confirm if things were fine and ok...

Scene 10:Geet gets ready and while coming out she remembers of a gift she had taken for Maan and removes it from her bag which she had brought while coming from mansion.

Break::(Entire scene in Maahi as background score)

( Geet comes where Maan had asked her to come and searches for Maan...

( Musical Maahi as Maan comes from behind and closes Geet's eyes with one hand)

Maan gets Geet a necklace of diamonds...

Maan opens Geet's eyes and shows her the necklace..Geet feels good but informs Maan she needed him and it was even..

Maan gifts Geet the necklace and makers her wear as his first gift to Geet..


Geet too shows Maan her gift for him and Maan is surprised to see it..

Geet gifts Maan small showpiece specially made for Maan where (Maan is with Geet...) (showpiece idols as maan and geet)

( A specially designed showpiece with Maan and Geet in it in each other's arms)

Maan feels great to see and asks her how did she make it..Geet informs she had asked Adi Sir once to make it but she never got the chance to gift it to Maan as she had left mansion...

Episode ends with Maan and Geet hugging each other...

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Episode 205:

Scene 1; Maan holds Geet's hand and then takes her to the place where karvachaut is supposed to be celebrated...

He fisrt closes her eyes and then opens..

( while opening her eyes camera focussed on Maan and Geet close in one frame)

Song shot in a manner that maaneet wont be singing it but their acts,feelings matching the music and the wordings in the silent

acts of Maaneet are made effective with the song and music and not a performance where maaneet sing or enact the words ...

Scene 2; Song begins

Song sequence: "Chand chupa badal mein"

Film: Hum Dil De chuke Sanam:


Verse 1;

line1: "Chand chupa badal mein sharma ke meri jaana"

Maan hugs Geet from behind and shows her the moon wasnt out becoz of her...

Musical :geet gets away and feels good to see the decoration as Maan comes from behind and kisses her on her eyes side Geet

admires Maan's preparations for her karvachaut..

line 2: Seene se lagja tu balkha ke meri jaana

Maan pulls Geet and then hugs her...and both Maan and Geet dissolved in each other..

line 3:gum sum sa gup chup sa hai ...

Geet trying to get away as someone might come in anytime and Maan asking her to be with him he catch holds her and then brings her


line 4: chand chupa badal mein ...sharma ke meri jaana ...lines repeat..

Maan holds Geet's hands till down and Maan standing behind looks up with Geet as Geet looks for the moon to come out and Maan looking at

Geet as if she was his chaand...

Musical: Adi and dev in bond's role as they avoid everyone from going to the place where Maaneet where enjoying themselves spending time

in privacy...while the musical is on Maan kisses Geet's eyes and both in each others arms enjoying themselves..

Geet hears beeji's voice and gets aside...


line 1: "Nazdikiya badh jaane de...

Geet tries to get away from Maan worried if some one comes in and sees them and asks him to leave her as they were at a place wher

eanyone can jump in..

line 2: Dur hi se tum dekho ...dur se bhala kaise dekhu...chaand ko dekhe jaise chakor hai...

Geet asks Maan to be there but far and Maan pulls Geet close who finally feels there wasnt any use and calms down and enjoys being in

Maan's arms and enacts the example in the song..

line 3; gum sum sa gup chup sa hai...

Maan tocuhes geet and makes her feel uneasy he teases her...pokes her and also makes her feel pampered...

line 4: Chand chupa badal mein.

Geet holds Maan's face and then both come together as their head logg and both smile and come each others arms...

Musical : chorus...

All ladies make a move towards the place and adi and dev worried rush to inform Maan and both do it..helping Maan and Geet secretly get

out of sight of the guests and family members,,


line 1: na na chanda tu nahi aanna..

Maan irritates Geet ..and finally out of sight of family members...both just enjoy themselves romancing and also feeling the excitement of

doing it secretly...

Romancing style with hugs and feeling the company of each other..

line 2: aanchal mein tu chup jaane de..

Geet tries to come infront of all but Maan doesnt allow her as she feels nervous and worried if someone sees him like this..

Sceen shot in a manner that others are there but still far from sight of Maaneet..

line 3: pyaar toh naam hai sabar ka hum dum...

Geeet kisses Maan's forehead,eyes and before lips..u know cant show it folks...

line 4: woh hi bhala bolo kaise karein hum...

Maan pulls Geet behind the pillar and Geet tries to get out and Maan gets upset with Geet as his expressions change..

Geet finally convinces Maan..( as the line comes rehne bhi do jaane bhi do begins)

line 5: aaya re aaye chanda..

Geet smiles and looks at the musical comes (Maan comes from behind the pillar and sees Geet...waves his hand and Geet feels

worried..and rushes back towards Maan and hugs him...

Scene 3; Lights go off and theere is all dark around...

While everyone is searching for light...

Maan comes in with a candle and asks Geet to break her fast...

Maan breaks Geet's fast infront of everyone who are not aware of Maaneet behind and Dev and Adi inbetween...hiding them...

Geet sees the moon and then face of Maan in the light of candle...Maan gives her water to drink and some dry fruit and fruits to eat..with his

own hand...

Maan and Geeet in each other's arms and a very tight hug as they celebrate their first "karvachaut".

Geet with tears...does the same with Maan and both celebrate "Karvachaut infront of everyone..who cares if they did not see is not

maaneet's fault...

Follows next is Maan as Balwant Singh...

Geet fooling family members she is done with the confirming it and everyone dancing to tune of some song...

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Original Scene from which the above written episodes come out and follow:

Scene 2: Maan in his room thinking about karvachaut and the days when he use to celebrate it with Geet.

Maan: Geet yeh sab kya hai tum kamre ki saaf safayi mein lag gayi ho,mein yahan kaam kar raha hu..plz baad mein karna
Geet: Maan meri help karne ki bajaye aap mujhe jaane ke liye keh rahein ho

Maan feels Geet was angry and so he pulls her and makes her sit on her lap

Maan:arey meine aisa kab kaha mein toh keh raha tha ki baad mein kar lenge,phle apna kaam toh poora karlu..
Geet: Baad mein kab karenge,kal karvachaut hai,aur mujhe raat ko jaldi sona hai
Maan:kal karva chaut hai
Geet;haa aur khabardar jo aap raat bhar jaage toh,aisa lagta hai karva chaut mera nahi aapka hai..koi zarurat nahi hai raat bhar jaagkar mere liye kuch bhi special karne ki
Maan:arey aise kaise nahi hai..Maan ki Geet ka karvachaut ho aur Maan kuch special na karein yeh kaise possible hai
Maan:Aur Geet tum bhi na ajeeb ho,log lehte hai shadi ke baad pati badal jaatein hai aur ek meri patni hai jo shadi ke baad badal gayi hai,itna accha pati milega tumhein
Geet;aisi baat nahi hai Maan,lekin aap poora din kuch khhatein nahi,raat bhar mee liye kuch na kuch plan karte rehte ho,aise bimaar hojaoge aap aur abhi abhi bukhaar utra hai aapka
Maan:utar gayana..ab mujhe mat batao ki kya karna hai aur kya nahi...

Maan picks Geet in his arms and then takes her to bed..

Maan:tum yahan aaram se baitho mein kar deta hu tumhein kya karna tha
Geet;woh rehne dijiye yahan paas aayiye
Maan: Maan sits and Geet comes close to him
Geet: Maan hamara pehla karva chaut kitna thrilling tha na..
Maan:haa aur sab tumhari meherbani se
Geet:jaanti hu,agar mein ghar choddkar nahi jaati toh aisa nahi hota
Maan:nahi,agr tum karvachaut nahi rakhti toh
Geet;Maan ab hogayana aur phir mera pehla karvachaut aur mein kaise nahi rakhti
Maan:haa tension mujhe hogayi thi ki tumharein maasi ke saamne tumhara driver bankar tumhara upvass kaise todu..
Geet:bada mazaa aaya tha kyu
Maan:haa aaya toh tha
Maan and Geet smile as Geet hugs Maan and Maan kisses her on forehead as both recollect those memories..

Scene 3;Flashback 2: Maan and Geet in amritsar thinking about their first karva chaut..

the above episodes follow..

All episodes at:
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