Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Meeting KaranIka..a dream come true!!

-sanju- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Hello Guys!!Tongue
Here to share my experience of visiting d KMH sets!! Day Dreaming Specially for my ML gang who are dying to knowLOL (Sorry I kept you waiting guysTongue)
Without making you wait any further, I'll quickly startEmbarrassed
Saturday Morning.. Left home with the scrapbook, 3 messages yet to be stuckTongue Ari's, Rosh's n Tanu's.. I had decorated the pages, was yet to get d printouts.. On my way to the railway station I quickly got them printed.. Then began a long train journey!!D'ohBut it was totally worth itBig smile Reached the Goregaon station where hetal and  2 of her friends were waiting for me since an hour wanting to kill me for the delay.. (luckily they didn'tLOL) Hetal helped me with sticking the remaining messages and we left for the Goregaon Filmcity!!
Okay, I know all dis was not needed.. Main bas build-up de rahi thi..ROFL

Chalo, moving on..LOL
We reached the filmcity gates, where we were asked where we wanted to go.. But we didn't know the location obviouslyLOL We just said KMH sets and surprisingly, they allowed us in.. Saying "andar hai" (as if we didn't know 'andar hai'..ROFL) Wahan se search mission, on the streets of the huge filmcity!!D'oh Finally, someone helped us with the location.. It was named "Kaliya Maidaan"LOL Toh we went in telling the guards, we wanted to meet Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra.. Hayye!! Just the thought of it was wonderful!!Day Dreaming So we went in and walked and walked.. We didn't see Karan's Endeavour, so we thought Karan wasn't shooting dat dayOuch We came across the TL sets, there again we asked someone where the KMH shoot was going on.. They said "vahan jail mein" and we were ROFL..
Anyways.. We went inside the "Central Jail".. Jiske andar tha "Chandigarh High Court".. ROFL.ROFL.ROFL..
Okay, so we saw shoot happening on the stairs of the 'Chandigarh High Court'.. But we coudn't see anyone initially cuz the area was a l'il crowded.. A lot of people, those huge reflectors (if that's what you call them..) And when those moved...
We saw this tall man in Brown.. So fair, standing up there!! Day Dreaming He looks all the more amazing off screenHeart Me and Hetal almost fainted!!Blushing And the next moment... We saw this gorgeous lady in pink... right beside him!!Heart We saw them!! Both Karan and KritikaStar And we couldn't believe our luck!!Dancing

They were shooting  a sequence outside the court, where the cops are dragging Arjun Arohi away from eachother, to take Arjun awayBroken HeartCry
After which, we walked upto Karan n Kritz but could do nothing more than smileEmbarrassed Then they had to give the same shot again.. After which, Kritz went to the makeup room and Karan removed the handcuffs to put his 'sexy burberry watch' back on his wristCool He was waiting for a police van to arrive for his last shot.. His shoot time was supposedly upto 2o'clock and its was 5 past 3.. So he looked at his watch, looked at his director and  went *cough cough*LOL

The van took a while to arrive and he'd noticed us, so he walked up to us extended his handEmbarrassed I shook hands with himDay Dreaming and he was like.."Why r u shivering?" I said "I don't know! I'm just too excited!!"LOL
I just couldn't stop admiring his chocolate brown eyes..*dreamland* Seeing him in person.. Looking into his eyes.. Was..Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming..
He then shook hands with Hetal and her friends.. We told him we had messaged him on facebook.. To wich he replied.."There are many fake Karan Kundras on fb.. I might not have received it.." I said.. "No.. No!! We know which one's your's.. We've done a lot of research and all of thatLOL" Karan.. "Besharmon!! Nalayakon!! Voh mera 'secret' personal account hai.." (looks at us) "Tha!!"...LOL

i den said.."We've got sumthing 4 u.."..He says.."!! we dun accept gifts"..I said its not a gift we've got msgs 4 u..Karan..."Oh!! dats so sweet of u!!" wid a smile..!! Me..*faints*..
While i was removing d scrapbk 4m my bag..he said..." giv it now...we'll go 2 d makeup room giv it den.." He was den called 4 his shot..while goin he said.."Sit guys..aur pata hai off-air ho raha hai..27th last day hai...uske baad hum shoot nai karenge..hum sirf chill karenge!!" I said.."pata hai...par kyu..CryCryCry"...He said.."Arre...kitna karenge hum Kitni Mohabbat hai..Kitni Mohabbat Hai!!..chalo..sit sit..i'll cum"..Hetal asked.."voh petitions se kuch nai hoga??" He said.."Nai..abhi kuch nai hoga..sab final ho gaya hai...aur last tym toh dedh lakh se zyada signs hui thi.."Ouch
He went 2 giv his shot..all this while he was laughing...n as soon as he stepped inside d jeep 2 giv his shot...d xpression on his face was...O.H. M.Y. G.OD.!! Amazing!! He den gave his shot...n led us 2 d make up room...Der were many ppl 4m d cast n crew sitting der..karan said.."aint dis my room??" To wich one of dem replied.." everyone apart 4m u is here..LOL"
As soon as we entered...kritz cleared d mess on d sofa..n asked us 2 sit!!..Dey again called karan outside..!! one last shot was remaining it he went.. Hetal said.."Kritz u look gorgeous"..And truly so..:

she said.."Really?? Still?? Ive been crying n crying d whole day.." Den Karan's phone rang...n kritz went 2 chk.."Jus a min" she said.. after she had chkd she said.."actually we r supposed 2 go sumwer aft dis"..dey had 2 go 2 water kingdom 4 Ragini MMS promotion its seems...n i went 2 water kingdom wid my cousins on sunday...d next day!! uss din vaha koi aur movie ka promotion tha...*sigh*..

We den gave her d scrapbk..."Its beautiful" she said..I tld hr..its 4m Mohabbat Lounge...n she said...yea..i kno...i do read sumtyms..Big smile She was goin through..n she said.."m surely goin 2 go home..sit n nicely read.." Karan came bac...stood beside hr n started 2 see it aswell...he said.."Mohabbat Loung?? wer?? i remember having read it..." Kritz said.."india forums" n he said.."yes..yes..i remember.." Big smile

Hetal showed dem Aaliya's msg...wich she had on hr fone..Dis is dem reading it:

Both of dem were goin through..seeing d pics..wen he saw dis pic:

he said..."yeh pic acchi hai..(looks at kritz) kyunki isme focus mujhpe hai..hahah"

n den he came across dis pic...:

n he was givin me d semi-one-eyebrow-up-look..n i said.."what?!! its d cutest picture..:P" n he said.."yea rite!!..(looks at kritz) chudail..!!.." n kritz hit him on his stomach!! Tongue
he again had 2 go out 4 sumthing..den we gave kritz d teddy...n shez lyk.."all dis was enuf..u din hav 2 get dis!!"..den she looked at it n said..."bt its so cute"..n she took it n cuddled it..

den we tld her dat one is karan n d other one is u..she thot 4 a moment..n said.."oh...ok!!"
Wen Karan came bac every1 der tld him.."dey've got dis 4 u"..he looked at it n gave us a puzzled look.."for me?!!" I said.."Umm..For her".. "Rite!!" he said..Tongue den Kritz said.."bt one of dem is u.." n she said.."m d pink one" wich karan replied.."Haan..Kyunki yellow mein tu moti lagegi..LOL" Kritz said..."xactly..LOL" den karan was playing arnd wid d teddies..trying 2 b destructive..n i said..."we've seen d fate of soft toys dat hav been in ur hands karan...let dis b safe 4 atleast 2 days.." n he was laughing..LOL den he was lyk..."par yeh dono chipak ke kyu baithe hai??" n den he found out dat both thee those teddies can b seperated..LOL.. kritz took one n said.."so i can take dis n put it lyk dis arnd my waist..(bt den it din she said..) if i was thinner!!"..LOL.. karan was trying 2 put d other one arnd his waist it was d same wid sum1 suggested...karan..pair pe laga...

n kritz put it arnd hr neck..:

n looking at karan she said.."Its bttr dan u actually..Tongue"..Karan said.."haan, isse do char aur laake do..LOL"
n den kritz's fone rang...she saw dat n said.."shez been calling on ur fone 4 long..n nw shez calling here...we hav 2 go 4 d Ragini MMS" she handed hr fone 2 Karan...n dis is hw he lookd..i took dis pic widout him realizing...Blushing.Blushing.

karan askd sum1 2 get his stuff 4m d car..."voh peeche endeavour mein do shirts aur ek jeans padi hai voh le aao"..
Wen he got dem...he was holding both d shirts..n asked kritz.."kittu...inn dono mein se kaunsi pehnu??" every1 suggested d white on n kritz suggested d one wid blue every1 said..dat is kinda common..wear d white one..kritz said..."dats karan rarely wears chks..he looks younger in dem...dats my thing" den she thot 4 a while..n said..."no u actually wear d white one..cuz dats got longer sleeves...otherwise u mite get a tan"..Embarrassed
den kritz had 2 go out 2 giv hr last shot...till den we got karan 2 sign autographs 4 us..

wen kritz came bac..we took hr autographs aswell...n while she was signing..she realized Karan had made smileys aft his sign...n kritz said.."Haww..!! dats my style!! Karan copied!! (looks at karan) u cheater!!" den she actually pointd d smiley on his autograph n wrote 'Cheater'..on d other one she pointd out his smiley n wrote..'FAKE!!' den i said.."dun worry!! ur smiley is prettier..LOL"..she said.."xactly"..n on d othr sheet...she pointd hr smiley n wrote.."prettier" n on d last labelled his smiley.."UGLY!!"..Tongue
Dats d autograph he signed 4 me:

n dis 1 4 ML:

He was trimming...n heteal wantd 2 click a pic..i said "hetal no!!" he noticed dat 4m d mirror n said.."pleez haan meri trim karte hue picture mat lena" LOL He had 2 use d washroom n we were standing in front of d door..hez lyk.."Kudiyon!! Haato!!" he was supercutee wen he said dat..
He asked us where we had cum 4m...n we tld him..hez lyk.."itni garmi mein??" we said.."haan, train se..Tongue".. hez lyk.."Oh My God!!"
we den clicked pictures wid dem..n den dey were semi-fightingLOL on who goes out of d room 1st...n hu gets 2 change..LOL
so we bid dem goodbye..wishd dem all d best!! wen i shook hands wid karan...i said.."though i kno u dun lyk shaking hands bt still.." he said.."y so??"..i said.."She once said in an interview..Embarrassed"..Karan laughed n said.." absolutely fyn!!"
n yesh!! yesh!! yesh!! b4 goin we were lyk.."Karan..can we giv u a hug??" he said.."yea sure!!" n he came n hugged each one of us!! Oh My God!! I still can't get over it!!
Dats all i remember guys!! If i re-collect sumthing l8tr on...will deffo cum n edit...Embarrassed
dis was d besht experience!! The most Memorable one!!

While i was telling dem abt ML..i tld dem abt d imposters..n Pooja's PC act...ROFLROFLROFL...
n i askd if dey cud eva cum n post..Kritz said.."where do we get d tym..we r sitting here...on d fone we read sumthing n we r we hav 2 leave everything n if at all i get tym..sure!!Embarrassed"

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-sanju- IF-Dazzler

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Scrapbook pictures:

I dun hav pictures of all d pages bt here r those i hav..n yea..jaldi jaldi mein liye the toh dey r shaky..Tongue...

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aww u r so lucky..!! exp u shared is so nice..Smile
n as always KARAN is looking 2 hot..!!Embarrassed n kitloo beautiful..Smile bless them..
karan is so sweet, he said kitna karte rahenge kitni mahobbat hai..!!Wink so He is HAPPY in every situation..!!SmileSmile

lovely.. n thanks 4 pics..!!! 

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Day Dreaming...i am still in dreamland reading ur experience sanju!..but thanks a 1000000 times for this! u loads and kk2 and hetal!..Embarrassed
and karan awe!..u made me fall in love with u more and more!

awe he cudnt keep his personal acc a secret!..LOL..and i loved his line'' nalayakoo..'' hehe karan is so cute!..and u also said that karan's eyes are more dreamy..light brown and shining!..Day Dreaming

and he is so friendly!..i loved his and ur all convo!..Embarrassed 

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Originally posted by -Olly-

Day Dreaming...i am still in dreamland reading ur experience sanju!..but thanks a 1000000 times for this! u loads and kk2 and hetal!..Embarrassed
and karan awe!..u made me fall in love with u more and more!

Love u 2 Olly...HugHugHug...
n yea KK2 were supersweet...Embarrassed

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ya forgot to mention!..kritz was supersweet too!..LOL

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Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.

Ok Im not dreaming..dis is reality...Blushing

so so happy for you...Big smile(not fake..LOL)...Dancing.

The post is amazing..u wrote it so beautifully...described almost everythin..I feel lyk reading it again n again...Embarrassed...Karan is so cute yaar...u so lucky...ussne tujhe yeh sab kaha...Day Dreaming.
Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.

Karan looks so handosme ya..jus want to keep staring at him...Day Dreaming.
Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming.Day Dreaming. n u hugged him..Stern Smile...EmbarrassedLOL...

Kritz looks so so pretty...Embarrassed

The autographs are so nice...n cute..LOL...Thanx for dis...Hug...i kno formality..LOL par phir bhi keh doon...Embarrassed LOL  I wish u clicked pics of our msgs too..AngryOuch...Stern Smile

Love ya...really so happy...Hug

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sucha sweet expierience..

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