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OS: BirthDay.. part 2 updated 10th may (Page 4)

ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
cute one

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Pratamesh IF-Dazzler

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Superb yaar write d other parts soon n thnks for d pm

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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roshnaLOVEScid Newbie

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
hey nice update yaar...lovd it ...continue soon       thankx noor
plz add me pm list?

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maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Tht was pretty gud...looking forward to the next one

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butterfly.tanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 2:03am | IP Logged
nice os...
loved it...
continue soon...

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
OS: BirthDay
Part 2
Geet arrived delhi one day prior to taabi's birthday and informed maan about her arrival and also a reminder of not informing taabi..
maan had brought taabi form her hostel two days ago..
On Taabi's Birthday
geet called maan have you wished taabi?
maan replied with a no.. tou wish kray na.. i dont want taabi to be in a happy suspicion that she'll be having a surprise b'day party.. just wish her, give her some gift if you have to and then drop her at annie's *chuckles*
what..!!?? annie!! but she hates annie
Geet: i know
maan: then...
Geet: ufff..!! its her b'day, it doesnt mean that she should have a good start.. just drop her at annie's and make some excuse to get out of there..
Maan: umm
Round about 1pm geet comes to KM only to find maan inside.. geet looked around and asked where are aunty and uncle?
maan replied taabi ko sambhalnay gye ha..
taabi obviously wouldnt've gone alone to that crackpot so mom dad also went with her and also they would meet daadima on their way..
maan's phone rang.. he recieved the call and then said to geet
i have some work to do and will be bak in about half an hour so if you want anything just tell me
geet asked maan to wait and fished her bag here you go geet said handing maan a list of the items she would be needing
itni zyaada..!!
excuse me..!! its your sister's birthday and i want everything to be perfect.. so bring these ok?
After maan left geet started with the decorations.. it had been almost an hour and maan still hadnt returned along with the stuff she had told him and geet also wanted to hang some decorations which requird either a tall person o a ladder.. geet waited for maan to come and hand those decorstions but there wasnt any sign of his return so geet decided to hang them herself.. geet asked nakul to bring a ladder and hold it so it may not slip
nakul chacha mujhay red walay balloons pakra day saying this geet as about to put tape on the balloon she was holding that her foot slipped and was about to fall when a pair of strong arms held her
Maan who had come back with geet's list items saw geet on the ladderputting the decor. when her foot slipped.. maan dropped the shopping bags and dashed towrads geet catching her by the waist.. her eyes were shut tight in fear..
hwengeet didnt hit the floor she slowly opened her eyes to meet a pair of chocolate brown eyes filled with care, warmth and some unsaid emotion.. geet trying to get what that was but instead got lost in them
Maan and geet lost in eacother came out of their trance wen they heard nakul clear his throat.. maan released geet and looked at nakul who was red with embarassment and looking down.. he then looked at geet who was turning into a tomato..
Geet tum nakul k sath kitchen dekho may yaha ka decor. complete krta hu
geet embarassed by what ahd  happened a few seconds back and that too infront of nakul, went int the kitchen without uttering a single word
By 5 o'clock geet with nakul's assistance had made all the dishes only garnishing and cake were left.. geet tired with all the cookingwent to the lounge and sat on the couch closing her eyes and resting her head on the back.. Geet started thinking what happened between her and maan and then
kya zrurat thi tujhay maan say help lainay ki.. you would've asked aunty and she would've loved to help you.. thora aur intexaar kr laiti tou land line faarigh h jata na.. but nooo you just ahd to ask maan  for help.. ab tu un kay samnay apni feelings kaisay chupaey ge kya sochay gay wo teray baray may.. ufff..!! tu bhi na geet bohat jhalli hay.. agr teri waja se taabi aur teri dosti ko kuch hua tou may tujhay maar du ge.. ughhh..!! aur maan kya sochay gay meray baray may.. chi chi..
On the other hand maan coming out of his room
kya zrurat thi tum ko geet ko "han" kehnay ki.. tum apnay kam se kam rakhtay tou behtar hota.. ab sara din geet aur tu akelay ho party tk.. tu apni feelings aur sb se bri baat anay ap ko kaisay contriol kray ga..? meri waja se agr geet aur taabi ki dosti koi farak aya tou tu apnay aap ko kbhi maaf nahi kr paey ga..
Maan talking to himself entered lounge and saw geet resting her head on the back of couch with her eyes closed.. maan ouldnt help but stare at the pari's gorfious face..
geet opened her eyes and saw maan standing in front of her.. she got up hastily and went to the kitchen.. maan frustrated bby his behaviour kept on cursing himself for amking geet feel uncomfortable
geet went innto the kitchen not wanting to expose her feelings for maan and started making the cake
She had the batter ready but it only neede baking powder.. geet opened the cupboard to take it out but it was unreachable for her.. she looked around for nakul but he was not in the kitchen..
Maan felt guilty on making geet feel uncomfortable and wanted to apologize to her.. he went into the kitchen and saw geet struggling to reach for the baking powder, stepped forward and as he raised his hand to take the baking pwder, it touched geet's sending jolts to both of them.. geet quickly retreived her hand and looked down.. maan looked at geet, with one hand he took out the baking powder and placed the other under her chin making her look at him.. he raised her face but she was still looking down.. geet was becoming more and more irresistable for maan..
Geet's heart was beating as if in a marathon.. she wasnt able to take in the sudden intimacy between them.. she was turning red and her eyes were down.. and then she heard maan call he geet in a husky tone.. geet didnt wanted to look into his eyes and giving away her feelings..
gete look at me maan said in an irresistable husky way.. geet looked up into maan's eyes
am i that bad that you don't even want to look at me? it was becoming unbearable for geet.. she loved maan but didnt know wat to do.. she feared that confessing her love would ruin her friendship.. geet wanted to tell him but feared maan's anger.. she wont be able to bear it.. geet wanted to go..
She turned around to leave but maan held her wrist.. geet struggled to free herself but maan wouldnt budge..
am i that bad that you dont even want to talk to me?
there was pain in his voice
Maan still holding geet's wrist stepped forward, held both her hands and placing his hands over them on her stomach..
bolo na geet.. by this time maan's face was almost resting on geet's shoulder
Geet's heart was beating dangerously as if it would come out of her chest any minute and then geet felt maan's grip tigten and his lips.. oh my gosh his lips.. geet felt maan's lips on her nape brushing lightly.. geet moaned maan
Hearing his name man released geet and came infront of her.. seeing her eyes closed maan bent down and planted kisses on her collar bone, neck and moving yo her jaw line..
Geet opened her eyes when she felt maan's lips on her's.. he had his hands  around geet's waist pushing her towards himself.. his lips soft against hers, not as hard as they seemed...
At first geet was surprised and didnt know wat to do.. Maan sucked on her lower lip trying to get access to her mouth and as geet moaned giving full access to her mouth, his tongue invaded exploring her mouth.. thats when she responded.. it started off softly and then becoming more furocious and demanding.. maan's one hand holding geet by her waist and the ther moving along her back to her haed and geet's hands slowly rising to his chest, to his nck andthen his sweaty hair.. they kissed each other like there was no tomorrow relishing their first kiss..
They broke apart for air.. geet was panting.. maan breathing heavily placing small kisses on her face and agian went for her lips.. this time with more ferver and demand.. as they were busy cherishing their kiss they heard a steel pot fall down.. breaking apart with shock they saw nakul who was already retreating from the kitchen.. Maa all of a sudden pulled geet towards him i love you.. geet looked down blushing and smiled a shy smile giving her answer.. placing a soft peck on her forehead maan left the kitchen so nakul can work without witnissing all this..

Both smiling as they noe knew eachother's feelings..

by 7 geet had done all the arrangements and had ordered nakul to arrange the dishes.. geet then informed maan that she is going home to get ready with a tinge of blush appearing her cheeks
The party was to start at eight when taabi was to arrive..geet after getting ready reached KM.. all friends had arrived.. geet who was searching for maan was informed by nakul that maan had gone to pick tayyaba..


Maan texted geet that they are outside KM.. geet asked nakul to sitch off the lights..
four silhoutes entered from the door.. geet who was standing besides the door was to hug taabi and wish her but instead she hugged maan due to the dark and he kissed her full on the mouth.. and thats wen taabi asked bhai anay se pehlay fuse urra k aye thay kya..?.. not getting an answer she called maan again.. and to maan's disappointment he had to break the kiss giving geet an oppertunity to free herself and then hug geet.. happy birthday jaani..
the lights turned on and seeing all her friends and especially geet taabi was overwhelmed..
The party ws almost over and only a few friends wre present.. taabi, geet and their group of friends were talking and catching up on with each other..
ohhh..!! everyone said wen the lights went out.. i'll check the fuse box.. maan shouted from his room
someone placed a hand over geet's mouth preventing her from screaming and said come with me..
geet had no choice but to go ith him.. on entering in another room maan pinned geet to the wall and and started placing wet kisses..
maan kya kr rahay hay,? koi ajaey ga.. agr kisi nay dekh lia tou.. please ap mujay janay dejeay..
geet as much as she was enjying was also afraid if they were cought in the middle of the act
maan please let go

geet stop fearing aur kisi ko nahi pta chlay ga..
and maan's wrist watch beeped indicating midnight
happy birthday mishti.. geet overwhelmed, hugged maan..

"ahem ahem'' came a voice from behind.. geet broke from th hug only to see taabi standing there..
geet mujhay tum say ye ummeed nahi thi.. taabi said with a hint of anger in her tone

taabi pehlay meri baat tou sunn lo..
geet bdtameezi mt kro.. geet surprised bdtameezi..!!!?
han bdtameezi.. tum mujh se choti h wo b aik din tou mujhay sirf meray nam se bula raji jo.. shrm kro.. taabi baji bulao mujhay..

huh..!! siad a surprised and confused geet
xyaada shaklay mt bna.. bhaiya nay mujhay sb kuch bta dia hay and frankly speaking i have no pobx with you guys beeing together..
geet hugged taabi and said i love you jaani..
taabi whispered bhaiya ko jealous mt kro..
geet smacked taabi hard on her arm..
oye geet lagti hay.. tu jitni sikki dikhti hay utni hay nahi.. bohat zor ka maarti hay..
akhir punjab ki sherni hu tou taqat tou ho gi na...
maan cleared his throat indicating taabi to leave.. han han ja rai hu per geet ko agr paanch minute may haall may na laey tou may nay mom ko bhej daina hay apko bulwanay k leay..
After taabi left maan grabbed geet by her waist punjab ki sherni huh..!! dekhtay hay sherni may kitni taqat hay and kissed her full on the mouth..

This was her best birthday ever..

phew..!! took 4 hrs to write this part and then 2 to shift to computer
so now i want more comments Big smileTongue
and thanx for the previous ones Embarrassed

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