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Abhay & Piya FF: Timeless love 25/1Chp 4 (Page 2)

Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Nice update
Please add me 2 ur PM list

..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged
hmmm sounds interesting. do continue
mangona Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
intersting plz send me pm wen u cont 
mansim Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
nice ffClapClap
please continue soonBig smile
and pm me whenever you updateWink
ifrah. Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
hey seems interesting..countinue soon:)
kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged

Thank you all for the comments. I hope you shall find it interesting as the plot develops. There might be quite a bit of deviations from the original track so it would be very nice to know your views too.

Also I shall Pm once I do the updates. Sorry for the second part I couldn't do it.

Here is Chapter 3

Today being the second day of college and most of them being around from the same area and knowing one another all were back into their own business. Pia felt odd that the students all came dressed to college as though they were in for some fashion parade. Just then she spotted Misha who was in a torn jeans and normal T-shirt. For Pia she seemed to be the only one with some sense here. Yes but she was a bit aloof with her. Pia was thinking maybe she could make friends with her.  And she just began to walk down the college road and cross over when all of a sudden a car whizzed passed her with a loud screeching noise of the tires and the whole college watching it in a transfixed gaze. Meanwhile Pia was so shocked from the incident that she could feel her heart beat so loudly and she was gasping for air that she did not even register the pain on her ankle due to the jump she had made by getting onto the pavement at the nick of time and she was sitting there now.  Just then the door of the car opened and from the driver's seat a person dressed in black jacket and jeans walked towards Pia while the whole college watched.

Misha all who was standing by the side commented: Oh Oh someone's going to be in big….. Trouble.

T: Oh please I knew it that charity case is here for all the attention. What best way to get someone to look at you by jumping over on to his car.

Misha: Shut up All of us knows that is something reserved for you.

Ruhi: I hope the black devil doesn't eat her alive by the looks of it.

Meanwhile the person has reached Pia and Pia looks up back into those mesmeric eyes which had haunted her the whole night. This is not happening. The person whom she was looking for right in front of her. She was trying to say something when all of a sudden he jerked her up and held her hand in a tight grip and spoke in a low menacing tone Do you have a death wish or something. Next time be sure not to be in my way or else….. On seeing the others walking towards them he just let go of her making her stumble which made her yelp in pain.

Misha on seeing that rushed forward. Oh are you alright. That jerk...

Pia kept on looking at that person getting no response from her.

Misha: Hey Alice in wonderland please get a grip and snaps her finger in front of Pia. He is long gone in his fancy car in case you failed to notice and Madam is dreaming.

Pia suddenly realizes she is surrounded by people. No I am fine just hurt my ankle. Trying to cover up as she had a very disturbed feeling. Pia was a bit confused as to she didn't see the car coming or hear anything. But something made her move away on to the pavement involuntarily.

Kabir: Ya we can see that. Better get her to the college clinic.

Pia: No I am fine. Please. Pia was getting slightly intimidated with all the attention and she found her savior to be very rude. And she was totally confused as she had moved a little away from the pavement how did she reach there all of a sudden.

Misha: Hey come on Kabir looks like another female is all set to be mesmerized by the black devil.

Kabir: Hey Mish chill. Just because you both can't see eye to eye doesn't mean….

Misha hands on her hip: Hey hold on whose talking man. As far as to my knowledge let me see more than half the times I have fought for your cause with him. I have served detentions for it. Got grounded for it from Dad. All that for nothing just because you got fancy over Miss Alice in Wonderland.  So from now on you are your own man. Turning towards Pia I got my eyes on you lady. And Misha walks away.

Kabir turning towards Pia: Sorry ehh... She sure is one spit fire so don't mind and give me a second here. And runs after Misha shouting out Hey wait up I didn't mean like that.

Pia looks on as Kabir goes after Misha pleading and begging holding his ears. But Misha is not the ne to bow down. Slowly Pia tires to limp and get across to the college. While she can hear Misha throwing her weight around Kabir

Misha: See a new face in college want to be a Hero. But be sure without Misha to your aid you are just nobody Get it.

Kabir: Yes Madam and bows right in front of her. Pia couldn't help smile seeing this and wondered how nice it would be to have friends like this. And then she just remembered she met the person whom she was looking for but still she is where she was before didn't even get his name. And why do they call him the black devil. Pia comes out of her revive as T passes by and comments.

T: So Miss. Charity case has decided to lure the hottest boy in college nice game plan. But let me tell you u something you will burn if you are to come in the way of Miss T. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Pia was like what's with everyone here. They only threaten and talk or what. Meanwhile from behind the pillars there was a lonely figure watching her every move as she slowly limped her way to the college. Only to be rescued by Miss Das Gupta who ordered to come along with her to the clinic and get her ankle examined. She was told to get an X- ray done from the hospital to see if there was a fracture. Pia didn't want to be anywhere near the hospital as it held so many bad memories. She tried to get away but by then Miss Das Gupta had got her Warden there and that lady was quite adamant to take Pia to the hospital as she did not want any trouble later. This was her new posting and she wanted to ensure the kids are well cared by her. Pia found the whole situation infirming.

They had reached the hospital and Pia was left all alone in the X ray room as the technician moved away to get the result for some other person.  Pia felt the presence of someone else but it was dark and she couldn't make out and to top that she had closed her eyes initially to ward off all those painful memories for her mind. When she felt a cold hand hold on her ankle she opened her eyes. By the time she opened her eyes and got used to the dark and tried to get out of the bed the technician walked in and was mad to see her out of the bed. But another thing that Pia realized was she didn't feel any pain was it that the injection was taking its effect or something else Pia didn't have time to ponder over it. As the X- rays were finally out and the Doctor said looks like it was just a sprain and the pain killers would do. Now the warden also was annoyed as she they had come all the way for nothing what are these college doctors for then who can't distinguish a normal sprain from fracture. But Pia on the whole felt totally a miss something wasn't right. She was in terrible pain. And now nothing. But she was glad as the doctor gave her a green signal to attend college tomorrow.

 Next day at college she was greeted to a sight where in Misha was trying to make peace between Kabir and the person whom they referred to as the Black Devil.

She got to know from their conversation that it was some issue about the car parking.

She could hear Kabir yelling at him

Kabir: Hey dude I need to take my car out and how do you suppose I do that.

Black Devil: You should have thought about it before.

Kabir: Oh ya I came first so I parked and this college doesn't belong to your father.

Black Devil: I never said it belonged to him. IT you who assume things and I always park it here and today is no different so it's your problem and he just walks off.

At that moment Pia sees that Kabir will never be able to take his car out as he had parked it in such a manner that until he moves his car out of that space he is stuck.

Misha in the meanwhile is yelling at Kabir: I told you don't park it there. You wanted to be a He man and try and sort him out and see now where you have landed. Just then she notices Pia coming. Ah here comes our Alice in wonderland. See the trouble you got us into

 Kabir: Hi Pia Don't mind her. I was just trying to how his place to that m*r*n.

Pia: Hi with a wide smile. Show who what?

Misha giving an angry glare at both of them: Quit the innocent act Miss Wonderland our young boy here tried to get back at the devil for his antics yesterday and landed in a bigger soup this morning. And you stop drooling Kabir (as he was looking on at Pia) and get a life sorted out for once. That reminds me Get your car out before 2 in the afternoon I need to go for my match and you know today I haven't got the bike as you said you would drop me.

Kabir perplexed: Eh when did that happen.

Misha: Now.

Kabir: What again you ran out of cash? What do you do with all the money yaar?

Misha: Excuse me who feeds the whole gang here?

Kabir was like oh no.  Turning to Pia Excuse us for a minute.

Pia knew Kabir was in a mess and couldn't help shaking her head. Just then she spotted The man she was looking for heading towards the music room.

As Pia entered the room she heard a soft music being played on the piano she was so caught in it that she didn't notice how she reached close behind him and sat on the chair. Only to hear the music stop and the man turn abruptly and give her a glare that could burn her down. She felt as though the color of the eyes changed or was that her imagination she couldn't figure out. All of a sudden he came towards her and questioned.

What the hell are you doing here and are you stalking me now.

Pia: Ehm I just wanted to talk to you and thank….

He jerks her close enough that their faces are just inches apart and Pia could feel every breath he took. Thank, Do we even know each other. And I have no time for girls like you. See a boy and you are after them. Find someone else oh ya that chocolate boy seems to be smitten by you.

Pia was like what is wrong with him. Can someone be so rude She just wanted to say hi and thank him but he was so rude? But there was something about him that she just couldn't point at made her feel weak.

Pia: I...

He looks into her eyes and his hold on her becomes so tight that it begins to hurt her. But Pia wasn't able to say a word. What cat got hold of your tongue now? Oh just forget it and let go of her which results in her stumbling down and she was going to hit the wall when she felt a hand come in-between and hold her.

Pia was now royally pissed off: What is it with you first you accuse and manhandle me, and then you come to rescue.

Person: Oh please in your dreams I am not your savior my dear I am a death warrant for you.

Pia: Really I am yet to see that. Don't take me for a stupid. My savior or killer I know it was you at the cliff and the car thing yesterday something sure I not right about the whole thing. And now…

Person: Dream on my dear but let me tell you something loud and clear. You are no where up to Abhay Raichand's standards or type.

Pia: Looking at him annoyed and feeling mad to be compared to the likes of "t" Oh so you mean those floozy girls are your type. Please you don't know me and...

Abhay: And I have no interest to know you. Get that clear  moves away from there but comes back to her in one swift motion and says "To date there is no girl that has come even close enough to make Abhay Raichand's dead  heart beat. And he walks off...

Pia: Shouts back We will see if I can awaken it at least.

Abhay: Turning back to her with a smirk on his face you will burn yourself.

Pia to herself that is my problem Abhay Raichand if I wish to burn myself or not a choice for you to make. Whatever you say I don't believe you there is something about you which makes you so aloof and I am going to find out what it is. And I know it was you and last evening in the hospital I know it was you. Only your presence makes me feel so unsettled and I am going to find out what is it that you are running from me for.

I know nothing much happened in this part but hoping for things to gain momentum in the later parts. 



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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
i have just read part 2 and 3.its awsome.pleas update soon.
Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Nice update
Thanks for the PM

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