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Awesome part
Love it
Thanks for pm

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      It was early morning GEET was walking around the seashore not too many people were here at this time and she loved the calmness that swayed in the air which felt so good against her skin.. She walked along the water collecting all that had happned in the past few days which had changed her life completely she was smiling more these days more than she could ever remember she had in all of her life till now. But now its almost time to go back, 'aab kya hoga pata nahi mujhe kyun aisa lag raha hai ki kuch bura hone wala hai? Kyun mera mun itna beechan hai.. shayad iss liye ki aab shayad meh kuch samay tak MAAN se nahi mil payongi kya yeh ane wali doori ka ehsaas hai jiski wajeh se mere mun ghabhra raha hai?' she asked looking towards the waves searching for answers but only pebbles and sand came her way.. she didn't want to go back she feared the worst and if she was to go by what her family excluding her brother though of her there was very little chance actually no chance they'd be happy to discover about her and MAAN 'I just hope everything goes well.' 
Here in his room PREM was on the phone with his dad 
PREM: Dad hi, kaise hain aap? 

Mr. HANDA: theek hoon, tum batayo kya chal raha hai? Koi progress kuch pata chala company neh kya decide kiya? 
PREM not knowing exactly what to say kept quite for a moment, then 'Dad yahan maine kafi detail meh baat ki kafi logon se aaur mujhe nahi lagta ki hume iss project mein further rehna chaiyeh.' 
Mr. HANDA: per PREM tumne hi toh iss project ke bare mein muje kaha tha ki it'll be a good thing to venture into so now I fail to understand that when we are so close why you want to pull out? 
PREM: ya Dad I know per that time I didn't have all this information that I discovered after coming here, well one of the major drawbacks is that they wont be financing any part of the deal and it'll be only after the company successfully manages to compeletly operate at a given location in Europe will they fund the expense of the receipient and sign the contract for Europe Asia joint venture.' 'Also for us at this time it'll be very difficult to borrow anymore money as we have a big protion invested in our other projects and then I also don't think we'll be able to give the required time to this one even if we get it which could result in a loss as they wont reimburse until successful compeletion' There he had said it all hoping his Dad would buy it, he knew he could arrange the money but this was not about the money and telling the real deal would put all the blame on GEET, he knew his mother wont leave a opportunity to humiliate her. 
After a deep breath Mr HANDA: Well, you have studied this project far more than I have and seems you're quite firm about what you think so go ahead and do what you think would be best. 
PREM thinking yes Dad I've done what I think will be the best.. "ya Dad I'll go and draw the papers today and most probably we'll be returning home in a day or two.' 
Mr.HANDA: fine, let me know when you are coming I'll come and pick you up. 
PREM: sure Dad. 
he felt bad hiding the truth from his father but he had no choice, his only intent was that all should go as he had planned. Little did he know what awaited their return.. 'somethings better let with destiny'

        One day to left they'll be leaving tomorrow morning GEET sat in her room all her things packed ready to go back to the same place she spent of her life in. It was about seven when she got a call from MAAN to meet him in the lobby. Almost immediately getting ready she met up with him in the lobby. 
GEET: kya baat hai MAAN mujhe yahan kyun bulaya tumne? 
MAAN: abhi baatein kam karo aaur chalo mere saath. 
GEET: per hum jaa kahan rahe hain? 
MAAN: nahi bataunga toh nahi chalogi? 
GEET: chalongi toh phir bhi she said holding his hand lekin agar bata dete toh kher rehne do. 
It was awfully silent in the car neither of them knew what to say, soon their journey came to an end as MAAN pulled up in front of Don Camillo's. 
Seeing where they were brought a smile to her face he had brought her back to the same place where they had confessed their feelings to each other. 
    Coming to her side he opened the door to let her out, closing the door as she got down they walked in to be greeted by the same attendant who had served them last time, this way please' 
They were escorted to their private dining area, the table was set for a candle light dinner with a faint smell of roses which covered every corner of the room. 
GEET: MAAN yeh sub iski kya zarorat thi. 

Placing a finger on her lips.. 'shh zarorat thi GEET, 
pata nahi phir yeh mauka kab mile kal tum chali jayogi aab jinta bhi waqt hai usse mein usse tumhare saath bitana chahta hoon, har lamha jee bhar ke jina chahta hoon taki inn yaadon ke sahare mein tumhara intizar kar sakon pata nahi itne din tumhare bina kasie rahunga. 

GEET  hid her head in his broad chest as his hands went around her, 'meh bhi tumhare bina nahi reh payongi I'm going to miss you' 

MAAN: 'toh mat jao na yaheen mere paas reh jao' 
GEET: kaash aisa ho sakta ki meh yahin tumhare saath reh pati 
MAAN: aisa ho sakta hai GEET, agar hum abhi shaadi karlen, karogi abhi mujhse shaadi, dinner ko choro yahin paas meh ek mandir bhi hai kaho toh wahin chalen? 
GEET: MAAN tum pagal ho gaye ho 
MAAN: haan hoon per tumhare pyaar mein. 
GEET: MAAN AAP DADI se kab baat karoge? 
MAAN: bas wapas jate hi unse kahoonga ki maine unke liye bahu dhoond li hai aaur ab meh uske bina nahi rehsakta usne mere neend mera chain aur dil chura liya hau toh jaldi se humari shaadi karyado. 
GEET: besharam 
MAAN: kya kaha mein no you didn't just say that now.. before he could say anything further the waiter came in with food. 

GEET: MAAN behave 
Sitting down she looked over the what was placed on the table (what ever you want the menu to be) 

GEET: this looks good, but for a good ten people' are there more coming? 
MAAN: comical are we now? GEET I didn't know what you'd want to have so I got almost everything they had in their vegetarian menu. 
GEET: you could've asked 
MAAN: well now you have a choice, here start with this' 
A they fed each other soft piano music echoed in the room, it was perfect just the two of them. 

GEET: MAAN bas aab aur nahi khaya jayega. 
MAAN: GEET you've hardly had anything, do you want to have something else, we can go somewhere else if you wan 
GEET: nahi MAAN the food was great and I'm happy you brought me here this place will always be close to my heart. 
MAAN: and me? 
'abhi soocha nahi kabhi fursat meh soochongi apne dil se poochongi phir batayungi' she smiled 
MAAN: is that so. 
GEET: hmm 
Coming close to her holding her chair out she stood up railing against her snaking his arms around her neck bringing her close to him resting his head on top of hers, I'm afraid jawab toh mujhe abhi chaiyeh. 

GEET: mujhe nahi pata 
MAAN: toh kise pata hai? 
GEET: mere dil koh 
MAAN: toh meh ussi se pooch leta hoon. 
She looked at him quizzically not sure of what he meant, he leaned in and placed his ear on her heart she breathed deeply he was too close for her sanity, her knees were turning into jelly she held on edge of the chair for support. MAAN was quite his head against her chest he remained there listening to her heart beat which quickened by his touch. 


MAAN: shh 

GEET: MAAN kya kar rahe ho she said slowly? 

MAAN: apna jawab sunne ki koshish kar raha hoon per theek se awaz sunai nahi de rahi tum chup raho toh sunuga na 
With love and tenderness in her voice she spoke, MAAN tumhe aise jawab nahi milega, quickly standing up right he looked in her eyes. 
MAAN: meh kuch samjha nahi 

GEET placed her hand over his heart, tumhe jawab yahan se milega mera dil toh kkabka tumhare paas aa chuka hai, abhi joh tum jawab sunne ki koshish kar rahe the woh apne dil se kar rahe the jo ki sirf mujhe sunai deta hai. 
Overcome with ardor and sensation touched beyond words he didn't know what to say he was at a loss of words the only thoughts that came to his mind were 'how did I ever get so lucky to get someone like her?' 
Seeing a mixture of emotions on his face and the fact that he kept looking at her without saying anything frightened her 'did I say something wrong she paused to collect' with a lot of courage 'MAAN kuch kaho maine kuch galat keh diya kya? Please MAAN say something' coming out of his reverie 
MAAN: nahi GEET tumne kuch galat nahi kaha tum kabhi kuch galat kar hi nahi sakti meh toh yeh sooch raha tha ki how did I become so lucky that you came and filled the void which engulfed my life thus far. People have come and gone but you are the only one to have touched my soul. 
GEET: nahi MAAN its me who's fortunate to have you in my life, in the past couple of days I've many times questioned myself weather I'm even worthy of you because I don't think I deserve you, and you deserve better someone better than me..maybe I'm not' before she could continue he hushed her with a claiming kiss, she responded to his demanding kiss with equal passion he kissed her senseless moving his hands on her back after what seemed like ages they withdraw for air, his hands cupped her face 'don't ever say that again, rest that mind of yours will you, aaur abhi tumne kaha ki mera dil tumhare paas hai aaur woh sirf tumhe hi sunayi deta hai, mujhe lagta hai tumne uski baat dhyan se nahi suni, dhyan se sunna toh woh tumhe batayga ki itne kam samay meh tum usme kaise sama gayyi ho.'''. 
     Not knowing what to say she just put her head back on his chest 'I love you' she whispered she never meant him to hear that he did and whispered back 'I love you too baby and gently stroking her hair kissed her on top of her head...and it's start raining ...but both of them are just lost in their moment ...with their eye's closed they can save the moment and remember in their future life ...with that they just stay their in each other arm...loveling

    Preview: PREM and GEET leave for NY, how will Mom and Dad HANDA react, what will be VEERA's reaction and what will be GEET's reaction to all of their reactions   ! Not to forget pyarra bhaiya's reaction to mom's great plans   find out in the next couple of chapters   ! 



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Awesome update!!!
Aaww maan is so cute listening to her heartbeat :)
Hope all goes well but I have a feeling it won't :(
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Awesome n thnks 4 PM
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i like maan's idea much better thst they should get marry there and then onlyLOL
i hope that prem will be able to manage everything!
continue soon!
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loved the part...
geet is going back to NY...
hope their family accept their relationsp...
update soon...
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it was romantic yaar

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Beautiful Graphic #8
Thanks Graphic #5

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