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hopehot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
how much longer ...?????
how much finished ...10%... 50%... 99% ...?????

maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hopehot

how much longer ...?????
how much finished ...10%... 50%... 99% ...?????

60 % finished ...i have to color so ...

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khwaishfan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Hi...thanks 4 da pm. Just read parts 35 to 40 nw. sorri 4 late like n comment. Awesome updates- full of romance, emotions n love. Heer loves to tease geet. Precap is kinda worrying me...hope all is k. Update soon

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hopehot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhavipatil

Originally posted by hopehot

how much longer ...?????
how much finished ...10%... 50%... 99% ...?????

60 % finished ...i have to color so ...
its k..
i m waiting

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janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
gr8 part...
thanks for pm dear..

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hopehot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
how much longer ?/??????

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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MAAN and GEET stood there dazed not believing for a second weather they were dreaming or this was actually happening. 
GEET was the first too come out of daze 'BHAIYA AND RAJI ' and went in his waiting arms, it was PREM ' she remained there for a few moments to have the feeling sink in that it was her brother there in front of her after nearly seven months, she felt a drop of tear fall on her head immediately she looked up too a tearful PREM and wiped his tears off, and so did he cause the other pair of eyes too were wet'..then she huged her little sister raji and then raji said I missed you di'..''''''. 
'Bhaiya aur raji mujhe toh aab bhi yakeen nahi ho raha sach mein aap dono hain na' GEET
PREM laughed 'haan theek se dekh le mein hi hoon' AUR YE TERI CHOIT ''.GUDIYA
GEET: woh toh dikh hi raha hai per aap kafi kamzor lag rahe hain, apne apna dhyan biluk nahi rakha, ''..aur raji tu bhaiya ka dhyan rakhati hai ke nahi hmmm

PREM: aisa kcuh nahi hai itne samay keh baad dekh rahi hai na tabhi kehrahi hai. 
Adi: GEET PREM kya aa gaya apne iss bhai ko bhool hi gayi 
GEET : kaise baat kar rahe hain Adi bhaiya aisa ho sakta hai meh toh bas bhaiya ko itne time ke baad dekha na toh and started crying 
Adi: aree meh toh mazak kar raha tha tu toh rone lagi. 
PREM: ab yahin khara rakhigi ya andar bhi bulayagi? 
GEET  hit her head 'meh toh bhool hi gayi ayeh na' GEET  wanted to move but MAAN was blocking the way, she had to nudge him 'owww' MAAN 
MAAN came back to reality 'hey PREM, kaise ho lekin tum toh doh din baad ane wale the na phir aaj aaur Adi tuje kaise pata chala I mean'.' poor guy was still confused 
Adi laughed 'yaar yahin khare hue apne saale ki khabar lega, andar toh chal' 
MAAN  got out of the way and they came inside and sat down. 
GEET : meh apke liye kuch laon, kya lenge bhaiya, Adi bhaiya aap AUR RAJI TU ? 

RAJI-Di at least intro to karo mere jiju se ''''''ha I am very mad at you u always forget's me 'jane dije I will give my intro ''.my self to my hone wale jiju''''''.hiii jiju ''''I am raji I hope you remmber me ''''.we talk on the phone '''

MAAN- yes ''''I remmber you how can I  forget my best Saali'..hmmm

RAJI- yehhh that like my jiju ''''..ur best ''..i mean the way bhaiya had decribed you ''''''.your much more cool ,handsome' '''.out of world''''..i will be out word to decribed you''

MAAN- thank you '''''..Sali saiba''.at least u had said some thing nice ''''..varna kuch log '''..they don't even '''''.hmmm

GEET- Maan what do you me I don't care ha '''''''raji ne ke thodi tarif kar di ''''to app '''''..mhuji nahi karane baat appse''''.hmmm''''boliye bhaiya aap khuch loge''''.hmm'..aur tu ja aapne jiju se baat kar ''.hmm

MAAN and RAJI ' laugh togther

RAJI'''..said cool down di '.jiju is just joking with you ''..he love you lot''''.right jij''''

MAAN-yes I love her lot''''.c raji understood ''''.geet but you '''.. I am so sad ''''and '.

GEET- she just ingore's him and raji ''.. asked again adi bhaiya aap khuch lege''.

Adi: nahi GEET  abhi kuch kha liya na toh MEERA ,DADI,AUR MASSI mujhe maar dalegi rasam ke baad hi sub saath mein kha lenge 
PREM: haan yahi theek rahega, aaur tu khari kyun hai yahan aa aur mere paas baith. 
GEET  came and sat next to PREM  right in front of maan who was not too happy with the seating arrangement as he had wanted her to sit besides him. 
PREM: kaise hai meri bahen 
GEET: theek hoon bhaiya, aap kaise hain oh God kitne dino ho gaye vishwaas nahi hota 
PREM: haan bilkul vishwaas nahi hota ki meri woh choti se bahen jo ghanton bahar baithe rehti thi aaj woh itni bari ho gayi hai ki uski shaadi hone wali hai, meri choti si pari itni bari hogayi 
GEET  just laid her head against his sholder she felt content on having her brother's shoulder after such a long time. 
MAAN: so how was the flight? 
PREM: it was ok, just glad that I was able to come on time, I'd have hated to miss out on the ceremony today so when DADI had called me and mentioned about the chunri rasam I'd to prepond my trip and luckily there was a cancellation and I got the ticket. 
MAAN: matlab ghar mein sabko pata hai iss bare mein looking at Adi 
Adi: yaar aise mat ghoor mujhe bhi DADI neh kal raat hi bataya tha, aaur GEET ko surprise dena chahti thi toh tujhe batana se mana kiya tha. 
PREM: Adi woh toh hai but now that I'm here I have doubts on getting my little sis married to MAAN 
MAAN, GEET, and Adi looked on PREM not beleving their ears 
MAAN a little mad (a little) : what do you mean 
PREM in between a giggle 'Adi I don't know about you but I'm not too sure if I like the idea of my jija wearing a lipstick' and burst out laughing looking at a very blushing GEET  who had by then noticed her red lipstick smeared over his lips turned her face and hid it in her palms as PREM had his arms over her holding her back from running away. 
MAAN was blushing and Adi sat grinning along PREM, 'meh abhi aya' MAAN went in the room to fix his appearance 
Getting an opportunity with her phone ringing GEET  too went inside looking for her phone. 
As soon as she got in MAAN took her in his arms

GEET: MAAN choro kya kar rahe ho bahar bhaiya aur raji baithe hain aaur tumhe, aaur dekho mera phone baj raha hai let me answer it atleast. 
MAAN: phone baj raha hai no problem here and he disconnected the line as he had called on her cell just to get her in the room. 
GEET  realizing it was a paart of his plot, 'tum bahut kharab ho, now how am I suppose to face them outside she was shy being caught by her bhaiya and that too cause she was meeting him after so long. 
MAAN: relax its ok, he'll understand aur agar nahi samajhega toh I can always hook him up with someone ahh I wish I had taken that gal's phone number 
GEET: who 
MAAN: aree the one we met at Mauritius airport 
GEET burst out laughing yet again 'MAAN  you better behave yourself' 
MAAN: wohi toh kar raha hoon, ab chalo ache se mujhe ek kiss do 
GEET: MAAN are you crazy after what just happened you want me to kiss you again 
MAAN: umm ok if you don't want to then I guess I'll if that makes you feel any better and captured her lips in a sweet kiss. 
Breaking apart she hit him on the chest and smiling wiped off the lipstick from his lips. 
MAAN: see that was hard now was it 
GEET: ab tum jao meh thori der meh ati hoon, tell them I'm on the phone

MAAN: hawww GEET apne bhai se jhoot bolege 
GEET: shut up and go 
MAAN: abhi se dhamki milne lagi jane agee mera kya hoga acting all scared 
GEET  putting her arms around his neck 'soch lo abhi bhi waqt hai, aaur koi pasand ho toh usko chunni pehna do.' 
MAAN nuzzling near her ear 'not in any life sweetheart, you're stuck with me forever, like it or not' 
GEET: love it 
MAAN: I love you 
Outside in the living area ''''RAJI-----BHAIYA DON'T YOU THINK  THEIR IS SOMETHING WORNG''.
PREM: HMMM RIGHT''..Adi in dono ko andar gaye hue kafi der ho gayi jane andar kya ho raha hai 
Adi: I was thinking the same, just then MAAN walks out 
PREM: about time you came, we were wondering whats taking you so long GEET bhi nahi ayi abb tak 
MAAN: GEET woh toh yahi thi kahan gayi 
Adi: uska phone baj raha tha 
MAAN: I don't know I didn't hear it, khair you tell me how long are you going to be here? 
PREM: well about a month or so, but the rest of the family will leave after the wedding 
MAAN: rest of them, what they are here 
PREM nodded 
MAAN: how, I mean how did you manage after all that happened. 
PREM saw GEET coming out 'I'll tell you later on

 MAAN too got the hint seeing GEET come out and didn't pursue the matter further 
MAAN: GEET kiss ya phone tha 
GEET noticed the stress on the word kiss he placed and couldn't help stop the blush creeping on her cheeks but to her luck no one was looking at her as someone barged in the living room yelling 
"BHAIYAAA" HEER came in yelling which caused everyone to put a hand over their ears 
HEER: BHAIYA  how could you, aap yahan aram se baithe hain aaur meh wahan 
Before she could spill anything out he went close to her and 'oh HEER I was just waiting for you where were you princess' 
HEER: BHAIYA you you told me to wait there for you and now now she shut up as she saw someone unfamiliar sitting next to GEET 
MAAN quietly came up 'HEER woh I kinda forgot but here let me introduce you to GEET 's brother and sister
MAAN: PREM  this is my princess HEER and HEERthis is  PREM,,,,,AUR this raji ..  
PREM and RAJI  : hi 
HEER: hi 
PREM: so you're the one I spoke to that day 
HEER: ya that's me 
GEET: aa HEER baith na khari kyun hai 
HEER went and sat next to GEET and they resumed their conversation now the only difference was that HEER was talking and everyone else was listening... 
Prem- she so different ...when she talk to me on phone total different and here i am looking looking total different side of her g8
At the house DADI was looking around but she couldn't spot MAAN anywhere and Adi should've been back by now 
MASSI: kya hua BEEJI 
DADI: dekho na KARUNA, MAAN kahin dikhai nahi de raha aaur Adi ko bhi aab tak aa jana chaiyeh tha GEET  ki family ko leker pata nahi kahan reh gaya 
Just then VICKY came in 
Dadi: Vicky  aa gaye tum yeh Adi kahan hai aaur baki sab 
VICKY: Dadi BRO  and PREM BHAI AND GEET BHABHI SMALL SISTER  went over to the outhouse and rest of them checked in a hotel they said they'll come straight from there 
DADI: hotel mein kyun itna bara ghar hai why didn't you guys bring them here 
VICKY: DADI BRO  neh toh kaha tha per they said they'll just stay at the hotel, but don't worry its not too far so they should be here in a few minutes' AUR YASH JIJU AYE KYA

DADI: bas usse bhi aajana chaiyeh, YASH  gaya toh hai lene dekho 
MASSI: bas ab yeh maan ka pata nahi kahan chala gaya hai 
Just then they heard two kids shouting "NANI, DADI" 
Massi: Riya Jiya ajao bachon ( this two are meera and yash daughter's)
riya and jiya : mom
MEERA: lo inki hi kami thi yeh bhi aa gayi 

they  hugged her mom followed by dadi and massi
JIYA-asked for sweety...

YASH: don't worry Jiya here she is 
Jiya: aaw thanks PAPA, come here sweety (sweety was their little dog) she put her down and sweety was off exploring the house with the two girls behind her 
MEERA: yeh dono bhi na bas jub dekho sweety sweety, maine kaha bhi tha ki usse wahin chor ate hain per nahi 
Dadi: koi baat nahi bacche hain per YASH tu yeh bata baki sab kaha  hain? 
YASH: Dadi unka kuch kaam aa gaya achanak toh unhe Banglore jana para but shaadi tak aajayengi, speaking of which humare MAAN  hain kahan? 
DADI: hum bhi tere ane se pehle yahi baat kar rahe thee MAAN ghar per toh nahi hai acahnak pata nahi kahan chala gaya 

MEERA: DADI aaur kahan gaye honge 
DADI: matlab 
MASSI: BEEJI samjha kar na bhanwra phool ke paas nahi jayega toh kahan jayegi 
DADI: matlab yeh outhouse mein hai 
MASSI: mujhe toh yahi lagta hai 

MEERA: aree budhu MAMI wahin per hain 

THEY BOTH ASKED : SHE is here toh chalo na mujhe bhi milna hai ''..MAMI SE
MEERA: haan chalte hain 
MOM nahi  abhi chalo 
DADI: hum bhi chalte hain zarra dekhen toh wahan kya ho raha hai 
All the women along went towards the outhouse leaving VICKY and YASH
As they got near they could hear MAAN 
MEERA: kya kaha tha maine 
Coming inside "MAAN bhaiya" exclaimed MEERA 
MAAN  got up hearing a very familiar voice "MEERA" 
TU ''

RIYA AND JIYA : MAMU '''..THE BOTH GAL'S '.SAID ...Maan... oh my God its really you its been so long kaise hao'''.. 
RIYA AND JIYA : theek hoon and then looking towards GEET  "MAMI" 
GEET  got up and stood next to MAAN 
they both  came up and hugged her 'WE' so glad to finally meet you, jabse Mom neh apke baare mein bataya WE was dying to meet you' 
GEET: MAAN neh kafi bataya tha apke baare mein 
RIYA AND JIYA  glancing at MAAN : all good things I hope 
GEET : absolutely except 
JIYA: except 
MAAN: GEET pitwane ka irada hai and started laughing 
DADI: pitega toh tu mere haaton yahan kya kar raha hai tu ? 
MAAN: DADI PREM AUR RAJI  se milne aya tha 
PREM  came forward and touched her feet 'DADI yeh yahan mujhse pehle keh aya hua hai meh toh abhi Adi ke saath kuch der pehle hi aya, kyun Adi' 
Adi: jee DADI 
MAAN: meh abhi aya 
MASSI: tu kahan bhaag raha hai chup chap khara reh yahin 
MEERA: DADI MA aab rehene bhi do dekho na beechari bhabhi ki kya haalat ho rahi hai 
They all looked at GEET  who was madly blushin she ran towards her room shyly as she saw all eyes fixed on her. 
MAAN: dekha beechari sharma ke andar chali gayi meh bula ke lata hoon, but DADI held his ears 'bari jaldi hai akele mein milne ki tu chal yahan se tere sasural wale atee honge' 
MAAN  looked at PREM  who in turn nodded 
MEERA: jaye bhaiya apki dulhan ko hum sambhal lenge 
MAAN: dekhlonga tujhe 
RAJI  was happy observing the closeness within the family and was assured yet again that her sister was going to be very happy in this family''.. 
Adi: prem tum bhi chalo yahan yeh sub larkiyan jama ho gayi hain toh hum bhi apna thikana jama lein kyun MAAN 
MAAN: haan bilkul chalo '''''.



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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Originally posted by hopehot

how much longer ?/??????


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