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ArnavBarunLover Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
great part
loved it
aww maan is sooo sweet
heer's so funny lol
continue soon

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 4:34am | IP Logged
awesome ... superb ...

thnx  4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

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seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 4:54am | IP Logged
LOved it, can't wait to see the wedding.plsss update soon.

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CrystalSaya Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged




It was early morning DADI was up getting everything set for the ceremony today she wanted everything done perfectly. 
MASSI: BEEJI sab theek hai, kitne baar saman check karegi 
DADI: KARUNA bus yuhin dekh rahi thi ki kuch reh na jaye 
MASSI: Sub ho gaya hai, aab chal ke taiyar ho jaa phir hume wahan se GEET ko bhi toh lana hai 
DADI: jee KARUNA yeh bache uthe ke ab tak so rahe hain 
MASSI: sub uth chuke hain taiyar ho rahe hain 
Just then MEERA came down ready 'DADI Ma meh ready hun meh kuch karwadon, wasie toh yahan sub theek lag raha hai' 
DADI: MEERA  accha hua ki tu taiyar hogayi ek kaam kar tu outhouse meh chali ja aaur dekh wahan kya chal raha hai 
MEERA: jee DADI, wahan un dono ke paas kapre bhi nahi honge 

MASSI: GEET ke liye humne jo saare kharedi thi unmeinse koi leja aaur HEER ka toh tuje pata hi hai 
MEERA: theek hai Ma meh le jati hoon aap yahan per sub dekho wahan mein sambhal lungi 

In the outhouse HEER and GEET were still asleep 

MEERA rang the bell 
GEET stirred 
HEER: kya yaar subah subah kaun hai 
GEET: HEER meh dekhti hoon 
HEER: lete raho BHABHI wohi honge raat ko bhi sone nahi diya aaur subah phir yeh Bhaiya bhi na 
GEET smiled thinking of last night 
HEER: bajane doh ghanti hum nahi kholenge darwaza 
GEET: HEER ho sakta hai koi aur ho 
GEET: tu so meh dekhkar ati hoon this time she grabbed her robe before opening the door in case HEER was right and it was MAAN on the door 

GEET: didi aap 
MEERA: hmm kitne der laga di kya chal raha hai yahan? 

GEET: didi woh kuch nahi aap andar toh ayo 
MEERA: HEER kahan hai? HEER tum dono ab tak so rahe thi 
GEET looked down sheepishly it was nine in the morning 
MEERA and GEET came in the room 
HEER  with out looking "Bhaiya hi thee na bhabhi
GEET wanted to hit HEER for opening her mouth without looking as MEERA was looking at her 
MEERA: Nahi HEER mein hoon 
HEER: DIDI aap she got up fast 'hi DIDI good morning' 
MEERA: good morning per yeh kya itne deer tak so rahe ho utho  taiyar hojao wahan sub almost ready hain 
HEER: yeh sub BHAIYA ki galti hai 
GEET: HEER please 
MEERA: aab MAAN bhaiya neh kya kar diya 
GEET: meh ayi 
HEER grabbed her hand 'aap kahan chali BHABHI, DIDI raat ko BHAIYA ko neend nahi aa rahi thi BABHI ke bina toh yahan humari neend kharab karne chale aye aaur kuch do dhai baje gaye haine BHABHI' GEET stood there blushing ear to ear 
MEERA:oh yeh baat hai and laughed as'. GEET hid her face hugging her 
MEERA: ab tum dono jake fresh ho jao aaur yeh rahe tum dono ke kapre 
HEER: BHABHI pehle aap jao tab tak meh so leti hoon 
MEERA: HEER get up and go to the other bathroom and I want you ready within thirty minutes 
HEER: kya DIDI got up reluctantly taking her clothes went out 
A few minutes later GEET emerged out looking beautiful in a blue and red  saree 

MEERA: bahut sundar lag rahi ho she took kajaal out of her eye and put it behind her ear 'kisi ke nazar na lag jae, and then winking waise jiski lagni thi uske toh lag chuki kyun' 

GEET: kya didi and lowered her eyes. 
HEER too was ready 'wow BABHI looking very nice' 
GEET: thanks HEER, you are looking very beautiful too 
HEER: always, but yeh kya no make up come let me do your make up today 
GEET: nahi HEER rehne de theek hai 
HEER: aree BABHI baitho toh 
MEERA: tu bhabhi ka make up kar meh chai lati hoon woh bhabhi aise riwaz hai ki chunri charhne ke baad sabse pehle apko MAAN bhaiya mithai khilayenge phir hum sub saath meh khayenge 
HEER: matlab tab tak humara subka vrat 
MEERA: chup 
GEET: HEER tujhe bhook lagi hai na ja kuch kha le 
HEER: Nahi BHABHI kuch der ki toh baat hai, aaur DIDI I don't want tea 
GEET: didi mujhe bhi nahi 
MEERA: theek hai toh meh ab wahan jaker dekhti hoon, thori der meh ayi 
GEET: jee 
HEER did the final touches on GEET and was very satisfied with the result 'you're looking great BHABHI, lekin apne toh gale meh kuch pehna hi nahi yeh DIDI bhi na bhool gayi na' 
GEET: HEER jaldi meh reh gaya hoga aaur dekh chain toh pehni hai na chalta hai 

HEER: what no ways you wait I'll be right back meh ja ker kuch lati hoon dekho DIDI mera bhi set nahi layi 
GEET: HEER sun toh per HEER kahan sunne wali thi she zoomed out the room towards the house 
HEER dashed up the stairs to her room first decided to put on her jewelry and then getting GEET's as it'd be easier to carry that way 
'BHABHI's jewelry must be in BHAIYA's room ok well I guess I'll have to go there then' 
She knocked on the door 'come in' 

MAAN: hey princess 
HEER: wow BAHIYA looking hot 
MAAN: well thx sweetheart you're not looking bad yourself, chakar kya hai anything I need to worry about 
HEER: come on BAHIYA, its nothing 
MAAN: toh tu yahan? 
HEER: haan woh BHABHI DIDI BHABHI ke saree toh de gayi per jewelry lana bhool gayi toh main khud lene chali aye. 
MAAN: oh ok 
HEER: kahan rakha hai? 

MAAN: cubbard meh hai dekh le kaunse lena hai 

HEER grabbed one out 'BHABHI this one will go perfectly with her saree, ok then I'll see you in a little bit' as she was about to walk past MAAN held her hand 'not so fast HEER and took the box from her hands' 
HEER: BHAIYA yeh aap 
MAAN: HEER tu kyun taklif karti hai meh de ata hoon na 
HEER: seedhe seedhe bolo na BHABHI se milna hai 
MAAN: tu samaj gayi na toh ab chup chap mera yahan wait kar and you better not step out the room till I'm back 
HEER: BHAIYA agar koi aya toh 
MAAN: umm lock the door from inside and turn the shower on in the bathroom
HEER: smiled BHAIYA not bad per zyada der mat karna 
MAAN: I'll be right back 
As HEER locked the door 'ya right and I'm what five' grinning to herself but she was happy that finally her BHAIYA had found the special person for him 'haye meri bari kab ayegi' HEER 

To be sure no one sees him go MAAN took the backdoor exit towards the outhouse, this time he was prepared he had gotten the keys so just opened the door and let himself in. 
GEET  was standing looking out the window she was lost in her own world, MAAN put the box on the bed and quietly went close to her and snaked his arms around her waist. 
She screamed 'aaah' 
MAAN put his hand over her mouth 'shh meh hoon' she quickly turned around 'MAAN aap, she looked scared pata hai kitna daar gayi thi meh aaur aap' 
MAAN taking her in his arms gently stroking her back 'aw baby I didn't mean to scare you' her hold tightened on his back she hugged him tightly 
MAAN: GEET relax its ok...kissing her forehead  

GEET: aap yahan kya kar rahe ho, MAAN HEER ati hi hogi aap jao pehle hi kal raat ke se woh mujhe cher rahe hai aab phir usne aapko yahan dekh liya toh pata nahi kya karege 
MAAN laughed 'woh abhi nahi ane wali' 
GEET looked at him 'kyun' 
MAAN: tum sawal bahut poochti ho, and got the box that he had laid on the bed a few minutes ago, taking out the necklace, GEET extended her hand 
MAAN shook his head 
GEET: MAAN do na 
MAAN shook his head and came behind her putting on her neck whispered in her ears 'yeh mera haq hai isse mujhse koi nahi cheen sakta tum bhi nahi samghi'

Gold Necklace Set
Getting the earrings out he out them on one by one as he locked them he felt her flinch 'dard hua' 
GEET: nahi but the fact was it did hurt as they were heavy and she was not used to wearing heavy jewelry 
MAAN kissed her ears wanting to sooth her pain she gasped

MAAN: you look beautiful Mrs.KHURANA ( both looking in mirror)

GEET: Mrs. KHURANA she smiled 
MAAN: almost there 
GEET: I cant wait for your name to be attached with mine forever 
MAAN: soon GEET a few more days! Aah if I live to see them 
She put her hand over his mouth tears beginning to form in her eyes 'phir aise kabhi mat kehna, meh apni jaan dedongi' 


GEET: toh aapne asie kaise kaha ki ki now she was really crying 
MAAN: GEET rona nahi please look I'm sorry I wont say it ever again now please dekho tumhara make up kharab ho raha hai' she hit him 'bad excuse' 
GEET: aap bahut bure ho, jao yahan se mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni and turned around 
MAAN: per hume toh karni hai turning her back to face him


GEET remained quiet 
MAAN  hated seeing tears in her eyes and cursed himself for making her cry, 'GEET' he said softly 
GEET  looked up at him, she knew he was just joking but it scared her to death thinking about something happening to him no no she thought 
GEET  touched his face 'phir aise kabhi mat kehna'

MAAN: I promise and sealed it by placing a kiss on her lips which quivered against his, their lips moved in against each other in slow motion tenderly. 
After a few moments they withdrew from the kiss and settled for a warm hug.


GEET: hmm 
MAAN: ab mujhe chalna chaiyeh HEER wahan kamre meh mujhe gaaliyan de rahi hogi 
GEET laughed kyun kya kiya tumne 
MAAN: well I kinda told her to stay in my room till I get back 

GEET: MAAN aap sach meh pagal ho, pata hai subah jub didi ayee thi usne unhe bhi bata diya ki kal raat aap yahan aye the 
MAAN raised his eyebrows 'she did well then good that's her punishment for opening her mouth' 
GEET: I hope she wont tell anyone about this right now 
MAAN: don't worry she wont 
MAAN: GEET ek baat puchon 

GEET: haan 
MAAN: jub meh andar aya tha toh tum khoyi hui thi, kya sooch rahi thi 

GEET: bas aise hi 
MAAN: phir bhi 
GEET: ghar ki yaad ah gayi thi especially bhaiya ki aur RAJI kash woh yahan hote 
MAAN: GEET he'll be here in a few days 
GEET: I know phir bhi khair choro aab tumhe der nahi ho rahi 
MAAN: hmm ho toh rahi hai per man nahi karta tumhe chor ke jane ka 
MAAN: bahar tak toh chalo saath mein
                                                                                                    GEET and MAAN walked to the door together hand in hand and as MAAN opened the door both GEET and MAAN stood there in shock' 

                      To be continued... 
Preview: ab kya hua   

 HOPE YOU guys like the update plzzz hit like button and comment ...thank you reading to all and giveing comment nd also for hiting like button ...thank you to all plzzz avoid any mistake ...thank you once again...

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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supreb update.
who was at the door?

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CrystalSaya Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

kya hua hoga ... kisine pakad liya hoga dono ko ...Wink

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