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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151 (Page 66)

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Originally posted by Ahlaam5

Just started reading this
It's awesome, loved reading it so far and it's nice to see Maaneet.
Awww, Armaan is finally moving on. Thank godSmile
This saala Vikram, hope Armaan breaks every bone in his bodyEvil Smile
Can't wait to see their marriageParty

thnx alot dear...

n welcome aboard..

let see wat armi will do wid vikram..

n wedding..coming soon...

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Thank You Note...

a very big thank u too all of u...who commented n pressed the LIKE button,..

im bit angry wid u i didnt get the comments or even usually like the way i get..

but no problem...still im gonna update for all those who read it...

thnx to all who pressed LIKE button on page 50...

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sorry if i forget anyone's name...

THANK YOU...once again..

loads of luv..


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PART 16...

RECAP: Armaan missing Shilpa...realized his love for her,...Vikram pulling her in a store room...

Shilpa got soo scared being pulled in  the dark room..she closed her eyes tight..fearing any mishap wid her'she was really scared to even open her eyes'not knowing whose infront of her'



Vikram: Shilpa'. 'he said coming close to her'n Shilpa open her eyes to finally who it is'


Shilpa: hush'''taking a sigh of relief' Vikram tum ho..mujhe laga pata nahin kaun hai'agae se aisa mazak bilkul mat karna'ok chalo bye mein ja rahe hoon..Armaan bhi pata nahin kahan hai aaj''


Wid that she started moving towards the door'when felt a grip on her wrist..n turned around to see..Vikram holding her hand'n when a tug pulled her towards him'making her crash on his chest'this made Shilpa conscious n scared as wat he is upto'''where as Vikram held her closed to him by putting his arms around her waist..


Shilpa: Vikram kya kar rahe ho'choro mujhe'''choro'. 'she tried to come out of his hold..but couldn't'n he held her more close to him'wid a smirk playing on his lips''


Vikram: Shilpa mein ne tumhein chorne ke liye thori na pakra hai'. 'Shilpa looked agasht hearing his words'n tried to register them in her mind''


Shilpa: dekho Vikram..mazak tak teekh hai'but u r getting beyond the limit'so cut the crap n leave me'.


Vikram: nahin Shilpa..aaj mein tumhein nahin choron ga''.apna bana k rahon ga'I love u Shilpa'..


Shilpa: WHAT'.."she was shocked beyond words'" dekho Vikram mein ne pehle bhi kaha hai mujhe yeh pasand nahin'so stop it ok''.


Vikram: tum ise job hi samjo'.but yeh mera pyar hai Shilpa'I really love u a lot''n I wont let anyone come b/w us''tum sirf meri ho'..mein tumhein kisi aur ka nahin hone doon ga'.


With this he pulled her towards him again'n started planting kisses on her face n neck'where as Shilpa tried her best to protest''..she shouted for help many times'but as the path was deserted'n it was quite one heard her'to come n help her'



Vikram held her hands back'n was kissing her neck like mads...n leaving several bites'.she tried her best'.n kicked him in b/w his legs'making him squeal in pain n he fell on the floor'.n he left her'getting the chance she ran towards the door..but Vikram moved fast'n held her leg..making her fell on her stomach'.he got up'n moved towards her..picked her up from her hairs and  pushed her on the couch which was placed in the center of the room'.n settled himself on her..n again was kissing her n touching her on several places''.n Shilpa'she was feeling sooo disgusting''n shouting the name..which came in her mind''''ARMAAN''..


Armaan just parked his car in the parking lot..n wid a sweet n sexy smile..was moving towards her cabin'when he heard his name being called''he looked here n there n thinking he is hallucinating'n moved..but again hearing it being called loud..he knew something is wrong'n ran towards the direction of voice..even the voice was getting louder n clearer'n when he was near the store room'she again squealed his name'n he registered''''.its SHILPA''..


Hurriedly he moved n opened the door'only to see..Vikram on top of Shilpa'forcing himself on her'n Shilpa protesting n crying at the same time''

Anger filled in his body'his eyes turned red''..n his knuckles turned white as he closed his fist tightly'he banged open the door'making Vikram turn to see who it was''..Armaan was ready to kill him'but her voice'''..ARMAAN''''..pleading him'to save her from being impious''tears flowing from her eyes''n Armaan cant see his Shona like this'''


Armaan with a rage in his eyes'.moved towards the duo''.pulled Vikram by his collar''.punched him on his face'''n he wobble n fell on his back''


Shilpa got up seeing Armaan standing near her'her eyes were filled wid tears running down her cheeks..she slowly limbing moved towards Armaan n hugged him tight'as her life is dependent on him only..which is..

She clutched his collar..n again started crying loudly..Making Armaan's heart pierced wid pain..seeing her like this'.n he also hugged her tight'promising her to protect from all the wrath of the world'he'll be there for her..always'


Armaan separated her from the hug'n looked at her from head to toe'her hairs were messed'.her fore head got a light scratch wid blood oozing out from it'her dress tored from several places'her elbow also got some minor wounds n her feet'she limbed means her foot got sprained'


Armaan was getting more n more angry..seeing her state'he removed his shirt n make her wear it'n covered her properly' his eyes were burning wid rage..he touched her cheek careesing it..making her assure of his presence..that he is there for her'where as tears were still running down Shilpa's soft cheeks still fumbling wid words not knowing wat to say'


Shilpa: Armaan'Vi'.Vikram''' 'she couldn't complete her sentence n again started crying badly'..n whimpering loud'Armaan couldn't take it anymore'n he hugged her again'making her feel protective''


They broke the hug seeing Vikram getting up..holding his head'n seeing his condition seems he is drunk'Shilpa's eyes were showing fear'but an assurance also that Armaan is there for her'Armaan moved her aside n covered her view wid his body..standing in front of her'


Vikram: ahh..Dr.Armaan'mein yeh kaise bhool gaya..k tum jaisa insaan kahin bhi pohanch sakta hai..aur khas kar..Shilpa k liye''.kyun sahi bola na..



Armaan: han ek dum sahi kaha Vikram..Shilpa k liye mein kisi bhi waqt kahin bhi pohanch sakta hoon'sur tujh jaise janwar se bachane ke liye kabhi bhi..


Vikram: im impressed''.but sochna bhi mat k Shilpa tumhari ho sakti hai'who sirf meri hai..aur mein use apna bana ke rahon ga'


That was end of the convo going on'Armaan jumped on Vikram n started beating him''..where as Shilpa started sobbing again..seeing Armaan fighting''she was really scared..specially whatever happened wid her'


It was difficult to get who is more strong as at one tym seems Armaan is beating his brutally n the other minute seems Vikram is beating Armaan cruelly'both were having blood coming out fnear their lips..n forehead'


Out of no where Vikram brought a knife n when Armaan was about to raise his hand on him..he slit his palm..making the blood driping out from the wound''n make Armaan hiss a bit'but Shilpa shrieked out loudly'


Hearing the commotion near the store..the security guards..along wid Mann'Geet'.Rohit n Khanak n few other staff members of the hospital'n they were beyond shock..seeing Armaan beating Vikram..but then looked at the other side..Shilpa crying loudly..clad in Armaan's shirt'trying to pull it more close n tight on her'she was sobbing badly'Khanak n Geet took hold of her'hugged her tight..assuring her that everything is fine..where as Mann n Rohit moved towards the separate them from each other..but Armaan was not at all ready to leave him..n beating him continuously..

Maan: Armaan..Armaan'chord usey marr jaega who'


Armaan: marta hai tu marr jae'aj mein is zinda nahin chorne wala'iski himat kaise hue Shilpa ko haat lagane ki'. "said in anger'


Armaan was not ready to leave him at all'the security guards came up n separated them'n took Vikram away'Armaan was still so angry'but hearing Geet shout he ran in Shilpa's direction'who was lying unconscious on the floor'


Armaan: Shilpa'Shilpa ankhein kholo'. 'when she didn't he picked her up n moved towards the emergency room'.where Geet helped Dr. Tanushree in treating Shilpa's wound'n Armaan along wid Mann n Rohit moving to n fro in deep tension''.


Dr. Tanu: Dr. Armaan''.she is alrite I gave her injection so that she sleeps for good quality hours'n also bandged her wounds'.but she is in a really vulnerable state'n u r her only help..she believes on u only'.so be there for her..n support her..she is a mental trauma..n u have to help her to come out of this'. "Armaan listened attentively to wat all she told him' n then turning towards Mann n Rohit'" Doctors..i don't know how she will react when she'll get up might not let u guys come near plzz don't mind n think abt her state n try to make her at ease wid u guys'support her..make her smile'lighten her she become the same bubbly n sweet Shilpa'ok'.n yes make sure that Vikram get punishment for wat he did..



Armaan moved inside her room..n saw her sleeping peacefully but a frown was there on her face'might be her mind was again repeating the picture'of wat happened wid her'he settled down beside her'n moved his hands on her face n gently on her head'.making the frown gone from her face'n making her sleep peacefully'Geet came in the room..followed by other wid a first aid box'bandaged Armaan's wound n also gave him an injection to lessen the pain in his hand'.


Other supported him..n encouraged him that they r wid him..n will also be by their [Armaan n Shilpa's] side'Armaan kept his head on the side of her bed'n slept due to effect of medicine'


Next Morning'.


Shilpa woke up trembling badly'as all wat happened came back in her mind'she looked around to figure out where she is..white walls..medicines..couch,'.files..seems she is in hospital n then her eyes feel on Armaan'sleeping wid his head on the side of her bed..n also holding her hand if assuring her she didn't need to scare from anything he is there for her'Shilpa tried to take her hand out slowly from his grip'but the sudden movement woked him up'he saw Shilpa awaked n moved towards her..keeping his bandaged hand on her left cheek''..


Armaan: r u alrite Shilpa'


Shilpa: if u r wid me'im alrite''.


Armaan: always'''im always there for u' n hugged her'giving her the confidence back..that he is there n no one can ever trouble her'.

Shilpa was  got bit confused when saw the other four entering the room..but the moves didn't looked in her direction'instead were loking down..where as both Geet n Khanak hugged her'wished her speedy recovery''..


Shilpa asked the boys regarding there behavior n assured them'that there is no need to worry'n she is perfectly alrite..n not afraid of them at all..they are her friends..who she can be scared of them'knowing they loved her like a sister''..all smiled seeing her confidence..n determination to fight against what happened wid her'she is a rare case..many go into shells'block themselves..errect a wall around them..not letting others to enter it to see the person's vulnerable state'


Dr. Tanushree gave her a week holiday n Armaan also'so that they cope up soon'Shilpa was not in a state to join back'though she showed she is not effected by all wat happened'but the truth was she is effected..n Armaan to help Shilpa'n also his hand to recover soon''.



Armaan n Shilpa went home..Armaan tried his best not to ask her any question which make her feel awkward or create tension to her'where as shilpa tried her best to be confident''.they shared a silence whole day..both engross in their own thoughts..but the night turned out to be a horrified for them'''


Armaan was sleeping on the couch in Shilpa's room as she requested him not to leave her alone n he agreed to be there'but he woke up..hearing her sobbing badly''n screaming loudly'


Armaan moved towards her..n saw her screaming n sobbing in her sleep..seeing the most horrible dream..asking Vikram to leave n not touch her''.Armaan again got angry on Vikram n himself also leaving her in the hospital..he touched her hairs'n woked her up'


Shilpa got up..n saw him sitting by her side'''n hugged him tight'''.crying badly''..after sometym sobbing'


Shilpa: 'in b/w her sobs'' Armaan'he touched me'he said he want me'he pulled me'pulled me in the'store room'.n tried kissing me'..'Armaan clenched his fist tight hearing all this from her'"


Usne kaha who mujhe'tum se cheen le ga'he pushed me on the ground'.n hold my hairs tightly'he'he torned my clothes Armaan'''he is really bad'''..i thought him as my friend'but he'.he was a backstabber''''i loathe him Armaan'''..i loathe him'..tum'tum mujhe kabhi akela nahin choro ga na Armaan''..u'll be there for me na'.


Armaan: I will be there for u Shona'I'll be there always'I promise u to hold u when u cry'to lend u my shoulder to cry on'''.but I'll do my best  to not let u cry Shona'''.i love u sooo much,'..i'll be there for u humesha'''.


Hearing his words she got stiff''n Armaan felt her bidy getting stiff for wat he said'.he recalled'..n remembered he confessed his feelings to her'''he moved out from the hug n looked at her face''.which was showing a shock expression'her eyes wide open'..she was sooo shocked hearing him'.how can he'''.


Armaan: I know Shilpa tum mujhpe yakeen nahin karogi….but I really love u Shilpa……


Shilpa: nahi Armaan


Armaan: lekin kyun Shilpa…im telling u the truth I really love u a lot…


Shilpa: oh..tu tum mujhse pyaar karte ho…pyaar nahin hai yeh Armaan…


Armaan: nahin Shilpa mein such mein tumse bohat pyaar karta hoon…


Shilpa: nahin Armaan…tum sirf yeh isliye keh rahe ho…coz u r pity on me…on my condition…


Armaan: what..Shilpa tum pagal ho gai ho..'he was getting angry hearing her'…tum ne mera pyaar..meri care…ko daya ka naam de diya….u thought im piting on u…how can u Shilpa…how can u think like that…


Shilpa: im not thinking Armaan…I know it's the truth…tum ne socha hoga…bechari ke saath itna bura hogaya hai..toot gaye hogaye…sahara chahiye hoga…tu mein hi is par daya[pity] kar deta hoon…waise bhi hai iska saath de………hai na Armaan……


Armaan: yeh sach nahin hai shilpa…tum samjhne ki koshish kyun nahin kar rahi…….


Shilpa: kya samjhon mein Armaan…bolo…kya mein nahin janti….ke tumhare dil..dhadkan mein sirf ek hi naam hai……Ridhimaa….tum use kabhi bhool hi nahin paye Armaan…..tum use bohat pyaar karte ho…tumhare dil mein kisi aur ke liye who jagah ban hi nahin sakti…


Armaan: Ridhimaa…yeh naam ab meri zindagi se bohat door ja chukka hai Shilpa…ab tu uski yaad bhi pass se nahin guzarti….woh pyaar…who chah…who tamanna kahin kho gaye hai…who pyaar…mujhse door hua..tu uski yaad..har baat…who takleef…who dard jo mehsoos hota tha…woh bhi kahin kho gaya hai….i don't love her anymore Shilpa…


Shilpa: jhooth…sab jhooth hai…Ridhimaa tumhare dil se chali gaye……aur uski jagah mein ne le li..aisa kabhi nahn ho sakta Armaan..mein ne tum se pehle bhi kaha hai…tumhein mujh par daya karne ki koi zarorrat nahin,…bachpan se in musibaton ka samna kiya hai…apne liye larha hai…ek baar aur sahi…im a strong woman…not like others…so u better get it…that I don't love u at all…


While saying this her heart was crying seeing the pain on Armaan face…but she knew..she cant let him ruin his life…she loved him…but cant hold his hand forever…coz there will only compromise in their relationship…n no love at all…so what she thought is better for both of them…


Armaan: nahin Shilpa…Ridhimaa who hai jisne mujhe pyaar karna sikaya…..aur tum ne mujhe…pyaar ko jeena…..tum ne Ridhimaa ki jagah nahin le meri zindagi mein…instead of that..apne khud ki ek jagah banae hai…tumne mujhe sikaya[taught] ke kaisse jise hum pyaar karte hain…uske ke liye kuch bhi karjate hai…bina kisi matlab..kis benefit ke liye..uska saath nibhate hain…uski har mushkil mein help karte hai…wohi tut um ne kiya na Shilpa…jab mein toota tha…tumne mujhe sahara diya..zindagi ka ek naya roop dikhaya…mujhe bataya…ke zindagi kisi ke humari zindagi se chale jane se rukhati nahin…instead humein agaye bharna chahiye…ek nahin zindagi ki taraf…jo humare liye apne bahaeiin[arms] khole[open] kahri[stading] hai….tumne mujhe zindagi jeena…aur pyaar karna sikaya hai Shilpa….n I know…u love me as well…Warna tum har kadam pe mera saath kyun deeti…jab jab mein toota mujhe sambahlti nai…I know u love me Shona…I know u love…


He took hold of her face in between his palms…careesing them n also removing the tears flowing from her eyes…saying…..that she loves him too…but all the incident that took place…..she is not reciprocating the same feeling as he is…but he was determined to make her confess that she loves him too…


Shilpa got lost in the moment…but when he again said.. " I love you" it broke her trance n she jerked his hands away from her face…


Shilpa: Dr.Armaan  Mallik…yeh aapki bohat badi ghalatfami [misunderstanding] mein aap se pyaar karti hoon…so im telling u one last tym that I don't love u at all…so please stop wasting ur n my tym…I hope u'll etch my words in ur mind…that I don't love u……….


Saying that she left the room..n ran outside..wid tears flowing down her cheeks…….she was happy as well as sad…….she loves Armaan more than her life…..but cant take that place in his heart….which is not for her at all…actually it was never hers…


On the other side..Armaan was feeling soo low n restless hearing her words……she don't love him…her words were running in his mind…wid tears flowing…n he just collapsed on the floor…crying……..he loved again………n she left him alone…….again…………..

Same thing went for weeks…Shilpa totally cornered herself from Armaan…not talking wid him at all…n even wid the other gang members…she joined hospital soon..after the mishap…showing her strength to all people n staff members of the hospital who knew abt the incident that she is not week at all…n she can fight her own fight..


Vikram was sentence jail for 10 years..for forcing himself on the gal…… one knew who the gal was kept secret..n Armaan was more involved in the case..on order to make Vikram get punished as much as possible…


The gang members were behaving normal wid Shilpa..knowing that any topic related to that nightmare..can make her go into the shell..n she might not be able to show the strength she is possessing now…n fighting wid…they also sensed some tension b/w Armaan n Shilpa…coz when ever Armaan try to talk to her…either she just ignore him by not answering him…or but going away from there…making Armaan frustrated…n it went for several weeks……..



Shilpa was in the general ward..when he pager beeps…showing the emergency…n Shilpa guiding the nurses n wardboys…rushed towards the Emergency Room…….n saw all the gang members standing there..all were having frowns n tension on their face……she reached near them…


Shilpa: kya hua tum sab itne tension mein kyun ho..aur mujhe page kisne kiya tha…dekho agar koi mazak hai tu please im not in a mood of it..mujhe bohat kaam hai….


Maan: koi mazak nahin hai Shilpa…who actally mein…… 'he couldn't get the courage to complete his sentence……..n passed his fingers through his hairs…..pulling them n getting frustrated…Geet put her hand on his shoulder encouraging him to say it…'


Rohit: Shilpa who actually Armaan ka accident ho gaya hai……….

Shilpa: WHAT……kya bakwas kar rahe ho rohit…dekho mein ne pehle bhi kaha tha…mujhe aisa mazak bilkul nahi pasand..aur agar yeh Armaan ki shararat hai tu plzz tell him his plan got flopped..


Geet: yeh mazak nahin hai Shilpa………


N they moved aside n revealed Armaan..being treated by Dr.Tanushree n some other doctors…his body was drenched in blood………..making Shilpa gasped in horror….she never ever thought to see Armaan like this……she moved near the window pane..n saw his breath getting abnormal…n doctors rushing around..putting oxygen mask……providing him artificial oxygen…his arms got some cuts…n so are the legs….his abdomen part got a big wound…n his head also has cut..which was being stitched by the docs…


All were tensed about Armaan..all the gang members were doing their duties..when Dr.Tanushree called them..telling them that Armaan got involved in an accident on the highway…n got injured severly….just coz of the wrong overtaking done by some other car…….maked his car hit by another car from the other side……..


Tears were flowing down her eyes…she ran from there n stood infront of Ganesh bhagwan idol….n she was praing joining hands….. "plz bhagwan..mere Armaan ko kuch mat hone dena…uska dil dhukaya jante hoon..magar uski itna bari saza mat dijiye plzz…dene hai tu mujhe do…but plzz mere Armaan ko teekh kar do…''


Geet who came after Shilpa..also got tears in her eyes seeing her crying for her love her life like this…Maan n Rohit came n told them that Armaan need them so they should be by there side..they all hugged each other…especially Shilpa…giving her courage that everything will be fine


Dr.Tanushree came out n told the gang ..that Armaan is not fine..he has lost a lot of blood…he was brought just on tym..otherwise they wouldn't be able to save him…he is doing good..but needs to get conscious before 24 hours….or else……


Many hours past…wid the gang waiting for Armaan to gain conscious n along wid them the other staff the hospital was praying for him……..they love him soo much…they cant bare to loose such a sweet person…


Shilpa was sitting outside his room…n when she couldn't take it any more…..she moved inside the room…n saw Armaan sleeping peacefully on the bed…making others breath stopped………others were also looking from the window that wat she is doing….


She sit on the stool near his bed n held Armaans hand……… "Armaan…pata hai mujhe is waqt tum pe bohat gussa araha hai…..tumne sab ko itna daraya hua kyun hai….sab ko..aur mujhe bhi…Armaan agar naraz ho tu uski saza mujhe do plzz…apne aap ko aur baki sab ko nahin….they love u Armaan..they care for u……." tears run down her cheeks… "Armaan ek dost mila hai zindagi mein..use khona nahin chahti plzz…wapis aa jao Armaan…….mujhse jitna larna hua larh lena…dant lena..but plz mujhe akela mat choro Armaan…….mar jaon gi tumhare bina..suna tumne……I'll die widout u…….Armaan……plzz utho na..kyun tang kar rahe ho…………..i hate u for doing this Armaan…….i hate u……I hate u…….I love u……" till now she was crying hysterically keeping her head on Armaan's chest along wid others..who were having tears seeing her soo broken….




She heard a wisper in her ear…n got up to see Armaan slowly opening his eyes……n confessing once again his love to his lady……n Shilpa couldn't control herself n hugged Armaan..who hugged her back…….


Armaan: I love u Shona…


Shilpa: I love u too………..i love u too…plzz phir kabhi aisa mat karna………


Armaan: kabhi nahin…. 'n kissed on her head…' n all others smiled…….seeing a love story……..actually a beautiful love story in front of their eyes………


ok guys...installment 1...

still more to go...lost a major part i wrote on have to rewrite it...

will update the next installment soon...

n PM's Later...after completion of PART..


Installment 2 updated...this part is going to be really long will update the last installment...pretty soon this tym...wont make u wait...till then enjoy...

PM's later...


Finally i updated the complete part will be the present one...n u'll get to know abt their marriage n wid complete rituals later in the present...along wid ARSH first night...

Hope u guys liked...waiting for ur comments...

those who want PM's plzz add...


in their buddy list...

do take care...have a nice day...

Precap:Present ARSH married life...  

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harini19rash.guptame_ashaharsimrankKaShAdmirermitchellsree12piyushiFreakin_girlansharaNihsonAriansnIhArIkAadorableaisharasikdhara101cappacuino5mak3mesmileanumeha_PMina_saahilfoxiniki4lifewilddevil2010kashmayurfanMaNaLoVeKaShcuteshilpaakshadmischiefkrazy4kashkshanikaartjksPearl29illa8princessrashidapran28671DarkerThanNightqt4everdiyaa1pkJyo.KG_dbhusain29priyamaloseamaniM..ayaan..aysha1989Azmiifri42911vidu87-shamima-neha2607JenniferfanKaShforever06m4manjuLiveLaughLove..-screwed.UP-sweetie_angelaroosheeDaShInG_DeViLblessed4dhruvikaluvsKSGsmileeverprachi06MysticalRealmIqbal Neha1lil_desi_goddeszhasan2nightstarjanu1610arshluver_15-Prithi-PumpkinnMeetPremeerNandini25amruta04debby_11sammy4ucool_sri-Im-Possible-AMMY12-Jhalli-Magical_KaShnidha1983divkashfullnoseasync..hinal..KaSh-Maneet-Fan--Mahi--teenorchidEthereal-Pathswetha10Xiahtic-5OkThanksByeAmor.neha-rockss-Xpress-sweetdesireIanoconic.

malose Goldie

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
are you gona update now =)??

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 3:58pm | IP Logged

not now sweetheart...

still few more things left...

will give u a big part at once only..

so have to wait...

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nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
waiting anu...dnt wst too much on arsh wedding ceremony..i want more arsh than any irrelevant chaos

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malose Goldie

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

not now sweetheart...

still few more things left...

will give u a big part at once only..

so have to wait...

ahh ok thanks 
ok will wait for the update 
i miss this FF 
how long do we have to wit =(??
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 4:05pm | IP Logged

u can read it tomorrow...

hopefully it will be end by then,...

might not post it now...

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