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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151 (Page 50)

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Lovely part...

Aww armaan and shilpa bedroom scene... it was so romantic and cute..

Loved it..

Would be waiting for the next part..

Already send request for the pm account..


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loved it dear
plz updare sooner

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amazing update
cont soon

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Sorry im know late again...bada sa sorry...

Part 15 B...

All the other members of the gang were busy serving n helping the guests'n after finshing the work'all sat down,..wid Shilpa n Khanak wid Geet'n Armaan..Vikram n Rohit wid Maan'


Geet: yaar'aj mera sangeet hai'itna boring''..


Rohit: boring'tu apne khud ke sangeet mein bore ho rahe hain'kahin shaddi karne ka irada tu nahin badla.. 'hearing him..Maan immediately looked at her..but hearing her answer took a sigh of relief'''


Geet: ji nain'aise koi irada nahin hai'.



Vikram: oh tu fir'..


Maan: arey yaar'hum Punjabi log aise chup chap thori na apni sangeet celebrate Karen gae'kuch tu masti dhamal hona chahiye na yaar'''..


Rohit: oh..tu like that'''.. 'n all get wat they mean''''


Geet: yes like that' 'she said in a sarcastic tone''..'


Rohit: ok then..u got it gal''' 'saying this he got up n left''.n all looked at him confused..wat he is doing''


Rohit went to DJ to talk to him abt something..whereas on the other hand..Shilpa n Armaan..still didn't look at each other'or tried to communicate..they were still feeling awkward abt wat all happened in the room'well Armaan was more of a guilty'


Armaan: mujhe aisa nahin karna chahiye tha'wat i did wid Shilpa..mein kya soch raha tha us samay..mein aise kaise kar sakta hoon'he was ashamed'n feeling low..that he might loose his friendship wid her' 'all his thoughts were starting n ending on shilpa'n even he was unaware of this fact''


All being busy wid the ceremonies did noticed them'not speaking to each other'''.Armaan came out of his trance..hearing DJ'''.


DJ: so'hear comes the next song'for the couple of tonight''''n music started'''n lights turned off'n a spotlight on someone..standing in black dress'.n singing he turned around'none other than ROhit'n singing n dancing wid Khanak who was clad in beautiful red n green lengha'


[guys watch this video n imagine Arjun as Rohit'n Anny as Khanak..dancing on the same song'.ArSh not a part of it'.n Maneet also dancing'but no one is sad..n enjoying 'plzz ignore the last bit of Sheila ki jeewani']




n finally the day came'Maneet were getting married'''.ArSh were behaving normally'forgetting everything as today is the biggest day of their friends life''..n they can ruin it wid their awkwardness'though Armaan appoligized to her..last nite..when they reached home'n as she also don't wanna make Armaan more guilty'passed a sweet smile'n forgiving him'left''''..



Armaan was dressed in a sexy royal maroon sherwani''''..completely a lady killer'



n Rohit n Vikram in the respective Sherwani's'




The groom sitting in mandap'waiting for his bride to come'dressed in



black n golden sherwani looking handsome wid a glow on his face, happiness of getting married to the love of his life'eagerly looking at the stairs''.to see if she came or not'not paying attention to wat Pandit ji is saying to him or asking him to chant the mantras after him. Armaan, Rohit and Vikram were sitting beside beside him...Teasing him that how much eager he is to see his bride'Even Armaan was looking towards the stairs'n all around the place'to get a single glimpse of he haven't seen her since yesterday'.


All were sitting n chit chatting'when they heard pandit ji asking for the bride'


Pandit: Kanya ko bulayae'. 'n hearing him..all looked up..where the bride was coming'dressed in a beautiful lengha'looking the most beautiful bride'.dressed in'



with Shilpa n Khanak by her side'holding her hands'bringing her towards the mandap'.


Khanak dressed in a beautiful'mangeenta colored lengha..



n Shilpa dressed in a gorgeous'.pink lengha'looking the epitome of beauty'n Armaan just cant removed his eyes from her'.she was looking soo enchanting'n sooo charismatic n pure'innocent'but ready to kill many'



Shilpa as if feeling his gaze on her'looked in Armaan's direction n saw him looking at a very sensual way'.making her cheeks flushed'.she lowered her eyes but after few seconds looked up to see him intently looking at her'n they shared a small n beautiful eyelock'which didn't gone unnoticed by the gang'n they thought to play the cupid in their friends case'who are stupid even of not confessing their love to each other'.which they can easily in their eyes'.


Soon Armaan n Shilpa came back to the earth'as Pandit ji started chanting the mantras n completing the rituals for the marriage'where as Armaan's eyes were consistently following Shilpa'who was busy in completing the tasks'n making sure all things went well'.


Armaan went after Shilpa'he just want to see her'the cute faces she make'when she tells the servant wat they had to do'or while scolding them'Armaan just stop himself from being mesmerized by her beauty n simplicity'



[have a look of the song'n think Armaan'going after Shilpa'n its all imagination'of him being close to Shilpa'or doing masti wid her'.sorry im not describing everything']



Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyaan

Maaf Hon

O Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyaan

Maaf Hon

Ek Tuk Tumhein Dekhti Hain

Jo Baat Kehna Chaahe Zubaan Tumse Vo Ye Kehti Hain


Aankhon Ki Sharmohaya

Maaf Ho

Tumhein Dekhke Jhukti Hain

Uthi Aankhein Jo Baat Na Keh Sakin

Jhuki Aankhein Vo Kehti Hain


Aankhon Ki

Aankhon Ki


Maaf Hon


Kaajal Ka Ek Til Tumhare Labhon Pe Laga Loon

La la la..

Haan Chanda Aur Suraj Ki Nazron Se Tumko Bacha Loon


Oh Palkhon Ki Chilman Mein Aao Main Tumko Chhupa Loon


Khayaalon Ki Ye Shokhiyaan

Maaf Hon

Har Dam Tumhein Sochti Hain

Jab Hosh Mein Hota Hai Jahan Madhosh Ye Krti Hain


Aankhon Ki Sharmohaya

Maaf Ho


Ye Zindagi Aapki Hi Amaanat Rahegi

Ay Hey

Dil Mein Sada Aapki Hi Mohabbat Rahegi

Ay Hey

In Saanson Ko Aapki Hi Zaroorat Rahegi

Is Dil Ki Naadaniyaan

Maaf Hon

Ye Mere Kahan Sunti Hain

Ye Pal Pal Jo Hote Hain Bepal Sanam To sapne Naye Bunti Hain


Aankhon Ki

Aankhon Ki


Maaf Hon


Maaf Ho.



Armaan came out of his trance n looked around..wat going on around him'n it took him a minute to understand that its Maan n Geet wedding'who were taking blessings of all the elders'as finally they r the wife n man''''


All the friends congratulated them,'and also teased them a lot'but wid all the beautiful'cheerful moments'wid Armaan'full in mood to do masti'they finally send the newly wedded couple to their room'to start a new life'n after finishing the work..also left'calling out a day finally end''



Maan n Geet want to go for the honeymoon'but wid few more emergencies came up'they couldn't go'so after a day off for wedding n celebrations all the doctors r back in Sanjeevani'doing the work'.n finally taking the lunch break'all were sitting in the caf enjoying the lunch when Armaan came wid a sullen face'seeing him anyone can say'he is in a really bad mood''.vikram n Shilpa were not there'


Rohit: hey Armaan'kya hua'..


Maan: mouh [face] kyun latka hai tera'


Geet: oye'ab bol bhi na'


Khanak: Armaan' 'she said'shaking him''


Armaan: arey yaar'tang mat karo plzz'mujhe pehle hi gussa araha hai'.


Geet: par hua kya...


Armaan: arey woh gabbar ka 2nd version'


Geet: usne kya kiya'.bol bol'jaldi bol'


Rohit: oye tu uski baat tu sun pehle'


Geet: tu chup kar samjha'ek phook maron gi..udh ke udhar pohanch jae ga'


Rohit was about to reply but Maan n Khanak hold them'knowing its not the rite tym for this as Armaan need them..they have to solve his problem first'

Maan: acha Armaan tum bolo kya hua'


Armaan: arey yaar..woh gabbar ne Shilpa ko 4 days ke liye Scotland beejh diya..


Geet: kya,'


Rohit: kyun'


Armaan: arey pata nahi..kaun si interns conference hai..uske liye'


Maan: haan tu yeh tu achi baat hai na'problem kya hai..


Armaan: problem yeh hai k mein ne unse kaha ke mein Shilpa ke saath chala jata hoon'but she said'Dr.Armaan..aur bhi bohat kaam baki hai..aur aapki zaroorat nahin'


N hearing him..the gang knew..that he is missing Shilpa'n is ready to break anyone's head if came his way'bcoz he want to close to Shilpa only'


Hearing the announcement Armaan left'but the gang sat make him realize n accept his love'not knowing..that he has already realized it'but not ready to accept it'.


The next day also Armaan was wid the saradha [sullen] face..bcoz His Shilpa was not there'.n the gang..testing him even more..talking abt her again n again'


3rd Day also..Armaan was in not so cool mood'n the gang was in caf..when Armaan came there'


Geet: yaar aaj ka din kitna boring tha'itna kaam..


Rohit: han'aur who gabbar'sab hum pe dal diya'.


Maan n Armaan were sitting'having their coffee...n listening to what Geet n Rohit were saying'


Khanak: guys chalo na koi game khelte hain'


Rohit: kya khelen'


Geet: rapid fire round'. 'saying she winked towards all'but Armaan didn't saw it''


Maan: haan great idea'


Armaan: kya great idea'it soo boring'


Rohit: arey kuch boring nahin hoga Armaan'


Armaan: ok fine'but khelte kaise hain..


Geet: mein batati hoon'koi bhi ek word bole ga..aur next person uska answer'job hi uske dimaag mein sab se pehle aye..aur fir who agale se poche tarah game agaye jae gi'.

Khanak: samjhe.. 'to wich Armaan nooded n the game begin''


Geet: Life'


Maan: beautiful'


Maan: Sexy' 'Geet glared at him''


Vikram: Gals'.


Vikram: Food' 'n after that he left..coz of the announcement''


Khanak: Chinese'


Khanak: Time Pass'


Rohit: Tum' 'Ankhein made a face'as if saying WHAT'.'


Rohit: Ankhein'


Armaan: Green' 'all looked at Armaan'remembering that Shilpa also have green eyes'"


Armaan: Book..


Geet: A Walk To Remember'


Geet: craze'


Maan: Cars'


Maan: Shaddi'


Khanak: commitment'


Khanak: Dosti'


Rohit: pyaar'


Rohit: pyaar'


Armaan: Shilpa'. 'even before he can stop himself he said it'.n when he realized wat he said'he was shocked and looked towards his friends who were calm knwing wat he thinks about Shilpa''


Armaan: guys who,'..


Geet: its ok Armaan'we know u love her' 'emphasizing on Love..'


Armaan: no'I don't love her' 'hearing him all made face''

Maan: aisa kyun Armaan'


Armaan: yaar tum sab mere past ke bare mein jante ho'fir bhi aisa keh rahe ho,'.


Rohit: jante hi tu keh rahe hain Armaan'


Armaan: matlab'


Khanak: dekho Armaan..hum tumhein yeh tu nahin keh sakte ke move on'coz its really difficult to forget ur past'specially ur first love'


Armaan: lekin mein shilpa se pyaar nahi karta..usne kabhi mere dil ke us hisa [part] ko nahin chua [touch] jahan mein use pyar karon'


Geet: Armaan Shilpa ne tumhare dil mein Ridhimaa ki jagah nahin le'usne apne khud ki ek jagah banae hai tumhare dil mein'.aur yeh baat tum bhi jante ho'


Maan: kyun uske last 3 days yahan na hone se tumhara chehra utar aya'r u not missing her'


Rohit: Armaan'agar tum move on nahi bhi karte tu atleast be the person u were..jaise ke tum ab ho'live ur life'Shilpa ne tumhein ek nayi zindagi di hain'use jeena ke ek naya rasta dekhaya hai'tum kyun apni life ko bas aise hi waste karna chahte ho'


Geet: dekho Armaan'Ridhimaa ki bhi shaddi ho gai'uska pati hai,'aur may be ab take k baby bhi ho..but tumhari life..yahin rukh gaye'tum is pyaar mein aur ridhimaa mein khud ko kahin kho bethe ho Armaan'agar kisi ke liye nahin'tu apne liye hi Armaan'life ko jiyo Armaan'aur Armaan ek baat aur'don't u love her'


Armaan was about to say something'. But Geet cut him off'


Geet: apni ankhon band karo Armaan' 'making him all confuse..he looked wid his eyes wide'' Ankhein badi karne ko nahin band karne ko kaha hai'.n he closed his eyes' ghaur se dekho Armaan'kaun dekh raha hai tumehin'kisi ki chavi basi hai tumhari ankhon aur tumhare dil mein'kaun hai Armaan'


Armaan saw same phases of his life'good n bad'but they were moving really fast'n he just cant see wat they were'then he saw someone..a gal'wid her hair loose..wearing track pants n shirt'in the basketball..dribbling the ball'her back towards him n he cant see who it was'he moved near her..n put a hand on her shoulder making her turn...n he was shocked'she gave him her angelic smile'n again turn back'leaving Armaan to think'how it can be her'no she cant be'' he can see Shilpa'


Armaan was shocked n opened his eyes immediately'everyone knows wat he saw'.but gave him tym to ponder over his thoughts''.


Armaan all day n even in night laying on his bed kept thinking on his bed'thinks about Shilpa'n only Shilpa'''..


Armaan: am I really in love wid Shona' Shona' 'now it was another shock..he called Shona only to the person close to his heart'.n Shilpa has indeed stole his heart'n made her place in his heart''n finally he confessed'' I LOVE YOU SHONA'.


Finally Armaan accepted that he is in love wid Shilpa'but now the problem is how to confess'so he thought to take gang's help'as after a day His Shona is gonna be here'n he needed to confess'bcoz now he mind registered wat he saw in her was love'it was always love when she was beside him'took care of him'bear his trantrums n mood swings reason'wat he was going through'n she didn't said a word..but was always beside take care of him'to make him feel that he is not alone'accepting the love'Armaan feel in a slumber..full of Shilpa's dreams'of them being together'.


Armaan next day asked the gang to help him'n even Vikram was there..who seems to be in rage hearing Armaan'but didn't said anything but just left..n all other seated make plan n to help Armaan to confess his love'they all were sooo happy..that finally he accepted that he indeed is in love'


When Shilpa came'Armaan hugged her'making her confuse'she didn't feel it a friendly hug'though didn't said anything n responded back..many tym's he tried to talk to her'or take her out wid him'n then confess his feelings but he couldn't do it'he was feeling hell nervous'he was still insecure abt the relation n Shilpa leaving him'keeping his past in mind'but he was not successful'n finally planned to pick her up in the evening n take her out'n taking permission from Gabbar'Dr. Tanushree he left to make arrangements for them'


Shilpa was making her way out from the hospital'in the semi lighted corridor when someone pulled her in the store room..keeping hand on her mouth..stopping her from yelling'


She got soo afraid n open her eyes only to see Vikram standing in front of her'on the other side..Armaan was making his way back to hospital to pick Shilpa..n took her for wat all he arranged for this special night'..

Shilpa: Vikram tum... 'n he moved towards her..wid a sly smile on his lips...making her tremble wid fear...n moving back...


Hope u guys like it...n i hope i didnt made any one unhappy...

i request all the reader + the silent reader to press the LIKE button...

n if u guys can will be more amazing...

i request all to please add anumeha_PM to ur buddy get the PM's...

love u all...thnx all who commented n liked it...

PRECAP: ARSH confession n Marriage...

I want to ask..u guys..want it to be a wedding wid all i make it fast n end up in the next part...n then present...

waiting for ur comments...

take care everyone...



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hi guys...plzz i need ur help wid this...

i PM around 450 ppl...but hardly few of them comment n give their response...

from next will start...n along wid uni work...n my job...i wont be able to send 400 pm's...

which take alot of kindly everyone..add this account to ur buddy list...

this tym i'll send PM for my account only...but from next onwards...

i'll PM to those who r added in this account...

so plzz add it...


loads of luv..


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PM's Later...

really sleepy now... SleepySleepy

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just read the new part, yess Armaan realised he loves Shilpa, looking forward to the confession scene, please do continue soon and please do keep me on your pm list!

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Awesome update
loved it loads
can't wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da PM

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