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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151 (Page 47)

sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 3:53am | IP Logged
great promo dear
do continue soon

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friends_4dream Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged
now what was this?
itne ache last part ke baad ye...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 3:44pm | IP Logged

ok back wid new part...sorry...i know..hell late..but got into some personal problem...

PART 15...

RECAP: Armaan realized he is in love wid Shilpa...

Guys do read the note in the next post...plzz really important...n im putting up the first installment only...more to come...

Armaan was in his gym'practising boxing''wearing black vest n black track pants'.he was consistently hitting the bag''n was sweating badly'but still he didn't stop'''he didn't know'wat going on wid him'why he is behaving like this'why Shilpa is on his mind'


Armaan: yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai'kyun mein Shilpa ke bare mein aisa soch raha hoon...kyun who har pal mera dil aur dimaag pe chaiye hui hai''.kyun mein usey kisi aur ke saath nahin dekh pata'kyun uska mere kareeb ana mujhe acha lagta hai'usko dekh kar'mera din shuro hota hai'aur usi pe khatam'kyun mein har waqt usi ke khyaloon mein ghum rehta hoon'kyun uske kareeb ate hi mein kis aur hi duniya mein kho jata hoon'kyun iski massom si muskaan mera dil ko bhati'kyun usko dekte hi is dil ki dhadkanteez ho jati hai'aisa tu mein ne sirf Ridhimaa ke liye mehsoos kiya tha'..fir kyun mein Shilpa ke liye bhi yeh sab mehsoos kar raha hoon'


Mein janta hoon usne mera tab saath diya'jab koi nahin tha''par who mujhe sirf dost hi manti hai'.par kya mein sach mein Shilpa ke liye kuch mehsoos karna laga hoon''kya sach mein mujhe Shilpa se pyaar ho gaya hai'.Nahin nahin'Armaan kya bewakofon wali baat kar raha hai..tu Shilpa se pyar kaise kar sakta hai'.Tu tu sirf Ridhimaa mein se pyar karta hai''.sirf aur sirf Ridhimaa se'aur uske hotey kisi aur kya khayal tere dil mein nahin ana chahiye'kya ho raha hai mere saath''.I'm I really in love wid her'or its just infatuation''.


Oh God'mein kyun nahin samajh pa raha hoon kya ho raha hai mujhe'''..kyun hai har pal mere khayaloon mein woh'.A battle was going on b/w his heart n mind'''..his heart was telling him to accept the love he is feeling for Shilpa'where as his mind was reminding him of Ridhimaa'.how much he love him'n what all happened then'how she got married to someone else'n he was left all heart broken n lonely'''..


As its said'time heals the wound'same is the case with Armaan'but still the wounds of past are deep n are not healed..which are not letting him accept that he loves Shilpa'a true saying''..if u love someone let him go..if he comes back..he is urs n if not'he was not for u''..n here is the same case''..Armaan let his love let go''but it didn't came back''n the way it came back to him'he is not ready to accept it'..


Wid all this battle going on his mind he kept thinking abt it'n see if the new day'bring something new in his life''..


Next day was one of the most hectic day for all the doctors'as they have to complete the work before going for holidays for Geet n Maan wedding for a week''..which was announced a yesterday''so after finishing up the work'the gang was sitting in the caf'discussing abt wat they have to do..all the shopping..Arrangements n the work was being divided among all'Khanak was also there as she came after finishing her work'''. [guys..she is a fashion designer]


Maan: ok so Rohit'u r going to check out for all the food arrangements'Armaan u will be handling the dcor wid Vikram'.Shilpa u can help wid all the rituals n their arrangements''Khanak dresses ur responsibility''''n Geet''.u shut sit n make them''.


Firstly all said Yes Sir'''.but hearing the last all was like''..WHAT''.


Shilpa: oye hello sirf hum hi kaam nahin karengae''.u guys have to work wid us'''.samjhe''.


Khanak: yeah rite'hum kyun tum logon ke nakhree uthaye'chalo chalo'


Geet: oye chup'..kitna bolo gaye'tum logon ko zara bhi sharam nahin ayegi ke dulha dulhan kaam Karen apni khud ki shaddi emin'..


She said melodramatically'making all think how rude they were''''


Rohit: oye madam..apni nautanki band kar samjhe..aye badi'dulha dulhan wali'..


Vikram; hmmm'tum logon ko bhi humara pura saath dena hai'kyun Armaan''


But Armaan was lost in his own world'he was sitting opposite to Shilpa'n can see her face clearly''he was looking at her continuously'how she was talking to all..enjoying..having fun..doing all kind of masti'.soo much simple n innocent she is''''.her smile is soo pure that he himself started  smiling'n looking at her..widout blinkling'


Everyone sitting there noticed that how he was looking at her'n they can see that he is feeling something for her''..n knowing his past'they knew he'll not accept the fact that he is in LOVE''.Shilpa was completely unaware wats happening around her as she was busy planning wat to do on Maan n Geet wedding'she want to make it really special'''..but hearing Vikram voice'she came out of her world'n saw them all looking at Armaan..n Rohit shaking him a bit'


Rohit: arey Armaan..kahan kho gaya yaar'


Armaan: nahin kuch nahin'bas kuch soch raha tha'


Geet: kya soch raha tha..something important..


Armaan: nahin kuch special nahin'leave it na guys'lets plan abt ur wedding'..wanna make it the best wedding'so that everyone will say''aise shaddi pehle kabhi nahin dekhi''


So with that'all left to complete the pending work'n after the work'..all girls n boys went for shopping for the wedding'' that they look their best on the wedding of their special friends'.all did the work assigned to them'n arranged everything really well'


So it was their sangeet'n mehndi combine'actually a lot of drama happened before'Maan want it to be a simple church wedding'or they could go for a simple wedding'but Geet was not at all ready for it'she wants a big wedding ceremony'wid all their family blessing them'


Maan n Geet family was also there'as they thought they cant do anything rite now'but would surely bless the couple for the wedding'


Armaan n Shilpa were in their apartment..getting ready to go for Maneet sangeet'.Shilpa was in her room'getting ready'n Armaan was waiting for her''''he called her several time'n everytime she say 5 minutes'


Armaan: Shilpa jaldi karo..warna we'll be late yaar' 'he shouted from the hall'


Shilpa: bas 5 minute Armaan' 'she shouted back form her room''


Armaan: is larki ke panch minute tu khatam hi nahin ho rahe'. 'getting irritated..he moved towards her room'n turn the knob'n opened the door''''n gasped loudly'.she was trying to knot the blouse of her sari'.but her she was not able to do so'.'


Armaan looked at her''.she is looking soo enchanting'so beautiful'like an angel'dressed in beautiful green color saree'..

he cant move his eyes away from her'she is looking soo pretty n gorgeous''.she is ready gonna kill many man today'.he slowly moved towards her'.she was unaware of his presence'a frown was on her face'annoyed to trying to tie the knot again n again'but unsuccessful'n Armaan was finding her adorable'wid a frown on her face''..


He moved towards her'n kept a hand on her hand'still looking at her'n she also raised her head..feeling someones touch'''n gasped'


Shilpa: Ar'Armaan'.'she stammered..n her hear thumped hard''


Armaan looked in the mirror rite into her eyes'.making her loose herself in his mesmerizing geryish blue eyes'''.n he also loosed himself in her forest green orbs'''..can anyone have such deep eyes like hers''she looked at him''.looking handsome as ever''' coffee brown sherwani'looking handsome as always'.if all give him a title of lady killer,'.would be no wrong in this case'

she left her hands'when he touched the thread'n looked down to tie the knot'she also lowered her eyes'n her cheecks turned red'''Armaan slightly touched her bare back''.n moved his fingers on her back'''.She shivered feeling his touch on her back'''he tied the knot''.n moved his fingers up..along her slender long neck'making current passed from both of their bodies'feeling something they never felt before'..Armaan moved his head down'n Shilpa could feel his breath on her neck'n she was losing herself in this moment''..she was always in love wid Armaan'but he took her as friend only..Armaan slowly put his lips on the joint of her neck n shoulder'making her breathe heavy'n also put his arm across her waist'caressing it slightly'making her shudder'.she was breathing really heart'both of them can feel their heart thumping badly'''.Armaan left few more kisses on her back n shoulder'even ready to remove the obstacle ' her saree down from her shoulder to get better access'they were soo lost in each other'in each other arm n in the moment..she was holding the chair infront of her'to hold up herself'otherwise she would have fallen down on floor''


their moment was broken wid the shrill sound of Armaan's mobile'.both came out of the trance'n tried avoiding looking into each other eyes'Shilpa was turning more n more red'n Armaan also felt flushed'his cheeks also turned red'but wid blush or embarrassement'.he again looked at Shilpa'n accepting the call moved out of the her space to ponder over the moment passed b/w them'n think abt it'n the awkwardness b/w them could lessen'''.


Shilpa reminisced the moment b/w them..n again felt herself flushed'but she was just a moment..Armaan don't think anything more than a friend for her'.she finshed her touch up'n correcting her saree'left downstairs'her hairs in a bun'.


Armaan was on the fone..trying to make Maan calm down..who was blasting on them..for not reaching on tym'n then cut the fone angrily'he saw her coming down'looking like a goddess'.he moved towards her'n shilpa stopped on her track..seeing him coming towards her'he came inch difference b/w them'brought his face closer to her'n put his fingers in her hairs''n took out the pin..making them fall till her waist'''long..shiny black hairs'''


Armaan: unhein aise hi rehne do..ache lagte hain''.. 'n Shilpa looked at him'passed a smile n looked down'n both moved out to reach the venue''


The house was filled wid guests'..n a lot of hustle bustle going on'.among all Geet was sitting along wid loads of aunties n her relatives surrounding her'dressed in a beautiful red dress'.n Mann was sitting rite opposite her'clad in a white sherwani'.

both were looking couple made in heaven''..when Geet looked towards Maan'he smiled n then winked  at her'but Geet being the naughty one winked at him'n gave a flying kiss n shied lowering her eys'..making him SHOCK''.he got caught completely off guard'but knowing her..Maan also gave her a flying kiss'


All the other members of the gang were busy serving n helping the guests'n after finshing the work'all sat down,..wid Shilpa n Khanak wid Geet'n Armaan..Vikram n Rohit wid Maan'


Geet: yaar'aj mera sangeet hai'itna boring''..


Rohit: boring'tu apne khud ke sangeet mein bore ho rahe hain'kahin shaddi karne ka irada tu nahin badla.. 'hearing him..Maan immediately looked at her..but hearing her answer took a sigh of relief'''


Geet: ji nain'aise koi irada nahin hai'. 'she said making a bad face n rolling her eyes...'

Continued on page 54...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 3:49pm | IP Logged

hi guys...plzz i need ur help wid this...

i PM around 400 ppl...but hardly few of them comment n give their response...

from next will start...n along wid uni work...n my job...i wont be able to send 400 pm's...

which take alot of kindly everyone..add this account to ur buddy list...

this tym i'll send PM for my account only...but from next onwards...

i'll PM to those who r added in this account...

so plzz add it...


loads of luv..


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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 4:52pm | IP Logged
will complete it soon...

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
awesome update!!!
finally armaan admitted to himself that he's in love with shilpa.
loved ARSH moments.
please update the remaining part soon. 

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DarkerThanNight Goldie

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Awesome update..
Awww Geet is so cute..
ArSh moment was hot.. Embarrassed
Waiting for the next installment eagerly..
Plz update soon.. Smile

Edited by Blazed_Blazing - 17 August 2011 at 10:43am

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friends_4dream Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged
loved the part
but im eagerly waiting 4 d present track to start and especially ArSh's wedding
plz dont make me wait 4 long time.

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