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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151 (Page 18)

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by aish_loves_KaSh

plzzz update soon

updating sweety...

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Crazyy_Fan

Great part =D

thnx dear...

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by soul_desire

hey anu,
fab update,
geet, maan and shaan oops rohit is in the picture...armaan misinterpret geet as muskaan how obivious...he must be missing his gang...
so, armaan didn't liked rohit that much as he was flirting with shilpa...hope it will help to bring ARSH close...

thnx dear...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by friends_4dream

nice part

thnx dear...

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pari_044

hey thanks fr de pm..nd dnt wry abt the update..
just concentrate on ur examzz...
goodd luck

thnx dear...

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 June 2011 at 2:16pm | IP Logged


hi guys...sorry for the delay...but u guys knw the reason...

thnx alot for all ur love...comments...

n thnx for pressing the LIKE button...

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thnx alot everyone...

luv u all..


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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi guys...

i very late...but kya karun..exams..n then some personal things...

but i am...back wid an update...a quite long one...

this is u can say a filler...but it was really needed...

the Flashback is still continued...will try to end it in few more updates...

so here we go...

PART 13...

RECAP: Armaan n Shilpa in London - Sanjeevani...

Day passed wid intro wid different staff members n tour of the hospital''..n a new day begin wid new hopes n desires..let see wat change it will bring in Armaan Shilpa life''


Armaan sat on the reiling of his room window'n was remembering the tym he spend in all these 6-7months here in Sanjeevani ' London wid all his friends'n specially Shilpa..wid a sweet smile playing on his lips''.. [Armaan is just remembering the moments...Flashback is not over yet...]

The new place really bring change in Armaan'he started smiling again'laughing'enjoying n all'he was loving to have a life like before''.before Ridhimaa came in his life n changed it'for better or worse he don't know'he loved her from the bottom of his heart..but she broke it.. all the tym they spend together'their sweet moments'..their fights'friendship''.hw he used to help her n solve her problems'.she didn't thought for a second to break his heart''..

Many times he use to cry for her'.thinking of her'he know the reason y she did this'but cant make his heart to forget her'he refuses to even shared it eid others'only Shilpa knows wat he is going through'but he even sided her'not wanting to break in front of her..which he did many tym'

He don't want to take out his anger on her'.he don't want to shw his pain..sufferings to her'but he also knew it'that she knew him very well'n do cares for him'

Many tyms when he broke down'she was the one who give him strength'encouraged him to face the reality of life'.Ridhimaa has moved on in her life'she has choosed her husband n want to live her life wid his husband'to fulfill her responsibility as someones daughter n wife'''.he need tym to move on in his life'

Rohit..Mann..Geet'Shilpa'Armaan'. all became really gr888 friends in this passage of tym'though Armaan was not liking the closeness b/w Rohit n Shilpa'he feel left out when both of them r together'they laugh'the fight'even make different plans to cheer Armaan up'n Armaan that they always plan something or the other for him'to make him happy'

Shilpa didn't told anyone about Armaan's past'but in short told them about him having a painful past'which needed to be forgotten'otherwise life will be miserable for him'all agreed to help her to make Armaan come bac to life'.

Mann n Geet fight always make him remember of his fight wid Ridhimaa'.but slowly he started loving them'.n also laugh n enjoy..n others were happy that its working now'..they have seen how much upset Armaan was'though he tried no to show it'but he was sad..his heart was still not ready to accept the loss of the person really close to hos heart'but now..he was better then before'he did not get irritated like the way he use too'n always a smile is there on his lips..when he is wid them'

Dr. Tanushree Singh a middle age lady was also a gr88 help for them'they mostly play prank on or the other way'to make him smile n also fight wid them'but never tried to upset him'.but to bring a sweet dimple smile' Dr. Aditi already told Dr. Tanushree about Armaan'n she was ready to help this young man'as she adores his work a lot'he was a gr88 doc'n always ready to help others'.sometyms she even flirts wid them'making his face flush'n all others laugh'

They even tease Armaan that his charms are working on the middle age people also'..

Armaan did take tym to moved on'but certainly he started living the life one should live'he didn't went for any fighting or bike race'but surely adopted a new habit of sitting n learning guitar'n sometyms sing also..

As Armaan ' Shilpa were in the same house she use to sit n listen to him'his voice was really sweet..though not like the gr888 singers'but still soothing'he was returning back to life'she laughs n tease Armaan when he tried to play guitar for the first tym saying..

Shilpa: Armaan'rehne do'tum se nai hoga'aisa lagta hai guitar baja kam'aur usko marr zyada rahe ho'koi aise bajata hai kya itna zor se uski strigs bhi panah mangti hongi tumse'kehti hongi''hey bhagwan humein kahan phassa diya'kis dusht danv ke haath hum lag gaye'' 'n laughed lod' Armaaan plzz kaise neighbours aake complain na karen kaun sa bacha guitar bajana seekh raha hai'.

Hearing this Armaan made a bad face'frown adourning his face'.but then said'

Armaan: not soo funny Shilpa'

Shilpa: yeah'yeah'I know'

Day were passing amazingly'all were coming close'n so were Armaan n Shilpa' their friendship was moving smoothly.. Armaan was feeling as a current pass down his body when ever he touch her'he was feeling really different for Shilpa'. He was not taking her as his friend now'.a new sensation was burning inside him'

He never felt this before'wat this feeling is'it cant be love'love is never like this'he know..bcoz he was already in love wd Ridz'but wat kind of feeling is this'.he never knw them'.they were like completely strange to him'''.. but always brush them away'.thinking' "mein kuch zyada hi soch raha hoon"

All the friends always went to some or the other place on Sunday to explore the city n enjoy'.though Rohit'Mann n Geet were living their'but they go out to show the city to Armaan n Shilpa'

Armaan firstly refuses to go out'but then seeing them pleading soo much'he agreed'but he really enjoyed going out'

They went to the eye wheel of London'.first Armaan didn't want to go..Shilpa pulled him a lot'but he kept refusing as she want to go'but not without anyone else'. So Rohit took the initiative n took her for the ride'.n they enjoyed a lot'n Armaan felt bad that when he was about to agree'Rohit took her wid him'.he got annoyed n moved away from there''''..he got upset'but seeing Shilpa smile'he also smiled'n thought..she is happy'then y he get angry wid her'he should be happy for her''.

But Armaan was feeling protected towards her..seeing her friendship wid one of the doctor in the hospital'. Dr. Vikram Ahuja'he don't know y but he was feeling something bad is coming n not for him'but for her'he was scared for her..getting heart from anyone'she shows that she is strong but he know she is very fragile'''

She has jammed up nicely wid Vikram'n they turned gud friends'like she is wid Rohit'but Vikram'he don't know'bt Armaan cant think positive about him'he always stay around Shilpa as if protecting him from Vikram's eyes'

He remembered last tym when they went to disc n Shilpa wore a knee length dress how he was looking at her'like a hungry beast'ready to pounce on his prey'but as Armaan was there he didn't do anything'but certainly do tried to come close to Shilpa as much he can'to win her belief on him'.

ArSh life was also moving in a great pace they have started understanding more now'n how Shilpa is so caring for him'he has seen something different in her eyes'whenever they r in close proximity'her eyes shine which is completely different'she gets shy n nervous'n made him terribly confused'that the gal who is soo confindent n can teach any one a gud lesson..y get shied in front of him'he just read wats in her eyes'he himself loose sometym in her almond green eyes..Which r soo beautiful..n never lie'he can see her heart through her eyes'whenever she tries to hide his pain from him'he caught her'

They spend quality tym together..n Armaan all day went thinking about her'its seems like Ridhimaa has just got vanished from his memory'''he remembers the day'the day he saw her completely broken'n that too for him''

All the members of their new gang' Rohit'Shilpa'.Mann'Geet'Vikram were in hospital'

Armaan was having late shift so Shilpa didn't woke him up'knowing he must be tired after yesterday night..long hour duty'n making a breakfast for him'she was feeling a bit crestfallen today'a bit low..feeling something odd but brushing it off left for hospital'leaving a note' 'Armaan..mein ne breakfast bana diya hai'kiye bina Sanjeevani mein kadam bhi mat rakhna'I want these plates empty'n the ur stomach n not in dust bin'warna mujhse bura koi nahin hoga'' sticking it on the fridge door'. N Armaan knew if he didn't do wat she said' 'Man he is sooo dead'..'

It was around 1 pm tym for Armaan to report for duty'but he didn't report'..all were waiting for him'thinking he might get stuck in traffic'.but no' Dr. Tanushree was getting furious on this highly unprofessional attitude of Armaan''.

But even after waiting for him for 2 hours..he didn't report'n all were getting really worried for him'he never did such kind of thing'he is very apprehensive to be on tym for duty n not let his patients or work suffer'then how come he is not here now'

All looked at Shilpa who was equally worried for him'''she even dialed at landline but no one is picking it up'even his mobile is either switched off or out of coverage area'

So many bad thoughts were clouding her mind'god forbidden..if something happened to him'is he alrite'.

Shilpa: ma'am can I go n check where is having my lunch break now' 'she said to Tanushree..'

Tanu: yes plzzz go n check on him'n tell him to get ready for punishment for this behavior of his.. 'she was really angry man''

Shilpa gulped knowing..Armaan is going to pay hard for this'.but now..she just want to see if he is allrite or not'her thoughts were broken by Tanushree voice'

Tanu: Dr.Shilpa'take Dr. Rohit also wid u'n I want Dr. Armaan here ASAP'''.did u get that'

Shilpa: yes ma'am'

N wid that Shilpa n Rohit left from Sanjeevani in search of Armaan'they thought to check at ArSh apartment first'n also kept looking all the way also'if they see Armaan's car'or get any info about him..

Shilpa kept on trying his mobile n landline..incase he come back home'but no one picked up'increasing her fear'.n making her panic'

They reached their apartment'n Shilpa was shivering badly wid fear'n even fumbling wid the keys of the lock'.seeing her like this..Rohit took the keys n opened the main door'

Shilpa ran upstairs towards Armaan's room'wid Rohit after her on his heels'as she entered the room'

She saw the curtains were drawn..n the room was completely dark'n her eyes got adjusted in the dark room'she saw a body lying on the bed''.n she knows its none other than Armaan'so she moved towards him'meanwhile Rohit switched on the lights'n saw Armaan lying on the bed on his stomach..his head under the pillow'hugging or u can say clutching it tightly..

Rohit: kya yaar..yeh yahan maze se soya hai aur wahan humari jaan nikal gaye''''he moved towards the bed'' chaliye bhai saab uth jaye..aapki duty ka tym ho gaya hai'.aur aap abhi bhi sohein hain''

Shilpa: Armaan..fone bhi nahin uthaya'pata hai Dr. Tanushree kitne gusse mein hain'chalo utho jaldi'..Armaan'Armaan'

Seeing no reaction from him''.Shilpa moved towards Armaan n shaked him a bit'only to hear a moan from him'''

This made her really scared'she moved ahead'n removed the pillow from his face'n saw him whimpering lightly as if in great pain''

Rohit was also flabbergasted to see Armaan like this'n tried to turn him around on his back'only to hear him scream loudly''. 'AAAhhh'' this left Rohit n Shilpa really shocked'as Armaan was half turned..Shilpa quickly moved towards him n hugged him''patting him to soothe him''..

Tears were coming out of his eyes'n Shilpa also felt tears brimming in her eyes seeing him like this'

Shilpa: Armaan kya hua..kahin pain hai.. 'she felt him nodding his head ever so lightly'' n asked..kahan'

N touching his back'to make sure where the pain is'n when touched his lower back'she got to know'that he got a bad back ache'

Rohit was continuously looking at them'trying to find out the reason behind the pain'but couldn't'so asked Armaan'

Rohit: Armaan'pehle bhi kabhi pain hua hai'ya fir just normal back ache hai''

Armaan: I..I don't know Rohit'.but..I..just can bear this pain'its there from last few days'n is making my back completely numb wid pain'I cant move an inch' 'he said it all'but his voice was quivering n anyone can guess he is in gr888 pain''

Rohit called at hospital'reported to Dr. Tanushree about Armaan's condition n asked for ambulance also'

Armaan was still in Shilpa's arm..who was trying to soothe him'making him brave that everything will be ok..n no need to worry'''.

Rohit..checked Armaan'making him lie down slowly again on his stomach'n tried to see..wat caused this'n then gave him a painkiller injection'to reduce the pain'n also some hours sleep'coz looking in Armaan eyes they can tell that he was in pain all nite'n didn't slept a wink''.

Shilpa was feeling guilty for not checking on him at night'as she was really tired n slept..n in the morning also left'widout checking on him'n saw the results'''

Few minutes later ambulance came n Armaan was taken to the hospital'they didn't have any problem in moving him'as he was fast sleep'but did take care not to make things worst'..

In Sanjeevani he was wheeled in the Obeservational Room..where Dr. Tanushree checked him..n after doing few tests'told others..that Armaan has got his Spinal disk moved'due to an injury wich was there few tym back'something hit his back badly..n his nerves were pressed..wich caused this problem..but a surgery can worked'n he'll be completely fine..

Shilpa moved towards Armaan room to saw him awake'n moved near his bed'n hold his hand'

Shilpa: Armaan ab kaisa feel ho raha hai'zyada pain tu nahin na..

Armaan: nahin Shilpa'im fine'zyada pain nahin hain'.waise ma'am ne kya kaha'mere reports tu agaye hongae na'


hilpa: haan..she told..that u dislocated ur spinal disk..wich caused this pain'n it is due to some injury u had previously'.when did u got hit wid anything on ur back'n did u have any pain before also..

Armaan thought for a moment n then said..

Armaan: yeah I guess when I was back into this street fighting n all'n that tym I got hit on my back'actually the person opposite me in the fight hit on my back'at that tym there was pain..but I thought its just due to new injury'but never knew it will lead to this'

Shilpa: u should be careful na Armaan'waise ma'm said..we have to do a small surgery n adjust ur disk back'n than all will be fine'I guess she said next Monday''

Geet: not Monday'.its Thursday shilpa'hw r u now Armaan'tumne tu sab ko dara diya'

Mann: haan yaar'aise bhi koi karta hai kya'.

Rohit: arey yaar..he needs attention na..isliye''..

N all laughed hearing this'Vikram was also there'n saw Shilpa holding Armaan's hand n got furious'

Armaan's surgery was scheduled for Thursday'wich went well'n now his back was completely fine..

N Dr. advised him complete bed rest for a month..n then some light exercises for his back''

Shilpa was always around him'taking care of him'..all his things'n helping him in each n everything''she is really an Angel''.who is alwys there for him..Whenever he need her'n this made his heart...n chest swell wid happiness..that there is someone'to take care of him'to love him''..LOVE'now where the hell this came from''''..Armaan frowned'n his thoughts were broken wid a sweet melodious voice''''

PRECAP: ARSH Moments...


I hope u guys like it...

sorry for the mistkes...couldnt recheck...

I cant write more than this,...completely tired now...SleepySleepy

so comment...n press the LIKE button,...

those who want PM...add me to ur BUDDY list...

loads of luv...


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LOVED IT...gr8 part...Clap

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