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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151 (Page 123)

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 19...


***Warning: Mature content leave the part in blue if u feel uncomfortable.***

Next day was a sober one with nothing much happening in Sanjeevani, but a Valentine's week ayra all around couples together wishing each other the love week and enjoying each other's company. But among all the gang was in mode to get things right, they were making plans then rejecting and again making another in order to manaofy Armaan but still didn't get the one that's best for them.


Sid also gave some idea to Ridhimaa about the gang been planning to make Armaan forgive them and Shilpa is helping them which left her aghast with the only thing in mind. 'Why she is helping them, the one who humiliated her so much in front of other and along with that came a negative thought is she planning to take revenge from them' and all this left Ridhimaa suspicious about Shilpa's motive behind all this.



On the other hand Shilpa joined the gang again in the recreation room asking them about their next plan.


Shilpa: ok guys so tell me kya plan kiya hai tum logon ne ya phir se mujhe hi kuch sochna hoga.


Anjali: Actually Shilpa kuch samjh nahin araha kya karein Armaan ke behaviour ko dekhte huey its getting tough that what to plan or what way to use to cool down his anger.


Rahul: aur ajkal tu ghussa har dam naak pe betha hota hai.


Niki: mujhe bhi darr lagta hai kahin kuch suna hi na de, baap re Shilpa he is hell possessive about u yaar. 'hearing her Shilpa blushed a little but then controlling it.'


Shilpa: acha yeh sab choro so it means kuch plan nahi kiya. 'to which all nodded no and Shilpa thought kin bewakofon [idiots] ke beech phass gaye. Hey Kanna ji ab aap hi meri help karo'.



With that all set again to think what could be the next plan to woo Armaan, and all in deep thoughts when an idea hit Shilpa.


Shilpa: guys I have a plan 'when all looked towards her' ok let me explain, what u guys are doing this Sunday.


Rahul: nothing much, relaxing probably.


Shilpa: ok great 'when all looked at her again making her feel like an alien she explained them the idea she got, she told them the plan and hearing it all nodded n gave a big smile and left for their duties.


Shilpa was moving towards the locker room when the most beautiful n dazzling sound reached her ears, the sound of someone laughing and a smile played on her lips hearing it, she moved towards the ward from where the sound was coming n the scene was really sweet. Armaan was circled by all the children n they were playing with a sweet smile on their faces, Armaan was also laughing as the children were dancing around him in the weirdest way they can eating chocolates n their favourite deserts as they wanted and Armaan fulfilled this wishes.


Shilpa had a sweet dreaming smile on her face while peeking in the ward and seeing him picking the small one among all kids n moving in circles, making the kid laugh and himself also. She imagined him with their baby in his arms and she blushed lightly. When she looked up again she saw all kids looking in her direction n Armaan was just standing few steps away looking at her flushed face and smiling, probably thinking what going in his wife's mind and why she is day is dreaming.


Armaan: kya hua janeman bada muskura oh sorry sharmaya jar aha hai. 'he stepped close to her and hearing him she flushed more and Armaan smiled seeing it.'


Shilpa: kuch nahin. 'she looked down.'


Armaan: acha ji. 'saying this he pulled her towards him with a force so close that even the wind cant pass'.


Shilpa: Armaan kya kar rahe ho.


Armaan:'pyaar' he said dreamily and came close to her as in kissing her.


Shilpa: Armaan choro bache dekh rahe hain 'putting a hand in b/w n this broke Armaan's trance and when they looked back the kids were having their hands on their eyes shutting them tightly.


Armaan: arey kya hua, tum logon ne ankhein kyun band kar li.


Small boy: bhaiyaa ab aap bachoon ko badon wali movie dekhao gae tu aisa hi hoga na. But don't worry we are fine aap lage raho.


He is the mischevious one among all the kids Armaan more attached to, n hearing him Armaan gave a blushing smile and made Shilpa even more redder.



Locker Room


All the doctors were in locker room getting their things after finishing off their duties, all were dead tired n that can be seen from their faces. Hitler is surely making them work a lot.


Shilpa was also busy in her locker; taking out n putting things in and Armaan was busy in looking at his wife thinking 'how lucky he is to get her as his life partner.'


All others were also busy rummaging through their lockers and also signalling each other to say it to Armaan, they cant signal to Shilpa to put their plan through as Armaan was consistently looking at her, and they were in awe seeing the love in his eyes for his darling wife.


Others were a bit hesitant in asking Armaan so they made Sid bali ka bakra n asked him to talk to Armaan, firstly he was afraid but getting the angry looks from all he moved towards Armaan.


Sid: Hey bro'kaisa raha aaj ka din. 'he asked him bringing him out of his trance and even making Shilp alert knowing that its time to put plan in action.'


Armaan: Abey yaar..takkha dala aaj Hitler ne. 'he said surpressing a yawn. Boy he is really tired.'


Sid: Han who tu hai'acha Armaan kal Sunday hai tu are u guys free. 'Hesitantly and others praying n hoping their plan works'



Armaan: Hmmm'haan kyun.


Sid: actually who hum sab plan kar rahe thae ke kitni dinon se sab ek saath kahin bahir nahi gaye na hi time spend kiya hai tu if u guys are free than we'll go out for a small beach party. What say? 'And before Armaan can refuse it Shilpa butted in.'


Shilpa: wow really good idea, hum log tu kal free hain aur koi important kaam bhi nahi'plus the weather is awesome so we can surely join u guys. Kyun Armaan. 'n she looked at Armaan who gave her a look saying have ' u 'gone ' nuts im not at all going with the so called plan but she gave him a cute puppy face n a pout which melt him'


Armaan: ok fine im doing it just for shilpa otherwise I wouldn't have agreed, but one thing any thing gone wrong them all mark my words all are dead 'he said dangerously.'


He looked towards all n were bit shocked seeing him like this but nodded their head, seeing that he agreed to come and also adorning his love for Shilpa and with that Armaan took Shilpa's hand and they left the locker room but Shilpa turned around gave them a thumbs up for the success of step 1 in their plan before curling her arm around Armaan n he did the same n left making others keeping looking at their retreating back.


***Warning: Mature content leave the part in blue if u feel uncomfortable.***

ARSH Mansion


Both came out from the car and were really tired but since next day is holiday they were relaxed…Shilpa went upstairs in their room to get freshen up whereas Armaan got settled in the hall and switched on the TV watching the IPL and thinking who is gonna win this time.


After few minutes


Shilpa: Armaan go and freshen up till then I'll prepare the dinner 'saying this she tied her hair in a rough bun and moved towards the kitchen wearing a cute Minnie mouse pajma shirt. Armaan moved towards the room n got freshened up n in the mean while Shilpa prepared the dinner.'


Shilpa was bent on the basin washing out vegetables for salad when Armaan came from back n encircled his arms around her waist and keeping his head on her shoulder and gave her a kiss on the nape, making her gasp and shiver. Though they have intimated many times but Armaan loved the way her body reacts to his touch.


Shilpa: Armaan kya kar rahe ho, leave me dinner is ready and im really hungry.


Armaan: I'm also hungry.


Shilpa: tu leave me na I'll set the table 'when he nodded in NO' Armaan kya kar rahe ho are'nt you hungry 'to which he nodded YES' arey then leave me na. 'he turned her around, facing him.'


Armaan: I'm hungry but for you.


Saying this he pulled her close by her waist, and placed his lips on hers.


This came as a shock for her and she gasped, whiles his tongue moving over her lips and sometimes nibbling her lips.


Desire shoot in her and she responded to the kiss with equal fervor when his tongue entered her mouth.


Tasting each and every corner, sometimes tasting her juice and sometimes teasing her.


Shilpa's hand moved around his nape and moved up caressing his scalp and hairs.


This came as a torture to Armaan and he couldn't wait to make her his again.


He bend her down insert his leg between her and keeping his other hand around her waist, wrapped her legs around his still tasting each other and started moving towards their bedroom.


Shilpa never came out of that pleasured trance and kept kissing and teasing him by bitting his lips.


Armaan broke the kiss and put her on the bed and that's when Shilpa looked around surprised that how they got here.


Armaan looked at her looking around completely surprised and smiled seeing this.


Armaan: kya hua mere pyaar mein itna kho gaye ke yeh bhi nahin pata chal hum kab room mein agaye.


Shilpa got shy and blushed hearing this and moved on her stomach with her back towards Armaan.


He smiled seeing her all shy and removed his vest, and come on the bed and bending down placed a kiss on her neck making her twitch.


He moved his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him and then removed the hairs from her back that left some part of her back bare to him and he started planting kisses moving down till her hands making her shudder with pleasure and anticipation.


Then in a swift moment he turned her around and placed his lips on her and Shilpa responded to it, both kissing each other madly savouring the taste.


Armaan's hand moved towards her waist and than inside her shirt, feeling her skin and moved upto her breasts.


Shilpa responded to his every touch and caressed his nape and his back and chest adorning his each and every muscle.


Armaan broke the kiss and started giving her feather kisses on her throats and his hands doing their own work, moving on her treasures and capturing them in his palms.


When he couldn't take it more he moved up and saw Shilpa's eyes diluted and mind foggy with pleasure.


He pulled up her shirt and removed it leaving her bare in front of him and he eyed the beauty in front of him who is only his.


He bend down and  again started kissing her throat leaving wet kisses this time where as Shilpa was moaning his name again and again.


He gave her a bite and then started kisses it hearing her hiss loudly knowing it would have been hurting it and soothed it.


He kissed her upper swells of the breast and then moving his hands around her back, opened the clip and removed the barrier among them.


Shilpa felt the cool air touching her and shivered and saw that her dear husband has removed the barrier b/w them.


He once again moved near her lips and kissed her tight making his hard chest touching her soft bossoms and she responded again this time scratching his back.


Armaan: jangli billi 'he said to which she smiled'


Armaan took her breasts in his palm and squeezed them making her moan and same her did with the other one and played with it nipple till they stood up in acknowledgment to his gesture.


His hands were replaced by his mouth and he kissed them making her moan and whimper saying his name again and again and left it when it turned red.


Then his attention moved towards the other one and he acknowledged it too giving equal amount of attention.


Leaving them he moved down placing several kisses on her flat belly and even in b/w her breasts.


He pulled down her trousers leaving her female-hood bare to him and his eyes treasured its beauty.


He touched it and moved his fingers across it soft velvet making Shilpa hold the bedsheets in her hands tight as she lay naked in front of him in expectation to be his once again.


He opened the lips of her female hood and bending out started places kissing over there making her scream his name but this increased his passion and he started moving fast making her whimper.


He pushed his fingers inside making her know that he is getting her ready for that though she was already wet and creating another picture inside her.


He moved up till her lips and kissed her making her taste herself on his lips, her hands moved towards his trouser and opened it up she couldn't moved as his fingers were still inside her. But Armaan helped her and removed his trouser.


She shuddered and he came to know that she is about to climax but he pulled his hands outside making her scowl as she was about to reach the peak.


But then she felt his erection hard and wet near her opening and looked in his eyes to see him assuring her that it won't hurt to which she blinked her eyes indicating him to go ahead.


In a swift move he filled her with his hard erection and that made her shut her eyes tight feeling the pain shooting inside her.


He kissed her on lips in order to distract her and she responded but their were tears in her eyes, Armaan kissed them and moving up he pulled her up from her hips and filled her once again deep inside her completely.


He wrapped her legs around his waist and both begin to move in rhythm, here also sometime teasing each other and sometime pleasuring till reaching another level.


After making love for several hours they both climaxed as Armaan filled her up with his seed and Shilpa left hot liquid flowing inside her.


He came out of her and lay besides her taking her in his arms closed enough to not let the air pass and covered them both with the red silk sheet.

Both lay in each other arms contently.


Shilpa: Armaan I'm hungry. 'She said with an innocent face looking towards him.'


Armaan: Huh oh are you. 'He asked looking at her naughtily and pecking her lips.'


Shilpa: Not that 'She said angrily and smacked on his arm to which he laughed.'


Armaan: ok baby you stay here I'll get something 'pecking her lips once more he covered her and wearing his trouser which he found near the bed moved towards the kitchen to bring something for his dear wife.'


He came back after few minutes with sandwiches and juice but they seen that met his eyes was out of the ordinary. His dear wife was sleeping with a cute smile on her face and seeing this Armaan smiled and keeping the food aside covering it he pecked her cheeks and lay down beside her taking her in his arms, and both slept with a huge smile of satisfaction on their face.



hopefully u like it..

would update the next one soon..

PM's later...

Precap: Beach


Kindly add anumeha_PMto get pm's.

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nyxxx put more ARSh scenes

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awesome and hot update...

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sweet update
plz complete this soon

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sweet installment...

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Smileawsome update diSmile
continue sooon di SmileSmile

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Amazing update.. 
Just loved it.. 

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nice installment
plz update soon

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