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ARSH~Meant To Be 2~Link to thread 3 on pg 151

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

HI guys...gosh im sooo overwhelmed...wat should i say...wat i started as a OS...wid just 2 parts...turned out to be a complete story...n instead of ending after 2 parts...i reached 12 parts...n still more to go...

i know im a very bad making u all wait for the update...n reason is one or the other...well this tym i dont know...wat got into me...i just lost my mind...i dont know wat to write n wat not...but finally i came up wid the idea n the part...

sorry for the u all kow i met wid an accident n wid my arm my mind also become useless...but i hope u all like it...

n thnx u sooo much everyone for all ur love n encourage me alot...

luv u all...


Part 1 - 11... Meant To Be

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Part 13...Page 19...

Part 14...Page 37...

Promo...Page 49...

Part 15...Page 50...n...54

Part 16...Page 70...

Part 17...Page 90...

Part 18...Page 112...

Part 19...Page 132...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Press the like button to get the pm's...

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 1:33pm | IP Logged

hi sooo sorry for the delay...n thnx alot for all ur encouragement...

here goes next part....

PART 12...

So finally ArSh were in London'.the journey from airport to their apartment was filled wid wonder'as Shilpa was busying admiring the beauty of London'..n Armaan'.stealing glances of her''.he don't know y his eyes were again n again going on her'to see her smiling n admiring the beauty of London'..

Armaan: yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai..mein kyun bar bar uski aur dekh raha hoon'' "he thought'then leaving the thoughts aside''closed his eyes to relax as he was really tired after the flight.."

They reached their apartment'.the interior was beautiful'.wid hall..beautifully decorated''.spiral stairs going up to the two rooms up there'kitchen on one side'fully furnished'n a beautiful small lawn at the back''..

Armaan was still not in good mood'but much better than before..he thought may be the climate of London changed his mood n made him feel better than being in India near her [Ridhimaa]'.

Armaan n Shilpa both moved up n took the charge of their room'rested for u tym n then taking car moved towards the hospital''the journey was filled wid silence''.Armaan driving n Shilpa enjoying the cool breeze''n stealing glances of each other'

Finally parking the car in Sanjeevani premises both entered the hospital'viewing it'n greeting docs'nurses n wardboys wid whom they havr to work now'

As they were moving Armaan stopped on his track'his eyes widen wid shock...jaws touching floor'seeing the gal in front of him'n Shilpa got confused seeing him like this''..

Shilpa: Armaan kya hua'aise kyun khade ho'.Armaan'Armaan' 'she asked him n when he didn't listen she shaked him a bit'to see him turning face towards her''

Armaan: woh'.woh' 'he said pointing at something'still dazzed''

Shilpa: Armaan kya bol rahe ho mujhe kuch samajh nahin araha''

Armaan still didn't said anything but moved fast towards the gal n hugged her tightly'..making the gal n all the other ppl around shocked''
Armaan: Muskaan'Muskaan tu yahan kaise hai tu'' 'he said coming out of the hug n smiling seeing his friend''

Gal: oye hello'kaun Muskaan'mera naam Geet hai'Geet Handa'.acha tareeka hai mister larkiyoon se chipkne ka'.tum jaise lark eek number ke gaddhe hotey hai..larki dekhi nahin k phisal [slip] gae..tum koi aur kaam dhaam nahin hai kya jo mere hi peeche parh gaye'

Armaan: lekin Muskaan'. 'he was cut short by her''

Geet: oye mein ne kaha na mera naam Geet hai'yeh kya Muskaan' Muskaan laga rakha hai'haii baba ji..kahan phas gaye mein'..

Oh hello bhai sahib sunaiye'mein Muskaan nahin hoon'mera naam Geet hai'..haiyyee rabah ek tu mein pehle hi pereshaan hoon who jo doctor ane wale hain India se ab tak aye nahin aura b yeh mujhe pata nahin kaun se Muskaan ki dukaan banane pe tule hain'. 'she said making bad face'n Shilpa who was in daze till now came back to earth n moved towards the duo before this gal declared Armaan mad'who seems he is mad'

Shilpa: hello'im Dr.Shilpa Malhotra from India'Dr.Aditi would have speak to u abt us 'pointing at Armaan n herself' joining here'

Geet: oh haan ji ji'bilkul yaad'per ek gal daso'yeh pakka doctor hain na'mujhe ne yeh thorey'.'making sign of showing he is mad'

Shilpa n Armaan looked at her a kind of shocked for wat she said'n Shilpa started giggling'n Armaan looked towards her angry that she started laughing as the gal in front of them calling her Geet clad in orange shade shalwar suit wid a lab coat in hand'hairs French braided'slight make up'looking typically Punjabi'n a chatter box''..while Geet was looking at both of them confused that y 1 is angry n the other laughing'.but Armaan cleared to her..

Armaan: im sorry Miss. Geet actually aap ka chehra meri ek friend se milta hai jis se mein kafi samay se nahin mila n she is the exact copy of urs tu mujhe laga who hai'I'm really sorry for the trouble'

Shilpa giggled louder hearing his explaination'at first she didn't get wat is happening n y Armaan hugged her but now she understood..she knew abt his friend circle the famous gang of Sanjeevani'they all promised to never drift the famous thing'Kismat'kismet ne hi saath na diya n they all got separated after the incident in Sanjeevani'but she pray that they met again n become the super gang again'.

Geet: chalo koi baat nahin aise wadhe wadhe [big] shahroon[city] mein aise choti choti galan[incident] hoti rehti hain'waise tu mein aapne bare mein bata chuki hoon'.aap bhi batayi na..aap India se ayen hain na'kaise hai India..pata hai mein India ko bohat miss karti hoon'jane ka bohat mann hai magr yeh ghadhe hospital wali chutti[off] hi nahin detey'aap bataye na..sab kaise chal raha hai..pata hai jab India worldcup jeta na tu mera mann kiya mein wahan hoti na tu khub jashn manati waise yahan bhi kuch kum nahin tha..hum logon ne khub party ki jashn manaya in angrezon[british] ko dekha diya hum kya cheez hain'waise aapko cricket pasand hai na'mein tu bohat bari fan hoon cricket ki aur kabadi ki'aap ne kabhi kabadi kehli hai'hayye kitna maza ata hai jab who 'tu..hoo tu tu'hoo tu tut u'' hota hai aur jab ap samne wale ke khiladi ko aa dabati ho'arey kab se mein hi bol rahi hoon aap bhi kuch boliye na' 'She was speaking non stop n Armaan n Shilpa were looking at her'how can she speak so much widout even taking a break'..they tried to speak in b/w but she didnt gave them to speak once'.their thoughts were broken by a voice n the turned to see who it is'

Voice: tu unhein kuch bolne de tu bole na'Punjab express'kitna bolti hai'takti [tired] nahin kya..dekh becharoon ko kaise shocked hai tujhe itna bolte dekh k'

A guy clad in crisp blue shirt n denim jeans wearing his lab coat'hairs gelled n properly combed'eyes hazel color'looking really nice'any gal would love to fall for him'.

Guy: hi im Dr.Rohit Shergill..specialist in cardiology'n plzzz don't mind abt her'she is a blabber mouth'who keeps on going on n on'

Voice: oye'khabardar jo tu ne meri mishti ko kuch kaha tu'saley dannt thor k rakh doon ga tere mein'

Another guy came clad in black shirt n jeans'.lab coat in hand'wid a smirk on his face''..

Guy: oye rukh tujhe mein batata hoon..kya bola tu yeh chatter box hai'

Geet: haan Maan dekho na'is ne mujhe bola k mein bohat bolti hoon'mein bolti hoon kya..nahin mein tu bohat kam bolti hoon'yeh na baas isko mauka chahiye meri burai karne ka'he is really bad'agar mein bolti hoti na tut um logon ko bolne ------

All the four were looking at her'.she again started blabbering again'.n Maan has to keep a hand on her mouth to stop her from being a chatterbox.

Maan as in Maan Singh Khurana ' the famous Neurologist from India'basically from Delhi but now settled in London along his family'son of the famous business tycoon Adhiraj Singh Khurana'n Geet..Geet Handa'from the small place Hushyarpur'aur apne aapko bohat hi hushyar samjhti hain'jab ke hain nahin'she is really nave n sweet'Her family want her to get married ' the famous landlord Rudr Handa'but she fight against her family'become a doctor ' a child specialist n moved to London'

Their love story is sweet as them'both met in Sanjeevani London'first fought'then becme friends n now going to be the life partners from all the 7 lifes'.

Maan: Bas meri sherni bas..mujhe samajh agaye'is mein chooron ga nahin''then moving towards ArSh who were quite all the tym looking at wats going in front of them'.'

Hi im Maan Singh Khurana'she is my would be wife Geet n he is ---

Rohit: abbey rukh apna intro mein khud deta hoon'Hi im Rohit Shergill'n u r really beautiful gorgeous'

'he said shaking hands wid Armaan n then moving towards Shilpa'.'

Shilpa: r u giving me compliment or flirting wid me'.well im Dr.Shilpa Malhotra'

She said wid shanking hands wid him'n Armaan interfered in b/w as he was not feeling comfortable wid Rohit'the way he was looking at Shilpa as if scanning her n also flirting wid her'.

Armaan: hi im Dr.Armaan Mallik'.'he said shanking hand wid all n passing a small smile to them'

Rohit: waise Dr.Shilpa can I ask u something r u single'.woh kya hai na yahan har koi mingle hai aur mujhe koi milta nahin so mein ne socha try karne mein kya jata hain..

Shilpa: well nice try'n stop flirting ok'.waise for ur Single'

Rohit: arey just harmless flirting yaar''.. 'n she smiled at him''getting eased wid all'

Where as Armaan was getting some kind of negative feeling not feeling gud to see Shilpa wid someone..he questioned himself bt brushed the feelings of thinking that he don't want to loose another friend'

Day passed wid intro wid different staff members n tour of the hospital''..n a new day begin wid new hopes n desires..let see wat change it will bring in Armaan Shilpa life''


hope u all liked it..

sorry...all thoughts block...dont know wat crap i wrote...

n plzz ignore the mistakes...didnt get tym to recheck...

plzzz press the LIKE button...n do comment...

all who want PM...plzz press the above button...

n add me ur BUDDY list...

thnx for all ur tym...



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Congrats 4 the new thread...

nice part... want some ARSH moments...
plzzz update soon

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congratulations for ur 2nd thread

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congrats for the second thread
update sooon

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congrats for new thread...w8ng...for...update

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