Laagi Tujhse Lagan


Laagi Tujhse Lagan
Laagi Tujhse Lagan

FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 92)

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Thanks for the awesome update Tink. Beautifully written and the special effects were perfect. Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you, for your compliments and your time.  Wink

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Chapter Thirty Five


Sin City

How could you let this happen, you were here with her, then how did that bas***d get hold of Naku! Dutta shouted with his voice thundering in the open air.
Save it! Gaurav attacked back equally, if you hadn't left her in the first place, then I wouldn't have had to go around chasing you! He taunted while getting himself released from Dutta's aggressive grip. She had her own problems, and she thought you might have understood her, but you turned your back on her, do you have any idea why she participated in this competition, do you... he questioned back again, when Dutta didn't think to reply to Gaurav he continued, ...she needed those five lakhs to pay off some cop who tried to sell her... but before he finished his words broke up, ...what's the point of even telling you, you left without even bothering to find out the why should you deserve the truth now.

What, what did you just say, Naku needed money, said Dutta as though the words hadn't sunk into him yet, why would I even believe you, if Naku needed any money then why didn't she ask me for it, I'm her husband for god's sake, if she was in problem then why didn't she consult me first... he spoke as his thoughts came to a stop when his eyes fell on one of Naku's payals left abandoned on the street, and rushed to get hold of it.

...because her problem exists since before you were in her life, and I believe that's the reason of your first meeting with her father, and regardless of her father's pathetic attempt to save her from this problem, he landed her with a bigger problem, you! Gaurav said, throwing the words at him literally, while tailing Dutta from a fair distance. And today she's facing the punishment of being in your life, the whole point was that she doesn't' end up like her sister, her mother's been fighting since forever to keep her hidden from society, just so she wouldn't have to suffer the pain of losing another daughter, to the hands of the filthy souls who would abuse her until their desires were filled, and now because of you that's exactly where she's landed!

Nahin! Dutta aisa kabhi nahin hone dega, he retorted, whilst clutching on to the payal in his fist. Mujhe kasam hai apni Nakusha ki, ke agar usse kuch huwa tho uska yeh Dutta zinda nahin rehega, he declared with his bloodshot eyes and left from there, making his way to Anna's den, at no further delay.

You can't go alone, shouted Gaurav behind him, you'll need help, let me come with you.

No, I can't afford to hurt Naku's dear ones any more then I already have, if anything happens to you because of me, then I would never be able to face Naku, you go and take care of her family, and tell them she will be home safe, promised Dutta with a determined look and tone, as he revved up the engine and sped off.


Leave me alone, who are you, why have you bought me here, shouted Naku as loud as she could, which wasn't very loud.

We have been given strict orders to feed you, clothe you, and make sure you are not stressed, other than this we know nothing, said the unknown faced young girl as she left without turning her back to Naku, like she were her servant.


Kalavathi had tried her best to convince Dutta that Naku had betrayed him by hiding such a big fact from him. She knew you hated beautiful faces, but yet she hid the truth from you, so that you would fall for her beauty and she would trap you, can't you see Bhau, that girl has lied to you since the day she landed this threshold. Her father had also lied to you, and what was that police officer doing there, maybe he was the man that she was supposed to marry, or worse, perhaps she was a wanted criminal! She claimed.

Tai! Shouted Dutta, mera dimaak pehle se kharab hai, aur upar se aap yeh kya bol rahi ho Tai, aaj agar Naku iss museebat main hai, to sirf meri wajah se, I can't leave her in the clutches of Anna, agar usne jhoot bola hai, to wohi sahi, lekin maine to usse sacha pyar kiya hai, yeh sab hum baad mein dekhenge Tai, mere paas waqt bohut kum hai, aur Baji ka phone ka mujhe intezaar hai, aap bas Ayi Sahib ko dekho Tai, said Dutta as he hanged up on Kala, and switched the call over to Baji.

Bhau woh saala Chasker ne hi Anna ke gandhe kaam ko anjaam diya hai, Anna ki patni ne mujhe khud phone kiya Bhau, aur usne bataya ke Naku aur Roopa dono Anna ke theekane pe hai, aur Roopa ki beti Chasker ke paas hai, said Baji pacing through his words.

Theek hai Baji, main seedha Anna ke thikaane pe jaa raha hoon, aur tu jaake uss kameene Chasker ka pata kar, aur mujhe khabar karna, replied Dutta with the same pace.

Bhau lekin tu aise akele, tu jaanta hai na ke woh Anna ek number ka kameen aaadmi hai, tu rukh main Kaale ko phone karta hai aur apne kuch aadmi tere paas bhej ta hai, Baji advised his childhood friend.

Nahin Baji, tab tak bohut der ho jaye gi, aaj Dutta ko bina ijaazat maut choo bhi nahin sakti, tu chinta matt kar, tu apne kaam pe dhyan de, ho sakta hai ke Chasker ne apna adda kahin aur pe shift karliya ho, tu bas usse dekh, he ordered while pumping more gas, and changing the gears to gain more speed.

Ho Bhau, theek hai, lekin Bhau sambhal ke, jaise mujhe patachale ga main wahan pohanch jayega, aur Bhau Naku ko kuch nahin hoga, mujhe tere pe poora bharosa hai, he said shedding a few tears but trying hard to console Dutta and make his words sound as though they were encouraging him, before he hung up.


As Naku sat there with her heart jumping at the noise of every small sound, she played endlessly with her duppata, where was Morey, and where did he bring her, she tried to scan the room quickly seeing any route for escape, when suddenly the doors had opened and a lady who was fairly old but had still had her youth from her late twenties, walked through the doors with a tray of food.

Naku flinched as the closeness of the distance being covered by the lady. Don't be afraid said the lady, my name is Shubulaxmi, I am Anna's wife.

Anna's wife, Naku repeated with a tone of question in her voice.

Yes, Anna's wife, I am aware that my husband has bought you here against your will, he is old enemies with your husband Dutta, he has waited a long time for this day. She looked down with a hint of shame in her eyes, and continued, see your husband Dutta has never truly loved anyone, and that had become his strength, and this was the cause of Anna's frustration, not allowing him to ever make Dutta feel the way he felt when... she paused, feeling a knot form up in her throat, when your husband had slept with my husband's mistress... as these words left Shubu's mouth, Naku's furrowed eyes had widened.

     This was the same story that Baji had once told her a while back, this was the lady that had helped the girl Saab was protecting because he'd made the mistake of spending the night with her, this lady before her, had been brave enough to help that girl's daughter hidden from her husband's cruel world. She remembered Baji telling her that Anna had waited a long time to seek revenge and waited for the moment where a girl who mattered most in Dutta's life to come along, in order to gain his vendetta, which was why Saab would always worry about Supriya's protection, but Supriya was dead, so how did kidnapping Naku mean revenge with Saab, she'd wondered. Of course, Saab had married Naku on the day of Supriya's and his wedding, so Anna had thought that Naku was Dutta's lady love.

As the words recalled in her head, she realized why she was there, this so-called Anna had thought of Naku to be Dutta's wife, who he was supposedly crazy about. But little did Anna know that Dutta hadn't given Naku that trust to be the most important person in his life, what difference it made to Saab if Anna had Naku captive, she thought silently, but painfully.


Nakusha suddenly felt her heart sink, a weird pain bounced around her stomach, her throat become dry, and for once her tears had dried up, what was the point, what was the point of anything in life, no matter how hard you tried to fight back, it always found a way to push you down, all around her people had tried to tell her, fighting against your destiny is what makes it worth living. Today everything seemed like a lie. Nothing seemed to matter, everything she ever tried to gain, always slipped out of her grip, or maybe it never was in her grip, maybe her sister will never come back into their lives, maybe she was never meant to be a part of Saab's life, maybe the slums is where she had always belonged, nobody ever escaped the fate of the slums, so what had made her think she could.

As she felt the small idol of Bappa given by Gaurav, tied to one corner of her dupatta, she felt speechless, she felt that she couldn't ask her Bappa for any more favours, like she always had done. If she was tired of fighting against her fate, then surely Bappa would also be tired of listening to her pointless prayers, she thought pathetically.

Maine tumhare pati ko phone karne ki koshish ki, par laga nahin, lekin uske dost Baji ka number tha mere paas, maine usse phone kardiya hai, aur woh tumhare pati ko phone kar dega, said Shubu, waise Duttako pata chal gaya tha ke Anna ne tujhe utaya hai, jab tumhara dance competition chal raha tha, tab Anna ne Dutta ko message bhejwaya tha ke woh dono Maa aur beti uske kabse main the, aur jab Dutta wahan se foran nikal gaya, tab Anna ne tujhe bohut chalaki se utaliya wahan se, informed Anna's wife.

     This meant that Saab didn't leave from there upon seeing Naku's face, Saab had left in a rush to help that helpless girl, she remembered how Saab had felt when he'd thought that they had been blown up in the safe house, that girls problem was nothing compared to what I was facing, thought Naku, as she gripped onto her Bappa.

Her fate had always been in Saab's hands, that is what Bappa's wishes had always been, right from the very beginning. This is why Bappa had always sent Saab for her aid. How could she lose hope in her Bappa, he could never fail her, but right now it was the other girl that needed Bappa's help more than Naku. As she cleared her conscience, she opened the knot and freed her gifted Bappa from her dupatta, and handed it over to Shubu.

Please can you do me a favour, started Naku, as she remembered Saab telling her that is this guy by the name of Anna ever got hold of this girl and her daughter, then they would only be begging death to come their way, because there was no knowing what he would be capable of, ...yeh Bappa aap uss ladki ko dedo, aur usse bolna ke Bappa zaroor uski aur uski beti ki raksha karega, Bappa dukh harta hai, mujhe bharosa hai Bappa pe, woh unke saare dukh har lega, she said with a delicate tone, while handing her Bappa over to Shubu.


As Shubu looked on with shock, how you could want to wish for the help for the lady who slept with your husband, she asked, while accepting the idol.

Naku had just laughed it off with slight smirk, whatever Saab did in his past is of no concern to me, I loved him when there were many women in his life, and it made no difference to me then, but now that I know he loves me in return, it still makes no difference to me. No matter how many days we witness, the days that are gone cannot be bought back, what does matter is today. And today Saab only loves me, and that is enough for me. No matter what happens, the past cannot come back and make a difference to my today, and if we are sure of our today, then we know that together we can make our tomorrow better, said Naku.

While moving off the bed, she walked towards the window, whatever that girls fate is or has been, was not her fault. She was forced into a path she never wished for, but just because she made a few mistakes along the way, doesn't make her liable to punishment. She wanted to repent, and when you have someone's support to encourage you, then it gives that person strength to face their destiny, and gives them hope. And hope is not something we can all find faith for easily, finished Naku, as she allowed Shubu to leave.


While watching Shubu leave, Naku had wondered what had happened to Morey, could it be that Morey had sold her to Anna. But he had specifically made her aware that she was to be shifted off to Dubai, to be sold to a Sheikh. So how on earth did she end up here, as she was lost in her thoughts, she was disrupted by the sound of the doors that had flung open in an aggressive manner, and shattered by the force thereafter.

Don't be surprised, said Anna as he walked towards her, and put his foot up on the bed to rest his arm on his thigh.  Naku looked on in shock trying to figure out who this man was, his accent was thick with a strong Hyderabadi linguistic, his forehead was big, his eyebrows were raised causing a ton of creases in his forehead, his nose was sharp and pointy with big nostrils, and he looked fairly old. The look in his eyes, however was a cold one, causing Naku to swallow a knot in her throat. There was no need to ask who he was, it was clear, someone who'd walked in with such authority, needed no introduction, he was the one everyone feared, one of Saab's biggest rivals, Anna.

Kya chaye aapko, asked Naku with a shaky voice. But Anna just smirked at her weak courage, don't be such a fool, when you know the answer to the question why waste such precious time by asking it, he replied.

I don't know what you're talking about, she threw back, while looking over to the open door behind him, and sly fully trying to figure out how to escape.

Of course you don't, my apologies, Mrs. Dutta Shriram Patil, I will of course let you know the nature of your visit, answered Anna, he removed his foot from the bed frame, he grabbed his scarf and swung it over his shoulder, while closing the distance between him and Naku.


Yeh Bappa, said Roopa while taking it from Shubu, as she choked back a few tears, she remembered how similar this girl was to her dear Nakusha. Naku had always put her faith in Bappa, just like this girl. Roopa couldn't help but feeling guilty for the dilemma Dutta's wife was going through today, all because of her, she was foolish to make such a mistake, and today five people were suffering because of her. Herself, Rupali, Dutta, Naku and of course Anna's wife Shubu. She didn't deserve any sympathy from anyone she had no one to blame but herself. Her only regret was that she hadn't met Nakusha before Anna had found her, if Naku had met Rupali she would have surely loved her, as she looked down at her new gifted Bappa, she prayed silently to him for the wellbeing of her daughter, her life had seen its days, and she was aware of this, but Rupali was only a child, she didn't deserve this.

Whilst Shubu was trying to console Roopa, Anna's men had informed her that Anna wished to see her immediately. Shubu had understood that Anna must have found out by now that it was she who informed Baji of Naku's and Roopa's whereabouts. She knew Anna wouldn't take this lightly, but she didn't regret her decision even if that resulted in Anna punished her.


Baji and Gaurav had reached Chasker's apartment. Gaurav broke the door with his shoulder, and barged in together with Baji and scanned the whole place which was filthy, tacky and frankly the whole place smelt foul. They'd found no one, it was like it was abandoned. They turned everything upside down, and throwing Chasker's things all over the place, but they found nothing.

Could it be that Anna's wife informed you wrongly, questioned a breathless Gaurav.

Nahin woh aisa kabhich nahin karegi, woh uss ladki ko apni jaan se bhi zyaada chahati hai, as he spoke, they heard a muffled childlike cry, coming from the human sized store cupboard, from inside the kitchen. Baji made his way there quickly and flung the doors open and sighed in relief and hugged the youngster.

Why didn't you tell me you were here, asked Baji, while consoling her, I thought you were that bad man, she answered innocently, but Baji where had that bad man taken my Mummy, she asked.

Don't worry Dutta tujhe yaad hai na, woh teri Ayi ko bachane gaya hai, tu chinta matt kar, abh tujhe koi kuch nahin karega. As Gaurav watched the little girl, he couldn't help feeling familiar with her facial features, she looked so familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on which she'd looked like.

Should we go now, asked Gaurav, will be better if we get her out of harm's way, he advised.

Haan, tu Rupali ko leke jaa, aur main... but before he could finish Chasker had walked into the apartment, the moment had suddenly frozen everyone in their tracks.


You see your husband made the mistake of sleeping with a lady very dear to me, but you know what they claimed, he paused as if asking her a question, but when Naku didn't answer he carried on with joy, ...they told me it was a mistake and that they were drunk. Now do I look like Mother Teresa. Did they honestly think that I'd forgive and forget, never...yeh Anna ka style nahin hai, agar paap kiya hai to sazaa to bhugti ni hi paregi. Lekin tere pati ko bohut bhaari sazaa bhugat ni paregi, 'cause he tried to play games with me, by giving that bitch protection against my will and then he had the audacity to stage an act and make me believe that she was dead along with my daughter! But I am too smart for him, I let him believe what he wanted to believe, and I cleverly waited to strike when the iron was hot, I've seen how he looks at you, and I know just how much you mean to him but the downfall of the whole thing is I was not supposed to fall for you, and my god have I fallen hard, said Anna while following her trail as she walked backwards but slowly around the room. But you see I am a man of strong principles, when it comes to revenge, I believe it should be in the very style it was carried out in the first place.

Lekin meri aur Saab ki shaadi ek samjhota thi, argued Naku, hoping he would buy it, ...jaisa aap bol rahe ho waisa kuch nahin hai, woh... main... she stuttered, ..main Saab ke yahan kaam karti hai, woh Morey ke paise chukane the...

Kaun woh lallu inspector, uska kissa to maine wohi teri dance wali jaga par hi khatam kar diya, abich woh apni first class ticket ko leke narg main pohanch raha hoga.. Anna interrupted and clearing all confusion in Naku's head regarding Morey.

Upon hearing this, Naku was no less then shocked, you killed Morey, repeated Naku in a whisper that could barely be heard. What are you planning on doing to me, if you want to kill me, do it now, shouted Naku in sudden fear, ...but you leave my Saab alone, do y you hear me! She shouted again, and tried to push him back with both her hands applying all her force, and then trying to make a run for the door in the same instance.


Chasker and Baji broke out into a fight, going wildly all over the room, but eventually Baji had brought Chasker down, and had him tied down, in order to extract as much information from him as possible, before he killed him.

Chasker had narrated the nature of events that took place. Baji was unaware of the whole situation with Morey, while Gaurav was surprised to know that Chasker was linked with the whole fiasco. Gaurav had immediately put Rupali down and attacked Chasker, it was you who wanted to buy Naku you bas***d! How dare you...

Baji was confused now with what Gaurav's understanding of the whole situation was, what are you talking about Gaurav, he questioned back, what do you mean he wanted to buy Naku?!

Mera yakeen karo Baji Bhai mujhe nahin pata tha ke woh Bhau ki patni hai, Chasker butted in before Gaurav could reply, Morey had told me about this girl since six months ago, and we've been looking for her since then, but then with the help of a guy called Ravi, Morey had managed to trace her to where she was hidden by her family members, and I only found out about it today, but honestly I had no idea of who she was, he repeated again. When me and Morey were about to pick her up from the auditorium, Anna had ended up there and killed Morey, and I was forced to come back here and guard his daughter, 'cause he wanted her unharmed. Otherwise he would have certainly killed me.

What about her mother, what has Anna planned to do with her, questioned Baji quickly trying to let all the information register.

Kaun Roopa, woh tho nahin bachegi, Anna usse jaan se maarne wala hai, woh sirf Dutta ke saath khel khel raha hai... replied Chasker.

Roopa?! Repeated Gaurav, yeh Roopa kaun hai, he asked again while gulping down on nothing in his throat, and looked over to Rupali and realized exactly who it was that this girl's face resembled with.

Roopa iski Maa hai, answered Baji...

From Banaras?! Gaurav asked again.

Gaurav maajra kya hai, tu aise achanak itne saare sawal kyun kar raha hai, Baji asked back.

She's Naku's sister, she was sold to a Hyderabadi gunda, Gaurav answered to himself in shock.

Yeh tu kya keh raha hai Gaurav, Naku ki behen, Roopa...? Said Baji, not knowing how bad things could get, ...iska matlab hai ke Bhau ne Naku ki behen ke saath...


Anna had grabbed Naku around her waist, and swung her back round from behind. Not so fast, we're not done, said Anna, and then shouted for a bottle of Spirit to be brought in.

What are you doing, said Naku as she watched Anna unscrew the cap of litre bottle of alcohol, which he poured into a tall tumbler and handed it over to Naku, telling her to drink it.

I will never, retorted Naku, while looking away.

Yes you will, said Anna calmly, while gulping the whole shot in the glass himself. And then he walked towards Naku with the bottle in hand, ...I've been too nice to you, I think it's time we get down to the point, don't you think, abh tu chup chap jaake bistar par lete gi, yah phir mujhe tere saath zabardasti karni paregi, said Anna while removing his scarf and undoing the top button of his kurta.

As Naku heard Anna's disgusting intentions come to his lips she felt degraded, and worthless, and in sudden reflex she'd spat on Anna's face. Arre sharam karo, aap shaadi shuda ho, aap ko kisi paray aurat pe gandhi nazar daalte huwe sharam nahin aati! She shouted. But in the same minute Anna slapped Naku causing her to fall to the ground, while her cheek heated up from the sudden attack, and blood managed to seep from one corner of her lip, it took a while for Naku to realise what had happened.

Tere se main izzat se baat kar raha hai, tho tu mere sar par char jayegi kya, jab tere pati ne ek paray aurat ke saath raat guzaari tab usne kya sharam ki, he taunted back.

Anna grabbed the Whiskey and moved over to Naku as fast he could, he lowered down to her level, and got strong grip of her hair and held it back with force, making Naku scream in pain, and then at the same time forcing the Spirit down her throat, which burned her as well as making her choke on the fluid, due to her body rejecting the foul taste, but Anna had carried on pouring an even larger amount of Whiskey, and forced her mouth shut, making sure she downed the fluid this time.

Naku had coughed and coughed, until her breathing became difficult, she felt like she needed to throw up, yet nothing was making its way out, she crawled on the floor not knowing where she was going, but at that moment going anywhere to get away from that monster was enough.


Naku detested the taste that filled her breath with nothing but a malted bitter taste which was waiting to be puked back up. Her breathing was becoming difficult as she tried to hold back the pain from her burning cheek, and thumping lip. Eventually she'd struggled back to her feet, which were when Anna had come back at her again with sudden movement, but this time he cupped her face with one hand, squeezing her cheeks with his thumb and fingers on either side with excessive pressure. Naku tried as hard as she could to free herself, but it was of no use. Anna being stronger, was guiding Naku back towards the wall against her will, while enjoying the pain she was suffering, it was giving him immense pleasure, but according to him the fun had just begun.

Nahin, nahin... muttered Naku knowing what was coming next, her fear had reached its limit, her heart was trembling, her eyes couldn't shed enough tears, the fear caused by the intentions of this man had cancelled out any pain she was suffering from physical injuries, the pain that was being caused internally was far more great, it was like her soul was shaking and for a moment it had lost all connection with the mind.

As Anna crept his lips closer towards Naku's, he couldn't help uttering Dutta will no doubt know exactly how I felt, they were drunk too you know, that's why it was important for you to be influenced with alcohol, and with that he inched closer to Naku, who had in that very instant screamed so loud, that it was almost deafening.

Saaab! She screamed over and over. With instant courage Naku had used whatever method of attack she possibly could, and began hopelessly scratching his face like a cat, she tried to dig her nails into his face, although no effective she did manage to leave a scratch just below his eye on the soft part of the skin. This made Anna back off by the chaos caused by Naku in that moment.


At that moment Naku decided to run, wherever, whichever way, she knew she would no way make it far enough, but before she could think about it, her legs were already running towards the exit of the room, there didn't seem to be anybody around, it was like this side of his house was vacated, there was no one in sight. Naku clumsily looked left and right without registering anything, and only spotted the wooden staircase. Her knees were shaking, she was scared that she would fall before she made it down, but she carried on running. Just as she'd made it past the first couple of steps Anna had caught up with her, he gripped onto her arm, and twisted it back, forcing her to stop in her tracks. She screamed, as panic took over, but before she could react, Anna pulled her dupatta from her neck and threw it behind him dramatically, it floated behind him in slow motion, when suddenly reality was becoming a whole lot worse than Naku could possibly imagine.

Naku hadn't realized how long her screams had lasted, there was no ending, before she knew it Anna was all over her at once. Her body was puppet to Anna's torture, he'd ripped her sleeve from one side, his teeth had dug into her neck, and her chest, she scratched and flung her legs as much as she could in her defense but it was without result. His hand went to her waist, attempting to disrobe her, to some extent he'd almost made it under her garments, which is when Naku managed to kick him between his legs, causing Anna to struggle with the pain she'd caused him, and with this given chance Naku tried to gather herself together and ran down the stairs.

Crying and sobbing uncontrollably all she wanted to do was break down somewhere, she couldn't fight back anymore, her leg was paining, but she tried to swallow her pain, while she shouted endlessly for help, but no one heard, Amma, she tried to shout, but no reply. She carried on making her way out only to find herself lost inside Anna's den, she was outdoors but yet not free. She quickly scanned the place, but her visions were blurring as she tried, her walking was bent, she was constantly starting to sway, and her head was beginning to spin out of control, as the wind blew aggressively in her face.

Naku, Naku! Tu yahan se back ke nahin jaa sakti, koshish karna bhi bekaar hai, Naku!

She heard Anna shouting, and begged Bappa for her to be dead at this very moment, I will die, but I'll never be unfaithful to Saab, even if I'm forced, she vowed to herself, while she looked for a spot where she could hide.

Anna made his way to the back garden, as he followed a faint trail of spilt blood.


Dutta reached Anna's den, it was heavily guarded from the outside. He strategically made his way into the house, and silently ending a few of Anna's men's lives, while taking ammunition from them to load his own gun, and sneaked further into the residence. Come on Naku stay with me, please be safe, just hold out for a little longer, I'll be there I promise, Dutta argued with himself, while trying to keep himself tamed. How could he let Anna even lay eyes on his Nakusha, let alone a finger, thought Dutta trying real hard to keep himself calm.

The side of the house Dutta was searching, seemed to be abandoned, what was going on, the outside was fort knox, and the inside was empty. He carried on looking into each of the rooms, to see for any trace of Naku, but there was nothing, not even a sound, could it be that Anna knew he was coming and made other plans thought Dutta while trying to stay alert, and keeping his gun triggered. As he made his way to the farthest room he saw a mess of things in the room, it smelled heavily of spirits, which seemed to be spilt over the floor carelessly. The room was a disaster, the bed sheets were messed up, there was traces of blood around the room, objects thrown around as if someone had thrown... as he looked at the status of the room his heart sunk to the bottom of his stomach. Nakusha... he faintly whispered, Anna dared to raise a hand on my wife, and in a split second all his efforts to stay calm had been ditched. He exited the room as fast as he could and noticed the staircase, and went in the same direction, which is where he spotted Naku's dupatta, alongside of the staircase was rags of Naku's salwar suit she changed into after her performance. Dutta's mind didn't want to believe what his eyes were forcing him to read. For the first time he was scared, had he made it too late.


It was quiet Naku tried her best to stay as quiet as she could, but the effect of the alcohol was doing strange things to her, her surroundings all seemed to be coming towards her in which every direction she stared, so instead she tried to remain still behind the bush near the pool. The poolside light was on which helped Naku see where she was heading, but the slippery tiles which retained water hadn't made her short walk any easier.

I thought I'd find you here, said the retarded voice.

Naku was caught off guard, while she shivered with fear as the night grew cold. Chod do mujhe, bhagwaan keliye, mereko chod do, she started as she attempted to stand, but her dizziness was getting worse. Before anything happened in that moment, they'd heard a gunshot, followed by a further four gunshots. Saab... Nakusha said in reply to the bullets while sensing a sudden hope, by the fact that Saab's presence may be there in that very house. While Anna looked in the direction of the sound of the bullets, Naku tried to sneak away from there.


Arre ek minute, said Anna as though his tone had suddenly tuned into a casual one, whilst circling his arm around Naku's neck from behind, like he was holding her in a headlock. He pulled out his phone and called one of his henchmen, but by the time he was done talking two guys had come and informed Anna that Dutta had attacked his den, and was alone. Anna couldn't help laughing at Dutta's foolish courage, but ordered the men away and told them to deal with him, but don't kill him, shoot him anywhere as long as he survives, said Anna. Aur sun jab tak yahan mera kaam nipat nahin jaata, tab tak mujhe disturb matt karna, khaas kar ke uss Dutta ko yahan aane se rokh, warna main tere ko zinda nahin chode ga, samjha kya.

No! Shouted Naku. Saab ko chod do, Saab! Saab! She shouted while trying to release herself, and then bit Anna's arm instead to get results, she couldn't believe her Saab had come for her, this moment was enough to forget all the pain shooting through her body. But he was too fast, before she could make a move, he pulled her loose strands of hair to pull her back.

Saaab! She shouted to warn Dutta of the oncoming danger, upon hearing more gunshots Naku couldn't keep herself away from Saab any longer, with sudden motivation she turned and pushed Anna back with both her hands, making him slip on the wet tiles and into the pool. He fell back with a great force into the water making it splash right back towards Naku.


There was no time to waste, Naku had tuned in that very instance and tried to run back indoors, but there was no way Anna would let her go that easily. He leaped his head out of the water and grabbed Naku's foot, and pulled it back towards himself.

Naku didn't have a clue on what went on in that very moment, but all she felt was something pull her foot back, which caused her to slip, and then a crushing blow came to her jaw which crashed to the hard poolside tiles without warning, and let out a gush of blood which stained the tiles in those very two seconds, from inside of her mouth. As her face came slamming down on the floor, she lost her conscience for a split second, and blacked out, as the rest of her was swept into the water, leaving a messy line of blood diluted with splashes of water. At first she'd felt the water hit her like a bed of nails, she was too stunned to even react, causing her to sink into the deep water for a few moments, but then not allowing herself to weaken, she gathered herself. She raised to the surface to gain her breath, at first she was too stunned from the attack to feel any pain, but then it struck her, all of a sudden she couldn't avoid the pain, and she screamed in agony, as she couldn't hold back any longer.


Dutta heard Naku's voice, finally he was satisfied, to some extent, at least he knew she was in the same radius as him, this made him a slight bit securer. But her cries told him otherwise, there was pain in her screams, agony and torture were the sounds of her cry, he had to find her, what was that bas***d doing to her, Dutta feared the answer to this question. The sounds were coming from outside, but suddenly there were guards fleeing in from all angles. Dutta couldn't understand how this was so, when he entered the yard there was no one around, but now all of a sudden they were infesting him from every angle, maybe Anna had been informed about Dutta's entry.


Anna did not let Naku escape the water, he held her back by all means. There was a lot of splashing going on in the pool, with Naku's constant cries reaching the skies every once in the while she got a chance to gasp a bit of air. The blood spilt from Naku's mouth had diluted with the blue water, and left a mist of dark red, in the middle of the pool which was slowly starting to fade near the borders of crimson, and eventually dissolve. She was so exhausted of fighting back, that her mind had given up hope on her survival, the artificial waves had her prisoned, which narrowed down any alternative means of escape.

Nakuuu! Shouted Dutta as loud as he could, his voice had reached Naku's ears regardless of her position.Saab, she screamed back.

Anna immediately became alert after hearing Dutta's voice, and as released grip of Naku, he clutched his gun tucked into his pants, ready to surprise Dutta. Before Anna could take a shot, his guards had caught up with Dutta and hit him from behind in order to stop him from moving any closer towards his wife and Anna. Dutta held onto his head to seize the pain, while dropping to his knees without warning, not being able to the eyes of his attacker.

By this time Anna had enough time to gather him to be able to decide what to do next, as his men failed to keep Dutta away, in order to buy him some time. Aye Dutta! Shouted Anna. Tereko yahan aane ki ijaazat kisne di, he questioned rudely, as he held onto Naku's waist and moved to towards the edge of the pool, while supporting her, he instructed a few of his men to help them out. While more men turned up to get hold of Dutta before he hand any chance of making a move.


Naku's breathing was uneasy as she was lowered to the ground, and brought out of the water, but she was still aloof from her surroundings. She could feel the hard floor her back lay on uncomfortably. She choked on the bleached liquid, which had made its way down the wrong pipes, she tossed and turned in pain while using the floor for support, and coughing rapidly, spitting out more fresher spots of blood from her mouth. But before she was able to regain her senses fully, she was forced to her feet once again, with the same method, of being handled by the pulling of her hair, her screams made their own way out, although her voice had gone a notch deeper.


Anna! Roared Dutta while stumbling to his feet, while being held back by six men, who tried hard to jeep him stable. A warm dampness started to soak into the back of his shirt collar, before he could figure it out, his hair was wet with blood pouring out from the rip in the rear of his head, from the pistol whip attack made by one of Anna's goons. A part of the blood managed to find its way to the side of Dutta's face and ran down beside his ear just over his sideburn. However he didn't dare let the pain of the attack take him over, he had to be strong, but as he looked over to Naku who was being dragged out by unknown men, his blood levels reached a high, he shook his body with immense force, while roaring Anna's name, and making his company weak for a couple of moments, but they hadn't lost hold of Dutta, instead they gripped on even tighter with a few more men joining in the cause.


Anna dragged Naku in a distorted and disarrayed manner, while watching Dutta go wild, his anger was no short of a wild lion that had been starved for days and let loose. This was exactly how Anna had wanted to see Dutta, and to add more fuel to the fire, Anna portrayed his sinful thoughts into action by rubbing his stubble into Naku's cheek and jawline, just to cause Dutta more agony in every second that he stood there. Dutta had uttered the nastiest of words and threats to Anna, who was however, elated by the show he was witnessing from Dutta's possessiveness.


Naku's legs were unstable, and her head was dizzy, her mouth was aching too much to even speak the word Saab, but nonetheless she tried to repeat the words again and again, to witness her Saab in this state was killing her literally, his eyes showed so much pain, that one would think it could be impossible to witness as much pain as this man was at that very moment. He wasn't crying, but his red eyes indicated something a lot worse than crying, she wanted to console him, tell him she was fine, but the words just wouldn't find their way out.


As Dutta scanned Naku's image, he felt disgusted and ashamed at himself, more disgusted then he could ever feel in a million years. He wanted to cry but his tears didn't deserve to support him, when he failed Naku at such a point. It was like his whole being wanted to abandon himself at that very moment, he didn't want to acknowledge the state of Naku, but yet he was left with no choice, for this was the bitter truth, which never had the ingredient of sweetness. Anna had treated her like an animal, his Naku was thrown around, and beaten, because of him, why, whatever physical pain that took place, should have been only towards him, why Naku.

Teeth marks in her delicate skin, bruises on her arms and cheek, cuts all over her body, her clothes were disarrayed to a point of shameless torture, blood was oozing from her mouth, her eyes told the pain was too much for her to handle, but yet the look in her eyes only saw his pain, and that killed Dutta even more. He was fuming like a wild tiger, his roars were thundering, his repeated threats with Anna's name in between being uttered over and over again, as many men who were gathered to control him seemed to grow more and more weak as Dutta's anger grew into a wildfire.


As Naku's tears rolled down her face, she tried to nod her head from side to side to communicate with Saab but her silent plea would no way reach his thunderous roars with time his temper was reaching beyond boiling point.


When Anna decided that Dutta's agonizing cries were enough for the moment, he decided to make things even better. Now let the fun begin, he started as he held out his hand for his workers cell phone, ...yeah bring her he ordered to the person on the other line, and handed the cell back while swapping it over for a pistol.

Anna tujhe apna badla chahiye na, tho tu meri jaan le, lekin Naku ko chod de Anna, Naku ko chod de, he repeated without having the tone of begging in his voice.

Anna laughed at Dutta's helplessness, I love seeing you like this Dutta, and because of Naku this day has been possible in my life, however, end your life, I will, but so soon, no. I can't give you such a simple death, it has to be more painful, you have yet to witness your wife's suhaag raat with me...


Annaaa! Dutta shouted wildly again, trying another forceful attempt to free himself.

Wait, wait, not so fast, relax, your wish will be obeyed, but like I said not so easily, I want you to suffer a slow death, I want you to die a thousand times each minute, I want to have fun while killing you, but first lets clean up the old mess, he said while looking in the direction of their new guest. Allow me to give you an example of a person with an easy death, he said toying with his gun, you see her I loved, and you I 'hate,' Anna finished with a cold chilled voice. Lekin sabse badiya baat yeh hai... he started again with a laid back tone this time, ...that you can't say that circumstances were different, 'cause you both were drunk, and so is your wife, and I can say I had a little influence myself, added Anna casually.

Anna you bas***d! How dare you! Screamed Dutta.


Leave me, don't touch me said the newest voice, but as she was bought into the limelight, everyone's eyes had widened with shock. Aaye aaye aap hi ka intezaar ho raha tha,

Tai! Naku shouted deliberately forcing her voice to leave her system, and spoke over Anna, cutting his sentence midway. 


Naku... said Roopa with tears suddenly flowing her eyes, while trying to come to terms with her shocking discovery, making her emotional.

Anna looked at both girls in confusion.


Naku...teri,   ...behen hai? Questioned Dutta looking in Roopa's direction, with a creased forehead, and afraid to hear what the answer was, while his voice broke up in some parts. 


Haan Dutta!  ...Haan Naku hi meri choti behen hai, jisse main dhoo... as she got lost in her words of excitement for the moment, she came to a sudden halt, and stared back at Dutta with a look of shock, as she reminded herself the reason they were there.

Iska matlab yeh hai ke aap woh ladki ho jisne ne Saab ke saath ek r... ra... not knowing how to state the obvious Naku's lips quivered, and now there was a different pain overtaking her.


Dutta looked to and from Roopa and Naku in shock, and then his look turned into that of regret as he saw Naku's emotions turn into something else.

Yeh sab kya hai, tu Nakusha ki behen hai, Anna concluded in a hurry from all the comments thrown, ...arre vaah iska matlab hai ke god ne mere pe bohut bara favour kiya hai, jo aag maine lagaye hai, uss aag ko hawa khud bhagwaan de raha hai, vaah mazaa aagaya, ab tu tum sab ko maarne mein aur bhi mazaa ayegaa, said Anna in joy.


Naku tried to gather her emotions and pull herself together, she finally managed to question her sister after great difficulty, ...Tai kahan thi aap, kahan kahan nahin dhoonda hum sab ne aapko, lekin... she trailed off, not allowing herself to get drifted away from the fact of her Tai and Dutta being the cause of this whole fiasco.


Naku mujhe maaf karde, was all Roopa could say, she knew it would make no difference but she had to try. The fact that the girl who sent the Bappa for her protection was none other than her sister, made Roopa Tai feel more ashamed of herself, today her very own sister was in this position because of her, how would she ever be able to forgive herself. All this time she'd looked for her sister, while being under the protection of Dutta, which put her own sister's life at threat, who was all along Dutta's wife.

Naku's head was spinning faster now than it ever was, the churning of the alcohol in her stomach revolted her, and the situation at hand was making things far more worse. Her eyes had rolled above her eyelids for a moment or two. But before Naku could pass out, Anna had bought her back to her senses, and told her the show wasn't over yet. Main tum dono ko ek wedding gift den chahata hai, main jaanta hai ke late hai, lekin phir bhi, mujhe isse bohut khushi hogi, Anna beamed.


Naku, Naku... Dutta constantly repeated, Naku, tu chinta matt kar, main tere ko kuch nahin hone dega, tu bas is waqt mere pe bharosa rakh Naku, himmat jataa Naku, main tujhse vaada karta hoon Naku ke tu mujhe jo bhi sazaa degi main kabool karunga, par is waqt mere saath reh Naku, himmat matt haarna, Dutta literally begged, to Naku who was confused with a thousand different emotions.

This is perfect, now if you don't mind let's get on shall we... Naku ka the end, end mein hoga, jitna Naku tarpe gi, usse kahi zyaada tu tarpega, aur Naku apni Tai ko dekh kar tarpegi, iska matlab hai, ke meri darling Roopa ka 'the end' pehle hoga...

Taaaiii! Naku screamed at high pitched voice, which echoed over and over, while raising her hand as if trying to reach out, but it was too late.


Anna handed Naku over to one of the goons, and walked over towards Roopa and kissed her cheek unemotionally, and recited the words I love you that is why you got it easy, and shot a bullet in her head, which resulted in a loud bang, along with Naku's out of control scream, Roopa's speechless cry and Dutta's shock to absorbing the whole situation.

Within those few minutes everything was over, Roopa's body lay there on the grass, with her face unrecognizable, and bits of her brain and flesh were scattered everywhere, all over Anna's face, over Dutta's clothes, and over Naku's face and body.

Naku was too stunned to move in that moment her eyes hadn't blinked, her body went limp even though standing, the warm blood hit Naku's face and body.  Naku lifted her arms in realization, and stared back at the stained colour, the warmness spread rapidly over her body, soaking into her clothes. Roopa's blood had felt like acid burning through her skin, she felt nauseous and dizzy, she looked over to Dutta and it looked as though he were shouting something, but his words hadn't reached her ears. Her eyelids felt like shutters, blocking out the view every now and then, getting a restricted view of everything. The smell of the salty rustiness of the blood twisted her stomach, her knees trembled, she could feel herself falling to the ground, not being able to stop herself, not wanting to even try.

She looked over to Dutta one last time as she felt the hard ground hit her shoulder, her eyes closed, and blackness took over.


Her view came back for a split second, as she rebounded on the ground one last time, and this time everything seemed a blur, nothing was clear, the sounds were muffled, and then blocked out totally, like they were on a different wave length, until it all turned into nothing, and darkness spread its course in her direction.

I  N  T  E  R  M  I  S  S  I  O  N

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged

so, intermission, matlab middle? matlab 35 chapters to go? matlab total 70 chapters? niicee..I think we will be upto your 4th thread by then...oh, and I'm firsst!

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
awesome update...plz update the next part fast, u had to stop here!...

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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

terrific one i could imagine the state and pain faced by nakku god just kill this anna and burn him in dare he tuch naku.but i know our hero will save her but now will now will naku be able to forgive dutta.many question xo please update soon and  start tasha romance soon.waiting eagerly for next .thanks for pm good job.SmileSmile

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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I'm speechless...

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged is sooo sad the way the sisters met up and what an end to roopa...i am hoping that dutta and nakku will get together and bring up roopa's daughter...

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 July 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Can i just say... WOAH!
Ok bout the previous chapter... Brilliant update..
The FR... and the way Anna's txt came ryt at that tym.. Argh i must say.. Anna gt a very bad timing lol.. But damn dey got Nakku..!!
N for this chapter,, I have to give u a standing ovation.. cuz girl, u rocked it!!!
You made me cry and damn u also made me nearly puke haha..
I mean.. Im scared of blood *embarassed* lool.. n errr Roopa's brain n flesh.. *Shudders* u scared me loool..
I knew she wud die.. but lyk dis? Damn.. I gt ghoosebumps nw man.. lol.. But awww the day she finally gets to meet her sis... Anna kills Roopa :( dats jus sad.. N woah.. i wonder how she feels.. bout Dutta spendin a night wid her sis.. eugh.. complicated.. but i feel so bad for TaSha.. especially Nakku atm..
This was one hell of a roller coaster.. Amazing updates!!!
Tinky... Ur on a roll man... Keep it up :P

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