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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 88)

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by Suvi7884

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by Suvi7884

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Confused?????????? S...?!Embarrassed
LOLLOL...sorry I'm just trna test suttin b4 ne1 sees me postin random stuff, I just edited it...wid T wich stands 4 testing...LOLLOLLOL
ohhhTongueI thought it stood for Tinkerbe11 so I said S! for Suvi7884Big smile
OMg lmfaooo I was actually wondering wot dat stood 4...LOL, but now dat u mention it, dats a gud tip 4 styling it outWink
LOLLOLhmmm mein thak gayi...Sleepy

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 7:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suvi7884

LOLLOLhmmm mein thak gayi...Sleepy
thak gaye by typin S...???LOLTongue

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suvi7884

chp 33

Haha the title is so funny'I can so imagine gaurav chaloing a bike, and naku in that side wala container thingy attached to it, helmet pehen ke higway pe LOL vrrrooom vroom vrooom

well 4 starters Garuav dnt chala a bike...Tongue, omg wot next they're gonna start singing 'yeh dosti...' LOL...u n ur imagination man...LOLLOLLOL

Hawye re Anna bhi mere Gaurav ke peeche pada hai :O badtameeez

yeh but he's not dnt go gettin ideasTongue

Hahahaha Gaurav's speech is so funnyyy, if I was there, then I would be like laughing in his face'.

yeh I no u wud...

LOL Dutta ko dekh ke toh koi bhi distract ho jaye, its good ki Naku is trying to stay away from him, not that she is, but phir bhi

I no, n all he has to do is take off his shirt n he'll b like a magnet we'd Naku stuck ryt on him lol wid extra force...LOL

OYYYE Purohit ji aagaye aye hayye I would LOVE to see AS purohit romance, itna miss kiya un dono ko..*sniff*

well u ain't gonna get dat here lol, unless my ff was called 'dil to bacha hai ji' LOLLOL

Oyye oyye nakku sidi chad gayi hayye hayye ;)

yep she's bob the builder...LOL

And huuuhhh roopa rukkk don't go to banarasss'um waise Baaji is so smart na, he's like Gaurav and Naku are from banaras

yeh he is, but Baji's being sarcastic to Dutta in a way dat not everyting has 2 be related..Wink

Hmm nakku ko buddhuon wali harkatein karna acha lagta hai, but I  like it :D seeedhaaa dutta ki arms mein <3 see of course she felt no pain'dekh dekh aankhein khol ke dekkkh nakkkuuu ayyiie who would faint at a moment like this (unless she was trying to get mouth to mouth like dhayani was LOL) Nakku seriously, chai gayi bhad mein, kyuuun neeche utar na chahti hai? :O </3 <- dutta ka dil

LOL maybe Naku shud get lessons 4rm Daya on how to hold on2 ur man...LOL, but yeh Naku is full on clumsy, n Dutta jaisa husband ho to girne mein maza kuch aur hai...Wink, n hu sed Dutta wants to put Naku down...dat was dem both styling it out...Wink

Ooh dutta's getting driven crazy by naku nah aye haye Hawyyyeee reee aur bhi jorki hug kiyaa oooh *suvi screeeammms*

Suviii whadya expect...she was in his arms n all they did was stare in the real epi man...I was like wen r they gonna hug...Confused

Ahaha baaji is so funny'NOT! Baajiii door hat, pare hat, meri desktop ke wallpaper se bahar kyun nikla bewakooof?!!!!

yeh toh Baaji ki fitrat mein hai..he cnt help it...wen he gets a mokha to pull their taang he cums 2 life literally...LOL

Ooho ohh she ran off for the chia, gaurav went after her, and this part I loooved!!!

u r so 2facedTongue...kabhi idhar aur kabhie udhar...Wacko

Ooh gaurav ne naku ko danta..and duuta punch gaurav and gaurav punch back and suvi scrrreeammm FIIIGHT FIIIGHT FIIGHT!!!

u no wot out of everyone I so knew u wud do dat I bet ur d first person at skl 2 cheer the fight on too...god I miss those days man...wen everyone wud get 2geva after skl 4 d fight...but here's another fing...fight fight fight chapter 36 mein chilana...Wink

Ayyieie maine naku ko screaming sikhaya! And dekho dekho baji preaching'LOL Dutta gaurav shut him up (aur who bhi aankhon se ;) aww naku naraaz

well need I say they have killer looks...Big smile, n Baji was secretly cheering the fight on mann hi mann mein...he just didn't want Naku 2 no..LOL

Baaji made haldi wala dud..eesssh yuky ooh nakus gonna stay away form dutta

LOL they spat the zeher (dud) out

yeh they all did it 2 please one innit...but I guess they all failed miserably, including Baji wid his milk formula

LOL I like how Gaurav and Dutta fight, physically bhi verbally bhi, but its awesome how he was dropping hints haye haye bechara dutta now all confused n all

I've proper seen ppl like dis..dats y it ain't hard 2 imagine...but its cute...Embarrassed

Hmmm I liked how u based it on swan lake but altered the concept and fitted it to nakku's story, but its such a tragedy.. :(

dats y we fank god it's just a story...Wink, but the main point of dis story is to show Dutta wot the outcome can be wid his own story...Smile

Ooh so rehearsing ayyiee she wore lipstick :O prettyyy

well she wants her lipstick stains on his shirts practice aur colour preference tho test karna hi parega...LOL 

Lol dutt agaurav ke naam se jealoousss hogaya

wots nu...LOL

Ayiee more rehearsal, chaksar blah, amiiit how does he look?

who cares how Amit luks lol...he's not important.he's n open n shut caseLOL...consider him a shadow man...warna u can use ur imagination...Wink

Hayye khatham hua, dutta beechen hua, aur mera bed mujhe bula raha hai

gudnyt even though I'm late...but its still tym 4 ur bed...LOL

Ab toh update kardo meri maaa!

well I dnt need to say netign abt nex update...Tongue, but abh mein teri maa hoon...nahiiin...yeh sab kabh hua...???ConfusedEmbarrassedLOLTongue
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Originally posted by daya0628


about time ...i've been waitin and waiting Tongue

alryt alryt...TongueTongue, but I am here now...
E D I T E D :

tink mein aagai
yep consider the red carpet laid...Wink

and starts with Gaurav *day dreams* lol
knock knock...
omg poor girl one, that was one painful make over for her

hmm gaurav very prepared...having STRICT orders

you know I really like his intelligence and way of responding...truly has an answer for everything...

well lets face it no one gets away wid not waxing lol...LOL, n threading is important...n Naku being under all dat black soot...well lets face it she ain't exactly Miss World now is she...LOL, she's bloody far 4rm make over tho banta hai...Wink
saying it in his own way...just like Naku does as well...
u wud luv ne fing Gaurav says lol wots nu...??!!??!!  ..well actually ur comment about Naku is nu...LOL

really loved the explanation of the Black Swan title itself...well done...and of course spl mention GAURAV explained it...had to be good na :P
haye haye haye...Garuav Garuav Gaurav...LOL, ur like soo somewhere over the rainbow mann...LOL Tongue, but glad u picked up on the black swan explanation though...Wink 
oh i loved the phone convo...very well written Tink
Dutta encouraging her...i just hope ki he watches the whole thing...loved this convo most because you see a Dutta thats changed so much for her and her fear of him thinking dohka lol in his style of course...understandable
do u fink so, coz I thought dat was a little off the mark lol...but thanks ofc...yeh he's changed but it's not easy for him, he's trying real hard to keep his cool...
standing ovation for you my have written the performances so well and i listened to all of the songs...and each one for apt for the concept u described...u put alot of effort into this and I can tell you trust it turned out amazing...and is much appreciated for how much u put into this ...really enjoyed reading each one...
thank u thank u thank u...I've not had a standing ovation Embarrassed, so its much appreciated...Embarrassed, n omg u listened to all the songs, they were only 4 ref just 4 curiousity purposes...2 tell the truth the effort was not dat much considering the headache I had to get it posted...believe me...Confused, but thanks 4ur patience n reading thru everyone...but I cnt explain the overwhelming emotion u filled me wid ur words...Embarrassed, ur 2 kind hun..Wink
Of course i did expect her performance to be delayed like a typical dramatic moment LOL and  GauravDay Dreaming handled the situation well...

yeh I had 2 keep dat typical factor in it, but ofc u spotted it...Wink, n ofc u spotted it coz of ...GAURAV !!  ur crazy girl...LOL
And the most awaited performance Naku's .. absolutely loved the song choice for her...and i played it and read and was enjoying it as if i was watching lol...and loved how confused Dutta was and all his thoughts..and confusions and then Naku gets frozen ...but no fear G a u r a v is there he is good at turning the situation around...and did an amazing job...becoming the villain ...or in N's case morey hehe amazingly choregraphed ..haha really beautiful...i dont have the right words to praise how well you wrote this part...spl mention for the fact that D was getting more uncomfortable with the closeness btwn N and Gaurav lol...jealous man !
do u no dis is one scene I wish I cud've dun myslf seriously coz I didn't hav enuff tym to write alot of the dance moves, the way I had it pictured in my head was like I dnt fink it was as gud as I imagined...Embarrassed, but ofc it always Gaurav dat gets ur attn more den ne1 else..LOL, I kinda luv dat about u...LOL, n yeh Dutta's jealousy was 2 show dat at dat moment whether he chose to believe Naku's reasons or not, he cudn't stop himself of having that right over her in terms of possessiveness.
eek all the three villains there...and now Anna has all three roopa, her daughter and eagerly awaiting the meeting of sisters, and then D finding out about Roopa being Naku sis, Naku finding out about D and Roopa, but would really love to see Gaurav and Dutta team up ...i hope that happens...and there is still Naku's face issue to clear up tink lots to look forward to...and me as always will sit around and wait ...but do update soon ...
well yeh der is lots, I jus hope I manage 2 do it ok, d confusin parts come now..Confused
love you to ya soon...take careHug

luv u 2, n fanks for commenting darlin', u tc too...Wink

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spandana11

Tink Tink Hugfinally you updatedEmbarrassed very well written ,oh I understood your hard work all songs pic and text took you so much time ohEmbarrassed but your update was awesome very well written nakuu concept was brilliantly written ,nakuu guarav talk to before performance brilliant and gurav himself came on to stageEmbarrassed oh but finally dutta understood nakuu concept oh but you kept again wait for dutta reaction ,Anna got nakuu now hope gurav have another meaningful conversation on nakuu past and color hiding and morey as he had seen him now this will clear air in dutta heart and will go only with love to save nakuu ,more then dutta saving nakuu I was waiting for gurav dutta conversation dutta should have  understand why nakuu hided by performance only but gadha na so he needs some piece of mind from gurav and now please please do not make us wait again long for next update please Wink wonderful update ClapClapClap
thank uSmile.  yeh it was the pics n stuff dat messed up the alignment of the whole chapter n getting dems orted n stuff was the prob, not to mention postin it wid out ne flaws...Confused.  But at the end of the day the fact dat u thought it was well written is wot counts...Smile
yeah Dutta's reaction to her FR hasn't been focused on for a reason at the moment, coz there's a lot more he needs to discover b4 he makes his decision about Naku, or jumping to any conclusions.  Wink
Dutta will get clarification about her colour hiding scheme n all, dnt worry, it will all cum in the correct order n way...Smile
I will try, coz I cnt seem 2 give ne deadlines these days...Embarrassed, but thank u for reading n commentingWink
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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

awesomes parts...just hope dutta saves naku in time
Thank u hun, Dutta will never fail dw...Wink, n fanks 4ur thoughts...
Originally posted by rrs1391

love it yaar ab to dhulai hogi anna ki i wait for his dhulai
well u will hav 2 w8 at least 2 updates Rani...but nevertheless it will happen, n cheers 4 reading babez...Wink
Originally posted by alveera_rckz

awesome n amazing update tink 2gud
Hye Alveera, thank u hun as always, for giving ur support...Smile
Originally posted by Alamelu

absolutely phenomenal...loved it...waiting to see gaurav and dutta gang up and get nakku back..
oh thank u soo much!  spesh for luvin it n commening...Smile
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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by meghaparti

Thanks for sharing Tinks Mink...I m so sorry for the late comments...but u know I m really busy with something these days...SorryEmbarrassed Now coming to the Face Revelation part  I will use only 2 words to praise ur face Revelation part...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANTClapClapClapClapClapClap...sweetie...Big smileitna mind blowing revelation to Dutta n the way to wrote the whole bit of other performances...truely marvellous...Starkehna padhega aaj toh I was impressed dearBig smile...Waiting for Dutta coming face to face with anna wher nakku will be held captive in his arms infront of dutta...I feel Roopa will meet nakku before dying n Nakku will take care of the little child of roopa now...Wondering how she is going to react when she learns that the Anna gal dutta spend the night was her tai...will she forgive him...will dutta be able to face herLOL bechara anna toh usse kahin ka nahi chodega...LOL On 2nd thoughts thinking about Hot n mushy romance between dutta n fair nakku which we never got to see onscreen...Great going gal...before I forget Gaurav's moral support to nakku was just awesome...n Dutta jealous of seeing them together perform on stage was just awesome gal...Keep going n post the next part soonBig smile
As always babez, no problem. 
Thank u ur 2 words r mind blowing enuff 4rm u 2 express ur emotions hun, Wink, i'm glad u liked it thoughSmile, n how do u know ke Dutta will find Naku in Anna's arms lol...dats a very detailed guess..LOL
ok so most of ur comments r questions lol, so I can only say dat they will all be answered in the next 3 updates...Wink
ok will try 2 post b4 next Sunday lol...LOL, oh n glad u liked Gaurav's support too...Wink
Thanks 4 commenting 007...Wink, will be bak soon...Smile

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by krishaa

as usual a flawless work waiting to see how dutta will bring back nakku hope nothing bad will happen with her and i feel roopa character will end now at anna place.good one waiting for more and soon.update soon and thanks for pm.
Thank u, well to some extent I can assure u Naku will be safe, or lets say Dutta will get there in time...Embarrassed, n as for Roopa's character, u'll get 2 c how she fits the missing pieces in the puzzle.
cheers 4 commenting, n I will update by the end of the wk, n ur welcum

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