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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 84)

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Tink darling still waiting for update pliz jaldi karo na, vey very curious to kno what happens next.

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Chapter Thirty Four

The Black Swan


Gaurav had already left with Naku the next day. He was well aware that Naku had needed a lot of attention paid to herself as she'd disguised a lot with this black soot, and when she would take it off, she would need one hell of a makeover, even though she was beautiful, she still needed polishing.

So the first place Gaurav had taken Naku to was the hotel's salon, he'd told the lady that this girl was in need of special attention and required the full works, from head to toe.

The salon lady had followed through with the precise set of instructions given by Gaurav, who had left her at the aid of this lady, and made his way to the restaurant in the hotel and ordered himself a hot drink, accompanied by snacks.

The therapist had treated Naku's hair, and blow dried it straight with product holding it in place, her eyebrows were threaded to perfection and clearly indicating that there were indeed two, her upper lip was cleaned of unwanted hair, topped with an aromatherapy facial to brighten up her skin and give a healthy glowing finish to her complexion.

Then came the painful part, she needed a full arm wax, which had taken ages to get through, with Naku wincing in pain, and then of course not without the half leg wax, which is the part that shocked Naku the most, but the lady had told her that these were essential as she was going to be wearing a skirt or saree type clothing that would be only a few centimetres below her knees, but little did Naku know that the leg waxing was a lot more painful than the arms, but of course her therapist had assured her that the pain only exists for the first time, and thereafter it becomes easy. Damn right thought Naku, after this who would want to come back, and to think that Gaurav had paid for her to go through torture, it couldn't have been that necessary, and how come the therapist knew what Naku was wearing and she didn't. Eventually her treatment had come to its final stages, which finished with a full manicure, pedicure, and a 40 minute session in the sauna, and a full body massage, all she needed to get at least one decent night's sleep before all hell broke loose, literally.


Dutta had told Baji to turn the car towards the hotel near the auditorium where the dance contest would take place, and told Baji that he needed to talk with Naku before she went up on stage, he had been thinking a lot recently and decided that he would ask Naku to tell him her 'dark secret' there and then, he couldn't bear this feeling of separation he was sensing any longer.

Dutta asked the smartly dressed lady behind the counter to give him the details of Nakusha Shriram Patil, but she replied by saying Mrs Nakusha was busy, and was given strict instructions to not disturb her.

This had angered Dutta, causing him to tighten his fist in an attempt to hold back his anger, that Gaurav... he'd muttered under his breath, when the lady acknowledged this name, and immediately said, yes sir, Mr Gaurav ne hume yeh instructions diye hai, lekin agar aap unse milna chahate ho tho woh aapko humare restaurant me milenge, she said in a friendly gesture, while trying to give him a dazzling smile, which had gone unnoticed by Dutta.


What was the point thought Dutta, if he saw Gaurav all he'd want to do was hit him, and vice versa, hardly the time and place to create a scene, decided Dutta. But to his astonishment Gaurav was outside talking to Baji in the car, oh great just what I need, he thought throwing his head back and closing his eyes for a split second.

Arre yeh dekh Bhau, this is the listing of the programme that's going to take place tomorrow, look Naku's performance will be third, as Baji spoke on, Gaurav and Dutta had only shared a cold look between them.

As Dutta had grabbed the A4 sized card and read it, he read the words 'Black Swan' written by Naku's performance, which caused Dutta to fume, as he failed to see any logic in the title of her dance, and automatically decided that Gaurav was mocking Naku of her character and image. But Gaurav like always had a fit reply for Dutta, ...people like you only see what's on top, you never really go to all extremes to find out what lies beneath do you, but if you read on further you'll understand that Naku is performing a certain kind of story related to a ballet called black swan, but here's something that's not written, the black swan actually has a theory which usually means an unexpected surprise, which after being witnessed has strong impact, basically something that is hard to guess but when it happens it was as though you knew it all along, even though you are well aware that these events are very unlikely to occur in real life, but of course not impossible, when events are rare they require strong theory in terms of evidence, but the chances of these types of things to happen only rely on a small probability, just like Naku's performance, which is exactly why the title is so... said Gaurav, with his back now facing both Dutta and Baji, and Baji just applauding the theory of these two words which held a lot more meaning than they did a couple of minutes ago.

So you're trying to say that black swan don't actually mean black swan, asked Baji, yes and no, continued Gaurav, basically the existence of black swans has been always questioned, and although we all know somewhere along the lines that they probably do exist, we choose to believe they don't, simply because we haven't come across one, but when we see it, you understand that you always knew in hindsight that they do exist, so that's why the example of using a 'black swan' situation metaphorically is popular to describe something rare but not impossible, finished Gaurav.

     Dutta however, hadn't uttered a single word, every time he spoke to Gaurav he always had an answer that made sense, in the most unusual scenario's, whatever Gaurav had said made sense but yet didn't, could that even happen thought Dutta, as he jumped back into the car slamming the door harder than be needed, and ordered Baji to make his way back home, he couldn't take any more tantrums his brain was throwing at him, let alone Gaurav's irritating presence and words, which felt like balls of fire being spat at him every time he spoke.


The more Gaurav stuck up for Naku the more Dutta was beginning to hate him, which wasn't a surprise for anyone anymore, and every time Dutta would say something to Gaurav in order to prove that he was the one who was trying to belittle their relationship Gaurav was getting more sure that this guy would break Naku's heart in the most brutal way.


Baji had called Gaurav the following afternoon, and told him to let Naku speak with Dutta as Dutta was having a hard time coping with the anonymous situation at hand, and the fact that he hadn't spoken to Naku since she'd left, was torturing him mentally. The truth was Naku was feeling the same, she was feeling guilty by the fact that it was her own fault that she'd let time slip by for so long, and now the preparation towards the face revelation seemed like it was making that gap between them grow bigger. Gaurav had let Naku call Dutta and speak alone with him, but tried to explain to her, not to let his words bother him too much, as she was naive and would most probably want to back out on the last minute after hearing Dutta's voice.


Naku... Dutta had sprung up as soon as he'd heard her voice, and Naku could also feel her heart racing just feeling that excitement in his tone, Saab... she whispered barely, and that was it after that they both seemed to be lost for words, and then they begun again, but this time Dutta insisted that Naku go first.

Saab main sirf itna kehna chahti thi, ke kal jab main nachungi to sirf aap keliye, she paused a moment, while Dutta waited for her to continue silently but impatiently, ...mera matlab hai ke, kal ke baad bohut kuch badal jayega Saab, lekin mera pyar aap keliye kabhi bhi nahin kam hoga, ek pal keliye bhi nahin, pann Saab aap mereko ek vaado karo... ke kal jab mera yaani... Naku Shriram Patil ka naam bulaya jayega tab jo ladkhi aap ke saamne hogi, usse ajnabi nazron se matt dekhna Saab, aap mere se vaado karo Saab ke jab tak aap ko poori dikhaye baat samajh mein na aaye, aap wahan se jaoge nahin, aur agar anth mein aapko laga ke maine aapko dohka diya hai, aap wahan se chale jaana...kyunki aap ki aankhon mein apne liye main pyar ke sivaa aur kuch nahin dekh paungi, she sobbed towards the end of her words, nahin Naku...aisa matt bol...tujhe apne iss Dutta par bharosa nahin hai kya, apne ansoon zameen pe matt girne dena Naku, agar woh gir gaye to samajh lo tumhari haar ho chuki, larna seekh apni kamzori se Naku, dikhade mujhko aur sab ko, ke baat chahe jitni bhi bari ho, lekin woh sirf utni hi bari hoti, jitni ke hum unhe banate hai, said Dutta suddenly finding himself encouraging Naku, if he was the cause of her misery than he would help her fight against himself to overcome that, ...haan Naku tujhe yaad hai na Jagtap Dada ki baat, the problem is only a problem if you see it as one, so don't let this thing or whatever it is rule you, show yourself, and show the world it's time for you to take the decisions.

Naku couldn't believe her ears, was this really her Saab, he was actually pushing her to tell the truth to him in her way with full confidence, as she wiped away her tears, she realised what Saab was saying was right, this world had no place for weak people who couldn't fight back with their own destiny.

They had talked for ages, Dutta hadn't bothered to pick on the topic of her dance again, 'cause he couldn't bear to hear Naku's sad tone over the phone, you're going to finally wear the payal I gifted you for my...well our wedding, said Dutta.

Who else will wear them but your wife Saab, said Naku finding the comment amusing in a serious way, at least you'll be able to spot me when I dance, she laughed at her unusual fate.

The day of the show had arrived, and Naku wasn't the only one to have the feeling of nervousness running through her veins, by now the whole family had known that Naku and Dutta had some kind of tension between them that was becoming more and more visible to them, as each day grew old.


Everyone had arrived at the auditorium which was huge, Dutta had bought everyone the best tickets in the house that money could buy, his Naku was going to dance, something she loved other than him, and he wanted to see her passion and love to its fullest when he weren't in the picture, he wanted to see how she divided this love for him with her dance which she had once loved more than perhaps himself, but now things were different he'd expected himself to be her first love in her life, and that too at the top spot, the way she was for him now.


He'd adopted smart attire for the night, and wore a black clubbing type suit, just to compliment the occasion, which was bringing a lot of attention on him by all the young ladies, who were throwing glances at him, trying to capture his attention, and trying hard to flatter him with their flirtatious behaviour.

Dutta's Suit


Babi, Ganpath and Sethji had arrived at the scene too, and slowly everyone was settling down. The host for their evening had made his entry on the stage.


Welcome, welcome, aaj aap sab ka swaagat hai is maha pratiyogita mein, jahan sab apna apna jalwa dikhaynge, lekin isse pehle ke yeh competition ki shuruwat ho, hum pehle ek aise performance ka mazaa lenge jahan aapka, humara, aur humari iss poore competition mein bhaag lene walo ko iss mood mein lekar aaye, aur unhe tode chokannna kar de, aur taake hum unko toda waqt de ke woh apne make-up ke final touches kar sake...joked their host, Aditya Narayan. As everyone shuffled in their chairs and giggled at Aditya's jokes, and gave a round of a applaud to watch the first performer dancing to Madhuri Dixit's, aaja nachle title song from the movie, in exact imitation, to begin the night.



Welcome to Aaja Nachle Dance Contest!





Name: Sanjeeda Sheikh

Song: Dhola Re Dhola
Film: Devdas
Concept: Expressingher accomplished Love
Title: Pyar Kiya tho Darna kya
Style ofDance: Kathak

This performance was bright, and colourful with Bengali clothed dancers, adorned with lots of jewellery, as Naku took a look over to where Dutta and the rest of the family members were seated, she was lacking confidence, while she played on with her dupatta on one corner, Seth ji and her parents were there too, and she couldn't help feeling the loss of Roopa Tai at that moment, if she were here today she would have been so proud of Naku, this is what she had always hoped for with Naku, to have a stage and opportunity as big as this, where thousands of people would applaud her one performance, she didn't realise when the next performance had begun, while the tears just scrolled down her fair face.


Naku you know your next said Gaurav, following her gaze over to her family members, you need to get ready, without a word she nodded and left with Gaurav to her make up room.


Her make-up was kept minimum and her hair was left half out and tied up into small invisible pins in the sides of her hair, her hair was so long that it had covered her waist and almost going just over her backside, the ends were a little dry and brittle showing that her hadn't seen a scissors in its lifetime, her foundation was applied to give a flawless complexion, a light pink lip pumper with no gloss, a pixie pink blusher at the hollow of her cheeks, and a thick line of gel black eyeliner on her lids, with a set of false fanned out lashes to give that dramatic effect to her blue eyes, which had shined and contrasted with the black on her eyelids well, she wore no make-up inside her waterline, or underneath, just to keep her look simple. For the first time in ages she'd picked the red glass bangles from Saab's gifted collection since her wedding, and jingled them together on her wrists to let off a tingling sound. She wore a red half type of saree, with a short blouse revealing her navel, but covered carefully with the remaining material swung over her shoulder tightly, and then bought back ground and tucked into her waist, the bottom of the saree was short and was just below her knees, now she knew why she needed the leg wax, and then to finish off her whole look she added Saab's gifted payals to her ankles, which were heavy and went perfect with her look.


As the next performance was creeping closer Naku could feel her hands and legs shaking, she felt a sudden urge to go and lock herself in the bathroom and not come out until it was all over, the people were too much, it was such a big stage and to think that all eyes were on her, she started taking deeper breaths to calm herself down, but was in fact was doing the opposite.


Naku please relax, Amit is here now, and I want you to go over a few things with him, I've told the prep guys that you need the screen with the sunset behind your performance, and the white screen for Amit to dance behind okay, so if there's anything you need to clarify, sort it out now, said Gaurav trying hard not to use a rushing tone in his voice. You got four minutes said Gaurav, showing four fingers at her, but before Gaurav could walk away Naku had a blurred vision and felt her head spin twice, while trying to hold something for support not knowing it was Amit's arm, who had helped her sit down. Gaurav stopped in his tracks and headed back towards her, oh come on Naku, not now, said Gaurav your next, you can't do this not on the last minute. But it was too late, news had been sent for Naku to be ready for the stage, but Gaurav had to think fast, and take matters in his own hands, it was clear that Naku couldn't perform next.

Name:Sriti Jha
Concept:Pyarka Ikraar
Title:A Gift art thou
Style of Dance:Bollywood, incorporated withmodern dance


Name: Sushant Singh Rajput, and Ankita Lokhande

Film: 100 Days
Style of Dance: Classical/Kathak
Concept: God and angel theme, falling in love, against the rules of the heavens.
Title: Angels and Demons
Style of Dance: Classical/Kathak

This performance was a good one, they were a couple in real life, and had been very humble towards Gaurav's request when he'd mentioned Naku had got cold feet on the last minute, so Gaurav thought the best thing to do would be to exchange places with the last performer, and they happily accepted, considering they needed smoke machines for their concept in order to create the theme of heavens on the stage, and both of them were dressed like something out of Ramayan or Mahabharata with their glamorous shiny clothes and ornaments.

The Patil Niwasi's were confused as to why Naku hadn't come on stage, but Aditya had announced that there was a wardrobe malfunction with Nakusha and she will perform last, making Dutta even more concerned now, out of all people it had to be Naku, he thought to himself while he signalled Baji to give that Gaurav a call and find out if things were okay.

As the couple danced on stage, Dutta watched impatiently, while biting his thumbnail to kill time, but couldn't help smiling at the lyrics of the song, teri hogaye hoon, samajh na ghulami karungi... he remembered Naku's fighting back nature even though she was scared she'd tried to stand up against him, and shook his head slightly from right to left, but the lyrics were true, just because they'd accepted each other in this relationship didn't mean that Naku had to listen to everything Dutta said, they would both be equals in this relationship.


While everyone was around Naku trying hard to calm her down, and handing her water and someone else fanning her, she'd blurted to Gaurav that she couldn't do it, nodding her head vigorously in a big no.

You can't do what, asked Gauravfeeling his temper kick up a notch.
This, I can't do this Gaurav, as everyone else around her took this a cue to leave, as Naku and Gaurav were clearly having some kind of uncomfortable heated up conversation. I just look at his face and I can't bear for him to look at me with that look of a stranger, how will he feel when he sees me, what's to say that he'll never be able to get used this face of mine... Naku blurted out all at once.
That's not possible Naku, if he loves you he'llaccept you no matter what, Gaurav tried to reason...
And if he doesn't... she questioned back on the same instance.
Oh god Naku, he started as he bent down to her level besides the chair, ...look at me Naku this guy is one of its kind okay, and he's very unpredictable, so to even beginning to guess what his reaction is going to be is yeta mystery, he let out deep sigh and continued...yeh woh insaan hai jo sirf dil ke dhadhak ne se darr jaata tha Naku, aur uss pathar dil insaan ko tune piglaa diya, tumse nazar milane pe ghabra jaata tha, usne tumhare is chehre se pyar nahin kiya Naku, usne sache mann ke saath tumhari aatma se pyar kiya hai, auragar yeh sab ek jhoot hai and it does turn out that he can't do his part, than he don't deserve your heart, replied Gaurav trying hard not to get emotional, you're just going to have to trust yourself to give this test Naku, he continued to persuade, pyar karna asaan nahin hai Naku, agar tumne yeh khwab dekha hai tho aaj isse adhoora matt chod Naku, chahe iss sab mein tu khud hi zakhmi kyun na hojaye, lekin duniya kowoh mokha matt dena taana maar ne keliye, ke tumne apne Bappa par vishwas nahin kiya...
Your right he is unpredictable, she tried to laugh slightly, and releasing a smile which forced itself out.
Well well he does make you laugh, joked Gaurav trying to lighten up the mood, but then got serious again, ...look Naku if he makes you laugh and causes you to think twice, but then admits to being human, even though he's made some pretty bad mistakes, you need to hold onto him, and give all you got out there, and you can't do that just by sitting here and crying, but take it from me, even though he ain't on my best man list, he still deserves to know the truth, and when he finds out, I doubt very much he's going to quote you poetry, I mean come on, he's not one of those guys that will be thinking of you every single moment, but like you said so yourself, he gave you a part of himself that he knows only you can break, but trusting you'll never do that, and this is your way of showing him that part of him will always be safe with you, he said looking into her eyes with assurance. Look, he said lightening up the tone in his voice're not hurting him, you're not changing him, you're not expecting him to move mountains for you, you just smilewhen he makes you happy, cry when he makes you sad, and miss him when he's not there, he said narrowing down a short list on his fingers roughly, now all of this hardly seem like good enough reasons to blast you now, he finished throwing a care-free smile back at Naku, who was still in some kind of trance.
Without reacting too much to Gaurav's words, Naku had taken every word of what Gaurav was telling her, tum sahi ke rahe ho Gaurav, aaj sirf meri hi nahin lekin mere Bappa ki bhi pariksha hai, uss har waqt ki pariksha jab maine Bappa ke saamne apne haath jode hai, aaj main apni duwao ka asar dekhegi, main dikhaygi duniya ko ke pyar mein khwab dekhna bura nahin ho sakta, aur agar main iss pariksha mein haar bhi gaye tho abb yeh zidd hai ke main zakhmi jigar dekhegi, kyunki agar main yeh khwab apne Saab ki saath nahin jee sakti to main uss har dard ko apne aanchal mein khushi khushi samet legi, jo mujhe Saab ko chott pohancha kar milega, she finished still hooked on Gaurav's first few words.

Gaurav had stood up and so did Naku, clearly showing she was a lot more determined than before, the damage was done there was no point in crying over spilt milk now.

Well at least you came around, I was beginning to think I'm going to have to cancel your spot he said teasing her, and then looked at Naku's still slightly worried face, she'd revved herself up from the outside but not enough from the inside, although she tried to disguise that, she was doing a poor job of it in front of Gaurav, ...don't worry Naku please, he begged now, ...he's not perfect, and neither are you, and take it from me the two of you put togetherwill never be perfect but look on the bright side, he's loved you before, and he will love you again, but the most important thing right now is that he loves you now, what else matters Naku.


As Dutta was flustering and looking around feeling discomposed, he hadn't noticed a pair of eyes which were watching him the whole time, and the satisfaction this person was getting by watching Dutta behave this way, was indeed a pleasure, little did Dutta know what was coming next, he was so worried that his wife had some silly wardrobe mishap, which is exactly what this person had wanted, to see what Naku had meant for him, and now he knew it was time for action, woh kya kehte hai angrezi mein, it ain't over until it's over.


Kahan hai aap, hum kab se aap ki rah dekh rahe hai, abhi aap yeh shukar karo ke toda cancellation hogaya hai, warna gharbar ho jaati, said Malmal Morey.

Arre kahen ko aap chinta kar rahe ho, main aaraha hai, abich, main bas 15 minute mein pohanch raha hoon, kuch kaam tha abhi woh nipat gaya, to bas samjhoke pohanch raha hai, lekin ek baat mereko samajh mein nahin woh ladki wahan kar kya rahi hai... asked Chasker.
Without replying Morey had just let out a laugh eligible to be casted as the voice of a demon in some religious epic show, woh humse jeet ne keliye 5 lakh ka bandhubas kar rahi hai... koi baat nahin hum yeh bi dekh lenge... kher choro yeh sab baatein aap bas ek baat ka dhyan rakhe Chasker bhai, rokra apne saat leke aana...

Name: Sara Khan

Film:Tees Maar Khan
Title:Love, Sex aur Dokha
Style of Dance: Contemporary/Modern

Name:Jasveer Kaur

Film:China Gate
Title:Vanity Fair
Style of Dance: Bollywood

Name:Aditi Gupta, and Shaleen Bhanot

Concept:Extra-marital affair
Title:Three's a Crowd
Style of Dancing: Latin combined with asian influence, using hip motion to change weight between feet.

As Chasker looked at the screen of his phone and watched the message being sent to Anna via text, he threw one glance back at the scared soul, but remained quiet like she were used to this kind of treatment, she sobbed silently but sensibly, knowing the man before her was a bad man, and bad men often got bothered by girls squirming and screaming, Mummy said so. You're a clever child, but don't worry no one will harm you, he tried to comfort her, strictly because of the reason that Anna had wanted this child unharmed and in a safe place while he made arrangements for her mother, not that Chasker knew where she was, but he certainly knew that Dutta was going to be in for a surprise, and that a nasty one too.


Name: Debina Bonnerjee

Song:Tere Bina
Concept: Festival/Occasion, joy.
Title: Chand mera dil
Style of Dancing:Theatrical type act, clear expressions and fluid motions using the body to express herself with ease.

As time went on many performances had come and gone, but Dutta's eyes still searched for his very own black swan, most of the songs and performances were about beautiful girls falling in love with someone under various circumstances, but none of them seemed to touch Dutta in an extraordinary way, although the one where Naku's performance had been replaced by the Angels and Demons concept was not too bad, thought Dutta silently.


Name: Reshmi Ghosh, and Gautam Gulati

Concept: Battle of the sexes
Title:Step up
Style of Dancing:Fusion of hip-hop with a blend of Bollywood.


Name: Panchi Bora, Eijaz Khan and Harshad Chopra
Song: Kajra Re
Film: Bunty aur Babli
Concept:Two guys and one girl
Title:Three to tango
Style of Dancing:Mujhra/classical, and modern.

As Morey looked at his watch, he was growing impatient, if Chasker had backed out than Morey's efforts would be wasted, maybe he wasn't convincing Chasker hard enough about Nakusha, all he needed was to get Chasker to see her once and then her beauty would talk for itself, but it was getting him here that was the hard part.

Please press like...Smile
To be contiunued...

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Chapter Thirty Four


Name:Kamya Punjabi

Song:Mahi Ve
Film: (Album) Mantra, by Faakhir
Concept:Monte Carlo theme, gangster chick, gold-digger and ugly truth of betrayal disguised by beauty.
Title: Death Trap
Style of Dancing:Broadway/jazz theme.


Name: Sanaya Irani

Film: Dil se

Concept: Item girl number

Title: Burning Train

Style of Dancing: Bollywood act, with steamy performance.


Name:Barkha Bisht

Song:Mere Haathon mein nau nau chudiyan


Concept:Typical scenario of a sacrifice and playing happy, for her best friend who is getting married to the man of her dreams, who is bound by her promise, to not kiss and tell.

Title:My best friend's wedding.

Style of Dancing:Full on rip-off, of the whole dance scene created by Sridevi, with difficulty to match up, but a good attempt.



Name:Mouni Roy, Gaurav Chopra


Concept:Dakhu theme, an act of love portrayed by the woman, in order to escape her fate, overall a mischievous performance, and sizzling.
Title:Baali Umar
Style of Dancing: Full on Bollywood style dancing and act.



Name:Ankita Sharma

Song:Oh re piya

Film:Aaja Nachle

Concept:A girl who can't walk, and has lost sense of her legs, starts off in a wheelchair, and eventually her memories take over the stage and we see a moment of her life when she loved doing what she did most, dance.

Title:Kal ho na ho

Style of Dancing:Pure classic sensational kathak, with fluent movement and technique of precision, a performance worth applauding and breath taking.

Before Naku left for the stage, she turned around to Gaurav and said ...I can't recognise myself when I look into the mirror, how can I expect him to recognise me Gaurav, how can I expect him to see who I am, when I don't even know who I am myself, she said through a choked voice, before preparing herself for kingdom come.

You have to trust that he knows you more than yourself Naku, that's the only answer I can give you he replied back calmly go on, you're on, he said and watched her set her position with her back to her audience before the curtains were raised.

Name: Nakusha Sriram Patil

Song: Mere Dholna

Film: Bhool Bhulaiya

Concept: The story of swan lake, which is mostly performed in a ballet, adapted to suit personal preferences, and converted into an Indian cultural style.

Title: The Black Swan

Style of Dancing: Artistic kathak/classical and basic, with edge.


Naku had finally plucked up the courage to go on stage and take her place, she gave her pallu one final check to see if it was securely in place, and stood in centre stage with her back to the audience, and then going down on one knee, and positioned herself, while Amit took his spot to the far right of the stage behind a white thin material almost like a projector screen, making sure his face was not visible at all and only his silhouette being his role, the six tabla players were sat to one side on a white padded mats for comfort, with a huge television required for Naku's performance was switched on with a moving scenery of a real life like sunset, aiding the transformation phase from the swan lake for when the princess is transformed, but in Naku's case, can be freed of her dark colour by night.


Gaurav had given the go ahead to Naku and told her to take a deep breath and everything will be okay, as he told the organisers that she's ready, Aditya had been told by his earpiece and gave Naku's introduction...

Dutta had shifted up straight now in his seat now and his eyes were eager to see Naku behind that curtain, it had felt like forever since he'd seen her, she may not have been as beautiful as the previous girls that were on stage, but it was only Naku that made his heart drop to his feet every time he saw her...


As the eagle eyes observed Dutta, he couldn't help feeling elated by the fact that Dutta's heart was fluttering just by the name of his beloved wife, now this was something worth seeing, he'd waited forever for the right moment to make Dutta burn in the same fire Dutta had caused him to burn in, but there was never a right opportunity, as Dutta had never loved or cared a for a girl in his life, but now that was all he cared about, perfect.

Nahin nahin, abhi nahin...Naku ka performance hai, haan abhi baad mein phone karne ka, ...kya Chasker, woh waha kya karne aaya tha... tujhe pakka pata hai ke wohi tha...

Haan Baji Bhau, aye shapath wohi tha, hum waha jaa rahe hai, abhi bas, 15 minute mein pohanch jayenge, to sab pata chal jaye ga, maine wahan phone kiya aur koi phone nahin utha raha...

Woh sab tho theek hai, lekin wahan koi reception bhi to nahin aata, tho yeh itni badi baat tho nahin ho sakti, lekin phir bhi wahan se do raaste jaate hai, ho sakta hai ko woh Chakser bhi dusre raaste se gaya ho...tu koi bhi faisla lene se pehle jaake dekh ke maajra kya hai, theek hai...chal ab phone rakh abhi, said Baji as fast as he could, after receiving a nudge from Dutta.


Bhau woh Chasker...whispered Baji over to Dutta, but Dutta just hushed him and told him to tell him whatever it was after, this was important to Dutta, and he didn't want to miss a second of it, he remembered Naku's words, don't leave 'till the end, she'd said, I would never thought Dutta, answering her dilemma with his thoughts, as the curtains raised and the music was to about to start...


(Before reading ahead, I would like to advise you to watch this small clip of Meenakshi Sheshadri's tandav from Daamini, to understand Naku's look and dance, as I won't be able to explain in depth, but you can get a clearer idea by what kind of kathak I'm talking about, although hers is a little more dramatic than what Naku's needs to be, but I'm sure u guys will followEmbarrassed)



(Please click here for Naku's dance soundtrack, keeping the volume fairly loudSmile)


The music started with a bang, she stood up from her lowered position and walked backwards without facing the audience, and hit the heels of her feet making her bells on her anklets vibrate a thousand times over to the vocals, and then moved to the left of the stage starting with the most typical moves of a tandav, moving her hands in the air repeatedly to the left and then over to the right. As she did so, she fluttered her arms for a couple of moments to keep the swans attached in her dance, and showing her audience the transformation of herself as the sun set on the screen behind her. She turned around singing 'mere dholna sun,' with her arm covering her face, and only revealing her bright eyes, as she moved her forearm lower from her face to reveal herself, all the while her breathing was pacing faster and faster.

As Dutta watched, his face was suddenly clueless, what was going on, where was Naku...


Naku had then captured her on-stage character finally, as she swayed her hands to the music and the words which were all meant for Dutta alone, but before she got carried away, she saw Amit's shadow move behind the screen, and headed over to sing to him instead...


This girl was dancing like Naku, she sounded like Naku, but wasn't Naku, what if something had happened to her, thought Dutta, who didn't bother to look over to the rest of his family who were even more confused. Baji was getting irritated by continuous text messages, which he tried to ignore, but couldn't.


As Dutta watched the girl go back to the shadow man behind the screen, who hadn't seemed to know who she was, just like Dutta, the girl begun singing like she were trying to convince her love to him, but every time he tried to step out from behind the screen she was stopping him as if she was scared of revealing herself, which hardly seemed appropriate, a girl as beautiful as her was hard to refuse, as he watched on confused. And then her love behind the screen obeys her wish, and they'd performed steps identical to each other with the girl in front of the screen, it was almost like he was her shadow, it was fantastic, this was by far the best performance, Dutta confirmed, but he couldn't help feeling familiar with her, as though he could relate to her, maybe she was a substitute for Naku and had trained with her, which is why her moves seemed so familiar with his Nakusha...


She was losing herself, thought Gaurav as he watched her, if she carries on this way, Amit won't have his right entry and things will mess up...oh god no...he ran to the dressing room as fast as he could...


And then rather than singing the lines to her love, she'd turned and faced the audience, and began inching closer to the edge of the stage, with water glistening in her eyes from all the spot lights, and she looked into Dutta's eyes, and at that moment Dutta felt a his heart sink, her eyes were the same as those captured in his phone, as he watched the girl was singing faster now...

...tere bager kya jeena, mere rom rom mein tu hai...she sang while swinging her hair to her front, and then feeling her arms on either side, and then with the lines of meri chudiyon ki kankan se... she'd banged her wrists together so hard in front of her face horizontally, that they'd smashed into a hundred pieces and scattered on stage and the floor...while a few tears had finally escaped... Naku...whispered Dutta...and froze as his mouth was too numb to close...


When Naku had saw Dutta's disappointed look in his eyes, it was like she'd been stabbed in her heart and her soul was crying in agony, she'd jammed, she couldn't bring her feet to move or even sing...


Dutta's first instinct was to leave, but before he could, he'd heard a male voice enter the stage, causing Dutta to stop in his tracks. It was Gaurav, that idiot was going to dance too, and that too in just a dhoti, and rather than a shirt he had a white thread going across his chest diagonally, was Dutta's reaction...


Sa ne da... ne da ma... ma ga sa ne da ne sa ga ma... started Gaurav, making his way towards Naku, bringing her out of shock, he knew she wouldn't come around easy so he'd placed his hands under both her arms and lifted them up like a titanic pose and then bought her back around and guided her to centre stage while making her do the kathak moves with him like she were his puppet, all the while her tears rolled down her cheeks.

While singing Gaurav tried to bring Naku to her senses, but Naku just threw her head back onto Gaurav's shoulder, so Gaurav used this response to alter the act, and placed his cold hand on her bear stomach, using his chilled skin to bring Naku back to her senses, making her sing her lines straight away together with Gaurav, mere dholnaaa sun...mere pyar ki dhunnn... they'd swayed to the music but the audience were now confused as to why Naku was behaving this way when her love was still behind the screen...


Amit watched as Gaurav had made entry before him, and at first felt confused but then felt like he'd been misled by the pair, and scrapped the whole idea and left from behind the screen while throwing his hands up in the air, making audience believe something was wrong, but by this time Gaurav had managed to give Naku a push to make her realise and signalled her to follow his cue, as she'd messed everything up.

Upon seeing Gaurav when he'd left her at one point alone, she saw Amit gone, and then realised that Gaurav would be playing the villain who she'd confused with her love, and her love had thought that she betrayed him with another man, meanwhile the sun was beginning to rise in the back.


The guy behind the screen had left when he saw Gaurav come, and since the whole time Naku was dancing with her back to Gaurav she'd mistaken him for her true love, and now he thinks she's betrayed him, and then as if Gaurav had suddenly turned into this evil villain and it was like they were both portraying an act from a theatre, with expressions and exaggerated hand movements, with spins and acts which were of talks, and then Naku was scared, there was a strange type of atmosphere on stage amongst the two, they were all over the stage...with Gaurav singing the words with lust rather then love.

Gaurav was doing strong and bold spins with too much precision, and although Naku's lover had left her, she was still defending him, but instead she was singing to Dutta, and he could see the truth in her every word, which also came with pain that perhaps everyone in the whole audience could see right now.


Then it struck Dutta, Gaurav was after her virtue, 'cause she was beautiful, and that is why she didn't want to reveal her face to the mysterious guy, but he left her 'cause he felt betrayed, and now she was in the clutches' of this Gaurav, how could he do that, even if he didn't love he could have at least given her a chance to explain herself, I mean what kind of a guy refuses a girl because she was pretty, even after he left her she was still defending him, what a stupid ballet thought Dutta, things like that don't happen in real life, people give each other chances in love, not leave them at their fate to deal with monsters all alone.


Dutta couldn't help feeling irritated by the closeness of Gaurav and Naku on stage, he was beginning to hold her in moves and clutches that were unable to connect with Dutta, even though it was an act, the contact was real, and he didn't like it one bit. Their dancing was absolutely perfect and symmetrical in every way, they were both on far ends of the stage, yet they were in perfect sync, they're chemistry was unreal, it was phenomenal, as much as Dutta hated to admit that.

Towards the end Gaurav had Naku in a position where he'd pulled her extra dupatta tucked into her side like he were disrobing her, and wiped his lips in indication to show that he'd quenched his thirst with her body, and then Naku had a small knife with which she'd stabbed herself and died in Gaurav's arms like a Narsimha pose where he caught her, and she shows Gaurav that her heart still belongs to her love, regardless of the abuse he forced upon her.


This girl, are you sure, said Chasker, kyun chonk gaye kya, replied Morey... as they both entered.

That was a hideous concept how could she still love him after she'd been raped by a stranger, it was absurd, it was she who was betrayed for giving her heart to such a heartless man, who didn't know her value, and then he remembered her words, she wanted to show him a truth, was it just that she wasfair and beautiful, or was there a reason this performance took place, why did she wait to tell him something like this in a public place, 'cause she was scared that I might get angry at her, and this way I would be forced to control my temper, thought Dutta getting agitated by the thought of it, but his phone had disrupted his thoughts which was vibrating with a message tone, he probably wouldn't have answered it but the name had forced him to read what it said...


Roopa mere paas hai, 24 ghanto mein agar tum usse bacha sakte ho to theek hai, warna... ha ha ha

ur friend ANNA

sent at 21:34


Dutta had jumped up at reading this and left from there immediately, as he gave one last glance over to Naku, who saw Dutta leave. The rest of the family had followed him taking this as Dutta's anger towards Naku, and Babi couldn't help but follow, to beg Dutta otherwise.

As soon as the curtains were dropped, everybody had stood up to applaud the dance.


A good five minutes later, while the judge's votes were being decided upon, Naku was backstage crying her eyes out, while Gaurav had gone to find out where the rest of the family members were. He'd cursed himself for even having a little faith on Dutta to understand what Naku was trying to tell him.


Tum, nahin... nahin... nahin... she said as she moved back, and then saw the curly haired man behind him looking at her as though he were disrobing her in his mind, all the while Morey crept closer, ...namaste Nakusha ji, he said, hum to aap ki yeh khoobiya dekh kar aur bi deewane hogaye hai, kyun Chasker bhai...

Bole to bilkul mast hai...theek kaha tumne iski keemat tho muh maangi milegi, lekin pata nahin kyun... he replied while putting one hand inside towards his chest and rubbing it, ...isse tho dekh kar dil nahin karta apne se itni jaldi judaa kar de... replied Chasker.

Naku had tried to make a run for it the minute she'd got a chance, she put up a small fight with a few things being broken here and there, but wasn't strong enough, and only found herself to be held by Morey, who had held Naku's mouth shut with the palm of his hand, and then pulled a drugged fluid out from his pocket, and pouring some of the liquid onto a handkerchief he stuffed it against Naku's mouth, cutting off her oxygen supply, and eventually causing her to faint into his arms.


How we will get out unnoticed, with her, said Chasker.

You're forgetting I am a police officer...

As the two were talking they were interrupted by a voice recognised only by Chasker, not so fast..., he had noth their attention now, ...let the girl go, she's mine, said Anna.

Not a chance, I've waited too long for this opportunity, said Morey taking out his gun and pointing it towards Anna, don't want to do that, said Chasker trying to make Morey understand.

He's right you should listen to him, said Anna with a laid back tone, ...if you've waited long, I've waited even longer, he looked over to Chasker now, and told him to get hold of Naku, but Morey wouldn't let go without a fight two know each other... asked Morey, trying to kill time, but before he could finish Anna had hit Morey with the end of the gun and then in the same instance held the small handgun right up to his gut and shot it through his shawl he wore to disguise himself with in order to stop his guts from splattering out all over the place, and keeping the noise level of the gunshot low, while he caught Naku in his arm with his spare hand. He looked over at Chasker and told him I thought I told you to do a job, what are you doing here...

I'm going... he spoke quickly, he called me here for some business, but I wasn't aware that this girl was Dutta's wife, I knew you was going to pick her up today, you I would never betray you...

Stop talking and go and safeguard my daughter, if it weren't for her, I would have shot you too go! He shouted the last words, making Chasker almost run.


Anna was leaving with Naku's lifeless body in his arms, but before he could get out without making a scene, someone had gone into Naku's dressing room and saw Morey's blood filled body lying there and caused a commotion, which forced Anna to flee from there faster, great I thought of this flawless plan with everything going smoothly, first I got Dutta out of the picture first, and then diverted his attention to Roopa and her daughter, so I could pick up his wife, and that stupid inspector Morey had gotten involved and ruined the plan on the last minute.


When Gaurav heard the noise and screams coming from the dressing rooms he made his way there quickly, while the rest of the building was being evacuated, from words and muffled conversations on his way there, he'd heard the last performance girl had been kidnapped by some man, hearing this Gaurav tried to run as fast as he could in that direction, he managed to get a glimpse of a man holding Naku in his arms and getting into a van, but before he could reach there, Naku was out of his sight.

Nakuuu! Shouted Gaurav over and over, but by this time Dutta had come back to the auditorium with the sound of screeching tyres, while leaving burnt rubber marks on the road, due to his speedy turn that had gone off track slightly while pulling up, and found Gaurav in a state of shock, he ran out as fast as he could, not bothering to close his car door behind him.


What just happened! He shouted, shaking Gaurav by the shoulders, what the hell just happened! He shouted again, I got a call from... but before he could finish, Dutta's phone had rang.


Hello, hello, he said quickly.

No need to rush, said the other voice, take your time, I'm quiet enjoying the company of Mrs Dutta Shriram Patil, he said, I thought I'd tell you the good news rather than you finding out the next day from someone else, about your wife sleeping with me, and the sweetest part of this revenge has to be the fact that you love her so so much that'll I will cause you a lot more pain then I'd hoped for, which is more than I can ask for.

Anna I swear to god if you even touch her... threatened Dutta literally spitting the words out.

Kya karlo ge tum, jo ek raquel ki raksha theek se nahin kar paya, woh apni patni ki kya raksha karega, waise ek baat bolega main tereko, sunne mein bura lage ga, lekin main phir bhi bolega, tu itni khoobsurat patni deserve nahin karta Dutta, tu ek kaam kar, tujhe Roopa chahiye thi na, to tu aake Roopa ko leja aur uske badle mein apni biwi ko yehi Anna ke raj mein chod de, ...ANNA! Main tere muh se teri zuban keech dunga, agar aage ek shabd bhi bola tho, said Dutta butting in , ...tu chinta matt kar, Anna carried on, ...main Nakusha ko apni dil ki rani bana ke rakegha, wok kya hai na ke yeh Anna ka dil aagaya hai teri Naku pe...

Annaaa! Dutta roared.Apni zabaan ko lagaam de warna Dutta tujhe wohi zameem pe zinda gaar dega.

Dhamki matt de, tereko suit nahin karta Dutta, aur waise bhi jab tak tu yahan pohanche ga tab tak bohut der hojaye gi, tujhe shayad yaad nahin hai ke Roopa aur uski bachi bhi mere kabse mein hai, tu kis kis ko bachaye ga, said Anna feeling the hype of the challenge making him feel excited, ...lekin tum chinta bilkul matt karna, main Naku ka poora khayal rakhega, main personally uski kathirdari karega, woh angrrzi mein kya kehte hai, haan, 'handle with care,' main bilkul waise hi karega, kasam se, he finished.


Today you are burning in the same fire, I got burnt with the night you spent with my Roopa, said Anna as he looked at an unconscious Naku, who was still unaware of where she was, who she was with, and why she was there.


Well for once I can say dis update was gonna b long and is long, n boy am I glad dis one is over...except dat dis is prob d only chapter I've had 2 post in 2 posts lol...n der was me finkin I cudn't make it ne longer, but I fgured u guys wud want the competition in 1 update, wel sumwot 1 update...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

erm so not much 2 say 4dis one, I no ders kind of a lot hapnin in dis one n strangely enuff I dnt hav a word 2 say, except dat the links posted wid each performace is only for reference, just in case anyone dnt no the it ain't really important, n d songs dat need 2 b played hav bin mentioned to play.

Well as always thank u 4 reading. Smile

Please press like.

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about time ...i've been waitin and waiting Tongue

E D I T E D :

tink mein aagai

and starts with Gaurav *day dreams* lol

omg poor girl one, that was one painful make over for her

hmm gaurav very prepared...having STRICT orders

you know I really like his intelligence and way of responding...truly has an answer for everything...

saying it in his own way...just like Naku does as well...

really loved the explanation of the Black Swan title itself...well done...and of course spl mention GAURAV explained it...had to be good na :P

oh i loved the phone convo...very well written Tink
Dutta encouraging her...i just hope ki he watches the whole thing...loved this convo most because you see a Dutta thats changed so much for her and her fear of him thinking dohka lol in his style of course...understandable

standing ovation for you my have written the performances so well and i listened to all of the songs...and each one for apt for the concept u described...u put alot of effort into this and I can tell you trust it turned out amazing...and is much appreciated for how much u put into this ...really enjoyed reading each one...

Of course i did expect her performance to be delayed like a typical dramatic moment LOL and  GauravDay Dreaming handled the situation well...

And the most awaited performance Naku's .. absolutely loved the song choice for her...and i played it and read and was enjoying it as if i was watching lol...and loved how confused Dutta was and all his thoughts..and confusions and then Naku gets frozen ...but no fear G a u r a v is there he is good at turning the situation around...and did an amazing job...becoming the villain ...or in N's case morey hehe amazingly choregraphed ..haha really beautiful...i dont have the right words to praise how well you wrote this part...spl mention for the fact that D was getting more uncomfortable with the closeness btwn N and Gaurav lol...jealous man !

eek all the three villains there...and now Anna has all three roopa, her daughter and eagerly awaiting the meeting of sisters, and then D finding out about Roopa being Naku sis, Naku finding out about D and Roopa, but would really love to see Gaurav and Dutta team up ...i hope that happens...and there is still Naku's face issue to clear up tink lots to look forward to...and me as always will sit around and wait ...but do update soon ...

love you to ya soon...take careHug

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Originally posted by daya0628


about time ...i've been waitin and waiting Tongue
Lol...well 2 tell d truth dis one dun ma head in...I dnt even wanna c dis chapter ne more lol...ConfusedLOL

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chp 33

Haha the title is so funny…I can so imagine gaurav chaloing a bike, and naku in that side wala container thingy attached to it, helmet pehen ke higway pe LOL vrrrooom vroom vrooom

Hawye re Anna bhi mere Gaurav ke peeche pada hai :O badtameeez

Hahahaha Gaurav's speech is so funnyyy, if I was there, then I would be like laughing in his face….

LOL Dutta ko dekh ke toh koi bhi distract ho jaye, its good ki Naku is trying to stay away from him, not that she is, but phir bhi

OYYYE Purohit ji aagaye aye hayye I would LOVE to see AS purohit romance, itna miss kiya un dono ko..*sniff*

Oyye oyye nakku sidi chad gayi hayye hayye ;)

And huuuhhh roopa rukkk don't go to banarasss…um waise Baaji is so smart na, he's like Gaurav and Naku are from banaras

Hmm nakku ko buddhuon wali harkatein karna acha lagta hai, but I  like it :D seeedhaaa dutta ki arms mein <3 see of course she felt no pain…dekh dekh aankhein khol ke dekkkh nakkkuuu ayyiie who would faint at a moment like this (unless she was trying to get mouth to mouth like dhayani was LOL) Nakku seriously, chai gayi bhad mein, kyuuun neeche utar na chahti hai? :O </3 <- dutta ka dil

Ooh dutta's getting driven crazy by naku nah aye haye Hawyyyeee reee aur bhi jorki hug kiyaa oooh *suvi screeeammms*

Ahaha baaji is so funny…NOT! Baajiii door hat, pare hat, meri desktop ke wallpaper se bahar kyun nikla bewakooof?!!!!

Ooho ohh she ran off for the chia, gaurav went after her, and this part I loooved!!!

Ooh gaurav ne naku ko danta..and duuta punch gaurav and gaurav punch back and suvi scrrreeammm FIIIGHT FIIIGHT FIIGHT!!!

Ayyieie maine naku ko screaming sikhaya! And dekho dekho baji preaching…LOL Dutta gaurav shut him up (aur who bhi aankhon se ;) aww naku naraaz

Baaji made haldi wala dud..eesssh yuky ooh nakus gonna stay away form dutta

LOL they spat the zeher (dud) out

LOL I like how Gaurav and Dutta fight, physically bhi verbally bhi, but its awesome how he was dropping hints haye haye bechara dutta now all confused n all

Hmmm I liked how u based it on swan lake but altered the concept and fitted it to nakku's story, but its such a tragedy.. :(

Ooh so rehearsing ayyiee she wore lipstick :O prettyyy

Lol dutt agaurav ke naam se jealoousss hogaya

Ayiee more rehearsal, chaksar blah, amiiit how does he look?

Hayye khatham hua, dutta beechen hua, aur mera bed mujhe bula raha hai

Ab toh update kardo meri maaa!

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Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by daya0628


about time ...i've been waitin and waiting Tongue
Lol...well 2 tell d truth dis one dun ma head in...I dnt even wanna c dis chapter ne more lol...ConfusedLOL
looks like a fun chap...will take my time and read...seems like lots of songs and stuff all excited...but need to go out soon i will read little by little make sure i read with ur song selections Tongue so dont be surprised if i take a while to edit Wink

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Originally posted by daya0628

looks like a fun chap...will take my time and read...seems like lots of songs and stuff all excited...but need to go out soon i will read little by little make sure i read with ur song selections Tongue so dont be surprised if i take a while to edit Wink
dw not all the songs r der to play, they're just for reference lol...the ones dat need 2 b played hav bin metnioned...basically 2, but d 1st one ain't dat important's just 2 get u in the mood of the competition lol...EmbarrassedLOL...newys I wud expect u 2 take ur tym wid one lol...Wink

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