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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 76)

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Originally posted by Suvi7884

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by Suvi7884

whao I shudda laid out the red carpet 4u man...LOLLOLLOL Red nahiii purple...u know, my mums fav color is red, and my papa ka blue..(i think) toh when they both combinneee it makes Purrrpleee my fav colour!
Dat is actually the most sweetest theory I hav heard...Wink, awww I wanna pull ur cheeks now...Smile

 LOL! Heyy thats u can run with the shotgun, but not hit him on the head with a stoneLOL

y nottt? ????  Confused
kabhi u say u like him n den u laugh at him wen he's in museebat...ShockedShockedShocked
 Its funaaay... and I do like him...but still
ur mega
 janwar jaayein ghas more scared of ghosts...the ring kya hai? Yeaaah lets go forum mein sirf girls hain kya?
u haven't eva heard of 'the Ring' the film, wen the girl cums outta the telly...ShockedShockedShockedShocked, n loool agar sirf girls hai to kya huwa, who else do u plan on taking wid u lol...btw u no wot 'blair witch project' is aswell innit..??
Actually you know, movie mein they show him hot, but real mein toh he would be very hairy naDeadLOL chee...I will only have him once Jane gives him a razorLOL
loool so gift him 'gillette mens five-blade shaver' loool, n den Jane cud use it after him 2 shave her legs...LOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by daya0628

hehe fina i'll admit the wording was wrong LOL

haha ok i will bring my own oxy mask ROFL they have lots in my uni nursing practicals room haha will take from there lol

oh honey i think obsessed iis the right word for me too lol :P

haha ok well will be around as always waiting am cleaning the whole house ...decently LOL
haaahaaa   ROFLROFL
n omg Daya ur gonna jack it 4rm Uni lmaooo, wow u must seriously need it...LOL
yep obsessed u R...Wink
ok so now ur converted into Florence Nightingale...LOLLOL, oh my days, I was laughing out so loud wen I read the 'decenly' part...LOLLOLLOL...roflmfaooo...ROFL

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Originally posted by Suvi7884

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Obviously dramatic, mein toh drama queen hoonTongue
so now ur Rakhi Sawant...LOLLOL

i dont wanna see him throw chai on tv...i wanna see him angry on tv cause its HAWTT
lol he was angry 24/7 on tv...where the hell were u...Stern SmileStern SmileStern Smile...??? LOL
of coursee main nahi toh aur kaun aisa sochega...maybe dhayani...lekin uska wala toh humesha hi nanga munga ghum ta rehta hai...You knowww I saw mera wala Gaurav Day Dreaming except, his name is Karan!!
see i said..instead of bhau an dnaku residing in his chest um um um heee heeeCensored
oh come on, we're not psychic here, u hav 2 show ussum picture of wot ur Gaurav luks likeee, or r u insecure dat we myt fall 4 him 2...TongueTongue, n hey wen guys hav eight-packs they r not classed as 'nanga mugna' loool, they are classed as highly classified and dangerously hot work in progress, and enter at ur own risk inda fing OK...Tongue
...n hey if Bhau nNaku dnt reside their to phirkaun reside karega...u n Daya lool...b4 Daya reads dis we better hav medics at hand man, Daya !!!!! ur oxygen mask won't save u here ...LOLLOL oh god I'm in stitches now...ROFLROFL, we're gonna need ari ambulance, fire brigade the lot man...LOL
Ohh then u should have been in my school last friday..OMG my friend she's sooo dirty...we were full onROFLROFLROFLROFL and plus, I'd been to the gym and the lady's sooo mean she full makes us hurt...and anyways it hurted me to laugh...and I was holding my stomach and screaming at her to stop otherwise I would die from painLOL
okaaay u no wot i didn' get most of dat lol, n wot do u need to go to the gym 4 man, ur a little chuhiii...wot weight loss do u need...ConfusedLOL, n wid dat much laughing I'd say u prob lost w8 widout needing the training lol...LOL

wooohooo finally sum1 spotted dat bit !!!   ye man he got tolddd !!!  10 points to u for dat...
StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarAT first I thought u meant finally someone spooted the golgappe...Ermm..but thanksLOL   ...I thought u wud, den I thought lets c if u figure it out...Tongue
 yeahh...and hey, I still miss the golhappe ohk...
lol now I wonder who cud eat more...u or me...Cool
well money can buy a nice beautiful carriage...but so can a fairy godmotherErmmLOL oooh i need a pumpkin
wot the hell u gonna do wid a pumpkin ain't halloween yet...Confused
thanks for commentin hun, my cheeks r hurtin now...LOLso r mine..LOL  ...revenge is sweet...LOL
well here's the next edition, now off to Daya's comment, n den bed...Sleepy its good morning, nowTongue..but good night for me  well we r worlds apart...literally...LOL

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Originally posted by spandana11

Tink very well written ,dutta gurav talk was master piece he is making dutta to understand what was he going to face ,hope this helps dutta to take FR in positive way ,very well written enjoyed it a lot ,excited for FR and dutta reaction ,and oh morey and chaskar both back of nakuu will the get her?Confused please do update quick do not make us wait any more dearEmbarrassed
Hey, ...fanks a lot...Embarrassed, well u cud say dat actually, his talk really does work Dutta up, n tends 2 make tings go on a roll in his head wen it cums 2 Gaurav Wink, but most of all I am glad dat u enjoyed reading the whole update, n slightly relieved dat no one complained about the mega long read they had to endure lol...Embarrassed, n I hope u like the FR as much too...Embarrassed, well Morey n Chasker will be in for a surprise too...WinkWinkWink.  I won't make u wait too long, honestly speaking, but coz a lot is gonna happen it will take a while to write, n ders no telling how long d next chapters gonna be...
well most of fanks for reading n commentin, n ur thoughts r much appreciated hun...thank uWink

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Originally posted by tinkerbe11

haaahaaa   ROFLROFL
n omg Daya ur gonna jack it 4rm Uni lmaooo, wow u must seriously need it...LOL
yep obsessed u R...Wink
ok so now ur converted into Florence Nightingale...LOLLOL, oh my days, I was laughing out so loud wen I read the 'decenly' part...LOLLOLLOL...roflmfaooo...ROFL

can u blame me gaurav leaves me breathless...i'd rather be alive to read ur updatez ROFL

haha yes decently...just clarifying u noe LOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x


Ello my glad ur bak bbe!! :D

 thank u hun, glad 2b bak, but now ur not here lol...Confused


Im finally comenting!! WOOHOO :P hehe



Ikno im rely late n am rely sory 4 dat.. (> _ ,<)

 better late den nevaaa, at least ur here, n dat wot counts...Wink


Aww tinks u dont kno how much d title of d update gt me all excited!!! Wel i ges by now u wud hav realised dat...havnt u.. :P

 well actually I fink I do lol...I hav a phD on u by now lool...LOL


Nywyz now bout d update...hmm so wer shal i strt *ahem..missy clearing her throat*

 wen ur ready...Stern Smile



...for starters...i wanted 2 know ke gaurav ne aisi kaun si baat keh di ke naku ko itna socha aur pareshan hona para...?!?! wa was d 'most shocking news eva... *missy wonders*

 well Missy didn't get it, so Tink has posted it in the next chapter now...Tongue



Aww my bby dutta stuk..ukno i truely understnd wa hes goin thru..i jus hahte it wen ppl say dey wana tel u suma real imp n den say rely pissz u off! Nd ofc our gadha dsnt hav a thng caled patience in him *bilkul meri tarah ;-) *


 yeah yeah Mish, we all now how much u wanna show the world how much u n Dutta 'r made 4 each other' TongueTongue, but yeh I no wot u mean man, wen ppl say tell u later, n u start finking all these tings in ur mind...Embarrassed, even I ain't got patience man, I hate waiting...Confused


Lekin hamara sher wit a lot of courage forces himself 4 stay calm...BRAVO!! this must rely be so hard 4 him LOL since we know him a lil 2 wel ;-)


 definitely hard for him, dats y he dnt no how to tame himself, but nonetheless trying...LOL


Hmm wel D we know u r ready 4 *ahem* everythng ;-) *blush*


girl dis guy was born ready, or shall I say 'born dis way' lol, but den I'm not really a big fan of Lady Gaga, but dat songs alwryt...Embarrassed 


Aree wah!! Since wen did he strt praying 4 nakus bappa..?! *missy luks astonished* yeh toh chamatkar ho gaya!!! LMAO


 jai ho...jai ho...LOL


Omg he soundz so cute wen he said 'i must be a despo' LOL!


 ROFL I no innit, but den we've all kinda bin der, wen we need sumones help who u thought u wudn't ask in a million years, but den wot do u go n do, u get despo looo...LOL


Dutta is feelin complete now..dsnt evn need 2 physically be wit her 2 feel her...LOVE IS IN THE AIR... <3

yeah the air in his lungs loool...Blushing 


Or is it...

 yeah in his lungs...I jus sed so...LOLLOL




 tu tu tu ru, parapaa paaa raaa rri raa, } 2

 ra ra ri ra ra, ra ra ra ri ra } 2
haiii haiii haiii hai hai hai...
sorry cudn't help it, I actually really luv dis song, one 4rm my typical list...Wink

Aww bles ukno wen dutta sed he stil wnted 'that closeness of intimacy made him feel secure in the sense that she really was his' it jus refected his inner fear of loosing her...poor guy...hes lost sum1 he love or thought he loved previously...wohi darr abh naku ko khone ka bhi hai...ukno dis feeling must be so scary especially as its with u always..u might 4get about it 4 a moment but it stil creeps up spesh during d most memorable moments in ur creeps up so slyly n brings bak 2 reality from ur daydreams...okay i beter  stop my bashan here lol

 u no actually dat was a gud bashan...Clap, really well described lol, I cudn't hav sed it in better words myself, honestly...Wink, dat is exactly wot he fears, but yeh der is sum sense of dat guy fing of 'gettin sum' lool...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed



Hmm D dos r all d thngs bout naku dat onli u cud see...




Ohh so he is aware of all d gyals hu stil linger arnd surprised hes nt bigheaded bot it all lol but den agen its D wer tlkin bout ;-)


 well he prob is, but I jus havn't dat side of it yet, but dats y I mentioned it cos he no's he makes the ladies go weak in the knees,upon the sight of him...Blushing


Yep D u finally using ur brain nd going d right way...keep it all in mind wen naku reveals 2 u d ultimate truth!!! PLS DONT ACT LIKE A GADHA ... DO

 yes he got a brain 4rm the gr8  Oz, coz he was clever enuff to follow the yellow brick road loool...LOLLOL, n he got a heart free in form of a clock wich is now ticking down to his real stormd dat landed him in Oz 4 a short whileLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...sorry u no me...LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed




R E Q U E S T    S L O W L Y    R E G I S T E R I N G  


Tinks i jus loved the way u added in sum bits wich r totaly 'see ur a natural' rely brings a smile on d readers face..n keeps d atmosphere light even in d most tense situations...loved  this cheekiness of cutee <3


 c, dats wot I was tryna say about him being a bit of a casanova u no wot I mean, but the fing is wen ur in a situation like dat ppl often try to fink of a way to make the problemo luk a bit better, I mena who wants 2 sit n cry, like the real dramas lool


Awww both love birds raaton ki aur din ka chain kho diya hai [[sory but had  2 add dat ;-) hehe]] <333


 ...nice addition...WinkClap


Ikno am askin agen but seriously wa has gaurav sed dat naku is so nervouss about...?? is it dat she has 2 do d FR b4 d competition o suma...wel der defo is more dn dis..dat i kno lol


 well I'm gonna use Gaurav's words here..."My way, or the higway" 

...well go find out lol, otherwise I'm gonna be here a lot longer den expected...WinkWink, u'll find out soon...Big smile

Ukno wa tinks...i jus loved hw naku in her mind was goin thru wa if's of d whole situation...all d negativ n +tive thngz ... its sucha girly thng 2 do...wel in my case anywy..i always do it lol ... mainly of d postive den i can daydream bout wa ifit rely hapend n get all excited LOL sounds crazy ano lol hehe


 ditto man...Wink

Same here, dis scene is sooo me, I do exactly dat,try to fink of woteva way it can go, n den mentally try to preapre myself if I fink the situation is likely to go dat way...LOL 

Wa is her fav song dem?? Wa was she actuly rely curious...


 eeehhh u picked up on dat, u no, knowing me u no I wudda put the song in, but I didn't do dat on purpose, coz there is her favourtie song yet to reveal,but lemme tell u one ting, unlike the rest of her songs dis one is actually a typical choice...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Ohh yeh finaly we gona get 1 of d most awaited no no im not tlkin bout the kiss here or d FR so dw :P i tlkin bout d scene i rely wanted at d strt of dis ff..piano scne wit dutta listening 2 it without her knowing!!! :D


 I sooo knew it wud be u...( n dats not the lottery I'm talkin about lol, although dat wudda bin gud ), wen I was writing I thought u wud prob like dat more den the do u...LOL, n I did promise u in d beginning of dis ff dat dat scene wud cum...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hmm now wa exactly did she hav in mind wen she gav da sseductive smiles n stf... not d unexpected kiss now i do rely wonda..hmm...


 lol how about *hint hint* towards the title...LOL, her 'fanstasy kiss'


Aww it must rely hrut knowing d thng u dream about d most...with d acknowledgement dat u wud never be able 2 get dis case nakus 'stupid but wierd dream' [[>>quoted dis 4 a reason]]..


ok so wots the reason, I'm gonna b turning in2 d slow on here now...LOLEmbarrassed 


Loved d song choice!! Im a big piano fan..jus love hearin it..cnt play it myself tho lol...wish i cud...its jus soo romantic...*sigh*


 I luv it 2 bits, I get dis weird feeling wen I hear piano music espesh a particular song, so ur lyk Roops, who wants to watch but no play...Tongue


Nd yehe i totaly take it dat its very soothing..!!


 wickeddd innit...i jus luv it, u must've heard the song...??Big smile


Awww bless she backd off cuz she dsnt kno hw 2 kiss...dutta msut find dis so amusing lol [[tbh evn i...actualy 4get it shudnt say dis here lol]]


 well it happens to d worst of us lol, it ain't suttin u go n do a course on now is it...LOL, n wot is u were gonna say, u no dats gonna bother me now...Stern Smile...????


Omg she is aware dat her saab can be very naughty n wudnt let her off..loved the way u phrased dat bit LMAO


 aaw thanks...EmbarrassedBlushing


Nd ukno wa i jus cnt wait 2 propely see that side of his *ahem ahem*


 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, I can't believe u, well actually I can, but I cnt believe u spilt the beans lol...well I wonder wots gonna happen 2u we u read dat scene lol...coz it's gonna b a censored...if u lyk 2 call it...but den nutting is gonna happen if u get me...but it will be portrayed dat way,...oh just w8 4 it, n u'll c wot I mean, if u memba by den lol...LOL


Omg i cnt beliv naku sed she cn get thru it all her life! I wonda wa she wud say/tink bout goin all d way...bechara dutta lool


 lol she doesn't fink about stuff like dat...yet...n Dutta ain't no bechara, he runs Naku lool...LOL


Okay ukno wer nakku can feel his present..his tuch on her  body etc..wen she was goin thru all dos emotions...wa n wer exactly was D..ikno am bein abit 2 specific but it mke thngs more visual..ukno like whether dutta was around admiring her..cuming closer etc..


 yeah Mish, I get it u want ur personal trailer problemo...Tongue


Hmm naku abh kya hua lol wa bout ur 'stayin witout being kissd all ur life' lol .. bless her.. her dreams r jus like any ordinary gurl... <3


 wen u got a guide kissed like Dutta who'd wanna get thru thier life widout being kissed by a super hunk like him...Embarrassed


Eekkk he ddnt put his shirt on!! I can jus imagine d reaction sum of d gyalz on here on dat 1!!! Inc kirannn!! LMAO but ukno i rely wanted 2 see wa was goin thru nakus mind wen she saw dutta like im sure she wudv got red all over!! ;-)


 well the fact dat she was facing the other way helped her miss dat important but little detail lol...but even I'm a weakass wen it cums 2 shirtless guys...ask Suvi lool...LOL, but yeh coz her n Dutta started kissing n were so like absorbed in dat moment she didn't clock on his shirt lol,  until after wen she put her hand on his chest...LOL


Ha i bet evn dutta was shokd bout his wish bein granted in matter of minutes!! He must be tinkin 'i shud rely pray 2 bappa more often' lol


 lol exactly, I wish Bappa wud listen to me like dat too...Big smile


Haha surprise surprise..luks like sensible naku broker rules lol

2 ryt bout not stoping sum1 4 dreaming totaly me!! :D


 well the truth is ur either dis way about suttin or dat way, n lets say naku's crossed the borders wid one kiss lol




huni ur talkin 2 expert here in posting mega long posts lol...wen dat msg cums dw about it, just go back 2ur empty post n paste it agen n it will post lol...providing u copied n pasted it...LOL
But neways meet u in abit...Wink...

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Originally posted by daya0628

can u blame me gaurav leaves me breathless...i'd rather be alive to read ur updatez ROFL

haha yes decently...just clarifying u noe LOLLOLLOL
lol I take it u ain't read wot I wrote about u in Suvi's comment/reply...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.
yeh u need 2after ur poster advert lol...WinkLOL
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Awww naku is duttas top most cute it was funny hw he sed alcohol is stil his 2nd priority LMAO
back agen...
yeh he's finally agreed to Naku taking top spot in his list lol, memba in the beginning he treated the drink as the best ting in his life..., n take it 4rm me it's hard togive sum1 'dat' spot lol...spesh wen it's in replace of the booze lol...Wink

Haha dutta ur soo adorable...n ur not jus bappas fav person ;-)

how Mishified lool...LOL
Loved how he sed 'out of all songs in the world she chooses a song with the word kiss in it...which is exactly what she refuses to give him' i can jus imagine him sighing n lukin adorable doin it!! *daydreams*
I no can I...Day Dreaming

Hmm luks lykour D learned suma new 2day lol 'being turned on witout physcl contct'.. god D ofc its possible :P LOL

lol how wud he no dats possible Mish...he's never really had tym to explore now has he...lets face it, its practically a maths lesson for him everytime he's wid a different gal lol...u no minus he clothes, n divided the bed loool...LOL
Awww bby dw of shes tinkin bout u nyh it defo is turnin her on aswel!! ;-)
...u fink...LOL

Absolutly loved hw d kiss strtd of wit openin hair 1st n goin dwn 2 her neck etc..rather den attacking her lips str8 away lol

yeh coz he's gettin a different feelin so he wants to play wid it abit, u no wot I mean, n he's always wanted to put his fingers thru her hair, since the day he saw her hair let loose on shivaratri...Embarrassed
Awww gud 2 kno dat naku realisd dat dis is more escapades hehe
or runaway bride lool...LOL

Ukno i myt sound lyk a ryt besharam n an idiot but i ddnt get how her kissd her lips without turnin her around..if u get wa i jus erm curious...LOLLOL, ok, so heres the deal, she's facing the piano, n he's standign behind her, kind of leaning towards her, n as he plays wid her hair n  moves it to the side, (wen she feels his touch), she cnt bring herself to luk (btw she knows its him lol), but den he gets a little carried away wen she responds to his touch by moving her neck sideways wen he leaves delicated pecks on her neck/shoulder, n den widout turning both thier lips meet halfway, so her heads turned halfway, n he is in a position to where he's kind of moulding himself around her, n den wen the kiss gets deeper he swivels her chair around, which is the only time the face each other, but they have their eyes closed, well mostly Naku,hence missing his shirtless body lol...which also plays a little role, wen u read on...Wink
ok so do u get it now, or am I still confusing u...??Embarrassed
Yep naku u beter be redy but not jus 4 a taster lol nd if dis was a taster den god ul be dead wen its tym 4 d main meal nvm dessert LMAO!! ;-)
u get mee !!!!  LOLLOL, well Naku will be in for a surprise den to lol...Wink

Readin d eyes bit was truely adorable...shws love insted of a way der isnt much diff b/n d 2 but den agen it der is huge gap ap b/n dem...yh ikno .. it complicated stf loool

yep it is, but I guess u hav to go on judgment wen u make dat choice, but the truth is wen ur only finkin about ut partner's happiness more in that specific moment, dats wen u no it's luv n not just gettin in2 sumone's pants...Embarrassed, u no wot I mean...LOL
Aww dutta giv d gurl a chnce 2 breahte man!! Haha
lol, abhi abhi to shuru huwa tha the guys scared if he stops dat she'll take another year to cum around lol...LOL

Poor gurl dus wana see d daylight lol

not unless she was married to Edward Cullen lol...LOL
Ohh piano bhi KMH ban gaya abhi!! Chalo baji nahi toh yeh hi sahi LOL
u no wot dat is one angle I did not c cumin lol...the piano as KMH...LOL, nice catch Mish...Wink, well at least Baji's not alone...Tongue

Lol naku nt bein able 2 resist herlf 4rm feelin him up hehe

Yeah u blame her...LOL
Areee yeh lo abi abhi kiss finish hui hai n nakus sahi/galat ka bashan shuru!! Tut tut lol
Naku will always bi Naku lol...Wink

Absolutly lloved d after-kiss convo b /n dem!! It was so ocute...cud totaly sense nakus nervousness

yeh cos wen they way they've suddenly kissed it changes a lot of things spesh wen u've only eva had face value wid dat person u no wot I mean, for that moment after it becums kind of nerve wrecking lol...n suddenly u cnt meet eyes wid dat person, n den der ruling all ova u...ok I no I'm exaggerating butt I'm jus tellin how it is lol...Embarrassed
Haha u go hes is bein so cheeky wen he sed hes alredy kissd her so evn its its nt right...ders nufin dey cn do bouti t now :P u tel er D!! LOL

Hum to sab...kya ;-) LOL

Omg ofc d perfect way 2 correct ur 'doing' is by returning it!! LMFAOOO!!!

well U no Dutta he's smarter den u fink, while d opposition is left finkin, he's already in action lol...Wink, he knows how to extort profit in all situations...LOL
So naku wa r u waiting 4 :P hehe
...lightning to strike in the same place lol...LOL

Hahaha naku pakri gayi!!! Told d truth 1sttime lol loved dis bit...haha

Awww dutta understnds her more den shes herslf dus!! <3

yep he's clockin on her...Wink
Ha bet dutta is now glad dat she hasnt ben taught hw 2 kiss!!!! Warna gaurav ko D aise luks deta ke..*shudders evn at d thought of it* LOL

not jus luks lol...LOL, but he's more happy dat he's the first guy she's eva kissed lol, n he's bin glad dat she didn't how to kiss since the jungle lol...wen he figures out all by himself 'y she dunno how 2 kiss'
Yep praticals are alwaysfar more 'interestin n 'enjoyable'den theoretical part!! ;-) hehe
yeah let Dutta tell u otherwsie...LOL

Godd i jus love his naughtiness!! Its damn cute!

I luv dat I can make him naughty in sum scenes...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink
Okay ukno her dream..i ddnt thought it was at all wierd n duna y any 1 of us wud tink dat lol...dey wud either be d most unromantic person eva o a ryt saddo...[[no offence intendd upon ny1..]]

Its 1 of my mny fantasies...*blush* rain can be so romantic...*sigh* ... lyk naku i always drmt d


yeh same here lol...but guys fink it's weird dats y dat part is considered weird cos of the guys lool...hey dnt get it, trust me wen I say dat...LOLWink
Oh dis time shes leavin 4 real...wich only means tasha romance is ending soon 4 dis update :(
lol how long do u expect dem to carry on...ShockedLOL

I loved d last bit the most man...both of dem giving an overall view n d impact dat kiss had on dem

yeh I no dat most guys really like to no a lot detail about their 'moment's' wid girls like wot they were actually finkin at dat point in time lol...its kinda amazing cos I wud fink only girls r like dat, but the amount of boys dat do actually like 'the knowing' part, well I guess we're all curious...LOL 
Bet naku is glad 2 kno dat she wont find any more lipstick stains oon his shirt oda den hers... LOL
well i dnt fink she's had tym 2 fink about dat one lol...but yeh ne girl wud b overwhelmed o no dat...Wink

Even tho bth tasha wud hav realised realised dat dey wud onli kiss 1 anoda all der life..or wud wnt 2...i was so sweet d way dutta pointed it out...kinda like reassuring naku dat 4 him its onli naku n no! Els...bless

yeh but for him to clarify dat is more a relief den ne ting else in the world lol...given his reputation...Confused, but wen a guy tells u dat wot is a girl to do man...Embarrassed
Oh i jus love it wen dutta blushes..shies away..more dden naku...its soo cutee!!< 3
yeh guys blushing is actually more better den a girl blushin lol...only the tough ones though...ConfusedLOL

Omg i was actualy waiting 4 naku 2 mention or rather dant-ing dutta 4 drinking LMAO!!! But naku toh naku hai..she has 2 do it hatke ;-)

babez, Naku's got Tink's tarka cud she 'dant' Dutta about drinking lol...Big smile
Nd yeh he answer as always amuses nt onli dutta but me also...kya impact chor ke gayi hai dutta pee ;-)
wooohooo...glad u fink so...Big smileBig smile, but its nice to say suttin outta the norm u no...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed, so dats y it's kwl to ryt Naku's character to, coz u can fink outta the box...Big smile, or more like have to lol...Wink

Ddnt kno she had d guts 2 say dat man..

welll if I was in her shoes, den I wud say dat, n lets say for dat moment I was !!!!!  oh dat sounds so gud 2b true lol...Day Dreaming
Hahaha now tinks su myt hav anoda update redy wer we/dutta finds naku drunk ;-) omg dat wud rely b 1 awesome scene!!! *hint hint*
lol *hint hint* not taken...Tongue, Naku is against drinking so unforunately Naku can't be drunk, so sorry jhooti tasali der, but I can assure u of suttin dat u will c a intoxicated Naku very soon...Wink, c wot u can make of dat...knowing dat I won't make her drunk by her own choice...WinkWinkWink

Oh yeh it beter be 'so far' insted of 'ever'!! ;-) :P hehe

trust u 2 pick up on dat point lol...u crack me up man...LOL
Ooohhh D finkin of der HM?!!!! WOOHOO!! Cnt beliv dis D is using his brains man!!! Keep it ma boi!! LOL
loool u get way too excited Mish, he's only talking about it...well actually he's only just finkin about,...he ain't landed his HM yet lool...LOLLOLLOLLOL

Even i wonda wa kind place she wud prefer ... mayb a lil cottage sumwer nice..ukno propa fairytales style...okay i tink i beter stop tinkin lol

hmmm u keep u ain't eva gonna get it lol...Wink, n by he sounds of ur description it sounds like ur chattin about Jagtap Dada's now abandoned cottage lol...LOL
OH MY DAYS !!!!!!!  ROFL ur killin me man...i swear ur killin me...LOLLOL, more den Dutta ur excited, lol...

Ofc shower wud do man!! Das 1 gud thng bout dem so y not mke d most of it ;-)

omg now ur givin him advice too lmafffaaaooo heerrre literally !!!!   y not just take out n advertsing campaign out for it lol..."no use of ur problem, make a date out it wid ur luved ones..."  hhaaahhhaaa I can so imagine u advertsind dat lol...LOL
Yeh we kno dat D..nd we definatly wil b waiting 4 dat ;-)
...dunno about the rest, but i soo no ur waiting for dat lol...ROFL

Loved d lil reference bak 2 nakus bappa...naku ka asar ho raha hai iss par LOL

yep, n not widout reason...Wink
Okaay den im done wit d coment..FINALYY LOL!!
yep me 2...saved dis one till last, so I can take my time n do it, now I will be concentrating on update...i've actually manged to work around everyone, wooohooo !

Enjoy reading...its jus as long as ur update lol

I so knowww, but now ur readin it lool...LOL
Sowi agen 4 d delay bbe...
it's kkk...but u now wot I'm gonna say next...yeh edit the other spot too, so wanna c wot u gotta say about dat one, n I'm gonna try n doing ur ff's comment by 2mrw latest...EmbarrassedWink

Love u lots hun

me 2...Hug
Lukin 4wrd 4 d nxt haf n hr :P
well u hav had it in the next half hour lol...dat was funny...LOL, n effective...Big smile



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