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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 69)

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Let The Chase begin
Mission Missy 
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  Mission Missy successful
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u tink am lyingShockedOuch
i spents over an hr writin it las nyt...had 1 more pg 2 coment on...alredy wrote 3pgz...wil finish it n post asap...
well whaddya expect me 2say Mish, afta all the stuff u bin feedin me in d past lol...can u blame me for doubting u...TongueTongue, but u can't blame me for being shocked now dat ur comments bin posted lol,ShockedShocked ok so I'm off to read ur comment, so consider dis a do NOT disTurb ZonE right now lool...LOLLOL, once i've read it i'll post the update k, coz I fink it'll take me tym to reply..wich i definitely will...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
oi chup lolLOL
see i ddnt disturb u at all while u wer readingWinkEmbarrassedLOL

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sory dubl post lol

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Okay Mish we're all dun, as promised next update is cumin in half hour, yeh half hour from the tym i read it don't ask questions...LOL
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Chapter Thirty Three
My Way, Or The Highway !
Game on, ab tu mere haath aagaya Dutta, bole to mere mutthi mein bandh, ab tu jo bhi raasta chunne ga, haar tho sirf teri hi hogi, wah Dutta wah, tune apne ko jitni museebat ko taal ke rakha uthni hi teri khud ki protection tere liye problem ban jaye gi, finished Anna, who was extremely happy with his latest information, ...isse angrezi mein bolte hai... 'coming out of the fire, and into the fry-pan,' he amused. Acha hai, you finally did something worth praising, who was this fool who picked the fight with Dutta, questioned Anna to his men, pata nahin Anna, lekin Dutta usse dekh kar bohut hi chirr raha tha, khaas kar ke jab bhi woh uss naukarani ko waha se lejaana chahata tha.
Hmm, mujhe uss ladhe ke baare mein aur batao, ho sakta hai yeh humme Dutta ke khilaaf aur information de sakta hai, Dutta ka dushman humara dost, I want you to follow this guy and see what and where he goes, and how is it that Dutta is putting up with this man in his house, aur haan..sunno.. he called the guy back, woh Chasker ko bol diya hai na ke kya karna hai, usse theek theek samjha dena ke koi bhi shak nahin hona chahiye, aur haan dhyaan rahe ke usko koi bhi dikhat nahin honi chahiye...warna Chasker ki koi kher nahin, threatened Anna.
Gaurav please try to understand that I can't do it, this is going to be hard for me, why don't you get, it, argued Naku.
Listen Naku, and listen carefully, I've seen the dancers... well most of them, and the main thing in this competition is 'the concept,' do you understand that, and without it, the whole thing becomes hopeless, he sighed for a moment and held Naku by both her shoulders, and looked into her eyes, and said, look Naku, please just have faith in yourself, and remember I won't ever do anything that would put your relationship with Dutta at stake, he said squeezing her shoulders in assurance, ...this is your chance to tell him how much you love him through your most loved passion, it's going to be like all your loves coming together and acting as one, and because this is something you won't know how to act, it will look so real that the panel of judges' won't be left with a choice, but to make you win. And just think that, that's one more less problem for you to handle in your life, don't you think, and than all you have to worry about is finding your Tai, and I promise you, I'll help you find her Naku, but lets work on one problem at a time, he encouraged.
Oh and on more thing Naku, I saw the state you landed the room last night, I hate to sound like the Dad here, but make sure you don't let that happen again, okay, like I said, 'no fooling around,' not during training, it makes you lack motivation, and that's not what we need right now, finished Gaurav, and filled Naku on the rest of the details of when and where to train, he would tell her the song she'll dance to, and introduce her to the guy that's going to be dancing with her, this is a big step Naku, so make sure your ready, mentally.
Okay Gaurav I trust you, and I guess over time I just became scared of what the outcome will be, I've become so used to hiding away from all my problems all my life that when the time has come to fight back, I just don't know how to do it, replied Naku, but finally letting Gaurav's words knock sense into her and see sense to follow by his rules, well that was considering if Dutta would be able to stay away from her, she knew how it affected her dancing during Roops' engagement day, and that was just a simple routine, and this was a major show with steps harder to perform than they actually looked, how would she do this in front of Dutta, only Bappa knows.
Purohit Ji had called Ayi Sahib to the mandir instead and told her that he had to perform a havan there and it would be wise to fix the dates for Dutta's second marriage between the space of the holy pooja's, so therefore Ayi Sahib had decided to take Babi with her to the Temple.
Babi had told Naku that she would leave for the basti shortly after coming back from the Mandir, and once the small pooja Ayi Sahib had kept in the house for the sake of the happy times that had come their way, and told her that she will meet her at the day of the show instead once she left, and gave Naku her blessings, and told her to keep her faith in Bappa, which Naku always has done anyway.
Gaurav had told Naku to meet her near the highway, once Babi and Ayi Sahib left, but she knew Saab would want tea made from her hands before she left, so decided to put up a little decoration of fresh flowers for the pooja, while the tea brewed on the gas, and than meet Gaurav later.
As Naku was decorating the house for the pooja, she climbed the ladder, which seemed very unstable to her and than glanced at the marigold garlands which were more heavier than they looked, but with much difficulty she had managed hang them up anyway, there wasn't anyone around for her to ask for help from neither.
Saab and Baji were upstairs discussing a strategy for Roopa and her daughter, as she'd told them to leave her at her plight and that she will make her way to Banaras instead and look for the people she considered family after her real family, you know Baji, I wonder if she knows that idiot Gaurav, 'cause he's from Banaras too ain't he... said Dutta randomly thinking of something.
Haan Bhau waise Gaurav ki ponch Banaras main khaafi hai, answered Baji, phir to Naku bhi shayad iss Roopa ko jaanti hogi, teased Baji making Dutta's idea look dumb. Which reminds me Bhau, ke Naku once told me that she was looking for her sister here in Mumbai, and how they'd lost contact, don't you think it would be nice for her locate her sister before her wedding Bhau, suggested Baji, but than he scratched the back of his head in confusion, ...but the only thing is Bhau, that I don't think she told me her name...
Leave that to me, I'm sure I'll be able to get it out of her said Dutta, recalling they're kiss last night, and for once there weren't any interruptions by the name of Baji, thanked Dutta silently, otherwise they're kiss wouldn't have even lasted a second long, talking of which, where was Naku, she hadn't come up with the tea, maybe she left without seeing him, it was that Gaurav, he seemed to be getting to her these days.
The last nail was too far out for her to reach, she knew if she stretched out that little bit further, than she would sure fall, as she looked down, she could tell the fall would be great as she was standing at the second from the top highest step on the ladder. She couldn't decide if she should risk it, but if she got down and slid the ladder further to the left, than it would take way too long, and the tea might even dry up, which will make Saab angry, as he isn't fond of strong tea... as she argued with her thoughts in her mind she bit her bottom lip in frustration, and decided what the heck she'll just stretch out a little further...what was the worst that could happen... as she glanced down once again... she knew the worse was bad, but tried to ignore that fact anyway as she pushed all her weight to the left side, agitating the ladder's already uncomfortable position, which was now struggling to hold itself upright, ...oh no thought Naku, knowing she couldn't do anything to save herself, and closed her eyes tightly instead hoping that would miraculously make things better...
Dutta had told Baji to find out what happened about the tea, as they were getting late to leave, but Baji had informed Dutta that he needed to send a driver to pick up Ayi Sahib and Babi to get them to the Mandir, as their car had broken down nearby, and were waiting for another car, and told Bhau that he needed to make a few phone calls, but he'd already told Naku to put the tea on... and she must be bringing it any time soon, and than remembered as there's no one in the house, she might be caught up in something with all the work load, hence being the reason for her delay.
Bhau main abhi jaata hai, pehle Naku ko dekh ke aata hai, aur phir doosre driver ko phone kar ke bolta hai ke raaste se Aye Sahib aur Kaki ko uttaa le... said Baji, when Dutta told him that no, there's no need, you make the phone calls first, as I don't want them waiting in the heat for too long, and I will fetch Naku... announced Dutta, as he left quickly, before Baji could find a way to intrude.
Bhau agar tume Naku ke saath akele milne ka bahana chahiye tha tho mujhe bata dete, lekin Bhau to aise bhaag raha tha jaise kal kabhi aayga.ich nahin... said Baji out loud, wondering why Dutta wanted to leg it without even giving Baji a chance to say anything.
As Dutta had made his way down, he could see Naku on the ladder and she seemed to be stretching towards the left way too much, even Dutta could see that she was in for a great fall... not a good idea thought Dutta, ...what the hell did she think was going to happen, he tried to pace his walk a little faster so he could steady the ladder she was standing on, before it lost it's balance...uh-oh... oh shit...she was definitely going to fall feared Dutta, as his fast walking became sudden running...
She still gripped onto the garland in her hand so tightly that when her arms had simultaneously went around his iron like body frame, the garland fell miraculously around his neck, while she still held on to a few flowers which were totally destroyed in her sweaty palms, not to mention the adorable look on her face capturing all her fear perfectly even with her eyes closed so tightly, Dutta couldn't take his eyes off her, even though he'd found it quite amusing that she still thought she was safe from the fall, but still wasn't aware that she was in his arms, and quite comfortably too gripping onto his collar of his kurta rather aggressively, but he was sure not complaining... god she was light thought Dutta to himself, strangely not wanting her to let go of him.
When Naku heard the ladder screech back against the floor tiles, she knew there was no escape from her fate, but when she fell, she didn't seem to have any pain, but she was too scared to open her eyes, just in case she was hurt but couldn't feel any pain due to shock. But than suddenly she felt two hands, no she felt two very strong hands hugging her close to his iron like massive body frame, which she seemed to find very comforting for the moment, but than her attention came to her hand which was gripping onto his collar really tightly as she could see the awkward position his kurta had been stretched into...and than she finally opened her eyes and saw Dutta... no her Saab, who was staring at her so deeply that she could probably burn right there in his arms and not complain one bit.
Naku... he said, that was enough to make her faint if she hadn't already, Naku.. he said again...tum theek tho ho na... he asked in concern this time, but he seemed to have a sly type of smile on his face, but Naku wasn't understanding the joke, causing her to frown... Saab... was all she could say as she finally managed to make eye contact, getting shy all of a sudden realising that he was still holding onto her in such a filmy type way...
hmmm.. replied Dutta, knowing that she wanted him to put her down, but at the same time didn't want to acknowledge it, and so tried to act oblivious, to her unsaid pleas.
Saab... started Nakusha, ...not being able to tell him to put her down, ...woh aap ko kuch chahiye tha, she said, but he didn't reply and nor did he remove that smirk from his face, making Naku want to die in embarrassment, so tried further ...tho mujhe bula liya hota...she said stuttering, but still nothing,, chahiye thi, main abhi laati hai... she said thinking this will definitely get the message through to him, but nope, nothing, and than she tried one last time, ...Saab ...Saab...
Dutta could hold onto her all day, she was so vulnerable, and he couldn't take the smirk off his face, she was trying to make all the excuses under the sun to make him put her down, but she just couldn't bring the words to her lips... wow this girl is going to kill me with her simplicity... it was such small things but these were the things that drove him crazy about her, he couldn't believe it.
Haan tho chai lao na... he said motioning his head as though signalling her to leave, ...maine tumhe rokha to nahin, he added.
Lekin Saab... she tried again, pehle aap mujhe...mujhe...neeche to... she said trying to shift her weight hoping this might work...
Kyun... he said as though in a demanding voice, ...tumhe yahan acha nahin lag raha... he teased, he knew this was it, she couldn't help it, she was so shy it was unbelievable and to his surprise rather than trying to get away from him, she hid her face as deep as she could in his chest and hugged him even tighter around his neck to hide her embarrassment from him, making him not regret his decision of not letting go of her earlier, he was loving every bit of this closeness, and her way of denying that was even more adorable, he just never wanted this moment to end...
...when suddenly an abrupt voice broke their magical trance,...baaalikaa tumhare sapne ka rajkumaaar...aaarahaa haiii, varmalaa...baraat...doli sajaa ke dulhaaa... chaaarahaa haiii...var mangalaaa saav-dhaaan... sang Baji imitating the Pandit's voice in the same manner as the song 'tenu leke' in the 'Salaam-e-Ishq' whilst throwing the petals off of the marigold flowers at the couple that were so engrossed in each other like they were newly weds, that they hadn't even realised when Baji had come, ...and even had time to ruin their moment with a little drama involved.
Gaurav had come back by now, but before he could comment on Naku who was holding onto Dutta like he would disappear if she let go of him, and Baji throwing flowers at the couple...which only god knew why...he could smell strong fumes of tea leaves burning like they had been roasted and deliberately filled the air with it's strong odour.
When Dutta and Naku looked at each other, and in shock said ...Chai !!
Dutta had landed Naku safely on her feet by this time, who didn't leave a seconds gap and ran off to the kitchen to get rid of the smoke and open the windows to let the smell out.
Gaurav had stared at Dutta through hooded eyes, and without removing his gaze from him followed Naku through to the kitchen, Dutta had just rolled his eyes and asked Baji what happened to the situation with the car, which Baji had replied that both the ladies had been picked up and rightfully escorted to the Mandir safely.
Just as Baji and Dutta were about to walk towards the front door to leave, they'd heard a big bang from the kitchen with loud shouting going on, mainly in the voice of Gaurav, causing both of the boys to run towards the kitchen without delay, when they saw Gaurav flinging the dishes around frantically in anger and fuming at Naku, and Naku who was now sobbing loudly and sniffing her watery nose, due to Gaurav's scolding.
When Dutta saw this, he'd fumed, right that's it... how dare you, he started whilst walking up to Gaurav real fast, and grabbed his collar and punched him in his nose, making it bleed towards the side of his lip, but Gaurav didn't hold back he'd simultaneously punched Dutta in his guts with all his might, taking Dutta off guard, but Dutta had quickly recovered and charged Gaurav into the wall making more dishes come tumbling down from the force of their fight, and than Gaurav had lifted his knee and and planted it full on into Dutta's chest bringing him back to face level, it was during this time that Naku's voice had reached Dutta's and Gaurav's ears, with Baji trying to hold Nakusha back instead, who tried to explain to her that their men, let them fight and sort this out their own way, and that there was no need for her to get involved.
But Naku's screams had reached them both at the same time, with high pitched voice so high they were pretty surprised that the windows hadn't cracked.
Just stop ! She'd shouted, how could you do that, since the day you've both lived in this house together you're behaving like children, she cried, yes I'm sorry Gaurav... hogi mujhse galati, lekin iska yeh matlab to nahin ke tum yahan akar Saab se jagra maul lelo... she scolded. Aur Saab aap, aapne bina soche bina samajhne Gaurav ko mardiya... she sobbed further, with words failing her she gave of them a 'how could you look,' and left from there, but when both the men who's heavy breathing had calmed down now turned to stop her and ask for her forgiveness, Naku put her fore finger up as indication to don't bother following her, just don't, okay, both of you, whatever it is with you two, please just sort it out, 'cause I don't think I can stand this any longer, not right now anyway.
Arre Naku tu itna pareshaan kyun ho rahi hai re, yeh sab to chalta rehta hai... he started but when he got a look from her with her bloodshot eyes, he'd backed off, er...dekh mujhe yeh sab loche mein parne mein koi dilchasbi nahin hai, he said, I'm just trying to be the good guy here, he said, when he'd run out of words to say, but when Naku left from there, he let out a sigh of relief... woooh he'd said that was a close call for me, he thought trying to save his own neck.
Okay Naku ain't going to forgive you guys easily not after what you just did, but seriously you lot need to sort out this conflict or whatever it is you got, we've got to do something to convince Naku that you have sorted out your differences, said Baji, trying to patch things up between the arch enemies.
So you've had your fun, you two have wanted to hit each other since the day you met, now you've done that, why don't you both apologise to each other, suggested Baji further, but when both Dutta and Gaurav looked at Baji with a look stating 'if you don't shut the hell up than you're going to get it too,' theek hai theek hai, agar tum dono iss baat ko suljaana nahin chahate tho phir ek kaam karte hai...
Naku had sobbed and sobbed she'd totally forgotten about meeting with Gaurav but he was right, it was like he wanted to save her more than she wanted to help herself, her input was zilch compared to what Gaurav was doing, and he'd threatened her that he'd stop chasing her around, and then when she felt like rehearsing she could find her own way, maybe this is when it had kicked into Naku that she really weren't doing anything to help herself, she was so wrapped up in Saab's love, that she was overlooking everything else, and if she didn't act upon it now than she would lose his love for her too, and all Gaurav was doing, was that he was finding a way for her to make Dutta understand what Naku had gone through.
As Naku wiped her tears, she decided for once and for all that she would sacrifice what little time she had with her Saab, and put all her efforts into her training and she won't be fooling around for as long as she trained, okay Gaurav I accept everything you put before me, vowed Naku to herself.
Okay she's here said Baji, shuru ho jao, he said as both Dutta and Gaurav sat across each other in the main lounge and done a cheers with their haldi wala dhood glasses, that Baji had made for them, just to show Naku that they'd sorted out their problems they had with each other.
When Naku saw them she couldn't believe it the two guys she loved the most in the whole world had sorted out their differences just for her, she couldn't have been anymore happier in that moment, although both their wounds looked pretty bad, Dutta had bruises over his cheek, and his shirt was ripped, while Gaurav's nose had dried up blood around it, with a few scratches on the side of his eye.
But Baji had considerately made them haldi wala dhood, it couldn't have been more perfect, thought Naku.
Nakusha had walked up to both of them and announced her decision to them, after much thought, and told Saab that she will from now on keep her distance from him until the after the performance and only after that they will act like a couple, and she told Gaurav that from now on up until the show, I'm all yours, I won't sway, and I won't deny anything you say, I agree to everything you've said, she finished, ...everything, she repeated before leaving from there, ...and if you're still up for it, I'll be ready to leave within five minutes.
As soon as she was out of sight both the guys had spat the haldi wala dhood out onto the floor without thinking twice, and cursed Baji for even trying to make it, who defended himself by saying at least I've learnt something from my koel, which is the least I can say for you two, he taunted and quickly left from there, before any of them could squeeze another word in.
Now they were both alone, and stared at each other with silence that only indicated war, I really got you there... didn't I, smirked Gaurav at the way he'd punched Dutta.
Yeah, but I was the one who got you first, replied Dutta, and by the looks of it I've made your face a whole lot prettier than it was before, and if it weren't for Naku, than I would've made your direct entry into the operation theatre too pretty boy, joked Dutta.
Oh please don't use Naku's excuse with me, you had your best shot and you blew it, for what it's worth this don't even hurt.
Save it for someone who'll believe you, and your punch ain't exactly worth praising, I bet a girl could punch better than you.
They'd argued like school children, and when words finally ran out, Gaurav decided to get up and leave, when Dutta stopped him, what you gonna tell me 'to stay away from your girl,' taunted Gaurav without turning around.
No, said Dutta, 'cause you're going to do that anyway, but I am going to say that if I ever see Naku cry again because of you, I 'will' kill you...
Is that supposed to be a warning, said Gaurav in a amused type of way.
No, feel free to consider it a threat, replied Dutta, equally amused.
You know you're here threatening me that don't make her cry, but the ironic thing is Dutta, that you are the only reason she has tears in her eyes, you have no idea how much she has fought against her life, you don't have the slightest clue on how scared she is to lose the things she loves, but the worst part of the story is that the best thing that's happened in her life is 'you,' and you don't know it today but she is having world war three against her own fate just to hold onto you, because she's so scared of telling you her truth that it's eating her up inside that what if you don't accept her after knowing it.
Don't be so ridiculous Gaurav, I wouldn't let anything in this whole world separate us, why would she get such a stupid idea like that, and I bet it's probably you that's spiking things off about me to her, and that's probably why she thinks like that, and how do you know what it is she's got to tell me, asked Dutta more irritated by this fact.
Because I've known her since the beginning when no such secrets existed, I know everything about her that I need to know, but the obvious thing is you don't, and lets face it you ain't exactly Prince Charming when it comes to news and things to do with someones past now are you, Gaurav questioned back.
Her past... that means she's got to tell me something about her past, than I'm even more sure that I won't be upset with her, because who can have a past worse than mine, and if she's accepted me with my past, so can I, ...I'll always be there for her and she knows that, said Dutta slightly concerned and worried.
Gaurav had just let out a slight chuckle at this point, you think you have the worst life under the sun don't you, you know when I hear some things about you from your past, yeah they're bad, I won't disagree to that, but her life...her past, he said nodding his head from left to right in disapproval, one can only imagine how someone as fragile as her can endure so much in her life, but the amazing thing is it never stops with her, she has this amazing thing about her that she can make the biggest burdens look so light that she's still carrying with her, that when people look at her, they think her life is almost perfect and that she had no idea what the meaning of the word problem even is, but here's a truth Dutta Shriram Patil, it's actually far from it. According to you, you're probably thinking that Naku is just a simple poor girl, that's walked into your life, and just like a fairytale she's fallen in love with, and you with her, and than it's happily ever after, but the truth is you have no idea of what she is facing, even right now, she looks at you and tells you everything is fine when it's not, just so she don't have to be the reason your smile to turn upside down, she doesn't want to drag you into her problems, she just wants to tell you so you don't feel cheated afterwards, she doesn't want you to feel what it feels like to be in her shoes because it's too painful, and she is the last person in this world that wants you to see pain, and she hates the fact that reason for your pain, could be her. But you know something...he paused and looked towards Dutta and said, ... I wonder if you could even walk a mile in her shoes, and if you could I would happily let you punch me a thousand times over in my face, because I can bet my life on it that you would never be able to do that, you would never be able to go through with what she's going through right now, but when the time comes for her to explain that to you, you'll will be without doubt the first person to complain about it, like you always do, people have always betrayed you Dutta, but Naku's fate has betrayed her and not once not twice but many times. So when people tell her they will be there for her, that's actually the part that scares her the most, because everyone that's ever said 'I'll be there' has always left her. But I guess we'll find out sooner or later if you really do mean what you say, and if you do I would rate you, but I know you could never do for her,what she can do for you, and that's the reason I hate you, 'cause you don't deserve her, said Gaurav as he left Dutta behind deep in thought.
Now Dutta was worried, how much stuff was Naku actually keeping bottled up inside of her, and disguising it from me, thought Dutta, was she scared to share her life's secrets with him because he was cold hearted, he had made it sure to Naku that he would never let anything come in their way, but I don't understand what it could be, maybe I should just talk to her about it, but she did specifically tell him to wait until the show, maybe I should just wait, as she'd made it clear that all her time was going to be spent with Gaurav now, great my life just gets better and better, thought Dutta.
As Naku and Gaurav made their way to the exit, Naku had looked at Dutta and told him she were leaving and will be back tonight, and Gaurav had cleaned up his face and put on a new shirt and was about to follow Naku, when Dutta called out, hey Gaurav, and when Gaurav looked back, he'd said 'stay away from my girl,' in the most unwelcoming tone possible, and Gaurav had just laughed it off and left without saying anything in return.
The Pooja had taken place eventually and Babi had returned to the basti, once she'd collected the passes for the competition for her and her family.
Okay Naku start the steps, now, dance in front of the mirrors, remember your foot work, come on Gaurav, said Naku, you need to play the tabla, you know I can't dance well without your beat, sighed Naku.
I know Naku, but at the moment you have to try, please focus, said Gaurav. You have to keep up, things can go wrong on the last moment, and you have to be prepared for that, now listen carefully to what I'm going to tell you because I know this is going to be hard for you.
As Naku sat down on the wooden shiny flooring to listen to what Gaurav had to say to her..
So the main outline for this competition is 'concept', okay, he said, as though he were giving her a lecture in a classroom, there are going to be a total of fifteen performances on stage, and you are performance number three, now... everyone has a specific type of theme going on in there dance, something they're trying to tell the audiences only through their dance. Now what I want you to do is, as he looked at Naku and tried to tell her in most calm possible way that she will choreograph her dance to her own life story on stage as her theme, he could see Naku was getting confused at the moment but before she could say anything he put up his hand to stop her from speaking, and than sat on the floor opposite her with his legs crossed loosely.
Naku, I'm going to tell you a short story, okay, it's actually a famous ballet, but we're going to adapt it to your own story and present it through kathak, you want to show Dutta how you've dealt with this black soot over your face, well what better way to show him, by giving him a clear imagining of you went through, show him exactly how it was for you when society wanted to use and abuse you for your fair skin, show to him your reason and show it to him strongly that why you've taken the help of this black colour, tell him the reason for your survival has been this black skin, because your fair skin had always treated you like it were a curse, Gaurav could see Naku's frown appearing, showing this was getting hard for her already, but he could also see that she'd wanted this truth out more than anything too.
What's the ballet about, she asked through a choked voice, when Gaurav smiled with relief, I knew you'd understand Naku, I know you'll make me proud of you, he added, before he got down to the serious work.
Okay he said standing up, and rubbing his hands together as though he were warming them up, so here's the story : The Concept
Swan Lake
A virgin Princess, is cursed and trapped in the body of a Swan, by a great powerful sorcerer. She lives in a lake that was magically formed by her grieving mother's tears, hence Swan Lake. She transforms by night into her human form and by dawn returns to a Swan, the only way the spell can break is by the power of true eternal love, who must remain faithful to her forever, or else the spell will never break and she will remain a Swan forever.
Her wish comes true to some extent in form of a Prince, who is eventually tricked by her evil twin, who seduces him preventing the spell from breaking and causing the Princess to kill herself, and find freedom in afterlife.
The End.
...So this is the story of Swan Lake, although there are a lot of versions to how this story ends, and the reason of the evil sorcerer's spell has always remained unexplained, but what we're going to do with the story is much different to this version, but nonetheless will be telling the same story, so now this is where you have to keep up Naku, this is your concept taken from this story, adapted into a scene told through kathak, and presented by you, now listen up :
Naku's Concept
A girl, who is fair skinned and beautiful, but her beauty has become a curse for her, one day an evil man sees this young virgin and tried to claim her through his evil ways, but her mother curses her to become dark skinned for all eternity, but one day she falls in love with a handsome man, but the man she loves knows nothing of her beauty, she cannot reveal her true self to him unless he promises to remain faithful to her after knowing her truth.
but one day another man tricks her by seducing her intimately by pretending to be her lover, but when the girl realises her lover who has now witnessed her with another man, he is forced to believe this as a betrayal, and eventually leaves her.
The evil man continues to force himself on her, and she rejects him time and time again, telling him how much she loves the man she has given her heart and soul to, even though he has left her, she fights for him, but in the end the evil main quenches his impure desire and the girl has killed herself after the abuse, indicating that her body may be claimed by force, but her heart and soul will forever remain intact with only one person, her true love.
Allowing her to die a peaceful death.
The End.
Lekin Gaurav yeh kahani to bilkul aise lagti hai jaise meri... started Naku.
I know Naku, that is exactly what I want, you to show Dutta how much you really love him, he needs to relate to the girl in the story for him to understand what you went through, replied Gaurav.
Your right Gaurav, and I know just the song... she begun again.
Er not so fast Naku, I've already chosen the song for you, and your dancing partner, the title's been handed over to the organisers of the show and everything has been printed on the itinerary, but just out of curiosity what song did you want to choose ?
Never mind Gaurav, it was just a random song from 100 Days, but the decision's been made, she sighed.
Hey that ain't my fault I have been telling you since ages to sort out your act, not my fault you didn't want to listen, said Gaurav shrugging his shoulders, making Naku laugh and helping her up to start the dancing.
So no messing around now, I will learn all the steps to such perfection that you won't have a chance to complain again, and... and that's a big and, she repeated, you won't bother Saab about it anymore, I hate to see him stressed because of me, and he's got a lot on his mind right now, and by you telling him to stay away from me sounds like your deliberately spitting poison in his face, although I know you've come to some kind of agreement, but somehow I have a feeling that you two are going to remain life long enemies, even if you try to paint me a different picture, so please Gaurav for me just back off Saab, please, she added one more time.
Fine Naku, but you know I love how you're making me look like the bad guy, 'cause the truth is he's the one that stirs up the trouble, you know, said Gaurav in a tone indicating 'he's the one you should be preaching.'
As Naku inhaled a deep breath, she prepped herself a hard time, she had a lot to do in such a short amount of time, and why wasn't the guy she's going to be training with here yet, she did need to get home to do the cooking too, and Gaurav had made it very clear to her that even while doing household chores she should leave no stoned unturned to use any chance as an opportunity to keep rehearsing.
( Please click here for the song, Ghum sum, ghum sum, by Sukshinder Shinda ft Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, keeping the volume midway )
The time for training had started, and Naku knew she was going to miss her Dutta more than anything else in the world, but than this was all for him too.
Dutta had felt like his reason for breathing had been snatched away from him, and suddenly felt a sense of suffocation kicking in, having Naku's presence before him but not being able to behave comfortably with her, was a lot harder than it had sounded, his list with reasons for killing Gaurav with good reason to present to Naku seemed to be growing day by day, he promised himself that if there were ever an opportunity to kill Gaurav, he would without doubt be first in line to do so.
As Gaurav had played the tabla, Naku had loosened up towards the beats and tapped into her dancing first before they got into anything serious, more like a warm up.
They carried on like this for a couple of days, without any interruptions, things were quiet around the house every night she'd returned, she tried to avoid Dutta just in case she made it harder for him to stay away from her, and by the looks of it, it seemed that Duttta was equally avoiding interaction with her too, maybe this was his way of participating in helping her, just so she won't sway.
Naku had been rehearsing her movements so hard that she'd barely had time to even squeeze a shower in these days, even while she was showering she'd been practising her facial expressions and had wrapped a towel around herself, and decided to try on some lipstick she'd borrowed from Roops, to see how it would look on her in her fair form, as shouted pouted her lips together in the mirror, she felt a strange sort of shyness staring back at her in form of her reflection, it was bad enough getting used to seeing herself in her fair avatar, so it was pretty much like shooting an arrow into thin air tryingg to guess what Saab's reaction would be when he sees her. And than brushing off her thoughts she'd flicked her hair back with her shoulders being brought inwards, and than repeating it over and over again, trying to get the move right, unitl Gaurav had banged on the bathroom door shouting for her to get out, haan abhi nikhal hi rahi hoon, she'd shouted back trying to remove the lipstick off her face in a rush, and quickly applying the black soot over herself and getting dressed.
She'd rushed to make the tea, as she tied her wet hair into a messy bun, and while moving around in the kitchen Naku had looked around cautiously and tried to do some kathak moves with her feet instead of walking towards the cupboards to take the tea cups out, she'd bounced her toes of one foot on the ground twice and and flicked the other foot backwards while throwing her face back in the direction of her foot, all the while she held an empty tea tray like some waiter. She felt stupid doing this but than she left herself with no choice, while she was half way turning, she'd bounced off something and lost her balance.
As Naku got shocked by the force of what she'd walked into, she'd lost her balance, only to be stabled by a strong hold around her waist holding him close, oh great thought Naku just what I needed to make myself concentrate, she thought to herself, as she responded to his look.
As Dutta tried to stable Naku, while she was attempting some weird type of move and had twirled without looking around her, she'd turned right into him making her lose her balance. But luckily for her, Dutta had caught her in time, as he'd come by to see her, he'd tried to stay away from her, but he missed her, so thought that a harmless meeting without any contact would be okay, but now with Naku staring back into his eyes, and his hands gripping around her waist had just turned his noble thoughts into something other than noble.
Saab aap, Naku said after a long pause, haan, er...main tumse milne aaya tha...aur socha ke kuch baatein kar lete...door door se...lekin yahan aaya tho dekha tum girne wali thi...aur mere hote huwe tum aise kaise gir sakti ho, replied Dutta still keeping his hands around the back of her waist... but before Dutta could let go of her fully, he'd noticed her lips which held a tinge of rosiness, er...were you wearing lipstick asked Dutta curiously.
As she heard the words leave Dutta's mouth she'd couldn't help but get embarassed and lied unnecessarily, making her feel stupid, nahin tho, woh main woh Gaurav ne baraf ka gola khareeda tha raaste mein, aur... usse mere... hoth... todhe... rang.. gaye, she said leaving long pauses between the last few words realising that using Gaurav as an alibi was a lot more worse, she would have been better off telling the truth which was in actual fact pretty harmless.
As soon as Dutta had heard Gaurav's name he silently wished for Gaurav to get runover under a car or something, well actually that can very well be arranged thought Dutta, but that was a cheap act he couldn't possibly do something like that, but there was no harm in wishing it, as he'd removed his hands away from Naku and asking her to bring him a cup of tea, as though he'd just telepathically been told to behave himself, and left from there.
Naku couldn't help feeling bad about what she'd just done, but than she was too shy about telling Dutta that she'd tried on a lipstick to impress him, well seeing it that way Saab did hate Gaurav already, so it wasn't that bad, oh god thought Naku, I'm becoming a terrible person, I'm actually using Gaurav to bounce a bullet off his shoulder, as she rolled her eyes and got on with her work.
As the days grew nearer to the competition, she felt like the gap between her and Saab grew bigger, it was only a few days ago that she went to give him tea to his room, and he held her hand, indicating her to sit by him for a while, but their was a strange type of look in his eyes that showed it was unsure of himself whether he would be able to hold onto her, like Jagtap Dada had once said, 'hold onto your love, because the next love doesn't come easy.'
When Naku saw that look in his eyes, she wished that she could assure him that she was always his, and would forever remain his, the fear he had in his eyes was for nothing, even if she was rejected by him, she could still live her life happily, knowing that Dutta had once loved her.
Many days had gone on like this, she been introduced to the guy named Amit, who was paired with her to dance on the day, but his face wouldn't be revealed, he would dance behind a white screen indicating their love by perfect symmetrical dancing with Naku in the front, visible, and to show audiences that Naku's identity will not be revealed to her on stage lover, which is when the same guy will come out and act as the betrayer who forces himself on you, but you don't realise who he he is until after some time, but when you realise it's too late, and your love has left, and than so on.
It was a lot to take in but Naku understood most of it, it was a little confusing, but she got most of it, they were using the outline of the story from Swan Lake, and interpretating it into a format of kathak, as well as using the story of the swan metorphorically, so she would be portraying the character of the Swan Princess, but won't actually be playing a Swan, and her dark colour would be used as the curse from the story.
You call me after this many days, I was beginning to lose hope on you, and this girl you say is more beautiful than the angels themselves, aise kabhich hua hai kya, aur itne din laga diya tumne, mai tho abhi kisi dusri ladkhi ka bandobas karliya hai, said Chasker.
Itni bhi jaldi kya hai, jho samaa aapne diya tha woh abhi tak khatam nahin huwa hai, hum ne tho kaha tha ke woh ladhki mere haatho bach nahin payegi, aur dekho wohi huwa, aap mujhe parso ke din, iss patte par milna, aur tab aap khud dekh lena ke yeh ladkhi heera hai ke nahin, replied Morey.
As Chasker thought about the time and place Morey had given him he was confused, the job he had was far more important, but than the profit on both sides was big too, if this girl Morey was talking about really was as beautiful as he said, than this was not worth missing, but if he didn't do the job Anna had given him, than this could cost him his life, the job he'd been designated was top priority.
Nakusha could feel butterflies in her stomach as there were only two more days left for the competition, and than she would be free to tell the truth to Saab.
Naku, started Gaurav, ...tumme pata hai na ke abh sirf do din bach te hai, jab tum apna sach Dutta ko dikhaogi... but before Gaurav could finish, Naku had spoken as soon as she heard his words.
...Dikhaongi, matlab... questioned Naku, tumahara matlab kya hai Gaurav, are you trying to say that you want me to dance in my original colour... she retorted, when he told me the story I thought I was just portraying a beatiful girl in the act, I didn't think he expected me to become the fair skinned girl in reality, did he, argued Naku with her thoughts, which had become too loud to hear anything else at that moment.
Dutta was becoming more and more restless as the big day grew closer, how could he watch her care free knowing she has something big to tell him afterwards, after seeing her dance at Roops engagement he would do anything to see her dance again, but how woul dhe be able to appreciate her dancing and her passion with such a heavy heart, well only time can tell, thought Dutta to himself.
Okay all dun, I no dis had bin the longest update so far lol, but I had a lot of loose ends to tie up in dis one, which will becum clear in the nxt as to why, so feel free to take ur tym, and guys as always make sure u have ur headphones ready for the updates 4rm hear on without the songs r becuming more important 4r hear, n like I always say u'll no why soon...Embarrassed
Thank u guys for being so patient and reading such long chapters, but I can assure u there's a lot goin o wid dis one wich is y it's longEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
And btw, the part where Naku falls on the ladder is the chapter I wrote for Shilpi's thread, which I have changed around, so it's a little different, but dat's wot made the update dat slight bit longer for those of u dat didn't manage to read it. Wink
Well I hope u guys r still up for the FR lol...Embarrassed
Thank u everyone for their comments and please do press like. Smile

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meghaparti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Thanks for sharing Tink..mink...oh my my itni jaldhi update kar diya...LOL seems like mera pechle update mein comment nah paa kar meri mommy pareshaan ho gaye...Opppsss sorry...But Was really busy..but must say the last update n the kiss wasssBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingU made me blush...LOL Nakku n dutta's bechaini was just awesome in the last bit n Dutta naughty boy...kitna ched raha tha nakku ko after the kiss...n this update amazing n rocking dialouges from gaurav...he is so adorable...Big smileDutta trying his best to stay away from nakku...but the best part was the ladder scene where nakku garlands Dutta ..I could really imagine that scene awesome u...n post the next part more cannot wait any longer for the FR...LOL

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Tink mein aa gai :P

after all the washing my car and myself ... i am actually all wet

ok gettin on with the update love love love love it (hehe remembering Kiran now)

oh you will not be one bit surprised for the first comment I make about this FF

g a u r a v ! Heart

I really love his relationship with Naku and his ways in general ...*catches breath* lol

but the way he is there for her...looking out for's so pure their relationship ...of friends

but not just friends...there is a more divine, pure thing there...and i love it...

I have to say this :P I love him too :D

Oh god Naku forgets all about Gaurav for her Saab's chai lmao...

loved the Baaji-Dutta convo...and this entire scene was fab...

I do remember it from the YHTKH and u mentioned then that it would be in ur FF

so wen I read the start to the part i expected most to happen ...u did adapt it a bit tho

but amzing love his effect on her ...and lol my poor guarav waited and waited and returned home

to smell burnt chai!!! lol . Oh and the music ...their music ooohhh memories

I love this music...damn it i miss them !

Aww my gaurav and dutta ...fighting like kids LOL...children I tell u ...they are such cuties

OMG LOL Baaji suggestions were hilarious...both gaurav and dutta acting like kids

I want to pinch both their cheeks...LMAO no way Baaji made haldi wala dhood oh god...

haha i loved Naku's decision and love how they spit it all out once she left...

and MY Gaurav made his speech well or lecture,...what ever ...but that was so well written

good job...i love how it was like tapping each nail in with the hammer !

i am soo eager to read the FR and the performance :D

Ok I actually really love the idea of using the concept to convey her story...

I think with amazing songs (which u normally pick great ones) it can really be written beautifully

I am one who loves watching people dance ...esp with a certain concept.

Loved the whole swan story... and her modified story...itz going to be one intense show

the music Ghum sum was nice ...never heard before...but worked well in the part ...very good

aww Naku working hard at her dance ...even practicing in kitchen very good...

and of course D must come...even I am curious to know how she will perform in front of him...

like gaurav said only god knows loll

oh yes and there was that other scene...sorry me doing this off memory LOL ...

some scene where Baaji and D talk about Roopa and how N looking for her sis. ...

lol i want that out soon too

Oww tink waiting eagerly for next update...please do soon

am so excited to read it :D all the fun stuff is about to begin ...

great work as usual ...take care ...cya

lots of love and hugs Hug

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superb updt... luved the longgg updt... so the D'day is going to hav lots of twists and turns... updt sooon...Waiting eagerlyyy

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