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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 37)

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hey babez I feel so soo tempted 2 reply 2ur comment, but I've literally got tears cumin outta my eyes everytym I yawn lol, wich is every 2 secs...LOL, so I hav 2 head off lol...I will reply 2mro k...n fnks 4maklin me feel better thought, cnt tell u how much I feel normal...Smile, so thanks hun...Wink

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hey babez I feel so soo tempted 2 reply 2ur comment, but I've literally got tears cumin outta my eyes everytym I yawn lol, wich is every 2 secs...LOL, so I hav 2 head off lol...I will reply 2mro k...n fnks 4maklin me feel better thought, cnt tell u how much I feel normal...Smile, so thanks hun...Wink
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Chapter Thirty
The Rickshawala
Dutta and Naku had returned home safely, only to be welcomed by Kalavathi's false pretence with her lack of concern, being witnessed by her husband.   In the hustle Naku's presence had been overlooked, and so she decided to go to her old room, and cherish her memories that were still as fresh as the damp air outside. 
When she'd left this house she'd left with nothing, and when she returned she'd returned with everything, the only thing that lacked in her life was her Tai, and deep down inside she had a strong instinct telling her that each day was bringing her closer to her sister, she could sense it, but that didn't stop her from praying to Bappa for her well being, and to wash away all the bad things in her life forever.
Gaurav had trailed Naku behind, and managed to speak with her, he had immediately noticed the change in the couple since they were actually behaving like one, since the moment they'd returned from the jungle. 
Before Naku felt the need to fill him in on whatever had happened between her and Saab, he put up his hand and signaled her to stop, there's seriously no need Naku, some things don't need any explanations, and lets just say this is one of those things, okay, he said, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder, all I can say is that I am truly happy for you, not for your choice of choosing him, but for your decision that you have taken of your own accord, for once you've achieved something you deserved all along, and that too without my help, all Naku could do was smile with a few tears, she hadn't told him of Jagtap Dada yet, but she knew that her tears were wasted as he was now where he needed to be, just like herself. 
Although Saab was a little annoyed by her, but she was still working on how to pacify him, which she could tell would be hard work by the looks of it, even when they'd returned home he was still giving her the cold shoulder, their love was barely a day old, is this what it's going to be like for the rest of my life, she thought, while smiling at his childish behaviour.
But before she left, she realised it would be wise to take a shower, as the jungle may have given her the best memories for the rest of her life, but also some of the worst situations to go with it, she thought as she remembered the creepy crawlies and lizards, and worst of all rats, no wild rats, just thinking about it made Naku shiver, she had to get under the water to get rid of that horrible sticky feeling from her day old clothes that had been tortured way too much by the over exposure to the wild.
Naku knew that she should give Saab some time to break the news to his household members, and therefore tried to make herslef scarce.  Roops had joined her in what was now Gaurav's room, and had asked for a full low down on what had gone on, Bhau ki ankhein to sirf tumhe dhoond rahi hai Naku, aisa kya hogaya sirf ek raat mein...she asked hitting her with her shoulder cheekily.   Naku had just avoided her questions and ran off to the window feeling immensely shy about the whole night and instead found herself admiring the view outside, the clouds were building up, it had already rained and the smell of the damp soil with wet grass had filled the air, which Naku loved, it had a sense of freshness that felt calming to the mind and body, all she wanted to do was get outside and enjoy grey skies that would soon shower small droplets of rain, so she decided to go to the kitchen and check if they needed anything, and than remembered that Saab had a sweet tooth, and decided to make kheer for him, maybe that would cheer him up, and she would get her peace of mind by admiring the outdoor weather too.
Dutta had tried to play it cool, after what Naku did, he felt irritated by the fact that she refused to drink his tea, and than she even pulled her hand away when he tried to hold it.  He wanted to get his point accross, but Naku didn't seem to be making enough effort, according to him, it weren't like I was some stranger trying to force myself on her, I'm her husband for god sake, she didn't even let me kiss her, our love story's literally just begun and she's already avoiding the few things that every man desires from his woman, a little comfort, thought Dutta.
When they returned home everyone had bombarded them and asking them about their wellbeing, he was practically being dragged from left to right, Ayi Sahib looked relieved when she saw him and grabbed his face and started kissing his forehead and doing the aarti and what not, but by the time he'd glanced back at Naku she'd already disappeared, that too in Gaurav's room, and Gaurav who had followed her shortly afterwards, why did she go back that why, his room was hers now, by right, so why did she not go up to his room.  But before he could leave from there Ayi Sahib had told Dutta that she needed to speak with him seriously, and the matter could not wait, regardless of the situation they'd just returned from, hearing the concern in Ayi Sahib's voice he couldn't help but go away to his Mother's room and listen to what she had to say.
As he went to his own room, he could feel his anger filling up through him again, making all his old wound fresh, why, why did something like this have to happen just when things were starting to shine some light into his personal life, seeing the empty room bothered him more, was she still in her old room, does she think that because no one knows about us, that she isn't entitled to come back into his room anymore, was that why she went to her old room, thought Dutta in frustration, as he grabbed a clean bunch of clothes and headed for the shower to clean himself up from the rough night they'd had.
Before leaving Naku had made tea and thought of giving it to Saab before leaving, but when she entered she saw him sitting on the bed looking rather distressed, or angered she couldn't be exact, so she put the tea down on the coffee table, and walked towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder, kya huwa Saab, she asked. Upon feeling her touch Dutta had felt a strange kind of ease running through him and sighed, ...wohi jo hamesha hota hai, he replied, jab bhi meri zindagi mein kuch acha hota hai, tab jaake tera Bappa mere ko phir andhere mein dhakel deta hai, he finished as he stood up, and rubbed his temples with one hand, ...aisa kya hogaya Saab, kisi ne kuch bola aap ko, she questioned in concern, haan... he almost shouted but than tried to control himself, bola...aaj itne saalo ke baad bola, he said in riddles. Main samjhi nahin Saab, she asked again, but in a little more subtle manner, ...aap kiski baat kar rahe ho, she added stuttering slightly.
Damodar Patil ki, he said back finally through clenched teeth like it were a deadly sin to even speak his name.
Naku had immediately understood who he was talking about, and figured it was best not to ask him anymore questions, as he was clearly pained by even the mention of his biological Father, so instead offered him the tea she made for him.   Er Saab aap chai peelo thandi ho jaye gi, tab tak mein bazaar hoke aati hai, aur jab aap ki naraazgi shant ho jayegi, tab hum baat karenge, she suggested as she handed over the tea to him.  Dutta had looked at the cup of tea in her hand and glared back at her with a stern and mean look in his eyes, making Naku feel a tinge of fear wondering what had triggered him off so suddenly.  Mujhe teri chai nahin chahiye, he answered coldly, leaving Naku shocked, lekin Saab main tho... but before she could answer, Dutta had exaggeratedly flung the cup out of her hand making it spill everywhere whilst breaking the cup into a thousand pieces at the same time.  Naku had been stunned with his action and froze, while Dutta had got up suddenly and went towards the window and rested his hand above the wall and running one hand through his hair, trying to force out the tension in his mind, and regretting what he'd just done it weren't Naku's fault, but the thought of meeting and forgiving his Father in one go, after all the years of torment Dutta had lived through seemed to easy a death for him, did that make Dutta a cold hearted evil man, or was forgiveness simply not an option for him, knowing that his Father's days were numbered it still hadn't bothered Dutta but a part of him was debating whether he should fulfil a dying man's last wishes, but rather than talking to Naku about it, he'd lashed out his anger on her instead, but when he'd turned around to apologise, she was already gone.
Dutta knew what he'd done was out of order, he had no excuse and weren't about to find one either, he was wrong and he'd say sorry to her, but she said she was leaving to go to the market, he thought as her last sentence echoed in his ears, and glanced outside the window only to see the clouds forming together and small almost unseen droplets of rain were beginning to mark the roads, oh god I hope she don't end up walking it, he thought, but before he ran after her he saw Kaka approach with his Rickshaw, and thanked god that he'd come on time, otherwise that girl would have certainly walked, especially after what he'd just done.  But than he ran downstairs to make sure she got to Kaka, just in case he missed her.
Arre Naku kaha jaa rahi hai, main tere ko gaadi mein chod dega, shouted Baji as she tried to storm off, and hiding her unhappy face, arre Naku, he shouted again and looked at Gaurav, who was busy trying to tune in some radio channel in the front seat, but when Gaurav looked up he saw Kaka riding by, and said don't worry Kaka aagaya hai na, woh Naku ko lejaye ga, Naku ko Rickshay se jaane ka shok hai, shuru shuru mein darti thi lekin yahan aake kaafi kuch seekh gaye hai Naku, he answered, not showing too much interest to what Baji was saying.  Arre vaah...kaisa Ram bhakt hai tu, saale, teri Sita maiya akele van mein ja rahi hai, aur tu yahan beth ke radio mirchi ka signal dhoond raha hai, taunted Baji.  Kya Sita maiya, aur woh bhi Naku, aur main Ram bhakt, lagta hai tera dimaag bhook ki wajeh se fail ho raha hai, replied Gaurav back.
Kyun shaane tere Baap ne yeh bhavishwani boli samjha kya, he said pointing a finger at him, ...aur sun agar mera Bhau Ram hai, tho Ram ki Sita tho sirf Naku hi hogi na, aur uska pyara devar...yaanike main... he said proudly, ...Lakshman, kyunki jahan Ram waha Lakshman jaisa bhai to mein hi honga na, he carried on as if it were too obvious and not caring about Gaurav's most confused look yet, since he'd entered Patil Niwas, aur bacha role Pavan putra Hanuman ka na, woh kehte hai na, ke jahan jahan Ramayan ka paath chalta ho wahan wahan Hanuman ka dera hota hai, bilkul teri tara, bina bulaye teri entry hogi... he finished.  
You are seriously on another level dude, answered Gaurav, you forgot one thing, actually you forgot the most important thing, that Hanuman's connection with Ram is the strongest, and somehow I don't think I can relate to that, said Gaurav warily. Haan waise yeh baat ka faisla to tab hoga jab tu apni chaati Bajrangbali ki tarah paarega aur tere seene mein Bhau aur Naku ki photo chapegi, he said stretching his hands out in front of him in thin air as if literally sizing a photo.  
Arre vaah sacha bhakt tu hai, aur chaati mein paaru, tujhe apna Dutta Bhau itna acha lagta hai to tuhi apna seena paar, answered Gaurav rather irritated by Baji's vision, ...lo yahan kaun si Ramleela script ke saath chal rahi hai, kuch bhi ho sakta hai, ho sakta hai ke teri chaati khud hi Bhau paar de... he laughed knowing how much Dutta hated Gaurav, but before they could carry on with their pointless argument Dutta had come running outside and asked where Naku went, and they both pointed in the same direction without saying a thing.
As Dutta had walked faster in the given direction, he spotted Kaka, who was still riding an empty Rickshaw, and when Dutta had caught up with him he'd asked why he hadn't given Naku a lift, and than upon hearing the answer he felt ashamed of himself of how much he had mistreated Naku in the past, and even today after accepting her love he was still paining her, apparently Naku hadn't ever taken a lift from Kaka since the time Dutta had scolded her for wasting money on her fare.
Baji and Gaurav were looking in Dutta's direction, and noticed Kaka getting off the Rickshaw and heading towards them, what on earth was going on, why the heck was Kaka coming back on foot. 
Naku hadn't reached too far, the rain was literally spitting delicately, not enough to cause any damage to her complexion, thank god, she thought as this was the closest she could get to enjoying the rain, since her reign of her dark avatar.   As she was walking she heard a bell ring, it was none other than Kaka's Rickshaw bell, but when she looked back nothing could have surprised her in the world more than that current moment.
Mehsaab sawaari khali hai, he said as he cycled around her in a circle on the road, and came to stop right next to her offering her his hand as if he were asking his Princess to climb aboard a royal chariot.   Saab aap... was all she could say once she was able to close her mouth, which was left open in shock.   Saab me..mein Memsaab nahi... but before she could finish, he interrupted and answered ...kyun tu mujhe Saab bula sakti hai, tho main apni Patni ko Memsaab nahin bula sakta, he answered raising both his eyebrows in question, and lowering his head slightly to meet her gaze which was trying its best to shy away from his, and instead he held out his hand again, and when she held onto it firmly she climbed onto her designated seat in the back, and placed her foot securely towards the front.
Dutta had started riding the Rickshaw through the streets and towards the main traffic, somehow it had felt good to him too, after a long time he felt free, like nothing else mattered at that time except for reaching the market before the best items were sold, and the best part of it was that he was accompanying his wife to the market, as he reached the traffic jam, he cycled through tight spots.
Naku couldn't believe what Dutta was doing, she was amazed that he could lower himself to such a level just to take her to the market, the whole idea seemed bizarre, but everytime she'd looked up at his big broad shoulders, she knew this was reality, as Dutta was motioning Kaka's Rickshaw carefully, Naku couldn't help herself from glancing at his reflection in the car windows, she was even feeling shy of looking at his reflected image, but when she looked at it again, this time she noticed Dutta was staring at her through the reflection too, making Naku blush deeply and turn her gaze away from his image, and curl her lips in instead to hide her embarassment, but Dutta had carried on staring at her through the stained window, until the kid behind the glass had rolled down his window and said, ...abhe eh Uncle, mere Papa ne yeh kaale sheeshe teri shakal dekh ne keliye nahin lagvaye samjha kya. Dutta had a right mind to get this kid and turn him over and spank him, maybe if his parents had done that when he was younger he wouldn't have been so rude, ...meri shakal keliye tho nahin lagvaye, lekin teri manhoos shakal duniya se chipaane keliye zaroor lagvaye honge, said Dutta as he turned his head away from the arrogant kid and smirked to himself casually, ...Mummeee, whined the kid as his Parents rolled up the windows electronically, making Dutta feel proud of his victory, only to see Naku's head turning in disapproval in the side mirrors of the same car, but she was also laughing, which meant she was cheered up.  
The lights had turned green, and Dutta had headed off again, and than his phone had rang, but Dutta didn't bother answering it as he noticed Naku's attention to see if he answers the phone or not, but to her surprise he did, while moving into the slower lane and telling the person on the other end ...nahin sab cancel kardo, main apni biwi ke saath shopping jaa raha hoon...haan...hmm, jaisi tumhari marzi...theek hai... and hanged up the phone, not only that he'd switched his cell phone off altogether.  They were getting closer to the market, when a man had rudely told Dutta that taking Rickshaws beyond that area weren't allowed, and any passengers were to be dropped off nearby, ...haan haan theek hai, mujhe pata ta, main bas parking spot dhoond raha tha, he answered as he got off and landed on his feet he noticed Naku snickering by the fact that he'd just got told off by an older man but didn't want to accept the fact that he was wrong, Dutta just stared at her, and remebered the time she snickered at him for teasing Baji at the dining table, he didn't mind if her jokes were on him, well that was one way of keeping her happy he thought, as he put his hand out for her to land safely on the ground.
They both begun walking side by side, even though the street was busy, Dutta had somehow managed to creep his Rickshaw in, guiding it by the handles, to any by passers it seemed pretty obvious they were newly in love as they were oblivious to their surroundings and stole galnces from one another, their love had seemed so innocent that it looked like they were a couple in Junior School who had been given permission to go on a date, where the boy rode his bike alongside his girlfriend but didn't know what to talk about because it was their first date ever.
While walking Dutta had almost run over an old lady, who had just screwed him and walked off, making Naku giggle out loud, betiii...shouted a man from behind, they both stopped and Naku recognised the voice it was her Baba she bought her regular groceries from, how on earth did she managed to walk right past him, she thought feeling embarassed, ...kaha jaa rahi ho, kisi aur se sabzia lene ka iradha hai kya, he asked as he weighed up the fresh vegetables without asking, er woh nahin Baba...woh galti...ho gaye, she said as she looked back at Dutta who was standing behind her like he was some bodyguard observing every person she spoke to, but feeling amused at her clueless behaviour at the same time, which he was finding very attractive.
Once Naku was reminded to buy her shopping, her dealer happened to recognise Dutta Bhau, and salute him, but Dutta had nodded in a no to him in a discreet manner, not wanting special attention while he was with his Mrs. 
     Naku had begun haggling for the prices, ...itne ke, nahin nahin, main itne nahin dungi Baba, ...beti main tumhse jhoot todi na bolunga, stressed Baba, but when he looked behind Naku, he saw Dutta giving looks as in to give her the goods at which ever price she aksed for, and he nodded in consent quickly whilst wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead, Naku had noticed Baba looking at someone behind her, and when she glanced over her shoulder she'd seen Dutta with his arms folded accross his chest and giving Baba a series of nods and directions with his face and eyes, but Naku had played dumb at first, waiting to see what the outcome was.   Lo Baba, yeh bhi, aur yeh bhi, aur yeh bhi daal do, theek hai hogaya, she said, kitna hua...
Kamaal karti ho bitiya main kya tumse paise lunga kya, apne Baba ko aise sharminda matt karo... he said buttering up Naku with his words but hoping it was Dutta that was getting impressed.
Naku knew that dear old Baba wouldn't accept her money due to fear, so instead handed him the right amount of money she thought was right, but when he refused again, Naku looked over her shoulder half way, not making eye contact, as if Dutta should know what she was saying without saying it, but waited anyway.   Eventually Dutta had given Baba a go ahead to take the money, and at the same time knowing that Naku had caught him out since his first threat, making him feel foolish.
Dutta looked at Naku, and Naku at him, and they both smiled at each other, while Dutta scratched his head as an indication to say 'I know, I know', kind of way, but not regretting it.
He helped her back up onto the Rickshaw, and placed the bags around her carefully, so she still had enough space to secure her foot properly in place, and sat back on his own seat, but before leaving he'd made a stop in front of the gol gappa stand, surprising Naku to the core, Dutta had turned to the side and asked the man to prepare 10 gol gappe and keep it in one plate, and so it begun, he held out the first one to her and signaled with his eyes to eat it, at first she felt shy but than gradually she gave in, and ate it in one go, and than Dutta had the next and so on and so fourth, and then they turned to leave, ...abh bas ek chai ki zaroorat hai, said Dutta taking a look back at Naku, woh bhi bilkul meethi, he added and winked back at her, while swinging his waist jacket over his shoulder and riding the Rickshaw back towards Patil Niwas.  His style of riding was absolutely carefree, Naku had felt like they were cruising, by far this was definitely going to be the best Rickshaw ride of her life, she thought when suddenly the Rickshaw had jerked quite abruptly making Naku lose her balance and jerk forward and resting her hand against Dutta's back just in time to stop herself from literally falling off.  Naku tu theek hai na, asked Dutta in response to her touch, he hadn't seen the broken road in front on him, as his speed was too much, making their ride lose stability, god I wish these things had suspension thought Dutta, as he instructed Naku to put one hand on his shoulder, but when he didn't feel her hand, without moving his eyes from the road, he put his hand out to the left, and ordered her to give him her hand, after much time she finally agreed and Dutta held it and placed it on his spare shoulder, and held it in place the whole time, while riding Kaka's Rickshaw with one hand, and giving hand signals with the same hand, supporting the steering with his knees from time to time, his riding was so fluent, Naku had felt like she was on cloud nine, with her personal Prince Charming escorting her back to his palace.
When they reached home, Gaurav and Baji hadn't bothered saying a single word, Dutta had tried to ignore the fact that they even existed at that particular moment, and helped Naku down at the same time, while holding all the bags of groceries in a bear type hug and told Naku to follow him, he thanked Kaka on the way, who was overwhelmed by the sight before him, and blessed them all the happiness in the world, and left.
Everyone inside the living room were shocked to see Dutta carrying all the shopping bags, but again he'd ignored everyone and walked right past them into the Kitchen, with Naku behind him.  Kala had understood that a lot of things had changed in the one night that they'd spent in the jungle, but at the moment she'd had more important things that needed her attention.
Er Naku mere kamre mein jaldi se chai leke aana theek hai... he said leaving from there fast. Jesus I'm only giving my wife a helping hand, what is it with everyone, why the hell are they staring like I've been cloned or something thought Dutta much to his irritation, only to notice the mess had been cleaned up while they were gone, one of the maids must have done it, he thought, as he waited for Naku to come back up.
Naku had made the tea fast, and had put the kheer on the stove to thicken, but while she rushed herself into so many tasks at once, she'd forgotten if she put sugar in the tea or if she'd just put it into the Rice Pudding.
She brought the tea in a rush, but bumped into Baji on the way, who had asked for tea upon the sight of the thing, and Naku gave her cup to him and rushed away quickly. Saab chai... she said as she left as fast as she'd come.
But before she got past the last step, he'd shouted, Naku !
Kya huwa Saab, she asked in panic, yeh koi chai hai, ek cheez maangi tumse aur tum woh bho theek se nahi kar paye.. he blazed. 
What happened she asked, but as soon as the words had left her mouth, Dutta had forced the cup to her face and told her to drink it and tell him what was wrong with it, and in her panic she'd sipped it without delay, and understood that she had indeed forgot to put sugar in the tea, and her face had dropped while grabbing the cup real fast and told Saab that she'd make another cup of tea within the same five minutes, but Dutta hadn't refused, hmm theek hai, jaldi jaa, mere paas zyaada waqt nahin hai, he said taking the cup back off her and placing it on the table, and ignored Naku's look of confusion.
She hadn't bothered asking why he placed the cup back on the table, but than he did behave strangely when he was angry, so she ran off to make another cup instead.
Dutta grabbed the cup and drank the rest of the tea, and sighed in a style of satisfaction and victory, which he could practically say he was tasting, tere haatho ki bani hui chai sab ko meethi lagti hai Naku, lekin tere hothon ki mithaas sirf mereko meethi lag sakti hai, he said as he took another sip from his tea, well this was only a taster of his personal brand of sugar, the real sweet tooth would be satisfied when he kisses her, thought Dutta, knowing exactly why she deterred from him kissing her in the jungle that night, suddenly it was too obvious, and for the first time he was glad to know why she didn't know how to kiss.
      Baji was slurping his last sip of tea when Dutta noticed he was there startling him, when did you come, asked Dutta in worry, oh don't worry Bhau I only came now, I didn't hear anything, honestly, I swear, ...I mean I didn't see anything... Dutta had grabbed him by the collar by this time, ..what did you see, asked Dutta with fear of looking stupid in front of his childhood friend.
Nothing Bahu I swear, ...only when you drank the tea after Naku tasted it, and something about it being sweeter because her lips had touched it, and than after that you went silent and thinking about something...which seemed pretty pleasant by the way 'cause you were smiling the whole time, he added in struggle through the awkward position Dutta was holding him in.
Naku had come with a fresh cup of tea now, and handed it to Dutta, who quickly let go of Baji and took the tea from her and sipped it, and made a funny face, Jesus Naku, how much sugar did you put in one cup, he revolted and placed the cup next to the now empty cup, and noticed Naku's gaze on it, and instead said, you may as well pour that cup out of the window, like I did with the other one, and walked out screwing Baji in the process, who had followed him out anyway looking confused why did Bahu lie to Naku, why didn't he just tell her that he drank the tea thought Baji.
As they left Naku had walked up to Saab's tea and remembered the scenario when Saab asked her to drink his tea, but it weren't that she didn't want to, but the fact that it would look very wrong in front so many people and Saab's employee's to do such things, what his way of expressing love to her, would have been classed as cheap and tacky amongst they eyes of world, thought Naku as she held Saab's jhooti tea and drank it, only to find Baji staring at her weirdly, leaving Naku looking too astonished, that she was moving her hands but no words were coming out of her mouth.
Er...koi baat, koi baat nahin, mujhe batane keliye zaroori nahin hai, aaj kal iss ghar mein jo ha raha hai, ajeeb ho raha hai, main tho sirf Bhau ka phone lene aya ta, bas, na maine kuch dekha, na maine kuch suna, theek hai, tu jo bhi kar rahi hai...thi...tu karti reh...ha...tujhe Bhau ki jhooti chai peeni hai, tu pee, tu shok se pee, main kisi ko kuch nahin batayga...theek hain...waise bhi main hota kaun hoon poochne wala... said Baji, speaking at the speed of light, giving short pauses in between only to catch his breath, at times. 
whaohooa long long long lol, well now u no y Kaka and his Rickshaw exists, it's so weird wen u fink out a scene and wen it cums 2writing it, d whole fing suddenly seems like mission impossible lool...LOL, well his Rickshaw still has one or 2 more purposes 2 serve lol, but dat will be a little later...Tongue Embarrassed
newyz, well first of all I'm really sorry not to get bak 2 comments, will try n do it if I don't update within the next 3days, but if I do den I won't be able 2 comment, so sorry guys, but will defo try, but I do however luv readin every1z comments.
well d song as u might hav guessed y now is one of my favs as usual, u may not lyk it at 1st but it grows on2u as u get 2wrds d end, its js one of those songs n fink it suited dis scene pretty well. 
ok so last but as usual definitely not d least, thank u 2 every1 who helped in suggesting d names for Roopa Tai's daughter, I really appreciate it, so a special thanks to:
Megha - Naina
Yuvika - Rupali
(also suggested by Mish n Daya)
Mnx12 - Swaroop
Shilpita - Rupali/Rujhun/Chamcham
Kiran - Rosha
so these were d suggestions I got n hav to say well dun girlsClap, can u belive I cudn't fink of even one name to resemble wid her mother..Disapprove, but it was a close call 4m2 between Rupali and Swaroop, but have decided to go wid Rupali 4 obvious reasons, wich u'll find out soon enough, I am gonna use Runjhun 4 Tasha's offsrpings lol, n dnt ask ?z abt dem cz they r far...n belive me wen I say dat...LOLTongueWinkEmbarrassed
So thanks a ton girls, will ask 4ur help wen I need it agen...Hug, n in the meantime please do press like..Smile

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Tink amazing update...dutta taking naku shopping that too in a rickshaw...lovely... then the chai scene ohh amazing... more soon.. overall amazing chapter.. hope u feeling better and good., dear
tc vika

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meghaparti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Tink...Big smile Finally update aaayaaa mere liyeee...LOLwoh bhi aisa waisa nahi balki a fantastic updateClap Dutta missing Nakku in his room...n thinking about why she was not with him in his room...Roops teasing nakku...n Awee the rickshaw ride was too cute..Embarrassed Dutta riding the rickshaw for his memsaab...the golgappa part was also very cute...n then Dutta carrying all stuff from nakku n passing through everyone who was just staring at him in shock at home..LOL Dutta mumuring to himself that he was just helping his wife...LOL Dutta is too adorable...Embarrassed even the little baaji gaurav conversation about ram sita n hanuman was amazing dear...LOL Dutta one smart dude huh...LOL Chai mein shakar nahi n made nakku sip n then drank it all n the next cup that nakku bought had a sip n left the rest for her...telling her that u should throw it away just the way he threw the 1st cup of his sugurfree tea that she bought for him...LOL he is so much in love..Embarrassed Dutta holding Baaji by his collor lol...n baaji what didnt u hear u heard it all sweetie...n in fear u said it all to duttaLOL This time I will not force u to update soon..warna tum mujhe badnaam kar do gaye phir se...lolLOL

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged
OMG Tink !

what an update :D

But have u been in a situatio where u can look but cant taste or touch :P

Thast exactly im in :P

can read but comment needs time !

Just a lil time baby 

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meow----- Groupbie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Great update tinkThumbs Up
yeh sab LTL mein kiyon nahi hoya...? (afsosDisapprove)

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 2:49am | IP Logged
rickshaw ride wasa definate keeper...but u should write the name of the song too with the link as i am in office i can't access music sites or links but i can atleast imgine what song u want us picturise...i feel like i missed out on time plz give the name of the song with link :)

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