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Laagi Tujhse Lagan

FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 136)

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Originally posted by droopy_asleep

Looong Update...but honestly, I wanted more of Naku's Gandhigiri, more than Madhu's London adventures. So thats one complaint from my side :)
Hopefully, khadoos maan jayega.
I know EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.  I get what you mean hun, but there's a lot of things related to Madhu's past that people may question when it happens, so this little flashback was necessary.  But don't worry your complaint will be dealt with shortly too lol.  I hope this will be your first and last complaint lol.  Embarrassed
Khadoos will defo come round, but it needs to be with good reason too, rather then it just happening one day lol. 
Thanks for commenting hun, appreciate it.  Smile

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Originally posted by daya0628


Edited :
Tink Mein Aagai :D   

Chapter 40: The old fashioned way... already love the title...and picture too...I love some things done the old way its so sweet and cute lol ...

Aaww thanks babez! Yep me too!!!!

Ok I'm going to be kind of going off memory for this one as i read it when u posted it so if it is in random order or if i mix  things up dont mind :P

That's totally kwl hun, no worries at all gorgeous Wink.

Ok so I know this update was a lot about my hmmm enemy lol...well frenemy...i don't have a problem with her really just that she is taking my spot :(  but I have already liked her intro in last chapter and this chapter has only made me like her even more ...but i will get back to talking about her later as I know her parts come later in update let me try to go in order


Okie dokes hun...but I'm glad to hear that you like her anyways.

So kala trying to start a Fashion Industry...interesting...Naku and Dutta still on wierd terms lol...Dutta drowning himself in alcohol and Naku still hanging around just waiting for him to give up tryin to stay away from her ...Madhu was also triggering lots of emotions for Dutta and it wasn't her he had a problem with but rather the mere fact who she was to him...and dutta feeling like he was not capable of holding relationships...poor guy ...this whole incident has really shaken him up ...cant blame him...but I feel its about time he snap out of it matter what she aint goin no where and he wont be able to live without her either...I love that Jagtap has such an influence on these two...always thinking of him which not only shows their connection to him and his words but the truth in much dutta and Naku were meant to be...his every word true for them...and Dutta also feeling that torturing himself was exactly the punishment he needed/deserved...but then he had began to eat food by Naku again ..i am just waiting for the day he drops all these stupid thoughts and takes her in his arms LOL

Yep her passion's finally getting the better of her. Naku and Dutta are on same terms at the moment...well actually things are coming to a slow improvement lol. Madhu simply being there triggers emotions for Dutta. He will snap out of it, but there are other things to get in his way. Thinking of Jagtap always gives him that simple answer he tries to seek elsewhere. Oh that day will come in a few updates too hun...but bear a little torture from the story that has to be told lol.

I loved the bit with Baji, madhu and GAURAV :) but mostly loved the way you wrote Gaurav and Madhu's interaction in the car...way he was able to make her undertand and silence her but more importantly his care for her too...even though they love strangling each other ...he wont let anyone else do  anything to her...and Baaji too was catching all this...although he sat proud of his buddy :P

It's so weird for you to pick that moment lol, but real glad you did actually like that. Well you said it all, the loved ones feel that right to do whatever they wish, but get offended when other people try the same.

when I read Kala's bit about waiting for the court order, and dutta to go to court about tax inquiry I went :O but then later I read the bit about Madhu and criminal law...I think she will come into the picture in this situation :) ...i hope so at least...

Well you are Superwoman, and of course you must live up to your name lol. Need I say all the info that needed to be spotted has indeed been spotted by you.

and there was the scene with Naku and Gaurav hehee ...Naku noes him best right...knowing very well that madhu is intriguing to Gaurav...Naku pointing out that above all the fighting and differences there is something there lol ...hmm ...i loved the convo here btwn the two friends...was light and full of understanding :)

Their friendship must always survive, it just adds a few light-hearted moments to the chapter.


ohhh and the last long bit on watching the movie...loved the whole thing...but mostly i enjoyed the fact that Gaurav and Madhu seemed to be liking the same things ...setting the stage for them to see each other in a different perspective...and then Madhu's emotional connections to the movie Gaurav picked which was also her favorite i think...I loved all the arguements btwn them all ...madhu - gaurav...baaji-roops..roops has also figured that Madhu and Baaji have nothing btwn them for her to feel jealous...a very family moment here...the mix of every emotion ..and a moment full of fun :)

Thank you hun! I'm real glad you found it fun, their arguments fit in quite naturally believe it or not, and it's really hard to tame such personalities in in an ff lool. Gaurav and Madhu share the odd few things common with each other.

I also liked how you added in bits of Madhu's life into this scene...Madhu had a close relationship with her father...which is very apparent and am very glad u did it that way because i for one did not really like the way their story was built in LTL1...

Yeah I wanted to show a different side of DP through her memories, just to show he was a changed man since after the time he left Dutta. Even I didn't like the way her character didn't hold a solid story of her own, it felt pointless to bring her in really.


most enjoyed them acting out ...u filmy girl must've enjoyed writing this hai na tink :P

Hahaaa...well you know me, of course I loved writing this part, this also happened in the spare moment type thing lol.

LMAO i remember dying of laughter with Naku's "main tumarhe bache ki maa bane wali hoon" rofl such a common line and love the drama in the line it self...and Baaji's ear covering typical bolly serial style mein ek dialogue bhi thoroughly enjoyed this update sach mein tink...and then Madhu's turn and everyone appluading and praising...and then they talk about her and the guys she dated lol ...all ended up in hospital...I liked that Gaurav was reading btwn the lines and seemed to be understanding her better with this experience...

Lool...really?! I know though innit, it is such a full on Bollywood dramatic line, I thought it would be a nice touch lol, but of course it worked as Naku was trying to divert the attention to herself from the fight at hand lol. Well Gaurav don't realise he's taking so much interest in her, he's doing it naturally...trying to understand her I mean, and he don't figure he's doing it.

very well done ...loved the update as always...update soon...take care and willl chat with you you lots ...byeee

Thank you babez!! I loved reading your comment as always too. Will chat soon enough.




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Originally posted by nileshni679

Tink i had read your update whn u had updated but couldnt get time to comment so doing it nowBig smile. it was a long update but really enjoyed it. Madhus character is really amazing i loved it alot especially when she is really on Baaji n Gauravs nerves. Didnt see much of Dutta in this one hope to get more in the next update and pliz try n put some sense in Dutta so that we can get some of Tasha moments soon.Day Dreaming

Naku as usual superb and for Baaji muah.
Hi babez, Smile 
That's okay hun.  I know it was a mega long update lol, but there was a lot to fit in that one so it had to be done.  Embarrassed  I am glad you liked Madhu's character though, as this information given in this update is vital to know, just for the sake of knowing how she knows what...sort of thing. 
You will defo see Dutta in the next update lol, but not tasha as yet.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  Yep I'll certainly do that lol.  WinkWink  I will pass ur kiss along to Baji lol...and Naku is slowly transforming into a sherni over a due course of time.  Smile
Thanks for commenting chick, it's much valued. 
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Chapter Forty One

Have I Told You I Ache




Dutta could feel himself losing the battle against Naku, he knew he was growing weaker against her efforts day by day.

A few days ago Baji had come to pass on a message from Kishore that three of Dutta's main warehouses had been raided, and goods were seized by the customs. They had given Dutta a two-week notice to find a barrister to represent him, or else face the consequences, which could result in long term imprisonment. Hearing Baji's words seemed to make no difference to Dutta however, he couldn't' care less, ...ek asli mujrim ki jaga salaakon ke peechen hi honi chahiya Baji, was Dutta's reply upon hearing this news, while sipping on neat alcohol in the morning. His state was terrible, not near describing with appropriate words, not knowing what to do Baji had left.

Kala was the only one who had seen the ever so slight change in Dutta, Naku hadn't given up and slowly but surely she was beginning to make a difference. It won't be long before she brings Bhau back to normality she figured. She knew that keeping Dutta's state in pitiful one, she'll have to get rid of Naku, which had sounded easy but hard to do, She had seen the vicious eyes and tone she'd spoken with Dutta the day he'd told her to leave, Naku had the audacity to fight back for her love against Dutta himself, and the shocking part was that Dutta was speechless, and hadn't dared to disobey to whatever Naku was ruling out.

Failing in the past many times while trying to get rid of Naku, Kala knew her planning needed to be solid this time. To keep Dutta lone and apart for all eternity, in order to gain rule over the house and wealth, she needed to find a way to keep Dutta drowned in his drink. Remembering Naku's words to Ayi Sahib last night, she recalled her saying that she wished to pay a visit to the Gaon Devi Mandir downtown. This triggered a last tempting effort to get rid of Naku for once and for all. It was more clear than ever, that Naku will never leave Dutta's side until she remained alive. This could be easily sorted, thought Kala as she called Sudarshan, telling him to fail the breaks of Dutta's car which Naku had been using since Dutta had decided to hibernate.

Kaam aaj raat tak hojaana chahiye Jija Ji... said Kala. With Sudarshan quickly agreeing.

While Naku sat in her old room, thinking of her conversation with Ayi Sahib telling her that how long ago she had walked bare footed to the temple in order to gain an independent wish, making Naku consider doing the same for her Saab.

She hadn't felt ready to pray to Bappa just yet, but couldn't help staying away from devotion regardless. After hearing much about the all-famous Gaon Devi Mandir, she felt a desire to go for darshan herself for a little sanctuary. But soon decided to make a pledge for her Saab and commence her journey to the temple bare feeted too. Night was dwelling on the house, and she quickly fell asleep, so she could wake up early for her short yatra tomorrow.

Madhu sat in Dutta's bar playing on her guitar with no tune in particular, striking a string every now and then, lost in old memories feeling gutted, and downing her drink from time to time.

Her thoughts were disrupted by stumbling and thumping. Looking back her eyes laid on an ever so drunk Dutta, who was equally astonished to see her, followed by disappointment. Rushing to his side to help him, she slipped one arm around his waist securely and placed his arm over her own shoulder to give extra support, although he was refusing to accept her help, he wasn't in a fit state to refuse either.

Bhaiya...are you okay? She questioned as she guided him to the sofa.

Mujhe teri madat nahin chahiye... he murmered rudely.

That's what you think... she answered sarcastically under her breath while shifting her guitar elsewhere to give him extra space.

What's this? Dutta asked immediately not knowing when he'd grabbed her guitar and inspected it, play this? He questioned again looking at her for half a second.

Yeah.. she said slowing down and taking her place on the far corner of the sofa, realising he'd dropped any effort to play hard, without allowing himself to do so.

He grinned for a second, and said know even I used to play a harmonica... but then his forehead creased up, ...but for some strange reason I can't seemed to hit the right notes anymore, he said in confusion like he was talking to himself rather than her.

Madhu let out a light sigh before she continued, ...maybe that's because you're trying to play songs you've never heard of before, she said trying to relate the two subjects and using it as an example for him to understand his confusion of not being able to play.

No, that's not the reason, he was fast in saying. Madhu shuddered at the coldness in his eyes, Bhaiya why don't you end all this suffering and give it all up, don't you see you're ruining yourself and upsetting everyone around you... she grimaced while saying.

Maine tere se poocha nahin, he threw back, ...pehle tere baap ne meri zindagi barbaad kardi, aur ab tu meri zindagi barbaad karne keliye aagaye hai... he almost shouted.

Me? You don't need me to ruin your life Bhaiya, you're doing that yourself! In fact it's you that's ruining everyone else's life in this house, Ayi Sahib, Baji, Kala Tai, Roops and most of all your wife Naku! She said with impact.

Aye!! Don't talk about Naku, you know nothing about anything, I'm trying to stop her from ruining her life by staying with a man like me, but she doesn't understand! Answered Dutta trying hard to control his anger, and wondering why he was explaining himself to Madhu. Besides it's that man you call your Dad that's made me such a man, he informed disgustedly.

Yeah perhaps you're right, but that man is also my Father, and he's the same man who raised me, and I'm nothing like you Bhaiya, you did what you did to yourself, and it's about time you stopped blaming people for your mistakes, shifting the blame doesn't change the fact that the past events have happened. It just diverts the attention from your own mistakes that's all, she replied calmly but sternly. And let me tell you something Bhaiya, my Dad was a good man! He made some mistakes that were unforgiveable but he tried, he tried every day of his life to at least set one of those million things right, not a day went by when he didn't remember you. She paused for a moment but desperately continued while holding back all her pain. All those years I lived with him, never did I see the kind of love that I saw when he would look at a picture of you... she went on until her voice almost trailed to a stop as she felt the memories flood over her words.

As Dutta noticed the change in Madhu's voice, he realised that the Damodar Patil he knew was a totally different person to the one Madhu called her Father, and seeing her break down like that in front of him had made him feel somewhat guilty. Once again he'd only saw his side of the pain, and not the person standing in front of him, he walked closer to her and placed a loving hand over her head as she sat absorbing her tears into her palms. I'm sorry... he said, I'm sorry... he whispered this time.

When Madhu felt a firm hand caressing her head lovingly she felt at peace within seconds, his voice apologising had put a comforting stop to her tears, she couldn't hold herself back any longer and stood up to hug him making Dutta stumble slightly off his feet as Madhu's held on to him in a bear type hug tightly. Hesitantly Dutta responded and told her to be off to bed, as he hadn't known how to react to her sudden affection.

Drowning himself in his drink soon after Madhu's leave, Dutta sat there dwelling in his sorrows. Figuring he'd had enough he made his way back up to his room. Opening his screw cap of the Whiskey he gulped down a big amount of the alcoholic beverage while accidently spilling it around his face.

To keep his thoughts as far away as possible from Naku he resorted to his drink. With no luck whatsoever, for the more he drank, the more he was forced to re-live his wonderful memories of Naku.

Talking to himself out loud, and at times wondering if he was hearing voices of himself, or if his imagination was coming to life.

Kya tha aur tu kya nikla Dutta, he said to himself. Chala tha apni Nakusha ko khushi dene, aur dediye usse ghammo ke ansoon, jo kabhie nahin sukhenge, he blabbered on in his drunken state. Lost in all the older memories of the time he fell in love with Nakusha, or rather the time he hadn't realised he loved her, they all flashed in front of his eyes like they were fragments of historic pages that were corroding with the new future of today.

Feeling a sudden jolt of disgust running through him, he clenched his fist and smashed the glass coffee table before him. That not being enough he made his way towards the dressing table and hit his fists against the desk, making all the contents kept there safely jump up from the impact and breaking while falling to the ground.


(Tum Kaisi Mohabbat Karte Ho - Waqar Ali. Please click here for this soundtrack, reading at a slow fair paceSmile)


Leaving the wood cracked at the surface of where he'd hit his fists, his eye caught something silver sparkling at the corner of the desk drawer. It was Naku's payal which had been left abandoned on the road that dreadful day when Anna had dared to kidnap her. Grasping onto her payal and squeezing it in his hand, hoping that would get rid of the horrible memories associated with his token of love, he remembered the time gifting it to her when he hadn't known that he loved her.

The way everything had changed right before his very eyes, at one point Naku was just a friend to him, but how he hadn't realised when his heart had begun beating for her, seeing her look back at him with her great blue orbs widening upon his sight, suddenly Naku became his everything, more than he could ever imagine.

Her love was such that even being so far from her he could feel it miles away, like it were lingering like a delicate touch in his soul. Longing to sink into her eyes, he searched through his pockets looking for his cell phone which had Naku's picture in it. Finally finding it, he stared back at it, like he was a hungered person that had seen water after many days of starvation, he felt at ease. Satisfying his quench in such a long time, he got lost in his Naku's eyes... seeing life through her eyes when she first entered Patil Niwas, he searched for that innocence. He remembered the day when he and Baji had first discovered her blue eyes, they'd pathetically mistaken Naku to have worn glasses, as she didn't want to look more hideous then she already had done. Naku had bounced up immediately blabbering anything that came her way, of course now Dutta understood her petty reason to be an excuse to keep her real truth hidden. This was that Naku was the most divine beauty he had ever seen in his whole life.

She always tried to keep her distance from him, as she was aware of Dutta's constant gaze on her, and how right he was too. He'd always suspected Naku to have something beneath the skin, but he could never figure it out, and therefore she avoided him. However, at first she'd even been uncomfortable with Baji's open attitude, in fact so had Dutta disliked the closeness between Naku and Baji even though he never thought to have an interest in her other than friendship.

Not knowing when a smile had cropped up on his face, he went to the dressing table and opened the first drawer, where he called to mind keeping the bangles he had broken on Naku's gentle wrists what seemed to be like an eternity ago. Finding them he examined the red glass bangles he dashed that day in order to disregard them and forgot all about them, until now. Capturing every single one of Naku's awareness's in particular memoirs he felt strangely connected to her, but then as if awakening back to reality, he realised he was cheating himself. Allowing him to be living on false hope, and remain in misconception, he glanced at his wrist where Naku's mangalsutra was still tied to his wrist for safe keeping until their marriage, he reached over to pull it off.

Go ahead.. said a voice sounding just like his. Inspecting the room instantaneously, he tried to locate the voice. Who there? He questioned suspiciously.



Hysterical laughing could only be heard by an irrational Dutta, who was slowly losing his patience. The sound of the laughter had seemed to be taunting his ears, as it sounded like it was laughing at Dutta's disarrayed behaviour. Who's there?! He said trying hard not to shout.

I am... said the voice, which Dutta understood to be just like his own. Running a quick aggressive hand through his hair, ...who the hell is it?! He yelled making way to his cupboard searching for the first weapon that came in his grip.

Give it up Dutta... said the voice again casually, you can get rid of everything in your life, except for me, he said holding up his hands as he walked around freely in Dutta's messy room.

Dutta stared at the well-known figure squinting his eyes carefully through his blurred vision, only to find himself. Wearing a white suit, with a black untucked shirt which showed off his chest with two open buttons from the top looking extremely smart, how he had done himself once upon a time. He adopted a neat pushback for his hairdo, and had both hands placed inside of his pockets and spoke back to Dutta as though he looked down on him. An imposter for sure thought Dutta, how could someone look so alike, it was impossible. Raising his gun to his duplicate, Dutta asked again who he was, and what he'd wanted from him.

Go ahead and shoot, tempted the smarter Dutta with a smile.

I will... threatened drunken Dutta closing his fist tighter around his gun.

But before you shoot me, delete Naku's picture from your phone, he said as he took his seat on Dutta's couch and crossing over one of his legs laid back.

Don't tell me what I need to do, Dutta replied through clenched teeth not lowering his gun.

Why, you tell everyone else what to do, including me, so why should you be the only one that is never told what to do, answered the newer Dutta. Leaning forward to the more uncomposed Dutta who was remotely lost as he spoke on... every time you got hurt, I was in more pain then you could ever imagine Dutta, he hissed while pointing a shrewd finger and deciding to stand up. Each time you made wrong decisions people around you had the option to leave, but not me! I was stuck with you, forced to watch you ruin your life time and time again. I'd given up hope of surviving any longer with you, but then the most amazing thing happened, Naku walked into your life. He said allowing himself to wonder in his own thoughts.

Torn and shredded Dutta's attention was solely on his own image before him, confused at every word being uttered by his duplicate he was unable to respond, surprisingly waiting with patience he sat there dumbfounded, wondering what his imposter knew about Naku.

When she walked through those doors of Patil Niwas I knew I had a connection with her, my love for her brought her back to me Dutta, my love! He boasted. Lekin tum apne jeene ki wajah hi matana chahte ho! He said raising his voice. Meri Naku ko mujhse door karna chahte ho?

Aye! Dutta shouted unable to take control of his anger and thrusting forward to grab his collar, Dutta stumbled right through him and bumped into the bed instead. Looking around the whole room he found only emptiness. The voice carried on, this time through the mirror, Dutta could feel himself on the verge of madness, ready to do something crazy, anything as long as his own image would stop haunting him.

What's wrong Dutta bura laga ke maine Naku ko 'apni Naku' kaha? Provoked his reflection. Now is not the time to feel bad, you should have felt bad when you told Naku to marry someone else.

Stop! Just Stop! Dutta finally let off, ...I can't bear it anymore, I can't bear the fact that Naku is away from me, and I hate it! What do you think that I don't ache?! I ache! I ache all the time, but it's better to live with this pain than to give it to her! He said breaking down, I know how special she is.

Not enough... replied his conscience, you realising today is not enough Dutta, get up and do something about it, he encouraged. Otherwise you'll regret it the day she wakes up next to someone who knew her worth.

These words pierced through Dutta like shards of glass, the sheer image of Naku, his Naku with another man killed him over and over again, like his soul was being ripped apart by the very thought of it. Suddenly he'd regretted his every word said to her for marrying another, even his attempt to do her any good was useless.

Dutta...Naku's ability to make you a better man in every way is her true beauty, with time you haven't realised what a humble man you've become, don't let yourself be destroyed by such matters that need no attention. Sometimes you need to let go of the past, to welcome the future, it's easy to move on Dutta, let yourself free. All these problems that stand in your way, why are they there, simply to deter you from your motive. To hell with all the hurdles standing in your way, let them vanish into the very smoke they were created from Dutta, zindagi ka saath dena bohut zaroori hai warna yeh zindagi bhi naraaz ho jaati hai. Jab tum khushi ko itni zaroorat nahin dete to phir gham ko itni aimiyat kyun Dutta. Celebrating your unhappiness is a waste of time, leave them behind on your path carry what you can along your journey Dutta. And we all know that can be restricted, so leave behind the bad and carry the moments worth remembering, and you will never be disappointed in your life again. Don't differentiate between the good and bad moments so much, just keep bringing yourself to that point in life where you accept what is given to you and reject what you don't want.

You're right, I was a fool to believe I could live without Naku. I understand now that I need to let go of what happened, all this time I refused because I knew it'll hurt too much, but of course moving on means that one must face change, I've kept Naku away from me too long, but no more, he vowed.

That's the Dutta I once knew, now go get our Naku, replied the voice from the mirror.

No. Replied Dutta with a solid edge, ..not our Naku, my Naku, 'only mine', he corrected almost feeling sober as the daylight had shone in through the windows after hours of going crazy.


Naku had got up to arrange for her Pooja ki taali, as she was about to leave, she bid her Bappa goodbye from afar, making sure she didn't enter into the temple itself, as she had pledged to only pay heed to Bappa when her Saab had fully accepted her.

She left quickly before it got too late and the Sun got high, which would make her journey difficult. She asked Kaale the directions to the temple, who had directed her well but also convinced her to let him drop her off to the main high road as there were dangerous roadworks in place on the way there. She had agreed after much debate, as she got in the back seat of the car, and Kaale started the engine.

All done, Kala Tai, informed Sudarshan, ...Naku has sat in the car on her journey to her final destination, he said smiling.

Well done Jija Ji, congratulated Kala, now once Naku is dead, mera Bhau ban jayega bechara Devdas jo apni Paro ki yaadon mein hamesha keliye khoya rahega, aur tab uska dil behlane keliye hum layenge uske ateeth se uski pyari Chandramukhi, she narrated proudly.

I don't understand... said a confused Sudarshan.

Jo bura na samjhe, jo bala na samjhe, woh Kalavathi ko kya samjhe, Kala replied smugly, tum bas jao aur mujhe achi khabar hote hi suna dena, she informed.

Naku decided to walk all the way to temple after all, and had got down from the car shortly after Kaale had run the engine, and made her way there by foot instead.

Upon reaching the Gaon Devi temple Naku had befriended a girl called Chanda, who had offered a thirsty Naku water, while sitting on the steps of the Mandir trying to get her breath back, and relax her sore feet.

Naku felt increasingly welcoming towards her, and also sympathised with her too. She had come to meet the man she loved after many years, only to find out he was married. As she was to return she had bumped into that man's sister, who had briefed her of the broken marriage that had taken place only for the sake of it. Apparently the girl was a treacherous and wicked girl who was unfaithful to her husband and was planning on leaving him soon. And his sister had told Chanda that only she can bring joy back to her brother's life, and therefore she is waiting in town to be contacted by her, to meet her love once again.

Chanda had given Naku her number to keep contact with her, and prayed that her husband to get well soon too, and soon left with her Chacha Ji, who was her only family since she was young.

Dutta rushed out of his room and down to Naku's room, flinging open her door, he roared aloud, questioning where Naku was. Kaale had immediately come forth and informed Dutta that Naku had gone to the Gaon Devi temple for darshan by foot, and refused to take any vehicle with her.

Not waiting around to hear anything else, he instructed to be handed over the key to the car, which was handed over without further delay. It was the first time in ages that Dutta had behaved so lively and that too with finding the one thing he longed for missing. His wife.


Dutta got into the car that Naku was supposed to travel in and sped off to the Gaon Devi Mandir. He knew he wasn't speaking with Naku but that didn't mean the rest of the family members let her do as she pleased. They let her go bare footed to the temple! How could they, and where was her so-called friend Gaurav, why hadn't he taken her to the Mandir. Increasing his mileage trying to get there faster, he discovered the traffic ahead due to the road works, hoping to find Naku before she decided to walk back he attempted a short cut through another route.

Finding the roads clearer ahead he drove even faster, only having to slow down at the sharp bend at the end of the road. Dutta pressed on the brakes firmly, but learning too late that they had no severe impact from them, trying hard to maneuvere the car safely, he applied the brakes again, only to confirm that they had failed completely.



Thank you for reading! Smile


As you can see, the track is following the same as the on-screen version, except this will have a few surprises. I know that everyone is eager to see tashaTongue, but guys please trust me when this track is over, which it will be in a few more updatesEmbarrassed, it will only be tasha. And believe me when I say that lol.Wink


This chapter may be a little loose as I had to re-type this whole thing,Confused and believe me the first one was better. Usually it is the other way round, but unfortunately it didn't happen this time, and I'm not too pleased with this one. However the main keypoints are in here.  Wink


Do hit 'Like' and leave your valuable comments.



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LOOL I haven't even changed my post yet...TongueTongueTongue
I'm inna rush will do pm's later, and chat 2u soon babes.  Wink

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
tinks chk my coment on shes like d wind ;-)

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tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Oh ma days u der already...LOLLOL 
It better be gud lolTongueTongueTongue...I'm gonna check it in a bit, gotta run, need to make the chappatti's lol, and I wanna read and comment on the comments all at once..EmbarrassedWink 
luv ya n I hav missed u like hell ma girlHug

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