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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 135)

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Posted: 05 September 2011 at 5:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ushankitvc

reserved... will be back as soon as i read it...
a superb updt... loved Madhu ... daring and outright like her bro Dutta... like bro like sis... Gaurav attracted to her... roops relieved that madhu doesnt hav any thing to do with Baaji... they make a wonderful five... their chemistry gr888888888... all of them watch shammiji's movie... all missing Dutta... so dutta started eatingthe food nakku makes... hope he comes around sooon...roops-Baaji a gr888 couple... Madhu-gaurav will too came around soon... hope the made fr each other couple Tasha cum 2gether sooon... loved the way nakku givs time to dutta to cum around by himself...loved her convo with Baaji abt dutta... missing Tasha a lot... updt sooon...
Hi darlin' Hug
Glad you thought so!  And I love that you love Madhu too.  Yeah she had a lot of similarities with her bro, so you're absolutely right.  Gaurav is a little hesistant towards love though, althoug he can't his feelings. 
Omg the way you say 'wonderful five' reminds me of fast and furious lol...'the fast five'. 
Dutta needs to take a back seat to recover from his heartache, but don't worry the track in the serial is yet to kick in.  Once this track is over, I'm sure you'll forgive me for this torture.  Embarrassed 
Sorry to make you feel the lack of tasha's romance an stuff, but this chapter had a lot of important facts related to the story. 
Thank you a ton for reading hun, and thanks for commenting too.  Smile

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Posted: 05 September 2011 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

lovely update dear

again madhu bajji and gaurav fighting
all watching movie lovely

gaurav and madhu have same choics so soon having new couple
love bajji and roops

dutta finally leaving his ego and little bit changing

but all i miss my tasha and you give very few update about tasha and more about madhu and others
hope so next update will have lots of tasha scenes
thanks for pm

Hi Ranjana, Smile
Thank you.  Yeah a lot of couples senario here, but to bring in Madhu's story which is important for the track ahead, this was sort of necessary.  Only since Naku's close encounter with death has the updates swayed from tasha, other then that since the beginning all updates have been based around tasha lol.  Romance is a little difficult to add so soon after such a tragic event, so I have to leave a little leeway.  So sorry to disappoint babe...but this chapter was to add more story according to the on-screen version.  Tasha will always creep up so don't worry. 
Welcome for the pm hun as always. 
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Posted: 05 September 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mnx12

Nice update,Clap it"s Madhu all the way. Madhu going out with Baji & Gaurav, she's got her favourite thing delivered to her, she is watching movie with others, she is remembering Damodar, her first date, the movie dialogues, in the end she likes olden days love, all the guys who were interested in her, ended up in the hospital. Good characterisation. Waiting for the next part.Smile

Cheers chick.  Wink
Yep Madhu all the way lolEmbarrassed.  Nicely told by yourself there, good summary.  Glad you like her character, will try to be out with the next part sooner hopefully. 
I know there's very little tasha in this chapter, but there's a lot of story running in this chapter as regards to the story ahead. 
Thanks for reading and commenting, it's much valued. 

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tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 September 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by meriyaar

such a fun filled update dear!
i loved how they were all watching a movie after everything that had happened. 
awww guarav has a soft spot for her yet he is denying any possible liking towards her lol.
i looveee baaji he is damn funny! especially wen he was talkin bout gaurav and madhu bein married lol!
the trio make my day, i just love how u combine them together, seriously dear it's amazing how u can do wonders with them. Clap
again i loved it loved it loved it :D
can't wait for the next part 
Glad you think so!  Hug
Yeah I tried to bring this one back to basics, by taking your mind off of the things which occured previously.  So you understand that things are moving ahead slowly but surely. 
Gaurav don't fall in love easily, given the fact that girls being attracted to him was never a problem lol. 
Oh cheers for liking Baji with such excitement lol, I love him too, he's the only one who could throw in something unexpected, which makes him a perfect character. 
You make my day with your excited and valued comment hun!  I'm glad you are amazed at their chemistry, and even more happy that you have been warm towards a chapter that don't invovle a lot of tasha.  I know a lot of readers feel a little down by this fact but the story must go ahead, and giving Dutta a back seat resolves the tense atmosphere before I got back to him.  So thanks for your suport hun...I really do cherish it. 
I loved your feedback babe, and I will really try to get the next update out soon. 
tc hun. 
droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Looong Update...but honestly, I wanted more of Naku's Gandhigiri, more than Madhu's London adventures. So thats one complaint from my side :)
Hopefully, khadoos maan jayega.

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
i updated on page 135 :)

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Tink i had read your update whn u had updated but couldnt get time to comment so doing it nowBig smile. it was a long update but really enjoyed it. Madhus character is really amazing i loved it alot especially when she is really on Baaji n Gauravs nerves. Didnt see much of Dutta in this one hope to get more in the next update and pliz try n put some sense in Dutta so that we can get some of Tasha moments soon.Day Dreaming

Naku as usual superb and for Baaji muah.

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Yuvika_15

^^^ no u aint...u aint updated yt... n i've already caught's my final lot of reviews
chap 37 - finally dutta gt angry n was able 2 fight off anna's men if onli he shwd this attitude b4 thn mayb roopa wud hav been alive...i wish the sisters had hugged 1 another physically b4 she died...i no in dat near  2 death experience dey did bt its nt the sme is it... btw talkin of near 2 death experience, dey say tht such ppl in reality dnt remember da experience...dey r onli told l8r by ppl tht they had experienced a near 2 death experience bt they themselves dnt recall r u gna shw it as tho naku remembers this experience of meeting roopa n bappa or wil it b summut she wil neva remember. i suppose 4 the sake of the ff u can shw it tht naku recalls it bt apparently in reality those hu do dnt recall it n whoeva does say they do they r chatting rubbish...LOL...loved dutta beating anna black n blue he deserved it...cnt believe he hw brutally he killed roopa for a silly mistake they made in drunken didnt mean nething... n its nt like roopa was his wife subhu tht he was so bothered...damn u anna...m so happy he;s dead...LOL...aww dutta so protective n determined tht nothing will happen 2 naku ofcourse it cnt... if nething happens 2 her den dutta wnt b able 2 live n us ff readers wud murder u tinky winky. it from teletubbies...LOL...n b4 u think 2 ask, no i dnt watch thm bt remember der names...LOL... dutta in a proper angry n bad state man, threatening the doc, this man wil neva learn bt this time i am with him i h8 wen docs refuse 2 treat until money is submitted n sum lousy papers r signed its like wts mre impt, sum1s life or u guys setting ur records right...damn man! atleast ere in UK dey arent like tht altho the NHS service here aint al tht nemre...ahh so ere wer dey say time of death etc this is wer naku has tht experience u wrote abt in previous update... gr8 work tink...reali loved the last update n this 1...esp hw dutta refuses 2 let her go n pumps her heart n the way he mentions tht their hearts beat 4 1 another n it cnt fail 1 jus proves hw deep n pure der love is...m so emotional atm...aww she is better nw n says saab saab...n yt he questions if she cud stil love him 2mrw...cum on dutta r u serious? the girl cme alive via ur touch n the onli word on her lips is ur name, wel the name she calls u n yt u question if she loves u? sum1 slap him bk 2 reality yaar!!! LOL

Chapter 37 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I know hun, but Roopa ko tho marna hi tha. I get what you mean, but the hug in heaven was more emotional than the one they would have awkwardly shared while alive. Yeah I get you, but of course like you said, seeing this is a story it's only right, but I have let her remember things slowly and still a bit confused about things in certain areas. Oh n trust me hun, I have heard of this situation in real life...well not as dramatic as this, but defo it ain't rubbish, but of course that's up to the person on the receiving end to believe or not. Anna was obsessed with Roopa and does not accept traitors under his wing, so he thinks by shooting her in the head and giving her instant death he's doing her a favour, simply because he had once said that he loved her. Lol u wanna murder me loool...thanks for ur luv man...!! Haha but I bet u did watch once upon a time lol.

Dutta threatening the docs just seemed right innit. Yep that is the part where Naku leaves her body and enters the spirit world u could say, and thanks I'm glad u think it to be great work hun. But he feels the pain of actually hearing the time of her death and her death certificate being drawn up and all, he can't really bear it. Lol slap him...who will dare to do such a thing?!!

chap 38- emotional update tink...poor naku is stil in shock n nt ova the trauma of losing her sis...i hpe she cums around soon seeing her suffering wud b killing dutta evn mre...its as tho these 2 r destined 2 b in pain al der lives... hmmm so dutta cums 2 no the entire life story of naku via baji n so he actually listened 2 gaurav or was it a truth revelation tht tuk place thru baji...baji being the messenger...oh no he is thinkin 2 set her free? has he lost it? she needs him mre thn ne1 right nw...he shud b der by her side n here he is hiding...oh y is he being such a darpok...omg its rupali who brings naku out of the shock... no wonder becos rupali does resemble roopa...aww she corrected G by sayin her name is rupa...nw tht makes sense y in da near 2 death experience update rupa tld naku tht naku wil nw luk after was cos she called her daughter rupa evn tho it was rupali... i hpe rupa gts motherly affection n fatherly love from tasha... i hpe she plays cupid. awww naku breaks down at the talab...hw symbolic is tht...thts wer dutta had broken down n thts wer his wife cums n breaks down 2...n dutta is der 2 witness it...hw i wished he had stepped out of the car n walked 2 her...he's her hubby...he shud b der yaar... wow rupali amazes me...wt a strong minded child she was 2 stand up n recite tht poem...for a child tht jus lost her mother it was as tho she was prepared n knw al along tht rupa wud leave her 1 day bt evn thn hw cud she b so mentally strong... my heart wen out 2 all 3, naku, dutta n rupali... i hpe da pain thts common between them becums the mean of bringing thm 2geva as 1 happy family. 

Chapter 38 - 'When Tomorrow Starts Without Me'

I know. She will soon, but hasn't realised that she is stronger than ever. Well pain comes with their package of love's a done deal. Dutta hadn't actually had a choice but to listen, he was listening during the time Naku was fighting for her life in hospital for those awful three days. After hearing her full story he feels like he's been unjust to her since he's been in her life, so that's why he feels to let her free will be the best way. And by the way...yeah he has lost it lol! Rupa has another life ahead of her, and she will be an inspiration for Naku and make her strong mentally.

The talaab has its own significance in LTL I guess, so it felt appropriate to use.

Rupali had always witnessed her mother through hardships since she was born, and plus she didn't see her Mother's state, so for her it's a little easier to accept her absence then it is for the rest. Her strength is what gave Naku hope.

chap 39- aha last update 2 catch up n hw ironic is this...its the 1 update i hav been w8in for since day 1... the update tht marks the entry of madhu... m so m loving her entry already n i jus read the first few sentences...LOL...the way she bosses ppl around...1st sayin she wnts a coolie n thn changes her mind n warns him tht she's sed it once n wnt say it agen...damn thts wt u call like brother like loved hw naku lashed out on dutta for sayin tht they jus break der relation n she shud glad she didnt do wt happened in the shw (quietly leave with her mum n family) m glad she stood up for her rights... n wow she was shaking him by the nw thts a scene i cnt evn imagine cos naku is 2 short...does she evn reach his shoulders... LOL..relax m jus kidding... m happy tht via tht lash out she managed 2 indirectly point fingers at babi, gaurav n sumwer down the line roopa for having made decisions dey thrt we ryt 4 her bt not once did dey care 2 ask her n she's right...its her life at the end of the day so she shud hav the right 2 decide for herself, atleast tht way she wnt hav regrets in her life tht she wntd 2 do this bt cudnt... i mean i dnt gt y she thrt 2 b sum1 tht needed protected always...i mean thts wrong, fair enuf as a family they wntd 2 keep her sfe bt tht dunt mean hiding things from her n gtin her 2 hide her real identity...let her explore life n make mistakes its da onli way u learn... in 2days day n age u need 2 go out n do things urself...its impt 2 b independent bt her family which inc gaurav neva let her becum independent...i hpe dutta duznt put thm restrictions on her wen they r reunited... oh dutta giv up on the act of nt caring for naku cos its nt working...esp nt on the person its meant 2 work on...LOL..btw wt r the family members reactions 2 naku's FR...i mean AS, suds, roops, leela, kishore and baji?...yay we r bk 2 madhu... haha she is so irritated by india's traffic n ppl...she's acting like a proper foreign girl thts cum 2 india n is finding it dif 2 adjust...a lot of ppl r like tht...baji n madhu scene...hayee...i loved der lil fight...go girl... calling baji a chamcha...LOL... lmao madhu's response 2 baji calling himself hot property was hey pls u hav already hurt me by nt makin dem a pair in ur ff pls spare me the horror n dnt gt madhu calling baji a bruv... its a disaster...oh gosh dutta's room...things breaking, seems the gadha hasnt tkn madhu's entry very well... oh come on dutta she's well better than wt ur other 3 sisters eva wil naku gts 2 wear designer stuff... i reali like da way u hav shown madhu 2 live up 2 the standards of a normal london girl...who knws al abt fashion etc...i wish they had given this opportunity 2 madhu in the wud hav been interesting 2 shw a development in her character in the shw bt they neva did. n she soon left along with MR. oh damn u leela n roops for nt liking kala actually liking madhu cos she's so up 2 date with fashion etc is very interesting n surprising cos i didnt think kala wud eva let the fact tht she's DP's daughter eva leave her mind for a sec...she h8d dutta n hw on earth can she like madhu...? anyway i for one am loving madhu nt onli cos she's 1 character i've always liked bt also becos of the way u've described her...hpefully she can teach a lesson or 2 to the others abt hw 2 clean cos her concern of hygiene is very impt... hw many ppl suffer from illness n die which r caused by the lack of hygience..?? 1000s... wow baji n gaurav seem 2 h8 madhu n she aint so keen on thm either... lol der morning breakfast fights wer dey wer wrong...eating her breakfast...esp knwing she does exercise much mre than they eva wud... bless her...gaurav called madhu beautiful? wel she indeed im dreading this gaurav-madhu storyline...i'd rather read madhu-dutta scenes n tasha LS anyday... anyway thnk u so much for this update tink...i reali liked the way u hav introduced the character of madhu...its very convincing 2 believe she is sum1 thts returned from london... she has tht london feeling in her..if u gt wt i mean...

Chapter 39 - The Devil Wears Prada

Oh damn...I so should've dedicated this one to you man! I knew it! But I thought you wanted something a bit more dhamakedhar dedicated to you lol, so that's why I saved suttin for you, dunno how ur gonna end up liking that now. Hmmm 'like bro like sis' has come up a lot in the comments lol, I'm glad everyone seems to think so though. She's defo boss lol. Naku had to show some courage at this point, I mean what I'm trying to say is that, all this time it's always been Dutta who's been powerful in mind, but now it's Naku's turn, and this was a perfect backdrop to introduce her rage in. And while she's doing so, she realises that it has been her fault too, as she allowed everyone to take those decisions in the past. So yeah she feels it's the right moment to tell everyone a bit of truth about themselves. So she now knows if she doesn't put her foot down, she will regret this moment more than anything else in her life.

Everyone else's reactions weren't' that important, through Kala's short phone call you can understand that the atmosphere is the same at home, but I didn't want to emphasise on the details of their reactions too much, 'cause as Baji understood what measure Naku had to undergo, no one feels the need to question or doubt her further.

Omg you're proper loving Madhu innit! Boy am I glad that you do! Yeah I wanted her feel to be a little foreign in the ff, so it makes me happy that u did. A few reactions of me being in India lol, but things have changed drastically since that time. But then it is called 'Incredible India'! Loool I was bear creasing when I read the part with the 'bruv; bit in it. When she said that she didn't' quite mean it like that lol, so don't worry hun, she just meant it in the English slang lol. And the part abt the 3 sis' lol...seriously though ur right, she is better than the other 3...well wid the exception of this ff I mean.

Yeah the designer stuff enhances her character a little, and her gifts will play a small but sweet role towards the end of the ff lol. But yeah I do reckon her character had a lot of potential in the show, but they really did waste her. Kala liking Madhu is a surprise, but the thing is she isn't technically involved with Kala's family, as she has had her revenge on Dutta, and feels that Madhu had nothing to do with the situation. According to her it was Dutta who was the cause of her Dad's death because he was the child they took in and so on.

As for the hygiene it's kind of weird that you commented on that actually because I was going to actually do something totally different regarding that point, so Tink thinks you not gonna be too happy wid me there. And heeey don't be hating my...oops Daya' Suvi...actually I dunno whose Gaurav he is lol...but anyway don't be such a hater man, we all love Gaurav! You're welcome babez, I am really happy that you liked Madhu's character a lot though, and better yet, you felt she was from abroad, not only in name but in feeling too, so thank for that awareness hun! I ain't gonna be going to in-depth with Gaurav and Madhu storyline, as you can see it is loosely telling their love story, so don't worry. As for the Madhu-filled updates, well I'm just covering all the gaps that people may question in the future updates, and by reading the next chapter, you'll understand where she gets her skills from, and her knowledge of various things.

anyway i guess i can say i caught up b4 ur next update! 

...and yeah yeah you caught up lol, but I was literally updating at the same time. But oh well. I've finally caught up wid ur comments now, so we're even. Cheers for your fun filled comments darlin', it was a pleasure to read...all of them! See you soon.


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