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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 109)

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

ahhh Hi 

Wow look who's here, K..k.k..kk..kk...kaa...Kiraaan!!  LOLLOLLOLShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

ummm u know what actaully the title is what i am asking to u 

will u still love me today , tomorrow forever ?


Hmm I suspected you were here for you apna faida...bohut hoshiar...Wink


But as for your answer, babes, I will always love don't go thinking I'm Whitney Houston now LOL...I know it sounds tempting, but I really can't sing, unless you want the besura version...LOL

and cann for give me that i have been literally not commenting neither reading it for the simple reason 
Yeeess yes, I know...ConfusedOuch.  But I can't argue with you in that case.  I know you're busy, but you catch up in your own time kWink

i hate to do things in quick version which i totally adore 
In that case you forgiven, instantly...Big smileEmbarrassed (You know how to butter someone up, innit). 

but todays title make me post not comments but what i thought 

what a meaningful title 
Oh babes, that's why I've always loved your presense in this ff, you always speak you mind, first thing, and your thoughts on my titles, I have forever adored.  WinkWink

i dont know what happened but ithe title is so strong that i am weired feeling

im like dying to go back and read them all 
Don't worry, don't rush, when you get time you catch up, this ain't goin' anywhere.  SmileTongue

but but but 
still a lil busy so will read them at ease cuz i beleive there is gonna be alot of tears shedding going on 

Yes!  As I've read from many previous comments, from my absolutely fantastic readers (diamonds they are, every single one of them) I have made a lot of people cry...Embarrassed, so apna tissue box ready rakhna...WinkTongue

OH Tink 

im sorry for missing on something which i own and adore 
It's okay babez, honestly.  There are things which we have no control over, and I guess this is one of them for you.  But yes, this ff will always be indebted to you for obvious reasons, that is something time won't take away from you lol. Wink 

its just crazy 
will be back 

the title makes me stop and write this all 

I must say I am surprised that you've mentioned all this just by reading the title, WOW.  That should sum up my reaction for you.  Hmm now you make me curious what you think when you read all the other titles of chapters that you ain't read.  Ermm
im sure today i am gonna be haunted by thsi title 

bravo giRl 

ur title are just mindblowinggg !
Why so?  It's not a haunting type title!  Tongue  But thank you gorgeous, as always your comments are equally mind-blowing.  Wink 
By the way, even for a short time, it is nice to have your presence here once in a while.  Smile
Thanks for the random drop girl, I appreciate it. 

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Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

omg has she lost her memroy o suma...y did u say wil she love him tmrw...?!?! wos apenin
tink man i cnt beliv u dd this
now u gona tke ur time updating..while tarpaofying us..
No way!  I would never Mish!  Come on do me a favour, I hate memory loss tracks man, why does everyone expect that of me, Confused.  You bumped your head gal...LOLTongue 
But seriously, that question is based on Dutta's mind boggling dilemma lol, he can't face Naku because of the loss and suffering she's faced because of him.  WinkWink
Arre you accused me without hearing my side of the story...ShockedShockedShocked...
And then you taana maar me!  I am actually gonna update quickly this time, thank you very much.  Disapprove  And FYI I am on community serivce - thanks to U...WinkWinkTongueTongueLOLLOL
Hmm so should I consider this your comment.  TongueLOL

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rrs1391

Rani!! u bug me all the time, and ur this far down the line of comments...LOLTongueTongue

part 1 - anna ke daant toot gaye , pitai bhi achhi thi, aur gunshots to mastClap

Yeah and you can consider the few extra kicks in the ribs by Dutta, from your per request. Wink  Or would you prefer the gunshots lol...LOL

part 2 - dutta takes nakku to hospital and beg nakku's life and scolds bappa was an imotional partCry

I know, Embarrassed, but Dutta is a lost cause when it comes to Naku.
part 3 - dutta saves nakku Clap

Ta-Da!  CoolCoolCoolCoolCool
part 4 - the question in dutta's mindConfused

Yeah, I agree with your 'emo' lol, but that's exactly how Dutta feels as regards to Naku waking up and accepting everything that happened.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
awsem update jiska mujhe tha intezaar jiske liye tha dil bekarar woh update aagayi love you tink for this pig anna's dhulai,
I know I really wanted Anna to feel pain before he died, and fear being most important.  And thank you for loving me lol, I love you too. Hug
bevakuf dutta se panga le raha ab ja hell mein and dutta takes nakku to hospital and doctor ko dara bhi diya love him yaar what a lover and when the doc declare nakku dead and the scene that dutta presses her chest and the dialogues made me cry Cry
Oh man, my intention isn't to make anyone cry, but seriously this thread has had and equal amount of ansoons, as Babi lol, now that's a good alternative..LOLLOL
and nakku back for our lion and the question in dutta's mind but our nakku never leave dutta and our gadha scolds bappa in this condition such a gadha as i said always do next as soon as possible and totally the update is awsemClapmazaa aa gaya par aansoo bhi
LTL and ansoon do have a dil ka rishta lol...Embarrassed.  And of course you guessed right, Naku can never leave her gadha.  LOL 
Now let's talk about you, ab tera comment par kar mujhe mazaa agaya.  Wink  Aur if I don't update soon enough, I'm sure you'll be here to remind me innit.  LOL Wink  Thanks for your feedback babez.  Smile

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mnx12

Wonderful updateClapClap Datta finished Anna, giving him his well deserved death.Naku was unconcious for 2 day, he must be shattered, she came back only for him. She will understand & love him because she has returned for him. His heart still beats for him. Waiting for the next partSmile

Thank you hun!  Smile  Yep, end of Anna, with a much awaited death.  Naku was unconscious for 2 full days yeah, but she died on the third...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.  She can't stay away from him even if she wanted.  WinkWink
And as for Dutta his heart will always beat for his Nakusha. 
Cheers for your thoughts hun, I am trying to get the next part out soon for defo.  Thanks for reading and commenting.  Wink

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by norey

wow what an update, loved the anger from d reminding me of the ltl anna days and poor N it was heartbreaking and tense but she made it phew!!!
good update keep it up. thanks
Hi Norey, Smile
First of all thanks!  Oh I am so glad that you were reminded of the good ol' days of LTL, man I miss them.  This is a compliment in itself.  Embarrassed
Thanks a lot for your encouragement, through your kind words. 
tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Hey PariHug  Hey Pooja!  Hug
Fantastic updateThumbs Up  Thank you soo much!!  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
In previous one u showed Nakku's subconscious mind's journey into inbetween path & her convo. with Roopatai & Bappa.
But,this update was more than action,i will say parallel journey of Dutta in conscious state & in real world.
So,when wife was struggling between life & death,hubby was facing living hell right there in realityOuch
If i am not wrong,the critical state that Nakku was in for 2 days was the same time she spent in inbetween state.
Yes, you absolutely spot on.  I really like the way you put that, both their plights were described by wonderfully.  They were both utlimately fighting for one thing, each other, they have/will realise their importance of each other in their lives after this encounter. 
And yeah you could say they were fighting in heaven and hell, literally.  LOL
Dutta's pain,anguish,shock -everything was multipling with each passing moment & seeing Nakku almost soaked in blood & lifeless kind of state,his world sort of crashed.U know there is an interesting story of Lord Shiva & his 1st wife Sati.Devi Sati's father disliked Lord Shiva & hence he didn't invite his daughter & son-in-law for some big havan.Yet Devi Sati decided to go & when she reached at her father's place she was badly humiliated by her own father.She couldn't take that insult & burnt herself to death in the fire of that havan.When Lord Shiva got to know about her death,he lost control & he did TANDAV with her charred body in his hands & during that various parts of her body fell at different places which we recognise as SHAKTIPEETH.Shiva's anger was still uncontrolable & all other gods feared complete destruction of the world,so finally Lord Vishnu intervened & Calmed Lord Shiva.
The reason i felt like sharing this story is Dutta's uncontrolable rage strangely reminded me of the story.Besides Dutta's destructive outburst was all becaz of pain caused to Nakku.
Omg Pooja!  You have seriously picked my brain here.  Lord Shiva's anger is definitely something to compare with Dutta.  As in this story when Sati (incarnation of Goddess Durga) had sacrificed herself, no one was able to calm him down, as he took Sati's body away and began the destruction through his tandav.  And the Gods feared the survival of mankind, and turned to Vishnu. 
     Who used his Sudarshan Chakra to get rid of Sati's existence, and as a result her body was cut into 54 (I think) pieces, which had scattered all over North India.  i.e.  Naina Devi is where her eyes fell. 
So yes you're completely right.  The more he looked at Naku's terrible state, his anger grew into a wild fire over time, which just exploded.  Thank you for taking your time out and sharing this story with everyone here.  By the way Lord Shiv is actually my favourtie God.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Anna had to die the moment he touched Nakku wrongly.But,thank god,Baaji came at right time,at that moment someone with detached emotions was needed to calm Dutta & make him realise Nakku's worsening condition.
Yep, I loved the way you put the first line lol.  Yes, Baji was the only one to calm Dutta down like Vishnu.  WinkWink 
Dutta's complete focus was on Nakku ,it was like he was living corpse.Her critical state only made him more angry at bappa.Bappa is right when he said to Nakku that he feared Dutta's angerLOLHe was pointing accusions at Bappa,but it was all on Nakku's behalf.To top it all,Baabi to decided to keep bappa hungry till Nakku gains conscious.No wonder Bappa sent her back,he cann't afford to stay without his laddusLOL.But,this act of Baabi is also ultimate cry for help in front of god.Its like she was putting him for test,to see how much he really cares for Nakku & any such devotee who worship him sincerely.
Oh wow, I thought Daya was the only one who caught that part about Bappa's comment regarding Dutta.  But stupid me, how could I forget that you also have the 'eagle eye', Bappa knew the extent of Dutta's rage.  And of course Bappa's bhog ke laddoo matter, LOL, why should he go hungry, if the fault is someone else's.  Wink
Babi will always adopt one method, when it comes to emotional blackmail lol, the first rule is always put Bappa on the front line, baad mein jo hoga, dekha jayega lol.  LOL
Nakku's crashing & then Dutta's refusal at believing was teary momentCry.His love for her is so strong that she had to come back.He made her come back thru his words,which reached her heart & she uttered-SAAB,the only word ,around which her entire world revolves.
Oh god, not again, EmbarrassedEmbarrassed, I think I should get kleenex to sponsor my ff lol, I seem to make everyone teary.  Ouch  But yes you are right, their love for each other is too strong, something they will never learn to live without.  WinkSmile 
Sometime I wonder why the makers of the show didn't just call their show 'Saab.'  LOLLOL
But yeah Dutta deep down inside longs to hear only Saab, uttered by his Naku, so that kind of completes the scene, naturally.  SmileEmbarrassed
Dutta's fear about her loving him tommorrow is right from his POV,but he should have known by this time,that she can never turn away from him.They are soulmates & for her,Dutta is reason of her exsitance.
Woohoo, finally someone sees my point of view, for putting that line there.  Big smile  He knows that, that is exactly why he fears it more, as he knows he doesn't deserve to be forgiven for everything he's put her through. 
Waiting for Nakku to wake up ,pls. update next part soonSmile
Well I can definitely tell you, Naku will be awake in the next part.  And to everyone else who decides to read this reply, please do not fear, Naku will not lose her memory.  That will never happen in anything I write.  WinkWink
Lots of loveHugHugHug
Lots of love to you too babes, and thanks for your awesome comment, I enjoyed reading every part, loved your input of the Shiva story, need I say that's my favourite part.  Embarrassed
Bottom line, a hearty thanks!  Hug

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by daya0628

...Now why did I know it had suttin to do wid ur man lol...LOL, but dw he'll be around, hmm now dat actually suits u innit, just like Superwoman 'is always around'.  LOL

I was expecting a comment like this only haan haan he is always around i am always around haaye we are good match na EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hahaaa I bet you were just waiting to say that, is this the part where I say 'of course you're a match made in heaven!' loool...well in any case I have said it, let's just keep our fingers crossed that Suvi don't read this lol, unless she's over him.  LOLLOLLOLLOL

Glad you noticed that!  Yes, this update begun exactly where it left off on in Dutta's point of view.  Naku was in another world, that was obviousEmbarrassed, but this chapter was to show everything that was happening in the same time frame as Naku's close encounter with death. 

You know i woke up this morning and was determined to give you a proper comment this time...because normally mine is rushed...i have work today too and weekend also looking quite busy am working everyday starting tmmrw Ouch so this was like the only time i knew i could comment properly...

Really!  Well I've never noticed that, ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked, so you just come and get rid of my comment lol...jee thanks man.  Disapprove
Oh so it's a one only now...ErmmTongue

Woohoo, I really wanted the details to shine through in that respect, so thanks for the reference.  Wink

no probz you did it really well like always ...u noe i have noticed when i comment on someone's FF first thing in the morning i seem to catch on to small things about the update more than i do wen i read and comment in middle of the day LOL...i think i should comment always first thing in morning even i am shocked with what i was commenting LOL

Thanks!  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  Haha so now the mornings will become popular with everyone then.  Wink  Well you learn suttin nu everyday.  LOL


Yeah, I get what you mean, but sometimes you just have to say the obvious things in situations regardless of them sounding ridiculous, it's just the way the mind works.  Yep, too right, seeing her body in that state, really got him worked up, he could feel the emotions churning inside of him.  (I could really imagine Mishal in this scene so clearly!Embarrassed).  Haha when you say excited, it makes me curious, lol. LOL

don't get any ideas just meant all happy happy to see our sher beat this digusting pig to pulp :PIf you 'say so' LOL


Thank you, I'm so happy you were able to understand all his pain through words, Embarrassed, and that line...OMG...seriously, I tried to think in Dutta's shoes here, and thought you know he would say something ridiculously stupid here, but wouldn't care if he said it or not. And you Nailed was so true to his character Big smile

Thanks babes, seriouly you flattering me way tooo much man...Blushing

And then that was the best I could come up with lol...Embarrassed.  He used whatever means of threat possible just to keep her alive.  Even if it meant insulting Bappa.  And yes!  You caught something related to the last update.  Bappa told Naku that Dutta was threatening to hurt people, if he didn't send Naku back. Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed  Well you are Superwoman at the end of the day.  Wink Yeah i am telling u doing this first thing in the morning really has a different effect on commenting...i have noticed with other FF too i tend to analyze more in the morning LOL

Well I guess you know the cue...coz I agree this comment was definitely worth an applaud.  Clap


LOL on the border...ROFL...haha now that is hilarious!  Yep she did go into cardiac arrest, so that called for electric shock treatment lol, but there's only a certain amount of shock that can be given to a dead body,  yeah i know...its kinda sad to face such situations in hospital ...i have not come across yet but i know i will eventually...i just hope i can handle it Confused
Kinda you wanna think about that a bit more bruv...LOL
But seriously it's a very difficult sight, very disturbing, I wouldn't to wish it on anyone.  Everyone copes differently with such situations, you never really know how strong you are until it happens.  Ouch
so the Doctor's didn't really have a choice but declare her dead. Embarrassed  Yeah I bet you wanted to hug him lolTongue.  And yeah, once again you clocked on something else too, yeah seems i really went into ur update today LOL you're good.why thank you :P  
Well I can't argue with the fact that it is your turn to flatter yourself, it is well deserved.  Wink
He's always said she can't leave without his permission, so that's why I used that line here too. Yes that line was damn good :)
It's only that good coz Dutta's the one saying it lol.  LOLWink
Damn right that weren't an optionWink.  And the compressions bit, well I have heard that compressions are as effective as the defibrillators,Yup even with CPR they expect u to keep doing compressions even if it seems to not be working until they are declared officially dead...but i mean in his situation he reacted for himself and for her and wanted her desperately back  and Dutta wouldn't just stand there and watch her die, he would atuomatically do something, anything more like.  So it just fitted in well.  Big smile
Yeah I guess that's rule number one.  Not that I've ever done it lol, I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Embarrassed  Yeah I agree in his situation it was simply an act of desperation.  Big smile

'Maar daala', now that and unusual style of commenting lol.  I blame the morning LOLYeah he sort of treated that part as 'betrayal' lol, it was his way of showing he couldn't come to terms with it.  Wow that line was the highlight for you,yes indeed it was ...i  was so touched reading that line ...i was all *omg* ing lol  and yes this line really did bring out his emotions agressively.  Embarrassed 
Well then I shall say the morning is a bright one.  Big smile  OMG...okay now I'm omg *ing lool, seriouslyStern Smile...LOL...but when you imagine him doing all that for real it does have an effect innit...Day Dreaming

Lol too right she finished her conversation with Bappa.  LOL  yup thats wat i all done and ready to come back and baam she said saab :P

Of course, uski zindagi Saab ke naam se shuru hoti hai, aur Saab ke naam se khatam lol...literally...LOLLOLLOL

Haha thanks for the title suggestion lol, but in that case every ff should be called that lol, its her registered trademark innit.  LOL  i know those are words from a song...and it just came to me wen i read that part LOL

Omfg, I thought I was the only one that got ideas linked with songs in ppl's ff's lol, guess I'm not the only one.  But heres news to your ears, I've never heard a song like that...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
It was kind of hard to imagine how someone would react seeing someone come back to life after a death certificate was drawn up lol, there would be a lot of mixed emotions...confusion, love, relief, happiness...maybe even guilt  ditto!  Wink  but yeah I kind of threw those words together.  *Here take a kleenex from me (on the houseLOL) , it usually me offering it so Sophia lol, but in this case I guess you in need of it. Winkyeah i needed it thanks Tongue sophie can get her own  
Lmfao!  I should get kleenex to sponsor my ff lol...LOL
Yep of course Naku's whole being is based around her lving Dutta. But, and that's a big BUT, look at it from Dutta's perspective, after everything she went through; because of him, he's shattered and forced to face the question itself, that can she still love him tomorrow. Embarrassed Smile
yup i think it will be interesting because both have such intense love for each other...but now even if N accepts him, he may feel so guilty as he is the reason for her state...and he may even distance himself to protect her...
Hmmm no comment here...lagta hai, the suraj is having double effect on you today.  OMG LMFAO!!!!!!  Guess what!!!  Even Superman gets his energy from the sun lol, and look what you've just realised, oh wow, could it be Superwoman is coming to terms with her powers.  ShockedShockedShockedLOLLOL


Thank you babes, I'm glad you managed to squeeze it into your day, and hope it didn't sadden you too much.  Big smile

of course...i have told you na this is by far my favorite ff Wink

REALLY!!!!  Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile  Wow now that's a compliment and a half man!  I am speechless here.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing  Thanks Daya, you're such a darling!  But I do wonder, you're not just saying that to make me happy are you, cause there a tons of ff's that are way way better then mine.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Love you too, Wink

P.P.S.  As always you how grateful I am to everyone who listens to my music, Big smile, especially this song.  This one was really just sticking out to me for this update!  It went so well with Dutta's attitude and reaction to the whole scene.

yup i know that is why i mention na...u always like to know...i never heard the song before but was really apt for the situation

Yeah I guess that's why your such great gal.  I love that song to bits!!!Big smile

Thanks for your fantastic comment hun, and loved reading every bit of it.  It is much appreciated.  And most of all I love how you managed to pick points that had a little more depth, then was shownWink Clap Wink

Yup seems i have picked up on lots today LOL
no problem enjoyed writing it Tongue

Of course you have, you've discovered your new powers lol.  LOL 
Well again, need I say I enjoyed reading it.  Wink

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

awww tinker u r awesome girl!!
wil read nd coment asap.x
Thank you !Big smileEmbarrassed
LOL sometime this century, I hope...LOLLOLTongue
u cheeky lil #&%*!!LOLLOL
nd yh hoping 2 coment b4 ur ff finishesLOLLOLLOLLOL
Haha I thought you'd like that one...LOLLOLLOL
Yeah Mish 'hoping' being the operative word here lol...WinkWink

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