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FF Deewani#2 Ch 43, pg149, DISABLED (Page 107)

tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

awesome update...
Thanks darlin'  Wink

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Hey PariHug
Fantastic updateThumbs Up
In previous one u showed Nakku's subconscious mind's journey into inbetween path & her convo. with Roopatai & Bappa.
But,this update was more than action,i will say parallel journey of Dutta in conscious state & in real world.
So,when wife was struggling between life & death,hubby was facing living hell right there in realityOuch
If i am not wrong,the critical state that Nakku was in for 2 days was the same time she spent in inbetween state.
Dutta's pain,anguish,shock -everything was multipling with each passing moment & seeing Nakku almost soaked in blood & lifeless kind of state,his world sort of crashed.U know there is an interesting story of Lord Shiva & his 1st wife Sati.Devi Sati's father disliked Lord Shiva & hence he didn't invite his daughter & son-in-law for some big havan.Yet Devi Sati decided to go & when she reached at her father's place she was badly humiliated by her own father.She couldn't take that insult & burnt herself to death in the fire of that havan.When Lord Shiva got to know about her death,he lost control & he did TANDAV with her charred body in his hands & during that various parts of her body fell at different places which we recognise as SHAKTIPEETH.Shiva's anger was still uncontrolable & all other gods feared complete destruction of the world,so finally Lord Vishnu intervened & Calmed Lord Shiva.
The reason i felt like sharing this story is Dutta's uncontrolable rage strangely reminded me of the story.Besides Dutta's destructive outburst was all becaz of pain caused to Nakku.
Anna had to die the moment he touched Nakku wrongly.But,thank god,Baaji came at right time,at that moment someone with detached emotions was needed to calm Dutta & make him realise Nakku's worsening condition.
Dutta's complete focus was on Nakku ,it was like he was living corpse.Her critical state only made him more angry at bappa.Bappa is right when he said to Nakku that he feared Dutta's angerLOLHe was pointing accusions at Bappa,but it was all on Nakku's behalf.To top it all,Baabi to decided to keep bappa hungry till Nakku gains conscious.No wonder Bappa sent her back,he cann't afford to stay without his laddusLOL.But,this act of Baabi is also ultimate cry for help in front of god.Its like she was putting him for test,to see how much he really cares for Nakku & any such devotee who worship him sincerely.
Nakku's crashing & then Dutta's refusal at believing was teary momentCry.His love for her is so strong that she had to come back.He made her come back thru his words,which reached her heart & she uttered-SAAB,the only word ,around which her entire world revolves.
Dutta's fear about her loving him tommorrow is right from his POV,but he should have known by this time,that she can never turn away from him.They are soulmates & for her,Dutta is reason of her exsitance.
Waiting for Nakku to wake up ,pls. update next part soonSmile
Lots of loveHugHugHug

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by daya0628

reserved...will come back after work :P


Tink *big hugs*   ...Hug...likewise...Wink

amazing part hun...i loved it as always ...very well written ...I can imagine it all...

now i wanna start by saying this just cuz if i dont, itz not me LOL

ahem ahem *clears throat* I am missing Gaurav lol...lekhin his absence is needed and make sense but just wanted to put that out there heehee

...Now why did I know it had suttin to do wid ur man lol...LOL, but dw he'll be around, hmm now dat actually suits u innit, just like Superwoman 'is always around'.  LOL

I was expecting a comment like this only haan haan he is always around i am always around haaye we are good match na EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

now for the update ...I love how you started Dutta's pov exactly where hers started...

Glad you noticed that!  Yes, this update begun exactly where it left off on in Dutta's point of view.  Naku was in another world, that was obviousEmbarrassed, but this chapter was to show everything that was happening in the same time frame as Naku's close encounter with death. 

You know i woke up this morning and was determined to give you a proper comment this time...because normally mine is rushed...i have work today too and weekend also looking quite busy am working everyday starting tmmrw Ouch so this was like the only time i knew i could comment properly...

and the way he screams in agony, pain, and his raising anger ...alll very well explained I was so imagining this update to be actually happening ...

Woohoo, I really wanted the details to shine through in that respect, so thanks for the reference.  Wink

no probz you did it really well like always ...u noe i have noticed when i comment on someone's FF first thing in the morning i seem to catch on to small things about the update more than i do wen i read and comment in middle of the day LOL...i think i should comment always first thing in morning even i am shocked with what i was commenting LOL

Naku is truly Dutta's strength, for her he will do anything to any extent without giving thought to about anything, all hell broke loose...great action packed update

Yep!Big smile

and the way he ran to her and said kuch nahi hi sakta...even I would feel that was a lie to myself if i saw someone lying around like that...what it must have done to him...i can totally see it...and that did ...everything just spiked, a rush of adrenaline, more fierce and ready as ever to fight and he roared like the lion he is ...i got so excited here LOL...i was just waiting for Anna to becom pulp.

Yeah, I get what you mean, but sometimes you just have to say the obvious things in situations regardless of them sounding ridiculous, it's just the way the mind works.  Yep, too right, seeing her body in that state, really got him worked up, he could feel the emotions churning inside of him.  (I could really imagine Mishal in this scene so clearly!Embarrassed).  Haha when you say excited, it makes me curious, lol. LOL

don't get any ideas just meant all happy happy to see our sher beat this digusting pig to pulp :P

Baaji of course being the amazing friend he is ...goes after Dutta and smarty calls for back up too...and reaches there to find Dutta so out raged...his anger at a level beyond words can explain...but he knows why seeing the sight of Roopa and Naku. Dutta still turning guy to pulp and in so much rage he shoots Anna again and again without realising he is already dead...i loved this bit it just showed that killing him isn't enough for what he did to the one and only person that has him living and smiling...he would probably follow him in death and torture him if he could ...

Of course Baji is the brains, he makes wise decisions even in the heat of the moment lol.  Dutta, however, does not, he's like a rapid fire round lol, does what he needs to, and then wonders after of the consequences.  LOL  Baji's shock on Dutta's behaviour was to show this not normal, as Baji has witnessed Dutta anger time and time again.  Oh wow, I love the fact you caught that part, because the truth is with so much hate and anger boiling up inside of you, sometimes killing a person isn't enough.  Haha LMFAO...follow him into the fires of hell there's an idea!  LOLLOL 

Dutta would love that. omg word Dutta is so like rapid fire round and baaji the wise one ...yes i liked that u used Baaji to show that the anger in Dutta was something new different and more intense...

Yup killing wouldnt be enough i can so see him walk to the fires of hell and make it even worst for anna LOL

Love Baaji calming his friend down and telling him to take care of Naku and he will take care of everything else...always there when needed ...Dutta rushing to Naku side and almost begging her to stay with him...she is his only reason to breathe...what is he without her :P

Baji was aware of Naku's state, and he knew she needed medical attention fast, but making Dutta see the same was a job and a half lol.  Well Dutta's hopeless when it involves Naku, she is literally becoming the reason for his existence.  Wink

Of course baaji knew...and he knew Dutta needed some telling and direction ...poor guy was loosing himself in rage

Naku in hospital and Dutta so afraid, fearing losing her...its so evident with his actions. He will do anything to keep her alive. His pain, agony, suffering all was well written and came out in the right ways...they way he talks about bappa to the way he talks about Naku and that line i was holding my heart lol  "agar naku ko kuch huwa, to main teri poori duniya main aa lagaa dunga" saying all this about bappa but it showed his pain more than anything whether he trust good or not, if anything happens there is no world for him, and he will make sure of that...he'll never let himself live this day down, for guilt, the anger everything...and like Bappa rightly said in Nakus mind last update...she needs to come back for her saab...he needs her...his strength ...his everything...and its not her time to leave...

Thank you, I'm so happy you were able to understand all his pain through words, Embarrassed, and that line...OMG...seriously, I tried to think in Dutta's shoes here, and thought you know he would say something ridiculously stupid here, but wouldn't care if he said it or not. And you Nailed was so true to his character Big smile And then that was the best I could come up with lol...Embarrassed.  He used whatever means of threat possible just to keep her alive.  Even if it meant insulting Bappa.  And yes!  You caught something related to the last update.  Bappa told Naku that Dutta was threatening to hurt people, if he didn't send Naku back. Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed  Well you are Superwoman at the end of the day.  Wink Yeah i am telling u doing this first thing in the morning really has a different effect on commenting...i have noticed with other FF too i tend to analyze more in the morning LOL

So naku's condition is on the border ...stammering between unstable and stable...worsening often and then baam  the girl i guess goes into cardiac arrest...bringing out the defibrillators...and all ends in vain and doctors declare her death...i can just see his heart also go into cardiac arrest...stopping hearing that...and his reaction...i felt sooo bad for him i so wanted to give him a hug ...he screamed No ...shouted ...charged forward and the most beautiful line 'mer izzaat ke bina Naku mujhs chod ke nahin jaa skathi" how many times he said she can not leave but this line came more from denial of the situation ...and the pain u see while almost ordering her to come back, that she CANT leave ...its not an option ...aww my cutie he ran to her and did compressions...hopeless ...yet he wanted some miracle...he went let her slip away that easy...he just wont...he cant...

LOL on the border...ROFL...haha now that is hilarious!  Yep she did go into cardiac arrest, so that called for electric shock treatment lol, but there's only a certain amount of shock that can be given to a dead body,  yeah i know...its kinda sad to face such situations in hospital ...i have not come across yet but i know i will eventually...i just hope i can handle it Confusedso the Doctor's didn't really have a choice but declare her dead. Embarrassed  Yeah I bet you wanted to hug him lolTongue.  And yeah, once again you clocked on something else too, yeah seems i really went into ur update today LOL you're good.why thank you :P   He's always said she can't leave without his permission, so that's why I used that line here too. Yes that line was damn good :) Damn right that weren't an optionWink.  And the compressions bit, well I have heard that compressions are as effective as the difibrillators,Yup even with CPR they expect u to keep doing compressions even if it seems to not be working until they are declared officially dead...but i mean in his situation he reacted for himself and for her and wanted her desperately back  and Dutta wouldn't just stand there and watch her die, he would atuomatically do something, anything more like.  So it just fitted in well.  Big smile

maar dala omg when he talks about his heart being safe and her saying as long as her heart is beating in him she will live...and calling her a liar...again the agony, pain, the situation was hitting him heart reached out for him seriously ...that line I was actually holding my heart..."My heart can't fail you, my heart only beaths for you, wake up god dammit!" that was the highlight for me...absolutely loved the emotion that came with that line...his heart is literally on the line here...

'Maar daala', now that and unusual style of commenting lol.  I blame the morning LOLYeah he sort of treated that part as 'betrayal' lol, it was his way of showing he couldn't come to terms with it.  Wow that line was the highlight for you,yes indeed it was ...i  was so touched reading that line ...i was all *omg* ing lol  and yes this line really did bring out his emotions agressively.  Embarrassed 

just when baaji drags him away...the monitor beeps...omg the monitor beeps...i was expecting that obviously nothing can happen to her...but she must've just finished her convo with bappa heehee..she says saab Embarrassed...his name ...forever the name on her lips ...haaye u should use that as title "your name forever the name on my lips" lolll...anyway moving on Dutta in shock, relief his heart is now beating in didn't fail her...and loved the last line..."last few moments drained whatever little life he had left inside of him, but his heart didnt fail proved it beat for his Nakusha" awww me all getting so emotional reading this update...*sniff sniff* so happy they found each other  :)

Lol too right she finished ehr conversation with Bappa.  LOL  yup thats wat i all done and ready to come back and baam she said saab :P Haha thanks for the title suggestion lol, but in that case every ff should be called that lol, its her registered trademark innit.  LOL  i know those are words from a song...and it just came to me wen i read that part LOL It was kind of hard to imagine how someone would react seeing someone come back to life after a death certificate was drawn up lol, there would be a lot of mixed emotions...confusion, love, relief, happiness...maybe even guiltbut yeah I kind of threw those words together.  *Here take a kleenex from me (on the houseLOL) , it usually me offering it so Sophia lol, but in this case I guess you in need of it. Winkyeah i needed it thanks Tongue sophie can get her own

and of course u ended with the question ...could she still love him tomorrow...of course she can ...she came back only for him ...and maybe she might have trouble just going back into the swing of it all but she will forever love him and only him :)

Yep of course Naku's whole being is based around her lving Dutta. But, and that's a big BUT, look at it from Dutta's perspective, after everything she went through; because of him, he's shattered and forced to face the question itself, that can she still love him tomorrow. Embarrassed Smile
yup i think it will be interesting because both have such intense love for each other...but now even if N accepts him, he may feel so guilty as he is the reason for her state...and he may even distance himself to protect her...

tink wonderful...u had me so emotion filled...and so glued to the update...i read it on my way to work ...on phone, and I just couldnt put it down...great always

Thank you babes, I'm glad you managed to squeeze it into your day, and hope it didn't sadden you too much.  Big smile

of course...i have told you na this is by far my favorite ff Wink

love you lots with you sooon :P

P.S. the song in the middle really brought the feel of the situation together...absolutely loved the added always u have an amazing soundtrack for ur updates Tongue

Love you too, Wink

P.P.S.  As always you how grateful I am to everyone who listens to my music, Big smile, especially this song.  This one was really just sticking out to me for this update!  It went so well with Dutta's attitude and reaction to the whole scene.

yup i know that is why i mention na...u always like to know...i never heard the song before but was really apt for the situation

Thanks for your fantastic comment hun, and loved reading every bit of it.  It is much appreciated.  And most of all I love how you managed to pick points that had a little more depth, then was shownWink Clap Wink

Yup seems i have picked up on lots today LOL
no problem enjoyed writing it Tongue

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tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged

Sorry for delay girls, I will reply to the rest of the comments in while, and then hopefully followed by the next update...Embarrassed...if I'm lucky enough to finish it.  Wink

So no hard feelings girls, I will reply to everyone. Smile

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tinkerbe11

Originally posted by mIsHeZ.x

awww tinker u r awesome girl!!
wil read nd coment asap.x
Thank you !Big smileEmbarrassed
LOL sometime this century, I hope...LOLLOLTongue
u cheeky lil #&%*!!LOLLOL
nd yh hoping 2 coment b4 ur ff finishesLOLLOLLOLLOL

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Hey tink'guess I finally gt round to reading and reviewing a few chapters I have read'n I hpe u dnt hav a heart attack seeing wich chapter I had 2 read from' LOL

Chap 19- LOL'I loved hw dutta cleared her confusion tht he doesn't dream 2 marry salman..LOL..imagine tht we myt hav naku singing maa da laadla if tht was 2'u no I reali like hw u hav kept dutta very like the character we saw on screen 2 sum extent'evn in ur ff he's this big don who has very simple dreams'nothing major'jus a dream 2 hav a loving wife 2 cum hme 2 n hav kids of his own'is tht reali 2 much 2 ask? I felt bad for him wen he sed seema broke my dream'.poor guy'bt b4 naku cud advise him or console him for tht matter baji cme in'aww wt a cutie he bought a soft drink 4 naku'.imagine her drinking beer? LOL'thnk god roopa n her daughter r sfe'wonder wen naku shall meet thm'wil cum 2 a shock for her 2 no her sis has a daughter'aww baji upset with dutta for breaking the bangles baji had gifted her'thnk god dutta doesn't tke their friendship the wrong way'awww dutta feeling left out becos basha havin dinner 2geva n nt inviting him'.lol'awww he's such a cutiepie'lol'.aahh wt a unique reason for dutta 2 b attached to the harmonica'in the shw it was 2 remind him of the days wen he was jus dutta a mechanic n also seema' bt here it was given 2 him by the man tht DP lost him 2'. Hmmm so baji knws tht naku is looking for her sis' it wud mke things easier if duji knw tht roopa had a sis 2'bt seems they dnt'. Gosh I wonder hw they wil react wen dey cum 2 no roopa/naku r sisters'.both tasha hav summut in common'.music' bt naku's love for music is on another level'she likes 2 dance 2'would love 2 c dutta watch naku dance'.

Chap 20- nice update hun'loved the basha scene wer they r singing n dancing 2 salman's song'.i found the roops n baji fight funi n baji's comments in between 2'so I guess its nt gna b Sheila ki jawani thn mayb 1 of those songs tht naku used 2 dance 2'.m dreading the next update u no hw much I h8 roops-baji jodi'(no offence 2 der fans')

Chap 21- dutta's jealousy continues'.nt understanding y naku prefers 2 speak 2 baji abt thngs mre thn dutta well dutta trust me evn baji doesn't knw tht much abt her'I suppose the onli man 2 fuly knw naku wil b gaurav'.wonder hw jealous dutta wil b thn'.oh so ravi's sups BG as he was in the shw n like in the shw naku was the 1 2 catch thm'..damn naku naku naku u acted so stupid 2 tel kala'like she reali wil protect dutta'.m surprised hw naku hasn't sussed out tht kala isn't hw she seems I mean isn't naku meant 2 b the 1 tht is able 2 read ppl very wel by der behaviour..she usually sees things dif from hw ppl c thm so m surprised she didn't clock on tht kala is a witch esp with the whole back up bride plan'wt a stupid idea from kala n makes naku luk stupid 2 fall for it'ravi-sups-kala join hands n hav the last laf while naku trusts kala wil sort things out'.cud it gt ne worse thn this? Haha dutta teasing baji was cute' bt damn y does baji hav 2 b paired with roops yaar!! Its gna b torture reading the next update''

Chap 22- so u gt roops 2 perform on 1 of my fav songs'lol'liked her lehenga tho'.aww dutta left wondering hw gd naku wud b'.wel dutta m sure 1 day u wil cum 2 knw hw much of a brilliant dancer naku is n den u wil b mesmerised'.hayee voh din kab aayega'aww dutta buying naku chooriyan'.reminds me of the shw epi wer naku sed "saab larkiyon ki chooriyan bohat pasand hoti hai."

Chap 23- wt a sad update n so much was covered in 1 update'.awww dutta n naku scene was emotional'dutta giving chooriyan 2 naku as tho it's a farewell gift n both feeling sad'.oh damn naku dutta telling u he feels hes makin a mistke n u tel him 2 hav faith'..wt an opportunity she had 2 tel him sups-ravi truth'bt she didn't tke adv of it'.cnt believe dutta fell for kala's trick n married naku like tht n blamed her bt loved the fact tht despite it al he cudnt bare 2 c her being slapped nor in pain'its love dutta'dnt they say sum1 gts hurt n the other feels the pain n thts the case with tasha..aww dun the ending was so sad'hw naku continued 2 do al the work with no1 talkin 2 her n thn dutta humiliating her infront of her kaka'so sad'.

Chap 24- yay!! Gaurav is bk n finally reunited with naku'.awww loved this update'1 of the best'..finally sum1 arrives 2 giv dutta takkar n also narrate a few truths 2 him considering no1 else does'.gaurav n roops meeting was funi'hw she was annoyed with him, thn liked him cos he saved her n thn realised tht he is naku's best friend'esp gaurav's reaction tht she myt turn around n say "we r pichle janam's premi.."LOL'aww naku lost in gaurav's embrace n dutta arrives'a Kodak moment'love gaurav n dutta's fight'verbally bashing 1 another..esp dutta sayin "idiot n wt sort of a man plays a tabla" LOL' he can b so funi'yes yes yes dutta tkes naku 2 his room cos he dunt wnt gaurav near naku...jealousy hey'. Lets c wen he realises he loves naku'.oh gaurav nt revealing tht naku is fair'.n helping her out'awww m sure naku wil tke part in the competition n win n dutta wil gt the opportunity 2 b mesmerised by her performance..yay!! cnt w8

Chap 25- hmmm it seems gaurav wil play the role of cupid in tasha's LS'nice'didn't expect it'. Gr8 2 c gaurav telling naku wer she;s wrong'its ryt she sumhw needs 2 prove she aint behind it all'loved his taunt 2 dutta'he is right, dutta claims 2 h8 naku yt gts jealous of her closeness with another guy be it baji or gaurav'mre gaurav cos gaurav knws naku mre thn ne1 else' haha dutta gtin angry wen gaurav says he loves naku'bt obv nt in tht way'. Wud it b rong 2 say gaurav n naku r a bit like hw radha-suraj wer in the movie hum tumhare hain sanam? Evn they wer mre closer than 2 best friends cud b n their closeness seemed 2 both the girls hubby bt nt the guys GF'.aww shastriji returns n tells AS tht tasha r made 4 1 another n their marriage happened at the auspicious time n omg gaurav n baji being nosey 'LOL'I guessed from the title tht it wud b shastriji hu wud convince her 2 dance as a form of his guru dakshna'he is ryt'it was wrong 2 let go of tht talent' aww naku singing n evry1 mesmerised'wonder wt wil happen wen she dances! LOL'

Chap 26- roops-baji engagement'.me is nt happy'anyway anna proves he aint tht stupid 2 fall for the trick abt roopa being dead bt damn' his jasoos tld him abt his caring side for naku'basically putting naku's life in2 danger'awww gaurav n naku dance'. Hmm so gaurav has hair like bobby in the song'Ewww I h8 men with long hair'LOL'bt well done with the description'cud picture thm dancing'. Ahh gaurav plans 2 cheer naku up with a salman movie bt dutta ruins his plans'.typical dutta'I thrt he myt b jealous tht they didn't invite him'lol'tink u no wen things gt better cud u hav a scene wer dutta tks naku out 2 watch a movie of salman n gts jealous abt hw naku blushes each time salman cums onscreen'.LOL'I reali loved gaurav n dutta's convo'gaurav makin dutta see the things tht he overlooked n no1 else thrt 2 consider'.like y sum1 wud ryt a letter b4 eloping' this update made me realise hw alike naku n gaurav r'.in terms of the way they talk'the way they see things' no wonder they r such thick friends'.i loved hw dutta expressed the things he noted abt naku'.awww he loves her bt wen wil he realise''.??????? 

Chap 27- brilliant update'dutta realised he loved naku bt wntd 2 stil free her from the marriage bond'. Little does he knw it wnt b tht easy'omg naku cme in between n gt beaten up'poor naku' loved her explanation on y god gave 1 heart n hw its incomplete until u meet ur other half' tasha r made for each other' gr8 wrk kishore..hw I wish he had dne this in the shw'.. wil it b revealed soon tht kala was behind it all I mean he cme 2 no al this mus find out tht kala was behind it al 2'

Ok tink thts it for 2day wil post my review on the other chapters soon'10 chapters 2 go'.

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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^^wow yuvi u r wel behind man..

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Yuvika_15 Moderator

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lol...i no i am...thts y i sed at the beginning 2 tink nt 2 hav a heart attack wen she sees wer i had 2 read from...
gt so much catching up 2 do...shilpi's imperfections, urs n daya's benaam rishta n daya's aap ki khatir n vika's old n new ff...

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