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Enternal Yearnings Abhiya FF chapt 3 pg 23 6th aug (Page 5)

Tahani01 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
wow sounds kwl pia seems like a strong figure in this update soon awww i think van helsing is gonna die soon init oh well cnt wait till abhay pia meet

chahat4u IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing update. Clap
Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 7:59am | IP Logged

Awesome part

Please PM me when u continue
_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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gud update pleeezzz pm me ok
mansim Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
awesome part ClapClap
too cool LOLLOL
love this new piaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
she is not a damsel in distress but a powerful vampire slayerShockedLOLLOL
cant wait till abhay meets piaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL
please pm me  whenever you updateWink
update soonBig smile
Crazy.Beautiful IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
character intro moved to first page

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Crazy.Beautiful IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter 1
Eternal  Yearning (The Killing)

Darkness had encompassed all around the forest. Light was begin to fade away, and bring in a new night. It was a full moon night. Perfect Night, to kill the beasts who had been roaming this earth for hundreds of years killing innocent men, women, and children.  A cold, heartless ,dead  heart beating creature who was the Earth's most dangerous predator. The girl ran through the mud, and the small tiny stream in the forest racing like the wind, and using all her human strength to kill the beast who had taunted her to avenge the death of her beloved mother. She had already hit with the silver arrow filled with venom that could kill him instantly. But this beast was powerful, she realized. Usually one arrow did a job, but here one arrow had  not been effective. She chased him, and finally when the lifeless soul had  surrendered. She did not feel mercy for the creature not because for who he was, but the crime he had consigned against humanity. With mighty force, she launched the last arrow . The creature screamed, and then fades in to ashes.
Some one hiding behind the tree, watching her amusingly applauded her. He was her boss. Stephen Van Hassling. The one who had granted her a new life when she was dying. When her mother had  been murdered ,and when her father had abandoned her. Her mother was murdered by a Vampire(the horror Gothic Novel creature who existed in this Earth) , and survived drinking blood of humans. Since that one tragic night, it had transformed her from a little innocent girl to cold slayer. She was one of the powerful slayer, and she had worked her  day and night rarely taking breaks to achieve this reputation. Her name was feared by several vampires.
Stephen- Well Done kiddo! You proved your worthy of becoming a leader of my clan when I am gone(said the old man) . Coughing.  I want  you have this necklace. It was my wife. We could never children, but she always considered you a daughter. It's a moon stone necklace. It will protect your from vampires, werewolves, and many other supernatural that lurk in this Earth
Piya(smiling), and testing the sweet taste of victory- Thanks! Papa! Victory sounds so sweet nah. I have just begun my revenge. I pledge you this , I will eradicate these blood sucking monster out of this world/
Stephen( amused at her response, and sighing heavily)- Sometimes, I feel guilty for dragging you to this. You are 17. You are supposed to go out, and have fun. Date boys, go to theatre, and do things normal teenagers do . 
Piya (emphasized with his sorrow)- I know Papa! But, I am me. I love what I do. My mission is not done. Pappa. I need to give me time. I promise the day I my mission is fulfilled , I will live my life to the fullest.
Stephen( hitting his head) - This girl is too stubborn for me to comprehend anything to her. There  are millions of vampires , and hundreds of being vampires being born everyday. How  are you going to be wipe out the whole race? Plus, there are plenty  good vampires too who live in human society adapting their norms, and cultures, and, drinking blood from the blood bank as provided by humans. 
Piya (understood was trying to say)- Papa! Like all humans there are good and evil. Vampires have the same side too. I am not implying to all the vampires. I just kill those who you assigned me, and those who are ruthless. 
Stephen(laughing)- Piya! You have already stirred up troubles everywhere. By now, you have earned a reputation world's number one slayer, and I am sure vampire pee in their pants hearing your name. Now! Come on ! Let's go. You are not hungry.
Piya's(tummy  roaring)- Piya! I am a hungry. I can eat horse. Let's go ( she responded enthusiastically )
Stephen Van Hassling, and Piya left for their home. The Van Hassling were the wealthiest family in the whole town, and owned half of the property of the town. Since Stephen had no child of his own., He had made Piya's his heiress, and adopted her. . Piya parked her Ferrari which her Papa had been granted her on her 16th birthday. The mansion had a huge fountain in the middle, three separate houses that housed the servants, and a swimming pool that any one craved to have. Piya was greeted by her Aunt Aariyah Van Hassling at the door. She was wearing tight skinny jeans, leather boots, and a tank top. Piya! Holding her laughter , Piya entered her house. She changed in her bikini, and went for a swim at a nearby lake. She felt the cool water around her body, and swam more deep in to the water. Afterwards , she sat by the lake feeling the cold breeze blowing on hair. She began to process her whole day. The killing had gone smoothly, but had required a constant huge effort. Next time she had be more cautious she thought. Bertha (her maid, and a big woman) came running towards shouting , and breathily heavily. 
Piya(curious who was calling her) turned around to see Bertha. She was obsessed, and wickedly smile this could give the old lady some exercise. 
She signaled Bertha to stop , but Bertha bumped hardly on her chest making both of them lose their balance, and fall in to the lake. 
Piya was agitated now. She had told her to stop. She calmed her anger down, and relaxed herself. She approached Bertha, and gave her hand to pick her up. Damn! The woman she thought was heavy. 
Bertha(weeping, and continuingly apologizing) - I am sorry! Mistress! I did know. Sir, requested you presence your immediately, and you have eaten anything today. 
Piya- It's fine. No need to be worried. I am hungry too. Hope, you cooked well (she teased Betha, trying to lighten the atmosphere, )
Bertha- O mistress! You are too kind. Promise, next time nothing like this will happen. I am clumsy, and so thank you for bearing with me. And, I have cooked well tonight.
Piya- Come on Let's Go!  I can't anticipate any longer to try what exquisite dish you have made.
Berth, and Piya arrived at the Mansion. Piya went through the back door, and she could approach the guest on what she was wearing. She changed in a cream color dress that went few inches up the new. She left her curly, and applied light make up. For hair, she breaded it Bohemian style. She left for downstairs, where the party was full swing. Her father had invited few old friends for dinner. She sat down at the dining table. And, she scoped a huge plate of Alfredo Pasta Chicken. Her massi seeing Piya's table manner , her jaw tightened, and she kicked Piya. 
Massi- Where are your manners? You are eating like a wild, and like a hobo who has eaten in days. 
Piya- Massi! I don't care. Besides, all her old guys nearby they don't care
Massi(gritting her teeth )- Shut up! They are handsome, and alive you more than your  generations. Besides, I am expecting  a very sophisticated , and a wealthy gentle man to ask me to dinner. And  if he sees my niece is a disgraceful, rude, and who has no respect for elders, then he won't me ask for a date. Just! Don't ruin my luck , and (she said trying not to hard manifest any emotions)
Piya- Sorry! Aunty! So, Who is it?
Aariyah- I am not telling you. 
Piya- If you don't tell me, and then I am sure you would adore your niece for this. (smirking)
Aariyah- He is the one seated near to your father.  Isn't he a cutie ?(dazzling her eyes)
Piya( hissing) - Yeah sure! He ! Probably a gold digger, and who just want to be linked to our family.
Aariyah- Piya! She scowled
Everyone jumped off, , and Frederick (the guy) raised his eye brow inquiring her curiously. 
Aariyah pretended to smile. Forgive Me! She took a wine. I just wanted to make a toast to all my friends, and family here. Sorry! I shouted!!!! I was telling my niece I am proud of her. Forgive! I can't show any emotions. I have botox you see.  Please! Emphasize me (she went to blabber). Aariyah blabbered on. The guest at the dinner table left. She felt silly. Damn! My date is gone. Piya had managed to vanish from the dinner table. She went to look for her niece, and she would surely be grounded she thought. Frederick! Tapped her from behind. Aariyah stirred up from behind. 
Aariyah- It's you, you scared me! Pardon me ! I just looking for my niece, and what event occurred in the dinner table. Let me explain my cirumstance (heavily sighly)
Frederick- You have made a grave mistake tonight
Aaariyah- I knew it! I am sorry! It's my niece. She is just a child. You have to understand
Frederick- Not that! You niece already explained it to me.  It's the same here too. It's nerve wracking for me to ask you dinner out too. You are so beautiful. Will have a dinner with me ?
Aariyah felt guilty now for yelling at her niece. She loved her niece to death, and was the living  symbol of her brother's happiness. Aariyah (accumulating the courage)
Aariyah- Of course you stupid!
She kissed him. 
Piya applauded from behind, and had tears in her eyes.
Piya: Finally! Frederick! You took long
Aariyah: Piya! You were aware what was going on? Why did not you tell me?
Piya- I am sorry Aunt. He wanted to say himself, and I am sorry for misbehaving tonight. I am just under some stress. 
Aariyah( asking concernedly)- Are you ok my dear? Why did not you tell me ? Do you need to talk?
Piya - No it's fine. It just that I have no idea what to wear tomorrow. (she lied)
Aariyah- How silly ! Piya! Finally, my niece is becoming more fashion influence she hugged her. And, if you don't mind let me carry what I started she said winking at Frederick.
Piya went to room, and crashed in her bed. Stephen had sent all away his guests, and had apologize to them for his sister intrusive behavior. Piya! Had already slept.
He kissed her on the forehead, and wrapped the blanket around her, and turned off the lamb for her.
Stephen- Good! Night baby girl !Planting a soft kiss on her forehead. He was so grateful the day Piya had walked in his life. He could never children, but she had fulfilled her wish.
The Raichand Mansion
Peter raced up to Raichand Mansion to inform his boss on the latest killing news on the vampires. 
Abhay Raichand ( The Superior Lord of the Vampire) was sitting near a fire dressed in a tuxedo, and with legs crossed. He truly looked like a King, and a God father. And, besides him were his subjects.  
Peter trying to catch his breath. 
Peter- Your Excellency! I have some important news
Abhay dismissed his subjects. 
Abhay- Please excuse us! 
The subjects left, and Abhay signaled Peter to talk.
Abhay- Talk! What's the news?
Peter- Your Majesty! Ivan is killed. He was our strongest vampire. Miss. Piya Van Hassling had murdered him. 
Abhay- He deserved to be killed. He was ruthless, blackmailing, and a bas***d.
Peter ( protesting)- But, your majesty. He has been so useful to us. 
Abhay( irritiated, shatter the glass)- Whenever Miss. Piya Van Hassling kills , she kills for a reason. True, I don't like sometimes she kills our kind, and is killing in such a fast pace. But, those bas***ds deserved it. Regarding our vampire's population. It's growing day by day. We have more newborns more than ever.  And, I think it's about time I meet her. She is a fascinating woman.
Peter ( Yes, Your majesty). When Peter left, the maids came quickly and cleaned the glass broken pieces.
Abhay knew time had come to meet the world's greatest slayer. It was a full moon night. He looked at the moon admiring it's beauty. He could not wait to meet Miss. Jaiswal. His mother Hassena  came, and put her hands around his shoulders. He turned around. Haseena knew the challenges, and stress being a Vamprie Lord. He had too look after all the clan over India. He made most of the decision in the Vampire Court, and their clan. He was the most powerful vampire . 
Haseena- Thinking about something? Questioning him
Abhay- No mum! I just have a lot in mind. It feels a burden sometimes to be the Lord of the Vampires. I have make decisions which I will regret down the road, and decisions that affect so many lives.
Haseena- No my son! Don't take this as a stress. Take it as it comes, and use this power of your for the good.
Abhay- Thanks Mum! 
Hassena (smiling)- Anytime! Now! I gotta go. Your father is waiting for me. We have spent time in days. 
Abhay- Bye Mum! Have fun! 
Abhay had only one thing in mind right. Miss. Piya Van Hassling. He was looking forward to the meeting.

I know this chappy is bad, and no abhiya scenes. But, I had to make this story move. Abhiya are gonna offically meet each other until chapter 4. Abhay is gonna see her though from distance. Don't be mad. It's vital for the story right now to focus on just on other character not Abhiya. Abhiya won't be focus of the story until Chapter 5. I need the first four chapter to be a foundation for the story later. Sorry! No a lot of Abhiya until chappy 5. I need to know where I am headed with the story. I just have a imagination in my head, and I have not thought about the whole plot in my mind.

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ey loved your update and omg pia is so cool i mean the killing good girl awww she seems strong but adorable but i have not experianced any emothions towards abhay so far im sure they will come later on keep updateing

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