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Enternal Yearnings Abhiya FF chapt 3 pg 23 6th aug (Page 14)

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Originally posted by syria2014

Originally posted by renuka1997

thnx fast,...and...will...upload...both...offf...
even i want to finish seeing pkyek
then i will be free to read ur ffsSmile

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Chapter 2

coming soon

1 hrs . at  11: OO clock france time

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Originally posted by syria2014

Chapter 2

coming soon

1 hrs . at  11: OO clock france time
what happened pleeez update fast
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Originally posted by renuka1997

Originally posted by syria2014

Chapter 2

coming soon

1 hrs . at  11: OO clock france time
what happened pleeez update fast

hun i was tried so i slept, and forgot to save the chappy. i am typing it right. promise it will be uploaded within 40 mins
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Chapter 2 (Unseen)
"To err is human, to forgive is divine" as John Paul said. 

"Run Run Run" They are coming to get you. Run My child Piya's mum was warning her. 

"Mum" I can't leave you alone. The ambulance will be right here . 

" It's too late sweety" Doctors will not be able to save me, nor the best medicine in the world.  Please!Sweety! No! That , I will always be there for you.  Promise me, you will take revenge for my death. I love you! My little Piya! Her mother had said those words, and made her orphan with in seconds. Piya always dreamt of the event that had crumbled her little world. The event that transformed Piya from a little innocent child to a devil.

. Even Van Hasseling love had been able to repair the damage that one event had done. To Piya it was remembrance she could never forget. Seeing her mother lie in pool of blood, bitten, and killed so viciously. The agony, pain ,and suffering only Piya knew.

Piya had not completely succeeded in her aim. Her aim was to kill each of those Vampires linked to her mother's death. She had been not  able to discover the identity of her mother's murder. But, she was close to her victory. She could taste it.  She rinsed her mouth with cold water, and changed in to her jogging outfit. 

Piya jogged from her house to the park. The park was tranquil. And, Piya adored sitting near the bench listening to the birds chirping in the morning, and breathing the fresh air in the morning. The park was her second home. It was her small escape heaven for the serene environment she  always had desired . Piya did not want the world to so damn bloody. But, what could she do? She never had a  normal child upbringing. Her mother's murder had shook her, and sent in to rampage for killing monsters. She had become heartless. 

Abhay the lord of the vampire got the shock of his life. Piya Van Hassling looked so much like his lose beloved. The beloved who had betrayed his trust to seek refuge another's man arms. But Piya and Maithali were different he knew it. He felt a strong longing with Piya. Seeing her did not bring stir up old memories, but he pain , agony , and suffering of a little girl triggered all over his body. He felt tears in his eyes. He knew she was thinking about the mother she once had. Damn! He wanted to kill those bas***ds who had murdered her mother, and brought a shame to the Vampire Clan. He wanted to go besides her, and comfort her. He felt the sudden urge to touch her, and hold her. To release all her pain, and let her find solace. Peter was right the girl was indeed beautiful. She was one sexy slayer. No wonder Vampires easily lured in to her trap. Her good looks, and her nature were enough to be drawn Piya like she were a magnet.

         He wanted to go meet, and introduce himself. But, their meeting had to be officially sealed by her guardian. 

Piya felt a cool breeze around her . She turned around to see what it was, it was blank. Piya just thought it might have been the wind. She jogged back to her house. Guys were lined up around her houses . She pondered why was this about. As soon, as  she walked in to the house. Guys began to stare at her. Some handed her flowers, and some of them chocolates. 

Piya's best friend Abhgail dressed in a short black cocktail dress came behind.
Piya(annoyed)- Abhs! What the hell is this all about?

Abhagail: We are going clubbing . Since, you are so damn busy with your other life. And, never go out. And, you never even had a boyfriend, and practically kick out every guy in your life. Plus, all your good looking going to waste. I thought why not have guys come to your house, and you select one guy for your clubbing date tonight .

Piya: No! Abs! I am not doing this.  (walking away)

Aariyah: Young lady! You are going out today's, and it's final. 

Piya: Massi! No! I have some thing else to do. Ask Poppa (making excuse)

Stephen Van Hassling sitting in the couch. 

Stephen- Don't look at me for support. I have not assigned you any mission tonight. (trying to look innocent)-

Abhigail ( excited like a little girl)- Yaay! Finally! I get to take my buddy out here in a such a long time. We are gonna have so much fun (putting her arms her Piya's shoulder)

Piya was just dazzled at her best friend excitement . She reluctantly said Yes. Tonight is going to be something she thought. Piya made an pact that if they would go , she would choose her own outfit , and make up. Abhaghil compromised with her if it means her friend finally spending some quality time with her. 

Piya wore a Quail Silk Wrap Dress.She left her hair curly, did a light make up, and finished it up with cream brown high heels.  For last touch she painted her nails black. (link for the look ).  

Piya, and Abhighail left in her ferrari for the night club. There was a line in front, and the guards were checking the Id's . Abhay was there secretly watching Piya. Since he had seen Piya she had been his obsession. He wanted to know her more. He had Heather sitting in the front passenger complaining about the line, and they were the VIP's . They should go first. He had never liked her, but due the pressure from his friends he had taken in as her girlfriend. He was planning to end his and Heather relationship soon.

He saw Piya in a Quail wrapped. He admired her petite, hour glass figure. God! Damn! She looked so exquisite, and delicious he thought. His mind were racing with thoughts he had not felt in 100 years of existence .
Heather studying Abhay's reaction. She knew , he felt something for the girl. Maybe an unknown connection. That's what she had felt like when she had met Ivan until Abhay's  Maithali had taken him away from him. Since they both had pretending to be lovers to enrage them. She wanted Ivan back. She knew that bitch was only using Ivan for own gain. In reality , Maithali did not know the definition of love.  
Heather with a heavy sigh careful not to offend Abhay
Heather- I know you feel something for her. That's what I felt when I had met Ivan.
Abhay- Your are telling me He grumbled into a moddy scowl
Heather winced - Sorry! Feeling awkward. It was the first time in years she had ever confronted Abhay's about his interest in any girl.
Abhay(feeling guility now)- No! It's just I have a lot in my mind Heather.
Heather (feeling uneasy not sure if he wanted to go in )- If you don't want to go, We don't have to.
Abhay(smirking)- Of course we are going. Anyway but, I am not gonna make my move on Piya. You know we have to stick together , and make our former lovers we are together.
Heather (chirping brightly)- Let's go
Abhay offered her his hand, and Heather clang to it.
At the night club, the dance was in full swing. Piya ordered two shots of martine. The bartender handed it to her. She already had drank too much already she thought. Right by her was a cute guy. He approached her and introduced him self. . Taking off his disguise.
Ben- Hey Sexy! Are you gonna drink all that by yourself or share?
Piya instantly recognized that voice. It was her best friend Ben. Abhigail, her, and Ben had been friends since they were in diapers. Piya tightly hugged him. Abhay seeing this stepped out. He wanted Piya to like him in her own terms. The girl made him nervous as hell. Plus, She was a Vampire Slayer. He did not want her sticking a arrow besides his ass.  He felt hurt for some reason. He left to watch the interaction between the guy, and Piya from far.
( Piya Pulling away from the hug)
Piya( hitting him in the chest)- You f**king idoit! Where the f**k were you? It's been such a long time. I missed you
Ben(pouting)- I missed you too babes. How had been my little girl been? And, I need another hug too, One is not enough. Am I forgiven? She hugged him again.
Piya- Of course duffus! You don't make that silly face of yours.
Ben(sighing heavily)- Uncle ,let me know you were here. You look hot . Finally seeing you in a dress. Feel good to see your girly side. (smirking)
Piya- I don't care about that right now. What did bring me from your trip to Romania?
Abhagail came from behind yanked Piya from side.
Abhgail enthusiastically - OMG ! You are finally here. Missing you buddy . (hugging him tightly)
Ben- You are suffocating me .
Abhagail- Shut up! Just give my gift (twinkling her eyes)
Ben- You both little girl. Santa Claus will hand your gift if both of the girl will dance with him.
Piya- You both carry on ( holding back)
Abghail(whining)- Not Again! What am I going to do with you? (dragging her to the floor)
Ben followed Abhagial and Piya to the floor . Piya, and Abhgail swayed around the floor.  He was watching her every move. God! Damn! He wished he was there . He wanted to take in his arms, and dance with her. He wanted to kiss those sweet lips.  He mentally slapped himself at the thought.
For a moment Piya forgot everything around her, and her eyes went to Abhay was glancing Piya. He vanished as soon as Piya saw him.
Piya (searching her eyes to corridor of the club).
Abigail (snapped her fingers at Piya).
Abhagail - What happen ? Where are you blankly staring at the corridor?
Piya (stirred)- Nothing! Let's dance.
Heather who spotted inquired him curiously
Heather- Abhay! Why did you look so pale
Abhay- Nothing!  I want to leave
Heather (crossing her fingers)- I am not stupid Abhay. Thanks for the modesty
Abhay- I think she saw me (tensing up)
Heather (confused)- Whom?
Abhay - Piya! Stupid
Heather- So , That's a good thing. It will be easier to get her on our side before Ivan and Maithali get her.
Abhay (responded skeptically)- No !I don't know. She is one headstrong slayer. It will be hard to get her our side.
Heather paused for a moment.
Heather (chirping brightly)- I have an idea, but too risky.  You have to be romantically involve with her. And, you already feel something for her, and I am sure she will fall for you.
Abhay (warned)- Hell! No! I do feel an unwanted connection to her. But, do u think what prize we have to pay for that.
Heather  ignored him. I am gonna try.
Abhay(stopping Heather)- No! Heather !
Before Heather could even make her way towards Piya. Abhay speeded up , and yanked her.
Heather - Abhay! Come on! She is it for you. I like her already
Abhay- No! Stop try to fix me up with her. When times comes for us, it will.
Heather (whining)- You are meany asshole (pretending to throw tantrum)
Abhay(embrassed)- Heather not one of your emotional blackmail. Not working this time. You are like my sis come on. Please! Don't do this.
Heather (rubbing her nose headed back)- Mean! Big bro!
Abhay, and Heather left for their mansion where Abhay had a meeting with his subjects. Abhay had only club on Heather insistence. Heather had become close to him in the past years they had pretending. He felt like his brother. Only , his rare subjects knew the true identity of their relationship. They already felt eccentric pretending to be partners. Truth was they were more like brother , and sister.

Piya, and Abhgail, and Ben were sitting around the bar stool. Abhgail was drunk. She was already making out with some other guy in the back. Piya and Ben were by themselves.
Ben - So Piyali!  Before , He could speak further. Piya punched him at his nose.
Ben - Ouch! What was that for?
Piya- For calling me Piyaa>. (she stumped)
Ben (with evil grin)-  Piyali. Piyali! Piyali! Piyali He shouted .
Piya (cheeks flared with heat)- Screw you! You both can find ride back. She snickered
Ben ran raced up to her.
Ben - I am sorry! Madam! (laying on the floor)
Piya- If you wanna say sorry, go through my Hitler father. And call me that in front of him. Bye ! Duffus.  Piya picked up  Abghail up, and they left for their mansion.

Chapter 2 is like ahhh! Right! From chappy 3. Chappy 3 , and 4 will all be moving on the story. Abhay and Piya will meet soon, but not right now. I have something more planned for chapter 3, and 4. Sorry, but I wrote a lame chappy. But, I had put out forth the real existence relationship between Abhay, Heather, Maithali, and Ivan. This Ivan is diff. The one dead in Chap 1 is not the same this one. Sorry, but this first interaction , and Abhay seeing Piya I just made it simple. I did not put a lot of effort bec I have minds for other ff, and write now I need to where I am heading with ff, and so please be patient with me. I promise you from chap 3 on , This whole ff is gonna be so well written,and  twist and turn are gonna start forming. So , watch out.

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is it complete 
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wow sounds awsome i like abhay not relating pia to his lost love but instead relateing himself to her so kwl plez update soon
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woh abahy is interested in pia n broke up with his gf for dat...Embarrassed its gr8... i loved it...Smileits nt comlete na...

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