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~]]Sau baras[[~ AR complt up on 9 (21/5 (Page 9)

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Hey guys here the next part but incomplete.hope u like it.sorry for any errors.i write it in a hurry.
                   ~  Sau Baras~
                                   Part ~ 2
Khuda ko dikh raha hoga, na dil tujhse judaa hoga
Teri taqdeer mein mujhko, woh ab do likh raha hoga
Khuda ko dikh raha hoga, na dil tujh se judaa hoga
Teri taqdeer mein mujhko, woh ab do likh raha hoga
Tera hi bas hona chahoon
Tere dard mein rona chahoon
Tere dil ke in zakhmo pe, marham main hona chahoon
Tera hi bas hona chahoon
Tere dard mein rona chahoon
Tere dil ke inn zakhmo pe, marham main hona chahoon
Armaan slide down on the wooden door with tear in his eyes.He stiil can hear her painful voice,  echoed in haunted whole Haveli.
He cries while hugging her picture.
kar le kabool khudaya mere sajde
ab toh naseeb mein kujh likh de
ho kar le kabool khudaya mere sajde
ab toh naseeb mein kujh likh de
Tu phir na soya hoga, shayad phir roya hoga
Tu phir na soya hoga, shayad phir roya hoga
Aasu meri palkon pe, yun hi na aaya hoga
Dena mujhko awaazein
Ya sunn meri fariyadein
Ghere hain mujhko yaadein, bin tere
Tujhe hi bas paana chahoon
Khud ko main khona chahonn
Tere dil ke inn zakhmo pe, marham main hona chahoon
Tera hi bas hona chahoon
Tere dard mein rona chahoon
Tere dil ke inn zakhmo pe, marham main hona chahoon
He look at the garden remembring her shimring voice , he can see her playing in the garden with the puppies in her hand. sitting on swing watching sunset when she was a human ,a pure soul..
khuda ko dikh raha hoga, na dil tujhse judaa hoga
teri taqdeer mein mujhko, woh ab do likh raha hoga
Dil ne ibaadat ki hai, teri bas chaahat ki hai
Dil ne ibaadat ki hai, teri bas chaahat ki hai
Likaaya arziyon mein, tujh bin jeena nahin hai
Mujh mein ab main kahan hoon
Tujh mein rehne laga hoon
Main toh bas jee raha hoon, bin mere
Tujhe khwaab mein dikhna chaahoon
Teri saans mein khona chaahoon
Tere dil ke inn zakhmo pe, marham main hona chaahoon
Tera hi bas hona chaahoon
Tere dard mein rona chaahoon
Tere dil ke inn zakhmo pe, marham main hona chaahoon
He look at the haveli standing in the garden . and feeling her presence around him, he knew she wanted to say something, she want his help, she wanted to escaped  out of the professor hold.
Now he promised himself, from her soul that he will go to any extent to save her . No matter what happen with him, he might be loose his own life but now he is adampt to save her.He made a resolution to bring her from the shell of the evil.
" Ye sach hai ke aatmayie ( spirit) kabhi likh nahi sakti aur nahi kabhi bol sakti hai, isiliyen to wo hum insano ka istemaal karti hain" Sapna the professor , who teach spirit codes, she is one of the heck professor who can talk to spirit while walking .She behavve them like they exist in the world.
Armaan was standing near the door of the class listening her each and every word carefull, who might know this will  become usefull in the future.He was working on his lapton, searching for the best teacher who can undertand spirits codes and he come to know about sapna who live in U.S but to his luck she is now in his station come for an important lecture.
While teaching sapna notice armaan standing on the door and excuse to her students.
" yes may i know , who u r" sapna ask armaan with a concerned look, as a professor she have a right to through out armaan from her university , disturbing her class while teaching but as all knew she can understand the situation in which any spirit has envolved.
" Mujhe apse akele main baat  karni hai" armaan said with a sheeply look , he knew he didnt do good thing in disturbing her while teaching.She nodded and lead him towards he cabin.
Sapna fold the LETTER which armaan had giver her to read, before any talk he wanted her to know everything about @, he wanted her to feel her pain so she can perfectly concentrate on her work.
A long tear come out from sapna eyes when she read @ paper, she cant imagin how can a Spirit bear all this from last 80 years.
" hmmm is ladki ki kahani to bohot dukhbhari hai, par app kya chahte hai main kya karu iske liyen" sapna asked to armaan.Bcz she wanted to know why a person wanted to help a spirit from evil knowing very well that he might loose his own life too.
" main chahta hun ke app us ladki ki spirit se baat kare , use puche ke hum uske liyen kya karsakte hai. aur agar mumkin hai to use us evil spirit se kaise bachayen"
' Ok aaj raat after dinner 9 baje main aapki ghar aungi par dhiyan rakhiye ga , ghar main koi bhi na ho" she said while informing her whole shedule which she had made in her brain.Armaan noded and left the place.
At night 9 PM
Whole Haveli surrounding was dark . Like trees in the garden are scared to open thier eyes and thed thier leaves .Winds were quite , afraid bcz of the Haveli powers.
A White car enetred through the large iron door , killing the dangerouse silence.
Armaan who was standing near his window . walk down through  the stairs.
Armaan open the door and greet her.She nodded and look around the haveli.Armaan observe her each and evry move and expression, and eager to listen something from her mouth..
Sapna look around and observe something ,ehr sence can fell somthing , her head moved towards the corner of the mension where the large green box was kept neatly.
" Us bbox main ek projector hai" She said to armaan while moving towards it, armaan folowed her open the large box and yes their is a large Projectir in it around 100 yeards old.
" ye to bohot purana lagraha hai, kya ye chalega" armaan said while observing the projector in his hands.
" haan ye chalega' sapna said with full confidens making armaan look towards her.
He nodded and set a projector in a small room.
They botth stood in front of the small t.v waiting for it to start.
As soon s tv star showing a screen, which is must be very old, bcz the colour of it is black and white.And in the video they can see a beautiful samall girl sitting on the wodden stool and playing the piano ,Her parents and an old but looking very smart was standing near her and praising her talent.
Armaan was shocked to listen the music , this was same tune which he has listen on the first night when he come to this Haveli.
Before they can watch it furthur the screen got blank.
" ab is screen ko kya hua " armaan said irritatingly while watching the role of the projection which role is now tore in between in it.
" Ye kaise hua" he was surperise to see the tattered role.
Sapna shivered hard and immidietly look around the room.Armaan got alert to see her gasped and look towards her .
" mujhe yahan se jaan hoga main yaha nahi reh sakti" sapna said with quivering voice which make armaan hell shocked .she supposed to help hm to save the @ spirit and here she saying that she cant stay here.
" Kya hua apko achanak" armaan asked
" tumhe mehsoos nahi hosakta par main mehsoos kar sakti hun., Wo yahi hai hamare aass paas" sapna yelled at him with a chocking viooce.
Armaan got shocked to  see her soo much scared,why is she soo scared, she is a one who treat spirit . and here she is yelling at him for no reason.
" lekin ap yaha se aise kaise jaa sakti hai"
" main yaha nahi ruksakti , wo yahi hamare ass paas hai,"
" aap kiski baat kar rahi , kahin app Ayya" He going to take the professor name but stpped at sapna voice.
" shut up,dont ...dont ever do that. Ek baat dhyaan se sunlo kuch bhi ho jaye lekin tum professor ka naam apni zubaan pe mat laana"
" lekin kyun"
" kisi bhi aatma ka naam laine se uski taakan(Power) aur dugni ho jaati hai" said this she run towards her car which is park in fron of the Haveli door.
Armaan run fater her . try to stop her" plz ruk jayiye mat jayie, mujhe @ ko azzad karana hai, meri mada kijiye" armaan plead just only for the poor soul .
" mujhe maaf kardo ,lekin main tumhaari madad nahi kar sakti, tumnahi jaante par main mehssos kar sakti hun, ye aatma koi aam atma nahi hai, Ye bohot shakti shaali hai, itni taakat maine aaj tak kisi atama main nahi dekhi, bohot khatarnaak hai ye, main iska saamna nahi karsakti. iski taaka 80 saal main aur badh gayi hai." She  said looking at armaan who was satndong on the door where als she is standing near the door of the car but stop suddenly, her epression changed totaly like she watched something or should say someone unexpected.
 ( Sorry for any mistake i didnt check it)
Armaan look at her face and folow her gaze , she is seeing something behind him, and now he felt someone presence behind his back ,slowly he turned around and saw nothing thier except a dreadfull silence.
" waha to koi nahi hai, aap kiski baat kar rahi hai" armaan asked already scared sapna.
" Wo tumhare peeche khada hai waha stairs pe, wo hampe hasraha hai armaan, wo hampe has raha hai ke hum uska kuch nahi karsakte." said this she sit in the car in just leave the house in a hurry.leaving armaan staring at the stairs.
He walked back in the hall looing around to find some shadow but failed to find it.
" Main nahi jaanta tum kya chahte ho , par main jo chahta hun wo main hasil karke rahunga, main @ ko tumhare jaal se nikal ke hi rahunga , chahe tum kitni bhi koshsish karlo leking ab tum nahi bachoge, tumhara nam laine se tumhari taakat badhti hai na to theek hai" Armaan said lokking at the empty whole in perpuse to send this masg to the Professor spirit.
" Ayyar, Ayyar, Ayaar" armaan screamed .
Then suddenly all the light start to get dim , A bulbs start to get burst.
The carpet on which armaan satding suddenly satrt shaking making armaan falling on a floor.
Armaan look around to see such a strong unknown power,.To whome he kick back thier no visible creature in a room except him.
Before armaan could this futhure all the things which was kept in a room atart come upon him, armaan try save himself from those this but a mirror pierce his hand sking making blood oozed out from it.
Armaan run towards the main door and look at the haveli.Then suddenly on the same stares and unkown light come up, making whole haveli bright.
Armaan look the light which is on the stairs, and he saw a girl standing thier in a same white night dress.
Armaan got shocked to see @ satanding thier , he saw her but cant able to see her face clearly but he knew she is @.
She saw him with tears and immense pain in her eyes and said" mat karo, barbaad ho jaoge, main to ho hi chuki hun barbaad wo tumhe bhi nahi chodega, 80 saal se main ye dard bardaash kar rahi hun, par nahi chahti meri wajeh se kisis aur ki bhi jaan jaye. Tum mujhe jitna use door karne ki koshish karige wo mujhe utna hi dard dega, main ye dard aur bardaash nahi karsakti.Dekho wo meri taraf aa raha hai, mujhe koi nahi bacha sakta, koi nahi" She got dissapear.Before armaan could enter in a haveli.
All the door got locked and light start to get on and off. Then he hear agai her shriek .In a immenese pain
" NOOO AHHH PLZ LEAVE ME " she creamed in pain again when the evil spriti played with her body again and again.
Tear formed ine armaan eyes to listen her shrieks , he cobvered his ears and look at the screaming haveli. who too was crying in her pain.
Armman fall on her knees in the garden and coverd his ears tighlty, not wanted to listen her screams again, he feel helpless , he cant even do something to save her but he will not going to stop now.
 Next Morning.
Armaan opened his eyes slowly just to find a sun standing in from of him spreadin rays to the world.He sit strait and look at the haveli. which now silent.
Armmangot up with a little difficulty and start walk towards it.
" wapis maut ke muhn main jaan chahte ho tum," Armaan stopped on his tracks and turned around to see a owner of this voice.He get surprised to see the same old man , with whome he met during his ride in haveli.
" aap yahan" armaan asked to see him with a small smile on his face.
" main sab jaanta hun , tum us ladki ko bachaana chahte ho, aur iske liyen tum kuch bhi karo ge"
" aap ye sab kaise jaante hai" armaan asked astonished by his answer.
" main sab jaanta hun, kai saalon se hun yaha par, us ladki ki cheekhen maine bhi suni hai"
" to batiye main kya karun"
" tumhare andar itni himmat hai ki tum us atmaa ka saamna kar sako aur us ladki ki atmaa ko azaad karwa sako"He asked armaan .
" main kuch bhi karunga" Armaan said with full confidence in his eyes and his every nerve
" to ja. jake uske dard se dard mila, ja uske dard ko samjh, jab to uske dard ko samjhega, to har cheez badal jayegi, duniya badal jayegi, har taakat badal jayegi. aur ye waqt badal jayega, ja aur ja bachale use" He said looking towards the haveli.
Armaan turned aroung and atre the
Haveli , he slowly walk towards the Haveli with big steps.
The older man who still was standing thier suck the smoke from his cigrette. and blow it towards armaan.
The smok flow towards armaan andget sink in his back.
Armaan eneterd in the Same piano room and sit on the wooden stool. He played the same tunsed she used to play 80 years before and which he liste everynight.
Armaan played again and gain the same tune with his closed eyes, he dont know how much time he give it but he played and try to fell her pain which is hidden in her own tune.
Suddenly  a sharp light hit his eyes making him open it.
Armaan look at the clock and surperise to see 4 in the morning.Then he listen some voices outside the house.
He got up from the wodden stool and walk towards the gate of the haveli . he walk towards the door and stoped on his. He got shocked what he saw, he just cant  belive on his own eyes.Did it realy a true.
I hope guys it is enogh for now.
Plz dont forgot to comment and click like button.
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Love u all

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hey nyc part
complete it soonSmile
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but its not fair, that u stopped it in middle
try to complete it soon

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You're giving me goosebumps!  Seriously!  I loved how you started off with the song.  It's stuck in my head now!  Hehe... Is Armaan like in love with her or what?  That's what it looks like to me!  So Sapna can talk to spirits?  What was the name of the professor?  I'm sure the person behind him is Riddhima!  Why did you stop at that point!  I'm really anxious to know what's gonna happen now.  Please update soon!
-Medzi Heart
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Scary part
but ek bat bolun
pls bura mat maanna
salina pls dont updt this ff at night
mai bohot dar jati hun
pls yar raat bhar jagna padta hai
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Aw man! this is sooo gonna give me nightmares now..tch! 
its scaryyy!  Ouch
i just hope wateva armaan does to save that poor soul..he succeeds in it..and hope sapna agrees to help him by anyway...tch..plz continue soon..dunno wats behind him...Ermm
plzzz continue sooon...

P.S.-  I really liked the mansion..Big smile

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hey its awesome
cant wait 2 read more
plz plz plz complete d part soon

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