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~]]Sau baras[[~ AR complt up on 9 (21/5

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Hey guys i m back with the blast of mu new Short fic, its just contain only 1 or 2 parts bcz i knew i cant write OS hahah.Well i hope u guys will like this fic of mine.
And a main thing its not a romantic its HORROR.
Well i want say that its not mine story a hauntedmovie by Vikram bhatt story but i m just writing plz pardon me if anyone dont like
                                  ~]]SAU BARAS[[~
" What the hell is all about hun! meri samajh main nahi aa raha hai app log haveli ka kam pura kyun nahi kar rahe hai!!!" Armaan blasted on the workers.
" saab hamai..maaf kar di jiye lekin ab hum wahan kaam nahi kr sakte.. saa waha koi aatma hai" worker pour his heart out he was trembling in fear.
" ye bakwaas mujhse mat karo"
" nahi saab hum sach ke rahe hai.humne wahan kisi ladki ki cheekhen suni hai...bohot dardnaak"
" dekho aisa kuch nahi ye sab tumhra wehem hai"
" saab mai..." before he could complete his his sentense was intrupted by atul.He indicate him to leave them alone.
As soon as workers leave armaan cabin atul walk towards his desk and put his hand over his shoulder
" armaan i think hame ek waha jaake check karlena chahiye"
" atull yaar tu bhi in sabki baaton main aagayya"
" Armaan agar is duniya main insaan hai to usi insaan main rehne waali roohen bhi hai, agar is duniya main achai hai to burai bhi"
" atul tu kya keraha hai meri kuch samajh main nahi rah"Armaan said with irritation .Come on in today world who gonna belive on these kind of shit.
"Samajh main ajayga bas tu ek baar whan ja, aur dekh majra kiya hai, n i know u can do it"Atull assure him
Armaan thought for a while and yes whats the problem in visited on his on land." hmm.ok I WILL GO THIER."
Armaanwas in his cardriving towards hisHaveli Which peoplecalled haunted house.Crap he thought.
The suddenlyarmaan eyes caught the sight of old man sitting on grass near the road side.
Armaan stophis car and step out.
" baba aaptheek to hai, main apko kahi chod dun"
An old look towards a young boy with a pale smile on his face and just said.
" mujhe tera hi intezaar kara ha tha main jaanta hun tu hi hai wo jo ye sab rokega" sain this he leave from thier leaving a confused armaan." what ishe was talking about.'but he didn't take his word seriously and just leave from thier.
Armaan stepped out from his car and look towards his HAVELI. totaly Dark and silent.For a minuted armaan have thought do they workers really telling a truth.
Armaan entered in his HAVELI a nd looked around the house.So beautiful he thought" i dont know why , koi itni khubsurat ghar se kaise dar skta hai.
He was busy in admiring his property his eyes caught the site of piano.
" wow its beautiful" he whispered and walk towards it he saw a very beautiful book neatly kept on it edge.He took it and open it. he can understand the beautiful writing of musin bcz he too is music freak.
Armaan open the wood cover of piano, press the key of it and play the painful tone.Suddenly he heard a shriek of a girl. Armaan feet got shaken to listen the shriek. He run towards the dirention from where the sriek come.He run towards the corridor and saw a heavy lock was scattered on the floor.The lock was strong.
" OMG . itna mazboot taala kisne toda hoga" he got busy in wondering that ..unable to notice a print of a palm on the glass window.
He walked towards the chair and saw some painting covered with a sheet.He removed it and saw beatiful girl( sorry guys i m not pasting the real sketch of the girl)
AT 3 AM At night
Armaan was sleeping in his room peacefully. A heavy book from a shelf fall down with a thud waking armaan.
He removed the sheet over him and picked up the book and kept it in the book shelp
Then he heard a beautiful tune coming from the piano room.
Sau baras guzre raat hue
Sau baras guzre din hue
Sau baras guzre chaand dikhe
Sau baras guzre bin jiye

Kyun pal theharta hai yeh
Kyun waqt badalta nahin hai
Yeh raah sooni hai kyun
Kyun koi nikalta nahin hai
Sau baras guzre saans liye
Sau baras guzre bin jiye


He walk towards the piano room with small steps.He remeber when he came here thier was no one noteven a bird.He stood on front of the glass door of the piano room and saw a beautiful girl sitting on the stool cudling in a white gown like princess.Her hair was long and dark black he can smeel her fregnence in outsite too.Her back was facing him
Not be able to control his patince he step towards the door , very close.The girl stop playing the piano.Armaan frown , why did she stop playing the piano , her voice is so beautiful and painful
As soon as he open the glass door the girl dissapear andsuddenly a Dark shadow run behind his back with a painful screaming dropping out of it.
Armaan look behind his back and show a peace of cloth running in the Dark room of the corridore.He run behind the shadow and look around the dark room.
" kaun hai whan , samne aao. kau ho tum." As he said it he again heard the girl shriek but failed to locate it.He walk around the whole room but didnt find anything n it .
Failed to understand the matter he walked back to his bed and sit over thier. Now he belive thier is must be something wrong here, The voice he listen he can recognize the pain in it, The she shriek , the way he feel her shadow He belive that thereis someone who wante say something to him , and now he adampt to listen what she wanna say to him.
He was busy in his thought then again the same book faal down again on the floor .Armaan look at the bok and singh.
He pik it upand closed. but a pice of paper fall down from the book.
Armaansaw the letter and can say that its very old kind of something about a many years ago.But he didnt thought about it much of it.
He put the book aside and open the letter..
( Hey guys i will not tell u the name of the girl but instead of writing her name i will put the singh of @ , and thier r two things i=one is narrator and the story
Time 3 o clock
Date:25 september , 1937
Apke aanain main abhi ek hafta hain par ab hum ye dard aur nahi seh sakte hum ye dar ab bardash nahi kar skteaur isi dard se bachne ke liyen hum apni jan de rahe hain . han ab hum apne is jism ko chdna chahte hai, AAp dono hamare cousin ke shadi main jaa rahe the aur hum bhi aapke saath aana chate the par hamare exam the , aur hum . migrate yaha akele ruk gaye.
Migrate hamare ghar ki wafadar made , migrate ne hi hame pala tha wo hamari maa ki tarha thi, isiliyen ab hamare mummy papa bhi unpe bharosa kar sakte the .isiliyen aap hum dono ko akela haveli main chod kar chale gaye. Bus ramu kaka aur krishna hamare driver ko hamare saath chod gaye.
Flash back
She good bye his parents and look towards migrate .
" migrate hum apne piano class ke liyen jaa rahe hain. app apna dhiyaan rakhiye ga" she said to her second mom .
" ji ap bhi , aur jaldi class se ayeyiga" listen this she leave from thier to her piano class.She loved music fron her childhood .
She played the Tune ( the same tune which armaan had listen ) She smiled bcz she loved this tune very , she feel like this her soulmate.As she ended the tune everyone clapped for her.
" Mind blowing, U r amazing @ , "Herpiano professor complimentedher.
" thank u sir, actually sir mujhe aapse kehna that ki mere parent mere cousin ki shaadi maiin gaye to kal se main class nahi aungi"
" hey @, dont skip , u know prectise make perfect and u r close to perfect"
" so what should i do sir"
" u dont worry, main kal tumhare ghar aunga tumhe sikhne , ok"
" Yes sir" she exlaimed happyly.."
AAj hamare sir humare ghar ayye magar migrate aur driver to sheher ke bahar jaan padha aur ramu kaka ki tabiyat kharab this to humne unhe doctor ke paas bhej diya, Ab hum aur mere professor Mr Ayyar akele piano room main practise kar rahe the.
She playted the tune again with her closed eyes , try to sink that tune in her soul.
" excllent @ , bohot achhe , ab zara thora flatly ise bajao"
" ji sir"Said this she again closed her eyes and start pplaying her tune.
Her professor look towards her beautiful bubbly face but his intention were not good , his eyes ball moved downword towards her chest and her all curved.He gulped and stood behind her back.He bent his head near her neck and whispere "
"@ main tumhe ek nai dhun sikhaun"
" ji sir" She got excited to listen her professor words, unable to understand his intentions.
He kept his parm over her samll palm and bring his face near her hair.
He nuzzeled in her long her and smelled them , he press her palm passionatly.She got alert to see his actiong and then suddenly he started kissing her neck forcefully.
She pushed him " sir ye aap kya kar rahe hai" SHe cried.HE pushed her againt the wall and grab her bolth palms tightly.
" Wahi @ jo mujhe , bohot pehle kardena chahiye tha, wahi jo main bohot pehle se karba chahta tha, apne sapno main karta tha tumhare saath, @ aaj mujhe mat roko plz"
" sir plz chdiye mujhe" she cried and try to get out of his hold but he pushed her on the floor and laid on her straight.
" NOOO PLZZZ" She screamed her lungs out to save her self but Alas there was no one to listen her screams her Painfull shirek.
He try to kiss her but suddenly she from no where she grab the heavy candle stik and hit directly on his head .
He soot up and saw her angrily . She too stood up and start walking back word to him aproaching towards her with small steps
" plz sir mujhe chod dijiye plz" she sobbed but next second she was shocked to see the blood oozing out from his head like a shower.Her eyes got widen .He look towards her last time and fall down on her neck.
" AAA" she pushed him from her body and run ou from her haveli.
Professor ke marne ke baad hum sadmain main aagaye the kuch samnjha main nahi aar raha tha ke kya kare.Migrate jab sheher se aayin to wo hamari halat dekh kar hi samjh gayin this ke kya hua hain.Inspector saab aye aur unhone tehkikaat ki aur ye baat saabit ho gayi ki profesor ke irade pehle se hi neaik nahi the.Tehkikaat ke dauraan unhe professor ke ghar se kuch hamari personal cheezen mili and unki hi banayi hui kuch ashleen tasveerain jise hum dekh ke ro pade.Jise hum apna guru maante the , wo hamare baar main aisa sochenge humne kabhi nahi soch tha, par honi ko kaun taal sakta hai.Abhi bhi humne apne mummy papa ko kuch nahi bataya tha ye sochke ke wo preshaan ho jayenge Par hame kya pata thaa ke ye pal hamari zindagi ke sabse manhoos pal ban jayenge.Ek rat hum akele apne kmre main so rahe the .
She was sleeping peacefully on her bed and laidstraid on her back and opened her eyes when she feel something on her.
There was a spirit of professor with white face and eyes and dark scratches on his face looking totaly Evil came from hell.
" @ tum sirf meri ho , jo main jeete ji nahi kar saka wo ab marne ke baad karunga" She pushed him from her body with a shriek but when she stood up she found no one in the room.Scared from his shadow she sleep with migrate.
Ek din subhe migrate ne ramu kaka ko letter post karne bheja ab hum apne ma baap ka intezaar aur nahi kar sakte the.
" MAlkin malkin" Driver run towards the haveli .
"Migrate look towards him with fear in her eyes and @ too look towards him and asked
" kya hua"
" mam saab wo...woo..wahan"
He lead them towards the main door of thier house.
" AAA" She screamed in terror to see the front sight , thier was a Ramu kaka head was hanging on the top of the gate familiar look like a spirit of professor.
Usdin ke bad humne tai ar liya ke hum us ghar main nahi rahenge.humne aur migrate nai aona samaan baandh kiya that. Drivar hamara intezzar kar rahe the bahar.Migrate ne hamara haath pakra aur hame car ke pass ly ayin par jaise hi unhone bed peeche raka waha hamare driver ki kati hui gardan padi this waise hi jaise ramu kaka ki thi.Hum dono dar se cheek pade par hamari awaaz sunne ke liyen wahan koi nahi tha.Migrate hamara haath pakad kar kamain ghar ke andar le gayin aur andar se taala laga diya.Do din tak hum ghar se bahar nahi nikle , apne hi ghar main hum dono kaidi ho gaye the , ek ajeeb sa dar tha haime jo hamare kaabu main hi nahi tha. Par hum us dar ko kab tak sehen karte kab tak wo aatma hame chain se rehne deti, aur phir ek raat...
She was sleeping on migrate lap peacefully .She opened her eye around 3 o clock but got scared to not find migrate .
" migrate" she said while looking around the house.
" @@@@" some one whispered her name. She held her breath to listen the whispere" Along tear come out from her eyes her throat got heavy with fear.
" migrate app kahan hai" she whipered with the tears in her eyes.
THen she saw a box thier , she moved towards the box and slowly opened it and she found their the head of migrate in it.
nNOOO" she screamed and run towards the enetrence of the hose but all the door got shut automatically.She tried hard to open them but they didnot opened." @@@" come a whipered again.
She shriek nd run towards her room but stop in the middle opf the living room when she feel something behind her back...Whe she turned around she saw the open door of piano room .Slowly she walked towards it and looked around fearly.Thne suddenly the unknown power pull her and pushed her on the floor
" nooo plz leave me" she didnt able to see anyone but can fell the power on her.Some one turned her around and make her laid on her stomach and tied her hand on her back.
" AHAAAH PLZZZ LEEEAVEEE ME PLZZZ" She cried but no one was thier to listen her painful voice she shriek with a pain when he entered in her and snatch her virginity . SHe shriek in pain , in fear but whole havely was silenlty listen her voice.
The Evil was rapping her but there was no one to save her soul and her life.
Us raat us haivaan ne hamari zindagi cheen li, uski bhayana aur takatwar aatma ne hame apni kaid main jakar liya .Usne hamin hamare hi piano room main kaid kar liya aur din raat usne hamare saath wo kiya jo her ladki spne main bhi nahi soch sakti thi. Humara jism zinda tha par aatma mar chuki thi, hum poori tarhan uski kaid main the, har raat uski havas ka shikaar bante the.Mumma paapa ko waapis aane mainabhi bhi ek aur hafta tha,Ab hum apne ma baap ka intezaar ek hafta kiya ek aur din bhi nahi kar sakte the isiliyen hamne anpi jaan daine ka faisla kiya
She write the letter aand kept it in her book safely and killed her self on hanging on the rob of terrace.She killed herself bcz she cant saw the unknown power raping her everynight...
Us din marne ke baad bhi hamari aatma us professor ki kedi ban gayi, ab humara jism nahi balke hamari rooh uske kabu main hai. Ab wo har raah hamari roo ke saath khelta hai.80 saal se main ye dard bardaash kar rahi hun jiske cheekhen abhi bhi is haveli main har raat goonj ti hai...
Armaan closed the letter and a long tear come out from his blue eyes.He cant belive some one can bear this ammount of pain in her life.And then he knew HE have to save her soul which is in professor hand.Now he will do any think to save her.
" Par main use kaise bachaun jozinda hi nahi haihai" he wispered wile sobbing for her soul.But now he will go to any extent to save her soul from the spirit.
HEy guys now itna kaafi hai ok . mu fingers are hurting now but dont worry thier a lots more to come , picture abhi baaki hai mere dost I hope u all this FF.
Plz dont forget to comment on it and click like button
Whoever wants PM so send me the request plz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged

hey itz very unique...

cont. soon

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azy123 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
hey plzzz continue sooon and add me to ur pm list
desir IF-Dazzler

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hey salina sweetheart
firstly howzz u?
hope  fit and fine Smile
now coming to the part u know i am speechless 
i just luv the story  
tumne sabhie emotions ko itnee beautifully describe kiyya hai
aur oos ladki ka dard i can feelCry it because it was so beautifully described tht i am touched
and that professor tht kind of cheap people y they exist in this world i hate himAngry
aab mujhse wait nahin hogaa please jaldi se continue karoo
par aapni health ke according
take care sweetheart
love u and miss u

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Hey salina..

Nice storyline..
But if m not mistaken its d same story which has been shown in Vikram Bhatt's new movie "Horror"????
Thanx 4 d PM..

29priya Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
hey salina..
awesome concept...
really loved it...
thnx 4 d pm
and cont soon..
cant wait 4 d next part
Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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nice start
continue soon

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