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Tuesday  24/5/11

Roja is slightly busy - so brief update.

The whole MMM jing bang land at Sarroojja household - money handed
 over. Raani asks " Well, I have lived up to my promise, now, can you take
back your words and apologize??? " Sarrojja is angry and MMM as usual
placates.  Since the money has been given Paark maama also does some
Egirals and Aakash' s dad butts in " Wedding kku munnadiye SIL kitte kadan
vaangittu ippO enna Egiral??? Ellam unga pOnnu vantha velai - I became sick...
lost my job... lost money... in-law veet le prachanai nna Odane veettai vittu
Oduvaala unga pOnnu?? Kalyanathukku apram in-law veedu thaan mukkiam"
Sarrojja gets ammunition from dad and says " Aama, after the wedding.. puguntha
 veedu is every thing " Like Roja, Aakash is also  tickled by this observation - rightly
points out " epdi?? puguntha veeda?? Unakku kooda apdi onnu irukku, remember??" Sarrojja vedalam climbs back to its throne and wants to leave...semai drama ...
MMM folds his hands and asks her to stay " yen thangai veet le ellarum Onna irukkanum...blah blah " Sarroja asks "nee yaaru da ennai thadukka? Ithu enga
 veettu vivagaram " Park and Raani jump back as MMM was demeaned ...
habba ..finally nothing happens.

Shed - Kuppan and Rangan are briefed about Raani being kept in
 the dark... etc. etc., MMM sleeps on the floor ..has visions of Archu saying that
the money should not be touched even if she falls sick... zoom on MMM 's
tear stained face...Mhum Roja vaale suthanaa mudiyalai...Aalai vidunga ppa...


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Update for Wed, May 25, 2011:

Dheena goes to the hospital where Priya had her delivery and asks for Dr. Nirmala.  He is told that she is in the ICU with some patient, goes straight towards the ICU, ignoring the receptionist and an attender who keep telling him he cannot go there - evidently this place doesn't have security staff.  He marches into the ICU and Dr. Nirmala tells him he cannot be in that room, but he doesn't listen to her.  He addresses her in a very rude manner and asks her for the truth about his baby.  She leaves the ICU, asking another doctor to attend on her patient.  He follows her and keeps addressing her in the singular and asks her where she is going.  She goes into her room, he follows and asks for the truth about his baby.  She tells him the hospital records are all there to prove that the baby died, but he tells her that he is going to get a court order, get the baby's body out and do a DNA test and then they will find out whose baby died.  The doctor is rattled and she calls Sivagami after he leaves, and asks them to come and see her immediately.

Selvam's housing colony - some problem between Bhanu and her husband, apparently he took some money from her on a false pretext and used it up to drink, and she is angry with him, so he raised his hand in anger.  Archu, the marriage counselor, is there to settle the dispute along with Poonga and the landlady also sticks her head out.  Archu yells at Bhanu's husband and says he should not have lied to his wife, look at her husband, he has never lied to her and never will (that's what you think!).  Selvam comes home right then after spending a sleepless night at the shed, and she asks him to give some advice to Bhanu's husband (BH - I have forgotten his name).  Selvam is looking and feeling guilty, he escapes on the pretext that he just got home and is tired.  Landlady also gives some free marital advice on how never to cheat your spouse, and the crowd disperses. 

Selvam goes inside, Archu asks him if he gave the money to Nandini and if there is any money left over after buying the spare parts, and he says it was all used up.  She tells him the usual line - neenga kai kaal kazhuvittu vaanga, naan tiffin ready paNNren, and leaves.  Selvam tells Poonga that he is feeling guilty about lying to Archana, Poonga is feeling sorry that it was all on his account and says it is not too late, and he can still tell Archu about it, but Selvam says not to say anything now.

Sivagami and Mr. Siva at the doctor's office.  The doctor tells them that if Dheena goes to the court, gets a court order and gets the baby's DNA examined, her reputation is at stake, so they need to do something.  Mr. Siva says it is Friday, the courts will be closed for the next two days, and they will think of something by then.  He scolds Sivagami for doing this without consulting him in the first place, now the lie has become something that is haunting them all the time.  They leave the doctor's office, and wonder how Dheena came to know about it.  Sivagami remembers the time she heard Jayanthy talking to her mother and guesses that she may have guessed about it from Priya's behavior.

Thodarum ...

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Thursday  26/5/11

First segment - habbbaaa - Archu insists on bringing food to the shed
"Non-veg panren, let Rangan and kuppan enjoy too " "Nee ange ellam vara vendaam..."
- back and forth happens - quite a few times . Just when Roja was ready to throw the
 remote ...  house owner lady comes and saves MMM " Pappa vidaame azharathu,
 yarO Oru Bhai Oothuvaar (what is that??? Ennathai Oothuvaar?? Nadaswaram??
 Ipdi yellam treatment for crying??)
avar kitte kootti kittu pO " MMM escapes
 from Archu's eyes and her food - probably in the same order !!! MMM comes out
of the house and vows to arrange money for the spare parts.

Second segment - Park arrives for his under the ground job. learns that a new boy
 has gone down - the new boy has no pEchu MOochu... a crowd assembles and
draws him out - none other than DSDR - Park cries ..ambulance is called.

Third segment - Nandhini is working in an office - 6,500 rs salary . Now finally we
 know the secret, looks like she and her dad lost their wealth. ( Aama intha pOnnu
 kku kalyaanam aachu illiyaa?? Hubby enge? Odi pOittanaa?? )
Looks like it is some
finance  company. MMM arrives in the hope of raising a loan. nandhini hides as
she does not want MMM to know that she has to work for a living. Well, MMM
asks for a loan with 2 RC books - loan rejected , he leaves ..leaving behind the RC
books (Nalla vilangidum ange ange ellathaiyum vittu ttu pOitta??) Nandhini comes
out of hiding and her manager asks her to hand over the books to MMM. She runs
behind him, hands over and says that  she was visiting her friend who works in
that office -Both hide the truth from each other . MMM promises to return the money borrowed - talks about the money getting in to Sarroojja's account..and of course
Nandhini does not mind - athu sari ellam vanthu serrarrathu paaru - MMM s galore !!!!


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Update for Friday, May 27, 2011:

This is brief, because we are expecting company in a few minutes, and in any case, there wasn't much today.

Nandini hands over the RC books to Selvam, both hide their respective situations, Selvam tells her about the money being given to Rani instead of repaying the loan, Nandini says No hurry, take your time.  When Nandini goes back, her manager chews her out and warns her against doing this again, making Rama sit at the desk instead of her.

Poonga in the hospital, Vasu is unconscious and in a serious condition.  His friend tells him to call his wife, he does so.  Bhagyam starts off by saying she doesn't care what happens to Vasu but her paasam kicks in when she hears that he is fighting for his life, and she goes to the hospital.

Hospital - Bhagyam comes in saying, Is my son okay?  Why did you make him do your work?  and Poonga's friend explains that Poonga didn't even know it was Vasu who had gone down till they brought him up.  The doctor says that his condition is critical and they can't say anything. 

Bhagyam tells Poonga to inform Revathy.  He is reluctant but they force him to call, so he calls.  RS picks up the phone, and when he finds out, he says he doesn't care what happens to Vasu or to any of them, and not to call again.

Selvam is in the shed, explaining to Rangan and Kuppan that he couldn't get a loan.  They suggest asking Nandini, and right then, Selvam gets a call from the Manager of the car company, saying that the MD wants to see him immediately.  Selvam is wondering what to do, and his friends tell him to lie, saying that the work is going on schedule (yeah, keep lying!). 

Thodarum ...

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Monday 30/5/11 Archives ' Copy

RS shouts at Park - "unpillai sEtha enna iruntha enna?? Marumagal, sambhandhi
uravu ellam vendam, gotcha?? Get lost " . Park is devastated and LR 1 frets. Reva
listens to dad shouting, comes down and dials the last call. Gets to know the detai...
wait wait before Roja could finish that L... RS cuts the phone. Warns his wife and
daughter " yaaranum mappillai ..hubby nnu uravu kOndadi kitti pOninga...vettiduven.."
Tells Reva that Mangu Gangu will be punished severely if Reva sneaks . Reva is
categorical - " I just wanted to check out because the call was for me. I don't care
 for a hubby like DSDR. He cheated MMM and now he pays for it. I don't plan to go
 and see him " storms out. RS warns wifey darling once again.

Sath Puthran MMM comes to meet the MD of automobile company . Sathya, calls
Dheena  and tells him that he has nicely " pOttu kuduthufied to the MD " " order
cancel thaan ". Dheena is happy to hear this. MMM goes in to the cabin and MD
asks " velai ellam epdi?" MMM has visions of Kuppan and Rangan advising
" nadakku thunnu sollidunga...contract...cancel " But decides to tell the truth
 " spare parts money...Raani..problem...blah blah " Finally says that he was asked
to lie but he just can not. Gets up thinking that the contract has gone kaput.
MD is maha thrilled with MMM' s " truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth "
dogma. Tells MMM that he can buy the spare parts from the place he usually
buys " I will ask them to give you a credit" MMM is maha happy and Sathya is
crest fallen.

Lady Shiva comes to meet Sintha - " oru help" Sintha makes use of this chance
and digs " enna panamaa?? Kudukkaren, my daughter has to live in your house ,
after all !!" Lady Shiva says that right now they are rolling in money and so "no thanks" .
Asks Sintha to contain her rowdy son -  to stop bothering the doctor " court , case
nnu miratti irukkaru..antha doctor is a gem... avanga maanam will go in the kappal..."
Sintha asks " pappa died thaane?? Athile no golmaal, right??"  Lady Shiva is stunned
 ( aama , inge vanthu ipdi pesa pOrennu antha sAathu Man Shiva kitte sonniyaa??
 Illatta as usual you are playing cashew nut??)


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Tuesday 31/5/11

Tussle between Chintha and Lady Shiva continues.  Lady Shiva says that even if the doctor gets sued, she will finally win " but anavasiyama avanga per kettu pOgum. So, ask your son to adakki Vaasichufy "  Chintha says that she is glad about Lady Shiva's begging "  My daughter called and said that there is some thillumullu in the baby dying issue. So, my son wanted to rake up this. Now that you beg, I will ask my son to keep quiet" Lady Shiva thanks Chintha and leaves. Dheena comes, learns about Lady Shiva's visit. Chintha wants him to stop harassing the doctor but he refuses to listen " avanga inge vanthu ipdi kekkum pO the yethO villangam irukku nnu nalla theriyuthu. I don't plan to abort my activities" Chintha is lost.

Next two segments kku 2 lines than update. LR 1 and Park are crying their hearts out. Nurse comes and says "pay up or get your son out and take him to the "  LR 1 talks about her misdemeanors and repents. Reva comes, shouts at the nurse, pays the money. Goes in, sees DSDR and cries…..DSDR comes alive uh huh



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