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Thursday  12/5/11

Roja vale intha kOdumai thaanga mudiyalai - bullet points update thaan !!!!

MMM comes home with wads of money - has ordered a celebration dinner from a
5 star hotel ( athu enna hotel??? Oru santhu veettu kku home delivery kudukkira
 hotel ??? Roja kku 4 idli , rendu vadai parcelllWinkWink)
Archu'a ear rings with
 jhumka comes back from the pawn shop. Ore gold kummalaam. Park gets the gold
rings bought for Dheena and Priya - makes the couple wear that too. MMM wants
to dhaam dhoom the 3 lakhs but Archu says that he better repay the loan to Nandhini.
 ( raani roobathile antha money kku vEttu varumO??)

Mr. Sarrojja has started the hotel. All happy at home -p raise Raani for her benevolence -
dang comes the call from the police station asking Aakash to identify the auto driver. Aakash's dad gets to know the story and shouts at Raani for being a uthavaakkarai.
Raani and Aakash go for the identifying parade.

Park Maama is busy with his white collar job. LR 1 comes by ...Park hides ...but she
still identifies ??!! him and cries...Park could not care less...


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Update for Fri, May 13, 2011:

Bhagyam is shocked to see Poonga, covered in all the muck from the sewage (he is covered in the stuff but his bald head is not!), tries to tell him that if Rani's family members saw him like this, what will they think and say?  He refuses to talk to her, turns away, she goes on, saying that she took Vasu to the temple yesterday, they saw Reva there, she said she will never again live with Vasu, who is such a scoundrel, and so she scolded Vasu afterwards, and now he too has left the house and not returned.  Poonga tells his coworkers to tell her to leave, they tell her to do so, and she leaves finally, continuing to turn back and look at him, crying as she goes.

Rani's FIL is agitated and MIL tries to calm him down.  Just then, Akash and Rani return, without the money.  Rani is reluctant to go inside, but Akash brings her in.  When he says that the auto driver flatly denied having seen any money or the bag, FIL gets angry and tells Rani she is a useless person (I can't remember his actual words, but they were bad words, anyway) and tells her to get out of his sight.  Akash is helpless as always, and Rani goes inside, crying.

Selvam comes home and gives the money to Archana, saying he couldn't return Nandini's money to her, because she and her father have gone to Coimbatore.  He goes to wash up, and Poonga comes home.  Poonga comes in, hesitantly, and tells Archu about Bhagyam coming to his worksite, seeing him, and talking to him, and how he refused to talk to her.  He tells Archu that if she wants him to leave, he will do so (arthamae illai!  he didn't do anything to call Bhagyam to the spot, why is he acting like this?) and Archana, the generous, says he didn't do anything wrong, so he mustn't talk of leaving the house.  Selvam hears this and is happy.

Just then, the phone rings for Selvam.  It is Rani. she wants to see him the next day at his shed.  He asks her if she is okay, her voice doesn't sound okay, but she says she is fine.  He says he himself will go to her house the next day (okay, now we know what will happen to the cash he has - FIlL will tell him about Rani losing his cash, and our MMM will fork out the money, and Saroja will be happy!), then Poonga talks to her, again asks if she is okay, she says she is, then Archu talks, again asks if she is okay, she says Yes.  Selvam is thoughtful.

Bhagyam eating dinner all by herself, remembers her meeting with Poonga and the way he refused to talk with her, ends up throwing up her dinner (was it the memory or the smell?)

Thodarum ...

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Monday 16/5/11 Archives ' Copy

First segment - LR 1  is throwing up . Some neighbor "akka" comes to take care.
LR 1 cries her heart out - about cheating MMM , about Park maama working
as sakkadai cleaner etc., etc., - Roja kku grrr - ipdi yellam drama aadi Roja
kitte sympathy expect pannathe...aama sollitta.

Second segment - Archu the Finanace Director. MMM wants 5,000 Rs as Rangan
and Kuppan want for some room advance. Archu vetoes such extravaganza and
asks MMM to accommodate them in the shed itself " avangalukku stay, night shed
 kku kaavaal, two mangoes with one stone " Finally tells him that Nandhini's loan has
 to be paid back and spare parts for the next lot of cars to be bought " you take care
 of the mechanic's  works, I will deal with finance " Park maama agrees with DIL.
Finally with great reluctance Archu parts with 500 Rs - MMM to visit Raani - parting
 shot " don't spend all the money. Judicious aa irunga "
(iru iru Archu, un mOtha panathukkum vEttu irukku, Raani roobathile )

Raani's household - Aakash' friend Mahesh walks in with his father. Long long ago,
so long ago that nobody can say how long ago nadantha story comes to light. Yes,
Aakash has not paid the interest for the loan he took to save Park mamaa from
the Kandhu vatti guy - money doubling episode - To cut a long story short, the family
comes to know that Aakash sold his bike but lied that it was lost etc., etc., Sarroja
has a field day and daddy supports her - nalla ketta ketta vaarthai yaale thittara
Sarrojja " wedding kku munnadiye yen thambi ipdi yellam panninaan naa...iva enna
ellam avanukku kuduthaalO??" Raani cringes at the accusation... Conveniently ,
Aakash is not around...


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Tuesday  17/5/11

"Accuse Raani and send her out of the house " drama is successful - Raani
says that she will step in to the house again only with the money ( annan kaaran
kitte correct aa antha money irukku nnu epdi mma theriyum??)
Raani leaves
angrily and correct aa Paasa malar MMM enters the house along with Aakash
who has no clue about what happened at home.  Sarrojja stages a drama saying
 that Raani has gone to Mangaadu temple.  Paasa malar is disappointed ..but leaves
 with out setting eyes on darling sis and declining offers of a virundhu. MMM
senses that all is not well.

As he reaches the threshold, he turns and addresses the family - " Raani called me
yesterday and wanted to see me.  I have never heard that kind of distress in her voice.
 My intuition tells me that she is troubled . I can't stand her suffering. if she has done
 any thing wrong , I apologize on her behalf...blah blah " The family assures that all
 is well.

Ramya is refusing food and is busy coloring any paper that comes her way
(athu sari,  Oru 7 or 8 years irukkum pole irukku, paper le draw panname
 kirukkarathu ??!!)
Priya tells lady Shiva that she is going to meet the doctor who
conducted her delivery -"right from the time that fortune teller talked about my
baby being alive, I too feel that it is possible, so I am going to check it out " Lady
Shiva tries to dissuade daughter saying that the doctor is a very nice woman and
 such questioning is not right but Priya stands her ground and leaves. Lady Shiva
 calls the doctor and gets to know that she is busy with a C section. Hurriedly
follows Priya ..Manjal pisasu has no clue. A courier delivers a letter for Priya,
probably a job offer or an interview. Manjal pisasu leaves the cover on the table
and Ramya promptly colors the cover and throw it down - the cover takes cover
under a table Wink

Archu checks with hubby and learns that he could not meet Raani. Wonders as
to why Raani will leave home when paasa malar has promised to wait. Bingo,
Rraani walks in , learns that her family lied to paasa malar, decides to tow the
 line and says " I lied there and came to see u all" Archu wonders but Raani uses
 her first class pass buthi  - says that she came so that she can see them all...


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Update for Wed, May 18, 2011:

Archu welcomes Rani and asks her how things are going at her inlaws' place.  Rani says everything is fine, Archu wants to know if she is pregnant, and Rani says No.  Rani sees Archu's gold ring and Archu tells her how they were bought for Dheena's marriage, and since the marriage was cancelled, Poonga suggested that they wear the rings.  Archu adds that everyone exchanges rings for the engagement, they exchanged rings after getting married and having a baby.  Then Archu says she has some good news for Rani, goes to the suitcase and takes out the bag with all the cash (romba safe placele irukku!) and shows it to Rani and says this is the money he made in one week of hard work.  Rani thinks to herself, thank God my brother has the money, now I can take this to my inlaws.

Selvam enters, sees Rani, tells her that he thought she had gone to the temple, and she says she told her inlaws that, but came here to see her brother.  He insists that she should stay for lunch with them when she tries to leave.

Priya goes to the hospital, asks to see the doctor who attended on her during her delivery, goes to the doctor's room, tells her how she managed to accept the news that her baby was dead, but her mind kept telling her that the baby was still alive.  Now a josiyar has confirmed it for her, so she wants to know if her baby is truly dead.  The doctor denies it, but she puts the doctor on the spot by asking her to swear on her profession. 

Unknown to Priya, Sivagami has also come to the hospital, and is now standing outside, looking at the doctor talking to Priya in her consulting room.  She calls the doctor from a pay phone, conveniently situated right outside the doctor's office, and asks the doctor not to tell Priya that her baby is still alive.  Priya however, confronts the doctor and demands that she swear by her profession.  Luckily for the doctor, she is called away for an emergency, so she leaves.  She tells Sivagami about her escape and leaves.  Sivagami also leaves hurriedly.  Priya leaves slowly, looking around, but when she comes to the main reception area, she sees Sivagami hurriedly getting into an auto and going away.  She is confused by this, wondering why Sivagami should be leaving from the hospital.

Selvam, Archu and Rani having lunch together.  Selvam tells Rani not to lie to her inlaws but to tell them the truth when she wants to see her brother.  Just when Rani is about to broach the matter of the three lakhs, Archu tells Rani to advise her brother not to waste his money.  She tells Rani that Selvam bought breakfast for the three of them for a thousand rupees, and he wanted to give 5000 to Kuppan and Rangan, wanted to move into another house, she told him to first repay Nandini part of her loan and buy spares for Rs. 1 lakh.  She explains how Nandini helped him out, and poor Rani is forced to agree with her.  There go your hopes of getting 3 lakhs from your brother, Rani!

Thodarum ...

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Thursday  19/5/11

1. Raani goes back with out asking for the money - after the lecture about
Finance Management from Archu. MMM repeatedly asks "all ok at your
end??" to Raani who answers in the affirmative .

2. Priya confronts Lady Shiva about visiting the hospital - and Lady Shiva
categorically denies and says that she went to Medavakkam to meet the josiyar.
 Priya does not believe her and vows to find the truth. Manjal Pisasu does mental
calculations and infers that some thing is fishy. ( nalla theeni thaan unakku !!! Mind
wheels 1000 Km s speed le turn pannum !!)

3. MMM  has 10 more cars - has one week's time to get them in shipshape.
Work is on at the shed - Aakash comes - well, the whole drama is known to MMM
 - and Raani is missing - Jalan jalan search starts. MMM abandons his work and
 goes with Aakash , uh huh. Intha jalan jalan searching kandraavi can happen only
 in serials !!!
Park maama is coming out of  of a wine shop - with a cutting in hand -
sees Aakash and MMM - learns that Raani is missing . For once MMM is man
enough to accuse daddy darling "all because of you !!! Problem in Raani's life " Park
does not know WHICHWink of his acts created this particular problem ...


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Update for Friday, May 20, 2011:

Selvam scolds Poonga for his irresponsible behavior which has led to Rani's leaving her house.  Poonga is confused, not knowing what he has done, and Selvam reminds him about the time Akash had to borrow money to bail him out of trouble, and how Rani was forced to leave the house by her inlaws.  Poonga drops the bottle of liquor he had been hiding behind his back in shock, Selvam sees the bottle and knows what he has been up to.  They decide to continue looking for Rani, and Poonga goes with them (all three big guys on one motorcycle - kaNN koLLaa kaatchi! - and the poor motor cycle continued to move - it must be a miracle!)

Rani is sitting in some temple and crying, leaning against one of the pillars.  Bhagyam comes to the same temple (how does everyone land up in the same temple in a city which has temples in every corner?) and does an archana for Vasu.  She prays that he should return soon, safe and sound, and then she too comes and leans against a pillar - guess which one?  No prizes for guessing right - on the other side of the pillar where Rani is sitting and crying.  They both sit, they both cry, they wipe their tears, sit some more, cry some more, and this goes on till Bhagyam gets up and one of her fruits falls off and rolls down.  Rani sees this, picks up the fruit and calls out, and then Bhagyam turns and sees her.  Bhagyam thinks she has come with someone from her family, begs her for forgiveness, tells her about Vasu leaving her, says that if Rani too doesn't forgive her and talk, she will die an anaadhai, and so on, and finally the priest comes and tells them both to leave since he has to lock up the gates.  Bhagyam says she will drop off Rani, but Rani says she is not going there and will go to their house.  Bhagyam is confused.

Once home, Rani explains everything and Bhagyam wants to go there and ask them a few questions which will pull their tongues (naakai pudungare madhirikku this was the best translation I could think up!).  Rani says she won't go back to that house without the money and Bhagyam doesn't know where they could go for so much money.  She feels bad that she and Poonga have been the cause of the loss of Rs. 3 lakhs, but Rani says that even more than the Rs. 2 lakhs, it is the one lakh that has caused more trouble.  Bhagyam is afraid that if Rani stays there, the neighbors will ask if she has returned as a vaazhaa vetti, and just then someone comes in (the doors are always open here, as always!) and says Bhagyam, your son is waiting outside.  Bhagyam runs outside, thinking it is Vasu.

Selvam, Poonga and Akash are standing outside.  Bhagyam invites them inside but Akash says they are looking for Rani and asks if she has come there.  Bhagyam says Yes, and Akash goes inside.  Rani runs to him for a tearful hug, cries her heart out, and Akash tells her to go back home with him and he will make everything okay with his family.  She disagrees, saying they have treated her badly even though she had brought the 50 sovereigns of gold, now she will not return unless she has the cash.  Akash tells her that her brother is waiting outside for her and she runs outside to see Selvam.  When she sees Selvam, she falls at his feet, asking for forgiveness, and Selvam picks her up and looks at her.

Thodarum ...

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Monday 23/5/11 Archives ' Copy

Nijamma Roja kku miccham irukkira ella nuts um kazhandudum pole irukku ppa

Paasa Malar cinema outside LR 1's house. Raani comes running out to meet MMM
 and falls at his feet apologizing. MMM reminds her " Naan innum yuirOda thaan
 irukken ma " and Raani stops him by placing her palm on his mouth ( kOdumai da
sammyy , mudiyalai...Roja va le suthama mudiyalai !!)
Raani says that she threw the
challenge only because she has HIM as brother " I came to see you and when I knew
 that you have the exact cash, I was so happy. But I heard anni, the Finance Minister
 listing the budgetary expenses, I kept quiet " MMM says that NOTHING is more
 important than her "my expenses can wait . Ok, now, let us go, get the money from
 Archu and pay off your DEBT" (uh huh ...Won't you think even once about sending
back your sister to those gold diggers??? Every time some money is required, she
will be sent to you??!!)
Park maama shows his wisdom - " MMM, let us not ask
Archu for this money " MMM asks " do u have a better source??" Park says that
Archu has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations because of MMM and his
family  ties. " if she refuses to give the money for this, she is right and we can not
 force her to !!!  So, just tell her a lie...saying that you are repaying nandhini and buying
 spare parts. ..take the money.." (nalla appan thaan !!! Ipdi oru maakkanaa pullai yai
valarthu ttu ippO lying technique vera sOlli kudukkaraar !!)
MMM hesitates first ...but
 looks like he bought that idea.

Manjal pisasu makes a clandestine call to her mom pisasu - Vinodh is away and the
rest of the house is downstairs !!! Tells mommy that Priya has a doubt about the
baby's death - tells all and asks mommy to roll the Dheena ball "ask anna to do a
deep probe. Only with that ammunition in hand, I can stop Priya's marriage preps
 here " Mom pisasu promises to do just that. As junior pisasu is ending the call,
 Lady Shiva arrives carrying Ramya who is asleep . She learns that Jeyanthi was
 cootchi cooing with mommy and issues a stern warning - " such acts will only make
you a vazha rest assured that I will inform this to my son... if u talk to your
mom one more time" Pisasu is scared (athu sari...unakku bayam?? uh huh )

Archu is all worried about MMM not showing up. About to call him from Bhanu's
phone ... bingo there he arrives. Archu is concern personified...MMM is lie
personified - pOi pOi yya alanthu vittu ...takes all the 3 lakhs. An unsuspecting Archu expresses her concern "sappidame velai seyyathinga " Sarroojja household -
Mr.Sarroojja is packing - about to flee the clutches of darling wife. Enna reason??
Says that Raani and her bro may have lodged a police complaint about the in-laws
demanding money " police lathi cahrge thaan, kmbi counting thaan, kAli thaan ...
enakku ithu yethuvume Othukkathu, naan varren, bye bye.." The rest are worried
a bit about this...knock knock...Raani arrives. Sarrojja is back to being her old
badrakaali self Tells Aakash that Raani can not enter the house without the promised
money "ennavO perisa savaal vitta ??!!" Raani says " Panam kOndu vanthu irukken.
My brother has not brought me up to be a coward " slowly Park and MMM emerge
 from outside the gate..the clan is stunned...


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