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Monday - 2/5/11 - ennangada kOdumai ithu???? Archives' Copy

Raani is coming out of a bank - obviously with a lot of money - Looks like the
surgery for her FIL is over and the hospital bills are to be settled with this money.
Aakash calls her and Raani confirms that she has withdrawn 2 Lakhs - the auto
driver is privy to this info !!! ( Public place le ithu pathi pesa koodathu nnu college
first Raani kku theriyalai??? )
Well, she does loose that money but wait wait the
auto driver is not a thief !!!! On her way, she sees her mom carrying bricks ..
who trips and drops the bricks. Raani asks the auto to stop - casually throws -
uh huh - the hand bag with money on the seat and jumps down to cootchi coo
with mommy - well not exactly cootchi cooing - chides mommy for getting together
with DSDR -" unakku ithu thevaiyaa??? DSDR spells DANGER in all caps??" Mommy
says that she has a "petha vayiru " issue - " at least u need to appreciate that !!" Raani
says that any one who does drogam to MMM needs to pay and leaves.

Hospital - as we guessed  , the surgery is over and the Aakash 's jing bang is waiting
for Raani to come with the money " Panam katti ttu discharge " - doctor 's verdict.
Raani is in the auto - all worried about her  dysfunctional family - "amma is kAl thooking.
...appa is with MMM ... hmmm , enakku ipdi oru family.." Hospital premises - Raani
coolly alights - pays the auto charge from a small purse...leaves the handbag in the
 auto....( athu sari ) ...goes in. Half way through realises that she forgot the bag but by
then the auto has gone miles away.Apram enna?? Sarroojjaa has a field day calls
Raani " raasi illathava.." and many more things. Raani candiidly agrees that she was
worried about her mommy and daddy "athan , confusion le ..." Sarroojja kku oru
truck load of bhaklava sappitta gushi " my bro told me that you should have nothing
to do with that uruppadatha kudumbam !!! And, you worry about them and throw our money??/ Besh besh " Aakash tends to agree with his sister " think what my sister
says must be true " - tells his family to keep the incident under wraps - "I will bring
money and lodge a police complaint. Don't tell dad about this - he will die of worry "
Raani does the one thing  that serial womenfolk are adept at - crrriiieeesss.

MMM household - he comes back late with two finger rings for Dheena and
Priya -  marriage is scheduled for the next day - Aalu is rolling in money?? Wink -
His ex -assistant Ratnam arrives with some bad news - asks MMM to stop
 Priya's wedding - reason?? Well, he works as a driver for Arivu, the lawyer
and overhears a conversation between Arivu and Dheena  - Arivu says that
Dheena should forget taking revenge et al and live with Priya happily. Dheena
says that he can never forget Priya's stunt - "media kitte ellam ennai pOttu
kuduthu..police station pOI (ayyo da, neenga police station pOnathe illiya,
otherwise?? ) .
..I am going to video tape my first night with her and upload it in
the net. The whole kudumbam should commit suicide...this is just the starting" -
MMM 's jingbang is stunned by this revelation. MMM and Archu decide to inform
her parents - "athukku apram enna seyyalaam nnu pakkalam.."


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Tuesday  3/5/11 Priya thappichutta habba

Night time - Sivaraman household. All are excited about the wedding - nalaikki
kalyanamaam. Dheena, his mom and advocate Arivu arrive and Lady Shiva
wonders " at this hour?? Nalaikki wedding le paarppOme??" Sintha says that
Dheena bought some jewellery and silk saree for Priya " he wants her to dress
up in that and get the noose tied, say what??' Lady Shiva urugufies " ayyo, Priya
mele yethanai paasam ( yen love nnu kooda sollalaam !!) ungalukku??" Manjal
pisasu is very pleased - amma veedu ipdi asatharaangale nnu. MMM and Archu
arrive along with Ratnam - the couple enter inside while rathnam waits outside.
Warm welcome is extended - Aal Aalukku MMM and Archu visit kku reasons
solraanga. MMM addresses Dheena directly and says " I thought that you have
become a nallavan, but alas, no, you are the same old cad. Now we know the real
reason for all your drama..." Dheena acts as if he is still sucking milk from a
 feeding bottle - "enna Aachu ungalukku?? You owe me so much !!! Why?? oh why??"
Lady Shiva kku wedding ninnudumO nnu gili - placates ( neeyellam oru amma???
 pOnnu kku kalyaanam panni thOrathidanum, ava happy aa iruppaala nnu no worries !!)

Priya buts in " I know maama...Dheena has not changed... but I thought that I can bring
him around slowly...athaan accepted to marry him " Now all eyes are directed to Priya.
Man Shiva asks her " I talked to u so long and you said that you are happy with this !!"
Chintha gets in to the boxing rink and says that it is her responsibility to make Priya
happy. Lady Shiva again says that the wedding should go on "sambhandhi amma
 ivvalavu dhooram solraanga..." Archu says that it is not their intention to harm Priya
" we have solid reason for stopping this marriage. Ivan entha aambalai yum sOlla
koodatha thai sonnan..." Imagination running riot all over "enna sOnnan?? enna ??
enna??" MMM says that though he is a man , he is ashamed to repeat what Dheena

Finally Rathnam is called in and fortunately for Roja he spills . Dheena says that
MMM is playing tricks but Rathnam stands his ground - " I can prove it " - turns to
 the advocate who is standing quiet and asks him "court le Geethai yai vaichu oath keppingale, ippO true to your conscience, unmai pesunga... Dheena unga kitte apdi sollalai??" Dheena tries to get the advocate to his side but Arivu seems to hold his
arivu in tact - fumbles. MMM says " isn't this enough?? This fumbling?? You want the marriage to go on even after this??" Dheena looses it and so shouts " aama , sOnnen... because I want to take revenge .." Apram free for all - Vinod dheena vai adikka, Dheena thiruppi adikka... gummang kuthu happens. MMM manages to hold Vinod. Man Shiva
shouts at Dheena and his mom " just get out, don't you dare step in to this house..ever again... " Vinod wants Manjal Pisasu to go away with them but man Shiva asks her
 to stay "apram avangalukkum namakkum enna difference??" Mommy and son
leave and lady Shiva laments "entha nerathile pOranthiyO ...un wedding ipdi.."
(Roja wanted to slap that woman !!! POnnu thappichutta nnu santhOsha padaame??!!!

Next morning - MMM is sitting - yethO pEi adicha mathiri. Archu learns that he did
not sleep the whole night...Bhanu, her hubby and house owner lady ellarum Priya
kalyanathu kku pOga ready aa varranga...and are surprised to see that the couple
are not ready...Park maama breaks the news "Priya kalyaanam ninnu pochu .."


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Wednesday - Eljay

MMM is in the process of proving his sole rights to that title! 

Update for Wed, May 4, 2011:

Bhanu, Landlady and B's hubby come to Selvam's room, Poonga updates them (avarum ennai madhiri oru idiot!) about Priya's non-marriage.  After they leave, Selvam says he feels guilty about working in a business which was all arranged by Dheena, after all this has happened.  Archana says let us return his money, but our MMM goes one step further - I am going to hand over the keys to the shed to Dheena, only then I will find nimmadhi (and the viewers can go jump off a cliff!),  He tells Archu to give him the keys and leaves.  Archana tells him to think but namma Selvam enna, avvalavu intelligent - aa?

Sivagami is sobbing away, as usual. Mr. Siva tells her what I think - nothing is served by crying, but she too won't listen (nobody in this serial will listen to me!).  The phone rings, Vinod tells him not to answer, everyone is calling to find out why the marriage has been stopped, so asks him to leave the phone alone.  Vinod also tells Sivagami to stop crying - another futile attempt.  Sivagami knocks on Priya's door - no answer!

Jayanthy calls again and again, no answer.  By this time, the whole family gathers at the door and calls repeatedly, then Vinod uses his weight to force the door open, but right then, Priya herself opens the door.  She was getting dressed!  (But why couldn't she reply?  Vaai thorakka mudiyalaya?)  Mr. Siva says see how sensible she is, why are you crying like this? to Sivagami.  Priya says she has to go and look for a job. 

The priest who was to perform the marriage comes there, he was wondering what was happening since they didn't show up at the temple, and their phone lines were switched off.  Priya updates him very calmly and asks Vinod to pay him the agreed amount, but the priest refuses to accept it, saying he has a conscience, and leaves.  Jayanthy is looking angry over Priya's explanation, so it looks like she and her mother will be back to their old tricks soon.

The last segment - Archu is dejected  - well, you marry a MMM and you have to be !!!
 maama says that she should be proud to have a veera dheera hubby  - which
 translates as MMM
- promises Archu that he will earn for the family expenses
and MMM will surely come out with flying colors - vanthuttalum... Dheena is water
beating - his mom comes with coffee and shouts at sonny boy - " you did so much to
that MMM !! But for you he would be in abacus school for life !!!! I wanted you to
marry Priya and settle in life. I even thought of bringing you around once Priya comes
here. But ellam pOcchu - now, first go and lock that shed , hit MMM where it hurts "
Well, Villi Chintha is back and Dheena is happy that his mom knows exactly what the
 next step should be - sets out to lock the shed...MMM arrives -

Thodarum ...

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Thursday  5/5/11

Well. MMM and Dheena clash - Dheena kku water effect is still very bright  - nalla
vidu vidu nnu vidaraar MMM ai - " If I have ever done some good is all done to
you. Gave you a new profession ...elevated you from the Marathadi to a shed...
above all that RS  would have sent you to the gallows, I saved you...What did u say???
Yuir ulla varai intha help ellam marakka maatten nnu...nalla periya Aappa vaichiye enakku??" Goes on and on and finally says that MMM wanted Priya for himself - "kozhunthiyaalai second channel aa vaichu irukke, athaan... RS may have finished his quota...but mine starts now...unnai azhikkame vida maatten..." MMM listens to every thing with a stony expression. - Finally opens his mouth and says " You are humiliated
 and hurt, athaan ipdi pesare...I think of Priya as my sister ...intha vaarthai yai vera
yaaranum solli iruntha... nadakkarathe said that your kanakku starts now ??!!!
I have come to mudichufy the kanakku.." Takes out wads of money from his pockets
and hands over to Dheena " the money you funded for my business ..with interest...
.kanakku is over. But the gratitude for all u did to me stays with me..." Leaves ...Dheena
and Chintha are awe struck ( Roja kooda thaan...10 lakhs?? Epdi ?? Epdi ivvalavu
stamina  nnu Sachin mathiri Roja vum kekkaraa )

LR 1 kku Kalile adi..nOndi  nOndi comes to the doctor..DSDR thaan attendant. Token
vaangi amma kitte  kuduthuttu...amma purse eduthikkittu tea kudikka pOidaraar
 ( Tea thaana?? vera yethavathaa???) LR 1 is lying down on the bench and Park
passes by - looks at LR 1 -apdiye wife mele paasam pOngi varathu..Olinji Olinji
pakkaraar ( marain thirunthu paarkkum marmaam enna ??? - BG by Roja ) Another
 lady is feeding her baby - avanga hubby ai kooppittu complain panraanga " Ennaiye pakkaraan, dharma adi time.." Park maama tries to tell them that he is not that
cheap (appo how cheap??? LR 1 ai paarthaa, pesame pOga vendiyathu thaane??
Enna karisanam??)
but ellarum pOlanthu kattaraanga. Finally LR 1 gets up and
comes to rescue. After Park is released, LR 1 apdiye love love aa kOttaraanga
" when you came to know that I am unwell, ennai paarkka Odi vanthiye...blah blah.."
DSDR comes, chases darling dad and assures mommy that Park will come back
to her pretty soon. All this is watched by Bhanu - ambuttu theen, Park, Aaappu di yoyyy...

Archu comes to the shed with food - all excited " You went to give back the key to
Dheena??? How?/ What happened??? How do u still have the shed??" MMM says
 that he has paid back Dheena with interest Archu frets some more -  MMM seats
darling wife and starts the story " I left  home thinking that I will hand over the keys
 to Dheena. But came to the shed first to take away my tool box and my mechanic attire...appO thaan... that miracle ...which even i did not expect happened
( aamaa , innoru MM intha MMM ai nambi 10 lakhs kuduthaanaam ..
pOnga da pOnga...)


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Update for Friday, May 6, 2011:

Selvam makes Archu sit down in the chair and says that when he left the house, he left with the intention of returning the keys to Dheena.  But then, he realized that his old set of tools were still in the garage, and since they were his own, he went to get them first.  When he reached his garage, he was filled with old memories when he looked at the sign "Archana Car's" (don't miss the apostrophe!), he remembered the day of the puja, the first day he left for work, and so on.  He went inside, and just then, he saw Nandini come there.  Nandini had brought some relative of hers, who wanted to buy a used car, so she had brought her here.  Selvam told them to go to some other place, and Nandini wanted to know why he wasn't doing the selling himself.  When he hesitated, she told her cousin to go home, and she demanded the truth from him.  He hemmed and hawed, but she insisted, and finally he told her, so she told him to wait right there, and she would get the cash.  That was how he got the money, he tells her.

Archana is not looking very happy.  She feels that Nandini's dad was the one to first help get him the shed, they had a misunderstanding with him over Rani's wedding, then Dheena helped him get this shed, and they are not talking with him any more, she feels like something will happen to spoil their friendship with Nandini also, but Selvam says that will never happen.  She tells him to repay Nandini as quickly as possible, and he agrees.  She asks what happened at Dheena's house, he tells her about the cheap accusation made by Dheena that Selvam had an eye on Priya for himself and that was why he didn't want her to get married, and Archu is really angry.  She curses Dheena and his family, and Selvam tells her not to do that, why go down to their level?  He tells her he is hungry, and she tells him to wash his hands.

Just then, Rangan and Kuppan (I think that's their names!) come in, they say that Rangan lost his job with Arivu, Selvam feels bad about it.  Rangan says he has decided to work with Selvam again, and Kuppan says he is also going to join him, so he has left his village and come here.  Selvam tells Archana to give them all lunch (think, man, think!!  Did she bring lunch for one person or three?)  She tells him there isn't enough food for three, but they say they will eat undai saapaadu from her hands, and that is enough (even if it is only a third of a full lunch?) for them.  She gives them all undai saapaadu.

Rani's house - Rani is in the room, while her FIL calls out for some water so he can take his medicines.  MIL comes out, gives him water, he asks why she has to come when there are two women in the house, she says Saroja is with her hubby and Rani is in her room.  He wants the medicines, MIL says, Can't you get it yourself, I am busy in the kitchen, then she goes and gives him the dabba, and leaves.  Akash is just coming home, and he listens to all this.  His father asks him to take out the medicine he is supposed to take (avarukku padikka theriyaadhaa?)  Akash takes the medicines out, gives them to him.  Then he goes to his room, Rani gets up, gives him his towel, he ignores her and goes to the bathroom.  She asks him if he wants coffee or cold water, gets him water from the fridge, to see him drinking from another bottle (where did he get that from?).  She asks him why he is ignoring her, he asks her why she is sitting in the room when his mother is in the kitchen, she tells him the family is treating her badly, ignoring her when she comes there. 

FIL calls Akash and the rest of the family.  Saroja tells hubby to act exactly as she has told him, they also go there, while Rani stands in the doorway of her room.  FIL wants to know how much the hospital stay has cost so far, Akash says about Rs. 6 lacs, he is surprised, says that MIL said it was about Rs. 4 lacs, wants to know why there is a difference.  Akash mazhuppufies, looking at Rani.  FIL says he wanted to do something for his children with the money, now he says there is only Rs. 2 lacs left, which is less than he expected.  Rani is looking guilty.

Thodarum ...

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Monday 9/5/11 Archives Copy

Starts with Aakash and Co - daddy is upset that almost 6 lakhs was spent on him.
Mommy says that it is his hard earned money and he has every right " neenga thaan
mukkiam engalukku " Raani is standing away - guilty aa . Sarrojja starts her drama -
" um humm, na solla maattenga...neenga thOondi viduvinga, apram naan ketta
per vanguven.." Mr.Saroja does not know what hit him "ennagada kashtam?? enakku theeni
thavira yethuvume theriyaathe??" look. Finally after a lot of pisukkaram, Sarroojja says
that her hubby wants 4 lakhs for running a hotel business. Father is categorical -
"nee enna vena ninaichukkO, 3 lakhs will be divided equally among us. 1 for you,
1 for me and yr mom and the third for Aakash" Sarroojja kku pidikkalai intha division.
Aakash says that akka can take his share " maama business panni munnukku vantha
nallathu thaane??" Now dad does the stupidest thing - gives away his share also.
Aakash promises to arrange for 1 lakh loan " will pay back correct aa?? " On behalf of
hubby Sarrojja promises "athellam correct aa kattiduvaar " Raani is also asked and she
has no objection to give everything to Sarrojja. Amma kku romba gushi (ninaitha thai
nadathiye mudippaval naan naan naan - BG by Roja )
Aakash is happy that Raani also
agreed with his decision - asks Raani to get him a cuppa.

MMM is on his way back home - park maama is coming back home also and meets
sonny darling - who gives him a lift in the car. Well, Park also gets to know that MMM
Nandhini helped senior MMM - " shed ippO fulla ours " Both reach home - Archu the
Jalli Kattu KAlai is all ready to pounce. Park gives her the grocery and says that he
 is happy about MMM getting sole possession of the shed - Archu sends hubby for
a wash and erupts " never thought that you were such a meanie !!!!! How can you do
this to us??" Park thinks that she is talking about his white collared job and finally
comes to know that she refers to his cootchi cooing with LR 1 " I thought that you
have come here with good intention but alas, it is not so. You, your wife and darling
 DSDR ellarum marupadi my hbby ai mOttai adikka plan Oda thaan vanthu irukkenga..
Bhanu saw you cootchi cooing with them !!!"  - MMM arrives , hears Archu shouting
and shouts back " Odane mannippu Kelu " Archu refuses ...still MMM does not
know why Archu got angry .. words fly back and forth and finally learns the scenario.
MMM is stunned but says that his dad would never do such a thing but Park agrees
 and narrates as to how he met his wife and son. MMM insists that Archu should apologize...Archu stands her ground ...Park offers to leave the house, MMM stops
but Archu flares " avar thaan pOrennu solraare, let him go .." MMM slaps Archu
uh huh. Finally Park repents, agrees to stay provided Archu agrees...and promises
 that he will never ever see his wife and DSDR " Believe me darling DIL.." - who
snorts " show me in action, apram nambaren.."


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Tuesday 10 / /5/11

Intha kashta kaala serial kku update vera yaa??? Roja 4 lines thaan allowed grrr

Archu is all normal the next morning which makes MMM and his dad sing an
ashtothram - "you are a great person..romba pakkuvam..blah blah " Archu says
that all in the game of life " I expressed my displeasure and you showed yours by
hitting me...forget and move"

DSDR is acting as a deaf and dumb person - kaile oru note book, Rajjaaa Vasool Raajjja
DSDR - Bg by Roja -
begging everywhere , LR 1 sees this and confronts sonny. Sonny
plays the usual game of " no one gives me work because of my FIL ... water beating kku I can't ask you for money...athaan.." LR 1 apdiye urugings ...drags sonny to the temple
" today is your wedding anniversary !!"

MMM's shed - 5 cars are ready for sale. Shiva brings 2 people - 2 cars taken. Vinod calls and books one car. MMM calls Nandini " your relative wanted a car !!! I have one ready  " Kai neriya kaasu - finally Shiva is given some money - who first refuses but MMM insists - money given.

Temple - DSDR is grumbling about being in the wrong place " bar le irukkame ..inge
vanthu..." Reva and parents come to the same temple Reva walks in DSDR dashes..
she turns shouting " pOrruukkii" - hubby and wife ...face to face...DSDR smiles...Reva frowns...


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Update for Wed, May 11, 2011:

Temple - RS and family come to the temple.  Reva goes on ahead into the temple, while RS and wifey buy the archana thattu.  Inside, Reva collides with Vasu outside one of the sannidhis.  Bhagyam comes there and asks Reva if she came to the temple because it is their wedding anniversary.  RS comes in, hears this and gets angry with wife - Is this why you came here?  No, I had no idea, in fact, Reva didn't even want to come and came only because I insisted.  No, no, you are lying.  No, ennai nambunga, I didn't even know it was their anniversary and they don't usually come to this temple.  Yey, if I find that you and Reva are conspiring and doing this to me, I won't hesitate to cut you both into pieces, kovilnu kooda paarkka maattaen.  Ennai nambunga.

Reva tells Bhagyam she had no idea it was her anniversary, she came because it is krithigai.  Bhagyam says that they ran away on chithirai krithigai that they ran away and got married (I thought they got married the next day after spending that day at some friend's house - probably the director has forgotten the chain of events - maybe he should refresh his memory by going through our updates here!).  Bhagyam says that she should now think of living together with him again, it is not good for a woman to be separated from her husband (how about you, lady?  Are you living with your hubby now?)
Reva says she is disgusted by Vasu's behavior, had she known that he was a lying, no-gooder, she would never have married him, she thought she could change him, but he continues to lie, and tells Bhagyam about the day she caught him stealing from the Seth, and goes off.  RS and Mangalam are beaming at this.

Dheena goes to his friend's office, tells him that he wants to bring Selvam's business down, and asks him to cancel the contract.  Friend says that the MD will listen to him and takes Dheena to the MD's room.  Surprise!  Selvam is sitting in front of the MD, and the MD says that Selvam has already sold all the cars they gave him, ahead of the due date, and has brought the cash with him.  The MD continues to praise Selvam while Dheena and his friend have "no fly dancing on their faces" (I have borrowed a phrase from Roja's lexicon!).  Selvam says he will always be grateful to Dheena for getting him into this business, and Dheena looks like he swallowed a cat - I mean, he looks as uncomfortable as it is possible for a person to look! MD gives Rs. 3 lakhs to Selvam, as his commission, says next time they will give him ten cars to sell since he did this so well, and he leaves.  Dheena and friend come outside the cabin, and talk about this overturning of the tables by Selvam.

Priya returns from work to find someone is visiting them.  Mr. Siva introduces her to his friend, Sivagami says this is our daughter, and she explains that he knows some young man, related to him, and he knows Priya's story, and this young man also knows Priya's story, and they would like Priya to meet him.  He is a software engineer in Bangalore, hands full salary (kai neraya sambaLam!).  Priya gets angry and says she is not interested in marriage and tells the visitor that her parents know this already, and goes into her room.  Jayanthy tries to say that if Priya is not interested, they should drop the matter, Vinod promptly gets angry and goes to hit her (indha aalukku adhu onnu thaan theriyum!) and Mr. Siva stops him.  Sivagami however tells the visitor to go ahead and arrange the meeting, overruling her husband, and says she will get Priya to agree.  Jayanthy thinks that she will see how they arrange another marriage for Priya, after insulting her brother.

Thodarum ...

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